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Freedom House Propaganda

How would the Christian or Jewish communities feel if a research group of some repute visits a dozen of the churches or synagogues, finds a few books out of several thousands that includes questionable statements about people of other faiths, and then produces a report entitled "Hate Ideology Fills American Churches and Synagogues?" I am sure Christians and Jews would be outraged by such a sloppy and irresponsible conclusion.

This is exactly what the Freedom House has done in a recent publication entitled "Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques." The Freedom House Report confuses two separate questions: (1) are there Muslims who espouse bigoted views? And (2) are these views widespread or are they confined to a minority within the Muslim community? In failing to make this distinction, the Freedom House unfairly smears all mosques and all mosque goers in the United States.

American Muslims are aware of the shallow understanding of Islam that characterizes some of the writings that comes out from Saudi writers. These writings speak more to the peculiar socio-cultural experience, and the lack of meaningful exposure to the rich experience of diverse societies by some Saudi writers, than to Islamic teachings. One of the most known and respected Muslim scholars of the 20th century, the late Muhammad Al-Ghazali, labeled such writings on Islamic law as the "Bedouin jurisprudence," a decade prior to the critical review wahabism received in recent days. Most American Muslims abhor and reject the bigoted and mean-spirited statements cited in the Report.

I personally experienced such bigotry in Mid 1980s when a group of wahabi-leaning students vigorously protested the inclusion of a Shi'a religious scholar on a panel addressing a large Muslim gathering, and tried to oust me from my position as the president of the Muslim Students Association in Detroit. There design was ultimately defeated by the Association's general body that rejected such bigoted views.

But to say that Muslims, like any other religious community, have their own bigots is a far cry from claiming that hate literature fill all mosques in America, and implying that mosque goers tolerate hate and bigotry. The Freedom House Report fails in making this important distinction.

I was puzzled, as I was going through the report's findings, as to how can any one who took an introductory course in research methods, let alone professional researchers hired by an organization that sets criteria for deciding who is free and who is not throughout the world. I kept asking myself how could anyone conclude that "Saudi publications on hate ideology fill American mosques" after discovering few copies of Saudi publications in 15 Mosques throughout the nation. There are more than 2000 mosques in the United States. 15 out of 2000 mosques constitute less than 1% of all mosques in the country. How could such an insignificant number allow anyone to claim that Saudi hate publications are "spread from coast to coast and now fill the libraries and study halls of some of America's main mosques."

Many of the sloppy statements and erroneous conclusions are the result of failing to consult with mainstream Muslim organizations, and neglecting to understand the dynamics within the American Muslim community. The authors of the Report have made unsubstantiated allegations on a handful of mosques and have generalized their assumptions to all mosques across USA.

The Report's main conclusions are at odd with some of its findings. The Report rightly points out that most American Muslims are "upstanding, law-abiding citizens and neighbors," and that they "decry the Wahhabi interpretation as being foreign to the toleration expressed in Islam and its injunction against coercion in religion." The authors do not, however, bother to explain the discrepancy between the reality of the American Muslim community and claims against American mosques. They never discuss the extent to which what they have picked from the shelves reflects the attitudes and values of Mosque goers.

Evidently, the authors of the Freedom House Report never stopped for a second to ask: How has the presence of the Saudi literature impacted the attitudes of the mosque goers? Nor have they considered asking the leaders of the Islamic centers about their views and activities, or how the Saudi material was used. One would think that this is the most reasonable and sensible thing to do in a study that aims at ascertaining the truth and enhancing understanding.

The discrepancy between the Report's claims and the reality it purports to describe is evident, for example, in the case of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS), the Report frequently refers to as the Herndon Mosque. ADAMS is one of the most vibrant mosques, with an active interfaith program, and an exemplary program for developing civic awareness and public service. It has organized, in 2004 alone, more than 20 interfaith meetings, bringing Muslims into friendship and dialogue with people of other faiths, including the Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation, St. Thomas a Becket Catholic Church, United Christian Parish in Reston, St Annes Church, and Sikh Community, to name just a few. ADAMS regularly invites political candidates running for state and federal office to discuss with the congregation their political agendas, and does that on a non-partisan basis. And ADAMS is a forward looking Islamic center where women play an active role in running the mosque and serve on the Executive Board and the Board of Trustees. 5 of the 13 Board of Trustees members are women, and ADAMS vice president is a women.

Do ADAMS's profile, programs, and activities fit into the alarmist picture painted by the Freedom House Report? Is it fair to confuse mainstream and extreme voices when dealing with American Muslims? Is it acceptable to generalize from the particular? The authors of the Freedom House Report are, sadly, oblivious to these important questions.

Dr. Louay M. Safi is Executive Director of ISNA Leadership Development Center (ILDC), Plainfield, Indiana. He also serves on the board of several leading Muslim organizations, including the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID), the Islamic Horizons, and the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS). You can visit his web site at

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: United States Of America
Views: 5200

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The following are the names of the four judges who signed a fatwa against Ibn Taymiyah:

Qadi Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Jama'ah ash-Shafi'I

Qadi Muhammad Ibn al-Hariri al-`Ansari al-Hanafi

Qadi Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr al-Maliki

Qadi Ahmad Ibn `Umar al-Maqdisi al-Hanbali.

Some other orthodox Sunni scholars who refuted Ibn Taymiyya for his deviances and opposition to the positions of orthodox Sunni Islam include:

Taqiyy-ud-Din as-Subki

Taj ud-Din as-Subki

Faqih Muhammad Ibn `Umar Ibn Makki

Hafiz Salah-ud-Din al-`Ala'i

Qadi and Mufassir Badr-ud-Din Ibn Jama'ah

Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Yahya al-Kilabi al-Halabi

Hafiz Ibn Daqiq al-`Id

Qadi Kamal-ud-Din az-Zamalkani

Qadi Safi-ud-Din al-Hindi

Ibn Hajar al-Haytami

Faqih and Muhaddith `Ali Ibn Muhammad al-Baji ash-Shafi'I

Historian al-Fakhr Ibn al-Mu`allim al-Qurashi

Hafiz Dhahabi

Mufassir Abu Hayyan al-`Andalusi

Hafiz `Alaa al-Din al-Bukhari

Najm al-Din Sulayman Ibn `Abd al-Qawi al-Tufi

Abd al-Ghani an-Nubulusi

Faqih and voyager Ibn Batutah

Shaykh Muhammad Zahid al-Kawthari

Shaykh Abu Hamid Ibn Marzooq

Shaykh Tahir Muhammad Sulaiman al-Maliki

Shaykh Sa'id Ramadan al-Buti

Wahhabis as neo-Kharijites

The Wahhabis are especially notorious for reviving the ways of the Khawarij (or Kharijites). They originated in the time of the caliphates of Uthman and Ali (A.S), among the closest companions to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&F). They were the earliest group of fanatics who separated themselves from the Muslim community. They arose in opposition to Ali - Prophet Muhammad's son-in-law - because of his willingness to arbitrate with Mu'awiyah, governor of Damascus at that time, over the issue of the caliphate. The Khawarij, meaning "those who exited," slung accusations of blasphemy against Ali and Mu'awiyah - and those who followed them - saying that the Qur'an, and not them, had the ultimate authority in the matter. Ibn al-Jawzi, an orthodox Sunni scholar, in his book Talbis Iblis (The Devil's Deception) under the chapter heading "A Mention of the Devil's Delusion upon the Kharijites," says that Dhu'l-Khuwaysira al-Tamimi was the first Kharijite in Islam and that "[h]is fault was to be satisfied with his own view; had he paused he would have realized that there is no view superior to that of Allah's Messenger..." Furthermore, the orthodox Sunni scholar Imam Abd al-Qahir al-Baghdadi discusses the Kharijite rebellions and their bloody massacres of tens of thousands of Muslims in one of his books. He explicitly mentions the Azariqa, one of the most atrocious Kharijite movements led by Nafi' ibn al-Azraq from the tribe of Banu Hanifa - the same tribe where the heretic Musaylima the Prevaricator (or Liar) who claimed prophethood alongside Prophet Muhammad came from. Just as the Khawarij threw accusations of blasphemy on Ali and Mu'awiya, Wahhabis throw accusations of blasphemy against Sunnis and Shi'ites.


To the Salafis, a minority in this world, the world is an abode of blasphemy, ruled and occupied by infidels that demands reformation through both non-violent and violent means to bring about a supposedly pure Islamic world system.

Wahhabi-salafis come in various strains, some being more lethal than others. The variety in strains is due to differences in approach of bringing the Muslims back to a state of strengthened belief based on the example of the pious ancestors. It must be emphasized that although all Wahhabis are called Salafis, all Salafis are not purely Wahhabi. Non-Wahhabi Salafi Muslims include those like Syed Qutb who wished to eradicate the supposed current state of ignorance (jahiliyya) to bring Muslims back to a state of purity - purity reminiscent of the purity of Muslims who lived in the time period of the Salaf. However, all Salafi Muslims, whether they are Wahhabi or Qutbi, admire the role models Muhammad ibn Abdl-Wahhab, and especially Ahmad Ibn Taymiyah, whose hard-line interpretations have inspired revolutionaries today. Therefore, although all Salafis are not Wahhabis, they admire many of the same role models - role models who have been rejected and condemned by masses of orthodox Sunni scholars for their unauthentic representations of pristine Islam. All Wahhabis consider themselves to be Salafis and prefer to be called by this name (instead of Wahhabi), even though differences exist between Salafi groups.

Wahhabi-Salafi alliances

Although there are differences in approach among Salafis, they have nonetheless allied themselves from time to time in an attempt to make the salafi vision a reality by both non-violent and violent means. An example of this is the Salafi-oriented Deobandi Taliban and their alliance with the Wahhabis. The Wahhabi Saudi government was only one of three countries that officially recognized the Taliban government of "The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan."

With all due respect Abdur Razzaq, I disagree with you.

Wahhabis as Salafis: deceptive semantics

Wahhabis differentiate themselves from orthodox Sunnis by labeling themselves Salafis, which refers to the word Salaf - the time period in which the early Muslims lived in the first 300 years after the Hijra, or emigration, of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&F) from Mecca to Medina in 622. The Companions (Sahaba), those who followed the Companions (Tabi'een), and those who followed those who followed the Companions (Taba al-Tabi'een) who lived in the time period of the Salaf are exemplars par excellence of what Muslims should be, as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had praised these Muslims as being the best of Muslims. Therefore, it has been the aim of every Muslim since the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to adhere to and to follow the footsteps of the adherents of the Salaf. This means that when a Wahhabi calls himself a Salafi, he claims to be a genuine follower of pristine Islam. This, however, is far from the truth.

Orthodox Sunni Muslims believe that they are the true bearers of pristine Islam since the time period of the Salaf. Because there were time gaps between the noble period of the Salaf and centuries that followed, the authentic positions of the early Muslims were passed by scholars in those times and afterwards to later generations via meticulous, systematic, and methodological means of preservation. The knowledge was passed from qualified scholars to other qualified scholars through the centuries, who passed it to the masses. This uninterrupted chain of knowledge from the time of the Salaf until now has been authentically preserved by the orthodox Sunnis. Orthodox Sunnis, therefore, have roots in the Salaf, and are represented today by the four surviving authentic schools of Islamic jurisprudence: Hanafi, Shafi'i, Maliki, and Hanbali schools (madhahib).

I disagree with many of the post here which demonize the Salafi movement. Shaikh ibn Abdul Wahhaab arrived at a time were the Muslims of the entire world were mostly astray. He sought to reintroduce the people to the essential concepts of Tawheed, Walaa and Baraa, and 'Elm. He advocated following the Sunnah to the best of your ability. He was against blind following people and following one's desires! Was it intolerance when the Prophet (saws) refused to provide his well-intented followers with a tree to hang their swords on for a good omen at war times? Was it intolerance when he destroyed the idols in Ka'bah upon the Conquest of Makkah? Was it intolerance when he stated that he wanted to rid the Khaleej of non-Muslims? Was it intolerance when Abu Bakr declared Jihad on the people who prayed, made Hajj, and fasted Ramadan, but refused Zakaat? Was it intolerance when Ibn Mas'ood chastised the people for inventing worship (throwing pebbles with the tasbeeh)?
Purifying your religion is necessary for everyone of us! But the place I agree with some people on is the method of introducing these concepts employed by the Salafis. They often times do so with a crass, arrogant manner, which is itself contradictory to the Islamic adab. With all that being said, the Prophet (saws) said the Muslim who mixes with the people and is patient with their harm is better than the one who doesn't. Don't become bigoted against the basis of the movement because of the actions of some it its adherents! That is akin to these kuffar who lump all Muslims into the same boat of terrorism!
PS Akbar Khan - The fatawa about the earth and removing facial hair (depending on the circumstances)have been rescinded.

Missus, I read your statements and would like to make a fair and earnest reply, you don't seem like a bad sort of person and I think that you have come here in a spirit of exchange, even if your statments might be a little inflammatory.
I'm sure you'll agree that there is a difference between what a religion preaches and what its followers practice, that there are realms of the ideal and the real; very few there are who can meet in both realms (we may, I think, call these few the Prophets of God). I'm sure that if you tried hard enough, you could find facts to substantiate any sort of break with any ideology on the part of its believers, no matter what the ideology is. There are Christian hypocrites too, wouldn't you agree?
But to make blanket and judgemental statements that the actions of the few somehow indicate the values of the many is unfair and inaccurate. Islam is a wonderful, erudite religion that God has revealed to us through the Recitation of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). At the very core of its teaching is the way to peace through submission to the will of God, our Lord, our Creator.
When Muslims greet one another, they wish each other Salaam, Peace. What is violent about that? Indeed, to submit to the will of Allah, of God, is, I think, the most sure gurantor of peace and the way from human frailties and failings like violence, anger, wrath what have you.
Study the religion, Missus, you might be surprised at what you find. I wish you peace.

Peter, It would be very nice to believe you on this, but I'm afraid that people are being harrassed, attacked and even killed for converting to a different faith from Islam. This is sadly not uncommon in a number of Middle Eastern and southeast Asian countries. BBC had a story about it last week, it's still up at their website. Prince Charles recently met with Muslim leaders in England and called for an end to harrassment of apostates. I know the party line is "there is no coercion in religion," but the practice is a different thing. And later verses on the Koran itself abrogate this statement.


I have you now, Missus. You claim there is no other religion that condones, if not demands, violence against unbelievers? Read Deuteronomy 20 and start back-peddling, if you're so inclined. Oh, and let's save a little time by skipping the part where you claim that nobody subscribes to that part anymore, if you're so inclined.

And peace!

Many thanks to you brother PETER for educating `Missus`.I`m shocked by the level of his deepseated ignorance and the unfounded allegations he has made about the Holy Quran!. Missus!! you know nothing about Islam,because If you did, you would not have made a fool of yourself!! the false and the unfounded allegations the enemies of Islam are launching against Islam have always been proven wrong through out the ages,and are being proven wrong in the present time NOT ONLY by muslims BUT by the honest and unbiased non-muslims who are men/women of knowledge.Do yourself a big favor and educate yourself..My apologies to you If I offended you.

Missus, I don't know what your background is, but you know few about Judeo-Christian scriptures and close to nothing about Islam. You didn't sound like you were versatile in Ayur Veda either, at least you claim to be a Christian, I presume. You said:"...Koran sanctions violence against non-Muslims, and this violence is carried out by fanatics (religious and non-religious) around the world. No other religion has this ideological framework that condones, if not demands, violence against non-Muslims and unbelievers." You see, Missus, I am a Muslim and part of my religion is to read at least once the whole of the Quran in one year. I am 50 years old and I read the Quran from the beginning to the end at least a dozen times. How many times did you read the Quran from one end to the other? According to your statements you have know basic knowledge of Quran. To prove my point I"ll quote something from the wholy Quran for you to ponder:"Those who believe in the Quran, And those who follow the Jewish scriptures, And the Christians and the Sabians,-Any who believe in God and the Last Day, And work righteousness, Shall have their reward with their Lord: On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve."Surat al-Baqarah, verse 62. Know this Missus, whatever God ordained is the absolute truth, according to the above verse, mankind is one brotherhood. This is the message of the Quran. What does the bible say? Read the old testament, Numbers 31, some of it,"13-Moses was angry with the officers of the army who returned from the battle: 'Have you allowed all the women to live? Now kill all the boys, and kill every woman who has slept with the man, but save for yourselves every virgin.'" Explain to me Missus, how isnn't this passage from the Bible disgusting, selfish and subhuman to any standard? Now I can understand why the Fundamentalist Jews and the fundamentalist Christians are such barbaric killers with utter disrespect toward any form of human life, except their own. Monstruous!

I think that you need to understand that Islam most certainly does not sanction violence against other religions. This is a misconception that many Westerners have about the religion. Contents of the holy book, the Quran, are lifted out of context to support this misunderstanding (that Islam is violent) There is no compulsion in Islam; what is more, Islam has a far better track record of tolerance for other faiths than Christianity.
I understand that you may repsond that this isn't the case today; but I'm afraid that it is. In my experience Muslims have been far more tolerant and understanding about the other Abrahamic traditions (Christianity and Judaism) than the evangelical Christians ever were or will be.
The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)was the very model of restraint; when in conflict with others he could have asked the angel Jibril to strike them down. He did not.

There are, of course, particulars to all the instances of religious violence that I cited. There are distinct histories, grievances, and reasons. The common denominator of all of them all is that the Koran sanctions violence against non-Muslims, and this violence is carried out by fanatics (religious and non-religious) around the world. No other religion has this ideological framework that condones, if not demands, violence against non-Muslims and unbelievers.

I don't want to change anyone's religion, I respect all faiths and the contributions that all religions have made to the world. There is much to admire in Islam. But the intolerance that Islam frequently shows to other faiths is not one of its strong points.

Why shouldn't there be churches in Indonesia? Why shouldn't there be churches, mosques, and temples in all countries?

Misuse, let me begin with, there are over one billion Muslims in the world. These Muslims are not all related and they do not have the same political, geoeconomic or ideologic agenda. They do not belong to one nation and they don't speak one language. To accuse of wrongdoing the Muslims and Islam for the extremism of the few is ignorant and retarded. It is like accusing the whole of the American people of being a crowed of pediphiles and sexual perverts, only because what happened at Abu Ghraib. USA is close to 300 million people, to even begin to think that they were all in the same state of mind would denote a very mediocre mind set. I will not explain you what Islam was, for that you would need to possess grace and a certain amount of piety, two ingredients that you missed when the Almighty dealt them out. But I can explain to you how things arrive to a certain result that is capitalized upon by the media in the detriment of Muslims generelly. Why is this so? Because there is a maniacal desire in the fundamentalist Christians to evangelize everybody and especially the Jews and the Muslims. Never could really fancy, why?
Killing van Gogh? Dutch killed blacks and Muslims in Africa by the ten of thousands. As against van Gogh, the Dutch have the super kill. First the Dutch killed and harrassed Muslims, then Muslims killed van Gogh. Was it right? No! Killing is wrong. Muslims didn't start it. There are sensitive to taboo notions in Islam, do not go there. If you made whore houses of sodomy out of churches and synagogues that doesn't give you the right to extent that filth and decadency over the sectors of the population that do not share into your deplorable value system. School children in Beslam? Why? Always ask yourself that question and start from there that all humans are equal and nobody is stupider than you are. FYI, the Russians bombed schools killing Chechen children, they indiscriminately arrest and make disappear the young of Chechnia. You dig?

Hudd D'Alhamad says "Point is that things are adduced to fuel hate and phobia toward Islam."
Maybe what's going on around the world by the "tiny minority of extremists" in the umma is what's fueling phobia towards islam. Given what's going on, maybe it's not a phobia at all. The list grows daily: killing van Gogh, school children in Beslan, bombing subways in Spain, planning to bomb a nuclear power plant in Holland, murdering teachers and monks in southern Thailand, destroying thousands of churches in Indonesia, killing a Coptic Christian family in New Jersey, affirming a death sentence against Salman Rushdi, genocide in Darfur, car bombs against Shia in Iraq, death sentences against Nigerian woman for alleged adultery, etc., etc. What happened to the beauty and glory of Islam? It seemingly only destroys things these days.

Assalamu alaikum. Could we perhaps stop disparaging ISNA conceivably for good works and intentions? My understanding is that as Muslims we are supposed to encourage Islamic conduct (including Islamic discussion).

While we are on the subject, if Muslims of the "Wahabi persuasion" had not striven to put copies of the Qur'an on foreign bookshelves, seemingly I would not be calling myself a Muslim. Perhaps we might wish to consider keeping our differences in the proper perspective insha'Allah. Jazak Allahu khair.

Sadly enough, some posters here just don't get it. Then we wonder about the average brained American? Did you guys read the article? Point is that things are adduced to fuel hate and phobia toward Islam. Hate inspiring literature? Which one the one that describes that Palestine was robbed from the indigenious population, the Muslims and Christian Palestinians, by European converts to Judaism and affiliates to the Nazi movement of Zionism? Now tell me that I spread hate! I spread the truth and all the atrocities and ethnic cleansing that is happening in the territories by the Israeli army. God, I'm lucky to live in Canada where I can exercise my freedom of expression. I wonder what is USA coming down to? In the peaceful and lovely churches, priests are freely slandering Muslims and Islam as the religion of the devil and the Muslims as the progeny of Satan! What is that according to your standards Misuse? I'm sick of your double standards. One could say absolutely anything about Muslims and Islam but god forbid he/she just to mention the word, "Jew"! My answer to all of you that endorse Islam bashing is this, if you slander and hate expect acounter attack in the form of spoken/written truth. You don't want us Muslims to rely on your education and information system? If we wouldn't be aware, you would have transfored us by now in an Islamic version of Jehova Witnesses or Mormons! What one can find in the mosques is just a feable attempt to reveal the truth in a society where free opinion is arrested and free thinking and speach is done in the privacy of your bug-proofed rest room! Unless you want to bash Islam, then my friend you are entirely free, bring it on, you are encouraged by a bipolar president, success will smile on you in anti-Muslim America. The parallel with Nazi Germany is obvious. Same values(racism), same aspirations(rulers of the world), arguments are won with the stick not through civilized negotiations. USA superior? Compared to what? Killing power?

The report doesn't castigate all mosques, it specifically states that the reading material was obtained from twelve mosques. These mosques are significantly Saudi-funded. The mosques should censor themselves and prohibit hate-filled literature. Extremist, bigoted literature has no place in our country. Why are so many people defending the indefensible?

Oh Omran, very good questions indeed! I agree with you.

Actually, omran, my guess is that the reason Wahabi publications seem more common is that Wahabi groups have provided so much meaningful funding for so many mosques - with stipulations, it would seem, concerning what gets presented therein. God willing, far be it from me to discourage Muslims (Sufi or otherwise) from doing likewise, if they feel like giving it a try. Of course, parting with the money even after being blessed with it seems harder than those who get by without it often seem to assume. Hopefully, you yourself would have less trouble with that sort of thing (God willing).

The only reason wahabi books are common becuase the saudi's have cash for publicaton. People to who are normally stick to the wahabi ideology are either ignorant of past islamic scholars or they find this ideology gives then a right to blame others hate others and not blamethemsleves ( this is not always the case) But all mosques belong to Allah and Allah subhana wa tala's will prevails all. Do you think their ideologies can put out the light of Allah?

I am least disturbed by such articles or propagandas. Believe me it is good for the growth of Islam in this country to have such articles or negative propaganda written about it. Islam is the way of life that Allah(sw) has chosen for humanbeings. Islam is going to superceed any or every way of life, and thats what scares people of other faiths. So dont worry about what negativity is being published about Islam. Remember Europe has been doing negative propaganda about Islam for long time, but could not stop the spread of it.

Triathlon: you know, for once, I totally agree with you. The Evangelical Christians are indeed very dangerous demagogues that foment as much hate as any...

What a load of self-serving horse manure. Have these "freedom house" hypocrites examined what demamgogues like Falwell, Robertson, and Graham among others, have said and written about Islam and Muslims ? No I didnt think so.
This is a phenomenon called "projection."

I'm disturbed whenever someone starts condemning Muslims for the extreme views of a few. My own community has come under such scrutiny from right-wing authors and columnists who claim--on the basis that a member of the community was charged, and ultimately acquitted, of supporting terrorism--that we are a hotbed of extremist activity. While clearly these charges are baseless, it is imperative that we address them, for they do affect how others perceive us and can create unneeded hostility.

I do wonder about the authors of the report, and their research methodology--if they visit university libraries and find works by Bakunin, will they accuse those libraries of supporting anarchism? For that matter my own bookshelves contain several books by authors who express bigoted views against Muslims and people of Middle Eastern heritage--but that certainly doesn't mean I agree with those views. Part of being an informed person involves familiarity with a variety of viewpoints; the American courts have recognized this and upheld access to information as a crucial part of freedom of speech. We should never bow to demands for censorship of our religious materials; instead, we should trust that intelligent and informed Muslims can distinguish right from wrong.

All Wahhabi sponsored institutions should be closed as they only teach hatred and racism.

We have to stem the rising tide of hate and fear without engaging it with more hate and fear. The best way to react to this sort of thing is with open discussion about the issues and making appeals to people's innate will-to-good that Allah has bequeathed to them.

Also, Abu, I think the Sufis do a rather good job of practicing the real Islam, since you mention it....

Speaking of erroneous conclusions, at the beginning its own introduction, the report suggests that the literature in question was intended for the benefit of Saudi exchange students. The report's introduction asserts that "the books give him [i.e., the exchange student] detailed instructions on how to build a wall of resentment" (between himself and residents of the country in which he is a guest). "Do not wear a graduation gown" further indicates that students are the literature's intended audience. In that context, the literature's purpose seems more to encourage a sort of cultural quarantine than to incite something of a more malicious nature.

In the current environment of paranoia, Gestapo-style incursion to uncover the so-called "sleeper-cells" inside our mosques is outrages but hardly surprising. Obviously, such redneck measures are used to create fear in the hope that it may lead to apostasy amongst the mosque-goers. For the Bushites, creating fear is good for their business. Therefore, they want to keep fear alive.

By overstating and repeating such labels over and over - we may be falling into their trap, if not inspired by their propaganda and double-talk.

And as the previous writer said: "This report is a test for other things to come" under the cover of Patriot Act.

But we Muslims should not fall for this nuisance. And we should not add to the polemics and propaganda by using hyperboles such as "Wahabi Fundamentalists" and "Iranian-Shiite Fundamentalists", as used by the likes of Bernard Lewis - the Zionist-Orientalist.

Anyways I'll post again...

I do not think that Mr. Safi should be one to talk. ISNA has totally messed with the Muslim community in North America. It is because of your very organization sir, that people have been told different information and conflicting stories about how and when Eid Prayers should be held. It is your organization that has blindly followed any fatwa (religious ruling) coming out of Saudi Arabia.

What would haev been nice to see, would be for Mr. Louay Safi to have written this article, clearly stating that there is indeed dangerous hate material being shoved into our libraries in the Masjids. Such a rich and powerful organization such as yours, instead of crying and complaining the way you are, you could have come out as a beacon of hope for the Muslim community, to declare that if any such material is indeed found within the Masjids in the United States of America, then ISNA will do everything it can possible in order to eliminate such offensive material. But instead, your approach of, wahhh wahhh wahhh wahhh waaaaaaaaahhh is pathetic and I am sick and tired of hearing it from the likes of ISNA, CAIR, ICNA, and MSA's.

Why don't you provide a link to the freedom house article you are discussing so that everyone can read about the controversial Fatwa that "Shaykh" bin Baaz, the most respected scholar of Saudi Arabia to this day whose fatwa's are still being believed and held firm, stated in 1966 that "the world is flat," and another fatwa in which he stated that is is completely impermissible for women to remove any unwanted facial hair, even if it may be displeasing to them??? Or why don't we go into bin Baaz's fatwa of outlawing women frmo driving?

Besides all those things, those are just examples showcasing the mental cases who "LEAD" the way in Saudia.

You need to cool down Mr. Safi, because you have totally taken the wrong approach.


... For those who are unbelievers in the faith of Islam please stop your moronic exercises in castigating my faith. I am the so called Wahabbi who when he reads these literature puts it in the context it is; a proscription of the unbelievers that our beloved Prophet's (PBUH) had to deal with. If there are unbelievers who today want to reinterpret my faith, I say join the queue behind all the other .. who dont know what this faith is about. If you look from the perspective of finding fault then look no further than your own disjointed values and norms and clean house there before you turn to other. The authors ... appalls me and makes me feel that who ever wanted this guy out of his post should have done it for his whining. To him I say what is Jihad then?? Is is a prescription that when the unbeliever comes to destroy our Ummah that we act out of Jihad or of nationalism. Does the latter make more sense than the former. You feel the force of the terror of these people here but whose terror is worse Allah's or theirs?? Fear Him and hold your tongue.

May Allah guide the author from his view of appeasing the disbelievers. The Wahabbis are the only Muslim sect who adhere to the truth of Islam and purity of monoetheism.

Yes this Freedom House report is a dangerous hate producing piece. Dallas Central Mosque is a very open and forward looking mosque. We have never purchased, ordered or recieved any of these books, we have never used,distributed or taught this type of hate material in any shape or form. We have regular interfaith functions in our Mosque. Last year over 100 churchs, schools and organizations visited our mosque. We have Discover Islam classes every sunday open to all. Our Imam and our leadership goes to the biggest interfaith group Thanks giving square and speak to thousands of people, this does not fit the profile of the Mosque which teaches hate. This report is a test for other things to come. I would like to know how that hate material got there without any body noticeing it and these secret agents found it among thousands of books again nobody noticing these agents and there was only one copy which they took. Something does not add up.

Like I said in my previous comment,I accidently clicked that I am for this article. The truth is that I am against Louay M. Safi's words here. They are useless and fail to create any atmosphere at self-reflection.

You should act like a beacon of light and a lifeline for Muslims and Islam, instead of whinning and crying unfair play, it's a dirty game, DEAL WITH IT! This is my advice to you, and I am sure you will continue to dish out such nonsense as long as your term of Executive Director remains, make sure you leave a good legacy of yourself behind before you become one of the legends of ISNA...yuck

Don't even start to use IMAM GHAZZALI's (RA) makes me sick that you would use his writings in order to twist his writings to suit your opinions. That is NOT FAIR PLAY. If someone wants to read on Imam Ghazzali (ra) and what he wrote and taught, then you need to start with Ihya Uloom Ad-Deen (The Revival of the Religious Sciences).

By the way, just because Freedom House released such a report, understood they do not have knowledge or did not do a thoroughal enough study into the Masajid in the USA, I think it is a bit silly and self-righteous of you to sit there and openly declare that only 15 Masajid in the USA ahve such material. You do not nkow that for sure, neither do I! The only person or people who know, have visited more than 50 percent of the Masajid in the USA, and have read all the books in more than 50 perecnt of the Masajid.

MAINSTREAM MUSLIM ORGANIZATIONS???? Who made ISNA the mainstream Muslim organization??? You guys made yourselves the mainstream Muslim organization or what????

You should have come to the Reviving Islamic Spirit in Toronto a few months ago...these guys who are the organizers of this event are so humble, that they don't sit there and declare themselves as the mainstream Muslim organization like you do.

Work to assure Freedom House that it isn't the case, stop complaining!