I was a member of the KKK

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... Searching for a point of focus to release this rage, I became associated with a paramilitary racist group of young adults. I participated in regular assaults on people and engaged in various criminal activities. At 16, I found myself incarcerated, serving a six and one half-year sentence ... for robbery, assault, and weapons charges. Immediately I fell in step with the gangs of 'white supremacy' and cultivated my rage and anger into pure 'Hate' of all people who were not 'Anglo Saxon'.

I began correspondence with the KKK and, upon my release on parole, I was a full fledged card-carrying hate monger. For the next three to four years, my activities were heavily involved with Klan cross-burnings, media appearances, night raids of beatings, property desecration, etc. My parole was violated for possession of weapons and suspicions of robberies.

With this last violation of parole, at the age of 20, the search for peace began. I had so much rage and hatred inside me for so many years, it was beginning to consume me from the inside out. I lashed out at the prison staff in hatred. I had anger and hate literature, graffity drawings covering my cell walls, and tattoos covering half my upper body; I was not exploding, but imploding...

[The search for truth] began upon my arrival at Federal prison. An African American offered to assist me in my cosmetic needs. He said he was a Muslim and Muslims are commanded to help those in need. It struck my interest to check this Islamic thing out. But I was under the impression that this was a religion exclusively for African Americans. I was thinking, no way can I become a Muslim. I am White!

Still, I asked this brother for some literature on Islam. I found out about the universality of it, how it transcends color, ethnicity and race. It sounded real, pure. It began to appeal to me. This brother invited me to Jumuah service. I was given a Qur'an, and as I read the translation, I felt the purity of it, the truth of it. There was no hocus-pocus, no spookism, no mysticism, just plain, simple understanding 'Truth'. When I heard the Adhan (the call for the prayer) I felt closeness to God that penetrated my heart and soul.

After some research and study of the Qur'an, I discovered its total infallibility, no contradictions in it. There are religions based on believing in certain sciences, multiple deities, the religion of three-gods-in-one. I was a thinking man and none of them made any logical sense to me.

Here was Islam, based on the belief in one God, who created the creation itself out of nothing, and the fact that this book I was reading (Qur'an) had not one vowel or language character changed in over 1400 years was a miracle in itself. Thus, I was sold on the oneness of God and the unity of Islam.

From the book: The Sun is Rising in the West: New Muslims tell their story about their journey to Islam. Muzaffar Haleem and Betty Bowman,  Amana Publications. Copyright http://IslamiCity.com

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Interfaith, Islam
Views: 18481

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Older Comments:
In seeking your knowledge in islam and by reading The Holy Quran,Allah swt has open ur eyes and heart to the true religion.

Allah bless you brother!
Its a joyous moment that Islam has added another member to its family. Allah bless you. May all you seek find you well.

Still, scientists are unable to explain how the laws of nature came to be. Their theories are illogical, and anyone who uses common sense can see that. The only reason why those theories are accepted and unchallenged is because the scientific community has refiused to consider any other alternative theories that could explain the major gabs of their research. Talk about being close minded and intolerant!

I don't have faith in science, I'm ready to change how I believe the world came about when new scientific evidence is presented.

I haven't side stepped any questions. My answer on the development of Humans is Evolution as explained by Darwin. His theory explains your questions. The site http://darwin-online.org.uk/ might be of use if you wish to look at his theories. By the way I don't have any religious leaders, I'm an Atheist!

But to bring up the process on the development of man and all other life forms, it is thru the process of natural selection that explains our development. It doesn't take 'life forms that that have to be intelligent nough to learn to evolve' to use your words.

Again you are refiusing to tackle the questions I pointed out to you. Why are you side stepping the issue?

Please, we are not talking about man's actions, but the physical body of man and how it came to be. If we are a result of evolution without design, then we have tackle the fact that our bodies must have some type of life forms that have to be intelligent enough to learn to evolve in order to learn what are its weaknesses and learn from it.

The evolution your dear scientists (your religious leaders ;) ) are talking about go against logic. Something like random evolution, where chaos magically became orderly, and the world "supernaturally" came under the laws of nature in order for life to thrive harmoniously for billions of years is indeed more magical than a designer. If that isn't supernatural I do not know what it is.

I would like to also know why purport to have an independent thinking as you said in an earlier post " not letting the outside world control you by any method." , when you seem to be under total control of those scientists who advocate random evolution. If you are more independent minded you would have debated with the issues I put forth in my previous posts, but you have not. Everytime your answers have been the scientists said this or rejected that.

First of all I did not want to start arguing about the political influences and agendas of those scientists. I do not want to debate about sociology, but a more important topic. How can we logically explain how we came to be.


Intelligent Design theory is folly, which scientist have discarded as a believable theory for the development of life on Earth, which I agree with. It is the theory of Evolution of Darwin and BILLIONS of years, and voila, here we human beings with all our faults.

I would say that If there was intelligent Design that humans would be much more peaceful beings. The violent nature of man, would make me believe indicate that we are a product of evolution and not design.

As fantastic as we are, Human beings have many charateristics that could be termed 'evil', 'stupid, and 'violent'.

I believe that we are still a work in progress, and if we make it anything close to an 'intelligent design' we will have to evolve much much more.

Doin Phine "I find it extremely easy to believe that computers are a man-made invention, in the same way we are a creation of nature, and not the supernatural."

You must admit that what you said is quite ambigous. We are a creation of nature, so nature is an intelligent entity, because only an intelligent entity could create such sophysticated and intricate world under the "laws of nature". The only other alternative is that nature is composed of trillions of intelligent minute particles, that decided to cooperate in order to form this world and its inhabitants. If that is the case then why stick to only one way and not recreate infinite life forms? When did they come together and agreed to follow a set of "laws of nature"? Do they have a hierarchy and an inforcement entity to make sure they all follow those laws?

Regardless of what, the fact remains that the computer is a result of intelligent design, which compared to the life forms on this earth is quite simple. So how is it something more 'polished' than a computer is not a result of intelligent design?

I find it extremely easy to believe that computers are a man-made invention, in the same way we are a creation of nature, and not the supernatural. Nobody has ever said that since you can't see something, it is supernatural!
I do agree with your statment that 'because we cannot see something, does not mean it doesn't exist. However you can't state something exists with out proof. Proof that is able to be verified or duplicated through testing.

Not all scientist agree, that is why proof is needed, and has to be testable. That is how science evolves. When scientest disagree they don't shoot each other, they provide proof of their own theories.

Question to Doin Phine.

You say that religion is belief in supernatural, I disagree. It involves a great deal of logic. The computer you are using is made out of a complex system that is ultimately broken down to atoms. Noone in their normal minds could conclude that such an object with such complicated system has come about from a number of atoms that incredibly came together on their own with the right kind of atmosphere and chemical components, yet atheists conclude that the human body with much more sophisticated system than a mere computer has evolved thousands of years from such components that "supernaturally" came together at the right time with the right chemicals and atmosphere.

I just would like to know how is it that science can deduce from observation of how one thing works that something similar to it works the similarly, but some scientists are unwilling to come to the same conclusion when it comes to how we came to be?

If supernatural are things that we do not physically see, then atoms, cells, microorganisms etc... must have been supernatural before the invention of microscopes. The advance of technology has opened our eyes and enriched our knowledge of things we could never have seen with our naked eyes, from that we can certainly deduce there is a vast amount of things we have absolutely no knowledge of and do not have the technology to experience. Simply because we cannot see something does not mean they do not exist.

Yes and it is verse 109:1-6! Religion is a belief in the supernatural which I don't believe. An atheist quote; 'if Atheism is a religion, then health is a disease!' In the end most Atheists would say they are agnostic, because they can't prove that there is no God, in the same way you should be to since you have not proof in a God. Carl Sagan said; 'with great claims, great proofs are needed.' In matters of religion it is in the hands of the believers to have great proof, which doesn't exist. Sorry but the Koran is not proof! Conscience is not magic, it is part of our physical being, just like in other creatures, however much more developed at a higher level. The list of names of Great Atheists is impressive, and long, and not to be discounted. In time magazines 100 greatest people of the 20th century, there were 20 atheists, 5 in the top 10! Ultimately however it doesn't matter how many or how few. It doesn't matter who is or is not part of a belief structure. It is what you feel inside of you is correct, and not letting the outside world control you by any method.

I have no problems with believers of religion, and am quite enjoying our discussion that is free and open.

Response to Doin Phine.

There is a chapter in the Qur'an that talks about what you said, that you believe in your way and I in my way.

I gather from what you said in your previous posts that you believe religion is only for those who believe in God. I have to disagree with that. I believe atheism is a form of religion. You have your own set of beliefs on how the world has come to be, you do not believe a Creator is involved in our existance yet you cannot prove it.

It is also interesting that you follow your conscience to guide you in what is right. It is incredible that someone who relies on physical senses to conclude that there is no God, can also rely on something such as conscience that has no physical manifestation to guide his action.

As to your reference of some intellectuals denial of God's existance, there are as many other intellectuals who came to the opposite conclusion. That is hardly a compelling support to your beliefs.

To Muslimah, I'm happy that you don't feel fear of inexistance, because that is where we come from, and to where we will go. The greatest scientific minds such as Einstein, Hawkins and Sagan, and others today don't believe in a creator God. As an Atheist, I believe that there is no creator God either. But I know there are limits to what modern day science can prove. You give one example of an atheist turned Muslim, and I'm sure there are others. Atheism isn't for everybody. Sometimes the truth isn't easy, some times the truth isn't popular. My own open eyed understanding of th World makes it obvious to me that there is no Creator God in the same way when you see the world around you that you say that there has to be a creator God. That is fine with me, no problem what so ever. Believe me. However as atheist have to respect people of belief, so should people of belief respect Atheists. Respect however doesn't mean that dialogue, and discussion are not permitted.

You alluded to no accountability for your actions if there is no hell. There is a common belief that Atheists are immoral due to the fact that they don't believe in God. Which is totally wrong. theists I believe have a high level of moral integrity such as myself. I have taken my cues from my culture and have developed them for my own person beliefs. My accountability comes from my consciousness, which is an extremely strong source of motivation to always do what is right.

Response to Doin Phine.

Your answer about atheist and agnostics seeking religion because they fear inexistance intrigues me. Because, I would fear eternal punishment more than inexistance. There is no pain involved in non existing, there is no accountability for your actions, so I cannot understand how that is more scary.

I have talked to a former atheist who became a Muslim, and he told me the reason why he seeked
God was that he was having a great deal of doubts that the way the world exists and how everything is so precisely coordinated, from the movements of the planets on their axis, to the level of oxigen and all kind of chemicals so precisely coordinated in order for us to live and all kinds of organisms, all this could not have come out of chaos (big bang) and became so balanced and precise without a Creator.

Thanks to Muslimah for the question, which I will try to explain.

Most atheists and agnostics turn to religion during moments of great fear (ie, death and dying). This is a normal human response. The thought of inexistance scares most people, and overtakes logic. I can understand and accept this. However this doesn't prove the existance of God in the least. During difficult moments, the belief in a religion can help since all religions say there is an after life or reincarnation. If the belief in religion makes it easier for somebody to accept death, and make the process easier then that is a good thing.

I could go on, but that is a short direct response to your question. I hope that I have been of help.

assalamu alaikum dear brothers
this is very good site, i just read nearly right now insha allah i will read more becoming good performing du'a wasiyya

Question to Doin Phine.

What is your take on intellectuals from many faiths even former atheists and agnostics conversion to Islam?

My advice to you is to take off your blinders and see the world with wide open eyes, only then can you see the truth. It will benefit you more than you can imagine.

I never met a KKK member in my life, but from what I have seen on tv documentaries these people are far from being even normally intelligent. So I therefore don't believe it is anything to rejoice when a conversion to Islam does take place!

It is infact a very god work that should continue
forever, the TRUTH always takes the upper hand.Light has come DARKNESS has varnished.

Praise Be to Allah, the Holly Qur'an is a Moving Proof.It reaches Everywhere and Everyone and accepting It ,is a Bliss.

how can i get this bk,is it available in uk?

T. S. R. FROM IRAN said:

First of all I must apologize the readers because of my broken English.
I was a dark magician and a poor gay for more than 2 years with no beliefs at all. At 25 after wasting my life in many bad ways I became a Muslim again. Not I did it myself. God guides me through this way. God saved me form all of those damned beliefs and now free of all of those depresiings and bad feelingsI feel free not in a way that westerners try to show. But in way that being the slave of God means being free of the rest of the world. Allah saved me and lead me to peace. I pray every night that God guide us all to his straight forward way to survive. I see Al-Fatiha surrah in every prayer I do as the most copmlete prayer in the world. As the proof for oneness of God. Allah gives me patience and braveness to face all of the problems that each human kind my face through his life.
I am no longer me. How can I describe all of it with this broken expressions?
I am a Muslim now and I am proud of my religion and my way. Thanks God for guiding me and thank you to spread the true voice of human nature as the true face of Islam.

good work and a universal truth. keep it up.

Z FROM USA said:
I merely have a question for katia4jesus. The question is: You feel that the author has, in fact, not found peace in Islam, since you have found peace in Jesus? Your disagreement was not clear since it was more of a question. Do you disagree with the content of the article or you disagree that the author found peace?

Assalamu Alaikum bros & sisses in Islam...

I am deeply moved by this article, quite refreshing and inspiring...SubhanAllah!

Nice articles like this are not corrupted as what others may suspect...

Others may react violently/negative whatever you may call it...but this distraction is a healthy one 'it keeps our lenses clean and thus we can see from afar perspective that we are still aligned from the truth & purest of all practiced religions in this planet.' Distractions are normal, they are part of a healthy soul diet...

To Ray (of Australia)...
I may refer to you some bros & sisses from the Philippines that may offer help regarding some words that may not be easily be understandable. However I must say that even in Khutba's (sermon) where some speakers may ot necessarily be very clear in delivering their messages, it is the obligation of the listener to, as much as possible, try to understand whatever the speaker speaks of.' Sometimes as they say, help or guide your students on how to solve the problem not necessarily giving them the right answers, for it will be more fulfilling when solutions are found the be seeker him/herself'. However, you must ask questions for specific details that may not be very clear as sometimes you may be mislead (which usually is caused by the stored perspective in one's mind).

Shukran to all who have shared their thoughts in this site, I haven't eaten my Supper yet but then I feel no hunger at all just reading - listening to all thy comments!

Salawat to our Nabbie SAW...
Glorifications to Allahu SWT...

Duas to All mankind...


Brother your story did not surprise me, if you want to see a one that amazes you just read how OMAR IBNU KHADAB became islam or Khalid Ibnu walid.

katia4jesus wrote :"Islam itself preaches violence toward christian and jew". Please enlighten us by quoting the verses from Quran where you draw such conclusion from. Perhaps you should read a book before you judge it. Didn't your Jesus say so? Just follow his teaching. love.

Allah (SWT)has said that Islam is a light from him, it radiates into the heart of those he loves.It shows from this article that the truth will always shines out and that salvation is waiting for those who reflect.
Islam does not preach miracle,it gives an indepth understanding of man his creature environment and reasonable,logical and convincing evidences of the supremacy of Allah,the truth and purity of Islam and honesty of the message of Muhammad.I thank Allah for showing u the way and may we not be lost to shaytan and his deception.(Amin).

Asalam alaikum,Mashallah! I thank you for telling your story and I thank Allah(swt)for giving you the courage to share. If you recall, Al-hajj Malik Al-shabazz(MalcolmX) was once a man of the world(once a racist) and eventually Allah guided him to study the truth, he made hajj and found out the truth about Islam. As for katia4jesus,I too was once a Christian, I grew up in the church, in Sunday school, in Christian camp, weekends/weeknight...etc. I grew up with many pastors, treasures, committee members, and Sunday school teachers in my family. My point is that I know the bible quite well(that's from the hours of recitation on the weekends at grandma's)and although we preached Christianity one of the wisest things I was taught is to do your research and know a religion before you assume to talk for or against it(more so when in your lords name). I researched Islam well before converting, as is the habit with many converts to Islam. I believe that it is important to clarify, that Jesus(saw)peace be upon him, is one of our beloved prophets. It is also important to know that Islam does not preach hate towards Jews or Christians. This has been brought about by the battle of the badr and uhd(Muslims slain,persecuted and attacked), they where defending themselves not just from Jews but also Christian, pagans and non-believers. They did slay some 700 or so Jews but this was not an attack against Jews but in the act of war. These Jews who where slain were in fact from a Jewish tribe who teamed up with the meccans who had gone to Yathrib(also know as Medina) to kill Prophet Mohammad and all the other Muslims. This violated a peace treaty and that is why they where killed. In modern times, Jews, Christians and Muslims in order to justify hatred towards one another have used this. THEY ARE ALL WRONG, the Jews of that particular tribe violated a pact and the Muslims responded as such. The response would have been the same towards any tribe whom violated a treaty. Masalam

May Allah the merciful blessed you my brother. True my brother Islam transcends beliefs, colour of the skin and race.If my brother given the chance to go to hajj in Mecca U will see all colours and races are there. They only recites Allah the Great nothing else. The Islam is misleds by the few whose use Islam for the own purpose and ideologies. True Islam as in Quran and AlHadis says humans are of same decendants except the believers and non believers. If they are non bleivers, it's not our right to take action or just them, ours is just to advice and shows the ways. Only Allah has the finel decisions.Thank you brother.Learns Islam from the the proper and the right teachers. True Islam never hides it's knowledge. Wassalam.

Masha Allah--this excerpt has shook my heart to the very core. If it wasn't for my masculinity in the presence of others, tears would have spilled down my cheeks, but alas, I've been conditioned to be void of nourishment for the soul.

In Reply To: "How can you find peace in a religion like Islam. Islam itself preaches violence toward christian and jew. One group will not be oppressed anymore because of it skin color, but another will be because of it belief. True peace can be found only in Jesus Christ."

only in Jesus christ ? but what About God?

Your almost absolutely right .. True Peace Can Be Found In Jesus *peace be upon him* he was a very respected (important) prophet of God.. but not only in him, True peace is the purity in your heart & the love for Allah and People .

I might be wrong,.. but by your comment, I think you might have a bit of misunderstanding on Islam...

Jesus in the quran too... preached about kindness and humblness, he was a man Of God...

this wasn't a personal attack on whoever made this comment, & I'm not here to judge you. I just felt the need to reAsure you of some things incase you might have .. just maybe misinterpruted things...


sALaM Every0ne


Ray.... A good English translation of the Quran is "The Noble Quran" it is published by Darus Salam Publications. It is in modren english as well as translated very close to what is meant in Arabic.

you can get a copy from http://dar-us-salam.com/
Jazak Allah.

islam doesnt preach violence towards jews and christains, how about u read it, please dont assume things--katie4jesus

Assalamu aleykum

thanks to AllahSubhanahu Wa Taala who has gave you hedaya. I hope you will get to know more about Islam to discover the truth and the light in this beautiful relgion, I also hope you will encounter other muslims of all races,because Islam was sent through Muhammad salla allhu aleyhe wa sallam mercy to all creation of Allah(s.w.t)

i felt elated to read the article,so Allah shows his favour to whomever he whises.it through there is no hocus-pocus in islam.it is a religion of peace and comformity,justice not injustice.ma-salaam.

I found the story very interesting and Allah show all of us the path of the succesful persons

Hello katia4jesus, why don't you try to study the Quran? Try it!!!

thats the truth .ALLAH choosed you. and mr. Dave put your thoughts in action aslife is short who knows time is up .say your shadah .please let us know ,but please go through quran once more .there is no complusion in islam .islam is like a mink coat so warm.

ALHAMDULILLAH ( THANKS BE TO ALLAH ),I like reading these sort of articles simply because it shows that the truth is out there and guidence is only from ALLAH allmighty,and also that Islam is spreading all round the world and people can identify the pure,simple,truthful message given to the best of mankind ( Prophet Muhammad,peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him.his family and all those who follow him )

it's a beautiful article...for those who disagree or feel uneasy with the article,,,it's fair enough, cause God pick by Himself who He wants to bless with this beautiful Islam. My advise is...do not miss the chance to judge Islam fairly and be open minded and spoke with wisdom cause the cost is, after this life.. when God said the non-muslims will be extremely regretful for not doing so during the given chance that is in this present life. At no cost at all...just give it a try to consider Islam.

Islam does not preach violence. Islam means Peace.The act of violence is with the person itself, be it Muslim,Christian,Jews or others. So it's wrong to say the religion practices violent. May Peace Be With All...People of the World.Ameen

This article spoke to me. I'm similar, to a certain extent. I'm a Christian who is considering converting to Islam. While I'm not a white supremist, nor am I in prison, I know the feeling of a faith that appelas to me but that doesn't match my heritage. I'm Scottish/German, and Islam is certainly not the common religion of those two nations. Oh well. I just want to say that I also feel the call of Islam, and also the Adhan is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. It calls you to God, even if you are not a Muslim.

How can you find peace in a religion like Islam. Islam itself preaches violence toward christian and jew. One group will not be oppressed anymore because of it skin color, but another will be because of it belief. True peace can be found only in Jesus Christ.

we the disenfranchised were easy-pickings for the propagators of hate,it sells! as one who has walked this road,I believe today that I could not have found and embraced Islam without that trip.I truely hated no one but the zionist,I envied everyone else,the compassion,sense of family,morality,piety,everything that was absent in my surroundings.Masha-Allah.

May Allah bless this brother,who was open minded enough to take a look at the Quran. Allah has guided him to the right path. May he be blessed with the strength to invite more people to Islam. Ameen.

As I read this article i began to cry fro it touched me deep in my heart. It is one of the most touching articles i ever read.
I hope the brother who wrote this enjoy Islam to it full extent and die only as a true believer

It is a very touching article. Thank you for sharing, your marvelous experiance about how did you become a muslim, with us. May ALLAH help all of us to have pure IMAN. Thank you.

Assalamu alaikum, Masha Allah. Allahu alim! I appreciate all the articles i read from Islamiciti. They enhance and add to my knowledge which i am always in search for, Alhamdulillah. Keep up the fantastic work.Assalamu alaikum.

aslamualikum? welcome to is to brother islam brother i am very glad to haer that you became muslim and i hope i see you in pradise

If this is true this is a Alhamdulilah. Allah will guide whom he wills whenever he wants to.

I really liked the story.It shows the forgiving side of Islam and emphasizes the fact that everyone can repent and find the truth.
Allah is forgiving,merciful
(p.s.:I also have a question:I play chess in a international website.Can i add this story to my information in this site.Will there be a copyright problem)

Asalaamu-Alaikum. I guess most Black people in the US would find it odd that I am for this article. It all comes down to being forgiven for what you've done no matter how great the offense was, but before there can be forgiveness there first has to be sicere repentance. I am mindful of the Prophet Isa/Jesus [PBUH] When an angry mob of people caught a woman committing adultrey they asked Isa[PBUH]what should we with her,seeing that they were about to stone her,he said:"Let he who be without sin cast the first stone" and the Prophet Mohammed said "A sincere repenter of sin is like one who never commited sin" If someone committed an injustice to you and you decide to take vengance on them when you yourself witnessed their sincere repentenced,Allah will surely repay you for the sins you've committed and wont accept your repentance no matter how sincere. He will judge you by the same standards you place upon others so my advice to all those who want to be forgiven but dont want to forgive is "BEWARE." Forgive as you would like to be forgiven

allahu akbar........I wholeheartedly agree w/everything he has said about islam,especially about the adhan. It is truly beautiful to hear and has a very mesmerizing effect that makes me want to shed tears b/c I can just feel the love for allah(swt). Peace to you brother-thanks for your story. May The Almighty continue to bless you!

I am really impressed with that article,how i wish to have a copy in a book format to present itt to my colegues who are cultists in my country.

I am really impressed with that article,how i wish to have a copy

This story captivated my heart. Subhanallah and hamduallah that it was Islam that purified your heart from all that hatred that had poisoned it. But you shouldn't stop there. Reach out to others that might have that same anger built-up inside. That feeling that only makes you want to lose your mind. Hamduallah you didn't and were led on the right path now strive to make things right for your new found religon. Spread the word and truth of Islam. Lahellhallah

Allah Akbar!!!
Assalamu alaikum
Welcome my brother
I am very happy that my brother was guided by God to find new white path and I hope my brother will be happy and more learn about Islam.


Selam to the Brother for his light but the
challenge for his faith is starting "inshallah"
he will be a model for Islam and humanity as to
live a life of Iman and learning, and to share
his knowledge and the material things he loves.


I am a Christian, thou like the writer, my logical upbringing comes to head against some of my dogma. He said the Koran (I am a Filipino, and this is how we call and spell it) is unchanged for 1400 years.

I have a copy of it but in its "original" form, translated into English of course. But, like the Christian bible, it reads like the King James version, where the English is not "contemporary".

Is there a translation written where, though not necessarily per Surah, the essense is preserved but in more understandable format for us beginners and "haters" of unclear English? I do not want any "thees" or "thous" or "Verily" but modern English.

It would help me a lot if you can find me one, preferably within my area (Sydney or suburbs).

Thank you and more power to you and your brethern. I know God (whatever we call him, Yahweh, El Shaddai, or Ibrahim's God) is supporting your cause. And that is reward enough.

Peace to all,


I cried when I read this brothers story. I too used to be extremely prejudiced as a teen due to so much hate inside. Now, alhamdiallah, I am married to an African, have 2 beautiful children, and very much have the deen in my heart, alhamdialah. Keep up the good work on the right path my dear brother!!!

what is your opinion is it advisable to pass this message to non-muslim as part of Dawah,how many such messages were just passed on did u receive any response if yes whether positive or negative

brother in Islam

syed mohiddin

subhan'allah, it's just amazing how so many people are accepting Islam nowadays to make it the fastest growing religion on the planet.

Islam gets rid of that feeling of difference between a Muslim towards his Muslim brother whether he be white, black, etc creating unity between the believers and teaches Muslims to respect all of mankind. When Malcolm X made the Pilgrimage to Makkah and saw the different peoples, he realized how Islam was a religion for all races and it changed his concept of thinking. I have not seen any other religion that is so widely spread amongst different nationalities--there are a lot of "tribal" religions out there.

There is a verse in the qur'an used often by Muslims in which God tells us how HE has created us all differently into different races (white, brown, east indian, chinese, etc):

"O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware." (Noble Qur'an, 49:13)


This is a very good article. I was wondering if you could find an article that shows the contradictions in other religious books, and compare that to the Quran that has no contradictions.

wow..what a miracle..i mean..such a bad person changing because of islam...i have a friend doing the same thing...inshallah she will be a muslim in the near future..

Read the Quran and it will save you.
Still, Washington is full of KKK members.