White Man's Burden: The Never-ending Saga

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Take up the White Man's burden-- 
Send forth the best ye breed-- 
Go, bind your sons to exile 
To serve your captives' need; 
To wait, in heavy harness, 
On fluttered folk and wild-- 
Your new-caught sullen peoples, 
Half devil and half child.

So, wrote Rudyard Kipling, the great champion of colonialism, nearly a century ago (The White Man's Burden by Rudyard Kipling, McClure's Magazine 12, Feb. 1899).

For the last few centuries the West has been undertaking the missionary task of "educating" the natives of the colonial territories. She has pursued this objective rather brutishly without any sense of guilt or qualm. She is so sure of her particular role in history that she is ready to use whatever means that are necessary to meet her objectives. Remember what Jumo Kenyatta, the founding father of Kenya, had to say of the African experience vis-a-vis colonization of their land: "When the missionaries came to Africa we had land; they had the Bible. They asked us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them they had our land; we had the Bible." Yes, that is precisely what the Europeans did in Africa. Europe needed mineral resources for the dawning of its industrial age. Africa was recognized as a virgin continent with huge mineral resources, which could only be plundered if she was colonized. Belgian King Leopold put it bluntly: "We must obtain a slice of this magnificent African cake." 

Along the sea-coast, from Misr (Egypt) in the north-east corner to Morocco in the west along the Mediterranean coast, to the Hausaland (in today's Nigeria) in the south - along the Atlantic coast, and from the Somaliland in the north-east corner to all the way down to the Mozambique (distorted form of Musa-bin-Baik), the people had been mostly Islamic, thanks to the Arab traders who had settled since the early days of Islam. Islam, much like it did in any other territories, had always allowed the indigenous people to retain their culture as long as it did not interfere with the very basic tenets of Islam. 

To the European would-be invaders, the presence of Muslims among the African populace was an eyesore. In the European psychic, Islam has always been, especially since the early Crusades, looked down as an anti-thesis to Christianity. It was recognized as an obstacle towards the fulfillment of their dream to plunder and loot Asia and Africa, and to enslave her people. It reminded them of the Moorish or Arabized Muslims in Andalusia (Spain), which had been cleansed [by then] of any Islamic influence. To prepare the ground for invasion and subsequent colonization, first came the propaganda about ridding the black Africans of "slavery" from the Arabs, and then came the muscle - the weapons. It was a "White man's burden" to "civilize" the so-called "uncivilized", "savage", "Negroes!" Within a few years, the entire Africa was colonized by the Europeans, and her mineral resources looted out to Europe and her people put into chains to work in the white-men's plantations in the new colonies in the Americas. Joseph Conrad, commenting a century ago on King Leopold's conduct in Congo, called it "the vilest scramble for loot that ever disfigured the history of human conscience." {Ref: Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness} [Much credit for developing the infrastructure for the highly industrialized and technologically advanced society in the West is due to the looting of Africa (and other non-European territories) and labor of these slaves and their descendants. The Western society is indebted to them. {Ref: Prof. Ali Mazrui, The Africans, a PBS Documentary, USA}]

While slavery as an institution had always existed in some form or other, it was only during this African Diaspora that the world saw how terrible, cruel, ugly and brutal slavery could be.1 The enslaved Africans lost more than their land, property and personal freedom. Their entire institution of family was uprooted: husbands separated from wives, parents from children, and siblings from each other. Foods considered foul and forbidden were forced on the slaves. Worst still, the black people, enslaved or not, were considered to be devoid of "souls." They needed to be Christianized to save their "souls." This task was left to the Christian missionaries who sealed the fate of Africa, esp. in the sub-Sahara region, by providing the extra logistics, which the European colonizers required. {Ref: Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible} One of the colonizers, Cecil Rhodes, the founding father of Rhodesia, even devised a cunning scheme that included taxing the natives to live and work in their native lands. [It is no wonder that the father of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl, would seek the approval of his plan for a Jewish homeland from none other than Cecil Rhodes, the master planner and implementer of African colonization! {Ref: Diary of Theodor Herzl}] In the Muslim majority areas, mostly to the north, while Christian missionary tactics did not succeed, harsh colonization was able to destroy most of the centuries-old Islamic institutions. The transformation was so complete that in the post-colonial era it has become impossible for these nations to find an alternative solution to any problem outside the sphere of influence of these former colonizers. 

Overall, by the time the European colonizers left, new maps were redrawn which on one side segregated people who had earlier lived together for centuries and on the other side forcibly joined ethnic groups who had not lived together. Much of the discords and tensions in Africa (and Asia), now ravaging the continent, are due to the creation of these artificial boundaries by the former colonizers. The worst victim of such a redrawn map is the Kurdish people, a people that produced the great Islamic hero - Sultan Salahuddin Ayyoubi - who liberated Jerusalem in 1187 from the Christian Crusaders. [When in 1099 al-Quds, the holy city of Jerusalem, fell to the Crusaders, tens of thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children were mercilessly massacred, much in common with today's ethnic cleansing operation against the Balkan Muslims by the Serbian Christians. {Ref: Anthony Nutting, The Arabs}] The Christian hatred for Salahuddin was so great that the former European colonizers divided the Kurdish people into four segments - in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey - thus, sealing their fate to never ever become a single nation. The Kurdish problem remains a stumbling block to any real, lasting peace in the region. During the First World War, when the Ottoman Empire crumbled to the European invaders, the British General Allenby landed near the grave of Salahuddin and said, "Saladin, today the Crusade has ended." What is so grotesque about his remark is that to him [and possibly, the Europeans] the Crusade never seemed to have ended in the middle ages when Muslims finally were able to reclaim Jerusalem. To him it could only have ended with the Christian re-conquest of the territory, which ignores the demographic reality that the vast majority of the people in that territory were Muslims and not Christians. So much so for crying out for democracy and human rights! 

The British colonizers helped in the settlement of European Jews into Palestine soon after the infamous Balfour Declaration. This Declaration ignored the fact that more than 90% of the population in that territory were Muslims and that Jews owned less than 3% of the territory. Notwithstanding that half the territory was given to the Jews by the western superpowers (including the USSR), thus dispossessing millions of Palestinians from their ancestral homes and properties, while relocating European Jewry into the occupied territory. In the 1967 Arab-Israel war, Israel annexed the other half of Palestine. Thanks to superior arms provided by western nations to Israel. In reality, since its very inception, Israel has always remained a rampart of the West, much in common with the intention of the founding father of modern Zionism. {Ref: Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State} The US replaced Britain as Israel's greatest benefactor. Then came the Kissinger era with his notorious doctrine that barred any negotiation with the dispossessed Palestinians. The latter's crime - terrorism! Well, if fighting for self-determination is terrorism, then one can argue that the US had shown the way in her struggle for independence from Great Britain. Since occupying the West Bank, Israel has been guilty of destroying Palestinian properties and constructing one settlement after another, ignoring all the UN Resolutions, which explicitly bars such. But when she has a powerful friend in the US - with a veto power in the UN Security Council - there is no fear of ever being punished by the world body! Instead, the US grant for the Jewish state has been steadily increasing! 

On January 31, 1970, Bertrand Russell said, "Traditionally, the imperial power wishes to consolidate its authority with the least difficulty by appealing to 'reason' and 'negotiations' what it has taken already by violence. Every new conquest becomes the new basis of the proposed negotiation from strength, which ignores the injustice of the previous aggression. Every experience is an experiment to discover how much more aggression the world will tolerate." Israel obviously has perfected the art of negotiating from a position of strength. The West, through her support of this rogue state, has epitomized the art of double standard!

Remember the American Indians how they were virtually wiped out of the Americas - their ancestral homes - by the European newcomers! The simple-minded American Indians' only crime was to honor their guests into their homeland. A short story is sufficient to tell the sad saga of this unfortunate people. A white American of European descent once taunted an American Indian by saying, "O Indian, what do you have to say, how we wiped you out?" The Indian did not reply. The white man taunted him again saying: "You must feel awful, how we took your land, killed your men, raped your women, brought pox, syphilis and gonorrhea to your people, burned your villages, took your cattle and crops." Still, the Indian remained unperturbed. This calmness of the Indian further infuriated the white man, who went on to saying, "How come you don't say anything? We must have done something that should make you feel angry?" This time the Indian opened his mouth, saying, "White man, you know: none of what you said really makes me feel bad, sad or angry. Yes, you are right. You have wiped us out, you stole our lands, you destroyed our homes, and you raped our women and brought deadly diseases to our people. You have done all the unthinkable crimes anyone can imagine. It does not hurt me any more. What truly hurts my people and me is that despite all these crimes you have committed against my people, we are considered savages and you the "civilized" people. That truly hurts me the most!" 

Remember the [English] East Indian Company, how the Muslim rulers of India gave them duty-free land for trade and commerce, how the Company dishonored that trust by bringing in weapons to colonize our people? Bengal succumbed to these English pirates in 1757 in the Battle of Plassey. Outside the Americas, this single event is recognized as the greatest event in the annals of English colonization. East Bengal was famous for her ultra-fine, delicately woven cotton fabric - Muslin. England could ill-afford to have any competition for her mediocre and struggling textile market. The colonizers, to ensure that this technology is never transferred to later generations of Bengalis, thus, chopped off hands of the skilled weavers [of Bengal]. What a cunning and savage ploy! Former nobles were made beggars and the ruled made barons. Peasants were forced into planting indigo, instead of rice and jute, to support the British textile industry. Many died as a result of famine. Those who rebelled were killed, their houses and crops burned. 

With the failure of the so-called Sepoy Mutiny (Indian First War of Independence) in 1857, led by Muslims, Britain effectively colonized the entire India. Muslims were most severely treated in a Draconian measure. The British wrath did not neglect independence-seeking members from other religious communities. Even peaceful meetings and gatherings for independence were most brutally dealt with. The cold-blooded murder of 400 Indians on the 13th April, 1919 who had gathered at Jalianwala Bagh is an example showing how savage the English colonizers were in their treatment of the native Indians. 2 All the precious jewelry in the treasure of the Mughal emperor was stolen to England, including the Kohinoor, now dazzling the crown of the English Monarch.

As if these measures were not enough, a new history of India was written by pseudo-historians, some English and others - Hindu puppeteers, whose sole aim was to implement the colonial master's policy of "divide and rule" by planting the seed of permanent hatred and animosity between the majority - Hindus and the minority - Muslims. Hindus were told that they were better off under the new rulers. {Ref: M.H. Elliott, Bibliographical Index to the Historians of Mohammedan India, Calcutta (1849)} A new breed of Hindu fanatics was bred whose hatred for anything Islamic was insurmountable. To this date, much of the problems challenging India's pluralism are due to these Hindu fanatics. In recent years, the case of destruction of the Ayodhya Mosque is a glaring example of how the ludicrous, unsupported writings of a pseudo-historian like M.H. Elliott would be used later by the Hindu fanatics to destroy this historical mosque. {Ref: Dr. Ram S. Sharma, Communal History and Ram's Ayodhya (1992)}

It would not be an exaggeration if I were to state that, of all the various European [Christian] colonizers, the English were the worst in their treatment of Muslims. Their hatred and animosity toward Muslims simply do not have a parallel. Even when they had to leave India, they made sure that Muslims only got a moth-eaten Pakistan, minus Kashmir, minus Calcutta, with borders that could not be protected [against any Indian invasion plan] and with economy that could not be sustained. The Radcliff Award was so biased in favor of Hindu India that only a trip along the Bangladeshi border is sufficient to see its unfairness. It is, therefore, no wonder that while the glory days of the British Empire are a distant memory, we are still haunted both by their ghosts and living descendants. The British reluctance to take actions against the marauding and savage Serbian Christians, and collusion with the US to punish Iraq are two of the latest examples in this regard.

When the late Mahatma Gandhi was calling for independence of India, he was once invited to plead his case in England. On one occasion, an English reporter asked him as to how he felt about the European Civilization. He sarcastically remarked, "What! European Civilization? I don't know if they had any." What the Mahatma meant was Europe had not, by then (in the early part of this century), evolved into a genuine civilization. If she had, she would not be committing the kind of brutality and savagery for more than a century in the colonized territories of Asia and Africa. What was true during Gandhi's time, obviously, has not changed much, only that colonization has been replaced by neo-colonization! The western nations still have not taken that quantum leap necessary towards a genuine civilization. 

Truly, the West has neither a high moral ground to stand on, nor to accuse Muslims of terrorism. Through her very actions, past and present, she has proven her blameworthiness. No matter how she wants to portray her current role in the Muslim world, as one of fairness, actions do speak louder and show her innate enmity against Islam and what it stands for. She is guilty of religious bigotry, in the least. Her bloody hands are behind the genocide and massacre of Muslims in the three continents - Asia, Africa and Europe. The US, in particular, has been the greatest sponsor of 'state terrorism' in the last half of the 20th century.

The trouble with us, the Muslims, is that we never seem willing directly to engage the US and her western partners morally and intellectually in ways that highlight their crimes against us. There is such a dismal ignorance of them that exists in our part of the globe - an ignorance painfully disconnected to the system of western exploitation and its organized cruelties against the non-white peoples of this globe - makes us prey to the illusion that America is the only arbiter, the last superpower, the power with the greatest chance of giving us what is genuinely our due. At the core of our difficulty is the regrettable disunity that divides us, where our rulers, behaving as puppets, robots or circus clowns, think only in terms of the narrowest interest and no concern is given to the ways in which we are used against each other, robbed, traduced, punished and manipulated. 

The entire Muslim nation, from Indonesia in the east to Kosovo and Senegal in the west, is bleeding. Something has obviously gone wrong with Muslims. Instead of becoming guides to a dying humanity we have become myopic followers. In the end, we have become our worst nightmares. We simply cannot agonize over memories of past glory. We develop our consumer instincts more than we do our scientific and cultural talent, and we manifest so widespread a degree of incompetence and helplessness with our endlessly proclaimed summits that we cannot even take ourselves seriously. That is a sad reality! We need to reevaluate our purpose in this life and rethink our role in history. 

The West needs to be confronted in detail, not with brave or empty slogans and purchase of more new weapons from it. Its hypocritical, double-standard policies have to be exposed, its irrational positions disallowed and unaccepted. It should be pointed out that peace without justice is only an illusion. Peace cannot be attained through uneven-handed policies and goals that further victimize the victims and reward the culprits. 


1. Slavery existed in the African states, and it was used by Europeans to justify their own colonization and slave trade. But the "slaves" of Africa were more like the serfs of Europe - in other words, like most of the population of Europe. But an African slave, e.g., in the Ashanti Kingdom of West Africa, had the right to marry, own property; own slaves, and ultimately become heir to his master. An Ashanti slave, nine cases out of ten, possibly became an adopted member of the family, and in time his descendants so merged and intermarried with the owner's kinsmen that only a few would know their origin. (Howard Zinn, A people's history of the United States, HarperCollins, N.Y., p. 27)

2. General Dyer was responsible for the murder.

Dr. Habib Siddiqui lives in suburban Philadelphia, PA, and is the author of the book Islamic Wisdom. He can be reached at [email protected]

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Even with no new migration, Muslims are projected to increase as a share of Europe's population.

i advise that you should allow people to e mail to friends or family without being forced to write comment

Ismail, .. salaam. the crazy stuff i'm talking about is research done by Native Iroqois about their own history, and the studies of scholars such as Shaiykh Abdullah Hakim-Quick.

I really don't know where you got Mosque of Latter Day Prophets from, but I can tell you I have no clue what in the world your talking about, or what you wrote means.

I don't know what the Mosque of Latter Day Prophets is, please enlighten me on that.

If you're trying to make fun of my response with your weird version of Church of Latter Day Saints...just wanted to tell you it wasn't funny...actually it was pretty lame man, work on your comedy. Peace.

Akbar, .. What crazy stuff are you talking about, The Mosque of Latter Day Prophets?

Esther: Do a simple research study on the Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed on the Delaware River in the year 1787, which bears the signatures of Abdel-Khak, and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. This treaty describes the Cherokee Blackfoot American Indians who continued their right to exist as a community in the areas of commerce, the maritimes, shipping, and even governmental structure, which were all in accordance with Islam.

Also, according to a federal court case from the Continental Congress, the Cherokee Blackfoot American Muslims help to create the U.S. Constitution, and these documents are available in the National Archives and in the Library of Congress.

And note this, almost all of tribes in their vocabulary's include the name, Allah.

The dress code for Indian women was the kimah, and long dress. Men wore turbans and long tops which came down to cover the knees. Look at some of the old pictures of Cherokee Natives, up until the year 1832, you'll see men wearing turbans and women wearing long head coverings. The very last Cherokee Chief who had a Muslim name was Ramadhan ibn Wati in 1866.

You now what Tallahassee means? It means that He, Allah, will deliver you sometime in the future, in Arabic, and as well for the Cherokee people.

To go back all the way...a Chinese document called the Sung Document, records the voyage of Chinese Muslim sailor, Zheng He, to a land called Mu-Lan-Pi (America) in 1178 A.D.. Mention of this document is in the publication, The Khotan Amiers, 1933.

African Muslims (Mandinga) arrived in the Gulf of Mexico in 1310, to explore America using the Mississippi River as their access route. Theyse Muslims were from Mali and oher parts of West Africa.

A man called Pri Ries completes his first world map, including the Americas, after research maps from all over the world. The accuracy of his map was beyond any maps before it.



The Iranians (along with the Indians and Afghanis) are indeed Indo-European. Their languages are related to English, Russian, etc. (interestingly, Hungarian and Finnish are non-Indo-European, and are Ural-Altaic, more closely related to Korean and Chinese).
The name Esther, however, is Semitic, and Middle-Eastern in origin, it is cognate with ancient Goddess names of the region such as Astarte and Ishtar.

Akbar Khan you asked me about the origins of names of American states. Most American states get their names from Indian tribes or words. I was reading some more of what you were saying about Japheth. Some people believe the Persians were part of the Indo-European branch. There are some people in Iran, India and Afghanistan who are real light complected.

I am sorry if I offended Mr. D'Alhamd. I meant no offense, but was trying to make a point (I guess not too well.) Mohammed Aslam: I will indeed look at that book, thanks for the reccommendation. I am interested in understanding Islam, not to become Muslim, but because I honestly believe that as a good Christian it is my duty to help those in need (and looking at the world today, you can understand this, I am sure). In the Bible, Jesus says we should love our neighbor; as mutual heirs to Abraham's tradition, I think it is fair to say that we are spiritual neighbors, but what is more, all of humanity belongs to one great community, and we are thus all neighbors to each other.
As a side note, Akbar Khan, you may be interested to know that the Greeks referred to Japheth as Iapetus, and there is some interesting material on this matter in books by Robert Graves. Thanks for explaining the Gog/Magog thing, I've wondered about it for quite some time.

Sirius, you're previous comment was removed because it contained slanderous, profanity, where you called Hudd D'Alhamd a f.... racist.

Now if you want to spread the peace and love of Christianity, then by all means, but I do not think you likewise will not achieve much by talking the way you did, and a good thing the editors removed his comment after br. Hudd D'Alhamd brought it to their attention to remove your obscene commment.

As far as my comment goes, it addresses the masses of people who are of caucasian ancestry, who demean, and look at those of varying ethnic backgrounds who do not fit into the model of being "black" or "white" especially in the United States, are automatically side stepped and called a stupid term like "visible minority." Now what does that make everyone else, invisible majority, as if they are normal and everyone else are freaks or something? When I said that people do not know their own history, is that in the bible, I ask you, do Christians of caucasian ancestry know their origins? I for one know my origins, they rae from Khurasaan, Isfahan, and Al-Hind. I am sure you can go and find out where and what those regions are and what they represent. My point being, when I said that I have a good friend from Kashmir who is so fair in skin colour that he is more fair than a caucasian, I am trying to tell you that humanity has one origin, and take for television for examlpe. When you watch a daytime or evening sitcom, why are all south asian people cab drivers, of Apu's on Seinfeld, or something like that. Why are Russians so commonly depicted as being Communist who are strange or alien to American society? I am trying to make a point - there is more to American society than just people who can be "black or white." Thank Allah I live in Canada, and do not need to be streamlined into such a melting pot society where I will eb looked at like an outsider if I am different, especially in my views or beliefs. Wassalaam.

I visited this site to learn more about Islam. From the articles I read here, as well as the venomous response to anyone who disagrees with articles, it looks like most Muslims are racists. They'd like to judge solely by the color of one's skin and not their mind, heart, or actions. Or maybe that's being prejudiced as well? :)

Any Muslims out there that actually like white folks? Do you actually know any for real? You know Edison, Bell, etc., were white and benefited a lot of humanity. Living back in the 15th century wasn't all that great folks -- come on into the 21st century and give up that terrible chip on your shoulder. I see the guy who wrote the article enjoys living in "Suburban Philadelphia". Probably uses a computer, the internet, and all sorts of stuff created by white people -- white folks that didn't kill or enslave anybody.

Akbar Khan wrote:
"If people studied or took the time to discover human history, we wouldn't see the world in just black and white, but everything else in between is disregarded and given no attention. I find that pretty offensive, Sirius. Think about that and ask yourself if you're really "white!"
Do you mean you think I see world black and white? If that means B&W thinking that's something I hate very much. I do know there are sliding colours between peoples of the world. If you were offended because I used word "white" it's okay with me to use word caucasian instead. Using word white is something very common, and most people don't get offended with it. I quess you should be offended by dr. Siddiqui too, because the title was "White mans burden".
Anyway, the point is that we all know well to whom (despite of which word used) Hudd addressed his insult. And racist that offence was.

Gee, I'm so glad you have such a good memory, no wonder radical Muslim extremists want to destroy everything they can get their hands on. Perhaps, if people of the world can stop pointing fingers at each other we can get along. fact is, Christian Europeans did these things because because Muslims couldn't... they lost their great empire. I happen to be a convert to Islam, I love the religion, but I do not love the jellious and envious nature of those who could not hang onto their empire. Islam was founded with raiding and taking of the conquered peoples. Maybe they did it with a "civilized manner", but do you really believe any people like to be conquered? I assume the people of the past did not like it any better than the people of Iraq do today. So, in conclusion, the people of the world have always fought. And the fighting will continue as long as people fill their hearts with pride instead of love. Look for the true Islam, the one that means love. Not the one that hates the west and wants to blow it up or crash planes into buildings. I do not think people who do things like that are Muslims at all, and I know that America will soundly defeat them. Real Muslims should bring their religion to America and some day, Ensha Allah, the US will be a Muslim country. So, when you see people on the street say, "death to America", think twice before you call them brother. People of Islam, show the world that Islam Does Not mean war. Show the people of the world that Islam means LOVE. Allah will bless the ones who do right, so pay attention to who is being blessed and who is not. America needs your help Islam, maybe they are not Muslims yet, but atleast they are not ungodly!

As-Salamu 'Alaikum! To the editors. How come that a punk like Sirius can use profane language referring to me as F..n racist and none of my responses to him are published? If we go on their sites(Christians we are bullied out of there by all of them united. On a Muslim site aside of the few like Akbar Khan, BNAK, Ahmed, etc, not even the editor supports us? Like that they took advantage over our civilness in our lands! We have to fight back these scumbags!

Esther, I appreciate your response. I never said I deny that people have different cultures. To be a Muslim, you do not need to come from a specific culture - that is why there are, according to the U.N., 25-30 million Chinese Muslims, and more than 90% of Indonesia is Muslim (Mind you that these people embraced Islam because they were along the Islamic trade route and merchants and business people from Al-Hind, Arabia, Khurasaan and Isfahan, went there and the people wholeheartedly took Islam into their lives. What I am trying to tell you is, in Islam, there are basic rules which must be followed, because it is a way of life that is prescribed by Allah (SWT), for us, his servants, to follow.

What this means is, to do away with the elements in your culture which go against Allah's commands, and more importantly, to KEEP those elements of your culture and your cultural institutions which are within the limits of Islam, and do NOT go against Islamic values.
Again, our Muhammad (SAAW), was referred to as a walking Qur'an, because he prescribed by the ways of the Qur'an in his actions, character, dealings, etc. etc., perfectly, and this is why Muslims see him as the model to follow. Muhammad (SAAW), also said, woe to those who made things rigid. Before the collapse of the Ottoman leadership in the world for Muslims, Shariah varied from place to place, and was not stagnant and rigid. This is because Shariah literally means way, and to my understanding, is likened to a stream of flowing water. Ever since Islamic leadership was dismantled, interpretations of Islam by a group from the Najd (East Arabia), have stigmatized the natural development of Shariah, and financed it with their oil wealth. These "kings" in Arabia were put there by the British, and are still British agents who assist now the, America and it's leadership under Bush and his associates, to perpetually plunge Muslims into a deep abyss of misguidance and rigidity.

Akbar Khan, I am sorry if you my comment "there is a differnce between muslims and Americans." Though I think it is naive to deny that people have different cultures. Personally I don't mind people having different cultures. Anyways, whether you like it or not there is a silient approval of Osama bin Laden. Cnn announced a poll that showed support for Osama bin Laden. http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/meast/06/08/poll.binladen/index.html. Yes according to the Bible of Japheth descendants are Indo-Europeans and people from China and Japan (though they could also be related to Shem). Anyways according to the Bible Japheth's descendants are blessed. Some people believe Magog and Gog were located around Russia

Esther, in a previous article where you were called a racist, was said b/c you said, "there is a difference between Americans and Muslims"

Now if I am not mistaken, that is not only racist, but anti-Islam, targeting Muslims of various backgrounds as somehow being outside the realm of American society, meanwhile there are 7-8 million Muslims in the USA!

You talk about Muslims calling you names and so on...have you ever looked at your own words?

If you want to accuse Hudd D'Alhamd of being a racist, then maybe you should consider doing away with your racist tendencies first. I would also suggest you to take a look at what millions of your fellow non-Muslim Americans say about Muslims, day in and day out. In that sense, Muslim Americans are different from those Americans.

I disagree with br. Hudd D'Alhamd's comment about this so-called whiteman as being highly intelligent, because that is somethign determined on an individual basis...

I do not believe there is such a person who is a "white man," or woman for that matter.

Caucasian is a better word to represent those of pale colour, since their ancestors the world round came from the Caucasuses Mountains between two mountain passes that sit between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Some went to Europe, some travelled to the far East, and some settled in Al-Hind, Afghanistan, present day Iran, and then there were some of these "caucasians" who remained between these two mountain passes called the Caucasus Mountains, known also as Khazaria. These people, I believe, were Gog and Magog or, Yajuj wa' Majuj. Interesting to note that the Kingdom of Khazaria later converted to Judaism, and are NOT ethnically Jewish. One should realize...in Germany, a Jew of Khazarian ethnicity, is called a Ketzar...so how many of the Jews in Germany were Sephardic Jews/Ethnic Jews?

I conclude that therefore, Anti-Semitism against Jews of Khazarian ancestry is therefore impossible.

Yes, Sirius Hudd Alhamd does say racist things. However, some muslims say things that would be considered racist if a white person said it. A long time ago someone on this board accused me of being a racist though I did not say a racist thing. However, some people on this message board do say racist things. I also have been accused of being a Jew. The name Esther is a Persian name or in essence a Indo-European name. I guess I better pick a different name maybe Arwen, Eowyn, or Galadriel?

Asalaam u alaikum,

MAASHALLAH, Very well written and researched. Please keep up your work as we need to know the truth from falsehood which has been bombarded onto us day and night everyday. I am sick of hearing their lies. It's time to expose the truth, no matter how harsh it may seem to the so-called "civilized people." As Prophet Muhammad (May Allah's Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) said, that "I will never renounce even if they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left," so please keep up this work. May Allah help you and Guide you further, inshallah.

Salamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatahu

There is no such thing as a white man. If you take, for example, a close up look at your common European, American, Canadian person of European ancestry, you will see that their skin tone is more pink than white. What bothers me is the sheer ignorance of people who do not even know their own history, ancestry, where they came from.

If you are a Christian, Jew, of Muslim, you will know that the songs of Prophet Noah (as), were Shem, Kham, and Japheth. From his three sons, after the flood, the world was populated by their offspring. In general description, if you study a little, you will find that the offspring of Japheth settled in the land known today as the Causacusus mountains, between two mountain passes that sit between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, in a place where there was murky water, and this is also described in the Holy Qur'an. A lot of Muslims have written books about this, and that Japheth's grandson's uncle's name, was Magog. Now I am not saying this is where Gog and Magog (Yajuj wa' Majuj) originally came from, and subsequently spread around the Earth to spread corruption, but it is a possibility. This whole story and name of Magog as Japheth's grandson's uncle's name, is confirmed in the Bible as well. Now these people thus gained the name Caucasians because they were from the Caucasus mountains. There were more ppl who descended from Japheth, Turkish ethinicities, and Oriental ethinicities, along with the Caucasians who still reside in Russia (the name in the bible is given as the people of Rosh).

I have a good friend from Kashmir who has a "whiter" or just as "white" complexion than a French or British, German or Russian person!

If people studied or took the time to discover human history, we wouldn't see the world in just black and white, but everything else in between is disregarded and given no attention. I find that pretty offensive, Sirius. Think about that and ask yourself if you're really "white!"

As-Salaam Alaikum, May Allah bless you and this
article. It seems that most Muslims especially those
who have been colonized and have succumed to
western values and have forgotten the history in which
the West have gained power over the world. They feel
defeated, and have succomed to the old phase "If you
can't beat them join them. I that this article can circulate
to more Muslims Insha-Allah to wake them up form their
deep sleep. May Allah reward you for your efforts.


Paul, Peter, Nicholas, Hudd D', and All,
I strongly recommend you read the following:

Road to Makka by Mohammed Asad
Islam at the Crossroads by Mohammed Asad.

You will gain considerable insight into many matters pertaining to Islam and Muslims, and you would be glad that you read it.

Dear Hudd D'Alhamd,
I respect your enthusiasm and fighting spirit; unfortunately, I differ from the method you adopted in replying to Peter, Paul, Nicholas, etc.. the tone and foul language that is oozing out of your prolific passages are outside the Islamic recommendations - please read prophet's advices authentically recorded in the Hadith collection..read Quranic passages, where Allah(SWT) commands the Muslims to deal with people of the book in the best of manners and with wisdom..

I understand you are of Palestinian origin and, therefore, your anger; you have legitimate right to be angry for what the Brits, Isrealis and Americans have done to your people; as a Muslim, I too am angry about it. Islam rightly has given rights to fight back in selfdefence, but there are guidelines to follow. In Islam, end doesn't justify any means, even in the worst of our conditions.

It is true that west has done unspeakable atrocities against the eastern people, in particular against Muslims. But, accusing the community of "whiteman" as a whole is consummate ignorance of psychological and sociological process of "making of a human being". Islam differs from most of the Christian understanding of God (except that of Unitarian Christians), but Muslims share many of the underlying human vaues with Christainity. Accusing the whole christianity for the erroneous behavior of some priests, even if they form a sizeable proportion, is stereotyping. I have come across many Christians whose character reflects what our Prophet has advised us to inculcate, and I pray that May God ALmighty guide them to the right path.

Christianity has erroeneous priests, and Islam has many half baked scholars; there are many Tomothy McVeighs among Christians so is there are many Bin Ladens among Muslims; Just like west has their oppressors (Cheneys, Wolfies, Rummies..), east had their oppressors (Saddam, many ME dictators,...)

Let us have civility and humility in our discussions.

Perhaps such Cristians don't realize it is of God's will that Islam grows and this way of life is a re-assertion with corrections of Christianity and Judaism.

whatever has written is true, being a descendant of immigrants from india, though i was not yet born during the colonisation period of india or even the slavery period in my country but what my elders used to tell is heartbroken and true. even nowadays whatever is happening in muslim lands or else where int he world, we find that actually the west (whites) have no civilization that they can be proud of.

I agree with almost all the events stated in this article except creation of Pakistan. Pakistan as a country was created by a shortsighted Indian Muslims like Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Neither British rulers nor Hindu leaders wanted to divide India. Creation of Pakistan was a historical blunder comitted by Indian Muslims. India has more muslims now then the whole of Pakistan. Adding the population of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, India could have been one of the strongest Muslim nation on the earth. Muslims in India would not have faced Hindu fanatics.

Hi Everybody! How is everything hanging?

I would like the WOrld to know that I get hurt when my past gets analyzed thread by thread, fiber optics by fiber optics, in order to paint the true picture of my people (the WHITES) and of myself (a resident of Caucus Mountain), not Tora Bora. I neither smell like a goat nor that of a Camel nor have I come from a desert, although I speak and write broken English.

I am NOT responsible for what my grandparents did 300 yrs ago in Africa and in America to the Blacks.

The Whites are saviors of the world today. We engaged in Space race (go to Moon and Mars) for controlling worldy resources (Know who Ronald Wilson Regan is?) We just gave freedom to 50 million people in Afganhistan and Iraq. Of course, every action must be returned/nourished with a reaction, in this case, cheap oil. See! How humanitarian we are! That's us - the Europeans and Americans! That's whom we will be generation after generation. That's our style and no one is going to break our style! unless a few dirty bombs dirt our 5 big cities.

Remember! the past behavior has no connection with present....although there is a real possibility the MOZLEMS may be put in concentration who refuse to become our PUPPETS AND PROXIES since we put the Japs in [ ] camps.

Thank you! Have Fun! Drink Moderately! Engage in accident moderately while sober! Committ Adultery Moderately while drunk, but dress modernly! Show off! Because We r a FREEDOM and self-expression loving people. So help us Jesus! In God We Trust! Hella--Lulia-o-ae-oa...Hel-al-Ola!

Mr Peter, to your information my son did not date a Gujurati girl, these are your words and you should be ashamed of yourself by insinuating that a fundamentalist Muslim would commit knowingly haram(a major sin). But I forgot, for a sinner a sinner's mind. Namely, you equated the "he knew" with "he dated". Is English your second language? Because by any standards, knowing doesn't mean dating. In Islam you know somebody of different sex not by dating(an thus having intimacies with that person that only married couples have), you know by seeing the person, observing the person and inquiring about the person from those that know her closely. In my son's case, the girl is his sister's one of her best friends. My son never talked more to this Gujurati girl than, "as-Salamu Alaykoom" when she visits her sister. But he know her character, her likenesses & dislikenesses from his sister. It is like knowing the person. You see, us Muslims, don't need to have sexual intercourse with a person to know him/her! Nor we need to flirt and act to the other person something we are not and then when our true face is revealed, divorce happens like among the Christians. I needed to tell you this, because you have no use of the gray matter, Allah supplied you in your futile brain, and thus I need to explain to you the obvious,dah?!
Peter, save me of your ignorance on any level and discipline, I am disinclined to acquiesce in your impudicity. As such, I hereby state that I extremely loath you and do not want any of your impertinent remarks thrown at me or the members of my family. Keep your mental garbage within your own scull and seal it because it stinks like hell!
Peace out, amigo!

I maintain the article is bigoted because it singles out a colour of people for selective historical events without taking into account the full context. For an interesting read on slavery try the following:


And one on Arab colonialism (yes I know this site has an agenda and is bigoted, but do we cover our eyes and still point the finger)

Peace to all.

'Serena M' with respect, I know many people of many shades of black, but I've never met a white person who doesn't know or wasn't taught at school and acknowledged the crimes of our ancestors. Please don't condemn white people for what our ancestors did...we were not born or we were not enlightened enough to understand. To give my ancestor's compatriots their due, they did a stop it when they when they changed the status quo.

1. when I say 'ancestors' I mean the ruling elite who ruled over the plebeian masses ... we were not a democracy in those times (My great grandmother remembered the times when she excluded from voting. Unbelievable but true.)
2. White is a lighter shade of black, more pink / beige in colour, rather than white).

Peace to all.

I have grown up in the American society and these topics are generally avioded because no on wants to reveal the truth. I'm glad that there are people out there who find and tell the truth and enlighten others minds with their opinions.
Thank You.

The text and research for content is absolutely precise. Also his
rhetoric is. Just always keep in mind: how did muslims "colonize"
or rather convinced ohter folks of their ideas and art of life. And
then see how europeans did it. europeans shed in one war
nearly as much blood as muslim invaders did in the whole world
for the last 1400 years.

Dr.Sidiqui, Don't worry about people like Peter, he don't know any history about Africa and yet he want to talk about Africa. Am a an African, and what our president Jomo Kenyatta said about the white people is true. I guess Peter has been brain washed by the payments he recieves for the ill-treatments to Indian American, but Peter if you don't feel for your people, I feel itand its all true what the DR. says. If you don't know Africa, don't even try to talk about it.

Mr. D'Alhamd,

I am surprised after reading your posts to see you speakng in such a tone to Nicholas Gray. I don't think he is wily, he's just a young man (probably in college) who is here trying to reach out to you and members of your faith. This article that you love bewails the intolerance of the West, yet here you have responded in kind. How is Nicholas Gray to see the value in Islam if you reproach him so? Did you not comment earlier on your son dating a Gujurati woman?It is not for you to judge the worth or value of another, but for God alone, and profanity does not underline your sentiment, but makes it all the more offensive.
I applaud that your son is proud of who he is. Here in America I have known many Iranians that instead call themselves "Persians" so they do not suffer prejudice, this is wrong, they should be proud of their wonderful culture and history.
Again, I have had not a few friends who are Arab/Lebanese, who say now that they are Phoenician rather than Arab; this too, is a cause of concern.
I have felt too often the sting of prejudice, and empathize deeply with those who suffer the same in kind, but there's a way to go about redressing it, man, and violence and angry rhetoric will not work. Education and the spread of knowledge and wisdom is what will ultimately end this.
What is more, Christianity is most certainly not a mockery. The Church is against gay marriage, abortion, divorce and the evils of the West that are decried by the Dar Al-Islam. Did you know that the Pope has spoken out strongly against the American presence in Iraq? And as far as pedophiles go, there are far fewer of those than there are terrorists; no such a one acts thus in the name of Catholicism , there are no Catholic camps of terror and murder, but only voices of peace and moderation (as befits the religion of love). As I said before, we build hospitals and schools. Please, do not attack those who do not attack you.

My, my, Peter, you ate the pumpkin this time! I liked how you apologized in one of your comments and I said to myself,'look there is a fine Christian boy.' Now, what is your Native American's history comment all about? Question was not how you would have done under Islamic rule, but what was done to you. Your argument is stupid from the start because you speak like a fundamentalist Christian, while the Native Americans were not by a long shot Christians. If they would have followed the pattern you followed,e.g.,accepting the religion of the invaders, I don't see a problem for them under Islamic rule. So, what's your point, white wanna-be Native American? Your skin is white your religion is white, your talk is white, you must be white! Don't tell me otherwise, you betrayed your glorious ancestry! You became nothing in the whiteman's world. We Muslims do not give up what we are, regardless of race,nationality and place of origin. We take pride in being different, we belong to the Creator only.
You continue with North Africa and ME being Christian? Don't ever mention that you are of Native American origin, shame on you, Peter! Shame on you! North Africa belongs to the African people and Middle East belongs to the Arabs. Christianity was brought to these places the same way it was brought to the Americas! If you had a little bit of decency in you, you would have disassociated yourself from the killer of your people. What would, Montezuma,Atahualpa,Manco,Geronimo,Sitting Bull,Seattle,Pontiac,Tecumseh, say to you, you wrotten punk, no-good whiteman's butt-kisser!? These people are not my ancestry, but I respect their struggle like my own! I hold them in high esteem, that no pedophile,gay-priest of the white klan could ever inspire me more than to vomit in disgust! You pathetic little creep, people like you would be the first to prove themselves to a sodomizing government and go off to remote countries to bomb a people they never met or know. Unsatiated barbarians.

You should be encouraged to write more . you have put the finger on the pulse of the issue by stating the hard facts. I always said in any political or social gatherings that the English are the worst hypocrits in the world and yet we , Muslims , have prostrated before them. I do not know when are we going to learn. Keep up the good work and please keep me on your e-mail. Thank you

Nicholas Gray, you are either very wily or you are confused yourself. I will go slowly on your posting and stress out your mistakes in interpreting this article and Islam in general. Be known to you that not all people suffer of the Western psychological syndrome that starts with a self addressed question:'Who am I?' I remember a born-again acquaintance of mine putting himself this question at the age of 40! I told him:'Good luck, buddy, if by this age you didn't know who you were, I feel sorry for you.' Never talked to him again, I am not a psychiatrist, he should look for help there. My youngest son is ten, he knows exactly what he is and utters it proudly like:'I am a proud Canadian Muslim of Palestinian origin, descendent of the native Assyro-Phoenicians and brave Mameluks.' He will tell you any time somebody asked him what his background was. He doesn't speak Arabic, he speaks American, but he knows exactly what he is and what and how he is supposed to behave as a Muslim. The elder ones have no girl friends and they are as beautiful that people turn after them when they pass by. They work extended ours, from morning till night to pay their night college and gather the dough to marry. And you tell me that you dated Muslim girls? What Muslim girls are you talking about? Either a Muslim boy or a girl, do not date. They marry when the time is right. You talk about Muslims by the name, as you are a Catholic by the name. Are you supposed to date girls in Catholicism? In the true Catholicism because what's happening today,is a mockery of Christianity. Gay marriages? Pedophile priests? You dated horse-shit, my friend, not Muslim girls! Know that,dude!
Muhammad,pbuh, said to the Muslims,'if you enter the lands of far away people, do not reject everything different they might have and that you are not used to it. If it is good and halal(islamicly lawfull) and to your likeness, accept it, because likewise you enrich your heritage & broaden your tolerance.' Savvy?

I am indeed agreed with the author's view.I was once studied the History of European Colonialism and USA,what i've learn and acknowledged were connected, related to what the author had pointed out.YA Allah, to You we all succumb our prayers and to You we all put our faith and hope, assist us YA ALLAH!!

Whoa there Doc Habib! You are so angry; this sort of fiery rhetoric causes more harm, and does no good (note gul gul's racially motivated and ridculous response). I personally find it highly offensive when you people try to exploit my people's (the Native Americans)history for your own ends, as if we would've fared any better under Islamic rule. Please stop.
Plus, I seem to recall that all of North Africa and the Middle East was Christian until it was conquered and colonized by Arabs(yeah that's right, colonized, those places also spoke Latin)-but I guess that's okay, becase they're Muslim (I'm being sarcastic).
Africa has many places that are and have always been Christian (Ethiopia for one), and much of what you say describes politics and economics from over 100 years ago. Oh and thanks for telling us that you guys practised "nice slavery" (uh, I guess that's what's going on in the Sudan?) as opposed to "mean slavery".

this comment is directed to European Muslim(comment no 24770)..please do not feel disheartened...you became a muslim to find Allah our creator and to learn the Truth.Only Allah knows the extent of human vulnarabilities, failures and weaknesses.Allah will be with those who find the straight path.Geography is only a defination on this ephimeral world.Look beyond that!


I am rather stunned by the apparent overall attack on "white men" seemingly in general....after reading this article it makes me feel as if a white man could never be a Muslim due to the constant bashing throughout this story. i thought that all men could and should become or be Muslim? I am of Spanish descent and VERY light skinned....after reading this...it makes me leary to visit and study in an Islamic country for fear of being "classified" as a crusader. I have to admit that overall...the white peoples of the WORLD are seemingly more stuck on themselves....but I might remind you that several "white men" died in the Balkans at the defense of the Bosnian Muslim people....Americans and British. Slavery and very BRUTAL slavery is in existence throughout the African continent this very day....black by black....in fact....several of the black slaves sold to the colonial powers were rounded up and sold to them by their very own tribesmen. I just don't think this article is a fair assessment of all white people which it seems to do in my opinion.

Well said! Whites have changed a lot. They were mass murderers before.. which they are today also but use different terminology... saviour. Ha!

While reading this article i wondre about the relavance of it to the future generations of muslims. Now i realise that most people who read this comment will argue that "he's Catholic/non-muslim what does he know", as most would have guessed by my name, however i believe that that is just what a lot of people on both sides of this arguement need. Many of my friends are Muslim and i have great respect for the ideals and beliefs of Islam however as much of the rest of the world has got caught up in the tragic incident of "9/11" so have many Muslims been caught up in the repression that happens in certain countries and made it a global indignance. While i must admit that England has not changed a lot to accomodate the Muslims that have come here we have made the steps and while they have not yet come to pass in this generation they will if there comes a mutual understanding that this will not be an overnight change or maybe this generation. If this situation was reversed and it was Catholics that were migrating into Asian countries would we also have the right to expect all of the Muslim world to change overnight? I (and anyone else with any self-respect) have to admit that the "western world" is not as perfect as all our leaders make it out to be neither are the sometimes self-rightous actions/complaints made by Muslims world over. You complain about the commercialism of the western world then why come here. you compplain that your children are becoming "Westernised" then why bring them up here. surely you dont think that somehow some of their views will be changed... and it is when their views change that the problems will arise. Personally i have dated a few Muslim girls because when we got over the religious aspects we found that we had to get over EVERYONE ELSES as well..and that is not fair on anyone! And i fear that it will happen to my children and my grandchildren...and for generation we'll have nothing but confussed children. I cant stand that idea...can you?

Those are very interesting facts, I had no idea the magnitude of it all. In the future something must be done!

Al-hamdullilah!!! Finally, the truth is being re-established. For too long we Muslims have bowed to the deceptions of Western ideals, striving to live their truth while at the same time tossing aside the real truth of Allah. Perhaps this article will serve as a necessary reminder that because non-believers may dominate the world's superpower does not mean we Muslims must be dominated. Ma-Shallah.

As-Salamu Alaykoom European Muslim. My dear brother, your sentiment that Islam was reserved for Afro-Asians is extremely erroneous. Reading your comment I really doubt that you possess a real understanding of Islam. Let's determine what Islam is and is not. Some among the best refer to Islam as a religion. If religion means a system of believes, then you could refer to it as such. Still, I abstain to call it that. In a religion you belong to a people(Judaism), to a certain church(Christianity), certain temple(Hindi, Buddhist). In Islam your allegence is to GOD alone and his prophets. The followers of Muhammad,pbuh, pay allegence to him as well. The purest Islam preserved to us is that of Muhammad,pbuh. To understand Islam you look no further than Quran. When you understood that message you can look everywhere you want, Hadith, Bible, Ayur Veda, etc, and you will recognize the message of Islam(bits of it) in all of them writings. The message is from God to Mankind. It is not a self serving message for a certain group of people(the Israelites) or for those that accept murdering of the innocent as a price to their redemtion(Christians). Islam is between God and His devotees, period, it's not a matter of race, nationality, geographic location, gender, or age! Your approach to Islam is wrong. You cannot convert to Islam, simply because Islam is not Judaism or Christianity. You embrace or accept Islam. You convert to something because of an interest or fear. Islam states:"There is no cumpulsion in 'deen'(religion,way,orientation)" Whoever believes and does agaist this statement is commiting a great haram and his/her Islam is questionable. What you try to say is that you still feel Christian and that's why their crimes and the mentioning of them affect you. You have to make up your mind. You either belong to your Christian past or you belong to God's everlasting reality. Hiding and playing down on the crimes commited by your people would make history repeat itself.

MashAllah a very insightful article on what is painfully true on World History. I studied political science at the Univ. when i lived in the states and I learned all about American foreign policy and it has left me bitter, But it is also where I embraced Islam after Sept 11th. So bitter sweet memories there. As for all the white brothers and sisters reaction to this may be on the defensive, still we are all muslim first and that is what counts, not race or culture. Islam was brought down as a mercy from Allah swt and we should not ostracize or blame our white muslims for the past and present world situation. We have a right to love and hate for Allah swt sake. So lets keep ourselves focused on our ultimate goal wich is akheera....not dunya. Fi Aman Allah

S said:
Many Thanks, Great History Article we should waste no time to teach it (by any way) to the our muslim ommah to refresh our history and to the people of the west who have no ways of learning the fact in history.

excellent... when Islam is delivered rightly nobody refuses because it is truth and makes one love so much.

An excellent piece, Mashallah. Only by reflecting on history can we learn and make progress. It is about time emminent scholars and writers from the Ummah begin calling a spade a spade and saying what the West has truly done in the name of 'freedom' and 'liberty'. Muslims throughout history have always shown what freedom, liberty and tolerance is. The Ummah still stands on a moral high ground even after the terrorism of Britain, America and their ilk (Israel).

Muslims must fight with their brains too as Dr. Siddiqui has said.

This comment is directed at neutral Paul from the UK (It is not a personal attack.) It takes a great deal of humility to allow someone that has been treated unjustly to communicate their interpretation or side of what was done to them, especially when it implicates your personal blame or the blame of white people in general. The article was not rooted in bigotry. It was rooted in truth. As a Muslim, you have to champion justice above all else. It is unjust to think that black people cannot truthfully explore their history because it might offend someone white. The greatest offense is to expect someone to accept abuse and remain quiet in order to appease the abuser. As a white person you are in a position to teach other white people what you know of humility as a Muslim and what you understand of the injustice that was perpetrated against Africans. You are in a unique position to gather understanding from fellow Muslims from all cultures. Do not squander it.

how True, one problem we are still making the same mistakes today, not only in "Islamic Country's" but also in countries such as Britain, USA, France in fact everywhere.

Will Muslims ever learn? Not until I sadly believe there is a major catastrophie that befalls us.

A great article. It says almost everything from the beginning to the present time. Now the issue is the question I asked in my previous comment to another article, WHAT DOES THE WORLD OF THE SANE DO? And do right a way. Folks you need to check this article out. The present day neo-colonialists(The freemasons) are at their final stage of evil machinations against this world. It couldn't be more glaring by what is coming out from that article. The mayhem they are about to unlish(or continue to unlish) to the Americas and by extension the rest of us is beyond belief. A strong personality(a Muslim of course)Somebody in the US should come out now and start some organising cos' the Muslims (in the US) will be the first this time around.
Let me suggest a name, Dr Jamal Badawi and his ICNA? But the man is very soft. Subhanallah. May be Hamza Yusuf? or Who? Whoever, whatever something should start now! Check this out everyone:


Excellent. Recommended for wide publicity. But what result would produce our moaning and groaning? No action coming forth from any side.Quran has been and is being treated the same as the original/actual Torah by the Jews and the original and actual Bible by Christians. They were dethroned, disgraced and disbursed for their sins of ignoring the Orignal Books and so are we for our sin of ignoring the Book. It is all material that matter now. They have science, technology, unity anf some principles? We have none. Few rituals are considered Islam but the teaching of Quaran and Sunnah are no where. Let us start with "Towheed", pure, absolutely pure faith, no grave-worshipping, no saints worshipping, no talisman, no Sehar/sorcery, no moaning/groaning at the Grave of holy prophet, Muhammad Salluhaaliwasallam, turn to Allah in true spirit of Quaran, Al-Fateha, (We pray/bow in submission only to you O Allah and we seek assistance, help or whatever we need only from You(none-else). And this is not the end, unless we submit 100% to His Will/Quaran in all our deeds and actions, we should not expect any change for better. regardsRahim

Excellent article by Dr Habib Siddiqui. Tells the truth as it was and as it is. You won't find this in any Western History Text Book, of any Western school History Lesson, or the BBC, CNN, Fox News etc., since the truth hurts and is not fashionable. I personally am still waiting for those Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) for which 15,000 Iraqi civilians have been murdered so far in cold blood by the "civilised" West.
Well done Dr Habib Siddiqui for not being afraid of speaking and writing the truth, and carry on with the good work!

it is so true,it's time now that before peaching others we dictate ourselves what Allah commands us.(ameen)

I agree with your article except for the comment about "Christian Serbs ethnically cleansing Bosnian Moslims". Your opinion about the civil wars in the Balcans seems to be formed by the very same Western media that you are so against. The truth is something else.

Sear European Muslim

As you already know, being a Muslim, that our prophet pbuh, brought this message of Islam to the worlod at large, for all nations and all creeds. It is not exclusive to any race or geographical boundaries.

As for your father saying that: "If you went to muslim country, do you think they would accept you?!"

Whilst i pray that most will receive you with open arm, as a Muslim myslef, I would welcome you with an open arm and perhaps accord you more respect than my own, because I would look upon you as a special person. There are those of us who are bron into Islam and there are those who have acquired through their own wisdom and they have a special place in my heart.

It is my inner feeeling that Islam will actually be saved by Westerners. By that I also mean those of us who have chosen to live in the West and/or bron in the West. I have a feeling that they will show us what Islam truly is. That is not to say that there are not many from amongst Muslim countries who do not know what Islam is but as this article clearly states, those Muslims who live in the West will be in a better position to acquanit their fellow Westerners with Islam. We in the East have not much solidarity to form a collective power, a unity. We are yet to learn what Allah means by Unity. It is a concept to most of us which is yet to translate into reality or action. Bless all of you. and peace be upon us all.

Great article. They have not changed much as far as intentions go but tactics may have changed. Now they have the UN to make their plans more ligitimate as not many people like the idea of a Bible. So, UN Resolutions have become their instrument of control yet as Bush showed they do not even need such. Anyone opposes their their Masonic NWO is a terrorist now.

In addition to arming ourselves to the teeth - yes arming ourselves -because as one brother wrote beofe me - this is the only way - no one dares attack a strong person. Provided our army is central, united and works mostly to defend ALL Islamic countries and NOT an offensive force.

In addition to this, we must use the immense economic power that God has given us. namely oil. All ISlamic countries must coin one common currency. This currency should be the cuurency of ALL our trade. Every barrel of oil sold must be traded for and Islamic Dinar. You will then witness how they will all fall on their faces without a bullet being fired.

Economic power is indeed the ultimate power yet all Saudi could do is pump more oil to quell the insatiable Western thirst for their SUV's. No one has yet said: Why not cut back demand? That is not an option for an all-consumer society that we are also fast becoming.

No wonder Allah has abandoned us because we have plundered the wealth that HE has bestowed upon us and we have lost the UNITY that Allah preaches in almost every page of the Quran.

Peace be upon all.

Thank you, Islamicity for this wonderful article. It is time for us muslims to go beyond words and forge a peoples movement. I pray someone will step up and take a leadership role. We need to organize some simultaneous trans-border days of non violent protests. Instead of burning U.S and Israeli flags, each and every one of us needs to reach into our closets and take out some of our designer Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein jeans and make a giant bonfire to symbolise our rejection of the materialistic consumerism driven western culture. The English had the Chinese hooked on opium, today we are hooked on every piece of trash that they try to sell. We are not losing our Islam on the battlefields but incrementally. Every time we turn on the T.V. we are bombarded with programing that depicts casual sex, materialism and a deluge of un-Islamic concepts (this includes the Bollywood movies). Brothers and sisters these are the real weapons of the enemy, we need to kick the habit. We cannot scream and yell about the west and americanization one minute, and the next minute sit down to watch 'Friends'. Just as what we eat affects our bodies, what we see and hear also affects us, sometimes our inner psyche is affected in a very subtle manner and we ourselves are unaware. So please, let us fight for Islam and ourselves in a sensible way. If we do this the right way we will find many friends and supporters even within the non-muslim world. The victory will not be only for 'muslims' it will be for the future of the entire humanity.

Killing civilian non-combatants in violation of Islamic rules of war, is dishonorable and misguided. It is similar to the actions of a cornered animal that strikes out blindly. The young men who are doing this are frustrated and lacking in guidance. I plead to the muslim intellectuals to please stop playing like apologists to the west and start showing the light that will lead us out of this darkness.


Thanks Br. Hudd D'Alhamd for the interesting facts you provided. Mapquest displays the towns Sultan, Nezah, Sharbot Lakes, but not the rest (I assumed all these towns are in ON). Yahoo maps ddisplays Alcona. Neither were able to locate Medina, Remi, or Quimet.

Jazakumullah Khair,

I feel that this article is very true. My country can be considered lucky in comparison to India and Africa - I don't think anybody really knows why the Englishmen sent to Malaya were not so nasty as those sent to India or Africa. Perhaps it is the grace of Allah, so that one little Muslim outpost can become developed and relatively free in this modern age. But the Portuguese who first colonised my people did so because the Sultan of our most important trading nation decided not to sell spice to them, so they took our nation by force. The Dutch drove my ancestors to exile when they took the Indonesian islands. And the English consolidated half the archipelago by trickery and reneging of treaties. Still, at least there were no real mass killings as in Indonesia under the Dutch or Indo-China under the French. And for that I am thankful.

This is an extremely well written article. The insight and the analysis provided make it a worthy read.

My Allah reward you for your oustanding work!

A fair analysis of the recent history of the West v/s Islam power tussle.

This is to Shams Comment (24762).

What we need is to be Self-Sufficient from the West. Right now most of our food in the Middle-East is Imported. Big problem: Putting our daily needs in the hands of others.

If you ask me, the biggest enemies to Islam is corrupt Muslims, in other words US. We need to get back to our religion. Everything else will follow. Allah promised us Victory if we obey his Messenger.

Also to the line:
"The West needs to be confronted in detail, not with brave or empty slogans and purchase of more new weapons from it."

We do not even buy the latest weapons. Israel get the high-tech stuff, with the built in "system", we get the left-overs.


This is a brilliant article which very clearly defines what the west always tries to cover up. Namely, the brutal genocide of all the different cultures and people the world over by the European continent and their offshoots, America and Australia.
Chomsky is in one of his books says that Gengis Khan would have been a proud holder of the green card if he had been alive today. He would have been proud to be a citizen of a country who have killed more people that any other nation in history.
Hopefully, we muslims will realize how we have suffered and have been made to suffer throughout history and will do something to stop this.
Keep on writing Mr. Siddiqui.

true. so much to say on that particular topic... collectively the white mans empire has gone where no one had been before, of course i love hearing about the great accomplishments of muslims 10centuries ago but the fact is...they didn't go in space, step foot on the moon, create planes, and submarines capable of going far under there to explore more about Allah s creation!!! the western empire has been extremist for better and worse. the brits did colonize india brutaly but lets remember that at it's top they had 30000soldiers...could've been beaten quickly through unity. the same can be said about most of places. i believe that we muslims complain a lot, but are still not building our own cars, computers etc. at best it is simple "assemblage" of foreign pieces to make a machine in an arab country. muslim brains leave and don't come back. there is a lot to be done, unfortunatly we point the finger and talk about history, instead of working and talk about the present and futur. god knows best, those who go astray are punished. ALLAHU AKBAR

Excellent Article!!! Alhamdulillah it gave an accurate analysis of the historical subjugation of the 'non-white peoples' by the West. I think it will give some insight to people who do not realize the injustices that have been thrown upon people outside the West, specifically Muslims. InshAllah Muslims will take lessons from these historical facts and realize that giving up our culture and 'modernizing' our religion is not the answer to our current problems. We need to go back to obeying Allah(swt), go back to the Quran and Sunnah, educate ourselves in our Deen, and other fields such as technology, and having autonomy in our lands or we will never escape the current quicksand in which we are sinking. Extremism, killing of innocents, and unmitigated violence are not the answers but again following the Quran and Sunnah and doing Jihad in the form instructed by the Prophet(saw)against the neocolonial invaders is the only way we will be Free. InshAllah may Allah(swt) help us.

My heart is so heavy afer reading this, I can't comment.

Assalamu alaykum,
really good article but .. there's one thing I find unfair in it - seems like the auther portraits Islam as a privilege of asian and african people only. I'm european,converted muslim and this article made me think of words of my father - "If you went to muslim country, do you think they would accept you?!"

Dear Br Akbar Khan, I'm happy you found my posting amusing(funny), I hope others enjoyed it too.
About the pre-Columbian Muslims in America and names left by them in the local geography I can recommend you, Dr Youssef Mroueh in Pickering, ON, Tel:905-428-9333, he wrote an article on the subject and he has an extended research done, he is the best man to help you with this endeavour. There are quite a number of places in ON. Medina is a town on hwy 19 north toward the town of St Marys, between Woodstock & London. But there are dozens more, Alcona=al-qunah,the red people;Remi=Rami,Archer;Sultan=Ruler; Saquin=Tranquil;Quimet=Summit,Top; Nezah=Watering place;Sharbot(lake)=Drinking waters,etc. If you want I could give the locations but any map would do. They are all on the map, easily located either on an ON map or the yellow map book. This is not something to be proven: IT IS PROVEN. Call the Doctor, he will enlighten you, no doubt.
As-Salamu Alaykoom!

Good article. Only thing I disagree is the following paragraph. "The West needs to be confronted in detail, not with brave or empty slogans and purchase of more new weapons from it."
West does not, will not and has not in the past listen to reason. They only understand the language of power. Sallah Uddin proved that. Muslims must arm themselves with their own technology and weapons to be able to take the war to the west. Until then opression will not end.

Bismillah-hir-Rahman-nir-Raheem; Assalaamu'Alaiykum,

lollll.....that was a good one bro, and SO TRUE!

I wanted to ask you following up to our discussion in another article... I've known about Muslims travelling to the Americas before Columbus for a few years now, and also I read up on a lot of natives in Tallahassee which I believe is in Florida, and how the Natives there have reverted back to Islam because their ancestors were Muslims. Also read about some Iroqois who still wear turbans like Muslims do. I actually knew for quite a while now, about Spanish, African, Turkish, Chinese Muslims travelling to the Americas way before Columbus was even born, and intermixing with the natives - But when you told me there were lakes or rivers called medina or Mekka in Ontario I was shocked I couldn't believe it, because that is so up North....and just recently I learned of Muslims going all over the USA and parts of Canada!! This is so shocking. But abou the lakes or rivers called Medina or Mekka I still can't find this I was wondering if you could help me out, Jazak-Allah!

An astoundingly bigoted view of history, which lacks balance and so promotes intolerance.

We as humans need to examine history with a critical eye, to learn and not make the same mistakes as our ancestors. We as Muslims especially need to do the same with Arabic history. Maybe you will find Western and Arabic colonialism share many similar traits.

We as Muslims need to understand our religion in context to where and when it was revealed and adapt it to our current environment. Not to do so would lead to stagnation and arrogance to our neighbours.

Islam is not exclusive to a race of people, a language nor to a specific locality. I'm proud to be a Muslim White Westerner.

Peace to you all.

I remenisce a story circulating around native non-white folk. It says, when the white man came to South Africa he was dressed up from head to toe, his woman was a bundle of cloth enough to built fifteen tents, no wonder they were so white since the sun could see nothing of their skin. The white man looked at the native blacks that were close to naked and exclaimed: "Look at these savages! They do not know the meaning of clothing! We are going to emancipate them and culturize them!" Then the white man saw the native blacks eating with their hands. The white man exclaimed again: Look at these mannerless barbarians, they don't know the use of cutlery!" After 200 years, the black man of South Africa finally accepted and dressed in the whiteman's clothes. Suit & necktie for men, long dress and pants for women. Eating out from dishes and using cutlery. Meanwhile the whiteman undressed to shorts and bare bust and his woman had as much cloth on her, that one could hardly sow a coin purse out of it. The whiteman was eating from his hand without cutlery, burgers, buritos, French fries, etc. The blackman of South Africa just stood there like struck by lightning. He legitimately put himself the question, "Who is the barbarian now?!"
Peace out folks and have a nice weekend!