Did the Prophet endorse suicide bombing?

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There is a new level of anti-Islamic propaganda. It is based on half-truths and no truths. Let alone unsuspecting non-Muslims, many Muslims are falling victims of such propaganda, as they are sometimes feeling confused. The issue has assumed greater significance as some people are perpetrating vile acts of violence, and doing so in the name of Islam.

There are Qur'anic verses that, taken in isolation, can easily cause people to misunderstand the message of those verses. But that is only if people intentionally or unintentionally take those verses in isolation or out of context. It is also an unfortunate fact that, parallel to their glorious contributions, many Muslim exegetes and scholars of the past have added to the confusion, by generalizing issues and views that ought not to be generalized. Once Muslims were in power, especially after a century or so after the Prophet, the issues of non-Muslims and minorities have not been dealt with a desired level of Islamic and human sensitivity. Rather, attitude toward non-Muslims have been shaped by the bitter localized conflicts between the Muslims and the Mushrikeen (as well as others).

But, even beyond those, there is clearly a prejudiced propaganda against Islam and Muslims that can not be explained merely in terms of ignorance. I produce an example below. In the internet circle, some so-called "former Muslims" have been concertedly spewing their hatred against Islam and Muslims. Among them are Ali Sina (a pseudonym), and Abul Kasem (possibly another pseudonym). Uninformed or less informed readers can easily be duped or confused by their propagandist approach.

Anyway, during the post 9/11 era, Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens, condemned the targeted atrocity against the civilians. He also condemned "suicide bombing". A group of people who claim to be "former Muslims" challenged him by alleging that the Prophet himself has endorsed suicide bombing and thus the condemnation of Yusuf Islam and others is of no value, in the face of clear hadith. How did they reach that conclusion? Well, read the following part taken from a writing by Abul Kasem.

Islamic Peace Train a la Brother Yusuf Islam 

If you know Mr. Yusuf Islam's email please ask him to read this message and respond. (Ali Sina) http://www.humanists.net/alisina/to_yusuf_islam.htm 

Now, to add fuel to the fire, here is a Hadith, which clearly sanctions suicide to kill the 'infidels' 

Mohammed eulogized a person for committing suicide for Allah's cause...9.83.29

Volume 9, Book 83, Number 29: Narrated Salama:

We went out with the Prophet to Khaibar. A man (from the companions) said, "O 'Amir! Let us hear some of your Huda (camel-driving songs.)" So he sang some of them (i.e. a lyric in harmony with the camels walk). The Prophet said, "Who is the driver (of these camels)?" They said, "Amir." The Prophet said, "May Allah bestow His Mercy on him !" The people said, "O Allah's Apostle! Would that you let us enjoy his company longer!" Then 'Amir was killed the following morning. The people said, "The good deeds of 'Amir are lost as he has killed himself." I returned at the time while they were talking about that. I went to the Prophet and said, "O Allah's Prophet! Let my father be sacrificed for you! The people claim that 'Amir's good deeds are lost." The Prophet said, "Whoever says so is a liar, for 'Amir will have a double reward as he exerted himself to obey Allah and fought in Allah's Cause. No other way of killing would have granted him greater reward.

Can Mr.Yusuf Islam deny this Hadith, which is from Shahih Bukhari, the most trusted Hadith in Islam. 

From a plain reading of the above hadith, one may easily conclude that as Amir "killed himself", so he committed suicide. Since the Prophet actually eulogized Amir's killing himself, can't one reasonably and conscientiously conclude and argue that the Prophet endorsed suicide bombing? Well, not so fast.

One of the problems with many hadiths, even in the most respected collections of Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, one can find narrations that are fragmented, incomplete, and sometimes even contradictory. Thus, one can't take a particular hadith in isolation. The above hadith, allegedly supporting suicide bombing, is unambiguously clarified in another hadith: Amir actually had an unintentional/accidental self-inflicted wound. Let us read that hadith from the same collection, Sahih al-Bukhari.

Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 59, Number 509:
Narrated Salama bin Al-Akwa:

We went out to Khaibar in the company of the Prophet. While we were proceeding at night, a man from the group said to 'Amir, "O 'Amir! Won't you let us hear your poetry?" 'Amir was a poet, so he got down and started reciting for the people poetry that kept pace with the camels' footsteps, saying:-- "O Allah! Without You we Would not have been guided On the right path Neither would be have given In charity, nor would We have prayed. So please forgive us, what we have committed (i.e. our defects); let all of us Be sacrificed for Your Cause And send Sakina (i.e. calmness) Upon us to make our feet firm When we meet our enemy, and If they will call us towards An unjust thing, We will refuse. The unbelievers have made a hue and Cry to ask others' help Against us." The Prophet on that, asked, "Who is that (camel) driver (reciting poetry)?" The people said, "He is 'Amir bin Al-Akwa'."

Then the Prophet said, "May Allah bestow His Mercy on him." A man amongst the people said, "O Allah's Prophet! has (martyrdom) been granted to him. Would that you let us enjoy his company longer." Then we reached and besieged Khaibar till we were afflicted with severe hunger. Then Allah helped the Muslims conquer it (i.e. Khaibar). ... So when the army files were arranged in rows (for the clash), 'Amir's sword was short and he aimed at the leg of a Jew to strike it, but the sharp blade of the sword returned to him and injured his own knee, and that caused him to die. When they returned from the battle, Allah's Apostle saw me (in a sad mood). He took my hand and said, "What is bothering you?" I replied, "Let my father and mother be sacrificed for you! The people say that the deeds of 'Amir are lost." The Prophet said, "Whoever says so, is mistaken, for 'Amir has got a double reward." The Prophet raised two fingers and added, "He (i.e. Amir) was a persevering struggler in the Cause of Allah and there are few 'Arabs who achieved the like of (good deeds) 'Amir had done." 

So, did Amir commit suicide and the Prophet praised his "suicidal" action? No. Amir DID NOT commit suicide and the Prophet DID NOT praise suicide. Such are the glaring misrepresentations and lies being spread about Islam!

Such exposure of lies or ignorant claims of these former Muslims may not stop them from their anti-Islamic propaganda, but Muslims themselves need to be educated about Islam and its various sources (the Qur'an, hadith, history books, commentaries, etc.). More importantly, Muslims need to be educated in these regards in a self-critical manner. I also should point out that there is need to produce cross-referenced hadith collection, so that people can easily identify and read "related" hadith that are scattered throughout a collection or across collections. For example, the hadith quoted by Abul Kasem is in Vol. 9, Kitab ad-Diyat (blood money) ... and the clarifying one occurs in Vol. 5, Kitab al-Maghazi (military expeditions). Such cross-referencing can be helpful for the education of Muslims, and may lessen such callous and shameless attempts to misrepresent Islam by others.

Life is the most precious and sanctified thing in this world. That applies to our lives and others' lives. Islam teaches us to be preservers of life. As the al-Qur'an categorically teaches:

We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land, it would be as if he slew the whole people; and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our Apostles with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land." [Qur'an 5:35]

Let others figure out their own stance, but for us as Muslims, we must have respect for life in general, life of ourselves and of others, irrespective of faith, race and nationality.

Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq is an associate professor of economics and finance at Upper Iowa University.

Homepage: http://www.globalwebpost.com/farooqm

The author welcomes volunteers who would like to translate this piece into their native language.

Email: [email protected]

  Category: Faith & Spirituality
  Topics: Prophet Muhammad (S), Suicide, Suicide Bombing
Views: 20427

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Older Comments:
No need for Mr. Yusuf Islam to trouble himself with the point raised by Ali Sina (his false name)

The hadith in question has been edited, or is a shortened version of the original. Regarding Amir "killing himself" that is not exactly so. During battle when he had swung his sword, because he was using a short sword and missed his target the sword had hit his knee causing a gash. Later on, he died from that wound. The Prophet was saying that he did not lose his good deeds because this was not a suicide, nor should it be considered suicide as it does not even fit the definition of it. The people who said his deeds were lost had misheard the story of what happened to him and thought he intentionally stabbed himself.

Omar Faruqi and Ali Sin are well known as a conmen who twist hadith in order to create hate against Muslims and Islam. They do this under the guise of fighting for human rights, freedom, dignity and so on. How can a person mix a noble cause, the cause of humanity, with hate and bigotry against any one group? It's fine if they dislike Islam, just don't be beligerent. If you are beligerent, then don't say you are fighting for humanity.

brother it was an excellent article & an eye opener.but i am having another question.
the pakistan govt is fighting the alqaeda & taliban in the NWF province.they also engage in the suicide bombing against the pakistani army & police on the plea that they are working on the behalf of americans.Pakistan govt is not allowing them to cross into afghanistan & fight the americans as that will cause propblems for pakistan but these taliban & al qaeda elements have started fighting against pakistan army & they have killed more pakistani soldiers than the americans themselves in afghanistan.so is the suicide bombing allowed against the solddiers of a country which is an islamic republic & which was created in the name of Islam.
I hope to read about this issue from you.kindly send me your reply at my above mentioned address.
may Allah help you in all your endeavours.

i totally agreewith this article&also i decided to launch on a research on suicide,im following a special degree in sociology at the university of colombo,srilanka,while i talk to my friends of different religions they always raise questions on suicide,specially,suicide bombing,im in a hurry to explain them clearly&let them love islam.so ill be very much thankfull to you ,if you would kindly help me,may allah bless u!

Assalam alai kum

I have a lot of things to write but dont know where to start. but I surely agree that the prophet PBUH did not support or glorify the self killing. Allah Ta'ala who has created us all with immense love clearly states in the holy Quran that we must not harm ourselves so how could he or RasulAllah would say yes to suicide.
Thanks for at least trying to create awareness.-

As far as I am told, and I am a student of Islamic practice, the verification of any action as "allowed" or "disallowed" in Islam is to check against Hadith (from Prophet s.a.w.) and Nas(from Holy Book Quraan). If it is from the Hadith, then one has to find seven hadiths from different sources to confirm the action under question. And if from the Quraan one has to find three (3) separate Nas to confirm the same point. As far as I am informed, suicide (for whatever reson) is not permissible in Islam and my common sense tells that those who become "suicide bombers" are persons who have given up hope (of finding a solution to any problem) and therefore they see no light at the end of the tunnel, thence they "gave up" life and with him they also"murder" others. So they have committed double sins - 1. suicide and 2. murder.

We as muslims need to open our eye's and stop believing the things the kufr is telling us.
Islam is the worlds salvation. Why do we allow these people come beytween us and make some us doubt our deen.
All praises is due to ALLAH-
Do you love ALLAH and his Messenger?
Sit back and really listen to what is being said about our religion-study your deen and this way you won't be fooled by those who want to dilute and pollute our religion.
AllAh said in the Quran that he Perfected this religion.
Islam is a gift for all mankind and truly those who accept Islam are the winners.
If you haven't seen the tape-but the Prophet and try to understand what extreme they will go through to direct the believers off the true path.
which favors of your lord will you deny........
read your Quran-talk with your Imam-support your


Who are the Muslims of Patani
The Muslims of Patani are not merely the Muslims of the modern day state of Pattani in southern Thailand. They were once part of a country that covered the northern part of the Melayu Peninsula. Negeri Patani Besar included Narathiwat (Teluban), Yala (Jalor) and parts of Senggora (Songkla, districts of Sebayor and Tibor). In fact it included Pethalung (Petaling), Kelantan and Kuala Trengganu, the latter two states being part of present day Malaysia.

They are the Melayu, who were prevalent throughout the Melayu peninsular, which stretched from the northern tip of Segenting Kra all the way south through Johor to Singapura. Their civilisation had existed since before the beginning of the Gregorian calendar. Research suggests that Islam came to the Patani in the year 1457CE at which point the land of Langkasuka became Patani and the King Phya Tu Nakpa became Sultan Ismail Shah.

The Seeds of Oppression
They had been at war with the Siamese from the beginning. Although Daulah Islamiyyah never extended to include Patani, they were able to fend off their foes through various battles and campaigns until finally being occupied by the Siamese in 1785. This conquest was further consolidated in 1909 through the Bangkok Treaty between the British and the Siamese. In exchange for the Siamese's pacifism and non-intervention in their colonialist's ambitions and actions in the southern Melayu Peninsular (later to become Malaya), the British would recognise Siamese sovereignty over the lands of the Melayu (Muslims) of the northern peninsula (Patani. The Muslims were not consulted and had no part in that agreement.

asalaam, like others i was confused as to how can some people do and say things in the name of Islam.there is an urgent need to clarify misconception and wrong interpretation by all means available.jazak Allah


After too many promises by the Thaksin, as corrupt TRT government in Patani Darussalam, we hope he will end the episode of land occupation by Thailand in Patani Darussalam. The Malay Muslims don't like the corruption practices in their home land. Why not to free their land and let them govern themselves as an independent state of Patani. As a history of modern Thailand, there was a tragedy for Patani and their own peoples where their land have been occupied by the Thai for quite long time. Actually, this land is not belong to the Thailand but belongs to the Patani Malay Muslims. The Thai behave themselves like a super-special thieves or super-special robbers this modern century.

As a Malay Muslim from South East Asia(Malay-Nusantara), we are so regret with the previous statements by Thaksin towards the land owner's history and civillisation. Why the Thaksin need to feel shy to himself to face the reality of the existence of the Patani Kingdom's beneath, South of Thailand's map? If the Thaksin love to blame the Malay Muslim Kingdom history or Malay-Nusantara History, it would be an unwise approach. Within the scope, the Malay Muslims have their own right to claim back their own land.


I thought I read Allah say in the Koran, "I am closer to you than the jugular vein in your neck"??? If this is true, what does it mean??? My understanding is Peace is found within, not without, the more one finds the stillness within, the closer you are to Allah!!! It's time Muslims started looking within rather than without, too much chaos is generated about this story & that, what the Prophet(PBUH) said & what it really means etc... It's not helping anyone!
Let's cut out all the judgements & start acting like ALLAH created us - Compassionate, Forgiving & most merciFULL!!! Salam Alaykum

According to the second hadith, Amir did not intend to commit suicide. It was unfortunute action. His intention was to fight against the enemies who are against Allah. That is Why the Prophet (SAW) daid that Amir will get double rewars. May Allah give him double reward. Aamin.

Rasool e Akram sal (peace be upon him)never endorsed actions that would affect mankind and et al.Opportunists should not take shelter in the name of religion.Allah is Great and He is ready enough to help those who obey Him and His messenger

I love the way it is described and explained. It helps both the Muslim and the non Muslim to know the real issue behind this suicide bombing thing. Please keep on clarifying the real answers to this confusion. More needs to be done I believe. I always wondered if there was any reason for the likes of Osama to portray Islam as they did. True Muslims should challenge the ideas if there is really nothing behind their claim. Hope to get more articles on this particular issue Inshallah. Allah reward you for all good you do.

The reality is that there are a lot of morons like Ali Sina... who would like to make the world believe that the Muslim world has some sort of secret identity... that we pretend not to be violent but are... This is not the case...

He tries to spread the same lies that anti-semites like Hitler did about Jews...
That lying is ok... that there are vast conspiracies among the common people for world domination. a proposterous idea... Muslims are regarded with suspicion for wanting our ideals and religion to spread... But who doesn't want their idealogy to spread?

On that note however I feel that the international FIQH counsel has done a diservice to Islam in not condemn suicide bombings clearly and completely when the matter was discuss... but rather upheld the status quo,
Suicide bombings (which they term martyrdom operations)especially those that target civilians... need to be clearly condemned. Not only because they are morally repugnant but also because strategically they have never accomplished anything the tangibly approaches any kind of victory. They simply don't work better than other styles of low tech attack, but continue to be used against combatants and noncombatants alike simply because they have been glorified.

They give vague non specific statements... while others Imams issue fatwas supporting the acts... These Imams should be addressed publicly. What good is solidarity in the faith if it means allying ourself with the reprehensible? Put ones future in God's hands in a legal and moral act of resistance that targets enemy combatants is wholly different than taking ones own life.

Yet the fatwas on islamonline.net and many other Islamic sites not only display fatwas support the acts, but also justify their use because of a misinterpretation of a Quranic Verse that authorizes war against those who war against you... They claim that if "they kill or children that we may kill theirs!" Where is the prophetic example for that

Islam is the religion of salam so we should be peaceful in our entire manner with general mankind. That is what i want to say.


its very pathetic that the people that are always killed in this heinous act are innocent people may the Almigthy repose their soul.its is also pertinent to know the root of the matter.but i am very sure that islam has never endorse it on innnocent people

RasoolAllah (pbuh) allowed one his sahabi to go inside an enemy Fort to open the main gate; so Muslim Army can get into the Fort.( I do not know the authenticity of this Hadith, please help me out and Allah SWT forgive me). Was it suicide?Martyrdom mission?

In 1965 war between India Pakistan, lots of Pakistani soldiers fastened explosive in their bodies and jumped under Indian Tanks to holt Indian aggession. Was it suicide or martyrdom?


Much as I abhor terrorism,I want the western world to redefine terrorism,and Is israel a terrorist country?what can we say of America that buldozes her way into a sovereign state and overthrow the legimate Government and then replace it with her own stooge.Clear examples are Iraq and Afghanistan.Is America not actually the first Class terrorist Nation of the World.I want state categorically here that there is no place that prophet endorses suicide bombing,but I want to believe that these bombers are forced to commit this act.

I'm very grateful for this excellent clarification. I did not realize how careful one must be in quoting hadith.

No hadith can supercede or contradict what is in the Qur'an. Hadith is an example of how the Prophet applied Islam to his own culture, and we may use it as a guide in applying Islam to ours. There is no example anywhere in Qur'an that suicide is allowed for any reason. If suicide were allowed, it would be mentioned in Qur'an. I understand desperate feelings by disenfranchsed people, but suicide and the killing of people who may even be Muslim is the way to hell. It's obvious, because in Qur'an no individual of any persuasion can be punished or executed for anything unless evidence is given and heard and a judge makes a decision. So on that basis alone it is contradictory to kill unknown, unjudged dividuals along with yourself. Suicide bombing is not an allowable act of war either, because you cannot kill women, children, and old people in war - only individuals who actually initiate agression against you and identify themselves as your enemy. Before you can kill the "enemy" in war, you have to know who he is, otherwise it's murder. Getting "even" isn't an Islamic option and wilfully seeking death isn't either.

I wish to advise all the muslim umma to stand against ignorance by seeking more islamic knowledge;that way,they will be immune from misguided elements.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I am really sorry at what have happened in London or any other places that sucide bombers have killed so many innocent peoples.

This is not the end to the tragedy but in reality all the killing and bombing done by the West in Iraq have taken new recruite and direction for this sucide bombers.

Let it be Al-Quida or on personal grounds and reasons let stop this menace and come to a dicussion and address the issue of how the West keep on killing Muslim before the sucide bomber struct at London.

The west are doing it legally wherelse the sucide bombers are not. Just stop pretending...if the sucide bomber really trying to fight the West then go for the person responsible.....then it is justified. Let spare the innocent.



assalamu'alaikum.I never agree with suicide bombing..but in the other side we must begin to think the ways to protect our brother in the war project areas from the killing field. surely,according to rosul teaching From Qur'an and hadits. wake up brother!! save your live Don't forget to SAVE YOUR BROTHER IN ALL OVER THE WORLD.Wassalam.

asSalaam alaikum waRahmatillaahi wabarakatuh magfirotu jamaah muslim wa muslima. this is indeed a critical toe for muslim-and not for islam because islam is distinct, complete and pristine. Islam wll not change rather nuslim have to move change and adjust. Change or shift to meet the islmic standard and not change towards the happeings that are not without the hikma of Allaah. Wal akibatil mutaqin, surely the end is or the believer.This is a trial that we must overcome with patience, pain and perseveramce and of certainty it shall come to pass. The propangandist war is part of the war we have to win. May Alaah stenghten our Brothers to remain firm, focus and aided with the right steps to comment right and may Allaah accept it for them and not against them. Allaah is durely with the patient... Salaam

The explanation will certainly help clarify many doubts particularly those with fickle faiths and those ignorants.Your suggestion for comparative
studies on cross related hadiths is highly welcome.We should also be careful about our muslim bros and sisters who without fully understanding try to offer comments on matters relating to the Deen having serious implications
in the contemporary world.Wassalam

The infidels' hearts will always be closed...They will not believe anytihing you say to them about the teachings of Islam...

Americans and British public are so busy playing dice in the name of high spirit, they do not pay attention to the evil-doings of their repsective gov'ts. They basically brought the violence on themselves... I hope they wake up and stand up agianst their so called "civilized" gov'ts before its too late....


Dr. farooq brought to light a very important element in the study of the religious text.Cross referencing is an important part of research and good understanding, while at hte same time it has been ignored the most.Good work,Dr. Farooq

I'm extremely alarmed that the people who are
leading these unspeakable misrepresentations are formers muslims, the prophet peace be upon whose
greatness is even known by many non-muslims. we have enough battles without these former muslims to deal with and I'm very much thankful to allah that we have such great people who are defending islam and standing up for the whole truth. keep up the great work and allah is always with those who stand for the truth.
peace in the muslim nations.

ASSALAMUN AILAIKUM.I once again thank you so much for the good work you are doing.My problem is that Is there any attacks ever made by the other relegiuos grou? Please if yes let me know because the way the World is trying to paint a particular group black is bad. I can recall the bombing of Mark Bay.
Please respond to me as soon as possible.
I want to caunter a challenge

I agree that the information you provided is appropraite and we as Muslims need to know our religion well. However we must also understand that there are detractors who no matter what will undertake misinformtion and distortion of truths against Islam. my concern is that there was the Red Brigade, Biddermind, IRA and other terrorists groups before Al-Quida, but these were never labeled "Christian or another religion". So why is Al-Quida assocaited with Islam?. Members of those terror groups belong to other religions, but they never associated with the religion.

It is we who require knowledge (ILM) from the REVELATION (TANZEEL) of AL-QURAN, we need its injunctions (AHKAAM) and guidance & criterion (HIDAYAH WAL-FURQAAN) and wisdom (HIKMAT) in order to be correct in our concept of life, the Universe and its Creator. Just to achieve our happiness and welfare both in this world and in the Hereafter.
Surah Al-i'Imran: Ayah 104
Yusuf Ali Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity.
Pickthall And there may spring from you a nation who invite to goodness, and enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency. Such are they who are successful.
Transliteration Waltakum minkum ummatuy yad'u_na ilal khairi wa ya'muru_na bil ma'ru_fi wa yanhauna 'anil munkar(i), wa ula_'ika humul muflihu_n(a).

ISLAM, means surrendering one's whole self to Allah, freeing oneself from polytheism and complete submission to the orders and instructions of Allah.
International Life: Man has a common origin, human status and aim. Other people's interests and right to life, honour and property are respected as long as the right of Muslim are in tact. Transgression is forbidden. War is only justified if the state security is endangered. During war, destruction of crops, animals and homes, killing non-fighting women, children and aged people are forbidden.
Islam has never ever endorsed and will never ever endorse in any such violence against humanity and the holy QURAN.
Beware: A Munafiq or hypocrite is more dangerous and worse than a kafir or Musrik. Some imposters stated under oath that they are believers to infiltrate the "Deen-i Islam" with the aim to harm honest Muslims and doing mischief on earth, the Glorious Quran has already warned us.

May Allah Guide us on the right path.


Very well written and based on useful Knowledge posessed by Dr M. Farooq. In this era of confusion and adversity, it reminds me as fellow muslims that we have to equip ourselves with true knowledge for the benefits of all.

I thank Islamicity and Dr. Farooq for digging this article and reflecting the true point of Islam regarding Suicide Bombings. Youth especially in the age gap of about 18 to 25 years read such ahadith without the guidance of true Islamic Scholars and get misguided easily. I am trying to spread this article to one and all I know.
May Allah SWT bless the Muslim Ummah with true understanding of Islam and especially the word of Jihad -> Allahumma Ameen. One must read the post regarding how other fellow muslims will suffer for an irresponsible, undue behaviour of these suicide bombers. http://smdahmed.motime.com/post/473504 .

Ya Allah ! bless us, protect us and have mercy on us -> Allahumma Ameen.

Realy am so touched by the way these muslims use these hadith as an excuse for there inhuman deeds,i wish all muslim brothers and sisters would read this article and understand it and forward the same to the rest,who realy care for islam as a whole so that we can all understand it and not kill our selves in the name of Islam,as in my Country its not an islamic republic but all i can say we are the peaceful,decent and respectable people and we are proud of it.thank you very much Dr.Mohammad Omar Farooq

100% agree

I dont know from where to start..all the happenings through out the world in the name of ISLAM is quite disturbing.Instead of fighting in the name of JEHAAD and reflecting ISLAM in the wrong perspective,why dont these people do JEHAAD with their own NAFS instead of taking their own precious life in the name of ISLAM and killing INNOCENT CIVILIANS.If u want to fight, then fight against your own self. Take out the hatred from ur own self, heart and mind. And spread peace, love and prosperity. When u cannot mend a broken heart,what right do these people have to take precious, innocent lives.Islam teaches us LOVE and SABR,and where are we going in the name of JEHAAD killing innocent people.The biggest reason why our people are backward in every field is due to lack of proper knowledge of QURAAN and HADEES.Spread love instead of hatred,save life instead of killing,this is the true jehaad in Islam to spread smiles to all the mankind.Suicide Bombing is not the solution.Instead try to come up over ur own insecurities and your own inferiority.Then see how this world will welcome u with an open heart and mind.Come up over ur fears and do JEHAAD OVER UR NAFS and see how beautiful the LIFE is.GOD has created this world and all the manking with utmost care and love..FOR GOD SAKE DONT DESTROY HIS BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS..FOR GODS SAKE ENOUGH....IS ENOUGH THIS BLOODSHED.A common man needs PEACE...PEACE AND ONLY PEACE......MAY GOD BLESS US WITH PEACE AND PROSPERITY.

I 100% agree with Dr.Mohammad Omar Farooq, those people claming to be Muslim must be remained that our religion is simply PEACE and not Terror or Suicide Bombing, no reason must be given to people of other faith or beleive to see Islam as related to Suicide or Terror.Allah is our hope.
I will also like to get a personal contact with Dr.Omar. Salam
Usman Kabir

Thanks for the article.I was looking for this type of article for a long time.Sometimes I feel there should be some one who is learned and knowledgeable enough to protest all these anti-Islamic propaganda and make it clear to the non- Musilms that Islam is a religion of peace.

The thing is you can argue in your way and give differenet example that suicide bombing or killing is not right, but on the other site thay have the same thing. Let us be more specific. When Iraq was fallen and USA won the war first thing Bush did is to appoint the governor and you know what that governor ( Poul vofwits ) said, "we will not allow them to make any Islamic rulling government". Now tell me in that kind of condition if people still take aside with them According to islam thay are Munafiqe and as far as i know to fight against munafiqe and any one who is trying to stop the way of allah is permitted. What here i am trying to say is when there was a war Arabs against Israel, there are so many brave examples we read "that a soldier strap a bom to his waste and laid under the tank and distroy the tank,what a brave soldier" than people lik you and me all say what a bravery, but since the US government is spending $5 bil. to stop JIHAD people lik you and me are effected to.

Thank you for digging up the two hadiths to clarify the subject. May Allah save those who, through sheer ignorance, give Islam a bad name; for surely it is the perfect religion for mankind. Every Muslim and non-Muslim should read Qur'an to educate himself/herself about Islam. Qur'an is loud and clear in its messages and no one has to take anyone's word for what Islam is.

i wish if v all know our deen better.
thanks dr farooq for such an informative article.

Pracising muslims, non practising muslims, lapsed muslims, now former muslims, there will be a lot of other muslims when muslims settled in other cultures begin to believe that the beginning and end of everything in life is other than Islam.

we can gave good example but how can we say we follow them

This article does not tell us where in Koran or Hadeeth, Suicide bombing is prohibited... However, I agree that hadeeth should not be quoted outside their context and we really need cross referenced hadeeth so their is less chance of misinterpretation.

Although USA & UK has killed and destroyed millions of lives of muslims and is continueing to do so but will exploding oneself up with a couple of civilians do any good to the cause of freedom? These are acts of total frustration and hopelessness and do not help muslims to get out of shackles of dictators and kings that are being supported by the west.

Just a reminder: hoplessness is totally discouraged in Islam, stong believers are always hopeful for the help of Allah.

RL KURTZ, you figured it out, didn't you? This stripe that stripe, criticizing the ulamah and praising the house of Osmali? Are you serious? No wonder Kemal Ataturk could sell you for peanuts to the West. My profound respect for those Turkish people that are Muslims and followers of the Sunah, but for you I have none. I have no respect for all those puppet "Ghazis" that wage war with their own selves in the bathtubs and call it jihad! You have no idea what Islam stands for, I had not one Islamic message from your comment which is ignorant and arogant like any comment coming from any non-Muslim American that knows something about Muslims. You warn??? "But a warning. In America, where I live, unlike many other places, I am as a Ghazi, always on the edge. It is necessary to understand thos among my countrymen, in their diverse motives and understandings. If not, American is so strong and determined, I shudder to thing what her anger may bring." You see, here is where I caught you. Be known to you that Muslims are the bravest people on the planet. You cannot ascare a Muslim with death. Death is what we all look forward to. Isn't death the gate into the other World? What are your believes, man? What is this bulsh? "American is so strong and determined, I shudder to thing what her anger may bring." So thought the dogs of the Roman Empire, that nothing and nobody could stand in front of the Roman might. And who brought down this invincible might? Some nomadic Mongol shepards from the steppes as Central Asia, in other words, THE BARBARIANS! So is the wisdom of Allah, He gives plentifully to some and bereaves the others, as a test. Since, "From God we came and to Him we return", it doesn't really matter who holds the aces for this intermission, what really matters is, who will rejoice amid the maltitudes of lamenting souls on the Day of Reckoning. You can shove your warning in your tight place, hidden from the public eye and continue your bathtubs battles with yourself.

Masha'Allah, Dr. Farooq, in this article, confronts ambiguity and those confused individuals right on the spot. Of course there are those that will never be guided due to their diseased hearts! it is a blessing to have people such as dr. F bring light forth to those of us in the dark.

We need more such artiles to actually convince every misguided "muslim" that killing innocent people is againt the very essence of Islam.keep them comming, quote more stuff and use media to project the true image of islam. bombings in london killed innocent londeners and thats wrong, un-islamic, inhumane and plain pathetic--those people may have wrongly thought they were carrying their acts on behalf of muslims, but such acts not only bismurge the image of islam but it also makes things tough for the muslims living in the west.
Khurram Bilal Tariq.

ROD said:
Pray for the misinformed.

''..And he said to the king: You cannot kill me until you do what I ask you to do. And he said: What is that? He said: You should gather people in a plain and hang me by the trunk (of a tree). Then take hold of an arrow from the quiver and say: In the name of Allah, the Lord of the worlds; then shoot an arrow and if you do that then you would be able to kill me. The king called the people in an open plain and tied the boy to the trunk of a tree, then he took hold of an arrow from his quiver and then placed the arrow in the bow and then said: In the Name of Allah, the Lord of the young boy. He then shot an arrow and it pierced his temple. He (the boy) placed his hands upon the temple where the arrow had pierced him and he died and the people said: We affirm our faith in the Lord of this young man, ... The courtiers came to the king and it was said to him: Do you see that Allah has actually done what you aimed at averting? They (the people) have affirmed their faith in the Lord. The king commanded ditches to be dug at certain points in the path. When these ditches were dug and the fire was lit in them, it was said (to the people): He who would not turn back from his (the boy's) religion would be thrown in the fire or it would be said to them to jump in it...'' (http://uofs.muslimstudents.ca/the%20boy%20and%20the%20king.htm)

I think that is one of the daleels the scholars use to support thier fatwa. The young man instructed the king, because the king couldnt kill him. He did this because there was a large gathering of people who were later guided.

The author shoulds have exercised his time and energy denouncing what happend in london as evil acts committed by Blair and friends targeting civilains, and not the tactic.


I think these men have never been Muslims, that they are changing hadith to fit there needs is wrong. do they no realize Quran COme first there before hadidth and that Allah comdemmeds such Lost Of life.THey are Presenting a Contridiction that will not fit the bill.MAy Allah Guide these people to the Right Way.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

As malcolm X said:"The chickens have come home to roost".

Theseis a war within Islam. Once part of our faith had decided it was their responsibilities as MEN to defend not only the Faith but their own manhood. It is, for some, a question of respect of self, of our ancient and enternal culture, and the inability or unwillingness to compromise.

However as Newton proved, for every action, there is a reaction. When the Twin Towers went down on 9/11, it was pretty obvious that millions of Muslims were going to die. Such is the Will of Allah. He chastizes for sin, and for weakness, and for backwardness.

Sadly, and to some extent-but only some extent-Muslims of whatever stripe are now seem by ordinary people-even believers-not as the followers of the tolerant religion of Mohammed (may blessings be upon him)but was zealots who, frustrated with their own culture and beliefs, seek to import radical ideologies from the West. We must be careful, in our anger, not to lose who were are. If you look at the last 550 years of the Caliphate of the Sultans of the House of Osmali, it is possible to establish diverse, well-functioning societies built on Muslim legal, moral and ethical principles with no help at all from Western, foreign, imported extremist ideologies.

So, today, among us, there is a civil war brewing for the hearts and minds of the faithful. Inside the ulema, some stand for regression, some stand for stagnation, some stand for progress and moderation and some stand for war. After all, with more than a billion believers, it is not surprising that differences exist. Each individual must make up his or her own mind and act.

But a warning. In America, where I live, unlike many other places, I am as a Ghazi, always on the edge. It is necessary to understand thos among my countrymen, in their diverse motives and understandings. If not, American is so strong and determined, I shudder to thing what her anger may bring.

Regarding the police execution of the Asian in the London tube, someone please explain to me how can a man who is lying on the floor, his hands and feet pinned by 4 burly officers sitting on him pose a threat to the extent that he had to be held down while the 5th officer shot him 5 times in the head? I don't understand. If he was a terrorist would he not be of far greater use alive than dead. If the officers feared for their lives how in the world did they think they would have been safer sitting on him? Wouldn't he have blown them all away if he had a bomb? Or did the officers think that their combined mass atop the poor wretch would somehow muffle the blast? Also with his hands and feet pinned did they shoot him because they feared he would still manage to set off the alleged bomb which of course, he did not have? I suppose he had a third hand then? or maybe a fourth? Perhaps he was a Martian from Mars. I still don't understand this execution. They say he was wearing a winter jacket in summer! Note to all foreigners. Dress appropriately while in London. Your life may depend on your choice of clothes. Sounds like the London police are taking notes from their wild cousins the Americans (remember the Muslim fellow Amadou Bailo Diallo shot 41 times by New York police for flasing a black wallet on 2-25-2000), while the Americans in turn were well trained by the Israeli IDF. Their motto, Kill first innocent or not. Just know you are killing a Muslim. They don't matter. They are not human. Why do the English wish to be like the loonie Americans ? Why?

Really, Gobnait? What makes you believe that they would listen to us more than to anybody else? Did the IRA listen to the pope? Or did the pope encourage them? I would say, still the bloodiest terrorists attacks on British were the Irish with much greater a toll. Why then this hysteria toward Muslim fanatics? And why collectively attacking the Muslims and defaming their Holy book? It is because you western punks declared war on Islam and you use everything and enything a Muslim would err as fuel to your hatred and witch-hunt against any Muslim. Is the IRA religiously motivated? Are the so called Islamic terrorists religiously motivated? The answer is no for both cases. It is political and a result of western agression in the Middle East, namely the New colony called Israel and the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq with all the atrocities that you performed there. Don't you follow the news, dude? Oh, I forgot, you follow only what suits you and what fuels your Islamophobia. On the news the British Police said that the fight with these terrorists is a long one, estimated to 20 years. Do the British really think that they can deal with the terrorists in a generation? They are wrong, more and more will come about, as the Western agression continues and the killing of innocent Muslims and their humiliation is exacerbated there will be more reasons and motivations for the parties involved to create suicide bombers. The single sure solution is total extermination, Hitler taught you the basics, but you brought it to the next level, nuclear anihilation. You could use both, concentration camps for Muslims in your lands and nuke the Muslim lands to complete populace depletion. Thus you will be great and history will remember you for ever and aye as the greatest killers of the world! That is what you are anyway, only fear of retaliation from your own sons keep you back from unleashing the monster in yourselves.
Peace out!

I am very disturbed by the recent episodes of violence abroad. I think our Muslim Brothers (suicide bombers) are confused in the interpretations they make or receive about the teachings of our Prophet. My highest concern is the damage they are causing with their actions.
Our religion was already in bad shape in the eyes of the rest of the world...soon...we would not be able to come out to the world as what we are. Muslims will have to hide? maybe not if some scholars seriously condemn these actions. I agree with the writer that ignorance is a MAJOR problem within our community I HAVE BEEN A VICTIM of IGNORANCE in my Jmmah.Please do something, have someone raise the voice with the true about Islam before is too late.
Concerned in Florida

I understand the point the writer here is trying to relay. So may Allah bring clarity to what I am about to write.

There is an old Christian saying "Don't preach to the choir". Preach to the occupiers. Preach to those who take away freedom and want other to live subservient.

Freedom is an over rated commodity to some but let me assure you it is highly prized to most and yes yes it is worth dying for. Let me also assure you there is nothing romantic about committing suicide. The romance (as there may be) is embedded within that strong desire for freedom.

Patrick Henry felt it when he said, "Give me Liberty or give me Death". John Brown felt it when he, a white man, led a group of 21 men 5 Africans and 16 Whites to launch an attack on Hapers Ferry, Virginia.

Both men died. Both new they might be killed but the call of freedom was too strong for inaction. Because of our actions life reveals a seemingly ambiguous contradictory way of being.

A person who voluntarily goes to the battlefield is completely aware he might be killed.

Therefore, any wound he encounters as a result of his decision is self-inflected-therefore suicide if he is killed. The act of war is not a prerequisite for nothing but death. Once you decide upon that course of action and are killed---it is suicide.

So instead of attempting to explain away suicide bombing we should focus on the logic and reason which drives a person to such a desperate act.

The principal sources of Islamic law are the Qur'an and authentic collections of AHadith. and no. 1 among the two is the former, so if Allah categorically condemn one killing himself or for that matter another human, why should an AUTHENTIC hadith go contrary to that? This is the question all those will be suiciders ponder when recieving fake fatwas (using un-uthenticated hadith) from their Mullahs.

The Prophet said amongst others in his famous ahadith recorded by Annawawi..Verily what is Halal(allowed) is clear and What is Haram is clear....

Therefore brothers and sisters let us stick to those things that even our innerconciousness knows is good and emphasised on these all of the time so that we have that endless bliss with Allah. With suicides certainly this is unattainable.