An ominous watershed? 4 more years of trauma?

Disillusioned Arab responds to U.S. election

Consistently second only to Ariel Sharon in terms of unpopularity among Arabs, US President George W. Bush's re-election victory was greeted in the Arab world with a sense of disillusionment and foreboding.

"Just like 9/11 became a watershed in American foreign policy, this election seems to me another watershed that might be much more ominous," said Samir Khalaf, professor of sociology at the American University of Beirut.

"I think it's unfortunate that he has been re-elected," said Patrick McGreavy, director for American Studies and Research at the American University of Beirut. "I think he has made some horrible blunders and I think the United States will be less safe because of this. I am amazed that the American people have voted this way."

Although the unfolding debacle in Iraq featured high in the election campaign, American voters refused to punish Bush, apparently more interested in the candidates' stands on domestic social issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

"Bush had fairly skillfully portrayed Iraq as part of the war on terrorism and so when the bad things happen, that's the terrorists doing bad things to America. There's a kind of patriotic response that we can't give in to these people," said William Quandt, professor of politics at the University of Virginia and former Middle East specialist at the National Security Council during the Carter administration. 

As for the festering Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it barely surfaced at all during the campaign, yet it remains by far the most pressing issue of concern in the Mideast. 

"Anyone who lives in the Middle East and policy experts all over the world realize that this is a burning issue which somebody at least needs to attempt to resolve," McGreavy said. 

Bush's commitment to the Mideast peace process has been faltering at best. His main initiative was the much-vaunted "road map" unveiled in spring 2003 which outlined a path to peace between the Israelis and Palestinians by 2005. Despite the fanfare surrounding the scheme, the road map has been allowed to fall by the wayside as Sharon pursues his own unilateralist agenda - building a concrete barrier sealing off the West Bank from Israel and proposing to withdraw from Gaza next year.

"I would like to see a different US policy," said Khalil Shikaki, director of the Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, "a more active search for a settlement, more focus on the permanent settlement ... and the articulation of a more detailed vision for the permanent status settlement, a vision based on the achievements of previous bi-lateral Palestinian-Israeli negotiations."

Syrian President Bashar Assad has indicated several times in the past year that he is willing to resume peace talks with Israel. But the Bush administration has shown no interest in encouraging Sharon to accept the offer, preferring instead to squeeze Damascus with sanctions and a United Nations Security Council resolution for its alleged lack of cooperation on Iraq and terrorism.

Optimists suggest that Bush will follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Bill Clinton, in his second term and pay greater attention to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict.

But others fear that Bush's near unquestioning support for the hard-line policies of the Sharon government stems from personal conviction rather than political expediency.

"It remains to be seen whether there will be a mellowing of his attitudes and policies," said Ghaith Armanazi, executive director of the British-Syrian Society and former Arab League ambassador to London. "But one can't have too many illusions because there seems to be some kind of ideological synergy between Bush, and the people surrounding Bush, and the extremist Likud politics followed in Israel."

John Kerry, Bush's challenger, was regarded in the region as someone who would have played a more active role in the Middle East peace process. Yet not all Arab officials relished the prospect of a Kerry victory. Given Kerry's criticism of the Bush's Iraq policy, there was a concern among some Iraqi officials that as president he would have been less inclined to commit to a long-term American military presence.

Mowaffaq al-Rubaie, the former national security advisor to the interim Iraqi government, said that another Bush term would give Iraq policy "some continuity."

"Bush's vision in Iraq is clear and his determination with liberal democracy is liked by most Iraqis," Rubaie said.

At present, a liberal democracy in Iraq seems little more than wishful thinking, given the inability of the Americans and their allies to quash the ever-worsening insurgency.

Abdullah al-Faqih, assistant professor of politics at Sanaa University in Yemen, said that he wants to see "the blood river" in Iraq brought to an end "and the genie President Bush released from the bottle either controlled or put back into the bottle before it spills over into neighboring countries."

Fostering democracy in the Arab world has been a key element of the Bush administration's foreign policy, pushed principally by the neoconservatives. The ousting of Saddam Hussein was supposed to set in motion a domino effect in which Arab dictatorships would tumble and be replaced with budding democracies. But the neocons' democratic experiment in Iraq is foundering due to a violent resistance feeding and growing on inadequate post-invasion policies. The reality of the situation in Iraq may have dampened enthusiasm for democracy in the Arab world in favor of a more traditional tolerance for benign autocrats.

"You can now sense that even the most enthusiastic neocons would settle for a Pinochet-like outcome in Iraq," Quandt said, referring to the dictatorial but US-friendly former Chilean president Augusto Pinochet.

Faqih said: "We do not want another American administration that publicly denounces dictatorships in the Middle East and sleeps with dictators every night."

Indeed, the next Bush administration needs to re-engage more thoroughly with the Arab world, rather than treating the region as part nexus of terrorism and part convenient gas station, analysts say.

Yahya Sadowski, professor of politics at the American University of Beirut, said the US needs to invest seriously in programs that improve the lives of average citizens in the Arab world, such as literacy and child healthcare.

"For a fraction of what the US is spending to demolish Iraq it could win a great deal of goodwill," he said.

Ammar Abdulhamid, a Syrian social analyst and visiting fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East policy at the Washington-based Brookings Institute, said he would like to see "a more serious policy of active engagement with regimes and civil society actors alike."

"I believe that such policy can produce the kind of win-win solutions that we so desperately need in the region," he said.

A continued failure to engage Arab hearts and minds would be a "disaster," said Shafeeq Gha-bra, president of the American University of Kuwait and a political analyst. "If it doesn't happen it will mean further radicalization and further terrorism and four years from now the Americans will not be better off and neither will the Arabs."

Source: The Daily Star

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Older Comments:
Salaam Peter,

I actually did not know about the city of Apples, but it's interesting all the conversations we've had, they have been about the area of the Caucasus Mountains region - from Dhul Qarn'ain, Gog Magog, Khidr...interesting interesting! And now when I did some research I actually found out where "The City of Apples" is. It is a city called "KUBA", in the North-Eastern slope of the Caucasus, somewhere in Azerbaijan i'm guessing... and is 2000 feet high! It's known to be famous for it's beautiful carpets and bazaars. There is also a Zoroastrian temple there (fire-worshipping temple). From what I've read it's supposed to be quite beautiful, with a 30-metre waterfall, and the "Canyon of Tengy" which is 250 metres deep. There's a starting point for you. :-) Wassalaam.

Hi, Peter, The City of the Apple in Arabic would be:"Medinat-ul-Tufah". Medinah, in conections Medinat, means City, ul or al means The, the genitive is implicit and Tufah means Apple. Note that the "h" at the end of Tufah is not the same like the one in Medinah. In Medinah the h is not pronounced, in Tufah, "h" is a strong sound, the same "h" like in the name, Muhammad.
I hope this helped. I am in the thinking of writing local(Canadian) stories about my community(Islamic) and their struggle to maintain their innocence in an accusing society of wasps. Fortunately, in the township I live Muslims are in majority and the wasps are trying to copy the hiphop trend, ridiculous I would say, they even try to claim blackness to their genes!

Sure the neo-cons got a reason to flag over W's victory. The rest of the world got reason to rise their flags halfway up.

The democratic system is by no means a perfect one. As I see it the main problem with the American system is that they are limited to a two party system. In Canada we have four parties which allows for improved flexibility in the formation of our government, greater cooperation among the parties and wider expression of the wishes of the electorate with less bickering and in-fighting.

In our latest election the Liberals were elected to a minority government. This meant that they did not win enough seats to win a majority government and in order to establish a ruling government they must ally themselves with another party with which they must cooperate in all matters. Imagine if such a possibility existed in the US and the Republicans were elected to a minority government and had to work with the Democrats in order to rule. I'd be feeling a lot safer right now.

I too was extremely disappointed with the results of the US election. I am terrified at what the next four years will bring with that simpleton Bush in the White House. He does not have a real understanding of the issues and certainly does not possess the diplomatic skills necessary to handle the delicate foreign issues which he will be facing this year.

One day while crossing the border into the US shortly after 9/11, while the American border guard was looking over my ID he commented, "Try to remember you're entering a foreign country". This is a fact that is becoming more and more apparent to me with each passing year.

Whew! I just read all the comments. Bob and Nicole: this may be a little late coming, but your comments are at best silly and uninformed, at worst you make a bad situation even worse for everyone.
Everybody else: I don't blame you if you don't like the current administration, but remember, not all Americans voted for it or agree with it.
I think that a very real cause for concern is the show of power given by the Christian Fundamentalists (and they scare me, man).
Anyway, Akbar, how is it with you? Doing well, I hope. I am writing a book and in it there are some Muslim characters that are heroes. I was wondering if you could tell me how to say "The City of the Apple" in Arabic. The source is an old Arabian legend of an Islamic city in Europe, which was called "The City of the Apple." Many travellers wrote that they saw it in the course of thier journeys. In fact, if anyone can tell me it would be greatly appreciated.

God bless you all.

The election day was shocking, I was sure that Kerry is going to win. I know that in the end media controls the minds of people in the contemporary world, but still it's shocking that more than half voted for Bush?! The election always represents the majority of people,and in this case the majority thinks Bush is a great leader and defender of liberty, democracy and human rights and moral values,and oh yes PEACE!.

I don't know how anyone on this earth can think that,maybe it's caused by the same disorder as in Israel where the majority thinks that Sharon represents those exact same things.

If Bush goes expands his 'war of terror' to other arab countries,it's likely that the citizens in middle east can't be controlled any more.The situation there is already quite flamable, reforms are expected around Red sea,if they are not delivered,who knows what will happen.New wars and the governments 'allowance' of Bush/USA army to run around like a mad cows,might open the eyes of the most moderate muslims to the new reality.I would have like to seen a peace process (that Kerry could have started)now I'm afraid I'll witness the WWIII;that Bush will probably start by continuing the Human right abuses, disregarding the Int.laws, using language that makes christians in Europe to have chills in their spine.

I don't understand why the majority of citizens in USA didn't see straight.They were busy with 'moral values' (that actually opposes individuality and freedom) rather than WORLD PEACE?! Quality of AIR to breath for the next 50-100 years?! I understand those values are important,and people can use them as guidelines for their PRIVATE LIFE,but to make the most biggest issue in the election in which the wrong decision will cause thousands of lives of innocent people (though probably across the atlantic and pacific)is disturbing to say the least.

In Finland there was a advertisement campaign to see how finnish people would have voted and 87% voted for Kerry...

Look the truth of the matter is, America may claim to be the most powerful democracy in the world, but at the same time, MOST Americans don't even know how the American "democratic" system even works!! The electoral college votes, all you need is to cheat in getting 270 out 538, what a rudiculous and crooked version of so called representative government through people who are hand picked by either the democratic or republican party, and this is usually done a conventions, and can even happen in private. Is this their version of a fair and non-partisan jury, is this how they cheat to make a President? millions of people depend on 538 "anybody's" to decide who becomes Prez??? All the peeps who voted for John Kerry in Ohio, just because the popular vote was for Bush, in turn he received every single electoral college vote in that state. Now is that fair, is it "democratic", or is it theivery, injustice, inequality, and most of all it's the system of "what's mine, is mine, and what's yours is mine too." Does that phrase ring any bells? No wonder the average American's nature is bent on proving that they are doing God's work, so brainwashed! like some who claim they are God's chosen people.

Bush is only digging himself a deeper grave, sinking into the abyss of lying and crookedness, his leadership and those under his leadership are mis-leading by introducing a system that is dirty and ugly, but covered up with tar, it is therefore dajjala, like smearing tar over a camel's wound. But remember everyone, even Firaun (Pharoah) during the time of Moses was allowed to exercise injustice throughout the land against Al-Yahud, and created a slave labour system. But Allah Ta'ala sent Musa (as) into Firaun's own HOUSE and RUINED HIM!


I dont believe you were ever a peaceful person Bob, I think you're an ignorant and malicious sanctimonius cretin with blood on his hands. Neither do I belive you people give a rats behind about Russian school kids. You make me sick carrying on about 911 as if you didnt bring thousands of 911's upon others.
The rape of Iraq with over 100000 dead by you terrorists nullifys anything you have to say. Bin Laden was trained by your government so blame yourselves for what he did. But as USUAL, facts and figures are irrelevent to redneck trailer park armadenonist trash.
I would urge you to join the human race, but I dont think the rest of us humans would approve of murderous beasts in our midst. I'm glad you re-selected the village idiot to be your proves without a doubt that you Americans are complicit in his crimes. May those who've taken the lives of innocent Afghan and Iraqi men, woman and children and continue to do so without remorse never know peace and burn in hell.

I have killed our brother while trying to free him. Yet others had left him to the mercy of tyrants. So seek then whatever refuge seems best. For each might hear what our brother would say. And having killed our dear brother (regrettably) I am at least (thankfully) already aware of that much.

Peace be unto you. Perhaps consider avoiding negative assumption. Perhaps consider avoiding cursing until the Last Day.

My reward would be this: to have amplified our Lord's glory. May our Lord have mercy on our companions as well as on us.

(And all is as and if our Lord pleases.)

Asalaam alikum,

I think we have made a huge mistake in the election of GW for another 4 long years, and I am afraid for my country. BUT...
1. I didn't vote for him, and I am proud to say that.
2. 49% of the country didn't vote for him either. That means that when you all talk about Americans, remember, 49% actually had their head on straight.
3. There are no riots, the national guard wasn't called, there will be no civil war, unlike many other countries that have had elections this close. The concept of loyal opposition is understood by us. We will continue to work against the current administration, because it is the way of things. I think we can contain the worst of it, and clean up next time.

Democracy does work, but we don't always get what we want in this world. This is one of those times.


While reading through these comments, I noticed that alot of people outside of the US were posing. That tells alot about how that US and Americans are viewed throughout the world. Some comments were just plain idiotic, and show the ignorance of most Americans. It's true what alot of people said, I live here in the Bible Belt and I have firsthand experience of "American Fundamentalists" and it's so sad that I am ashamed of being an American sometimes b/c eventhough we Americans preach democracy it's rarely truly practiced. Oh, and I believe that the election was fixed as the last one.

Americans don't know it. They no longer own the country. The Jews own it today. American foreign policy is Jewish foreign policy dictated by the Likud Party. I urge the American to free themselves from the clutches of the Jews.Do you know it Sharon once made the remarks at the Knesset "We control America"

I am sorry that muslims disagree with my opinion and viewpoints.

I am a very peaceful person by nature.

That changed on sept 11th, 2001.

WE were made to believe by the dem party in this country that 911 was not radical muslims but Jews.

Bin Laden's admission certainly squashed that conspiracy rumor.

What happened in Russia to those school children will never happen in this country.

Not as long as Geo W Bush is president.

I have spoken to many muslims overseas, and they seem to think, or feel that bin laden is the defender of Islam.

Who is brainwashed?????

AGain, muslims are killing muslims, insurgents are trying to sway the iraqi public,
they are killing innocent civilians..
That is OK?????
It is time for the arab world to wake up and join the human race.

Infidels are not the enemy. INfidels as you folks call them, simply choose another God to worship.

Here in america, one can go to any city and see many different churches, mosques and synogogues on the same street corner.

That is what we call tolerance.

Our govt officials have a tough job to do.

Not everyone in america believes what the politicians do or say...

That is the difference here in this country.

WE are tolerant, open-minded and compassionate toward all life.....

And, WE can think for ourselves..

Freedom is a basic human need, want and desire.

Once we experience it, it cannot be forgotten.

The people of Iraq will soon be free.

and the world will be a better place.

The election of Bush is the best that will happen to Islam. Reason: While Bush is truthful about his hate and disdain for Islam and the rest of the world, Kerry is a hypocritic and hides behind the some anti-Islamic sentiments such as abortion, gay marriage etc.
For the most difficult war is the war against a clever and trickish unbeliever who will never let his hate for Islam is in the open like that of Kerry. As for Bush we all know that he is not of us and all that need to be done is for all Muslim to beware of him. Unlike Kerry who will secretly use American might to undermine Islam.
I think the end of America is near, that is why Bush won.



I did not vote for George Bush. I feel in many ways this man will be our country's undoing.

I love my country as you love yours, and it hurts me deeply that the Arab world condems ALL americans as wanting this president in office.
Please do not count me as one of them. I want change....I want our children to come home from Irag...I care about the envionment that George Bush thumbs his nose at...I want peace, and I want the world to see our country has humility.

Thank you

who wins thats not our headach.we hv to solved our problems by our selves.we should depend on Allah.We can not blame any one,

Glad to burst your bubble Tim, but the dollar is on its way out, thanks in no small part to the Euro.
As for what your storm troopers are doing in Iraq, its nothing short of terrorism, pure and simple. Nobody with an iota of intelligence buys that you're liberating Iraqis. You people blood on your hands and may the Almighty punish you for your crimes.
I for one, have no sympathy for theives and marauders, so to hell with you all.

I have never in my whole life hated an American president as much as I hated Bush.And my level of hatred for him is as much as I hate his "Man of Peace", The Butcher Ariel Sharon.

May Allah forgive me and protect my Muslim Brothers and Sisters in the US.

Actually, following in Bill Clinton's footsteps would seem more like lobbing missiles into strongholds of Al Qaida. Then waiting to see what came of it.

May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala (i.e., God Almighty) preserve the people of Falluja and guide the Coalition to do right by those people. May the people of Iraq figure out the right thing to do with foreigners willing to die for the sake of Iraqis but with nowhere else to go. Ameen.

(God willing) Peace!

Nothing like hearing it from the horses mouth, in this case bob and nicole the pro-bush ...
I believe Mr.Newton is 100 % correct about these morons and killers. And I mean killers folks, next time any of these cretins talks about 911 and 3000 dead Americans, remind them of the 100000 dead in Iraq alone. But these people dont consider Iraqis human now do they ?
And Bob, little man get over the ultimatums...the entire world is against you so stay in that rabid little trailer of yours unless ofcourse you care to be a volunteer conscript in Bush's terror war.
Bottom line folks ? A corrupt immoral murderous leader for a corrupt immoral society of failures.

Tim Sullivan, sadly you echo the ignorance of Americans as usual. Malaysia is already dropping teh dollar in favour of the Gold Standard and if other Muslim countries follow suit - you blokes are dead.
Moreover no Muslim country that you invaded ever asked to be invaded. It is your bullying and criminal behaviour on the strength of the Nukes you and your buddies the Israelis have which allows you to do so with impunity. Neither are Muslim nor South American countries interested in your aid, except for the poor Mexicans whom your corporations abuse to no end and have left Mexicos economy in shambles, its country side and rivers polluted with carcinogens and a whole host of toxins, its people working for a pittance and even its poor impoverished senioritas pregnant, all for a few dollars from the American gringos. You Americans truly are are parasites - thre is not one bit of decency or good in you.

It disheartens me to see the negative talk about Americans deserving Bush,or we are hypocrits.Are you, my Muslim Sisters and Brothers, not aware that the vote was a lie.I live in Ohio, the state that they were waiting on.Bush did not win,the majority of people do want him out but they were turned away from the poles.Buchtel High School right down the street from me was one of the places.Our local radio station reported many more democratic voters being challenged (turned away) this year.That is what happened in Florida 4 yrs.ago.The courts illegalized the practice, but it did not stop. One Bush voter was honest enough to admit that the city she lives in was broke into 4 districts that all voted at the same place.She said the 3 that were mostly white went smoothly, no lines. The one that was ethnic was outside and around the corner lines.They were being scrutinized by the republicans.Then, here in Akron, Ohio the lights went out at the time when most low or middle class got off work.The last 1 1/2 hours were lost at the poles.Did Bush win it? No- he stole it.So do not call us hypocrits or deserving of what we get, I am already afraid for me and my family here.In Sha'Allah my husband will make a way for us to leave this country in the next couple of years.We are all Muslim and American born.Many of my friends from other countries have already left because they are afraid.I am sorry but I can not agree with all of what is said in this article either. All the comments were made by people at American schools in foreign countries.I do not agree that America, Brittain, or anyone else should interfer in MiddleEastern affairs.Anyone that thinks they need American military basis are setting themselves up for corruption of their youth.Do you really think that the Iraqi people are importatnt to US politicians.A Subway food store was built on a base for the soldiers, not the Iraqis, while Iraqi children play in raw sewage.Is this the infastructure they talk about? Wake up!

God knows how bush got re-elected, u would think americans got some sense in to thier head after seeing wat happened with Iraq,but I guess its true.The only thing america is good at is stealing the worlds wealth n sitting on thier fat backsides eating.

There a somethings I agree with in this article but I am tire of other nations demanding we invest in third world countries or Arab countries. We are not the former colonial powers who took these countries resources and left nothihg behind. It is up to the former colonial powers to ivestin these countries or for these countries to use their oil resources to improve the conditions of their people.Everyone disagrees with America's policies but still wants the American dollar.

The previous comments (Amah, Cordelier) break my heart. That such an image of the U.S. can persist is deeply troubling to it should be to all who cherish freedom. Like any country, the U.S. is not a homogeneous society whose views and belief are perfectly represented by our leadership and whose values are embodied in that leadership's policies. We are on the whole a peace-loving culture with a trmendously flawed past (and present), who collectively harbor high hope for our future. I, like many other U.S.-citizens, come from a middle eastern heritage and wonder daily how my country has strayed so far from a vision of respect-based, cultural diologue and exchange with the Middle East. (I long for a day when travel to Beirut, Damascus or Baghdad is as common as travel to London, Paris or Madrid is today.) I can see no room for the unforgiving, heart-less, hate-filled rhetoric of the previous comments in a forward-looking, honest, respectful dialogue which I believe is essential to stop the bloodshed. Perhaps Bush's faith and bulldog nature blind him to the inhumanity that his policies have created...but, please do not believe that they have so blinded the rest of the country. (He is a scar we shall wear for another 4 yrs., yet a scar preferable to a John Kerry administration.) What you will not find in those policies (and the politicians who created them) is the love, respect and sympathy for the war-torn regions of the Middle East (and the rest of the world for that matter)which lie in the hearts of most U.S.-citizens. If you look for that, you will find it. If you spew hate-rhetoric, then you cannot (or at least are not) contributing to a solution...and a solution is something all of us could use.

one love.

You want to know what these stupid Evangelists and their mad Christian ideas are doing to my people. Read this from MSNBC (Too bad it was not Bush in th lion's pen):

From the results of the elections, one can easily say that the majority of american are hypocrites, selfish, and full of ignorance...they tell you that had voted for bush because he has MORE MORALS over kerry...excuse me!!!!1 where are the morals of killing innocents....these are the Morals that people have in this country...but it is not something new.Just look back in their shameful history...they live by killing others...this is their not be surprised.

Americans- give us back our statue, you know that tall statue you have in Manhattan New York, which we gave you, which you call the Statue of Liberty. Please give it back, it stands for Liberty and so it is in the wrong country. We are sorry we made a mistake it was meant for a country where people and their leaders have courage, morality, compassion, humanity - like maybe Venezuela and its good leader Hugo Chavez. And also stop calling your fried potatoes 'French' Fries. Go back to your silly terms - 'freedom Fries' or some other imbecile word.

What shocks me about Americans is that after all these hundreds of years of its history of stealing lands and murdering its indigenous people, the average modern American is just as dumb, ignorant, greedy and blood thirsty as his mad predecessors. After all these years they did not learn a thing. They talk about Democracy - look at Florida and look how their rich and their Jewish control everything. They talk about equal rights for women and minorities, when was the last time Americans elected a woman as President or an African or a Latin person? Even Bangladesh has had 2 female PMs, and also Pakistan, both Muslim countries, whom the Americans accuse of lacking rights for women and minorities. Their Christian preachers are busy molesting little boys and sorting cocaine and getting caught with prostitutes and yet they preach - and amazingly Americans listen and obey How terribly strange these American creatures are. Americans please stay in your country and spend your dollars there- we don't need them here in Norway.

God is Not a Republican or a Democrat!

We believe all candidates should be examined by measuring their policies against the complete range of spiritual ethics and values.

We admonish both parties and candidates to avoid the exploitation of religion or our congregations for partisan political purposes.

We, the undersigned, believe that sincere Christians and other people of faith can choose to vote for President Bush or Senator Kerry - for reasons deeply rooted in their faith.

We will measure the candidates by whether they enhance human life, human dignity, and human rights; whether they strengthen family life and protect children; whether they promote racial reconciliation and support gender equality; whether they serve peace and social justice; and whether they advance the common good rather than only individual, national, and special interests.

We call all people of faith to a more thoughtful involvement in this election, rather than claiming God's endorsement of any candidate.

This is the meaning of responsible citizenship.

I think its great Bush won- Americans deserve him. A stupid people deserve a stupid president. What better revenge Osama could have than this. American Evangelists and American Rambos please stay out of Sweden. We don't need your help for any thing at all. Keep your madness, corruption, hypocricy, blood and oil lust to yourself. You are one very sick nation.

Reading both comments of Bob and Nicole, two ignorant people who has a say in choosing the most powerful man in the world fills me with enxiety about the future of the world. GOD HELP US ALL including the Americans

Bob - If this evil and laughable ignorance you and your idiotic leader display is illustrative of what you and your country stand for, then I too am dead against you. You people and your goofy leader are no different than Hitler, who also sought to promote madcap Christian values and the ideology of White supremacy. You nutters are the Christian Mullas. Venture beyond your trailer homes and small dead towns and see the world - you'll be surprised at how much you are hated universally.

Nicole - you call Bush a good Christian. Tell that to the over 100,000 innocent women, children, the aged and the sick he massacred. But you people have a history of massacring the innocent. From the Red Indian, to Blacks, to the Japanese, to Koreans, Afghans, Panamanians, the list goes on. You expect Iraqis to come over to the US to help build your towers ? are you mad. ? You utterly destroy their country and they come back to help you build yours ? Why You still don't get it do you Nicole. The Iraqis did not blow up your stupid towers, Ossie Bin Laden did, and your Ape president was quite complicit. You really do not know your facts do you Nicole, but then again neither do a big majority of Americans. A dumb nation led like sheep by a dumb president led like a donkey by an Evil Israel. You can have your president - in 4 years you'll be wishing you had actually elected a donkey instead.

Salaamu alaikum,

Megan Brannon & Vlad: -I salute your courageous remarks! Cheers!!!
Nicole & bob- You disgust you really believe that you are safer now with four more wars to come. You fools, are giving Muslims the same options Saddam gave his poeple; you are no different because your statement proves to the World that you are not tolerant. How can you be; you are too ignorant to be tolerant.It is people like you who voted for Bush; for promting hate crimes that target Muslims.Smart Muslims have made their choice & decided to be agaisnt you. Fools, brace yourselves for four years of Yankee Hunters overseas. How can you feel safe, when 1.6 billion Muslims hate you bcs you turn 9/11 sympathisers into radical Muslims. From this week on, Muslims overseas will hunt down those Americans that pretend to be Canadians. You will pay dearly for voting for terror & fighting freedom & Liberal Islam.
I feel bad for the Democrat voters although their party is very corrupt but still are the least of the two evils & are led by a wimp that is a soldier but not a warrior. I feel worse for Ralph Nader's supporters; smart university students that have to deal with what looks like the dark ages crap coming from "Christian" morrons, high school drop outs, Armagaddonits & Church freaks. You know what I mean the Neo-Cons & those with one worldview that see the world with one eye: If you are too slow to read my lips: I mean the Blind ones, stupid?

Mark my words Nicole & Bob,

America will be less secure &

Muslims "extremists" & may be moderates too will

go Yankee hunting in Muslim lands!!!

They will make you regret the day you voted for

the master of terror & tyranny.


Bush got elected because we forget that he represents the ideals of most Americans: being the strongest even if we destroy the others. I have lived enough in the US to see that people there are just so full of themselves that they just cant understand or comprhend that they are not the only human beings on this earth. And oh, Nicole, we don't see Iraqui soldiers helping to rebuild the towers here because they did not come to destroy them. Whereas YOUR soldiers are doing a great job as destroying Iraq and Iraqui people. Simple as that.

We chose the lesser of two evils!Remember that President Bush is pro-life(although his overseas adventures indicate otherwise) and he defines marriage in the traditional sense even though his overall behaviour is Unchristian(traditionally speaking).Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?Kerry's views would bring the wrath of God upon us.

u all think Bush is doing a good job by sending soldiers to kill the Iraqis. The world has always had a problem with Asians. I hav no idea why, but I intend to find out. U seem to portray Muslims as terrorists, but if u look bac in history, so hav white people. Bush has done his wat he said about capturing Saddam, so why is it that Iraq is still being run by Americans? There having a hard time finding these 'weapons of mass destruction', so wat happened to 'we hav reliable sources on the location of these weapons. There hav been a few people who hav stepped forth and hav the mind and ability to run Iraq, Bush has refused them all. I wud say its just that Bush wants to control the country. Many americans hav abused and tortured sum Iraqis. One girl aged 14, stripped of her clothes and beaton to death. These americans havnt even been dealt with, so wats Bush doing? I wud say its time we let another President like Kerry to show how he wud resolve these wars. From ur eyes on 9/11, its terrorist acts, but look at it from a Muslim POV. America is the most powerful country with its weapons and money, so they go and pick on poorer countries, mainly Asian ones. I remember reading on the news, a missile was launched and hit Sudan (Africa). Many people died and etc. The Americans turn around and say 'it was an accident'. Dont u think its a coinsidence that it had to be a religious country, mainly Muslims. Think about it and learn.

I think Bush has done a good job through the last four years. sure some things I dont agree with but he is a christian man with great values. He has destroyed and rebuilt in other countrys. If he was all bad he would have never kept are american soljers in Iraq to help clean up. You do'nt see the iraq soljers over here rebuilding our towers do you. I am glad Bush is are president again.

Thank God for Geo W Bush.

Why is it surprising that we re-elected Bush?
Americans feel safe with Bush. Clinton did nothing during his watch. There were 6 attacks by radical muslims in 7 yrs.

We as americans have had enough of this threat.
We as americans cannot believe that the arab world supports the terrorists, or simply turn their backs on their behavior.

It is time to join the human race.
Either you are with us, or against us.

We have not been attacked since 911.....and it is felt strongly because the terrorists are pre-occupied in Iraq.

Our actions do not breed terrorism. It is on a wreckless course.

We are trying to be too politcally correct in this war in Iraq.
And it seems that some want to blame the innocent civilians dying in Iraq.

How many did saddam kill and torture in his reign of terror...............HOW MANY ARE THE INSURGENTS KILLING....?????????/
They seem to want to blow everything up over there.

Muslims are killing muslims. They are setting off bombs and killing iraqi's at an alarming rate.

In the war on terrorism......the global war on terrorism...........Either you are with us, or aginst us...

It is your choice

Americans deserve Bush. They have shown their ignorance and their deep belief in injustice and hypocricy and their goofy ideas about Christianity. I would love to see these Evangelist priest explain to Christ what exactly they were doing preaching a religion of hate, blood, torture, murder, greed and destruction in his name. An ignorant, simple minded nation led by an equally ignorant simple minded man. USA-What a waste of space.