The Islamic Threat - Myth or Reality?

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Westerners are very concerned with Islamic resurgence and see it as an eminent danger. Hostility and an attitude of confrontation is the reaction that has been formed. For, they see it as nothing more than the victory of the old regressive traditions, and the coming together of the 'barbarians' against the new civilized world. This is a profound illusion and a grave mistake, as well as being a misconception of evident truth. It is our purpose in writing the following words to make two important points:

First: To prove the idea of the fundamentals of the Islamic social system, and its unique status among the other systems that have recently emerged. Among these fundamentals of Islam are:

  1. Human brotherhood and the abolishment of the spirit of hatred and rigidity are core principals of Islam.

  2. Peace is the real purpose and philosophy of Jihad that many orientalists distorted or were ignorant of.

  3. Islamic position and principals regarding slavery is liberty and freedom.

  4. Social justice is the basis of the Islamic system of government.

  5. Islam shows the meaning and realization of the "good life".

  6. Islam has a holistic view of the family; provides rights of women, discourages polygamy and divorce.

  7. Islam defines work and earning; the different means of earning money and the real meaning of Tawakkul. (Confidently putting one's trust and reliance in God).

  8. Islam places the utmost emphasis on Knowledge: those who accuse Islam of encouraging ignorance and stagnation are ignorant of the history of Islam.

  9. Islam teaches Organization: those who think that lack of discipline and order are inherent in Islam are in error.

  10. Islam shows the essence of Religiousness: and in it there is the truth of faith in God, virtue and reward.

Second: To argue that the good of all humanity is in the return of Muslims to their religion and that this will be the most important step towards peace on earth. Also, one must realize that the motive of Islamic revival is not blind fanaticism but rather conviction in what the virtues of Islam have brought to humankind. These are the virtues that conform totally with the highest of what contemporary thought has managed to discover about righteous social principles and the pillars upon which they stand.

Declaring Human Brotherhood and Bringing Glad Tidings of the Universal Idea

Islam came to announce human brotherhood and give glad tidings of a call to universality, to eradicate all forms of discrimination, and to establish this noble system using all the practical and theoretical means at its disposal.

Reaffirming Racial and Ethnic Unity

Islam has reaffirmed the racial and ethnic unity of all mankind; the Prophet Muhammad said:

'For, man is from Adam, and that there is no supremacy of an Arab over a non-Arab and no supremacy of a black man over a red man except in piety'

The wisdom behind dividing people into tribes and nations is nothing more than the creation of variety, so that they may come to meet each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation, and not for the promotion of hostility and difference. Sharing and caring and competing only for righteous deeds and holy virtue, competing for the benefit of the masses and individuals and seeking the pleasure of God who is the Lord of all, and who watches this brotherhood, protects it and calls all his servants to practice and establish it. The Holy Qur'an declares all these meanings very clearly when God says:

'O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam), and from him (Adam) He created His wife (Eve), and from them both He created many men and women and fear God through whom you demand mutual (rights), and (do not cut the relation of) the wombs (kinship). Surely, God is watching over you.' (Quran 4:1)

God also says:

'O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, That you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable among you in the sight of God is that (believer) who has piety and righteousness.' (Quran 49:13)

Prophet Muhammad says in his famous sermon during the farewell pilgrimage:

'God has relieved you from the burden of ignorance with its pride in the fathers and the ancestors. You are all from Adam, and Adam is from dust. There is no difference between an Arab and a non-Arab, nor between a black man and a red man except in piety"

He also says:

'He who calls to tribalism is not one of us, nor is he who fought for it, nor is he who died for it.' (Abu Dawood).

With this declaration Islam totally forbids racism and tribalism - a trend which is still alive in modern western societies.

Excerpted from 'Peace in Islam' an essay written by Imam Hasan Al-Banna in 1948 for the monthly magazine known as Shihaab.

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Older Comments:
Asalaamu Alaykum. It is apprent that there are many people out there that really do hate Islam with passion. I think it is also fair to say that there are many Muslims out there that beleive what those people say. I believe I'm not telling a lie when I say that Muslims have been tricked by many of those who hate Islam. Over the course of our history, we muslims have fought each other because of others actions. Now those actions were not coherent with Allah's commands. It's time that we join each other under the banner of "Muslims" and not by country, race or political status. Thank You.

I agree with how we should conduct our selves as Muslim. But what we have is an evil element that has masked itself as muslim. And this evil element has attempted to hijack Islam, by demeaning the beauty of Al-Islam. The Qur'an speaks of how we are to treat other Muslims. It doesn't say that Sunni should kill Shite, or vice versa. To kill another Muslim is wrong in the Qur'an. How can any Muslim stand by and watch innocent Muslims be murdered by these rouges who pretend to follow Al-Islam? They need to eradicated, and Allah will judge their deeds good and bad. Not only is it wrong to kill other Muslims, but it's wrong to kill anyone who has not caused you any harm. To send someone out on a suicide mission is not the workings of Islam. These Jinns should be sent to be judged by Allah.

As a Muslim itis important we as Muslims stop ignoring the truth of what Muslims do to each other. One of the main problems with articles of this nature is the promotion of ideals that many Muslims do not follow due to cultural influences. We are quick to say, "Prophet Mohammed, SAWS, taught certain aspects..." as in this instance, race relations, so many Muslims from various parts of the world do not uphold this teaching in a way that Africans are not prejudiced and called "slaves" in general day-to-day conversations. These "Muslims" are as prejudiced and race-conscious as those "whites" they say discriminate against them in the West. Additionally, how muslims around the world impose regulations that are not part of the Quran on women, and they turn to ahadith that have no support in Quran, but are clearly cultural adaptations--but we're told it is in the Quran. A lie is a lie--whether told by a novice or an Imam or Shiekh. Once we as Muslims remove the proverbial "blinders" and look at what Islam has become over the past two centuries--a culture that does not confront the evil within Muslims themselves--how can we say Islamic culture is the manifestation of Quranic teachings--we cannot. Too many Muslims have their heads bowed (like the Christians prior to the Reformation), hands tied and cannot stand up to the pressures of ignorance and political movements, we remain stuck in ritual and foced to believe everything that is Islamic is sacrosanct. When has words had more meaning than right actions? Until we are willing to change and become more proactive in confronting the ignorance in our communities, Muslims remain fodder for the cannons. When we acknowledge that not all is well and correct in our Islamic societies, then Muslims will begin the process of change. That's what we need to concentrate on or we will continue to exist as marginalized people and not the rightful major actors on the world stage.

this is a good statement article, but the truth is, people
(including Muslims that live in the US like myself) look around
the world and see corruption, violence against minorities, greed,
hypocrisy, environmental abuse, fraud, and so on in countries
with majority Muslim population. So they read this article and
say, hmm, these are nice words but that's not what I see around
the world. As expected, people will believe what they see, not
what someone claims to be true. Bottom line: we need to stop
pointing fingers at everyone else and start pointing at ourselves.
The glorious Quran makes it very clear we oppress ourselves, so
we need to start doing the right thing and positive change will
come, insha-Allah.

Why is it that our media and the US & UK governments insist on perpertuating the myth of the Liquid Bomb in connection with the 21 "alleged" bombers, when given the unstable shock and temperature sensitivty, reactivity and the incredible difficult process of making liquid bombs simply could never be accomplishd by a few bottles of acetone and peroxide on a flight across the Atlantic ? Maybe because both the US to a greater extent and UK administrations and their media capitalize on the obvious ignorance of the public regarding basic science. Please read the following article from the UK journal The Register:

Why are we Americans so utterly stupid? If we had half the sense we would not elect an Idiot twice nor believe the bull spewed by him, his retarded Evangelists and the cowardly baby killers, Israel.

The 21 "alleged" terrorists had No Passports, No Plane Tickets, No visible Plans, No bombs, yet the allegation is that the hapless 21 intended to make TATP (triacetone triperoxide) from liquids in drink bottles. The speculation is that peroxide, acetone and sulphuric acid might have been disguised as bottles of drink to get through hand baggage checks. But that is utterly impossible. Besides the perfect temperature requirements the drying time to obtain at least 9 oz of dry TATP that would even give a meaningful, "pop", it would take at least 21 hours in a perfect lab environment, not some miserable flight where this attempt would be virtually impossible.

Sandra Laville in her article in the Guardian today 'Five key questions for anti-terror investigation' states that "Forensic explosives experts say if this was the case the liquids would have had to be mixed on the plane to attain the crystallised TATP explosive. Gerry Murray, of the Forensic Science Agency in Northern Ireland, believes this would be very difficult, particularly if carried out in the toilet of a passenger jet. The liquids have to be kept at freezing point when they are mixed and the TATP crystals must be dried before being ignited, a process which could take several hours.

Some 250g (9oz) of solid TATP would be needed for a substantial explosion, but Mr Murray said if the individual had never made the explosive before he would need a great deal of luck to manufacture it on a plane. Another theory is that pre-made explosives would have been hidden in the false bottom of plastic drinks bottles to foil hand luggage checks.

All this points to one thing. A massive cover up and fraud by John Reid et al in an attempt to save a dwindling lapdog PM's miserable record and his idiot master's triumphant record as the worst and the most stupid and ignorant president in US history indeed in the history of human civilisation. Surely the English are not as dull, dumb and gullible as the Americans? I

I agree with you that the ideals of Islam wondeful. As a teacher, I have often told my students that all of the great beleif systems if adhered to would promote peace and harmony. But, Islam, has been hijacked by people, who have very different motives. Power, earthly power is what they seek. Just as Christians have throughout history. Most westerners know that Islam is not a problem. The problem is the politician all over the world that seek to legitimize themselves by cloaking their ideas in religion.

Subhanallah, this was written in 1948,yet how relevant and pertinent its teachings are for us today. If more Muslims were to abide by 'conviction' rather than 'fanatacism', it would be better for us all.

Islamic concepts such as Jihad are so misconstrued and misunderstood. It is only with real understanding of these concepts that we will be able to come together as the Muslim Ummah and achieve peace with everyone, regardless of creed, color or race.


May Allah bless you both Mary and David and May Allah keep showing you His light of truth. It is a hard road ahead to bring and make peace but definitely through education, peace can be conquered inshaAllah.

Western minds are made up. Articles do not change minds. It is a loosing battle and waste of time. Please think of other options.

HALIM said:
David Stroud wrote the best thing that I read today.Hope Muslim leaders around the world read this or at least each one of us fax this to our own national leaders. Thank you David, may Allah SWT bless you with sharp thinking and easy presentation in our effort for the truth and justic.

The reason why I converted to Islam because Islam was everything that Christianity and all other faiths were not. I tried Hinduism, Bhuddism, Taoism and my previous husband being from israel, even Judaism. However I always hated the idea of worshipping statues or demons with fangs and claws and all or the oppressive ideals of Judaeism and the Catholic church, though I always suspected that the current version of the Christian and Judaic faith simply could not be what God through his prophets has communicated. Neither did I accept that even though one may accept Godd as a single entity, he was approachable only through the worship of various man made statues. I was initially scared of Islam and Muslims given all the rot I heard from the telly. I believed the usual rubbish, Muslims are wife beaters, terrorists, murderous- the usual junk. It was only when my ex-husband ended up fighting with Muslim neighbours with whom I tried to make peace by understanding them (because my ex-husband had been quite nasty), that I understood and appreciated the beauty and simplicity of Islam. Through these neighbours I then met many Muslim families, Arabs, Asian, Bosnian and Chehnyans. I even met new converts from here in the UK, Germany and Sweden. But the shocker was, besides my complete ignorance about Islam, the depth of disinformation loged in my subconscience by the barrage of negative media propaganda. There were no wife beaters or suicidal maniacs or blood crazed mullas, all I found with all Muslims I met and their families, was warmth, loving hspitality and a sense of peace and calm that truly changed my own life around. I may sound like a bleary eyed hippie, but I can assure you there was none more skeptical than me. I am now single and a Muslim, but I am happy and each day my devotion to God grows by leaps and bounds. To my fellow Muslims I would like to remind that nothing happens without God's permission. They plan but God plans too. Take comfort and peace in that.

Thanks to Almight GOD to show you David a light and you are most welcomed and may Alimighty God strengthen your heart.Indeed God said-or do those hearts is disease think that Allah would never expose their hatred.

Muslims have always been around and living happily and coexisting. If you irritate them in everyway in all their communities, they won't necessarily be bubbly and cheerful. We are like any other people and want to have homes and children and education and jobs and nice cars and friends. Some people don't want muslims to have that, so they use their tactics to defame and humiliate them so they can't achieve bliss. Why? Well, it's well known how muslim countries have things that others don't, i.e. gas, crops,industry etc. Others get jealous. This green-eyed monster leads them to want to take what doesn't rightfullly belong to them, using their ways and means. The devil has prompted them. Now they use other evil ways of obtaining what they want, such as war, killing, pipelines,democratization(by the way how free are these people now). Not even the last US presidential elections were democratic. The public falls for the media trap. The dumb ones at least. The smart ones are in the game. Too few are genuinely God fearing and kind hearted. Everyone wants to point a finger. Before it was on the black minorities. Then the Russians. Now the muslims. See it yet?

A recent poll showed that many non-Muslims in the US including minorities, who were not knowledgeable about Islam or or who did not have any Muslim friends or acquaintences, harboured anti-Islam and anti-Muslim feelings purely on the strength of what they were told by the media. However the same people once exposed to the teachings of Islam and having interacted with Muslims socially or in the work place expressed sympathy for the Muslims in general and in fact were more interested in learning about Islam than before. Given that the average American is force fed daily this overwhelming dose of US media's anti-Muslim and anti-Islam bias, Muslims now need to counter act this war of words, images and thought. Surely the pen is mightier than the sword. With the resources and talent in the Muslim world, it would be a wonderful and a truly gratifying project to begin a sustained campaign of informing not just the Americans, but the world via TV, radio, journal, newspapers and magazine articles and even cartoon animations and movies to dispell this myth against Islam and Muslims perpetuated and encouraged by a insanely rabid US president whose hate of Islam and Muslims finds strong support from a pro-Israel pro-Jew racist right-wing Christian media. The war has to be fought with words and images now and Muslims must understand and actively participate in this to ensure that the proper message gets through and the hate-Islam propoganda of the US/Israel administration and lobbies are well countered and defeated. It should be easier now given the fact the world now sees Bush and Israel for what they truly are, cowardly butchers and facists who hide under the shadow of the cross to justify their blood-lust and imperial ambitions. I write this because today I have done what I had intended to do for a long time. I accepted Islam.