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Since the tragic events of September 11th, Muslims in America have been expressing their patriotism and Americanism to more varying degrees than in the past. Virtually every Muslim organization and community has not failed to make others aware of or to tout their American-ness. And rightfully so... many of us are Americans. Some of us were born and others are naturalized citizens. Many of us who aren't American citizens, certainly aspire to be. It is no doubt that the process of normalizing Islam in America will be a tedious one. So here we are attempting to define ourselves as true Americans while holding on to our Islamic heritage and values. Defining Islam is one thing; however, defining American culture is a somewhat more complex pursuit. Some would argue especially those not raised in America that there is no American culture. I disagree. While it is true that our culture is an ever changing amalgam of ideas, values, cuisines, styles and ideologies, some imported and some born of this soil, there is a national consensus of sorts of what is considered to be distinctly American in the modern age.

Arguably there is a pronounced, anti-Muslim; anti Arab and anti-immigrant vein that runs though this country. That does not speak for all Americans. Let us not forget that people can change. Being American in the sense that we understand it is more than just holding a passport. Many Americans have no real problem with Islam in our midst. They just want their shake and fries with it. We have always embraced other cultures; we just like to add our own twist to it. Just look at how we embraced pita bread! I remember the time where about the only place you could get pita bread on the East Coast was to go to Malko Brothers on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Now you can get it at just about any major supermarket in the country, and in different flavors too! At least 19 towns in the United States are named for Lebanon, six for Jordan, four for Egypt, and three for Palestine. There are four Cairos, six Damascuses, two Arabis, and at least one Baghdad. There's even a place called Mecca California. History has shown that Americans are open for new ideas.

Many American converts to Islam are ambivalent to downright indignant to being told that they must abandon all of their American-ness, if they are to embrace Islam totally. We may not all agree just exactly what American culture is, however, undeniably there is such a thing as American culture. And if we are to truly find our place here as Muslims, it just may help to understand just what it is. 

American culture is Super Bowl Sunday, cheese steaks, and high school basketball. Its block parties in the summertime, coming from a neighborhood and always being able to go back and see the people you knew and grew up with. That's America. America is the electoral process with all its flaws, campaign ads, debates and voting machine function and malfunction. America is savvy commercials, the local shopping mall and Wal-Marts from Harlem to Middletown USA. It's Michael Jordon, Muhammad Ali and the resilience of Lance Armstrong. That's America. Its opportunity, sometimes equal, sometimes not, getting your mail delivered in the driven snow, and 24-hour Jack in a Box, that's America.

American culture is public debate about racism, affirmative action, and the success story of Baraak Obama. Its Girl Scout cookies, camping trips and summer vacation from school. Its your alma mater, baby boomers and the quest for early retirement. America is John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart and Sidney Poitier in Lilies of the Field. Its Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Saturday morning cartoons. America is good neighbors, back yard barbeques and a manicured lawn. It's sitting on the front stoop in the summer time eating Italian water ice. Where else but in America can you go to Friday prayer and find a person of African origin, with an Irish last name wearing a shawal khameez from Pakistan, with a Saudi abaayah, khuffs on his feet, and Stacy Adams wing tips? That's America.

Of course American culture is much more than what I have mentioned. America is changing and so are Muslims. The sheer greed fueled inertia of capitalism has forced corporate America to take notice of Muslims. We spend, and we spend big. Maybe that's a bad thing and maybe not. This is a wealthy country with a high standard of living. Perhaps that's one reason why we like it here so much. Hey, al-humdu lillah that we're not doing so bad financially. We just need to remember who to thank. 

Some of American culture is at odds with our Islamic values, however, we are free to take or leave alone what we want that's America. Yes there is a lot that I dislike about our country; I abhor street gangs, the pervasiveness of sexual promiscuity, and our governments one sided meddling in the Middle East. I hate parking tickets, high taxes and corporate welfare, but let's not throw out the baby with the bath water. There are certainly a lot of things wrong with our country but there is also all lot of thing right with her. I gave a sermon (khutba) last summer about watching Fourth of July fireworks, something I have always done with my kids. Someone asked me, Imam how can you sanction such a thing. My reply was: "hey, I like fireworks. Besides, the declaration of independence is what assures me the freedom to practice my religion". Does that make me a dyed in the wool patriot? Not necessarily. But until we evolve into an Islamic state replete with our God given rights, I will take advantage of the liberty to practice Islam, pray at the Masjid, enjoin the good and forbid the evil.

America is protest, public criticism and freedom of the press. It's feeding the homeless, volunteering and pesky telemarketers. It's rooting for the underdog, having reliable firefighters, and being able to dial 911. America is public service, shoveling snow for twenty bucks per house, and bright yellow school buses. America is break dancing, home stereo systems and Jazz. Granted, some music is haram but you won't win too many points in America by attacking John Coltrane or Thelonious Monk. America is lot of things to a lot of people but I wouldn't condemn her just yet. I expect to get some flak for this article and that's okay, I can live with that. I sense that we like this country more than some of us are willing to admit. We've been told that America is the great Satan. Well I've got news for you. The Shaitaan (Devil) is an equal opportunity deceiver; he respects no borders, color, nationality or even religion. Yes, it is true that Shaitaan is busy in America but he's busy elsewhere as well. Yet, all of the forces of the devil did not stop the athaan (Muslim call to prayer) from being called from Sarasota Florida, to Sacramento California. That's America. When the hijab was banned in France, Turkey and on Public Television news in Egypt, it still prevailed in America. That alone deserves a hearty "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great). 

The truth is that we as Muslims have decided to make this great nation our home despite her flaws. Obviously our Islam should be first, and we are obligated to practice it, and share it with whoever wants it. Americanism and Islam are not mutually incompatible. The relationship between the two just has to be tweaked a little. The Sunna (tradition) of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) is applicable for all times. Every mubah (permissible) and even some makrooh (disliked) actions can be enhanced with a sprinkling of Islamic flavoring. Instead of the Saturday bath, we have the weekly ghusl for Jum'ah. Instead of church on Sundays, we have prayer on Fridays. On super bowl Sunday, we replace Coors Light with Passion juice from the Garden of Bilal, a Muslim restaurant in Philadelphia. We replace the Boy Scouts with the Jawala scouts, a Muslim scouting organization. Just as the MSA has become our cleaned up version of the college Fraternity, thikrullah (remembrance of God) and nasheed can replace nursery rhymes. Come to think of it, nursery rhymes aren't all that bad although I prefer nasheed. We can replace hard core rap with the Islamic innovative beat of Native Deen. Instead of pork chops or baby back ribs roasting on the barbeque grill, we have halal hotdogs and lamb chops from the local halal deli. Heck if suits your fancy, you can simply go out and slaughter your own meat or poultry. That's America. 

Every Muslim people and culture has had the opportunity to embrace Islam and blend it into their own culture. Now it's our turn. Islam can be adapted to fit virtually every environment. The alternative is for us to just pack up and leave and that's not going to happen any time soon. So we might as well make the best of it which is exactly what we are doing. The term "God bless America" is not out of sync with my creed as a Muslim. Yes, I do want Allah to bless this country and make her better, to conform her to His divine guidance. Allah guides whomever He pleases. Every sane human being has the capacity to submit to Allah's will, to raise their moral standard. Otherwise He would not hold them accountable. Loving or hating American culture is not a necessarily a condition for being a Muslim. But knowing what makes this nation tick certainly eases our transition into being American Muslims in the true sense. Understanding American culture is just one step in that direction.

Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad is a free lance writer, lecturer and an Imam of a Northern California Masjid ( He can be contacted at [email protected].

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Older Comments:
I was cleaning out my e-amil box things that I have saved and came across this wounderful good for the writer someone is talking sens at last

Prior to 9-11 Islam was considered the fastest growing religion in America. Post 9-11 it is the most vilified; coincidence, I think not. Of the approximately 7 million Muslims in America half are immigrants, half are indigenous. The immigrants have come here with Islam and their cultural package; the indigenous Muslims are converts to Islam.

Of the indigenous converts 99% are African-American with a growing number of Caucasians and a surprising number of Mexicans.

We the indigenous Muslims have been in this country since its inception over 400 years ago, so Americana is a natural part of our psyche and cultural habits. Thus, as an African-American convert to Islam, I can fully appreciate the Imams critique of America and some of our unwillingness to just give up the whole thing.
It's who we are.

America as a nation and ideal can be summed up in her Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights; rights worth fighting and dying for; just ask Martin Luther King and Malcolm (X) Shabazz.

As the Constitution spells out the rules of the game, let it be known that America is also the "Free Enterprise" which makes for a highly competitive theatre in commerce and IDEAS.

So, if we Muslims believe that Islam is Allah's Will on earth, we shouldn't have any problems convincing others if we ourselves are true expressions of that Will.

American politics are influenced by the people who make up this country and what they believe in, i.e., Christianity, Judaism, scientific secularism, atheism, etc., these are the key players in the ideological jihad. People vote their beliefs - whether true of false.

We Muslims need to quit complaining and compete. And those most qualified to compete in America are those who have been here the longest and are part and partial of the American psyche. We converts to Islam, by way of Christianity, know that all we need to do is "separate the wheat from the chaff" and America will be the ideal place

May Allah bless you abundently brother Yahya. :-)

Abdur Rehman: I suggest you read what I just posted. Again another generalization made in a very ignorant manner. I do not know how many times to explain this to people like you, but when you accuse a person of committing shirk, Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala will on yawm al-qiyamah send one of the accused or the accuser into the fire. It is a very serious thing, and I think you should Insha'Allah for your own benefit, restrain yourself before you blindly accuse someone of worshipping graves. Like I have said to you in my previous comment, even visiting the grave of Rasool-Allah (saaw) is beneficial for a person as is mentioned in Sahih al Bukhari and Sahih al-Muslim. Likewise with the salaam you send to the prophet during tashahhud in your salaah brotehr Abdur Rehman, how can you deny this while you are saying it? You should really go learn the meaning of Tawassul first, and once you do that, if you can in a non-condemnation manner, refute my arguments with sound proofs.

Please give it a try and Insha'Allah ta'ala we can carry on discussion. But I am pretty sure another person will try to interject and once again, condemn me and label me as this or that and say nasty things about me. Well so be it, as I intend to only speak about the truth, I am willing to continue facing the dirty words directed towards me by people. May Allah bless you and guide you towards gaining Muhabbah for al-Habib Allah, Muhammad Mustafa (saaw), the leader of the prophets, the seal of hte prophets, and the leader and guide for all of humanity.

On one last note - You will find that the practice of tawassul is found all over the Muslims world and not just in the "East" as you say it. Take a look in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Bukhara, Samarqand, Iraq, Iran, and you will see that the practice of tawassul is found all over the Muslim lands because it has been practiced for over 1000 years.

Yanee, think again.

I really enjoy it when you recent commentors make personal attacks. I really appreciate your "intolerance" brothers. Brother Yahya I am not sure what you mean by intolerance of Sufis, but I would just like to say that as you can see from about the last four posters before yourself, I have been called all sorts of names and to basically get lost. But Insha'Allah I will let many Sunni brothers who are much more knowledgable than I am to come to this site and see who can really discuss things in a civilized manner. Unfortunately for the previous posters, they couldn't hold a decent discussion without getting anger and spewing venom at another if their lives depended on it, as sad as that is to say. Instead of trying to provide an alternate reasoning for their views, they decide it is better to call me names. Well I hope you enjoy doing it, because it doesn't stop me one bit from continuing in what I believe, and that is getting a message across which is basically the foundation of our faith - and that is the There is no other god but Allah, and that Muhammad (saaw) IS the messenger of Allah. This is our Kalimah, and it is the root of our aqeedah. We do not say that he WAS the messenger of Allah do we? We say he IS the rasool-Allah and will always be so. Think about why he IS and still is and always will be to come. Nabi Muhammad (saaw) has not gone from us, he is with us and is present with us, it's not as if we believe that he WAS present with us, but that he IS. Allah has granted him this position with humanity, and he leads us to the straight path. Islam comes through loving rasool-Allah (saaw). We do not say only La ilaha il Allah in our Kalimah, for if we did then there would be no purpose for Muhammad ar-Rasool-lillah. I think it is end time for me here because I do no wish to get into immature arguments with hate mongers who try to intice me to fight with them. Save it for someone who cares for such quarreling. Fi Eman Allah.

Assalaam'Alaiykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu.

My only intention is purely for people of the entire world to recognize that there is more to Islam than meets the eye. I have shown through the proofs of over 20 books written by the most popular and well known, well recognized Sunni scholars of the past, and muhaddiths (interpreters of Hadith), who all unanimously have recorded and reported that the Prophet Muhammad (saaw) himself said that anyone who visits his grave, that his (the prophet's) intercession/tawassul will be guaranteed for that person who is visiting his grave. Man zara qabri wajabat lahu shafaa'ati! Allahu Akbar.

Please remember dear brothers and sisters, that when you are in the sitting position of your prayer, and you say:

"assalaamu'Alaiyka ayyuha-nabiyyu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu"

- do you know what you are saying when you are facing the ka'aba and praying to ALLAH OUR CREATOR?? You are saying,

"Oh Prophet, may the peace and mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you!"

So when you are in the sitting position of prayer in your 2nd or 4th rak'aat, you are basically talking to the prophet Muhammad (saaw) when you say that... Now ask yourselves, how is that possible, he's not alive, he died right? The prophet cannot hear us right and cannot communicate to us right? Isn't that what you think? If that is what you think, then you shouldn't say salaam, rahmah, and barakah be upon you.

At least seek the prophet's intercession. If a person was to say, this does not "suit me" and take only the parts that one wants, then you are basically saying that you think that some of what the prophet said is wrong? Naudzubillah.

So I do not need to show you any complicated proofs brothers and sisters. All you have to do, is understand...


While you are praying, :-) .


Wassalaam'Alaiykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu.

Peace. Making at least some effort to keep the Muslim community undivided might seem easy enough to perhaps at least try doing. Admittedly, other members of the community have views which for one reason or another I do not share in common with them. Admittedly, I do not know for sure if the views I have are correct. Admittedly, I am currently imagining that rather a lot of what others believe is better - while it might indeed be better at least for them personally - is not what I happen to believe is better at least for me personally.

Whatever the case, I am not sure that accusing a Muslim, especially in an open discussion, of being (for example) either too tolerant or too intolerant is such a good idea - perhaps at least once it seems fairly clear that each party knows what the other party is thinking. Admittedly, I hope that I would understand the importance of keeping the Muslim community repeatedly turning, in subservience, to their Lord.

I have some other views but at this time I mostly wish to add that if I made at least some effort to keep the Muslim community undivided then it seems to me that I would have a better chance of being a member of it. Admittedly, I understand that some members' circumstances may differ, perhaps considerably, from my own.

Again - peace.

Assalamu alaikum. While I'm excited by what appears to be an increase in the number of Salafis, I'm concerned by what appears to be their intolerance of "confessed, alleged or suspected" Sufis. I'm under the impression that Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wassalam) had (or has) but one ummah. How about we attempt to "finish the race" as a member of it, insha'Allah, if we feel inclined to do so.

Yes, I have opinions on Sufism. For the time, I think it might profit me to keep those opinions to myself.


Akbar Khan How in the world did you come up with this most outrageous statement that "To make du'a through the means of a holy person is completely and totally accepted in Islam". Brother I am afraid you are either sadly very uninformed or you lie and misguide others with ill intent. Prophet Mohammed (PUBH) set an example for our code of conduct and was the last and closest prophet of Allah. That is it. Upon his death his companion Umer took out his sword and stated that if any of you worshipped Mohammed, know that he is dead, but those who worshipped Allah, know that he alive, always was and will be and is everlasting. I think the problem with many Indian Muslims and other Muslims from the Far East Asia is that the cannot give up completely their pagan ways. Somewhere in their belief they will stick an unislamic belief or two. Which is why many Muslims in India celebrate Hindu festivals too. On certain holy days related to saints, they eat and distribute food on which they read the names of saints, they use amulets, talismans and charms and even practice black magic. When one accepts Islam, all pagan practices and any belief or thought that associates others with God must be totally abndoned. This include Saint Worship Akbar Khan. Do not misinterpret the Quran or the Hadees for non-Muslims, because it is crystal clear that in each Poets have not been honored. Our Prophet was not a Poet, Allah States that in the Qurant. The Quran is not Poetry, Allah States that. You can draw up whatever conclusions you want Khan but you are wrong, and even the good brother Jerome in spite of not being a scholar, in his innocence can see your error and your seriously corrupting preaching.

You did not present your case or proove your point Akbar Khan. I am reading up on Islam and Akbar Khan, and I am sure glad that your tripe did not inspire me, or I would be faced with nothing but contradictions. I am glad Jerome made some very thoughtful and valid points. Islam to me is plain and simple. I do not have to worship saints or sit in the confessional or specifically pray through the Pope or seek his blessings or be considered impure at birth due to the original sin. Jerome was clear that he was not an Islamic scholar. You Akbar need to check your facts and focus on the real reason you are on this web site. Because I have serious doubts about your intentions.

Jerome God Bless you for your determination to stick to the right path and for seeking out the truth. Akbar Khan, I don't think at all that you have been prooved right. In fact for all Jerome may know about Islam, he is still learning and I applaud all his efforts. Jerome also had some excellent points. So why would you pray through Sufis and Saints Akbr Khan? Our prophet (peace be upon him) never did, so why should we? Are we to invent Islam as we go along? So which Saint did our Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) pray through and why did he never mention all this Tossawaal rubbish you talk about? Why did God not send down the Quran on a "Sufi Poet"? Why would you Akbar Khan encourage Muslims to break away with Islam and practice some gobbledegook nonsense you describe with endless boring references all of which simply proove NOTHING. You seriously think visitors to this site will read your drivel? You go on an on like some mad Yogi reading some wierd mantra, which no one understands nor cares to understand nor wishes to read. Interestingly when debate proves you wrong you either descend upon the poor guy with accusations of homosexuality against other Muslims, or hammer the poor soul with you infinitely boring postings or claim victory when your ignorance and mad ideas are shamefully obvious. This whole panel is laughing at you and is wise to your sneaky pretensions and tricks Akbar Khan. Hear is some advise - go away.

Jerome who is Allah's beloved (His Habib)? Who is Allah's most praised one (His Ahmed)? Whose prophetic sayings (hadith) do you read in order to understand HOW to perform the five daily prayers? If you want to pray directly to Allah, then the only way you can do that is to remember his most beloved, Muhammad (saaw) as well.

When you are sitting in prayer reading the tashahhud, do you know what you are saying? A part of it is -

Assalaamu'Alaiyka ayyuha'nabiyyu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

=Oh Prophet! Peace and blessings and grace be upon you!


Allahummaa salee ala muhammad wa ala alee muhammadin kama salayta ala ibrahima wa ala alee ibrahimaa innakaa hamidu'majeed.
Allahummaa barik ala muhammad wa ala alee muhammadin kama barakta ala ibrahima wa ala alee ibrahimaa innakaa hamide'majeed.

= Oh Allah send prayers upon Muhammad, and upon Muhammad's family, in the same way you send them upon Abraham and on the the family of Abraham. You are the Most Praised, The Most Glorious.
Oh Allah, send your blessings upon Muhammad and upon Muhammad's family, in the same way you send them upon Abraham and on the family of Abraham. You are the Most Praised, the Most Glorious.

Do you know that when you are PRAYING Jerome, that you are saying salaam to the prophet? Do you also know that everytime you are praying you are asking Allah to bless and send prayers upon Muhammad and his family? How can that be...wait a minute, you are making TAWASSUL through the prophet (saaw) when you are praying to Allah. That's right Jerome! The prophet (saaw) said in his sayings recorded in Bukhari & Muslim, and ALSO it is mentioned in the Qur'an, that when you send peace and blessings upon Muhammad (saaw), Allah rewards you ten fold in return. Allah is happy when you make Tawassul to Him through his righteous servants. Please mention grave worship again I dare you.

Younis Afridi: You don't know one percent of the true story these articles and discover the diseases afflicting our holiest cities:

Three men convicted of homosexuality:

A Foreign woman was running a prostitution ring in Madinah:

A 17-year old boy tried to commit bestiality with a camel in Saudia Arabia:

British Nurses feared being raped by Saudi Police:

Now if that's not enough for you, I can get you more! And from other arab news media as well. I am trying to let you know, that there are sickening things happening within the country that houses our TWO HOLIEST CITIES!

Younis they are rising the horn of Shaytaan in the land. They have desecrated the graves of many Sahabi, wives of the prophet (saaw), and they are bringing underground gambling and prostitution, pedophilia, and alcoholism into the country. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Imagine what goes on that is not caught?

Don't even try giving me your line of "this are rare cases" BS. Live with the truth and fight against this disease. Don't just come here and say garbage that I am trying to turn people away from Islam. I am trying to turn people towards good behaviour and good Islamic morals by exposing sicknesses which you prefer to sweep under the rug! You think about that, and THINK HARD

No Akbar Khan I pray to God/Allah I do not need an intermediary to pray through him. If that were so why did not God tell us to pray to Prophet Mohammed (peace be on him) anywhere in any hadees. By your own admission you pray to God through dead saints. Worshipping Saints again. Old habits die hard with Hindus. I left the confessional and BS about paraying through saints when I dumped Christianity and I am not about to go back to that madness. No Akbar Khan, if you are a Muslim then you truly do a great disservice to Islam by your own confusion and hostility towards Muslims who don't agree with you. And more you preoccupation with homosexuality makes me think about your true intentions by your postings.

There it is once again, my point has been proven. People like you Jerome, go out of your way to misguide others by changing the meaning of tawassul. And my post also proves that people like YOU are going out of your way to start a fight and unecessary argumentation.

Please, you talk about tawassul as if you are some expert yet you didn't even know that the 5 pillars of Islam and the 6 articles of faith are two different subjects of study!!! Please get outta here man, or start to get real.

As for your concept of "worshipping saints," I suggest you learn the TRUE meaning of tawassul. A TRUE SUFI is a person who makes du'a to Allah through another person's means. To make du'a through the means of a holy person is completely and totally accepted in Islam. The word SAINT as you have said is completely innaccurate and misconstrued from the essential meaning of Awliya-Allah, or Wali-Allah, which means one who is a friend of Allah's, and it close to Allah. First I will teach you WHO these Awliya are, then I will show you that by supplicating to Allah through another person's "means" or "positive meaning" does not mean that you are worshpping that person. Let's see if you can disprove what I say here with authentic proof and not just what some unknown person you claim to be taking advice from. Read what is written yani and learn about it before claiming that Muslims are worshipping people, Naudzubillah, how blasphemous of you to say such a thing to accuse other Muslims of straying from the path of Qul hu wallahu ahad (Say that He is Allah, the only One)!!!

First proof:Tabarani said in his Mu`jam al-awsat:

Anas said: The Prophet said: "The earth will never lack forty men similar to the Friend of the Merciful [Prophet Ibrahim], and through them people [Muslims] receive rain and are given victory (over their enemies). None of them dies except Allah substitutes another in his place."

From ridiculing new Muslims because they lack the knowledge, to calling Muslims from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan homosexuals, Akbar Khan you are .. slithering through this web site. I wonder how Saudi and Pakistani Muslims would feel if they saw you and knew your identity? I think that you are a provocateur working to create an environment of hostility among Muslims and making non-Muslims, who would otherwise be tempted to investigate Islam, be repulsed from Muslim based on your portrayal of them as a bunch of homosexuals. Akbar Khan ..I am offended that you even have the gall to quote the Quran. Why don't you get off this site Akbar this is not the gay site?

Akbar Khan, I do not think that I want to go to the tombs of dead people and pray there. Why should I not pray at the mosque or at home or if I can afford it, at Mecca. Why at the tombs of dead 'Sufis" ? Is it because you think that somehow the dead will intervene on your behalf and your prayers will be stamped with an 'Express Delivery' service stamp ? I have always hated how my family used to worship Christian saints. We had a saint for everything. If I lost something my mother would tell me to pray to one saint and if I needed more money then to pray to yet another saint. I think that is where you are leading me Akbar Khan - Saint Worship. Sorry, but you to your way and I to mine. I know Islam's appeal lies in its simplicity which all appreciate and understand. What you describe in worshipping saints and chanting "tawawssul" sounds like stuff borrowed from ancient religions of misguided people like the Hindus and and early Christians. I spoke to a number of people a teh mosque and to my teachers and they stated that true Sufis never reveal themselves and the ones we know of like Rumi were good men. But in present days Sufiism is being promoted to nullify and stamp out mainstream Islam. Why would God place conditions on accepting prayers- so if you are blind do this and that and chant tawawssul, and then only God will cure you ? What ???? So Akbar Khan you to your way and I to mine. You go and worship your dead saints and ask them to validate your prayers and I will pray directly to God as we are directed in the Koran.

...(Continuation from previous post)

"We can put a rule that any work which is intended to encourage sinful practices or bring out something foul or evil in the reader or in society is either reprehensible or forbidden to read, according to its effect. Otherwise, it is perfectly permissible to read literary works.

Our Dialogue ( Source : Arab News - Jeddah )

SOOO....there we have it Younus Afridi. And by the way, read this hadith and see if the prophet condemned those non-Muslims reciting poetry, or ALL poetry. For if he condemned ALL POETRY, he would not have said this:

Sahih Bukhari,Volume 5, Book 59, Number 449, Narrated by Ubai bin Ka'b:
Allah's Apostle said,

"Inna min-ash-shi'ri lahikmatun."


"surely, there is wisdom in poetry."

The very website I seem to be "fighting" against according to you, says that there are different categories of poetry, when used by righteous Muslims, poetry can be beneficial. What disturbs me the most is that you have tried to change the reality of things and make it look like I am starting to attack people at random, when in fact these people in their lack of knowledge think that htey can issue fatwa's and come on strong to me and condemn me. The sooner you see that, the better off it will be for you. Otherwise I suggest that you stop this little fight you as well have started, because I do not intend ot fight, I wish to open your eyes to REALITY.


For you to condemn ALL POETRY, IS RIDICULOUS and and UNEDUCATED decision.

Once again...

Sahih Bukhari,Volume 5, Book 59, Number 449, Narrated by Ubai bin Ka'b:

Allah's Apostle said,

"Inna min-ash-shi'ri lahikmatun."


"surely, there is wisdom in poetry."

Younis Afridi:

Please give it a rest. Not only am I not "fighting" with just about everybody on this site, they are in fact starting fights with me. As for your claims that I am posting false quotes from Qur'an and Hadith, la hawla wa la quwwuta illah billah il aleeyul adheem! How can you say such an absurd thing while I have provided references to every one of my quotes from Qur'an and Ahadith? In fact if you in your narrow vision would read the posts clearly, you would see people from Yvonne Malik, to Pia Johansohn, to Jerome, have come out and gone out of their way to attack everything I say. Now why is it that they do that? Take for example Jerome, he didn't even know the difference between the 5 pillars of Islam and the 6 articles of faith! Yet you can sit htere and accuse me of posting false ayats and ahadith? May Allah show mercy upon you.

As far as the Hadith you quoted, you should read what the muhaddith of this hadith have said, that is refers to one who wanders and has no purpose fulfilled by their poetry. You see this is your problem! If Poetry is haraam, then read these very hadiths as well, then you deny poetry, come on buddy! Islam discourages that poetry of pre-Islamic times by the Arabs that was written to encourage sinning and evil acts, or created desires to do so! It does not discourage good poetry!!! Read what Islamicity says and then you will learn something man! The level of ignorance man that some of you have is astounding!

You can read this answer as a source from, with it's religious editor.

I think you really need to go back to the article, "Uncle Sam's Gulag" and see what I have recently posted their and really OPEN UP YOUR EYES. I feel sorry for you Younus Afridi, that you live with such silly opinions. I will post that link's very contents in the next section below for you:


Jerome, I'm not in this discussion, however for further references you should know the basics of Islam.
Five Pillars of BELIEF:

1)Ash-Shahadah (The Oath),e.g.,"I declare that there is no any other deity, except God and Muhammad is merely His messenger and servant."

2)As-Salat (The Worship),e.g.,five times a day.

3)Az-Zakat (The Charity),e.g.,2.5% of your capital.

4)As-Siam (The Fasting),e.g.,in the month of Ramadhan.

5)Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage),e.g.,once in a lifetime if one can to Mecca.

This makes you a Muslim believer. The items of Faith are 8 and the believe in those make you a faithful Muslim. They are:
1)God. 2)His Angels. 3)His Writs(Books,Scrolls). 4)His Messengers(Prophets,Patriarchs,Messiah). 5)His Pre-destination(Fate,Destiny),Good and Bad. 6)The Last Day(when everything will die). 7)Ressurection after Death. 8)His(God)Judgement.

To remember their exact number, think of them as stars with 5, respectively 8 corners, both Islamic symbols.

I hope this helped.
Peace be upon you all!

Akbar Khan I have been following your fight with just about evreybody on this site and to help you in realizing your mistake let me point your attention to not just the Quran verses 224 - 227 of Surah Ash Shuara which, contrary to your contention, does mean 'The Poets', let me also direct your attention to the Hadees of Muslim, since you have refuted the Hadees of Bukhari when someone quoted earlier. So here is Hadees Muslim: Book 028, Number 5611:
Abu Sa`id Khudri reported: We were going with Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him). As we reached the place (known as) Arj there met (us) a poet who had been reciting poetry. Thereupon Allah's Messanger (may peace be upon him) said: Catch the satan or detain the satan, for filling the belly of a man with pus is betting than stuffing his brain with poetry.

So Mr. Khan you must admit that if you prefer to follow some cult, so be it, but to justify your fanciful beliefs using false Quran and Hadees quotes or rambling to no end without any sense and throwing a slew of strange words and absurd arguments to impress, in an effort to delude and confuse those who seek the truth is just very tragic. Mr. Khan give it a rest. You like being a Sufi good. Just don't bad mouth other Muslims and assume that you are some sort of saint. Want to promote Secular Islam, I think the Algerian and Turlish "government" web sites could help you better.

Oh yes I listed 5 basic articles of faith, there should be a 6th one, so I will list them all again:

1) Believe in the oneness of Allah as your Lord.
2) Believe in the Angels
3) Believe in The Qur'an, Injeel, Zabor, Taurat and that the Qur'an has authority over these previous revelations.
4) Believe in all the Prophets from Allah, from Adam (as) to Muhammad (saaw), and everyone else in between, and that Muhammad (saaw) is the leader of all the other prophets and is the seal of all the prophets
5) Believe in the Day of Judgement when we will stand trial before Allah for our lives in this life.
6) And Finally to Believe in Divine Decree of Destiny, that everything is from Allah.

These are many more articles of faith, but these are the basic six. So Jerome do not be confused between the Five Pillars of Islam with these. You should ask your teachers about the hadith's which I have mentioned to you about Ihsaan. You should also ask your teachers about what Imam Malik writes about Tasawwuf in his book "Muwatta"...then you should ask them about Kitab al-Zuhd in Sahih Muslim. Also don't forget to ask them, your teachers, about the Dhikr (rememberance of Allah) in the Qur'an over 300 times - which Sufi's only remain in doing primarily. Then you should ask your teachers to look up as to what and who are the Muhsinoon, which is also mentioned in the Qur'an hundreds of times. Muhsinoon is plural for those who practice Ihsaan. Ihsaan is intertwined with every aspect of Islam, for it is perfection of one's faith. Sufi's do nothing but this. They practice Tazkiyyat an-Nafs which means purification of the lower self. A Sufi does nothing but this. To purify yourself more and more is to bring you closer to Allah. Sufi's follow a line of teachers. the Prophet had successors after him - Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali (radi'Allahu anhum). As followers of a school of thought, all Hanafi's see Abu Hanifah as their teacher in Jurisprudence.

Very well put. I'm not American so I'm not sure that I am in any position to comment on or really understand "American Culture"; but its good to hear an Imaam, a pilar of the muslim cummunity, accepting that there is nothing wrong and infact many benefits in adopting the culture of the host community or the indiginous population as long as it remains within the confines of thier religion or "deen".

I would also like to add that We can not segregate ourselves, and should endeavour to understand and possibly adopt the many good aspects of the host communities culture; only then will we be accepted as part of the community and understood and respected for what and whom we are; a peace loving group of people who have many admirable goals and objectives, infact not entirely dissimilar to those of the host communities.

Akbar Khan, you contradicted yourself. You said there were 6 pillars of faith and you listed 5. I feel that if you cannot explain yourself and your new fangled beliefs no matter how outrageous, as in your case, then you must not attack other Muslims and you also be able to take criticism. Funny you claim I insult Muslims, when you sound like a nasty piece of work to me. Intolerant and pretty ignorant of any substantive reasoning behind your claim that Sufism was taught by the Prophet Mohamed. I am sure the old teachers of deep Islamic philosophy never ever desired to be worshipped or ever lay claim to prophet hood. I went on that Sufi web site someone here mentioned, the Supreme Islamic Council of North America and all I found was propaganda against other Muslims. In fact you sound like you came right out of that web site. I think everyone on this site should be pretty careful of Akbar Khan. Because I only see him spreading hate, intolerance and trying to add a new dimension to Islam, when Islam is pure in itself and needs no further refinement by quacks and charlatans.

As-Salaam-Alaikum, You clearly and objectively described living in this country. As a muslim woman of African/American descent,I am bless by Allah to have a very good paying job, raise five children alone and own my own home while doing so. I feel without Allah's help this could not have been accomplished.However, there were many tests, trials and tribulations, but by putting Allah first, as you mentioned, Allah has helped me overcome. Now, I am presently supervising on my job (in Hijab)and getting much respect for standing by what I believed in. Thank you for your article. It was very well articulated.

Should the world change to suit "Islamic" practices or should Islam "change" to suit the world. This is the age old debate on which Luqman Ahmed writes with a degree of understanding

Jerome: The confusion lies in your own reading of my post. You lack knowledge brother. Islaam are the 5 pillars of Islam, and Imaan (FAITH) contains 6 basic articles of belief. That is where your confusion lies. They are two different classifications, that must be believed in when you take Shahadah (testimony of faith). These six basic articles of faith are NOT the 5 pillars of Islam. The 6 basic articles of faith are as follows:

1. Belief in the oneness of Allah
2. Belief in His Angels
3. Believe in His Books (the Qur'an Zaboor, Taurat), but that the Qur'an commands over the other two
4. Belief that Muhammad (saaw) is the final messenger and prophet of Allah, and to believe in all the other prophets and messengers who came before him
5. To believe in Allah's Divine Decree of Destiny

It is not I who is astray brother. Please re-read my post and understand the basics of Islam.

Now as far as your mentioning of Ihsaan, do you even KNOW what it is, and the role it plays in being a Muslim, a Mu'min (believer)?

I will show you the hadith Qudsi which none of the Ulema have ever disagreed upon, in fact all Muslims believe in all the Hadith Qudsi. I will show you this one right here below that proves the importance of IHSAAN.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 2, Number 47:
Narrated Abu Huraira:
One day while the Prophet was sitting in the company of some people,(The angel) Gabriel came and asked, "What is faith?" Allah's Apostlereplied, 'Faith is to believe in Allah, His angels, (the) meeting withHim, His Apostles, and to believe in Resurrection." Then he furtherasked, "What is Islam?" Allah's Apostle replied, "To worship AllahAlone and none else, to offer prayers perfectly to pay the compulsorycharity (Zakat) and to observe fasts during the month of Ramadan."Then he further asked, "What is Ihsan (perfection)?" Allah's Apostle replied,
(Continued in Alternative Section)

Akar Khan, I am pretty confused by your postings. I thought there were 5 pilars of faith based upon hadees of Bukhari and Muslim. Where did you get the 6th one from ? Also I thought all Sunni Muslims followed simply basic conservative Islam, however you declare yourself to be a follower of Ihsaan and tosawaof. So is your cult like that of Ahmadeies and Bhaies ? Finally what I find most confusing is that my teachers have told me and I have read in Hadees that in the Prophet Mohammed's last sermon he stated quite emphatically and clearly and without any doubt, "today I have completed your religion for you". He then asked his followers to confirm this which they did. So this philosophy of Sufism I am not finding anywhere in the Prophet Mohammed's teachings. I do not see mention of Sufi Islam mentioned anywhere in any of the main hadees at all.


Myself, and every other follower of Ihsaan, what is called Sufism in english, whom I know, believe in the obligation of praying five times a day as ordained by Allah (swt), and also believe in all other pillars of Islam, along with believing in the six articles of faith, and believing in Ihsaan, which is worshipping Allah as though you see Him, and if you see Him not, know that nonetheless, He sees you. This is the general requirement of being a believer in Islam. It is narrated in a Hadith Qudsi (a hadith which there is no disagreement upon by all the scholars), and in fact is the basis for following Islam correctly.

Hujjatul-Islam (the Proof of Islam), Imam Ghazzali was the great reviver of Islam during a time when things were in a great deal of dissarray. What he did was to unite all groups who had separated, to come together because he taught on the basis of relying upon what the Qur'an said. Of course he was able to do that because he had the educational background to teach what the Qur'an said. Guru just means teacher, so yes he was a teacher. And Sufi is just the word used in the english language to refer to a person who practices Ihsaan, or, Tasawwuf. Tasawwuf means purification of the soul and heart, and thus perfection of one's faith. Tasawwuf is also a branch of Shari'ah, where one seeks to attain Divine Pleasure - or wanting Allah to be pleased with you. This is a very simple description I have just given here.

As far as what you have explained to me about this conference, I do not think it is my place to say that what Shaykh Hisham Kabbani did was wrong. That may shock you and a whole lot of other people, but that is only out of respect for the man, and what he has done to establish Islam in America. I do not know Shaykh Kabbani nor have I ever met him, but maybe what you could have done is asked him how he could do such a thing? I don't know that would have been my first question.

An excellent article.How you behave is dakwah n a reflection of your religion.

Morgan Smiley, you state that you have witnessed Muslims attack Americans on American soil for the past 25 years? Unless you mean that Israel is your soil too, you leave me very confused. The first time there was an "attack" on Americans with a supposed Islamic link was in 1993 with the first car-bomb attack on the World Trade Center; and that was not 25 years ago. The second attack took place in 2001, which demolished the building-also with seriously flawed and dubious evidence pointing towards Islamists. So I really think that you make an unfathomably outrageous statement that Muslims have been attacking America for the past 25 years. However if you chaps look at your history, the US has been instrumental in impoverishing Islamic countries by subversion, assassinations, arial bomb attacks, kidnappings, extra-judicial murders etc. much to the benefit of Israel. Even the Bosnian affair was a disaster, because initially the US did not want to attack Christian Serbs, irrespective of horrendous state of affairs of Muslims under the Serbs, far worse than what the Jews suffered under Nazi Germany. With the arms embargo on Muslim Bosnians only, your government and the French guaranteed the Serbs a sure victory and were complicit in the massacre of civilians that followed. Or would you rather tall about the 50 years of a grotesque US foreign policy, which sets a shining example for all. With over 600,000 Japanese civilians burnt alive, over 350,000 documented massacres of North Korean civilians, almost a million Vietnamese civilians, 250,000 Afghan civilians, 150,000 documented Iraqi civilians. And this list does not include those innocents murdered in Iran, Chile, Panama, Pakistan, by the nutter despots propped by your US government. You say you are deeply suspicious of Muslims, we, the World look at you Americans with deep disdain and disgust. How could you be so hypocritical ? It just boggles the mind.

Very logical, except for a technicality that is crucial: The Islam brought to us from the Messenger of Allah cannot be normailized or molded into a culture, you simply normalize and mold those Muslims (with the same rules of Islam) within the new environment they are in. Similarly, you don't blend Islam, but blend the Muslims keeping Islam intact. You don't adapt Islam, but you adapt the Muslims keeping Islam intact. The scholars' artciles and past examples are numerous in this subject. The words: adapt Islam, mold Islam, and blend Islam may hint to the common person that the rules of Islam can be changed, which is inaccurate. Good article. Thank you.

Akbar, so he was a Sufi Guru. In Washington DC there was an Islamic summit during Clinton's final years. In fact the White House hosted an Iftar event during Ramadan. The program was dominated by Sufi thought and practice, particularly by the Sufi group, the Islamic Supreme Council of America. Not being a Muslim originally I was searching. I had already had enough of Bhuddism, and judging the various faiths out there by their teachings and actions of its adherents and clergy I discarded all and settled for Islam. I was quite taken in by the brotherhood in Islam, but at the DC convention, it was sadly apparent that the whole affair was a set up to dvide Muslims. Glossy magazines and brochures and speeches by this Sufi group, were a fantastic effort to totally demonize and discredit Sunni Wahabi Muslims, Chechnyan Muslims and Arab Muslims. Interestingly the leader of the Sufi group Sheikh Hisham Kabbani, refused to perform or lead the prayers and when some of the Muslims pressed, he stated something amazing. He said tha he did not need to perform prayers as he had performed them at the Kaba in Saudi Arabia while in meditation. He clamed that he in fact was in Kaba in Saudi Arabia 10 minutes ago. I thought that he was kidding but he was serious. He and others in his group then proceeded to hug men and women alike, which I found very strange because I know that in Islam such physical contact is forbidden. The Sufis did not perform their Maghrib prayers after Iftaar either. They maintained this time that they were exempt by their Sufi leader Sheikh Kabbani. I did get a chance to pick this man's brain. Almost robotically he started agonizing about the terrible disservice Arabs had done to Islam and also vented against the Chechnyan movement, Afghanistan's Islamic movement, Bosnia's Muslims etc. So I am afraid Sufi Islam is just not my cup of tea. I am sure the old teachers meant well but presently I am simply appaled by Sufis and their claims.

Patrick...It is sad to know that you do not understand what this country is all about. America might be a Christian nation as far as demographics are concerned but certainly it is not a Christian nation by law. Thomas Jefferson one of the founding fathers and author of the declaration of independence in 1802 while President of America said that the nation had erected a "wall of separation between church and state". He was an ardent fighter for religious freedom. And the Establishment Clause of the US constitution is a living testimony to that. Patrick if you are unable to respect the laws of the land, you should be the one leaving to the old witch hunt lands which you adore and where you came from or establish a new witch hunt Christian extremist country wherever you want but certainly not here in the US. You are most welcome to take all the hate mongers like Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson or those associated with the extremist Southern Baptist denomination who preach hate with you. As for Morgan Smiley you should know that extremist Christians were the first ones who performed the biggest act of terror in the US before 911, that is the Oklahoma City bombing but you would obviously fail to mention that because you are an extremist yourself. All you want is the settling of Jews in Israel for the second coming of Christ to take place and thereby supporting Israel in its terrorist activities. And you say America is worth fighting for, it is certainly not worth killing thousands of innocent Iraqis in the garb of terrorism. If America was that serious about find the perpetrators of 911 it would have gone after those rather than killing innocent Iraqis. Those Americans who support the Iraq war are drinking blood of innocent Iraqis knowingly, and Morgan you better change your name from "Morgan Smiley" to "Morgan Killy". Let the true Morgan come forward.


Great article. This country is great, despite its many problems. After 25 years of watching Muslims attack our people, efforts, tourists, military, and our own soil, I, like many others, am deeply suspcious of Muslims. Fortunately, there are folks like you in this country. I urge you to let others know about this country. We're not perfect, but we're pretty darn good. We've plenty of problems, but this is still is great place to live; and it's worth fighting for. Let other Muslims know.

god bless you .

It may be true for those who live or want to live in USA, Subhan-Allah you are still in Slumber. Wake Up dear muslims USA's Policy is anti-Islam, so why dont u accept this. Thanks ALLAH KNOWS BEST


As for Imam Ghazzali (ra), I can post a brief biography. He was a a shining star of his time. He was one of those people who prached, wrote, and spread only those things which he practiced himself. He was born in 1058 in the city of Tus in the province of Khurasaan. His actual name is Abu Hamid ibn Muhammad an-Nishapuri. the title "Ghazzali" was given to him from his father's business of trade, which was in Ghazzal, which means Wool Merchant.

Imam Ghazzali studied Shari'ah in his early years with Shaykh Ahmed at-Tusi, and later on when to the city of Jurjan and studied under Imam Abu Nasr al-Jurjani. In 1078 he studied in the very famous Nizamiyya Madrassah of Ishapur, and became a disciple of the principal of his madrassah, Shaykh Abu'l Ma'ali who was the Imam of the Haramain in Makkah Munawwarah. Under him, Imam Ghazzali studied religion, philosophy, jurisprudence, and natural law. At this point in his life, he believed that a person should find out the truth trial and error, with critical judgement and studying.

After the death of Shaykh Abu'l Ma'ali (the Shaykh of the Haramain), Imam Ghazzali was appointed by the Prime Minister of then the Seljuk Turk Sultan, Malik Shah at the age of 34 years, to become the Principal of Nizamiyya Madrassah. Later on he eventually became Imam of all of Iraq and Khurasaan.

When he reached 40 years of age, he was seen as the leader of Baghdad by everyone all around, and suddenly gave up and left all his fame, his name, his wealth that he acquired through his services, and went wandering into the deserts in search of his Lord's true message in meditation and solitude from society and crowds of people who respected him.

He travelled all over Syria, Palestine, Cairo, Alexandria, and visited many of the tombs of distinguished Awliya, and to many masjids across these lands.

In 1106 after his soul searching, he returned to Baghdad at the request of the (continued)

Assalaamu'Alaiykum Bak Tanus,

No Problem my dear brother:

Sahih Bukhari: Volume 2, Book 15, Number 70:
Narrated Aisha:

Allah's Apostle (p.b.u.h) came to my house while two girls weresinging beside me the songs of Buath (a story about the war betweenthe two tribes of the Ansar, the Khazraj and the Aus, before Islam).The Prophet (p.b.u.h) lay down and turned his face to the other side.Then Abu Bakr came and spoke to me harshly saying, "Musicalinstruments of Satan near the Prophet (p.b.u.h) ?" Allah's Apostle(p.b.u.h) turned his face towards him and said, "Leave them." When AbuBakr became inattentive, I signalled to those girls to go out and theyleft. It was the day of 'Id, and the Black people were playing withshields and spears; so either I requested the Prophet (p.b.u.h) or heasked me whether I would like to see the display. I replied in theaffirmative. Then the Prophet (p.b.u.h) made me stand behind him andmy cheek was touching his cheek and he was saying, "Carry on! O BaniArfida," till I got tired. The Prophet (p.b.u.h) asked me, "Are yousatisfied (Is that sufficient for you)?" I replied in the affirmativeand he told me to leave.

-Also Look at Volume 4, Book 52, Number 155

Volume 4, Book 56, Number 730:
Narrated 'Aisha:

That during the Mina days, Abu Bakr came to her, while there where twogirls with her, beating drums, and the Prophet was (lying) coveringhimself with his garment. Abu Bakr rebuked the two girls, but theProphet uncovered his face and said, "O Abu Bakr! Leave them, forthese are the days of Id (festival)." Those days were the days ofMina-. 'Aisha added, "I was being screened by the Prophet while I waswatching the Ethiopians playing in the Mosque. 'Umar rebuked them, butthe Prophet said, "Leave them, O Bani Arfida! Play. (for) you are safe."

Also refer to:
1) Sahih Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 58, Number 268
2) Sahih Muslim, Book 004, Number 1938

Akbar, what is the reference for the statements you have provided. I mean hadees numbers from Bukhari and Muslim. Also who is Imam Gazali ? are there hadees that he wrote ? What is Ihya Uloom ad-Deen. Is it a widely accepted hadees source ? Sorry but I just don't know so I need to ask.

Patrick, it might be a fair idea to watch less Fox News and Pat Robertson's or Ann Coulter's "Muslim Hate Fest" who only stir your fear and ignorance into a mad frenzy, to a point that you stop thinking for yourself and let these blood-thirsty nutters do the thinking for you. Mercifully Patrick, views such as yours which usually emanate from venomous anti-Muslim loons are confined to uneducated, beer-bellied couch potatoes, and blue collar (tragically unemployed) individuals who spend their welfare checks on beer and porn videos and whose counting skills stop at 10 because that's how many fingers they have. Reading the New York Post or cartoons and watching the WWF does not a scholar make my good Christian. Listen carefully to what your precious Bill O'Rielly, Ann Coulter and Pat Robertson are saying - no different from the blood crazed madness of Nazis - much to the glee and delight of Jews who can not believe their luck that a nation of dopes are fighting and dieing for their madcap cause. And you call that Christian thinking ? Would Jesus condone this Evangelical Christian blood lust ? THINK Patrick THINK.

Mr Patrick Ethington your enmity against Islam is conditioned by a pathological psychosis generated by your .. fear toward the unknown. Primitive societies have this syndrome, your statement discribes exactly your position on the intelligence scale in the American hierarchy of moral values. Your comment:"Sorry mohoammad this is a christian nation" Buddy, you can't even spell, which makes me wonder, did you prevail of the general information available on the www, or you are content with what you know, as a measure of all things? Let me explain to you what is common knowledge in North America, American or Canadian for that matter is not a natural nation, but rather an imperialist colonization product of many nations(Indigen, European, African and Asian), aside of Europeans, all the rest are not predominantly Christian. But then again, how would you know, you lack common sense. So, think again, "Is really America a Christian nation?" or a "white one" for that matter? What happened with the American Jews? American Natives(they believe in Manitou who doesn't have Christian accents)? American Hindus? American Buddhists? American Atheists? You ignore all of these Americans? Are you in your right mind or you are impaired still due to the holiday season? The American Muslims are in greater majority than the American Jews and still growing. Therefore, start getting used to Muslims as your compatriotes, frankly, you have no choice, the Muslims are in America and are there to stay. And you can't do nothing about it and that drives you up the walls! Take it easy, drink some water and calm down, lest you get a heart attack in your impotent struggle to contain the Muslims. Your next comment:"If you want to be muslim be muslim don't water it down with anything else." You are not a religious authority, neither in Islam nor Christianity, thus your recommandation is futile and insipid denoting your limited capacity to realize simple concepts, I'm so sorry for you!

Rajhi - Go read about Sam'a. Bak Tanus is correct, the Prophet (saws) allowed girls to continue singing and dancing on Eid even though Abu Bakr siddiq (ra) and Aisha (radi'Allahu Anha) wre complaining to the prophet, and he responded by saying, let them enjoy.).

Imam Ghazzali says in his Ihya Uloom ad-Deen:

In seven places, songs are commendable:
1)Songs of Pilgrims. They roam from one country to another with songs and flutes. These songs are lawful, and they describe poetry relating to the Ka'aba, Hajrat al-Aswad, the well of Zam-Zam, and other holy signs. These arouse feelings of visiting the Ka'aba and other holy places.
2) Warriors should be given impetus to fight against the enemies by songs. It is lawful to call towards bravery and to lay down life for the cause of God.
3) If two warriors meet in the battlefield, what they recite of songs and poetry of bravery is lawful, because they incite them to fight. It is lawful in lawful fights and not unlawful fights.
4) Songs of mournings - it is not commendable to recite songs which increase sorrow for past mishaps, calamities. To express sorrow for the dead means u are expressing dissatisfactoin at the order of God.

Mourning songs are commendable when men express sorrow for past sins. Prophet Adam (as) wept for forgiveness, Prophet David's (as) songs were for forgiveness. Owing to his melodious songs, many people expired. This action is praiseworthy and to give encouragement for this is also praiseworthy.
5) Songs at the times of festivals are permissible. It increases joy and happiness at the time of festivals and other days of expressing happiness, for this happens at the time of the two Eid's, at marriage festivals, at a child's haqiqah (birth ceremony). When the prophet (saws) returned to Medina after the expedition of Ridwan, the women from the top of the roof were singing:

Rajhi, my knowledge on Islam is zero, so could you please direct me to the section in the Quran where Music is Haraam ? I know that in Hadees Bukhari, when our Prophet peace be upon him, entered Madina, the women and girls sang songs welcoming him, to which he did not object. So help me find the passage in the Quran where music is haraam. Thank you

The reader addresses the issue fairly and up-to-date on just how we should live in "America" and learn how to live with our neighbors and teach them who we are as good muslims. Quran and Hadith teaches us to be good people and live in peace with our family and neighbors. We should learn to accept our neighbor's way of lives and customs but at the same time adhere strictly to our Islamic roots. But if we do not learn from them and through learning "their" cultures and customs how can we teach them what ours is? Morever, I see people leaving so many comments without they themselves reading anything on Islam and trying to open up their eyes and minds as to what is going on "currently" in the world. Our youth (the young boys and girls) everyday becoming more "American" than the American children. They are the leaders of gangs and drug dealers--deny it all you want I know that is the trend in all the major American cities. Being young and having many younger friends I know this from first hand experience what is really going on in this "America" of ours. If you want to save yourselves and your Imaan (faith) then save your children through a sound and up-to-date Islammic Education. First, the parents need to pick up the Quran and the Hadiths and then teach their children and families. It takes just one person to make a difference first in their own lives in order for them to make a difference in any one elses. W/Saalams.

Jazakallah! At least people think in a islamic way. Yes, we are American with our islamic values and heritage and yes, we love this country.

I like your article, what I didn't like what you say about some music being haram, who are you to tell as this? The Quran mentions this very clear that it is haram so why are you promoting the evil?

Sorry mohoammad this is a christian nation

MashALlah ya Imam, I thought that was an outstanding essay...and i totally agree...part of being a Muslim is that Allah gave us the Frontal lobe in order to reason out what is good and what is bad, and if we still can't figure it out then SubhanAllah we have the marvel of th Quran and Sunnah to guide us...If you wan't to find dirt you can find it anywhere in any country...and if you desire to see the stars you can find them anywhere and in any country...perhaps we shouldn't badger America or its culture...but instead be more aware of our own weakness and the inclinations of our nafs to lead us astray...May Allah always grant us the wisdom to see our faults and to confess to them through istighfar and not to blame other "dunya" entitities for our weakness'. Ameen Wasalamu Alaikum wa rahamat Allahu Wa barakatu

Salam ALikum,
I want know what the muslim who pay tax to Kill his Brothers Muslim's position is ?


I am so happy we have American...and Canadian Muslims. If we didn't, the many Imams who give those fiery Khutbah's during friday congregation prayers about the zulum and fitnah spreading because of the Israel and the Bush would be all we would ever be hearing about - rightly so as Sam has pointed out. I too am sick and tired of the extremist elements. I was recently told that I am going to hell by one of them who belonged to the Hizb ut-Tahrir, here in Toronto during the Reviving the Islamic Spirit, because I asked one of its members at their table, what Aqeedah means to them...when I disagreed with their own interpretation of what Aqeedah means, they condemned me to hell, because I told them about how Imam Shafi'e (ra) went to the tomb of Imam Abu Hanifah (ra), and made du'a there, or tawassul, to Allah (swt), and how Tirmidhi relates that the Prophet (saaw) told a blind man to make wasilah (to be used as a means) through the propet in praying to ALLAH, so that his eyesight would be restored, and it was as related in this hadith with sound chain of narrators, as said by the foremost muhaddith's in thier commentary on this hadith. So obviously, the Hizb ut-Tahrir guys (aka, first told me that this is Shirk, Bid'at, and Haraam lolll..........then another guy came up to me, pulled a paper out of my hand, and barked in my face like a dog, and condemned me to hell. Neither did I get angry for one second, but rather responded to the barking by saying, this is a typical response you guys give, this is how you want to establish Islamic government? By condemning Muslims who have different perspectives than you, to hell? So to them it's my way, or the "hell-way"...

So yeah that's why it's nice to see people like Cristalee and Adele - I like your enthusiasm, and once again br. Hudd how's everything going, I haven't see you in a long time.

An excellent article! I can't agree more with you brother. May Allah reward you. I'm an American born convert to Islam. I've known many people to change everything in their lives to look Arabic. I've traveled a lot and all Islamic countries and saw that everyone is different. I'm happy I am not alone in my observations.

VERY NICE! Allahu Akbar! im impressed with the wording and how easy it was to relate with this description of Islam American Style. I must disagree though with you when it comes to the communities of muslims doing their part in spreading knowledge about Islam after the 9/11.
But i noticed that this was written by a "NORCAL"/North Californian community member. Thanks to you for a special treat! This letter really hit home and gives me hope for an Islam to emminate my american-hood. Adele Devalcourt...a sister.

This article does make me proud to make me an Italian American muslimah!!! Even a better positive out look to my family and very understanding to the Italian American muslims. Islam is for everyone no matter what race or our mothers tongue!

Excellent article. If this article wouldn't bear an obvious truth then consider this: Islam as we follow had its origin in Arabia 622/AD. The first followers were Arabs, speaking Arabic and having an Arab culture. Islam was meant to be a universal religion in a global presence. Proof to that are the so many Islamic cultures that are not of Arabic tongue or Arab traditions. To name some, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Khazakstan, North Africa, Middle East, Ajara, Iran, Uzbekistan, etc., all these nations have their own cultures more, less or not at all Arab! Some speak Arabic, some don't. Question arises, only because USA wasn't exposed to Islamic values early enough to have an American Islam...should we stop a natural development in our great religion of Islam? The Arabic language and the Arab culture were either reshaped or abandoned for other languages and other cultures. What matters most is the message of Islam, which if it wasn't universal and accommodating every aspect of the human family defeated its origal purpose! Definitely, we witness the birth of new sister nations to Islam, American Islam, Canadian Islam, Mexican Islam, though Islam is one, has many faces and local customs! Now you couldn't say that living in Morocco is just like living in Indonesia? I am thrilled to witness this process, I see it in my children and in the children and the youth of Muslim immigrants, an Islam that is most beautiful, with hiphop accents, like I saw young Muslim girls wearing design scarves, Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbilt along with bandannas and Nikes, driving along in flashy cars and having fun in the decency of Islam. No boy friends, although mixed-sexes youth interaction is present and challenging, no alcohol or drugs, no smoking or midnight home returns! It's a differnt Islam in America than the one in Saudia. A decent Muslim youth in North America is the product of a sincere belief in the precincts of God. Is that the same true with every Saudi youth?

Finally! Someone who makes sense! I am an American Muslim myself - born and raised - and am personally sick of all the radicalism and extremism that many Imams are preaching today. Sometimes I wonder if they are still talking about the same religion. Islam is the most tolerant and flexible religion, yet people make it seem like a backwards and barbaric one. Many Imams that I have heard are preaching that women wearing lipstick is a horrible and unIslamic act, without addressing the more important issues! I think that Muslims need to stop finicking over the minor details and address the important issues at this point. There are people calling themselves Muslim and wreaking havoc on the world in the name of Islam, people are uneducated about the realities of our faith and rely only on one-sided and equally ignorant media portrayals of Islam - these are the important issues. It is fard (required) of all Muslims to spread the truth about Islam and make sure that the knowledge of Islam is availible to everyone. If Muslims could stop fighting with each other over insignificant details, maybe we can finally unite and help people understand Islam, then Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world will be better off. Instead of looking at the tiny details, we need to see the overall actions of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) and the overall message of Islam as outlined in the Qur'an and use that as our boundary in which to operate. Then we need to rely on Allah to guide us and help us all.

Sorry for the rant, but I think the petty in-fighting that is going on with Muslims is truly the work of Shaitaan. It goes against major Islamic principles and must be addressed as soon as possible.

ALHAMDULLIAH!! Finally, someone who understands what I've been trying to explain to my parents and others who were not raised in America. I was born and raised right here in the United States and that does not make me less of a Muslim. You are absolutely right, there is no shame in being proud to be an American! My parents have made me feel torn between my Arabic and American culture but I have not been able to explain to them the importance of my American culture. Thank you for wording it so eloquently, this is an article I am definetly going to share with my parents! I am proud of my American culture as well as my Islamic religion.

Salaamu alaikum,

The Imaam has some valid points but I also find that Martin Einsberg spoke the plain truth.
As far as observer is concerned, there is nothing in the Quran that says that homesexuality & apostasy are punishable by death. These laws that you find in Islamic Sharia which I am not going to deny including Stoning to death which you will find in ALHUDOOD is what we Muslims inherited from the Judeo-Christian tradition. One last point Observer all religions have what traditions that we view today as Barbaric tradition including traditions that are of securalists & atheistic background. Examples for you Nazism & Eugenism that preaches & practised The Holocaust & MASS MURDER IN GAS CHAMBERS. The belivers in Zionism who are not true Jews treated the Palestinians like slaves. Untrue Communism under Stalin led to the death of 50 million people.
The Imam expressed tolerance, Martin Einsberg expressed Wisdom but you Observer exposed your ignorance for us to need to know it is part of human nature to belive & say: My language is the best, my religion is the best. Muslims are not the only ones that belive that their religion is superior...the Christians believe that there is no way to the Kindom of God safe thru Christianity you know what that means; the French says the best way to express Catholicism is through French "le Francais est la langue qui exprime le Catholicisme le mieu" & the Jews say in their prayers: "Thank God I was born a Jew & not a gentile". It's partly human nature, partly due to historical abuse & partly due to ignorance Observer. I don't you observed much but next time you call yourself Observer make sure you see things with clarity

It is a good article. I think the involvment of muslims (without loosing the feith) in big community of Canada, USA as well other countries, where they live, will build bridge.

The article is helful and informative and very needed for myself and others from various cultures. Please make it available for me to recieve more infro of this nature. The key part is that the article is supported by research/factual information. So often there are others who believe that our pratice in Islam is an attempt to abandon our culture or who we are as Muslims in America. Others often believe or appear to believe that we want to be as them or we're subordinate Muslims. This articel respresents the engery of our practice as Muslims in America. In fact I plan to E- mail this article to a couple of Masjids that vary in cultural diversity. Again may Allah continue to bless you and your family and influence the on going necessary dialogue needed to weaken the cultural gap between Muslims thoughout the Western region.

Asalamalaikum, this is a fantastic article and so true. We get enough negative suggestions about this country, and it's time someone stood up for what's right. Because it states in the Quran that Allah won't change the condition of man until he changes what's bothering him.

Allah hu Akbar!!!!!!

May Allah be pleased with your works.

The author seems to be apologising for Islam. I am a Jew, and God only knows the hell we have been through, but for all the oppression and hostility we faced, we were never reduced to a level where we were left apologising for our religion and our Jewish way of life. Knowing Islam's history, I have nothing against the religion, but I do feel that it is not served by apologists ingratiating themselves to others, just to be accepted in a foreign culture and to "fit in". I think Muslims need to have respect for themselves and their religion. If they have the conviction to be Muslims and abide by their faith then they need to stand up and defend their faith and not be cowered and demoralised by the current hostilities against them. During the era of Crusades when Jurasalem was being ethnically cleansed by the Christian nutters, my people were given refuge by the Muslims living in Jurasalem. One can never forget that and the evidence to support this fact is so extensive that history simply can not be rewritten to hide this event. We have our differences but as a Jew, for all that my advise is worth, Mulims you must display some self respect. Does your history show that your prophet became an apologist for this religion he introduced, to those who opposed and persecuted him and his followers ? Did he end up becoming like them to please them ? I have not read that anywhere from my readings, so why do you Muslims not follow the actions of your prophet ?

This article is very good

Allah hu Akbar!! Now there is no room for question in anyone's mind. There is only conformity, understanding or hatered wich is only permisable if it's in the cause of Allah SWA. May Allah bless you and us all that live in America and abroad. Asalamu Alikum.

Dr. Mindbender

This is one of the biggest reasons why Gods help is not with the muslims. Look at our leadership; growing up as an American, I remember one critical thing in Isalm, don't be like the non-muslims, don't celebrate in there celebrations, don't act like them, don't be like them. We are so far away from the reality of deen. May God help us and lead us to the straight path.

Please continue. I totally agree with you.
I think, it will be worthwhile to send this article to Newpapers like NEW York times.
Godbless you.
Syed J.Husain

Salamu Alaikum,
Great article. I wish there are fora where such educative articles can be discused for the benefit af all. You'll agree with me it's not everyone the has the opportunity to read this great article from your website.
One thing that the muslem Umma lack in this country is strong leadership. Looks like because of 9/11 most of Islamic leadership in this country have recoilled for fear of being branded as teroorist. We need an unbaised Islamic leadership in this country. Islam is given a bad name, its time to educate everyone and let people know that what is being propagated about Islam is not true. Let us used our resources to reach to all. This is the Jihad we have to fight and not dropping bombs on enocent people. Salamu Alaikum.

Mohammed Abbas Labaran

This is one of the best articles i've read in a while. It's about time someone mention muslims living in the united states and our culture, and also including African-Americans. Thank you.

Alhumdullilah! I wish I had an Imam like you at MY masjid where I live.

This article is so good that I can't stop crying. I get so tired and worn down defending my country. It was so uplifting and joyeous to read praise for this wonderful land. My favorite part is that "the declaration of independence is what assures me the right to practice my religion".

America has history of forcing people to convert to Americanism. Americans first and then maybe something else. Many immigrants from other countries had to change their names upon entry to the US from the designated port, many Chinese changed their names to christian ones. I was talking to an Italian who came to visit America and he said the Italian Americans who came to the US were mostly poor and had to change their everything to conform to the new culture. Indeed, America forces Americanism on its citizens every day, from the pledge of allegience to the never ending America, America repeated a zillion times over in the media everyday. The situation is the worst in the so called red states, where neocons are really after the muslims to try to conform them to Americanism, even if they remain muslims by name. Blue states however have more tolerance to people of other cultures and religion and muslims their usually don't suffer that much at the hands of these neocons. Culture is the thing that is currently being promoted by neocons in America in order to divide muslims and what the imam said is the result of that. May God Bless America with true Islam and not a culture which contradicts islam or Muslims that are weak or very cultural as opposed to religious or talk to much and act very little on islam.

Wow. What an awesome article. It definitely put things in a postive perspective..after hearing about all the anti-americanism stuff.I personally really like they way it was written. Thanks.

Sorry, I'm not buying it. There is too much in Islam that is antithetical to the values and governance of the USA. On this very website, I read that imams declare that homosexuality is an abomination and punishable by death, adultery and apostasy are also punishable by death. I also read on this site that it is forbidden for a person to teach man-made laws, unless you're teaching that man-made laws are ignorant and sharia law is superior. No thanks, I'll take our laws over sharia laws. US citizens enjoy the greatest freedoms and protections in the world. Finally, I get the distinct feeling that islamists believe that their religion is superior to all other religions. Not buying that one either, and it doesn't fit with the USA, where all religions are considered equivalent and people are free to worship whatever religion they want. Once American Muslims denounce the aspects of their religion which are barbaric, imperialistic and nihilistic, then we can talk.

Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I took Shahada September 26 of this year. I have so much to learn.

I am proud to be a follower of Islam, I am sad that people look at me as if I am a trader to my country because I am "a Musim". Please keep reporting that yes we Americans too have been called to Islam.
My family has been in America before the Revelutionary War. I wore a flag brooch when folks were demonstrating thier rights by burning our flag in the streets.
Your article made me feel not so alone. Thank you

It is nice to know that I share the same philosophy with an Imam. I have seen people living in US earning here feeding their kids with the money and then all the time saying bad things about America and Americans. I feel that is totally wrong. If one doesn't like a thing then one shouldn't take advantage of it all. To me muslims who are in US to enjoy all its benifits and then are hostile to US , to me they seem to be hypocrats. There are many muslim majority country world wide, whoever hates US should leave and go to one of those?

We tend to forget how Islamic society varies between countries. The values in Saudi Arabia( where I lved when I was young) are very different from those in Bangladesh. Same should be expected when one is comparing US to other countries. If we can not appreciate the differeances than we fail to appreciate the Great Creator. If He wanted He could make all of us similar. He didn't.

Hatred never gains anything its love that always wins. We can not expect the Americans to respect Islam while we Muslims scorn at anything and everything American. I try always to remeber the story regarding the prophet(sw) and athe old lady who used to put thorn in his ways.

I thank again Imam Abu Laith Luqman Ahmad for the nice article.

Ma Salaam:
Alhamdulillah, an understanding to be had. Yes, Islam has been bedded into many cultures.To the point where in some it is difficult to destinguish the two. And not all of it is good. In some cultures Islam is misrepresented and falsehood overwhelmes it. In America, even with all of her faults, the truth can be exposed much easier, because we have that right.

In America we can go to the Masjid and pray, when ever we want. Not like in some so call Islamic Countries where Muslims can only go for Jumah and leave right after, because the Government controls the Masjid. Or the Khatib can only give the sermon as the their government requires.

In America the Muslim have the right and the responsibility to educate the rest of the Country. This Country can only get better if We Muslim step up to the plate and help her change. Sitting on the side line, complaining about what is wrong with her will fix nothing.

We live in this Country, America because she offers us an opportunity to live and to speak freely. We can worship Allah (TA) in the manner that is prescribed.

If we Muslims joined hands instead of having useless debates we can influence her to be better. We American Muslims must gather our sources and join the political arena, instead of attempting to sepparate ourselves from it. We have to open our Masjid doors and make all welcomed. We have to attend Community Board Meeting and express our concerns with our nirghbors.

I am the Imam at the United States Military Academy at West Point New York. I decided to teach the Cadets here, so that they can truly understand Al-Islam. And in here, many had taken their shahadah. So lets reach out and teach True Islam and bring it to the Nations table. Instead of us crying and complaining about the things that is wrong in America. Lets fix her. Take actions Brothers and Sisters, accept your responsibility to teach her.

And May Allah keep all American Muslims within the folds of Islam, Ami

The author forgets that unlike him, most Muslims live below poverty levels, impoverished by American greed and globalization. He also wants Muslims to forget that America is also about massacring and torturing Muslim men, women and children in Afghanistan, and Iraq, supplying poison gas to Iran who used it to slaughter countless Kurd men, women and children in Iran. Propping puppet regimes and their lunatic leaders like Saddam in Iraq, Pinochet in Chile, Noriega in Panama, Shah in Iran, Marcos in Philippines, Musharaf in Pakistan, not to mention all the stooges they have placed as leaders in a number of Arab countries. America is also about the outright slaughter of more than 675,000 Japanese with the first and only use of the dreaded Nuclear bomb, using Napalm, Agent Orange, Mustard gas, Cluster Bombs using an unlimited arsenal to wipe out more than 350,000 N. Koreans, 800,000 Vietnamese and 25,000 Dominicans, and the continued victims of their aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan where the great and "Fun" US is using mini-nukes. Its absolutely horrid record on human rights, global warming issues in its violation of every treaty, including the Kyoto. Its bullying of the UN and NATO to be exempted from censure and persecution and for war crimes committed by its own soldiers, and its aggressive and diabolical tactics to further the Israeli agenda while quashing any effort to establish a Palestinian state, to which every American president has only paid lip service. Bottom line is there might be some decent Americans but they are under layers of debris that makes up the rest of their country.

Assulam alaikum,

I am a African American, who is a convert from Baptist(Christianity) to Islam. It has been very difficult to except my African American culture due to my Islamic moral values, and what has made it even more difficult is that I live in a small town in Indiana that has no other muslims that I know. My Family and I was in search of way to incorporate our values with our countries culture, I am glad you wrote this article. Allahu Akbar

i dissagree with american goverment cause no compromi with all people

Thank you, thank you so much for this article. So clear and true! Alahu Akbar.

Maa'shallah!(sorry for the misspelling)
I thought that someone in this earth will undrestand what the ones born in AMERICA go through when we convert.Moving to another country is not the solution. the struggles that the ines that convert have to go through are ten times harder than just coming to this country.

Asalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa barakatu,
InshaAllah I will be brief and to the point.
I did not want to write to criticize the author of the article except to say that the best speech is the speech of Allah and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad Sallahlahu alaihe wassallam. That is a very general statement on my part if I am implying something with that ,of course I am implying that it is best to stick to Quran and sunnah upon the understanding of the sahaba, and to stick to the speech of our trustworthy Ulamaa in matters of deen and writings to benefit the ummah.

To proceed , My real criticism is in the Taghooti picture of the statue of Liberty depicted along
with a minaret (as much of a symbol of Islam in todays world it is, in actulity it has as much to do with Islam as the crescent and the star symbol
and nike sneakers do.) To place these symbols alongside eachother is an oxymoron of sorts. Like trying to combine between the lizard and the fish , or trying to mix fire with water.You cannot mix the truth with falsehood.
This statue of Liberty is in essence a taghoot (something that people worship besides Allah)
It is an Idol that RasoolAllah sallalahu alaihe wassallam wouldve smashed to bits , Ibrahim alaihis salaam wouldve shattered it. yet we depict it in our articles alongside this "Islamic figure" . What type of message does this send? Kaifa tahqumuun? How do you judge? Is this the tawheed the messenger of Allah Mustafa alaihe salatu was salaam came with? That we accept the kufr of the Kuffar as something acceptable? Sorry for not being as brief as I thought i would be. Asalamualaikum, Dawud (the extremist fundamentalist) LOL

Salaam Again, Voicing opinion once is commendable,doing it second time when we know it has got muddy is foolishness. But i am willing to be fool for jus' once to clear some questions raised by Br.Mukhlis.Islamicity has right to publish or censor as they wish.

On COmplain No.1, Islam is nt sadistic religion.

Indeed it is not, neither we imply that one should threw his worldly life far away. but there is something called priority. Islam is a way of life may or may not bendift in this part of the world,but indeed would benefit in aakirah. So when you decide your priorities,definately aakirah preced the duniyah,that was lacking in that article.
COmplaint 2: financial well is important to support others : I presume,you think financial success for this ummah would in turn make it better. In that case how many rich muslims has donated their wealth to the ummah. even if we assume they have,how much of that has reached ppl who suffer?! wat is ur mode fo transfer,except the western ways. Brother it is high time, we realize support is far beyond money,you jus support with your voice, allah will increase their morale.

COmplaint 3: UNiversality of religion: Br.Mukhlis, you have reduced that whole issue to the dress rehearsal. Well i dont blame you, that shows your understanding of the religion.

COmplaint 4: leadership of the ummah: Allah says in the glorious quran for the eladership of the world, one has to beleive in him,obey him, do righteous deeds, enjoin right,forbid wrong, do charity and stand up in prayer with patient and perseverance. But you wnat me to acheive scientific laurels and finance. Now, tell me whom should i listen to?!

Bro.Mukhlis, your whole effort was to give some response to my reply,which stroke your heart and kindled your conscience abt wat you beleive in.

i am not tryign to better than you, you dont loose anythign by pondering abt wat i mentioned.

For ppl who ponder,there is enough left to do.



May Allah be abundently pleased with sister Fatima Jabr for her strength and courage in speaking and more importantly DOING something in the name of what is true (haqiqah), and then teaching her children to learn a lesson from it. May Allah be pleased with you and safeguard you and your family, AMEEN SUM AMEEN.

Salam to all. I am an American born female who grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I CHOSE to move to Jerusalem 2 years ago with my children. I detect some sense of sarcasm from those who disagreed with this article..the same sentiment felt here by the locals...Please do not condemn us for being Americans...Alhamdulillah that I had the CHOICE to practice Islam wherever I pleased, even moving out of the country if I wanted to...I am of Palestinian origin and I wanted my children to see and feel how their oppressed brothers and sisters are living...something we as Muslims must practice -FEELING with the Muslim ummah everywhere. This way, when and if they decide to go back to their native country (USA) it is a life experience that will insha'Allah shape their Muslim character. Not everyone in America has this chance, and I am grateful for it. And yes, the opportunities are better in the US and we are better off financially, and yes, we do and SHOULD thank Allah for this blessing, for every opportunity is a blessing from Allah(swt). We will, however, be judged by how we use and spend this blessing, and there is only ONE judge to answer to. My children miss Walmart, McDonald's french fries, and Six Flags, but you know what? This is not a part of their Muslim identity, it is part of their life experience as Americans, and just because we do not agree with what the US government does, doesn't mean we should deprive ourselves OF life's experiences. Yes, we are Muslims first, but that does not mean that we should ignore the country and the people in it...that is not Islamic. As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

salamualikum warahmatullahi wa barakatu

brother i have to disagree with you on view point. The concept of 'American'Muslim is very questionable and doubtful. As the quran says that we are one ummah and to distinguish ourselves as american or canadian muslim is not correct. I am a muslim and that's it. I don't keep any other title in my heart. our passports and visas are like contracts and we must abide to its conditions unless it contradicts the quran and sunna.
I agree we must work to change the vices of this country, yet we cannot hold that attitude that if we can't beat them, join them.
I hope you understand my viewpoint, May Allah Guide us All.
jazakAllah khair

My name is Erin and I am 25 years old and a Broadcasting major. This article was very well written and informative for the "average joe" american. My husband is pakistani and although I do not practice islam I am interested in learning about different religions particularly islam. I found this article to be enlightening and the author touched on many valid points in regard to what American culture is and pointing out that in France, Turkey and on Public Television news in Egypt the hijab was banned but it still prevailed in America. America ain't so bad! I am not in favor of the current administration but I am extremely happy that I live in America and reap its many benefits! Wonderful article!!

Agree & will attempt to pacify the dissenters to this article.. - Mukhlis.

1. He is allowing all the worldly pleasures he obtained from this world to judge and side with the nation, which bent upon change his own belief. Answer. Islam is not a sadistic religion that prescribes only want & suffering for the believer. I wish you more prosperity. Islam will stay in America - if you distinguish between a Muslim and a fanatic
2. Jus' your idea of not liking American meddling one sided in the middle east doesn't free you from the responsibility of supporting your fellow Muslim in distant land. Answer: You can support more effectively. If you make yourself equal to zero (insignificant or down right target of persecution), you can not help the Muslims persecuted else where.
3. Islam was universal,is universal,will be universal,but alas our imaam has reduced it to the national fervour. Answer: Islam is Universal. The proof is in the picture taken at last OIC in Malaysia. See people wearing different dresses, different skin color, different races - all agreeing on Shahadah.
4. Last but not least,the whole argument of How america is good,starts with individual deen, let me practice my religion and i have freedom for it..and i forget abt others. Answer: You have freedom to practice your deen - you are lucky to be in America. Your Deen is the principles of Islam & not the culture of a place called Hijaaz (Arabia) in time 1300 years behind the present. Also try not to confuse it with today's family of Saud who made roads & mosques but no schools, universities or parliament. Brother, we have to get to the golden principles of the great faith of Islam.

We are meant to be leaders... Brother, we have to get at least 30% of Noble prizes & 30% of progress in every field including the Satanic Technology, finance & media. That is our proportion by numbers. When we achieve 70-80%, we are the leaders. Our tormentors have that up their sleeve. - Br. Mukhlis

How can any one disagree with that?
God bless you>


bro Asif, just in case you wanted to tell me that innovations into the religion are forbidden at any cost, well then if Mawlid is a forbidden innovation, then so are these listed below, because they are not mentioned in the Qur'an or the Sunnah, and the Prophet (saaw) never practiced them:

1)Congregating people behind one Imam to pray Salat al Tahajjud after Salat Al Tarawih, in the two Holy Mosques and other mosques.

2)Reciting the Prayer of Completion of the Qu'ran in Salat al Tarawih and also in Salat al Tahajjud.

3)Designating the 27th night of Ramadan to complete reading the entire Qu'ran in the two Holy Mosques.

4)A caller saying, after Salat al Tarawih, in the Qiyam prayer, "May Allah reward you."

5)Founding organizations which did not exist in the time of the Prophet, such as Islamic universities, societies for committing the Qu'ran to memory, and offices for missionary work, and committees for enjoining good and forbidding evil.

Hence...We are not objecting to these things, since they are forms of good innovation. We merely list these innovations to point out that those who oppose Mawlid clearly contradict their own rule stating that anything that neither the Prophet nor his Companions did is innovation. And since they claim that all innovation is bad, they themselves are making themselves guilty.

The above information was excerpted from:
Copyright The Muslim Magazine, 1998
Dr. `Isa al-Mani` al-Humayri,
Department of Awqaaf, Dubai

Please remember I am not pointing any fingers, I am merely trying to make a point. :-D



Shaykh Qardawi Approves of Celebrating Mawlid
"Actually, celebrating the Prophet's birthday means celebrating the birth of Islam..."
-- Shaykh Yusuf Al-Qardawi

Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, likely the most renowned Salafi scholar of the 20th century, in replying to the question on whether Mawlid should be celebrated replied:

We all know that the Companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, did not celebrate the Prophet's birthday, Hijrah or the Battle of Badr, because they witnessed such events during the lifetime of the Prophet who always remained in their hearts and minds.

Sa`d Ibn Abi Waqqaas said that they were keen on telling their children the stories of the Prophet's battles just as they were keen on teaching them the Qur'an. Therefore, they used to remind their children of what happened during the Prophet's lifetime so they did not need to hold such celebrations. However, the following generations began to forget such a glorious history and its significance. So such celebrations were held as a means of reviving great events and the values that we can learn from them.

p Unfortunately, such celebrations include some innovations when they should actually be made to remind people of the Prophet's life and his call. Actually, celebrating the Prophet's birthday means celebrating the birth of Islam. Such an occasion is meant to remind people of how the Prophet lived.

Allah Almighty says: "Verily in the Messenger of Allah ye have a good example for him who looketh unto Allah and the last Day, and remembereth Allah much." (Al-Ahzab: 21)


Ibn Kathir Mentions The Prophet (s) Accepting Poetry in His Honor

In the time of the Prophet (s), it is well-known that poets came to him with all kinds of works praising him, writing about his campaigns and battles and about the Sahaba. This is proved by the numerous poems quoted in the Siras of Ibn Hisham, al-Waqidi, and others. The Prophet (s) was happy with good poetry. It is reported in Bukhari's "al-Adab al-Mufrad" that he said: "There is wisdom in poetry."

Ibn Kathir says in his "Mawlid," page 30: "The Prophet's (s) uncle al-'Abbas (r) composed poetry praising the birth of the Prophet (s), in which are found the following lines: `When you were born, the earth was shining, and the firmament barely contained your light, and we can pierce through, thanks to that radiance and light and path of guidance.'"

Ibn Kathir mentions the fact that according to the Sahaba, the Prophet (s) praised his own name and recited poetry about himself in the middle of the battle of Hunayn in order to encourage the Companions and frighten the enemies. That day he said (s): "Ana an-Nabee, laa kadhib Ana ibn `abd al-Muttalib" meaning: "I am the Prophet! This is no lie. I am the son of `Abd al-Muttalib!"

Ibn Qayyim on the Singing and Recitation of Poetry

`Allama Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya wrote in his book "Madarij as- Salikin," Vol. 1:
"the Prophet (s) also gave permission to sing in wedding celebrations, and allowed poetry to be recited to him. He heard Anas (r) and the Companions praising him and reciting poems while digging before the famous battle of the Trench (Khandaq) as they said: "We are the ones who gave bay'ah to Muhammad for jihad as long as we are living."


Assalaamu'Alaiykum Khaysuddin,

Don't worry you didn't start the debate. I merely wish to respond to br. Asif Zaidi since he has made the following step in his comment in which I was waiting for, Assalaamu'Alaiykum Asif, I knew you would respond and disagree with me so I have this ready for you, oh btw, everybody knows that Mawlid is not found in Qur'an or Sunnah, but those posts I previously posted for you clearly show the importance of praising him every year, every month, every day, and every second of our lives if you can. Mawlid is classified as a good innovation. I will explain this to you further below:

Shaikh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyya's Opinion on the Celebration of the Mawlid

This is Imam Ibn Taymiyya's opinion about Mawlid from: "the Collected Fatwas," ("Majma' Fatawi Ibn Taymiyya,") Vol. 23, p. 163: "fa-t'adheem al-Mawlid wat-tikhaadhuhu mawsiman qad yaf'alahu ba'ad an-naasi wa yakunu lahu feehi ajra `adheem lihusni qasdihi t'adheemihi li-Rasulillahi, salla-Allahu `alayhi wa sallam"

"To celebrate and to honor the birth of the Prophet (s) and to take it as an honored season, as some of the people are doing, is good and in it there is a great reward, because of their good intentions in honoring the Prophet (s)."


Ibn Qayyim's Opinion on Recitation of the Prophet's (s) Birthday

Allama Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah, the best and most reknowned student of Shaikh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyya, writes, on page 498 of "Madarij as-Salikin,"
"Listening to a good voice celebrating the birthday of the Prophet (s) or celebrating any of the holy days in our history gives peace to the heart, and gives the listener light from the Prophet (s) to his heart, and he will drink more from the Muhammadan spring (`ayn al-Muhammadiyya).


S. S. ALI FROM USA said:
Thanks to the Imaam for great comparison of the American way of life and Islam, it opens our minds to understanding what is halal and what is haraam, also allows us to think of halal alternatives. I have been to many countries, some muslim countries too, I rather be in America, it gives me the full freedom of practicing Islam. In Many Muslim countries muslims have to watch their steps, their backs and what they utter. I have been afraid to death in some Muslim countries, even being a Muslim. Be what you want to be in America, please Allah, should you neglect Islam; you will be the one to blame!!! May Allah elevate our piety and keep us steadfast on the right path. By the way, I try to avoid football on TV because of the commercials and the half-time shows!!!

Salaam can you desire Allah to bless a country that is in opposition to His Guidance; and that has placed itself at war with Islam. American "culture" evolves from various man-made ideologies, it has no real respect or use for Divine laws of Allah. You want Allah's blessings on a land whose ultimate goal is to obliterate true Islam around the world and only leave the outward rites of Islam? You seem too impressed with the "delusional" America of Hollywood, corporate materialism & useless superficialities. The next time you stare in stupified awe of July 4th fireworks, remember that this was a holiday that was established during the time of genocide/enslavement of Native americans and Africans respectively. Also the Declaration of Independence does not assure ANYTHING for's only a document with noble sounding ideas, which were not applicable to all who were living in this country when it was written. It is actually the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights that state your rights as a citizen, and if you will awaken out of your fog, you will notice that the rights of the Constitution are being diminished for citizens, especially Muslims. It's FOOLISH for you to give credit to America for prayer calls, hijab, or the freedom to practice aspects of Islamic culture. These things have nothing to do with anything great about america, only Allah deserves praise. As Muslims in america begin to become more deluded by the "greatness" of their country, Muslims rights in the land will become diminished because they admire and love what Allah hates. Any integration/freedom of Islamic culture is due to the Mercy & Grace of Allah, and has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING UNIQUE ABOUT AMERICA. Allah is the ONLY SUPREME Superpower. Are you also impressed with america's torture, imprisoning & killing of Muslims around the world? As an Imam, teach the facts, not "I'm so proud I'm american" patriotic rhetoric. This will be useless to you on the day of judgement.

Hello everyone, I didn't mean to start a debate when I mentioned honoring the Prophet Isa's (or any other Prophet's) birthday. I am very new to Islam; and I will consult with my shaykh before I engage in such an activity. However, the Prophet Isa's birth was a miracle, the Quran says so. Allah commanded that Mary would give birth while a virgin. Isa's birth was unique, I think that we should remember that. Also, he did not die, but rose into Heaven to be with Allah and will return again. I think that the importance of this has been underplayed in modern Islam because we have found ourselves in open conflict with Christian nations. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would not have recited this in the Quran if it wasn't important; and I think that the commemoration of important events is appropriate to Muslims. But again, I'm new to Islam, so I will consult with my shaykh-he's in England right now.
I think that a good question to ask oneself about such activites was raised by the Imam or my masjid last Jumaah, are one's actions halal or haram? I believe that within ourselves we know the answer. If you listen to your heart, you will find Allah speaking to you there, Inshallah.

Peace to you all

Salaam, it is gr8 to know that the author is expecting flak for his amazing vision. It only implies, he is aware that he is taking islam out of its natural identity and give a new outlook. By allah this is what your non believing friends wants out of muslim. They will not be pleased with you until you give up your religion. Does these words resonate in your mind?! Those are words from quran. Who is better person than imaam to drive this point to this american ummah?!

I will list,why his point of view is wrong.
1. He is allowing all the worldly pleasures he obtained from this world to judge and side with the nation,whihc bent upon change his own belief.

2. Jus' your idea of not liking american meddling one sided in the middle east doesnt free you from the responsibility of supporting your fellow muslim in distant land

3. Islam was universal,is universal,will be universal,but alas our imaam has reduced it to the national fervour. Nationalism is the replacement of tribalism existed by the time of Muhammed(pbuh). If you wanted to be united in the lines of nationality, secte,cast,language and thousand other things,then remember you are divided as a human being.

4. Last but not least,the whole argument of How america is good,starts with individual deen, let me practice my religion and i have freedom for it..and i forget abt others. YOu are throwing away the responsibility of being khalifah of allah, he chose the ppl who believed in him as a leaders,but our brothers jus want to have a life,which is warm in the winter and chill in the summer.

We are meant to be leaders, here we resigning ourselves form that responsibility by leaving non-muslims to take that. Do anyone have to guess, how they will run?! until we change, allah will not bring change. Bros, dont succumb to this cliam,this is indeed wat your non believers want.

.. Wassalam

Great article, it was wonderful how you presented the good and bad in America. We all need to admit that deep inside we love this country for all the freedoms and rights it gives us which might be denied even in a muslim majority country.

Akbar: Thank you again for commenting. I will
try not to be rude or offend anyone -- it's not my
wish to do so and I certainly don't mean to
sterotype all poor people. I just become
frustrated when I hear so much negativity
feeding negativity all the time. And while this
article is WONDERFUL and upbeat you must
admit that Islamicity does tend to troll for "all
the worst about the U.S." articles. One week
they had an absolutely bizarre article which
took apart the Torah (The Jewish book of
laws) and inserted material that wasn't in it
about justifying killing non-Jews. Didn't one of
the Islamicity editors know any better? It
looked like it was straight out of Aryan
Nation/skinhead literature (misspellings and
all!) and they posted it as fact - not an opinion.
Another time, the N.Y. Times had an article
about how science scores in American
schools had declined. Yes, it's true they have.
But their headline was something more dire
such as "American students failing science
classes at alarming rates." No mention about
what student's scores in science might be in
Sudan! Point is: Criticism is fine but it serves
no point to post these petty, insignificant
articles -- it just inflames the negative attitudes
and comes off sounding like nitpicking. Again
thank you for being candid with me about my
comments Keep the dialogue flowing.

Post For br. Akbar Khan post: 28521

It does not matter what people in Muslim countries do or not do. The basis for a Muslim to do something lies in whether it is permissible in Quran and authentic sunnah.

Things like birthdays, dress code, women teaching men Islam etc.. are pretty well grounded in Quran and sunnah.
Things like modern day genetics, praying in aeroplane etc.. need to have qalified ulemah make an opinon.

Acording to proper hadith, the prophet never allowed his birthday to be celebrated. Neither did the sahaba after he died. Just because modern-day Muslims celebrate his birthday does not make it right. My point here is we should alawys look at our habits and see if they are in sync with Islam. If so we can continue with them otherwise it is not permissible - birthdays are not in sync with Islamic manners.

We Muslims have our celebrations as you have pointed out and it is those we should propagate - Ramadan, Eids, Aqeeqa, jumuahs and inviting muslims and non-muslims to our house for dinner etc.

(BTW, tala-al-badr was sung when prophet came to Madinah. It was not sung on the honor of his birthday)

[email protected]

A good article. The muslims in America need to be more proactive, especially in the current situation, by highlighting what Islam stands for, not alienation but amalgamation.

One other view which should be considered is devoid of theological type. Human behaviour encompasses many different mechanisms for propagating social ideas. Islamicism, I think, evolved from a social contract made my Mohammed and God. Mohammed wrote his ideas when alive, however. As he was human and died, the idea of god keeps the battle on-going. The strategy was mutual defense, using revenge from man to man as a vehicle. Revenge becomes the tool for keeping the idea alive. The Rulers today and in the past, are the vehicles for spreading this trait amongst the people, and serve as attractors to either awaken this trait or call those who have it. Revenge, however, does not favour economics. Christian logic, however, uses revenge from god to man. Man is always the sinner, always the wrong one, and god is always throwing revenge at man (death, sickness, war etc). Man has to spend his life in penance (peach)to compensate. This aproach favours economics. Leaders of christain countries are again vehicles for spreading this trait. Moslems living in USA, are observing the phenomenena of these differences, whilst the leaders in islamic countries are ensuring that no moslem develop a discrete western trait, but endorse the development of an adapted modified behaviour (selective assimilation/bluffing) until the "time is right". Non islamic Westerners, seem more succeptible to developing trait dispositions that favour "revenge" as a tool than vice versa. Preservation of traits is part of the battle here, in the US, and in many places. I wonder what will happen to the world, as each trait expands to its extreme.

Asalamu alaikum i have to agree with brother imran when i say we are reaping the benefits in part from our the sowing of our government in our brothers and sisters backyards.
may Allah forgive me but is there not an authentic hadeeth stating that there is no nationalism in Islam? are we all not to conform ourselves to this deen and not expect this deen to comform to us?
Allah(SWT) makes the rules and is the MASTER of us all, we are but the servents.
brother Khaysuddin i am grateful to Allah that you have been guided to this deen and pray Allah(SWT) keeps you and your family on the straight path and let none of you die but as Muslims. please remember Qur'an and Sunnah are our true guide and only take the word of the one in the grave (our beloved Prophet(saaws)) without question. The celebration of the prophets birthdays is not something we do or want or respect for our selves because the Prophet Muhammed(saaws)did not do it and neither did the rightly led Kalifs nor any of his(saaws)companions and they were the best of mankind...we are not better than them.

That is an excellent exposition of the American values by a Muslim Imam. And how Muslims can imbibe American values rather than how Americans can imbibe Muslim values. Muslims cannot become less muslims by imbibing American values. Values here in mean and incorporate good values. There indeed is a lot of good in American culture and its decalared ambitions.

Muslims can have a better future. The present indeed is quite a nuisance. What Muslims should do is vie together with others in building a greater and better America. It has many problems. The Energy, the Transport including the water management issues are great problems that have involved America in international conflicts and havocs. Muslims can solve these problems not only for America and as well for the entire humankind. The solutions for these problems are in the Book of Allah.

I suggest rather submit that American Muslims get together to project these solutions and strive day in and day out impliment and execute these soltuions to preserve themselves and uphold the truth.

I recall what the Book enjoins, a cure for the evil and the hatred. Do overwhelming good, again and again. If you do this, the ones who dislike you, are prejudiced aginst you or hate you, will become your greatest friends. And the Book continues, for this you need great fortitude and great fortune. This is what is prescribed. Not the Bin Laden misguidance, theatrics and a sort of mischief the Shaitan has vowed.

respected imam,
you presented very well the positive side of AMERICAN culture,tollerence, and freedom of practicing The religion have mentioned everything which benefits u as being AMERICAN.pls be truthfull with us and tell us wether u justify AMERICAN CULTURE in same way if.... u are a Palestinian or Afghan or an iraqi muslim??( i am not mentioning all opressed ones)
Off course not..because pain means everyone but feel only one who has it.Let me see your attribution if american govt seized all the rights of muslims there.Its only worldly benefits, which you are getting from them. These italian water ice,bugs bunny-backyard barbeques-saturday cartoons-summer camps- and much more you have mentioned, are the attractions which make people stay there, no metter for what price?? before writing this article ... had u even immegine for a while, (even for a second), the conditions of above mentioned countries people.Or u have no concern for these innocent .poor people....u are happy with your family and with ur benefits, getting there.
i hope u have understand uptill now what i am tring to make u understand..even all who said we are agreed....How come being a muslim u forget the opressed ones? NEAR IS MY SHIRT BUT NEARER IS MY SKIN.......thats what most of the muslims are up to. Thats the main reason UMMAH is in hardship.we cannot say a word against the evil deeds of these so call SUPER POWERS. just because we are afraid of seizing our passport.or being inside the prison.What kind of human beings we are?? Wish we would feel the pain.. opressed are suffering from.
and not go after the worldly benefits, as in hereafter there is more regard for the one who has patience.
Peace and blessings be upon those who follow HIS guidence.

I feel there is a more dire need for the North American Muslims to put aside our "back home" or our forefather's "culture" and embrace the good in the North American culture-the culture which our children are immersed in.This will not only help us form a cohesive united Muslim body here in North America-but it will also foster a greater understanding and a better relationship between our children and youth and the generation of their parents!

This article by Imam is a bit bamboozled, yet for the sake of unity; Muslims in America better align themselves and work towards removing confusion and a correct understanding of Islam.

Islam offers the solutions to this problem. It is therefore, no wonder that Islam is the fastest growing religion among African-Americans. Insha'Allah, such efforts towards unity and solidarity with our African-American Muslim brothers will not only be a good daa'wa act but may also show change for the better for the Ummah.

In a different article the Imam said it best: "So how do we go forward? First we need to build a Muslim community based upon true Islam and not race or nationality mixed with Islam. Secondly, we have to address the issue of post-colonial programming and the feeling of many immigrant Muslims that they are somehow obligated to please and imitate non-Muslims in every detail. Thirdly as Muslims, we have to realize that before being American, Arab, black or white, we are Muslims first. Furthermore, we are obligated as Muslims to be united by Islam; it is considered fard (incumbent). Allah clearly says: "And hold ye fast to the rope of Allah together and do not separate". Racism is prohibited in Islam, and both immigrant and indigenous Muslims living in America need to realize that. Besides, indigenous and immigrant Muslims both have something to offer to the collective".


I agree with the statements that we are in a position to make our own, American, Islam. There is nothing wrong with retaining one's cultural identity while practicing Islam, and I think that we see this in the great many cultures that comprise the world of Islam today.
I think that part of why the Europeans, for example, are sliding deeper and deeper into anti-Islamic xenophobia is that they really are afraid of losing their identity and falling into extinction (realistic or not, this is a very real fear. At the root of it all lingers a collective cultural memory of the fate of Byzantium). Fortunately, Americans are far more accepting and open (in my humble opinion), and thus, are far more in line with the true spirit of Islam, which is inclusive and not exclusive. I saw this more than ever when I took shahada and embraced folk from all over this world as brother. For me, that's America.

AsSalaamu Alaikum Br. Mohammed Rahmatullah.

Re your post 28525. I am bemused at your reaction to this author's article. For what part of the article are you requesting Qu'ranic or Hadeeth justification?

As far as I can tell, the gist of the article explains the good and not too good aspects of the American culture and is saying that American Muslims can add Islamic twist, or flavor, to it. Do you need Qu'ranic or Hadeeth justification for it? How can someone come up with such justification for it?

Are you looking for justification for being loyal to USA? I am not sure of it's origin, but I think that Muslims are allowed to be loyal to the country that allows them to freely practice their faith. In the US, we are given such freedom.


As an after thought to my earlier comments, I strongly recommend that you send your article to both the Muslim Journal and The Mirror papers and request that they print your article as "An Open Letter" to all Muslims in the U.S.A.

We should get a number of Muslim Business men adn women to sponsor Full Page Ads of the Article in both the USA Today, New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

The point is that Muslims and Non-Muslim would stand to benefit greatly from a national conversation that is focused on the points yopu make in your Article.

Thanks again for your efforts in these regards.

I want to thank Allah (SWT)first and my brother for taking the time to write out adn share these very inspiring thoughts and observations. I can see a healing value in these sharings.

I pray that you will continue to expand on this line of thinking.

We can never be reminded enough that we are in America by Allah's Decree only. And the Decree of Allah's only brings forward the Good that is Khirah (Good for every one and every thing. thank you adn keep up the good work...

I made a mistake in my previous post, I meant Ahl' al-Kitab's extra reward for coming to Islam, not Ahl' al-Bayt which simply means the people of the family of the Prophet who are Muslims and already members of the Islamic faith, please forgive me for that error, Insha'Allah.

Jazakum Allah Khairun.

Well done that man I have lived in the USA and understand, the US and England you get to say what you think and not get shot for it you can be muslim christan what ever you wish thats what the USA is all about thats how it came to be, if you don't like it then don't be there.
But think on this in some other country you would not have the freedom you have to be a MUSLIM or CHRISTAN you could not say that you are what you are think of the Germany in the 1930/40 not a good place to live.

Past groups faced trials with integrating in this society. Many
know of the problems the catholics faced in the 1800's, going
up against even organized political opposition (such as the Know
Nothings political party).

I understand that there been some 4 other "waves" of Islam in
this country, none of them sticking. This is the 5th, and I think
this one is gonna stick--if only because 9/11 forced Islam onto
the scene. I think if we hold together and do at least a "pretty
good" job, we can stick it through.

I recently attended an ING training session and Ms. ElGenaidi
sort of joked about how her area in the San Francisco area is on
the "cutting edge" of American Islam. And I thought about that
and there certainly are many places there that are striving to
form an American Islam--just as there has been a Chinese
Islam, an Arab Islam, a Spanish/Andalusian Islam, an African
Islam. I think we as an Ummah need to support such people,
whether they be in the Bay area or somewhere else (preferable
local). That means being open minded and losing the "but
they're the kuffar" mindset that many have.

It's not for nothing that many consider America to be Dar es
Salaam, and I think we need to grab hold of the progressive
roots of this nation to ensure that it stays that way.

The Imam expresses everything that I enjoy in south africa but the "alternative is to leave" is out of step with Islam.Islam he admits is tolerant of other cultures as the Jews experienced in The Isalmic rule of Spain.Why not sabr and project your Islamic values progressively and positively.I think that this is one of the important issues in lives of the Islamic world today.The rigidity the Imam propose "Like it or leave "is not an option for a muslim/muslima.

Imam writes very well and has wonderful encouragement for those who have left their native countires and adapted USA as their home. The children of the second and third generation born and raised here in the USA are not only part of the Islamic Culture but the future leaders and members of the society here. They must shine their values as Muslims and American at the same time, and be proud of it.
Thank you very much

Dear brother when ever you want to write/point out about islam should mention any quranic word or any Hadeeth for justification. No body can say i will do because of I know it is correct... this type of statement is 100% unacceptable. I am expecting your justifications.....

Jazakkumullhu Hairan.

Celebration of Mawlid by the Sahabahs:

1. Imam Ahmad narrated in his Musnad (al-Arna'ut ed. 20:237 #12872 with a sound chain as per the criteria of al-Bukhari and Muslim): From Anas [ibn Malik] who said: The Messenger of Allah said - Sallallahu `alayhi wa Sallam: "There shall come to you throngs of people softer of hearts than you." Then came the Ash`aris [people of Yemen], among them Abu Musa. They began, when they drew near al-Madina, to recite:

Tomorrow We Meet Our Dear Beloved:
Muhammad and His Party!

2. Imam Ahmad narrated in his Musnad (al-Arna'ut ed. 20:148 #12732 with a sound chain as per the criteria of al-Bukhari and Muslim): From Anas [ibn Malik] who said: The Ansar said:

We are those who pledged to Muhammad
Our Jihad ever as long as we live!

Whereupon the Messenger of Allah replied - Sallallahu `alayhi wa Sallam:

O Allah! Goodness is the goodness of the hereafter,
Therefore, forgive the Ansar and the Muhajira!

3. Anas related that when the Prophet - Allah bless and greet him - first came to Madina the Ansar came out, men and women, and they were all saying: "With us, O Messenger of Allah!" [i.e. come stay with us.] The Prophet - Allah bless and greet him - said: "Let the camel choose, for she has her orders." The camel alighted at the door of Abu Ayyub. Anas continued: (After he went in) the women of Banu al-Najjar came out banging their drums and singing:

Nahnu jawr min ban al-najjr,
ya habbadh Muhammadin min jr!

We are the girls of the Sons of Najjar
O delight of Muhammad for a neighbor!

The Prophet - Allah bless and greet him - said: "O Allah! bless them."

In another narration he came out and said: "Do you love me?" (atuhibbn?)

They replied: Ey wallh Ya Raslallh.Yes, by Allah, O Messenger of Allah!

At this he said:

Wa an uhibbukum
Wa an uhibbukum
Wa an uhibbukum

And I love you. Or Allhu ya`lamu anna qalb yuhibbukunna (Allah knows that m

Assalaam' Alaiykum brother Khays, sister Aisha, and br. Asif.

That's an excellent point you made Aisha, good work in clarifying the reward received by a member of Ahl' al-Bayt in coming to Islam, Alhumdulillah.

In regards to dear brother Asif's comments on the celebration of the prophet's birthday, aka, Mawlid an-Nabi. dear brother, this celebration is not only restricted to India. You will find Muslims celebrating Mawlid in Africa, Southern and Northern, East and West, and all over the Arab countries in the Middle East (Saudi may be an exception). You will also find Muslims celebrating Mawlid in Turkey, the Balkans, The Caucasus, the Eastern Muslim nations such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan. Then go to Malaysia, Indonesia, huge conferences and people remembering the Prophet (saaw), by reciting Qaseeda al-Burda, or singing Ta'ala al Badru Alayna, the way the people of Madinah sang this song upon the arrival of Muhammad (saaw) to Madinah. There were people in Madinah wiht tambourines and drums playing alongside the singing of this song (refer to Yusuf Islam's recording of Ta'ala al-Badru Alayna)

I understand some people disagree with me, I understand why you may believe that Mawlid is "cultural" and not Islamic, well that's fine but I disagree with that statement, so....I have prepared my proofs for celebrating Mawlid, and they are as follows:

By Dr. G.F. Haddad
The Holy Qur'an praises and celebrates the Prophet's physical and moral Traits (Shama'il Nabawiyya)

9. The Prophet's Heart - Allah bless and greet him: {For he it is who hath revealed (this Scripture) to thy heart} (2:97); {that We may strengthen thy heart therewith} (25:32); {The heart lied not (in seeing) what it saw} (53:11).

10. The Prophet's Character - Allah bless and greet him: {And lo! thou art of a tremendous nature} (68:4).

11. The Prophet's Face - Allah bless and greet him: {We have seen the turning of thy face} (2:144).

Asalaamu Aleikum,

Jazka Allhu Kheyr brother for this excellent piece of writing about the culture that we live with. I agree with the author, and the points that he talked about are issues that Muslims face in their daily life in this country, whether they know that or not.

As Muslims, sometimes we need to review our lives deeply, and ask some questions ourselves. Are our families and children assimilating with the mainstream culture and picking up the negative attitudes? Or are we somehow upholding our original values and identity?

In fact, there are some challanges that should be talked about when the issue is the American Culture. It is sad when you see a young Muslim, who prayes in the Masjid with you, and at the same time, he is having a girlfriend as his partner, and the other way around. In this case, we can see that there is a mixing culture that such kind of people practice in thier daily lives. In additon to that, we can see our teenagers, who may born in this country, or brought them by their parents, wasting their time listening to hip-hop music instead of reciting Qur'an and putting thier time in a way they can benefit from it.

Worse than that, what about those business owners,who sell beer,wine and pork? Those people may know that selling of these items are forbiden by Allah swt, but they adopted with negative side of the culture

These are some of the negative sides that Muslims are facing, and it is up to Muslim schollars and parents to come up with solutions that can be used in order to fix it.

Jazakum Allahu Kheyr,

Abukar Sanei

Columbus OH


Aisha H,

Thank you for the posts. I must tell you I am very honored and happy to be here. I have taken shahada. Alhamdulilah. I know in my heart and bones that this is the true Path. Inshallah, I pray that I am one of many more Americans to come to Islam. I can't really put my emotions into words, but I am glad that at last I have come here and entered into the Deen. I can't imagine what life would be like without it.
Asif, you are right. Jesus' birth probably took place in August, not December. December 25 is, in fact, the birthday of Mithras, a being from Zoroastrianism that was very popular with the Roman soldiery (the cross was sacred to Mithras as well as the Christians; thus, Constantine's moves were very politically informed). I guess, my real point is that Christmas is part of the Holiday Season (along with Hanukah and Kwanzaa), and is therefore a feature of American culture.
But I thank you for telling me about the Prophet's birth, I did not know. I am very new to things. I am here really out of pure faith and little else.
I clarify, for whoever wants to read this post: last year I had a dream with Jesus in it. I had never had one with him before. In the dream, Jesus made specific reference to "the one you worship" (his words). Initially, I took it to mean him (I was Catholic) and didn't understand.
A few months later, I had a dream with Gabriel (Jibreel) in it, again, I've never dreamed of Gabriel before. I don't really remember most of what he said, and what I do recall, I'm not ready to discuss (here on public internet, anyway). Then, I had a dream with Khidr's name written in a book that I was reading.
Finally, in meditation and a state of almost anxiety I prayed for help to understand what was happening. I asked Muhammad for help. And then, I had a vision of the Prophet, flanked by other venerable personages (I didn't know who they were). I prayed to Allah then, a very specific request, and the next day it was granted.

The article was very good.
For br. Khaysuddin - congratulations on your conversion; bu tyou should realize one thing - prophet Isa (as) was not born in this time (Dec 25). According to Muslim scholars, it was probably in a non-winter season.
As for celebrating the birth-date of a prophet - as in everything we should look to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). When sahaba wanted to celebrate his birth-date, he did not want to. He did not forbid it, but he did not want to.

A conversion is a difficult thing and I definitely cannot understand the emotions one goes through. However, as a Muslim (either born or convert), one should stop actions that are in contradiction with our culture - be it American or Indian.



In reference to the comment posted earlier quoting the hadith, the concept of slavery may be shocking and foreign nowadays. However this was a common occurrence hundreds of years ago.

It is very commendable that Br. Khaysuddin (prev. Peter) decided to take his shahada and publicly declare it.
Let me also quote a hadith on this:Allah's Apostle Muhammad (swt) said "Three persons will have a double reward:

1. A Person from the people of the scriptures who believed in his prophet (Jesus or Moses) and then believed in the Prophet Muhammad (i .e. has embraced Islam).

2. A slave who discharges his duties to Allah and his master.

3. A master of a woman-slave who teaches her good manners and educates her in the best possible way (the religion) and manumits her and then marries her."


Thank you for this article. For me, it is very timely. Tomorrow I am taking the shahada, and I am an American. My birth name was/is Peter. I was raised Catholic, my mother was Methodist. I am Italian, Hungarian, Irish, British, Scottish and Native American. My wife is Lithuanian, Polish, German, Austrian and Jewish. Our children are all of these.
Today, as I drove to work, I listened to Radio-Head. I ate sushi for lunch. I worked on a project with a co-worker who is African with a German last name. My manager is Welsh (really, he's just come from there).
The Lord of The Rings is my favorite movie-series (and my favorite movie, if you get my meaning) and book series. I also like Star Wars and Superman. Tonight I watched "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" with my daughter (I do not believe that Jesus was God, but surely the birth of a Prophet is worthy of celebration).
Tomorrow I take shahada. I really do believe that there is one God, and Muhammad is His messenger. I believe in destiny, the Day of Judgement, the eternity of the Quran, the angels of God.
And I am an American. And, what is more, I am proud to be an American. I wanted to thank Islamicity for its part in bringing me to this point in my life, I don't know that I would've gotten to where I am without it or its editors, or the people that I've met here (most especially you, Brother Akbar, if you read this). Thank you, thank you everyone.

Humbly yours,

Khaysuddin Ali Peter

A very sanguine article.