President Bush Uncut

U.S. President George W. Bush talking with British Prime Minister Tony Blair unaware of the live microphone at the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Why Israel Gets Away with Murder!

It was a candid moment, President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair were chatting over lunch at the Group of Eight summit in St. Petersburg on Monday when a Russian microphone sitting in front of Bush was unknowingly live. After almost three minutes of Bush and Blair uncut (we saw Bush eating with his mouth open and found out he prefers Diet Coke), the focal point of their conversation took a turn toward the Israel and Lebanon conflict.

Bush confided in Blair that getting Syria to intervene would end the conflict immediately. "See, the irony is that what they need to do is get Syria to get Hizbullah to stop doing this shit and it's over." And how's he going to do that? By threatening Syria I'm sure.

Bush's off-the-cuff remark to Tony Blair in St. Petersburg deliberately ignored the deep history of Hizbullah ..

Hearing Bush tell it, one would think that the latest bloodshed in the Middle East is the result of Hizbullah's barbaric habits, not Israel's. But the entire reason Hizbullah even exists is because of Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982. As Lebanon based writer Bilal El-Amine writes in the forthcoming print edition of Left Turn:

"An amalgam of political party, armed resistance and social movement, Hizbullah ("Party of God") was born of a perfect storm that saw the convergence of several factors in the early 1980s: 1) the long-term changes inside the Shia community, described at length above, 2) the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, and 3) the 1982 Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon. Although Iranian support was certainly critical to the emergence of the party, the Israeli invasion appears to have been the decisive factor."

Hizbullah has remained a popular organization throughout Lebanon and much of the Middle East. Putting resistance before radical Islamic beliefs, Hizbullah has garnered great support from diverse sects in the region, which is quite rare among radical Islamic movements. After fending off Israel's invasion of Southern Lebanon in the early 1980s, Hizbullah again grew in popularity when Israel's military aggression in April of 1996 resulted in the massacre in the village of Qana where 108 innocent civilians were mutilated. 

Bush's off-the-cuff remark to Tony Blair in St. Petersburg deliberately ignored the deep history of Hizbullah, which is deemed a terrorist organization by the state of Israel and the US State Department. And lest you forgot, it was Israel who first marched forces into Lebanon in the 1990s, not the other way around. Hizbullah came about as a result of Israeli's invasion. Since then, Hizbullah has tightened their relationship with Palestine, which likely has struck fear in the Israeli government. The latest chapter of this saga came about when two Israeli soldiers were captured by Hizbullah inside Israel last week. But of course only Israel has the right to defend themselves. Israel has imprisoned thousands of Hamas and Hizbullah members.

Unfortunately, there aren't any leading Democrats standing up to Bush's unapprised diplomacy. Senator Hillary Clinton says she'll support "whatever steps are necessary" for Israel to prevail. I wonder if she'll support another slaughter like that in Qana? 

Rep. Nancy Pelosi took Clinton's remarks a bit further, clarifying the Democrats' position, "The House Democratic leadership strongly condemns the seizure of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah terrorists operating from Lebanon ... Israel has an inherent right to defend itself, and the United States supports our ally." Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid also chimed in, "Hezbollah must be dismantled, and all nations have an obligation to cease any and all assistance to this terrorist organization. Israel has a right to live in peace and security, and the United States will stand by our ally in this difficult time."

One would expect such perverse language from the neocons, but sadly the Democrats are just as heinous when it comes to supporting Israel aggression. How are these clowns going to end the war in Iraq if they continue to support hostility that is only escalating the tension between the West and Arab countries?

If the Bush administration and their Democratic enablers were truly serious about ending the violence in the Middle East, the first honest step would be for the US to cut off all funding to Israel. But I think we are more likely to see Syria step in than for that to happen.

Joshua Frank is the author of Left Out! How Liberals Helped Reelect George W. Bush and edits

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Older Comments:
The U.S., Israel and anyone who support these two SICK states MUST be disarmed.

Dennis MCnulty and those like him must be tied up and kicked out of this planet b/c they have been bitten by zionists and evangelists. THen and ONLY then peace will prevail on Earth.


Bush says that Israeli has right to defend itself that goes for all. If US is so fond of ZIonist Jews then perhaps it can give New York or state to Zionist Jews. A new home to the Zionist Jews and the Middle East can be a New Middle East like Rice says. US can stay the hell away from it. It can it's oil from Zionist pigs..

Is Bush blinded by the love of Israeli and the Zionist Jews? He should read the Bible more carefully and follow Jesus Christ.

HALIM said:
The Israelis are killing Arabs everyday since 1948 !

I especially loved the comment that the U.S. should disarm Israel. It is very clear The Iraniamn president,Hams, Hezbollah have all called and predict Israels destruction. Disarm Hamas and Hesbollah peace will break out. Disarm Israel and we have another holoaust where millions of jews are killed. Get real see the motives,

HALIM said:
What happened now is just fullfilling Quranic reminders. If the infidels ever open the Quran and witnessed what was writtens 1500 years ago.The Jews, they are the tresspassers from the days of the prophets. Their merciless deed today is as a reminder: shed no tears when it is Jews time to pay (of course in the future!)

What does G8 stands for?
8-Gansgters of the world ?


There we go!

and he calls himself decent, civilised, fair and balanced and what not?.

More such clips of other Politicians. PLEASE!

What is going on now, is very bad, for everyone of us.
Jews vis Muslim, more reason to get along that not, but history
tell us another story.
This war has killed too many & affect the lives of the family of
even more, we need to make peace, each side can help that, but
Israel must stop.
The loss of life is, bad so far, more families will have to find a
reason, that they will never see a loved one again.
This is happen on both sides, what Israel is doing is making it
Both side, need to talk (well more than two side ? ) , Israeli need
to live in the Middle East & find a way to be friends with them.
The killing & death, will only bring more of the same, which no
one wants, but sadly, no one can change, now

Well, it seems too obvious how the governance in the United States is, its never a FAIR sets of facts being laid on the table...or maybe not yet this time (sad to say).

We are just wondering how many people have to die for this oppurtunistic tactic of Israel, and the United States government, being a Superpower technically, does see the situation on a one sided basis, well of course who's side would you be when you get more of a benefit in some country called an "ally" rather than serve the purpose of promoting "WORLD PEACE"! I really have this impression that most Americans especially those in the government were smart, honest, fair, with honor etc... but with the news 'blackout?', propaganda and all sorts of nasty tricks, no such proper diffusion of news would come to the millions of Americans who are naive especially on international relations...its a pity for a strong country to act like this to the World...

I just pray for all Muslims who are in America and on planet Earth to be steadfast enough with situations like this...



Very one sided I'd say, way to put words in Bush's mouth assuming that he'll threaten Syria to have them step in. Check the history of this conflict recently it was Hezbolla that caused it's flaring back up, the actual question is in Israels haste to get even did they take it to far?

US admits that Israeli get away with murder with Lebanon and Gaza.
The media never reports the facts of who the terrorist is, back in 1990 Israeli started the war with Lebanon.

Well written articla and to the point. Many Americans have never stepped outside their own country and do not realize what is going on really in the world. I am tired of the government of the US calling Israel an ally. Is the Jewish Zioninst cause more important to the rest of the world and WHY?

Here again NPR and other media has failed in terms of reporting the true story to the public.

Now we know that 2 Israeli soliders were inside Lebanon when they were arrested.

Also on NPR radio discussions and other news channels around usa , they have failed to report that usa has blocked UN security councils effort of ceasefire by a single VETO.

They NPR and other news channels deliberately donot put this on their discussion talks, so that the obvious reason why usa has vetoed a ceasefire request of the security council can never be asked.

The public is deliberately kept in the dark as much as possible so to remain confused. By half side of the story.

Thats the irony.