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See the irony is, what they really need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit, and it's over

George W. Bush

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Bush's profanity shows he has no clue about Arabs

I have carefully read and considered US President George W. Bush's words to British Prime Minister Tony Blair that were inadvertently caught on an open microphone during the G-8 Summit in Russia last weekend - and I respectfully conclude that Mr. Bush doesn't know s**t about s**t.

Bush's comment is worth analyzing because it is very telling of many things, all of them problematic for the United States and the Middle East region. In that single phrase of his, the American president compressed into two dozen words the cumulative negative consequences of Washington's unusual capacity to forge a self-defeating and counter-productive Middle East policy on the basis of a faulty analysis, in turn built on misreading local realities and not speaking to the main actors. 

Almost every part of Bush's statement is either wrong or a consequence of bad foreign policy decisions by the US and Israel, who operate as a single entity for all practical purposes on the issue at hand. The first and most important problem with Bush's thoughts is to characterize Hizbullah's actions with a profanity. Many people, including myself, criticize Hizbullah for certain aspects of its policies. But history will no doubt record that its actions before this month to liberate South Lebanon from Israeli occupation have largely been supported by most Lebanese and Arabs, and have been seen as legitimate by most of the world. 

The consensus in Israel, the US and parts of Lebanon and the Arab world is that Hizbullah recklessly triggered the Israeli rampage in Lebanon this month by kidnapping two Israeli soldiers, causing all the Lebanese to pay a very heavy price. This will be debated for a long time, and supporters of a more truthful picture of reality would argue that the kidnapping of the soldiers is only the latest move in a long-running war between Israel and Lebanon, not a sudden unilateral action. 

However, a more compelling question is being asked now: Why do the US, Europe and much of the Arab world allow Lebanon to be pulverized by Israeli bombs when most of those same people in the West last year held Lebanon up as a beacon of democratic change; a model for other Arabs?

We now have two Arab countries that Bush has trumpeted as models and vanguards of America's policy of promoting freedom and democratic change: Iraq and Lebanon. Neither is a very comforting sight today. Not many Arabs will sign up for Bush's democracy and freedom plan if this is what they will expect to happen to their countries. 

The real irony in the global political defecation business that Bush should ponder is that American planes, bombs and tanks were directly (in Iraq) or indirectly (through Israel in Lebanon) responsible for bringing Iraq and Lebanon to their current state of turmoil, destruction and pain. 

Hizbullah is a complex organization whose many activities respond to the needs of its core Shiite Lebanese constituency, including security, social services, economic support, political representation nationally, and administering local government. Its leading role in resisting the Israeli occupation of South Lebanon and ultimately driving the Israelis out in 2000 enhanced its standing among all Lebanese. It has since been criticized by many Lebanese, though, for defying the authority of the central government, and for being an arm of Iranian and Syrian foreign policy. 

Some of these accusations surely are correct, and Hizbullah has grappled only meekly in the past two years with internal Lebanese and Western diplomatic pressures to integrate its resistance assets into the national armed forces. Hizbullah sees itself as a deterrent to Israeli threats against Lebanon, and the main means of maintaining the integrity of Lebanon. Many will now question this self-image after its kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers triggered the destruction of much of Lebanon. 

The real irony in Bush's statement is that he wants others to pressure Syria to pressure Hizbullah to change its policies - at a moment when the central pillar of Washington's Middle East policies appears to be a refusal to speak to some of the most important political groups in the region. The US has no relations or known contacts with Iran, Hamas and Hizbullah, and is not on speaking terms with Syria, which it has mildly sanctioned. 

Bush ignores at his own peril the fact that Islamist political sentiments and resistance movements are the fastest growing sector of national life in the Middle East. For the US to be squarely opposed to and unable to speak with this large part of the public spectrum is foolish enough; it is even more reflective of amateur American foreign policy-making that Washington's policies in the region are an important contributor to the expansion of such Islamist sentiments and organizations. 

Another irony is that Bush fails to grasp that Hizbullah's rise to prominence in the past quarter century in many ways represents a reaction to the three principal causes of mass dissatisfaction, anger, fear and humiliation among Arab populations: ineffective and autocratic Arab governments, an aggressive and predatory Israel, and a US that supports both of these tormentors of ordinary Arabs. If these underlying problems are not addressed and resolved, groups like Hizbullah will continue to emerge organically from the Middle Eastern soil, regardless of what happens to Hizbullah in the coming weeks. 

Rami G. Khouri writes for The Daily Star in Lebanon

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Foreign Policy, George W. Bush
Views: 3567

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Older Comments:
As long as the people in Lebanon support a group who disrupts whatever measure of peace existed between Israel and Lebanon then there will be fighting. You have to reject actions toward war on both sides, of Israel but also of Hezbollah. This is a basic truth that is true of brothers as it is of countries and peoples.

No matter how you analyze the middle east conflict, the main problem is that Israel is NOT looking for a solution. At least not until their hidden agenda of 'Greater Israel' is fullfiled based on the biblical myth of 'Promised Land'. They are in fact always looking for excuses to widen the middle east conflict.

Unfortunately, fanatics & extremists like Zionists of Israel, and Christian Zionists & born again Evangilical Christians who by controlling overwhelming majority of American media both print & electronic and American financial institutions have ensured 100% loyalty towards Israel by American government. Both the Zionists of Israel and Christian Zionist & born again Evangilical Christians are using each other as proxies with the hope that some day they will rule the world from Jerusalem. Once the objective for the control of Jerusalem is reached, both these groups will try to finish off each other. However from the Muslim point of view none of those objective will be fullfiled, but in the process these Zionist will kill & destroy millions of innocent lives.

On the other hand, the Muslims are deviated from the original, simple & beautiful teaching of the Quran & the Sunnah. And today we are paying a heavy price for that deviation in the form, that we are divided into so many sects, we are fighting among ourselves as an individual & as a nation, we have almost abandoned the truth & adopted a fictional life, we have leaders who are not righteous but are corrupt from head to toe, we are weak as a whole and the list goes on.

Organisations like Hezbollah & Hamas maybe are problems but Israel is the greatest problem. Hezbollah & Hamas came into being because of Israeli occupation of Arab & Muslim lands. As one gentleman described them, they are 'Sons of soil, defending the soil'.

Middle East solution is not in sight, this conflict will go on untill America & Israel bring their own destruction.

kam, you truly did not grasp the aim of this article did you? I wonder why someone like 'kam' would even bother to read an article about such complex global issues when all this article boiled down to was Bush using a 'curse' word.
The article illusterates in particular Bush and in general the U.S goverments utter cluelessness about the middle east and how every action they take is counter productive and down right destructive. what this article ISNT about is the fact that Bush used a bad word. Oh and btw kam S**t IS a profane word.


What Prsident did was to utter a Curse word and not profanity. Is there is politician who does not curse in private?
This writer is writing nonsense implying that perhaps politicians in Islamic lands are some sort of angels.

Well, that is why I say, keep US out of this mess. If US gets involved, US will make a bigger mess. US has been involved in the Middle East for over 50 years and what has been the outcome? More misery, for everybody; no solution.

I fail to understand why do Arabs and muslims look towards US for solution to its problems? I am afraid, you will have to solve your own problems yourself.