Coronavirus: Quarter of World in Lockdown

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More than 2.6 billion people worldwide are in lockdown now.  India has introduced its new measures, according to a tally by the AFP news agency.  Europe remains at the epicenter of the pandemic.

On Tuesday, the death toll jumped by 514 in a single day in Spain and other European countries also reported sharp increases Italy is the worst affected country in the world in terms of deaths.

The virus has killed almost 7,000 people there over the past month The UK, meanwhile, is spending its first day under tight new restrictions. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced unprecedented measures on Monday and ordered the immediate closure of shops selling non-essential goods.

In the US, New York's governor has said the federal government is not sending enough equipment to combat the crisis. The state has been hit especially hard by the virus The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the US has the potential to become the new epicenter of the pandemic.

  Category: Featured, Highlights, Videos, World Affairs
  Topics: Coronavirus, Health, Pandemic
Views: 760

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