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After 20 years of ceaseless war and famine, the women of Afghanistan must heal themselves, and ultimately their nation, by rediscovering their identity as empowered, dignified Muslim women. 

To many, such an assertion seems like an exact reversal of the truth. After so much suffering, some think, the last thing these women need is more of what apparently caused it. However, a brief look at history and women's rights through a correct understanding of Islam paints quite a different picture. 

It was Islam, in the 7th century, that established women's spiritual and intellectual equality with men. Muslim women were granted the right to vote, own property, inherit, receive a higher education and even run a business in which men were subordinates. 

These teachings were immediately put into practice, where 1,400 years ago women played an active political role, not only voting for their leader, but also advising him. The Prophet Mohammed's wife, Khadijah, was one of the most successful businesswomen in Mecca, employing many men, including at one point the Prophet himself. Aisha, whom the Prophet married some years after the death of Khadijah, became a scholar of Islam. A man of the time described her by saying, "I have not seen a greater scholar than Aisha in the learning of the Koran, shares of inheritance, lawful and unlawful matters, poetry, literature, Arab history and genealogy." It was not surprising, then, when the world's first institution of higher education -- Al-Azhar Islamic University, founded in Cairo in 969 A.D. -- was named after a woman, Fatima al-Zahraa. 

In fact, Islam gave women rights centuries ago not enjoyed by them in our country today. For example, a Muslim woman is a totally separate entity from her husband, not only keeping her family name as well as all property she owned before marriage, but also maintaining total ownership of any money or property she acquires after marriage. In contrast, the general law in most states considers any wealth a woman obtains during marriage as jointly owned by her and her husband. 

Since Afghanis are predominantly Muslim, one would expect their customs to already reflect Islam's reverence of women. However, 20 years of war has created a culture of force, where the physically weaker sex is abused and seen as inferior, and where Islamic teachings are superseded by tribal traditions. 

The suppression of women's rights in Muslim countries is, of course, not unique to Afghanistan, and neither are the reasons for it. Women's oppression in many parts of the Muslim world is actually just one symptom of a widespread decay of Islamic ideals and the subsequent regression to pre-Islamic tribal culture. 

This spiritual cancer has also resulted in the rise of corrupt tyrannical rulers, the proliferation of usury in Muslim economies, the growing gap between rich and poor and the emergence of nationalism. 

Due to this misrepresentation of Islam, some have dismissed it as a solution to the problems of women in Afghanistan. Instead, they argue that this country is a hundred years overdue for a healthy helping of Western feminism. Many are under the impression that women's liberation was a 20th-century Western development, and that gains in women's status in other parts of the world are primarily as a result of Western influence. 

Certainly no one can deny the progress Western women have made since the days of the English Common Law, which regarded a woman as the legal property of her husband, barring her from owning property, entering into contracts or even keeping her name. After centuries of struggle, American women gained the right to vote in 1920 and British married women gained the right to own property in 1935. Laws for equal access to education and the workplace followed. 

This relatively recent change in laws makes it quite clear that far from being the pioneer of women's liberation, the West was actually a thousand-years-late newcomer to this Islamic movement. What's more, when laws in the West were finally corrected to give women their equality, society was late to follow. It took generations to alter people's beliefs about the status of women and affect true social change. 

In contrast, Islam changed society almost overnight through the power of deep belief in God and the resulting desire to submit to His will. Afghanistan needs such an immediate and radical cultural transformation. 

Western feminism simply cannot bring this about because it lacks the ideological strength to quickly penetrate hearts and minds. Even with the help of the greatest propaganda machine, Western feminism fails to answer the most basic question: Why should women be regarded as equals now after being seen as inferior for years of civil war? "Because America said so" will not hold much weight with most people. 

Islam, on the other hand, teaches women's equality as a divinely ordained principle. It elevates the status of women by revealing their God-given rights, which no one has the right to take away and which no devout believer dares question. If the Afghanis rediscover the true teachings of their faith, women's liberation will emerge naturally. 

Fundamental societal change in Afghanistan requires the power of deep religious conviction. Only this will elevate women to their proper station -- servants to God alone whose rights are a sacred covenant.

Dalia Mogahed, a writer living in Mt. Lebanon, is a contributor to Al-Jumuah, an English-language Islamic magazine. She is an MBA student at the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  Category: Asia, Faith & Spirituality, Life & Society, Women
  Topics: Women
Views: 11076

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Older Comments:
It was a wonderful article. I totally agree with the solution to the women of afghanistan

First, i would like to state that Afghani women, children and growing young girls need to be liberated from the opression and tribal regulations that have been forced upon them. You know, Islam is such a beautiful religion, but it is such a shame that these rotten men in Middle East countries confuss the minds of these women about what the Qu'ran states about women. I am not sure, but i think they are called "Mullahs." I researched and found that a lot of men "Mullahas" were pretching the word of Allah {may peace be upon him} in Afghaninstan, teaching the total opposite of truth of the Qu'ran. This is not only seen in Afgh., but also in other rural countries. We, women were not born to be oppressed by male dominence, beated and physically abused; but to be equal as well as our brothers. I hope{inch-allah} that things will get better for these poor women. They have been through devasting wars for centuries and all i wish is for peace upon them. I just wish a male figure can come out and educate these men, because they are effecting our everyday lives, no matter where us women are in the world;..women are being beaten, raped, tortured and stripped of their human rights on a daily bases. And these are not just men on the streets; but they are our husbands, our blood brothers, our uncles and close friends. All i hope is that Allah {peace be upon him} can help us all, because we women are all suffering...some more than others.....but we all suffer.

Islam is the answer..yes. I read Deb's post about her "week of awakening" I'll call it, I just wanted to say, "You Go girl!" Welcome to the sisterhood! To others, I like to say, "Please do not confuse the religion with those who claim to follow it." I have met many people and read about many people who claim to be muslim but they do not possess muslim characteristics. I have also met many people of many other faiths who claim to be God fearing but do not act in a way that expresses that fear or any love of God. I am a muslim and I, as do most muslims, try to follow the Quran and sunnah and I will make mistakes but I pray to God to forgive me and my family for those mistakes. In USA, women didn't win the legal right to vote in elections until the 1920's and 1930's. Let's not forget the racial inequality until the 1960's and 70's when finally state and federal laws made it illegal to discriminate based on race or gender. So people want to down Islam, they need to take a look at their own history then get back to today, right now, right here. Have a great day! Salaam to all! :)

The Afghanis men is a disgrace to Islam for suppressing women. Nobody asking them to let the women be free blindly.. just give give back their rights. If the women ask for something forbidden in Qoran then control them as Allah set men to guide women. I'm as a Muslim women feel so ashamed!

I couldn't agree more, with Matt's comment to Alano de las Casas. ..(;
As long as the Americans or any foreigners are in Afghanistan any progressive action would be considered as an attack on the Afghan style of life. There is a catch of 22 with these Western military invasions. Change must come from within the Afghan society. I don't see that coming very soon, though. Modernization of all the infrastructure must be initiated along with a thorough education. The American system won't work in Afghanistan. As a matter of fact it won't work almost no place outside of USA. The Afghanis should be helped by Saudis or/and Iranians to rebuild their society, or any progressive Muslim cultures in the Middle East. Al-Azhar University could take such a project very successfully. But then how would American companies profit?
Peace out!

This article is the way to true liberation for Muslim women. Now what can we do to bring this article to life?

This artical has very thing we would need to know about the women's in Islam.You can also know about what they learn when they where little. like it said in the artical that these teachincs were immediately put into practice where 1,400 years ago.we can also learne tha islam gave women's rights centuriesago.

Alano De Las Casas, I am amazed at your ignorance. Indonesia is teh only country where Islam was spread only by word of mouth. Not a single Muslim ventured into Indonesia. Kashmir and Sudan ??? What are you talking about? Do you know anything at all ? What a stupid comment.

Alano De Las Casas, so what are you saying, .. Your most"brilliant" comment:"I think someone forgot to tell the leaders of Sudan,Indonesia and the Kashmir." ... These countries are Islamic countries inhabited by a majority, above 90% Muslims which are bullied by the few other than Muslims(Indonesia and Kashmir) as concerning Sudan, .. Some imbecile wrote on this site that the Islamic government forces were killing Christian Sudanese? Why didn't the international community intervene then? Simply, because Muslims were killing Muslims, which is good for the business. After much debate, USA considered better not to interfere, since the anti-government forces were waging jihad against a corrupt Muslim government. Now would USA help Islamists?
Anyway, professor, would lecture us all on Islam on this site, since we seem to be really ignorant of our religion and you are so learned and wise? I would really be very curious how you enterprete Islam and from what point of view. .. Oh, professor, how come that both Americas are predominantly Christian? Was it done through love and compassion? Illuminate us on this matter!
Peace to the world!

To: shana Ref: 30193

Per your quote: "And Muslims can't force anyone else to become Muslim. See Qur'an 2: 256"

I think someone forgot to tell the leaders of Sudan,Indonesia and the Kashmir.

2 ALL,



Poor article. Not at all informative about the situation facing Afghan women (and it's Afghan, not Afghani).

You wrote that Afghan women can heal themselves "by rediscovering their identity as empowered, dignified Muslim women." Once again, a writer uses the plight of Afghan women to make a political point. Supposedly Afghan women are caught between Western feminism and the Islam of the Prophet Muhammed (sawa) which is hard to see in the world today. If it's feminist working in Afghanistan it's only because Muslims are not and can't step up to the plate.

Afghan women don't need to rediscover their identity as Muslims. There are men who remind them every day that they have limited rights and due to massive illiteracy, women can't fight against this. The only way women in Afghanistan can regain their basic Islamic rights, their basic human rights, is if men rediscover that they are supposed to protect and maintain women, not oppress them in the name of religion.

The worst of these mujahideen and Taliban oppressors came from the halls of Al Azhar and other Islamic institution. Under their command, men were kidnapped, raped and killed. Until these so called Islamic institutions make the issue of men's treatment toward women a priority, we will always see men in positions of power abuse our religion. So long as the mullahs and sheikhs teach that women are a natural fitneh and sexual beings that need to be controlled, women cannot have any dignity. If they address women's equality, it is only lip service. I'm sorry sister but this was a very naive article.

Wa alaykum assalaam my mulim brothers & sisters,

I am in the 12th grade and am doing women's studies and agree with this article. My Women Studies teacher only looks at the history of women's liberation with a Western perspective. she admitted that at times she could be a little eurocentric in her thinking but she continually contradicts herself. she only uses the bible to show that religion is oppressing women and I have to keep correcting her it's very frustrating. There is only one boy in our class but all my class mates say that they are really learning about Islam and are realising that Islam is not the distorted image that they have been led to believe. the other women studies teacher has asked me to talk to her class about whatit is like being a young muslim women, hopefully I will be able to show some more people the true image of Islam and mulims.

Wa alaykum u salaam

Well, Deb, I would have to admit that my conversion story certainly pales in comparison to yours. (I basically picked up the Quran in a bookstore and started reading it.) Welcome to Islam, sister!

May Allah lighten your load. May peace and blessing be upon you and upon all those who are dear to you. Ameen.

Alhamdulillah, good article.

May Allah subhana wa taala increase you in taqwa and deen.

Alano De Las Casas,
The greatest threat to Muslim women is not Jihad. It's the view that social practices that ALLAH warned us not to indulge ourselves in are modern and admirable.
As for Jihad, your post reveals your ignorance. Tell me something, how did Christianity spread from the Middle East? Did the people in Europe or Mexico practice Christianity from the birth of the religion? NO! Christians conquered land and enslaved many people, sent in their missionaries to lure people into their religion. So to say that Islam spread by the sword is to deny what history has already proven. And Muslims can't force anyone else to become Muslim. See Qur'an 2: 256: Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.
And there is no such thing as Islamic apologists. We will not apologize for anything we did not commit. We will not be held responsible for other's actions. The ones you call "Islamic apologists" are those who try to explain to people like you who have their fingers stuffed in their ears about Jihad and other Islamic beliefs. You refuse to listen or accept anything good about Islam.

Asalam Alaikum,
I agree with this article. Islam has given women every human right possible. But muslims need to step up in practicing these rights. It is our actions that will speak for itself. If muslims follow the teachings of Quran, a lot of things will be easier now. Instead of blaming the West for everything, We need to practice what we preach, both men and women. God will guide us.

One Sunday in November last year, as always I attended church with my husband and kids in my hometown, Tulsa, Oklahoma. The good reverend talked about the Islamic threat to our country and the American way of life and the horrible treatment of women by Muslims and lack of family or moral values in their culture. We all cried Amen, and ate out that day. That same night I found out that my 15 year old daughter was pregnant, she did not know by who. On Monday evening a family fight broke out over this and ended with me discovering that my daughter was molested by my husband when she was 10. Tuesday evening I kicked my husband out. On Wednesday another fight and now I find out from my daughter that my 19 year old son's girlfriend was pregnant by him 2 years ago and had an abortion. Wednesday evening my husband came back for his things accompanied by his new girlfriend-a creature I know from church. Thursday morning I went to church seeking answers. Reverend was not in. Later found reverend at the post office, he said that may be I was being too harsh with my husband and family and we all make mistakes. Told me to look within myself for answers and repent for my sins? Rest of Thursday and Friday morning I gave it deep thought. I had not been to work in a week. Drove to my mother's in Oklahoma City. Sitting in her backyard smoking my 100th cigarette, I saw a Muslim family playing in their backyard. The husband was being chased by kids while the wife looked on happily. The Moslem lady turned to me and smiled. I did not smile back. I thought they hated me. Drank and smoked Friday night. Sick all Saturday. Saw Moslem Nighbor's wife again that day hanging up her laundry, she smiled again. We became friends. One week later on a Friday I accepted Islam. I can see why we were being told to stay away from Muslims and Islam - we ran the risk of discovering the truth and peace like I have never known before. What is missing in our lives ? This very thing called Islam.

I agree with everything you have said but the fact is that there is little being done.
I think that we muslims must give them the resouces to eduacate them properly.

The best way i know is by opening seminar scools where they would go learn things mostly tru lectures and hands on training but at the same time we must not forget the virtuse of marrige where we must incoperate both husband and wife.

so they know what is going on and have a better undertsanding of how to interact with each other.

Such things like shops for husband and wife would be very feasible since they would be both learning the things those couples need the most.

There are a million questions and a billion answers but we must make sure that each question is treamlined depending on the couples conditions.

Plus on top of that we should help them by having volunteers advocate for them in court,goverment,help them pay thier bills and etc.

we also need to have advocates for consumers as well as blue collar and white collar workers.

The salary in afghanistan is way too low yet the rent is simply outrages.

for example rent is about 500 dollars yet rent in kabul and yet sallary of blue collar worker is only between 5000 to 10,000 afghanie.

we must come together and provide them with resoucres such as public printers,computers,libraries,faxmachines and etc.

we need to have an institue called islamic institutions for human rights,ilsamic institution for women rights,islamic institution for mens rights,islamic institution for children rights and islamic institution for the virtues of humanity(afghanistan).

If you are intrested you can contact me at my email at [email protected]

my name is nasir i would love to hear any suggestions,feedbacks,proposals or any idea would be taken with great respect and dignity.


Sincerly Yours a striving muslim trying to bring back a better world a world filled with justice and dignity.

While this article is nice, it ultimately exposes the authors
ignorance about Afghanistan, especially when she calls them
'afghanis'. Hopefully someone will let her know that people
from Afghanistan call themselves Afghans.

Alano De Las .., since you care so much about women do us a favour, DON'T speak on our behalf. You sadly know nothing about Islam or the word Jihad. You repeat the racist mantra of Jews and Evangelists and that line of rhetorical debate is not just old but just plain, though comical ignorance. Jihad has many forms. From developing self-restraint and building firm will against the seductions of life to fighting under oppression, Jihad is justified in every situation. I converted to Islam soon after 9-11. As a white "Western" women I have never felt more liberated. I try to practice Jihad each and every day of my life. However according to your logic I have chosen to imprison my self. Let me do explain, no, in fact emphasize this- my Hijab or headscarf neither hinders me nor traps me nor enslaves me. You of course consider women without any clothes as liberated and hence naturally free. Typical, coming from not just from an ignorant and racist nutter but a delusional nutter who thinks that he is on the right path. Bush is not God and neither are his policies righteous not even by any sane Christian logic. Go out side the US and see what the world thinks of you and your convictions. I am thrilled to continue my Jihad and I hope that makes you squirm.

Islam view women as equal to men with respect to RIGHTS. In fact, for women, the advent of Islam is a special blessing. (Quran 49.13, 4:1, 4:7, 3:195, 9:71-72, 66:10-12) In additions, there are many Hadiths to that effect.

Obviously, the sad state of affairs in many homes and countries is because of not following the Quranic injunction and Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) of Islam - the greatest single benefactor of womenfolk.


I see this a lot - and agree completely.

Afghanistan is in ruins. The forces that are acting there are not necessarily progressive or emancipating. After the chaos and anarchy that the war with former USSR left the country in, the abandonment of the big "friend" USA just aggravated a very confused nation. Afghanistan is a tribal society ruled by chieftains and warlords. They are similar in character as concerning their social structure, whether we talk about the secular/communist Afghans, Sunnis, Shiites or Taliban(the ideology is not defeated yet, simply because ideas cannot be anihilated by crude force, i.d., USA carpet bombing). Their character is not rooted in the ideology of Islam, it's tribal traditions. It is known among Muslims that Afghan men, in majority, would physically punish his wife and daughters but not his sons. I think is ignorance of Quran and Islamic history and the perpetuation of pre-Islamic men chauvinism and male supremacy. I believe that the men of Afghanistan must change and give their women their Godly right to be free as stated in the Quran. I agree with the author that this has to happen in dignity rather than in the "emancipation" of the West. It's just natural with us Muslims, male and females, that we don't want our parteners to have sexual history before marriage or after. According to our value system, being a male or female prostitute is not a virtuous one. In the USA, such a person would be qualified as a sex worker! All my respect for all those Americans that contributed tremendously to the common good in all fields, but I must regretfully say that the filthiest dirt was generated in this land and legitimized as freedom! It just makes me laugh and wonder, how ignorant and retarted the large masses of Americans can be? People like, Mikhail Holyfly, Gurumock, Alien de las Putas, etc. And then again, I realize in awe, there are people that know and are intelligent, like Peter, Yahyah Bergun, AC, oops! AC is British, of course he is emancipated and erudit! Peace to all!

Excellent Article!!!

It really makes no difference about WHEN the
"West" granted women equal rights, or the fact
that true Islamic law gives women equality
with men. What matters is what goes on
NOW in so many of these countries. It's hard
to defend the point that true Islam is not about
repression and abuse of women when so
many of these countries that have "Islamic
Law" in place are the countries that have the
worst track records with regard to treatment of
women. It can't be just a coincidence that
democratic nations don't have this problem to
the extreme extent that Islamic countries do.
Therefore, stop making excuses. It's what
happening NOW that matters and now women
are treated worse than animals in many (but
not all ) cases. Muslim men who live in the
free world are not doing enough to speak out
against the abuse and exploitation of women
in these countries. The men in power in these
governments have corrupted Islam and
twisted it to justify this abuse. The shameful
and barbaric treatment that women receive in
these desparately poor nations is a big part of
the perception that Western countries have of
Islam, which is that it is backward, cruel and
ignorant, and not to be respected. Not true of
course, but it's because it's hard to find an
Islamic ruled nation where women are equal
by law to men. If that changes, than perhaps
the way the rest of the world views us will

The greatest threat to Islamic women is Jihad. Jihad, in the sense of territorial expansion, has always been a central aspect of Muslim life. That's how Muslims came to rule much of the Arabian Peninsula by the time of the Prophet Muhammad's death in 632. It's how, a century later, Muslims had conquered a region from Afghanistan to Spain. Subsequently, jihad spurred and justified Muslim conquests of such territories as India, Sudan, Anatolia, and the Balkans. But jihad's most ghastly present reality is in Sudan, where until recently the ruling party bore the slogan "Jihad, Victory and Martyrdom." For two decades, under government auspices, jihadists there have physically attacked non-Muslims, looted their belongings and killed their males. Jihadists then enslaved tens of thousands of females and children, forced them to convert to Islam, sent them on forced marches, beat them and set them to hard labor. The women and older girls also suffered ritual gang-rape, genital mutilation and a life of sexual servitude. Sudan's state-sponsored jihad has caused about 2 million deaths and the displacement of another 4 million - making it the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of our era. Despite jihad's record as a leading source of conflict for 14 centuries, causing untold human suffering, academic and Islamic apologists claim it permits only defensive fighting, or even that it is entirely non-violent. The path away from terrorism, conquest and enslavement lies in Muslims forthrightly acknowledging jihad's historic role, followed by apologies to jihad's victims, developing an Islamic basis for nonviolent jihad and (the hardest part) actually ceasing to wage violent jihad.

Fantastic write-up. Just goes to show you that good thought is good thought no matter what part of the world it may originate. It seems to me that when it concerns women, the west appears to be more accepting of Islamic principles then most regions of the world.

Salam Dear Dalia Mogahed,
Your article is worth reading. Good job.
I would like to make a suggestion,
You know the noun afghani is for the Afghanistan's currency. You should use Afghan instead of Afghani its the proper noun.
Thanks and may allah bless and guide us...ameen

Essalamu Alikaoum Brother and Sisters:
Praise to Allah only,
No one with one atom of reasonableness denies women rights. But one must remember with rights go obligations. And Muslim women obligations (as well as men) consist of obeying Allah and his Messenger, without any other alternative.
The writer refered to oummou el-Mou'minine Aicha (RAA), I think nowadays Muslim women should read what she said about and to the women in general when their character was gradually changing after the death of our beloved Prophet (SAWS).

Essalamu Alikaoum Brother and Sisters:
Praise to Allah only,
No one with one atom of reasonableness denies women rights. But one must remember with rights go obligations. And muslim women obligations (as well as men) consist of obeing Allah and his Messenger, without any other alternative.
The writer refered to oummou el-Mou'minine Aicha (RAA). I think nowadays muslim women should read what she said about and to the women in general when their caracter was gradually changing after the death of our beloved Prophet (SAWS).

Fact that u ignored: Taliban practiced Islam in this Bush RED junggle era and changed society almost overnight-5 yrs through the power of deep belief in God and the resulting desire to submit to His will and nothing ELSE with no budget.

At the End:They keep there bush God and we will keep ours

Assalamo Alaykum Brothers and Sisters

Excellant, Superb article. First muslims need learnfromthe Quran and Hadith about the rights of women in Islam. Then we will realize that Islam has lifted the honour of a woman.

Islam gave many rights 1400 years ago what the western freedom and democracy has failed to even realize what rights they are taking away from women.

If western democracy think wearing clothes which shows cleavages and skin, mixing with men and women in way that creates more chances of adultrous relationship n destroys society, using the body of women to sell products & services, creating laws that encourages illegal relationship among married couples and so on then I think that is not the freedom to women but oppressing women to serve the needs capitalist and industrialist.

Let me say that i am not agaist feeedom and economic and technological development but yes it should give all the rights that Islam gave to women.

So first the muslims around the world need to go to books the quran n sunnah learn what it says about the rights of men n women, then practice it and convey and spread to every human being and nations on earth.

Remember the advise of beloved prophet of all (pbuh) said the best amonst you is the who treat
his wife the best.

Then the actual freedom and respect for human rights will be on the march Isnaallh. (god willing)


AC FROM UK said:
Excellent article! Women's rights are sacred in Islam. When a man asked the Prophet (PBUH) who is the person to honour most after the Prophet? He (the Prophet PBUH) answered, you mother. The man asked after that. He (the Prophet PBUH) answered, you mother again. The man asked and after that, and the Prophet PBUH answered for the third time, you mother. Only when the man asked for the fourth time who was next did the Prophet PBUH answer, you father.
Also, the Prophet (PBUH) more than 1400 years ago said that Paradise lies beneath the feet of your mother. This is the status to which Islam elevates women. We do not need the West for this, where women are seen as sex objects. Just turn on the TV or look at advertising boards if you don't believe me.
The Muslims who oppress Women do it through ignorance of their religion and they will surely be answerable to Allah (SWT) on the day of Judgement for their actions.
By the way, there are no Islamic States or Countries in the World. The tyrannical rulers (not leaders) of the "Muslim Lands" have been installed by the West. Yes, even Saddam Hussein and the Taliban.
But, Oh Muslims rejoice, for Islam is on the rise, and more and more people are coming to Islam because it is the only truth and truth destroys falsehood however much the enemies of Islam and the Muslim may hate it.

Excellent article, this is one of the very few articles I have read that shows Islam in good light as far as woman are concerned. As we all know the western people do not have any culture, they base all their decisions and policies on logic. No doubt that they have advanced as far as woman are concerned, but woman in the west have degraded in character and moral. We know that the most obscene and worst characters are displayed by woman of western culture. In some parts of Europe and America prostitution has been made legal, thats how some country's make money by legally humiliating and taking advantage of their woman. This is just one in a million example of the degradation of the woman's character in the western culture. Therefore the author is absolutely right when he says that we should not follow the west as far as the rights of woman are concerned, rather we should look back at Islam for the right answers.

Masha'Allah. I loved this article. I especially appreciate your mentioning of how Al-Azhar (az-Zahrah) University was named after the holy prophet's daughter, lady Fatimah (ra). In fact further to that, the Muslim dynasty which established this University were actually called the "Fatimid Dynasty." For the first two years that this university was established by them, Fatimid's reigned and respect for learning and knowledge spread far and wide - and to my most recent knowledge through a great friend of mine, even spread all the way to Sicily, and remnants of the Fatimid dynasty are still to be found there...Subhan'Allah. Jazak-Allah Khays.

Our deep belief in Allah and respect for his Laws, are what stopped our ancestors and other Muslims before us from transgressing limits and bounds. This is why Islamic principles and moral characteristics of maintaining khulooq (good character) and adaab (good etiquette) should be re-established as important parts of our lives. If this is done, then civil behaviour among Muslims flourish wonderfully in the way that is used to. If not, we only have ourselves to blame for this.

Naudzubillah, Hasbun'Allahu wa ne'mal Wakil.