Islam means surrender - to God, not to violence!

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There is a crisis within my world, my global Islamic family. There are over one billion Muslims throughout the world, a good size for any family, and I have always felt that, by and large, we are a moral and upright group. We live our lives, try to do good, give alms, pray, work, live and let live.

There is also a crisis in my immediate family, the land of peace, liberty and justice where I chose to make my home, the USA. But I will leave that discussion for another time.

In my Islamic family, we all know that we have more than our share of bad apples. The bad apples, rotten to the core, have been insidiously taking center stage, spreading their disease. At first it seemed that the preaching of intolerance and hate was uncommon, and that the audience knew better than to let the words take hold. No longer - The incidence throughout the world of such sermons has increased, largely heeded by the unthinking masses that are searching for a scapegoat, an explanation for all of their woes. It is unimaginable to any rational Muslim that the cancer is still spreading, that new recruits can be found, in spite of the obvious chaos, destruction and heart break that we have seen as a result. 

Oh, I know the arguments. I know the theories that this cancer is fueled by a wish for revenge for all the atrocities that Muslims have had to suffer from Kashmir to Palestine and from Iraq to Chechnya. I know the theories of how this violence is worsened by crimes against Muslims by the occupying powers.

Without going into the historical aspects of who did what, there is no justification for the violence that is being perpetuated in the name of Islam. 

God has given us the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and we have "surrendered to the will of God". We have clear guidance that has been provided to us by God in the Quran and the example of the life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. We should know better than to surrender to evil, to think that we can win any situation, large or small, by becoming more treacherous, more violent, less thinking and less human. 

The blame is only against those who oppress men and wrong-doing and insolently transgress beyond bounds through the land, defying right and justice: for such there will be a penalty grievous. But indeed if any show patience and forgive, that would truly be an exercise of courageous will and resolution in the conduct of affairs. (Quran 42:42-43)

I admit that growing up as a young Arab, I had only sympathy for the Palestinians, fighting to free their land from occupation. But what can I say now? What can you say to the suicide recruiters who send children to certain death, planning to take the lives of Israeli children also? How is there is a "fatwa" or religious ruling that states that this is martyrdom, without there being a hundred fatwas that say the truth? Where are the masses reminding the recruiters that God has clearly told us that one should never willfully kill another unless in self defense, and one should never willfully kill oneself.

It is not helpful to get into the discussion of who started the war, because this is where we are now. Those who have transgressed bounds of humanity are tarnishing the people truly fighting for liberty and justice. They can no longer claim to be better than their enemy. They are not following God's most basic command; thou shall NOT kill. They have violated every rule of Jihad. How can they hope to achieve anything?

I grew up hearing about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, cheering as the Mujahedeen bravely defended their land from the Russians. I believe that the Chechens are trying to do the same, they are freedom fighters, fighting a Russian occupation. But how do I support them now? The bad apples from among them are responsible for the death of hundreds of people, mostly children - How can they be looked upon except as murderers? How inhuman do you have to be to reach that level of cruelty? How can they profess to believe in God at all when they have so flagrantly violated His commands? 

My stomach turns every time I think of the beheadings in Iraq. How can anyone do such butchery in the name of God?

All people have the right to defend their life, honor and their country, but one does not profess to be fighting in the name of God, and then commit unspeakable crimes shouting " Allahu Akbar".

I can understand anger, frustration and revenge but these are not elements of our Islamic faith. What did Ali ibn abi Talib (may God be pleased with him) do when his enemy, who was under his sword spit on him? He left him alone saying that if he had killed him at that time he would have abandoned the noble objective of fighting to defend Islam and would have surrendered to his anger. 

How long will it be before my children are killed because of a hate attack at the bus terminal, at the airport or at the school?

What will it take to make my entire global family realize that it is up to us to uphold truth and justice?

O ye who believe! stand out firmly for God, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear God. For God is well-acquainted with all that ye do. (Quran 5:8)

It is our Jihad to speak the truth, no matter how painful it may be to admit that our beautiful religion of Islam is being used by a few for their own convoluted reasons. We cannot sit back and let others distort our faith from within , nor let others from outside malign and attack Islam based on these distortions.

Muslims of the world, we must unite in our faith, the beautiful teachings of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them all. We must live the teachings of tolerance and peace, of loving your neighbor and giving to the poor, of hard work and worship, thanking God for all that he has blessed us with and be a voice for peace and justice. We must follow God's command to "tanhoun an- almunkar" to denounce evil wherever we find it, starting with what we know to exist within our own family. We must remember God's words that to forgive is better than to take revenge. We must comply with the true meaning of "Islam", and surrender to God, not to violence and hate.

Dr. Sarah Badran is a physician based in Los Angeles, California.

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Life & Society
  Topics: Allah, Family, Islam, Violence  Values: Justice
Views: 14478

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Older Comments:
well done, I am sure large majority of muslims feel the same way, we need more such articles
specially when some thugs try to hijack our great religion

Well, Singh, many of the religions you mentioned procedd the revelations sent to Muhammad,pbuh, but Sikhism is not one of them. Anyway, let me put it to you this way: What is Islam? Islam is everything we perceive, all religions you mentioned are Islam. Then you may ask, "why the difference?" Simply, you screwed up! Islam is the way of the creator of the worlds. Islam came to the Hindus valley and people accepted it. Then they corrupted it to suit their priorities that were not those of serving God. That's the reason God sent messengers after messengers with the same exact message in another context with different practices as He saw it fit, and He is the wisest of the wise! If Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity would have kept to the original revelation from the Almighty, there wouldn't have been a nedd for Muhammad,pbuh, to come, now would it? That Hinduism and the rest are not mentioned in the Quran? Says who? Singh? Are you a scholar versatile in Quranic meaning and ahadith? I'm telling you, everything is mentioned in the Quran a man needs to know to properly worship his Lord! What else matters? Quran is neither a history nor a political manual, dah! It was sent to Arabia with a straight message, God is living and mindful of mankind's doings having all the instruction in it to be able to choose life over death. Since the people in Arabia were Arabs most probably they wouldn't have directly understand the mandras of Kama Sutra, so why on earth would have God torment the Arabs with something such unprofitable like this? Rather God taught the Arabs His laws and assigned to them the task to spread the message to the world, since the message although sent to the Arabs was not theirs. Was God's directed to mankind and thus universal. Did you get that, brother?

We all have a choice. Sana says "The people u are criticizing are wrong in suicide bombing and beheading innocent hostages, but they have no other choice. " Every human being always has a choice. Why choose death, suicide, homicide, and slaughtering children? Full props to the author for calling out the ummah on the madness and obsession with wanton slaughter.


Thank You x

As Salaam Alaikum:

There are no or lack of Religious scholars in our time, who possess true religious insight and wisdom from Allah (swt). Prophet Muhammad said this in a famous hadith " Among the sign of the hour is the death of religious scholars, lack of tru religious scholars' and no direction for a dynamic religion of Islam since as we know scholars are heirs to the Messenfers of God, but if there are none, than how can the religion and its people progress, therefore the start Fitnah (of critisizing one another, argumnents, differences (minor), and Fitnah (confusion, trials and tribulations), diseases...But we should know these are the times when we can benefit tremendously since Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, that during times of Fitnah, 1/10th of your Islam will be enough for a this should motivate us to do better since we know we are blessed to be here

PAULO said:
Salam wa aleikum.
Islam will be always peace and love. Love GOD, love life, our family, our friends.
The theories about revenge, can be a good reason, but behind terror there isn't religion, but free violence, drugs and weapons traffic, and political interests. Using the words of GOD to seduce weak Men and show to him a different way of what GOD want for us.

Simply, its very easy to criticize ppl who are killing other people. The people u are criticizing are wrong in suicide bombing and beheading innocent hostages, but they have no other choice. The main thing is what are u urself doing? U are free to do as you please, did u do anything baout the suffering muslims? God says, u should fight for ur rights and not stand unjustices, even raising your voice against injustice is jihad. Ur not supposed to say what the people in phalistine and iraq defending are doing is wrong, until you have done something where by they no longer have to do what they are doing!

Your muslim sister,

I liked the words of this article, but where did the passioned discussion in the 'comments' section,involving Charles Jacks and Hudd, get its start? Is it connected at all to this article? I am interested in what others have to say about what we're reading, but would like to know what they have to say about the article in question.

Dear Hudd, hello again. Hope you are well!

I have one further question: Quran and hadiths quite evidently gointo a detail about Jews/Christians etc and lifestyle of the middle east but are completely silent on:
1) Buddhism (world 4th Largest Religion; aprox 600 million);
2) Hindus (world 3rd largest religion; aprox 800 million); and
3) Sikhs (worlds 5th Largest religion;aprox 30 million);
4)Jains and Parsis etc

Buddhism and Hindus obvioulsy pre date Islam and thus comment and exposition on them is missing in Quran? Why?
Jains and Parsis also pre date Islam; yet do not find any mention in Quran? Why?
Geeta the holy bookof Hindus predates any religious text yet finds no mention; Why?

Can I himbly suggest the religions are regional and donot reflect all of human kind. All religiuous books reflect the rehion that they belong too and nothing more thus a coplete religious book by definition has not been yet written.

Please do not take offence. It is a discussion?

My apologies in advance if some peoiple feel offended. I am learning to be a religious scholar thus the questions

Charles Jacks, what you are saying is nice philosophy to ponder over a cup of tea in a free and prosperous country. I do that often, I can afford, billions can't, and in this stands the global human tragedy. However I don't dig you to the end, what on earth do you mean by:"The people of Islam should not also develop the victim complex. They should recognize the structure of what God has created and realize what some of the side effects may be by taking the long view. Then maybe you can understand, in part, Jewish neighbors." Are you serious, Charley? So, the Palestinians are not victims? Let me guess, they are terrorists! The structure what God created was overthrown(by His leave) by Zionists with the help of the neo-colonialists! Is this concept too complicated for you to comprehend? Understand in part Jewish neighbours? Where? In US or Canada? We Muslims have no problems with our Jewish neighbours in Canada and I guess US as well! Or were you talking about the Israelis? Well, who made the Israelis our neighbours? Did we welcome their invasion and mass murder for their land cleaning purposes? They are not our neighbours. They are our tyrants, our oppressors our killers! I get you, let the Muslims not develop the victim complex, that's a Jewish right only, the Palestinians are to forgive everything the Zionists did to them and be ready to become Israeli subjected and tolerated aliens in their own ancestral homeland. Are you insane? You sicken me with your biases and insensitivity to the human sufferings. You undersdand suffering only if it comes from a Jew or a Christian? Do you consider yourself righteous? Are you afraid of God? I guess not.
Peace out!

Consider the length of the extreme persons life. 100 years would be a long life for anyone but it is but a wink to the age of the earth, 3 or 4 billion years. And the age of the earth is but a small part of the age of this universe. 17,000,000,000 years. Now consider an age of years represented by a one with a billion zeros behind it. If you wrote a zero every second 24,/7 for the rest of your life you would not be able to write such a number. We think of infinity (For Aye) only by thinking of the finite (start finite and add finite and the result is still always finite) For Aye is a very long time in which to go astray. Those that will not display the practice of error checking and correcting (ECC) behavior would eventually turn heaven into hell. Those men on heights that know not their end state have much to worry over. God takes the long view even if we have difficulty seeing past the moment of hurt or loss.

We can not argue with God as to why the devil exists until judgment day, we are only to practice ECC behavior, the devil giving us plenty of practice. Those that have not the mental intelligence to defeat the devil (and frankly who does in all cases) can be used against the people of monotheism and it has been that way since the beginning. The Jews have developed a victim complex as a result. And it has led them to discount the rights of their own victims when it comes to Israel. And like the devil, Israel has a place in God's plan for the end times. While we are as unlikely to kill off Israel as we are to kill off the devil that does not mean we are to give in to either. If you allow yourself to become evil to fight evil you have failed.

The people of Islam should not also develop the victim complex. They should recognize the structure of what God has created and realize what some of the side effects may be by taking the long view. Then maybe you can understand, in part, Jewish neighbors.
Live long (for aye) and prosper. Fight the good fight

well said zinnedine. ameen, ya rab al alameen.

Salaamu alaikum,

brother Hudd, I do admire you & our Palestinians brothers & sisters for their outstanding Intifada against the servants of King Bulan of Kazaria. The Palestianians form a very heroic nation. The Kasar non semite Zionists days are numbered brother Hudd & Allah will bring justice thru his wrath upon them insha Allah.

I accept all you say but do not attribute hatred to me. Such a word has been expunged from my vocabulary ever since I was a child - i am 54 year old and very content to have made that decision as a child.
Hudd can defend himslef, but I never saw anywhere he says that he hates jews collectively, or at least I have not seen that.

I do understand that hatred is a toxic emotion and that there are good amongst all people. yet it apprears that many Jews are taught to be attached to the State of Israel come what may and you rightly pointed out they still cling on to victimhood even after exacting heavy retribution from the guilty Europeans.

In a poll more than 70 % of Israelis accepted deporting palestinians to Jordan. Perhap we should be thankful that 20 odd% of them either did not know or did not agree. that says something about their psyche, yet I do communicate with many of them. They are a complex people with majority selling their souls to Zionism sadly. Yet there are those who want peace and work for Palestinains to get justice, yet they are the very minority and that is where we see Sharon and his ilk carrying on their atrocities for if those peaceful Jews were indeed the majority he would never be able to carry out his ill-gotten plan of ethnic cleansing. pls visit for more on this subject.

Violence indeed begets violence and there is always the balance in nature as in yin and yang. Being a Muslim is not a guarantee against anger and revenge. it is human nature to connive when confroned by the powerful to exact revenge. I do not condone it but likewise I do not attack it. In fact we should attack the aggressor for creating the revenge environment in the first place.
It takes a sage to understand true Islam yet Allah has allowed us to fight in defence with certain rules and not harming the innocent is one of those rules.
Enough said.


I was not calling "a" cancer or "the" cancer, but I was addressing you with the name that you have given in your posted comments.

Furthermore, I am not interested in personal attacks either, I was responding to one of your previous comments. I agree that unless something is presented in the Koran we (as humans) cannot 100% say something is haram or halal, however, I think that you will agree with me that 1) suicide is haram and 2) killing others is haram (both as presented in the Koran) and hence the conclusion that suicide bombings are haram - you follow my logic. Again, you are right, this is my take on it.

Regarding Islamin Extremism, I believe that it DOES exist. The muslims who measure their faith by the length of their beards or jilbabs and spew self-righteous verdicts left and right about what is or not Islamic are totally extremist in their views. Unfortunately, Islam has gotten mixed up in their heads with their CULTURES. The predominantly muslim countries are patriarchal societies and there are so many things in them that put women down. Islam came along and CHANGED all of that and the Islamic Ummah was the most beautiful thing at the time of the Prophet (PBUH) - no more killing of girls and selling of women etc etc.

Islamic socities today have intermiixed their culture with Islam and the IGNORANT MUSLIMS are unable to differentiate between what is true Islam and what is simply a CULTURAL thing.

Extremism, is I think, a very relevant and valid term and is very applicable to all the Sheikhs who promote the killing of innocent civilians. It doesn't even make any sense! Why kill civilians?? Just because they are an EASIER target does not make it an APPROPRIATE target.

I agree that the implementation of sharia would be a wonderful thing - but not by extremists (who seem to have the worldwide podium at this stime). They would implement stonings and beheadings and floggings BEFORE implementing CHARITY.

Asgher, as you said in your comment - let us pray for God's mercy in that we are not tested as harshly, but THAT IS JUST MY POINT.

You either pass or fail the test by holding onto your faith or GIVING in to the anger - and nobody said it was easy to do the former and refrain from the latter -that's why it's a TEST.

My point of contention with Hudd is that any voice that speaks out against violence or extremism is silenced and accused of cowardice! And he uses his tragic story to make a point. What point? Are the CHILDREN being blown up in Isreal the ones who killed his family?

To want REPARATION and JUSTICE is perfectly normal and may God grant him that one day, but he and others like him must stay FOCUSED and not give in to the hatred. We all know how easy THAT is! We can't hate ALL the JEWS because of what the ISRAELIS are doing. What about the Jews who support the Palestinian cause. You should not hate blindly, if you must, then make sure the hatred is being ACCURATELY directly at the ACTUAL perpetrators.

Again, my point of contention with Hudd was his use of his story to "stop" people from having an adult, honest, open discussion - "Just feel sorry for me and lets all hate all the bad Jews together!" It's SHAMEFUL and that's why one is not surprised when the JEWS do it. We claim to be so much better than them, but in the end we are all the same and we all give in to our gut reactions (Jew or Muslim eh?)

As for your question, one is NEVER prevented from defending ones honor. When the IDF comes crashing into your home - attack THEM with a kitchen knife if you must, stand in their way and get run over, plan a counter attack on the military base responsible, but don't get a 12 year old kid to strap on a bomb and blow himself up around a dozen more teenagers! Point made?

In the name of Allah most greacious most mercyfull. It is a shame to hear muslim calling other musilm murderers, especial the Mujahedeen.
IF it was the intention of the Mujahedeen to kill
those children in Russia, they would have done so immediatly after taking them hostage, but they didn't. So they should not be blamed and cannot be blamed. Condition makes man ware iron coast. May ALLAH The most mercyful forgive all the mujahedeens those who deid and those who are still fighting, Ameen
as muslims we were ordered to investigate matters befor running to conclusion
About the Palestinians issue:It should be noted that that this don't suppose to be a war between Palestinians and Jews but rather muslims and Jews. because every muslim is ordered to protact orther muslim and also jerusalem,
Moreover if the palestinians could get wepons from muslim nations as the jews get from America and Europe then they don't need to use suicide bombing.
As muslims it is important to know what enemy should be shown mercy and what should be fought. It is logic to forgive someone who has no knowledge of Allah, but it will be suicided to overlook the crime against muslims from people who say we hear but disobey. *They will never stop fighting you till you join their form of religion*

Dr. Dr Sarah..try ponder to this

-What do you say or do when thousands of MUSLIMS Palestinians are killed and many more daily(rituals by the the Israelis)?
-What do you say or do when US and its aggressors illegally invade Iraq and kills, or torture and rape MUSLIMS Brothers, Sisters, Childrens, Old and Young?
- What do you say or do to the normal MUSLIMS Afghans detainees tortured in Guantanamo Bay prison?
-What do you say or do to the plights of the MUSLIMS Chechens people who are killed and maimed everyday by the Russians forces?
- What do you say or do to the plight of our MUSLIMS Kashmiris?
- What do you say or do to the thousands of MUSLIMS women who are denied wearing Purdah?
- What do you say or do to the daily attacks on MUSLIMS women in non-Muslim countries i. USA, Russia?
- What do you say or do to the leaders of the so called Muslim Countries who denied their citizens right and practice dictatorship?

- Are you saying that those MUSLIM people whose family are victimized should just sit back and say.....HEY, ITS OK, WE ARE MUSLIMS. JUST TAKE IT, ITS A GIFT FROM ALLAH. THEY WILL BE PUNISHED IN HELL.

I am against violence but are we deaf and dumb to let our MUSLIMS brothers and Sisters be killed, tortured, raped and maimed by the Non-Muslims aggressors.

Well, Maybe you should not just read the Qur'an and translate it with your whims and fancies...try to get into your mind and heart.

only if there was more people like yourself shouting this out from mosques, rather then shouting out voilence and hatred !.

Dear Laila, just following up on my previous post, i suggest you read my comments more carefully for i never did say that the beheading of 400 Kurayza jews after the battle of the ditch was barbarous but as a matter of fact, an act of submission to Allah. I never mentioned anything about honour killings so i am not going to respond to that claim of yours. Obviously suicide bombings that target children, women and civilians are haram, those targeted at soldiers, police and those who help them are acceptable to leading scholars such as Yusuf al Qardawi.Finally, please show me where i said that anyone living in Israel is a legitimate target? I never mentioned that so i recommend that you read my arguments correctly and dont accuse me of things which i didnt argue or say.Just one final important piece of info. according to news reports i read from, most of these suicide bombings in Israel are committed by the zionist regime themselves on their own civilians to sway public opinion to their side and to legitimise their attacks on palestinian refugee camps. Some beheadings are definitly fake as well which was proven by some 23 yr old college student in USA who put a fake beheading on the net for funs sake and proved how easy it was to fake it. Those so-called chechen moslems who killed hundreds of children are not moslem and if you believe they are, then i have a gold watch to sell to you. Of course, those of you who get the majority of their news from CNN and BBC believe only what the zionist, freemason, capitalistic satan worshippers want you to believe.

As if we need more enlightenment,but for those who do, please visit this website and educate yourself with the atrocities that Zionism has put in place.

Also read more from the main website. it is written mostly by jewish historians - so heaven help us!

But have faith

3:54 And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of Planners is Allah.

"wa makaroo, wa makar Allah. Wa Allahu khairul makereen."

The word 'makr' when referred to humans here has conotation of deviancy, as generally it has so. that is their plan is hatched with devious intention.

What words. Such comfort for the heart. Truly we should have no fear from this lot for Allah has hatched HIS plan and HE is indeed the best of Planners.
We are so blessed to turn our face to HIM for comfort and mercy - The Sovreign, The Ever-Present, The Owner of The Seven Heavens and all that is between them, The Final Judge of The Justice Day. The day where no friend or lineage can help us, except our good deeds.

Peace be upon those who wish to receive peace and it is a choice we make.

Sister laila. i agree with you but you need to understand what it is like to be at the receiving end of such Zionist/Israeli terror.

let me paint a little picture for you. A child of upto 50 years old has never seen a normal day in his/her life. He/she has witnessed his/her father/mother being humiliated, laughed at forcefully made to undress and play donkeys.

His family home has been stolen. His orchards denuded. jewish families from European/American/Russian/African countires are occupying his ancestral home. He has no right in his own birth place. He is labelled as terrorist and has nowhere to take his grievance to be addressed. All civilian ways through courts, etc. are denied to him. His education is interrupted. His father's work is cut off. He has at least one memebr of his family killed or maimed. he knows many in similar conditions. Inshort, he has lost hope for a peaceful future.

Unless you have suffered such an ordeal, as hudd has or anyone else has - then you can not understand how YOU will behave when faced with such a dilema? Preaching is fine but eating zaqoom is another taste! I often preach similar stuff to yours but I also understand that the animal in us is aroused when our dignity is taken away from us and our loved ones are consistantly raped and pillaged. Let us pray to Allah that HE refrains from testing us in such a manner.
Today jews have got reparation for the crimes of Holocaust. they have been compensated and the holocaust industry is chugging along fine. Yet when they acknowldge what they did to palestinians and accept to pay reparation to their victims, then we can condone Plastinains likewise IF they continue their aggression agaisnt jews - before that you have no right to slander Hudd or any other victim before their rights have been restored.

Restore that right justly and you have every right to attack him if he continues to cry victimhood after that.

Dear Laila.I want to start my reply by stating that, when criticising someone, you should criticise their opinions or argument, not their character or person which you have done to me by calling me CANCER but i have no grudges, so please, next time, dont do this. First of all, you are committing one of the biggest sins of all which is deeming something haram which might not be, i repeat, MIGHT not be. Does not the Quran say "Why do you then dispute concerning that which you have no knowledge? It is Allh Who knows, and you know not" (Ali Imran 66). Who are you to go around saying that there is NO DOUBT that suicide bombings are haram?No one has the right to give a CERTAIN verdict on an issue which is grey in colour. Anyone who does so has crossed the boundary for only Allah has the right to say something is haram or halal, no one is in the position of authority to do so. Even great scholars say this is my verdict based on so and so reasons but their verdict is not to be taken as an ayah from the Quran. However, based on their knowledge and piety, their verdicts carry a lot of weight and they themselves shoulder immense responsibilities for when people act according to their verdicts, the responsibility falls on them to which they will be accounted for. In my opinion, all the brothers and sisters who agree with this article are those who dont want to face a reality so shocking and disgusting, they would rather blame the oppressed and humiliated moslems to escape their fears. These fears are some day having to fight the oppressors possibly being killed, injured, tortured and losing loved ones. When they have fears and doubts in themselves, nothing makes them more sure and happier with articles like this which is like a drug that reinforces to them that they are on the right path and those moslems who are suffering are taking the wrong path. Of course these are my opinions and generalisations but i would love to see any responses in relation to this.

Br Ahmed Asgher jazakallahu khairan. Thank you for your words of wisdom. However, the dialogue is more for those that read on the side. How could I let a deceiver like THUR flaunt his arogance before us? It's almost impossible for me not to take the challenge.

In response to Abdul-Jalil, the Dr. does not claim to have the solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict but she DOES identify what should NOT be done, in other words - DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE BOMBINGS IN THE NAME OF ISLAM!

You want to blow yourself up with a bunch of kids and you feel that will be your contribution the resistance then FINE, but don't claim the sanctity of Islam along with it!

And as for the PROOF required that these are really muslims beheading the people in Iraq. Do I smell denial in the air? Do you have ANOTHER conspiracy theory? The Christians or Jews don't need to HIDE behind Islam to kill us - they have their bombs and guns and kill us with impunity anyway, the media ALREADY thinks that Islam is a hateful, bloodthirsty religion - and we have Osama Bin Laden to thank for that, they don't need to "act" like muslims and behead a bunch of civilians - the die has already been cast. Do you also require proof that the suicide bombers in Palestine are Palestinian?!

You need to get with the program and STOP making excuses for the bloody actions of the extremists. STAND UP TO THEM AND TELL THEM TO STOP! AND TO STOP INVOKING THE NAME OF ALLAH AND ISLAM IN THEIR UNGODLY ACTIONS! That's what you need to do!

I apologize for posting so many comments, but I'm reading all the OTHER comments and have to reply to them!
Murthasir,I believe it is rather inappropriate to accuse the Dr. of "appeasing the west". If that were the case, why would she post the article on an ISLAMIC webpage where mostly muslims would read it? Obviously to address MUSLIMS. I agree with her 1000000% that there IS a canceer in Islam and it IS extremism and acting upon our anger without returning to the Koran and Hadith for comfort and guidance! Resorting to violence is OBVIOUSLY not the solution (Israel/Palestine has been going on for 50 years, the Intifadah has come and gone at least twice and ALL that is achieved are STILL more Palestinians dead than Israelis.

I guess it's easy for you to promote violence and hatred when you are not the person strapping on a bomb! And to accuse the proponet of a rational, just and calm outlook of cowardice (as you implied in your comment about the Dr.) implies a true lack of understanding of the meaning of Islam. Would you also have called Jesus (PBUH) a coward and trying to appease the Jews and Romans?

Shame on you!

First of all Thank you Dr. Sarah for such a passionate article. If I could write as eloquently as you I would have said the same. ------- As far as Br. HUDD goes .. You are one angry person. Unfortunately your attitude shows that the descendants of the Kharajites have survived.


Do you believe in personal freedom and in free speech? Especially when it does not INFRINGE upon the personal freedoms of any one person?

Why would you attack the Dr. in such a virulent manner accusing her of being a digrace to arabs and muslims? Who are you to pass such judgment anyway?

Your story of "being burried alive" and your subsequent attitude is truly reminisent of the Jews and their never-ending story of the holocaust which THEY use to excuse every barbarous crime they commit.

Rather than being understanding of the crime of genocide and showing compassion and justice to the Palestinians they wreak havoc upon them and claim that it is for their self protection. That the horrors that they (or their parents) suffered excuses the horrendous acts they do. Your claim sounds disturbingly similar - life is FULL of burdens and God does not burden one whith what he cannot withstand. The burdens that God brings our way are TESTS to see how we will react and whether or not we will SUBMIT TO ISLAM or SUBMIT TO OUR ANGER AND HATRED. You sir, are a case in point.

In reading through the comments for this story I came across this comment "No Peace without Islam". I think that is a banner the world could live under. (Though they would have to be educated as to its true meaning) But it has a subtext. "No Islam without Peace". Few non Arabic speakers realize that in the Arabic language the root to the word Peace is the same as the root to the word Islam and so the two are largely substitutable. If one deviates from that, one deviates from ones own spiritual nature.

Still, this world is not the walled garden of paradise, it is meant to test and try one's soul. Adversity that does not kill you can make you stronger and the strength of a hero is measured by the adversity overcome without loss of hope or better nature. Here in lies the test for the people of Islam and Peace.
As Jesus taught, you must love your enemy as you love yourself. Anyone can love their friend but where is the gain in that? Remember Love does not have to be surrender. While the father-son metaphor was depreciated in the spiritual realm, due to the abuse by the Tritheists, it may be useful to think about how a loving father would treat these misbehaving children of the west.

The spiritual journey is not for the arrogant, nor is it for the faint of heart. One must learn to maintain a calm nature even while being attacked to the full extent your opponent is capable. But beware that the trickiest opponent will set the situation so that, in most cases, your opponent is yourself. Either individually or in mass.

Dear Cancer,

Unfortunately, it is people like you who give the Bushites their power over us as arabs and as muslims.

There is NO DOUBT that SUICIDE bombings are HARAM. They are DOUBLY haram (if possible) if your aim is to kill children and civilians.

Granted, the argument that people similar to you make is that any Jew living in Israel is a legitimate target because of their very presence on occupied land. However, I fail to see how a toddler is to blame for the actions of his/her parents. See my point. NOW, if we want to address the fact that suicide bombers act out of DESPERATION, ANGER, HATRED, VENGENCE, that is an another story. I can see how suicide bombings are a form of RESISTANCE TO OCCUPATION, but the MANNER of this resistance negates from qualifying as JIHAD. However, as you said, best leave these matter up to the muftees, every muslim is entitled to their OPINION as to whether it is HARAM or not though, given that there are no instances of SUICIDE bombings in either the Koran or the Hadith.

I believe that the point the Dr. is trying to make is that EXTREMISM is in NOBODY's best interests.

Islam is all about moderation and in treating others how you would like to be treated and that is why Islam is such a phenomenal religion - its rules prevent us as humans from enacting our "gut" reactions. If someone kills someone close to you, you want to kill the perpetrator (similar to honor killings eh? which I hope you will agree IS NOT ISLAMIC). Giving in to our gut reactions makes us no better than the animals who perpetrate horrendous acts of barbarity and injustice upon muslims.

And FINALLY, the example that you cited of the prophet (PBUH) executing the Jews - it was because they reneged on a PACT and as you said, the Prophet (PBUH) acted in accordance with Jewish law. Now, you cite this example as a potentially barbarous act on our part (similar to beheadings or suicide bombings) HOWEVER - these Jews were POWs and not

i have no comment on this article but the exchange between Thur and Hudd aroused my passion. How typical it is to hear a zionist mouth the usual venom...

first they come from distant countries with skin that bear no resemblace to the semites. then they hatch a plan and convince their western friends to steal, rob and plunder a whole people. the guilty west readily obliges and in collboration with Nazis, the Zionists drive all the jews out of germany - since they both shared the same objective. kicking the jews out of germany. Then they pillage a land they had no right to killing its ppl. and stealing their homes.

Thur should read ben gurion or beni morris or any of his favourite zionist hisotrians but dare say he knows that already. his protocol of the elders of zion and his talmud pours the venom that he has suckled from birth, hatred is their way. they will never accept any of their atrocities againt innocent indigenous ppl of palestine.

their guide is joshua and his crazy book. he was a great murderer and all with the blessing of god.

so, my dear, waste not your beath on such ignorant arrogants. they aim to hurt and have no compassion, not even for themselves. and as you know there is a Judegement Day and these people will brought to justice in front of THE GOD of all, ALLAH swt.

Do not expect sympathy and understanding from such people. like you said if you were a jewish holocaust survival, spielberg wud have guaranteed you an oscar, yet by many people's account the number of holocause victims is exaggerated by the millions but Thur wud hate to revist history there - yet he is gallant and knowledgeable in arguing his case, like a jewish NY lawyer, whether it was 29th or 30th, to confuse the matter. that is their way. cunning yet stupid. he can fool the US tax payers to prop up his beloved israel but their time will come. and God's wrath knows no boundary, then his cunning ways will be useless.

I'm not finished yet with you, professor THUR. You said, "Now what do we want you to apologize for, all these cocked lies." Really, what lies are we talking about?
#1-Trans-Jordan did not exist before 1948, in 1946 the region was called the British Mandate of Palestine since the British conquered it with the help of the Arabs from the Ottomans. You lied. Inform yourself better on the subject, don't take the Zionist-Israeli lies as granted truth, you make a fool out of yourself.
#2-What are you suggesting, where was I born if not in Trans-Jordan, Israel? Forget it, Kaphr Qasim wasn't occupied yet when I was born, 1956/1955, it was under Jordanian autonomous administration in the region known as Trans-Jordan or Cis-Jordania. Again you lied.
#3-October 29 according to the Israeli books, maybe, but I follow other books, the Palestinian ones, period.
#4- To exactly what I bear false witness? You mean to say that my parents weren't murdered in Kaphr Qasim by the Israelis? Oh, who murdered them, the French? The British? Or they died of natural causes? 48 is the numbered you lied, you talk like one who was there! Were you? Did you kill my parents? They could be in the 48 you claimed to be killed. I do not care whether they were 48(which is a shameless lie) or 840, fact remains, my parents were killed by the Israeli invaders leaving me an orphan at a very precarious age. You have no point here.
#5-You talk about English spelling, you are a .., the language of Palestine isw not English and the alphabet is not latin. So the spelling would be: Kaf,fatha,Fa(No Pa in Arabic),Ra,dhamween;then,Qaf,fatha,Sin,kasra,Mim. OK, professor? You want the Assyrian spelling as well? You lied again through your teeths. English, is my first language, unfortunately, the Israelis took care of that that my heritage and culture to be destroyed. They succeded, with the exception of my religion, ISLAM, alhamdulillah!
#6-I didn't state that I was born in 1956, read again, ..

THUR, my Jewish counterpart, thank you that you came out of the closet. You are terribly wrong but it is part of the Zionist propaganda to undermine the Palestinians and you are doing just that. Let me rectify your gross mistakes. Trans-Jordan came into existence in 1948 with the partition of Palestine into Jewish Israel and Arab Trans-Jordan. Trans-Jordan ceised to exist when Yasser Arafat declared the state of Palestine and he became the chairman of the Palestinian controlled territories. Yes it happened on October 31, 1956, according to Palestinian sources and the date it's not so important, what's important is that it happened. On 29, 30 or 31, a massacre happened in Kafr Qasim, if you prefer the Arab spelling. Again you are wrong, Kafr Qasim is the Arabic spelling of the original Assyrian Kapr Qasim. Qasim is an Arabic name but Kafr is in fact Kapr in Assyrian and it means village. Kafr means nothing in Arabic, by phonetics association could be Kufr which means infidel. Now only a moron could believe that the Arabs gave such a name to one of their villages, The Infidel Qasim? Can you realize your ignorance THUR or not yet? The Halloween intrusion is that here in the West we celebrate Halloween on October 31, and like I said I am Canadian and this is an event happening in my country together with a bunch of other. Where I live, my Muslim brothers gave a new meaning to Halloween= Kapr/Kafr Qasim Massacre! Unfortunately, I do not know when I was born, the Israelis took care of that to make me a destitute and an orphan at less than one years old. Like I said, I was dug up from a pile of dead bodies. I didn't have a passport or a birth certificate on me. I was merely an infant. They estimated my approximative age of not less than 6 mo and not more than 18 mo. I calculte my age according to Islamic calendar, since I'm a Muslim, according to which I'd be 50+, so for simplicity I said 50. But you have to split the hair in eight, just to be true to your people.

peace from Indonesia..., We love peace and freedom under Islamic principles... no place for terrorist...

Dear Dr.I want to voice a few criticisms in relation to your article. Firstly the 'immediate family' you describe as peaceful,liberal and just is not true. The declaration of 1776 of your 'immediate family' states "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights" yet Jefferson himself had slaves as did many other 'enlightened' men. I suppose these slaves were not equal? Blacks also didnt have civil rights till the 1960's, finally who could forget the atrocities committed against the indians and the A-bomb in the 2nd world war? This list could be expanded but there is no room to list all the filth your 'immediate family' gets up to. Next is the fact that the US doesnt apply Allah's laws in their govt, in other words, they are secular. Now any person who says they are a moslem but then goes supporting man-made laws is committing 'shirk' which Allah does not forgive (Nisa 116). As to the suicide bombings, sorry to say Dr. but lets leave the fatwas to those who are very learned in Islamic law (fiqh). Arguably one of the leading authorities world wide in fiqh is Yusuf al Qardawi who doesnt rule out suicide bombings. Its easy for anyone in a developed country to throw comments and opinions around in regards to Palestine and suicide bombings but are we (those in developed countries) going through what they are going through? while we are in air conditioned buildings and have easy access to the most basic human needs, our brothers and sisters their and elsewhere dont and on top are being oppressed so shockingly that you would not be able to comprehend the severity. How do you expect moslems who are oppressed to fight back when arms, tanks, weapons etc are not being given to them? when the US provides Israel with 3 to 4 billion each year and boat loads of helicopters, tanks, ammunition etc? What about the Palestinians? what do they get? what do the Iraqis get or Chechens get?

Assalamu alaikum, I had a conversation with a brother this AM after Fajr about this very topic. Alhamdulilah, there are others who share my disgust for what is being done in the name of Islam. We have a resposibility to help our brother who is an oppressor by stopping him from his injustices.

I am for the article but opted to disagree due to space limitations.
Hudd with regard to your # 26838 comments, I am trying to reconcile your cocked facts thrown at us. At the end I am providing all sites that support my statements, first Trans-Jordon seized to exist in 1946, 10 yrs. before your alleged birth. Second Kafr Qasim massacre happened on Oct. 29 & not 31 as part of the Anglo-French -Israeli attack on Egypt. Third what is this Halloween intrusion doing here unless for the dramatic effect. Forth not all of Kafr Qasim including beasts as you stated were murdered, only 48 & that was after the curfew was pushed forward. Don't get me wrong murder is murder but bearing false witness is something else. Fifth your spelling is terrible even the word Kafr you wrote as Kapr, is that Russian this time, my only reason for doing so is your previous ridicule of those whom English appeared to be their second language; take my advise & practice writing using Microsoft Word that my help. Sixth you stated that you were born in 1956 that makes you 48 Yrs. old but you previously claimed that you are in your fifties OOPS! Seventh your name Hudd as in Bawabat-ul-Hudd, man there is no such gate in Jerusalem. Eight the gate from which Jesus entered Jerusalem is the Golden gate & where from you got this dajjal thing. Are you trying to revise history?
Golden Gate The Mercy (Golden) Gate (Bab el Rahmeh) appears in the legends of all three religions. An early Jewish tradition holds that it is through that gate that the Messiah will enter Jerusalem. According to Christian tradition, Jesus made his last entry to Jerusalem through the Mercy Gate. The Muslims refer to it as the Gate of Mercy and believe it to be the gate referred to in the Koran, through which the just will pass on the Day of Judgment.
(To be continued in alternative view)


There is no gratification in killing, unless the killer is conditioned by a mental desease. Psychologists realized that after WWI when the post war psychological trauma was made manifest through scientific research. However the war that revealed this post war trauma the best was the infamous war in Viet Nam. In other words, if you are not mentally deseased, it does not come to you naturally to kill your species. The Israelis and US were trying to make up for that impediment by brainwashing their soldiers in making them think that the enemy was subhuman or a lesser soul. The so and so anti-whatever vaccin had the purpose to induce a sort of psychosis into the US soldiers to allow their conscience to accept killing without the typical humane question,"Why?" The suicidal terrorists most probably have a psychological trauma, since it is not only un-Islamic but very un-natural for someone to terminate one's own life. Islam does not have the honour values of the Shinto religion in which redemption of lost honour can be achieved through harakiri(self disembowlment). Middle Eastern suicide bombers are psychotic people that were brought there by dire desperation and un-recoverable losses. Do they have a point? Humanely speaking, no. If you studied the bible you learnt that this kind of behaviour is pertaining to the region. Samson, the Israelite tore the columns of the Philistine tremple killing himself and hundreds of Philistines. He was called a hero, not a psychotic killer. What was he? If he was a hero, then every Palestinian and Chechen are heroes as well. We are not going to discriminate. In the Philistine temple at the time of the collapse by Samson there were women, children, and old people. If you read carefully the bible you will find that the Israelites killed the population o0f ancient Canaan indiscriminately. Still they were vindicated and absolved of any sins for their acts by the rebbis and church the same. Why?! THUR is going to explain the unexplainable.

Life is about right and wrong.

Life should not be determined by guilt by association, but sadly we have made it this way.

If you Murder life, you slaughter the essence of humanity.


I must admit I knew nothing about the Islamic faith, that is why I looked it up on the internet. Information I have read so far points to a beautiful, peaceful religion, so far removed from the media portrayal over the past few years. Great article - it is very reassuring to know that the Muslim extremists we read about in the media are not supported by "true" Muslims. Thankyou for enlightening me!!


The Cancer the Kind Doctor refers to are the so called leaders of the Muslims (Both political and Religious). The former being predominantly from the Middle and Upper socio-economic classes.

The poor have always been helpless in many ways, but what is scaring the Good Doctor is that there is a war breaking out in these upper socio-economic classes, a war that threatens to spoil their stable art loving and 'peaceful' world.

These renegade sons and daughters from the elites are very well educated, have good political connections and are unwilling to live the passive mundane lives. They have something which people their peers dont, which is a burning passion to change the injustices of the world.

These are the people who tend to get labelled as Terrorist masterminds and International terrorists. They are predominantly ALL from priviliged backgrounds.

The so called moderate religious leaders offer nothing more to the poor than suffering, the hope that they sell is all in the afterlife.
Whilst they live comfortably as so called elders in their communities. Its interesting that none of these so called religious leaders would have the physical courage or physical ability to stop an evil being committed against one of their bretheren.

Yes to forgive in Islam is an act of virtue, but in order to attain this virtue you must first be in a position of strength, not one of weakness.
Islam, unlike Paul the Liars version of Christianity explicitly believes in an Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth.

I'm sure the Good Doctor can find the verses in the Holy Quraan along with the examples set by the early Muslims to confirm this.

To forgive an oppressor is to supporting oppression, and to speak against those resisting oppression...well you do the sums.

Assalamu aleikom;
I am very grateful that we are having this discussion. I wanted to
clarify a couple of issues. I grew up in the Middle East,
witnessing the suffering of Muslims, and being 100% convinced
that all of our problems were because of the "west" and the
"infidels". I know very well the tragic consequences of zionism
and colonialism.
I absolutely understand desperation and how your baby brother
being killed can affect your goals and actions.
But I also feel that it is up to us that are now away from the war
zone to try to continue to reassess the situations, and see clearly
with guidance from the Koran and the sunna.
The suffering of my muslim brothers and sisters is unbearable to
witness and remain silent. My opinion is that by "using the policy
of their enemy" their suffering is worsening. I feel that as
muslims we should be setting examples of moral superiority and
should never stoop as low as the enemy, as we seek to free our
lands and call others to the beauty of Islam.
Even more painful than witnessing Muslim suffering is
witnessing non-muslims that are suffering at the hands of a few
Muslims. The situation of a beheading in Iraq of a non-
combatant is the same to me as if I was told that my child just
shot kids at his school.
Of course I am a Muslim before I am an Arab, and I do not
consider it a victory for us if the price for freeing our land is the
destruction of our religion.
If we focused on education and teaching tolerance, and held to
the true spirit of islam, then perhaps Allah will make us
victorious . We can not sacrifice God for land. Evil will never

As salaamu alaikum ikhwaan. I have read both sides of this argument and sympathize with both. I grew up in the US, oblivious to the rest of the world like most Americans who are just involved in this rat race. We only really turn our attention to these issues when they affect us. How many people here still deeply reflect on 9/11 or pay attention to what is really happening in Afghanistan or Iraq now?
My love for truth fostered my conversion to Islam and my distrust of the US gov't lend me to seek the roots of modern-day problems. We all know how true it is that the Muslims have been humiliated worldwide and manipulated by the West, but what do we do now? As an african-american, many of us blame the white man or the gov't for our social-economic problems. But how long can we point the finger without actively trying to change our condition? Similarly with the muslimuun, how long can we point the finger at the people who Allah warns us will try to destroy us and turn us away from our religion? As Allah says in the Qur'an, he will not change the condition of a people until they initiate change themselves. The first thing we can do is improve ourselves religiously - by becoming more committed to Allah and acquiring knowledge - not to these geopolitical struggles and destructive activities. The Companions (ra) were all brave fighters, but the were also the best of people in elm and akhlaaq.
My point is this follow the dictates and shuruut of Islam in all spheres of life - even as it regards engaging the enemy, because most of her daleel is accurate. The Prophet never let his emotions allow him to do that which is haraam.
The process of maturation of the Ummah begins with each of us bettering ourselves, then our communities. Muslims in the West - stop forsaking our bro and sis being oppressed. Stop leaving these lands for material success, WHICH IS ALSO HARAAM. Use all your abilities to help, from du'aa to money, to effort, not just on your computer or TV.

Assalamu alaikom:
I am very grateful to have this dialogue. I spent most of my life
in the middle east, and am relatively new to the US. I am a
muslim before anything else.
I have witnessed the suffering of muslims my whole life, and
have always felt that we would eventually win our freedoms,
because Allah is with he who is righteous. I know the tragic
consequences of occupation and zionism.
I feel that we are fighting a war along 2 fronts. First, there are
the "Bush crusaders", and second there are the so called "Islamic
militants". Both are seeking to destroy true Islam, and they are
fueling each other as we sit in the middle, helpless. We have the
Koran and Allah, and do not need to take either side. I have no
tolerance for the IDF actions in Palestine, but once we have
allowed ourselves on the slippery slope of allowing actions like
suicide bombings of Israeli children, how can we any longer
claim to be better than the IDF? Just because they "did it first"
does not mean that we negate our brains and be as cruel.
I may be naive, saying that as muslims we should try to retain
moral clarity. I fully understand how you can become irrational
out of desperation after seeing your baby brother killed.
But it is up to us who can still see clearly, we who are not
surrounded by dead bodies, to help our suffering brothers see
clearly that this un-islamic violence is not the answer. It is not
helping their cause, rather hurting it.
These thoughts of mine I address to fellow muslims, not to my
non-muslim neighbours. It hurt terribly to write that article, but
I feel that it is important to speak the truth, even if it makes me
and all I stand for look bad. One can not stay in denial for ever.
I pray that if we follow true Islam, Allah will make us victorious
and our lands and people will be freed. Evil never prevails.

I agree 100%. You have said almost everything I wanted to say. JazakAllah

Peace, True. Peace for all.


Thank you Muslima and Zinedine for mentioning my name. For the time it happened the story of my life was quite sort of "normal". That sort of "normalcy" turned in to banality, unlike the Jewish holocaust. When we were telling our stories, the answers were, "yeah, yeah, whatever." If an Israeli came with a half true story, it was a national mourning day for any western nation. Somebody said double standard and it is. I don't know how could I convey the feeling I have. Trying to research facts, done away with by the Israelis, to know my ancestry, turned to be not very reliable. I identified with the origin of my carers, but it feels blunt and insipid, it's not very palatable without the biological link.
The world did not yet thank the Muslims for the great heritage in arts, philosophy, science, geography and medicine. The world yet did not appologize the Muslims all the atrocities and holocausts they inflicted for centuries on them. Before any politeness is exchanged between the Muslims and the West, the latter must recognize the Muslims and thank them for their contribution to the human values and last but not least, to apologize for all the inequity that was done to the Muslims in the name of religion, race and culture difference, or perceived as inferiority. Only after this happens, we could start a process of healing with the consent of all parties involved in this tremendous human tragedy in modern times.
Peace to all of you!

I agree we must have sabr before we undertake anything that can run out of control. To my surprise it was only after a full year the reaction against the occupation came in Iraq.

Regarding Palestine: I agree one should not kill unless in defence of one self or the Ummah. Every person killed can be regretted indeed. Even if it are soldiers or civilians that (polls) support Israel's cruelty. The age of victims or whether they are in their culture considered adults or not is not important: it is very sorry in wars people die and often that are those who have least protection: poorly or unarmed civilians and underaged children.

I have a son too. Elhamdullilah. I will do whatever possible to create for him and everyone of peace a better, more safe and less hypocrite world. I can not guarantee to be successful. That finally lies in the hands of Allah.

I fully agree it is our duty to speak the truth. The hadith telling that the most strong form of djihad is to confront an oppressor with his policy I often use as a signature for my emails.

I do agree we must strive towards more unity. We certainly have to give form to that unity by choosing very carefully how we can achieve a safe heaven for all, thus where Islam can be practiced and discussed freely and without hidjab-oppression, structures that have been enforced on us; while sitting in a refugee camp, with a bloody sponsored dictator around or F-16 overhead.

The most weak form of djihad, awaiting until Allah provides an opportunity, is to hate the enemies of Islam.
I do agree we have to chose carefully (by sjura; deliberation) the true enemies of Islam.

After the 'Battle of the Ditch' the Muslims laid down their arms. Angles summoned the prophet (saws) not to quit before the wrongdoers had been dealt with. Forgiving them was them was no option.

To forgive is often best. The sahaba who didn't kill the enemy of Islam after having been spit on did this at the moment of victory: enemy d

A call for peace; striving towards (more) peaceful ways of communication is appreciated (cf. Hudaybiya). However, regardless this particular case, a call for pacifism makes me wander if the one who comes up with that suggestion is truly aware what conflict means.

Widely recognized as part of modern thought about justice & on human nature, is "Destructive Right". If group or person has been done wrong over & over it might be 1 day a reaction comes that is not OK but that can be understood or more.

E.g.: vandalism. No one will OK this behavior but if it comes out of frustration due to oppression, exclusion or whatever long term
(institutionalized) injustice, vandalism might be the least harmful expression of just anger. Not that the Iraqi hostage takers are frustrated people but, after more as a year of occupation, rape, humuliation and no excusses for having supported Saddam all those years....

Hard to claim imperialist armies belong to people that have been done wrong for years by Muslims... Adviser to the Vatican, G. D'Costa: 'Christians have joined the powers exploiting what belongs to those who have never given up the core of their religion: Muslims. A force, furthermore, that has never been conquered in the end... - As Allah promissed us.

Sjura (deliberation AMONGST MUSLIMS) is paramount. Djihad by all means necessary.

Islam is not about pacifism. That's an ideology, like nationalism, from the arsenal of oppressors. It's about life and thus about not being rendered brain-dead and neither getting killed for that. Nor does it strife for a "tolerant environment" where Muslims are paralyzed by poisoned ideologies while injustice continues under the banner of secularism. Peace certainly is the solution for conflict but only if justice prevails. No peace without Islam. May peace prevail soon. May people be wise and avoid conflicts and wars, unless they truly belief they must take their chance and get involved. May we all accept Allah'

Media needs to visit the muslims and not visit as much with the anti-muslims for their views. Then the truth will come out.

Very well said ! Indeed there is no justification whatever for innocent people being slaughtered. Whether it is being done by non-Muslims or by those who claim to be Muslims.
The means justify the ends, not the other way around. Noble Muslim causes are being tarnished due to such atrocities.


Think Jihad not Surrender; "the ordeals" that modern day Americans went thru & are still going thru is not even 5% of what Muslims have been going thru for centuries. Please forgive my brother Hudd because I hate to tell you that he is more right than you are. The American peoples need to suffer more and more so that they can eventually exert an influence on their ZOG thru the bullet & the ballot.


I agree and toward that I appeal to the brothers who are holding Mr.Bigley hostage. In the name of Allah Subhanotallah please let this innocent man go. Our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) never took hostages nor ever executed them, and so we MUST follow his example. Please brothers let the man go. Allah Subhanotallah will reward your generosity and compassion.

Asalam-O-Alikum, 1. Brother Hudd, may Allah (SWT) punishes those who commit such crime against you and your family. Your survivor story is remarkable; people at west only have seen or heard such stories in movies. The media needs to bring up these types of stories to enlighten its viewer about the pain and suffering that is going on in the middle east. 2. Muslims are put in the position that we have to apologize for every crime that is committed under the name of Islam. We have to defend our religion and the teaching of Islam every time there is a crime that is committed by a group of people. I did not see any of the non Muslim countries apologizing for the crime of Abu Gharib, or running a private jail in Afghanistan, or killing thousand of innocent children, men, women in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Kashmir. Then why Muslim has to apologize for the crime that was committed under the name of Islam?
3. We need to first find out what is causing a person to the point that he/she will give up their life and the life of those around him/her.
4. The truth needs to be told and we all need to stand for the justice. The peace only comes when there is justice. May Allah (SWT) take away the pain and the suffering and the injustice and aggression that are going on all over the world?

Peace be upon to you all.

I think this article generalizes Muslims as guilty party. I can't judge others action because I have never lived in a country that foreigners take my land as a case in Palestine. I can't judge the Chechens because I have never experience that foreigners wiping out a fourth of my people, nor do I judge Iraqis trying to defend their turf. May be it is better to surrender altogether since no weapon can protect you; or is it better only to pray when your people get tortured and raped? is it ok to be massacred instead as it happened in Srebrenica? What is the solution? Dr. Sarah Badran didn't talk of solutions but condemnation. I am aware that slaughtering of people like a ship is disgusting, they didn't have to do it. But who are they? I couldn't even watch berg's beadings let alone justify it, I am not sure how angry those people are to lose all sense of mercy, I have seen a lot that baby's pulled out of a rubble that has been bombed by Americans, I have seen the pictures coming daily and judge for yourself who the bad guys are. Aggression and wrong response to me hurt the real victim. Berg whose father condemned the invasion of Iraq for his son's murder is as much a victim as Iraqis who are the victim of daily assault. I don't know what I would tell those people that did that, if they are Muslims, I would tell them please stop cutting peoples throat; please stop showing it to the world, that is not something to be proud of. I would tell them to fight their enemy only in a way that should be fought. Those people whom you cut their throat are not animals, they are humans. If I ever thinking about doing what they did, I am afraid I will have no heart to seek mercy on the day of judgment as my sin would scream at me as scream of Berg in slaughter house.

Those who live in a prosperous land, their are mostly concerned about their pursuit of happiness, stability, democracy & peace may be an ideal world as it is the case of Dr Badran but those who live in war torn countries are only concerned about survival, some justice & food & clean water. I am very surprised at how generally good we Muslims are until we hear that a Muslim nation drops an atomic bomb on the US or Israel. We deserve to be treated a lot better for being nice to the Kuffar (the real terrorists) that exploit us although they treat our brothers & sisters in the diaspora like their servants.


Sarah Badran you are a disgrace to the Arabs and Muslims. .. What are you trying to say? That the Zionist state of Israel and the despotic regime of the US are right and the downtrodden Muslims of the world who in their dire desperation are pushed to do the most unthinkable acts are to bear the whole blame? .. In 1956 my home village, Kapr Qasim in Trans-Jordan was ihabited by farmers and a few intellectuals. They had never hurt nobody in their lives for hundreds of years. They kept to their daily chores, businesses and the demanding task of bringing up families. On the night of Halloween, October 31 of 1956, the IDF decided to invade Trans-Jordan and Kapr Qasim layed in their way. They slaughtered everything that moved, man, woman, child and beast. I was only 6 month old then and enjoying a happy life in the bosom of my tribe, among my parents, grandparents and my relatives that constituted most of the population of the village, since we were all related by blood or relation. The other day, UN relief workers dug my body out from a pile of dead bodies. I never knew exactly who I was. I grew up with different people that I loved like my own. Part of what they were became part of me by association. I was given a name, but there was no survivor that actually knew who I was, to what house I belonged. Ever since I grew up to be an old man with a tremendous vacuum in my heart that couldn't be filled in, not even when I built a family of my own. My name Hudd is one of the most unusual names in Islam, it's short for Bawabat-ul-Hudd, the gate of Prevention where Jesus,pbuh, a Palestinian prophet will defeat the Dajjal! It is my name for a meaning, that Jesus,pbuh, will avenge my family when the time comes. Do you mean to say, Sarah, that I should apologize? Apologize for being missed and counted for dead? Exactly what do you want me to appologize for? ..

A very excellent article, there is much evil in the world, and many muslims are committing evil in the name of Allah. Remeber Allah does not need any one and if muslim continue committing such evil acts Allah SA will replace them.

This is just to follow up with the brotherens of disagreement on this article. I am sure Dr is not scared of attacks on muslims in US or on her as cowards always resort to such things and Allah is the protector of everyone.
The problem with disagreeing muslims is that they put all their own miseries on westren world. common arguements are. West has imposed dictators on us and we can't do anything. Yeah, why don't you kick those dictators out and do a peace full shut down of the whole country like columbia. Do your favoriate Jihad against your own evil dictators first before you face something else.
Other argument is they are doing this to us and we can't sit and watching. Brothers, you are sitting and watching tv everyday and write few words on these web sites. If we the muslims are so united and enlighted we can find the way out of the miserable actions from the west. Sadaam should be removed by us not by US and there are still dictators sitting on your heads and making you sufer with their own evil actions. Remove them and take control of your ownself if you are rightous in your heart.
It is good to do check ourselves first in these days before we correct the rest.
we are in this situation because of our own actions and wrong thinking.
stay with peace


I wish more muslims would speak against the people who carry out these barbaric acts in their name.
Like it or not in the eyes of the world Islam is now just another terrorist organisation.
This great and magnificent religion is having its reputation damaged greatly by these people who have hijacked it to excuse their unjustified actions and gain support from other muslims.
Just because they are muslims doesnt mean they are right.
Unfortunately there is a tendency in the muslim world to blame anyone but muslinms.As long as there is a convenient unbeliever about then that makes it alright does it?.
Well hello,Im not an unbeliever or an infidel,Im a Catholic man who believes in one god who looks down on us all.
I dont believe god is a catholic or a muslum.I believe god is god and he loves us all.No matter how we choose to pray and worship.
Im aware of the sometimes cruel history of my religion,of things done in gods name by my ancestors.
I think that is the crucial difference between muslims and christian today.We will condemn acts of barbarity no matter who carries them out.
The voiciferous minority of muslims who comment mostly seek to blame anyone and anything except fellow muslims.
I appeal to the silent majority,let your voice be heard,speak out against these evil godless men who carry out the most barbaric acts in the name of your great religion.
I finish with a similar ending to my other posts to which no one has answered"show me where in the koran where it says these acts are justified "
I would be very suprised if the great religion Islam allows these acts.
God is just,god is merciful,these terrorist are not

Maybe the writer lives in a world of her own as some of the commentors put it! However, I still don't agree that using violence against any innocent person is justifed no matter what the cause. In case anyone regards my comment as naive please go read the Quran to educate yourself.

.. go and show the Palestanians how to fight the zionist-Israeli jews without weapons. Third, prove to me that those were muslims beheading those people in Iraq. Imagine that it would not even be taking place if they weren't there trying to take what belongs to the Iraqis. If you come to my house and try and take what is mine, yes, you will pay for it dearly. If you read Qur'an read it! It says that if anyone comes to you with information to ascetain the truth lest you hurt someone unknowingly (Surah 49).

My Dear Daughter Sarah Badran!AOA!
May Allah SAVE us from the attacks of Satan. May Allah afford us the opportunity to serve His cause through our best of efforts Ameen!
You have written beautifully but the title should have been: Islam means surrender-to Allah,not Satan.

a. Information about my Myself:

My name is Lt Col Muhammad Ali Badsha S/o Maj Gen RGLG Badsha (late). Born at Nowshera on 28 Sep 48. We are from a Syed Family of Ziarat Kaka Sahib,Nowshera.
Initial Education at England.
Stayed in Merchant Navy for 2 years.
Retired as Lt Col from Pak Army in 1997.
During 1989 Allah afforded me an opportunity to write a book "The Precious Privilege" which reflects the true spirit of Islam according to modern prevalent environment with a touch of Science.
The book has since changed my life. I have delivered more than 700 lectures across Pakistan and work on more than 100 articles/ Books is in progress.
The first Pulse 'The secret of all secrets is open yet it remains a Secret" came in 1989. Since then the progress has continued.
The aim of life is to project the truth of Allah to the world at Large through our conduct and constant efforts.

b.Essentials about the Book

It was through pure guidance of Allah that I wrote this book.

It has twelve chapters with seven charts.Details later.
Awarded Quaid i Azam Gold Medal for The Book.

I am sure that by the Grace of Allah we can contribute a lot for the cause of HUMANITY and save them from the Quagmire of Hell before it is too late.

Waiting for your response

With prayers

Lt Col Muhammad Ali Badsha

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I definately agree with the Dr and we need more educated muslim folks like her, God bless us all...

RIDICULOUS article! The author shows no political understanding of the root causes of what's going on in the world. Apparently this author is living in her own little bubble-world. She has over-dosed on the delusion of the U.S as the sweet land of "peace, liberty & justice." ..

Wassalam, Dr.sarah, let get the point straight. you neither care abt global islamic family nor abt your immediateamerican family.You care abt jus your household and ppl who live near are afraid, if you dont appease the west,you or your fmaily members might be attacked. I am not saying this with hate. I am saying this with observation. First point, you dont have evidence as bro.nasser point out and you choose to judge those muslims based on western media. Second issue, your sympathy for chechen,plaestine and afghanistan was it any beneficial to the ummah?! did you explained that those fights are indded right to your western friends?! i doubt it, but you are here explainign how islam is against wat thsoe ppl claim. you are first to denounce them and you never supported them. if you had openly voice your unsatisfaction over american hegemoney, then you can voice agianst islamic extremists. if you have addressed attrocities of israel on palestine, then you ahve right to criticize palestenian method of retreat?! You dont have credibility,Dr.sarah. you ahve double standards. Islam is indeed submission to god alone, but that doesnt imply you should sit quiet, when your sisters raped,oh...yeah i know for sure, you might have criticized this openly, bcoz it gave you a chance to do so. As for the method, americans and israelis have most advance, weapons why doesnt muslim governments in middle east suppport those who fight against these oppressors with arms?! Double standards are verywhere in so called muslim world. These ppl unfairly given islamic platform and their distorted opinions become the voice of islam.

Dr.Sarah, peace at the cost of injustice is never stable. wassalam

I could not agree more. However at times, given the right conditions of oppression and torture, any person, man or beast will lash out with whatever means available- no matter how barbaric, contravening all norms of civilized behaviour, religious teachings or social order. Case in point, Chechnya-the wide scale brutality with which Chechnyan, men, women and children have been slaughtered and tortured by the Russians is not just incredible but amazing by any standards of a "civilized" Western society, which conveniently chooses to look the other way, opting to stay quiet and pretend that it is not happening, all for the sake of reaping rich rewards from the globalization of their companies in the New Russia. I do think that when the world looses it conscience and lives and propagates an inhuman and unjust policy of double standards, creating a horrible culture of Haves' and Have-Nots, when the life of a Chechnyan or Iraqi or any other person, young or old, from any economically insignificant country means less than their own, then the beleaguered and oppressed do not care what the world thinks or cares, as long as they can survive, by any means available. They will fight tooth and claw to survive, as would any creature - a creature created by the unbearable conditions of oppression and brutality imposed by the affluent and rich nations on the wretched and poor. Then all that matters is survival, by any means, and the appeals to their common and good sense and morality, fall on the deaf ears of the oppressed. Then please do not cry democracy, because its vulgarity and hypocrisy is simply too much to bear.

Sister Sarah Badran, I am so very very thankful today after so much time that you speak the truth of the matter that I was waiting that some day someone will say this to this Islamic family.
May Allah give you ability to say truth always.
My best wishes and support for your article and hope to see more InshAllah.

Dr Badran writes:

"I believe that the Chechens are trying to do the same, they are freedom fighters, fighting a Russian occupation. But how do I support them now? The bad apples from among them are responsible for the death of hundreds of people, mostly children - How can they be looked upon except as murderers? How inhuman do you have to be to reach that level of cruelty? How can they profess to believe in God at all when they have so flagrantly violated His commands?

All people have the right to defend their life, honor and their country, but one does not profess to be fighting in the name of God, and then commit unspeakable crimes shouting " Allahu Akbar".

Well said by an educated (and probably devout) muslim. I, as a non-muslim and a devout athiest, expressed similar sentiments in a previous post.

How low can you go when you DELIBERATELY PLAN AND TARGET CHILDREN, and then murder them, AFTER RECITING "in the name of THE MOST MERCIFUL AND COMPASSIONATE ALLAH", AND by shouting "allahu akbar". Do they know the meaning of these words?

People like Badran should speak up more often, more constantly, more consistently and more louddly and at every forum available to them, even if it means they should sacrifice their professional careers and hefty incomes. They should CONFRONT the Islamists bravely. If muslims won't do it, then don't expect your enemies to do it.

I must start by saying that if you look at Fox news and CNN for facts. For get it.
The world is being mislead by these orginization, but what they need is a muslim to come out and apologise for the things they accuse us of doing.
At that point a muslim, without evidence would pronounce islam/muslims guilty.
I am sure Dr. Sarah Badran is a decent/good muslim, but by writing this article, and this goes to other muslim writers, you have pronounced muslims guilty without evidence. That is why these news agencies are begging for a muslim leader to come out and aplogise for these inhumane acts.
My muslim brothers and sisters, if you do not have solid evidence that muslims did this, then do not comment or aplolgise. Everyone knows these are inhumane acts, but if you aplogise or request that your fellow muslims to stop this then you are admitting that muslims are doning this withour evidence.
Not because someone speaks arbic, or has a beard ,means that he is a muslim. To my christian friends I ask" Have you heard of the wolf putting on the sheep's clothing?". There are wolves wearing muslim clothing out ther. It is time for you to wake up.

Very wise words indeed. This is how I feel,
how my friends feel, and I am sure, that this is
how most Muslims feel.
We can only hope that these words will be
spread and acted upon.