Coronavirus: Who's Leading the Global Fight?

It's being called a war against an invisible enemy, and it's now being fought on a global scale.

The world is in a race to stem the increasing number of Coronavirus cases. 

As many as 60,000 new infections are being reported every day, and governments and healthcare systems are struggling to keep up.

Even among the richest nations, the spread is spiralling out of control.

Restrictions on people's movement and mandatory quarantines are in place around much of the world, measures that many experts say have come too late.

As the number of sick and dying rises, governments are scrambling to get the resources needed for the fight and to rescue free-falling economies.

But can countries deal with the threat of the coronavirus alone?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie


Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister of Sweden and the Co-Chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Sarah Eltantawi, Professor of Modern Islam at Fordham University.

Melinda Liu, Beijing Bureau Chief at Newseek Magazine.

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