Killing Humanity

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In the war between terrorism and ignorance we have seen torture and "collateral" slaughter carried out by government associated military personal on one side and the grotesque killings carried out by people unaffiliated with any government who behead their victims and commit acts of violence on the innocent on the other side. Such actions overwhelms and challenges our humanity to the core.

The people who carry out the torture and collateral mayhem are accountable to the laws and politics of their countries and will be treated accordingly.

The people who commit the gruesome killings and acts of violence on innocent civilians do not consider themselves accountable to anyone but they forget that they are accountable to a much higher authority - God! And they will face justice by Him.

To associate these people with any religion would be an insult to that faith. There is no religion that promotes such vicious behavior. God has made it quite clear in the Quran that anyone who kills an innocent person it is as if the person has killed the entire humanity.

While the Geneva Conventions spelled out explicit guidelines for treatment of war prisoners in the 20th century, Islam established specific rules and regulations regarding prisoners 1,400 years ago.

Islam stands against waging war, especially against the innocents. At the same time it recognizes the possibility that humankind may resort to war against each other. Which is why specific rules have been established to regulate warfare.

In Islam war is allowed when other nations have attacked a state or if another state is oppressing its people. Under Islamic law war should be conducted in a disciplined way, so as to avoid injuring non-combatants and extending humane treatment towards prisoners of war.

A recorded example of Prophet Muhammad shows us the compassion he showed for a war prisoner when he saw a prisoner without a shirt, the Prophet removed his own shirt so a war prisoner could be clothed.

The Quran stipulates, "Fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but do not transgress limits. God does not love transgressors." Quran 2:190

This verse outlines the rules of engagement. Material interests should not be the motivation for waging war. People involved in fighting should not resort to unscrupulous methods or indiscriminate killing and pillage, which characterized the wars of the pre-Islamic era. The excesses that this verse points to are acts such as harming women and children, the old and the injured, mutilation of dead bodies, unnecessary destruction of fields and livestock ... such acts of injustice and brutality are considered transgression.

The greatest example of humility in war was shown to us by Prophet Muhammad when he returned to Makkah after eight years when he left after considerable harassment by the Quraysh of Makkah.

With an army of ten thousand the Prophet converged on the city. The Quraysh realized that there was no hope of resisting the Muslim forces. The Quraysh had persecuted the believers, tortured and boycotted them, driven them out of their homes, made war on them, and killed many. Now they were apprehensive about their fate.

If the Prophet wanted revenge it was easy. But revenge was not his object. He did not lead his army into Makkah like a tyrant, full of arrogance, forgetting the Almighty.

An early biographer describes that when the Prophet entered Makkah it was with great humility and gratitude. He declared an all-embracing amnesty and peace, in place of any thought of avenging past material or mental afflictions, demonstrating what God wills of Godly men: "... enter the gate prostrating and say 'Amnesty'." (The Quran, 2:58; 7:160).

The Islamic ethics of how a Muslim should conduct a war is also recorded in history when Salahdin in 1187 C.E. recaptured Jerusalem.

When Salahdin entered the city he was touched by the plight and pitiful living conditions of the common people. Salahdin graciously granted freedom to all aged Christians. He also released husbands and fathers of the freed Christian women. All buildings were left intact. He even permitted the Jews and Orthodox Christians already living in the Holy City to stay. When asked if the Christians' sacred places be returned to them, he agreed.

Salahdin extended these terms even though Muslims and their places of worship had been violated by Christians. Salahdin prohibited acts of vengeance, and his army was so disciplined that there was no bloodshed after the city surrendered.

The history of human civilization is filled with examples of violent cruelty. In the past, sadism as we see in the news today was limited to the ill-fated people who experienced it or the unfortunate people who directly witnessed it. But now in the age of electronic media these images of unimaginable brutality are being broadcast to the entire world. Vicious emotions are being instigated on all sides.

As we slide down the slippery slope of occupation and resistance, war on terrorism to war on injustice we are seeing human civilization being pushed towards more anarchy.

If we are to avoid the path of perpetual war and destruction, we need to ask our selves if we should use Religion to divide ourselves or should we use it to explore our common humanity? Do we use Religion to perpetuate social injustice or do we use our common values of social justice as embedded in our religion to eliminate oppression, poverty, racism, illness, and sexism? Should we use Religion to preach Hate or Love?

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Views: 11769

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Older Comments:
Peace be upon those who are righteous and sincere in their actions.

Islam is a perfect sustem and way of life given by Allah to humankind. i understand that the author is trying to emphasise how islam opposes innocent deaths, and i do agree. however, today we muslims are being oppressed to the point that we have no other choice but to take action. Not through terrorrism, but through the manner that USA was able to wage war against our dear bro&sis around the world. i am disappointed that the autor hasn't mentioned that. we muslims should unite, together the enemies of islaam would tremble at the mention of us, divided we would be (like the prophet Muhammad pbuh said) like the froth of the ocean, which we are noe. May allah make all of our intentions pure and raise the banner of islam high in the world and let His Deen flourish the heart of manking. Ameen.

Yes I am a Christian, but I hold muslims to the up-most respect to your devotion to God. Even though its not really the same, most christian don't even like to pray. The "war" that is going on now, I am against. The United States is no longer United and the president needs to fix the United States first. I do not believe we should force other government policies on any other country but there should be some alliances.

I am a veteran of the US military. We were taught that is was our duty to refuse to obey a clearly illegal order. No one can commit an atrocity and then avoid punishment by saying, "I was just following orders." We were also briefed on the Geneva Convention so the murderers and rapists cannot claim that they didn't know these things were illegal. The fact that people were abused anyway is a sad commentary on the lack of moral fiber in these criminals. I hope they receive punishment appropriate to their actions.

I'm unable to understand that whether the writer is defending US soldiers or condemning the few people who killed one man after kidnaping. I feel sorry to say that the author is found reluctant to oppose or condemn the terrorists activities exhibited by the US soldiers. On the other hand it is preached to the muslims that your attitude should be not like this. Okay if the examples are for Christians and Jews then why do u hesitate in addressing them directly? Why do u adopt a hyprcritec style?

As-Salamu alaikum brothers and sisters,

I am strongly of the view that Islam is the religion of every good fellow, the religion of Victory and the religion of the hereafter.But today, the major problem bedeveling us is lack of true unity,and understanding. Our leaders must learn to speak for the muslim world and corporate with each other,hand in hand regardless of geographical distance or racial differences,We must not take chances on what ever issue,We must take the religion of Al-Islam before any other wordly issues.

With all this, I think the religion of Al-Islam will become victorious against our enemies.And all those killings will be a thing of the past,and a story to tell.We must take the religion of Al-Islam to its peak Insha Allah.

Wa Salam.

in the name of god merciful , compassion
there is no justification to kill a person regardless of his job or career in the name of god.
at the same time that we condemen israeilis crulity agianst humanith and palestinian , we have to condemn the action of ladan's gang who are hijacking islam by the false and wrong interprtation of islam. if prophet mojamad ( s) conquered arab island he succeeded throht his action and morality and kindness to his enemies.
islam win the haerats by the words of peace, equity and humanity notby sword.

As salamaliakum.
Jazakallul Khair for highlighting the examples of the Prophet (SAW) and the early believers under conditions of warfare. I really feel proud to be the disciple of the last prophet and thank Allah for His Mercies. I am also thankful to Allah to allow that someone like you could produce such a wonderful article. More good will be done for the Deen if people such as yourself who are able to disseminate information seek to educate others (muslim or otherwise) on the true Islam. May Allah reward your efforts and May Allah hep you to write such articles which educate people in the right perspective. Ameen

I fully accept this but we all forget the reason or the roots of these problems.In anyway and every corner if we analyse, the war hungry super powers and their pets are the reason for these unhuman acts. But unhumanity in the name of religion or country is totally not acceptable.

It is sad to hear or read about killing anywhere but the unfortunate about everything is that US and Isreal understand the language of violence,thus one cannot only support the act of killing but must speak the language understood by the world greatest terrorist i.e USA and Isreal.

it is true that muslims should not be involved
in killing innocent civilians. but us muslims
should be aware that we are living in a world of propaganda these days and verification of information and news is critical. as for the killing of Mr Berg, the cia declared last year that Mr Zarqawi was killed in the bombing of Felluja last April. also in 2001 the US media said that the same Zarqawi lost a leg.

now the Father of Mr Berg also said that his son was in US custody and the US military after denying that statement had admitted it offered a free air plane ticket to Mr Berg to come back home which means they have been dealing with him at one point or another. and last and not least everybody that watch the video noticed that Mr Berg was wearing an orange uniform similar to what guantamo prisoners wear. now it's unlikely that Al-Quaida uses the same uniforms that US uses. these are just some clues to think about.

Am glad to read this article, that put the light on the wrong doings by us in name of our religion
and its quite a shame on us humans who take islam for granted and bend it the way they want it too. And all we are doing is pointing finger at others, infact we should be am example to humanity... havent our Prophets thougth us enough to live our lives in harmony havent they suffered enough Muslims and Christians alike we all are childrens of GOD Stop killing each other in the name of GOD..... STOP the DEVIL in us .... Dont let him win on us ....have victory over him arent we stong enough to do that ask your self if you are still alive....

How sweet is Humanity
When it is attacked we feel its pain
When it is cared for
We feel its beauty

Oh Humanity! our gift from God
How can we treasure you?
Look after?
Care for you?
Love you?

This earth where countless souls
Meet each day
To find solutions to care for you
One must wonder
How hopeless one can be

But one must not forget
To open your heart
Is to welcome the beauty of humanity

One must travel
To be free from solitude
Solitude accompanied by hearts
Hearts with no entrance

Let one reflect on the vast space between the earth and the sky;
Where the creator of Humanity is hidden from us
For each of us to find his/her soul in solitude

No water can quench she/he whose heart is not open to humanity;
No mercy can reach she/he whose heart shows no mercy;
No love can enter she/he whose heart has no entrance;
Oh my dear traveller in cyber space
Let us rejoice humanity
And fill our hearts with gratitude
Gratitude for our journey
To share and preserve our humanity
One day we will meet in a different dimension
Reflecting on this day
Such day our journey will surely manifest itself truly;

Our Creator is watching over us
With patience comes blessings
With blessing comes peace
Peace of the heart
Heart that is not controlled by the ego
Such heart is the true guardian of humanity;

James, seek help and a healthy refill of Paxil. If you gave a damn about Mr.Berg you would blame Bush and his neocon warmongers for invading Iraq...but your lord Bush can do no wrong can he ?
Islam will be around and well long after the evil empire has been properly flushed into the gutter of history. Dont blame Islam, BLAME YOURSELF.

Assalamu alaikum. The following is a caption to a picture that appears to have been taken shortly after the fall of Saddam's regime. (Perhaps we can get the troops home before their approval rating falls as low as their current commander-in-chief's.)

This is a small group of Iraqis that I met during a patrol through Saddam City. The gentleman in the black robe and white hat spoke perfect English and told me he was born and raised in the United States, but moved back to Iraq with his parents 15 years ago. He is holding his son who had his tongue cut out by Saddam's fedayeen militia. He didn't tell me why, and after hearing so many of these gruesome stories, I didn't really want to know. He did give his thanks for ridding his country of Saddam Hussein, however. I gave the boy some M&M's and a little football my wife had sent me.

Assalamu Alaikum,

I thought that this was a good article because as Muslims we don't kill innocent civillians in the time of war or at any other time and it truly upsets me when I hear reporters attacking Islam by using what's happening in Iraq to back up their bad mouthing of Islam. Indeed, I was also and still am devasted about how the Christians who are in Iraq are humiliating our brothers and sisters. I mean, where is the strong Muslim Ummah that's supposed to speak about these gruesome acts of violating human rights? It seems to me as if Muslims fear Non-Muslims, more than they fear ALLAH. So let us speak about the TRUTH in public and InshaAllah, ALLAH will reward us in the hereafter!

Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters!

Its a pity to see every day killing to our muslim brothers and sister, besides now we are forced to watch the unwatched, people being tortured i mean something unable to comment on!
Its realy a pity God bless every muslim and all our innocent brothers & sisters muslims Ameen.

As salamu alaikum. I commend you for highlighting the examples of the Prophet (SAW) and the early believers under conditions of warfare. More good will be done for the Deen if people such as yourself who are able to disseminate information seek to educate others (muslim or otherwise) on the true Islam. May Allah reward your efforts.

As I read your article it brought to mind the age-old debate on the separation of Church/Religion and State. Without elaborating on this issue, I challenge readers to consider the 'ethics' of another 'big' news story - the performance of gay marriages in the US. It brings to mind an interesting question, who should we (mankind) be governed by? God's law or man's law? Atrocities shall continue to occur as long as this conundrum exists.

As a young revert I continuously remind myself that everything runs on a fixed course ... and each day Allah has some new thing to reveal. And only Allah knows best.

some people alledged that Islam is a violent religion and is intolerance with other religions can you help me counter this allegation.

What about Berg's slaughter? Why dont you talk about those savage muslims?
I hope islam will dissapear from the face of the earth as soon as possible with all its follower; we need an love peace while muslims wants war as the 'Prophet' did all his life.


Assalaam wu Alaikum

Yes we do condemn the beheading of an innocent person, but also we should not be fooled by propaganda. We will never know if this was an innocent man. Allah knows best.

When I watch pictures of the prisoners and listen The news of the inhumane torture carried out by US and British military personal in Iraq, I think how cheap is the blood of muslim,Why they are being disgrased in this world,Is there something wrong in ourselves or it is a trail from God,What so ever is this, still the fact is that we the human being are going toward destraction and towards the era of darkness and caves

All those Americans who are in denial should read this interview with a returned US soldier, reported in Sacramento paper. Here is the link:

Do yourself a favour and read it please so that you understand how we and the Iraqis feel. It is not fair that you live in denial. The truth will set you free. Just believe in the power of good and read it. Thank you.

Good article!

I totally agree with the article. If only we can all STOP AND THINK what we did for a moment... There's so much violence and brutality in the world the cause of the war... how can GOODNESS overcome it all?... Have ALL lost our SANITY?

As Salamu Alaikum Ikhran.I feel sorry for those which we recognise as Jahili(Ignorant Person).If they new the the call to success ( Ahdan) they would know that the most Powerful call to praise the Creator of "All calls", is The Ahdan!It is, Khalasa(unadulterated)!It is the path to Miraj(a Ladder-Elevation) to ALAAH SUBHANA WA TA'ALA.Because, of stereotypical, images, of Islaam,people associate us with Barbarians an Infadels of the Earth.But we, were warned by the Shuyuwkh(Elders), and The Ulama(Learned Men),that they would try to tamper with ALLAH'S WORD.Which as you see we have attrocities being commited by so called MU'MINYN(BELIEVERS).It is up to us to bring together our (Ulama)Spiritual Scholars, to the battle fields of the media and clerify The SHARI'AH(Islaamic Laws)!As Salamu Alaikum Ikhran.Shelom, To the Yahudi(Jews). God Bless, Masihi(Christians).

My daily prayers are normally a serene meditative act, I doubt I will ever be able to pray again without that horrific image in my mind, every sujiud, every raka that I hear "Allahu Akbar" will be tainted because those beautiful words are what the hideous creatures said as they slowly sawed into that helpless boy's neck.    His hands tied behind his back.  I can't imagine a greater combination of arrogance, cowardess and utter stupidity.   If those are the people who think they should be guiding the world down  the straight path then I am forced to choose George Bush, because his path is far closer to the Islam I have studied than the path I see these bastards traveling.

The prophet, Mohamed, fed his prisoners an equal share,   clothed them, treated them with respect and gave them ample opportunity to earn their freedom.  This boy didn't even deserve to be a prisoner, he was not fighting anyone. He was just trying to help and his only fault was that his name was Berg.   While I am greatful for this article, the fact that Muslims around the world are not demanding the deaths of these bastards  is equally unforgivable to me.

If you are fortunate and have not seen the video yet  please do not watch it.   I swear it is the most horrific and terrorizing thing I have ever seen. As a nurse I have seen mangled bodies in the ER, shanks through patient's eyes, massive multiple traumas, self inflicted shot gun wounds to the face, are all nothing compared to this ... it was a million times worse than watching the victims jump from the world trade center.

I wish with all my heart that people will understand that what these beasts did is blasphemous in every sense of the word.   I am deeply angry that Muslims are not actively protesting this degradation and humiliation of their faith...  If Christians were to crucify an innocent Arab,  I am sure there would be far more outrage from the Christian community than I have seen from my Muslim brothers and sisters.

I was pleased to see you describe the rules of war in Islam.

My Allah reward you for effort.

agree with this article. somepeople misuse the Qur'an and misinterpret it. slam doesnt allow anyone to kill innocent people. f someone attack you, you have right to attack him. Qur'an invite us to love everyliving things, especially human beings. nhumane torture is also not allowed.

I agree totally with the message expressed in the article. Allah(swt) teaches us none of this nonsence which we see carried out now a bothers me much....pains me much to see these actions carried out by the kafir's...but by the MUSLIM'S....they now better...May Allah(swt) have pity on us all...insha-allah

Bismillah, I am not so sure who did the beheading. I know Islam condems the killing of innocent people. The pictures of the detainees were an insult to all muslims. I love my religion but hate that this country is trying to make Islam look horrid. America should pull out NOW!

Assalaamu 'aleikum
Baaraka-llaahu fiikum note that that video tape is fake and fabricated
Nick was killed before that
He is accused by U:S that he has connection with Almuusawiy meight Allaah Almighty free him
that who read the text in the tape, din't read from the paper, some one else was reading
all masked men in the tape are white (american)
screaming started before the killing
the timing in the tape in contreversial
the camera suddenly lost control to bring weak piece of theatre
the sloughtering didn't take place in that tape
every thing was fake
the american manupulated that tape to cover up for their crimes!!
Now when we had realised that the tape is fake, they shut all websites that had it!!

What amateur's acting and stupid strategy?!
Now powel is crying for arabs why we didn't get angry about the tape!!!
Shame on them!!

Wa-ssalamu 'aleikum

We can all learn from the past THINK befor we act and remember God see's all it's not man who one should be afrad off but God. when God read's one's book and ask's why was this done in my name what will they say?
I ask every one to stop and think before we act.

In general I appreciated this article. However, I feel that it is easy to sit back and judge the Iraqi people, and some of there responses when we ourselves are not living undersiege. God alone knows what people resort to when they are at their wits end, and are being continuosly transgressed upon. For the American and British soldiers however, there is absoltely NO EXCUSE for their behaviour. They are in a position of military authority and are choosing to adopt a mode of operation which is satanic. It is their decision, out of desire NOT neccesity, that they decide to rape, torture, and kill innocent Iraqis. They are not under attack, rather they are the attackers. I cannot therefore put them in the same boat as the Iraqis who have had their humanity ripped from them simply because the superiority complex with which some Western nations are afflicted, chooses to view them as simple savages and barbarians in need of their great white capitalistic guidance. This is an old story with different players. I will not equate the decisions of the victim with those of the oppresors. GOD alone knows best about everything.

The peoples who call themselves the champion of the weaker, the heroes of the opperessors but beleiefs in killing,toturing,and do unhumanely to others without any reasons, does not beleived in gods not matter what is their religion. Every religion submit to good relationship among humans, animals and the nature. For Islamic followers to kill for revenge is not call for. Islam teach us to forgive and forget. The prophet SAW and the 4 Khalipsh practice humanly and proffesionally in wars. Most of Islamic converts during those priods, due to the examples and good deed done by the leaders and Islamic followers and not because of wad. I beleived the peoples who wage war,no matter there are Islam, Christians,Buddish and any other faiths are not fighting for the cause of their religions but for their own and leader self revenge.This will be paid dearly by Allah in hereafter.

I agree 100% with the article. We must remember their will be a day of judgement for the righteous and the unrighteous. Allah is all Knowing all Seeing. My prayers goes out to all the families that was touched by this situation. Allah is Akbar!!

Wonderful article. Thank you
I have sent copies to all my friends and enamies.
Allah gave us life as a gift
What we do with it is our Gift to Allah
Phil Ramsey

EXCELLENT ARTICLE! I could not have said it better myself. I have enjoyed the quality and natural benevolence and truthfulness of articles posted in Islamicity. I hope that all mankind can learn from this forum -- both Muslims and non-Muslims.

I agree with the article. When one looks at western civilation history you see exploitation. look at africa, south america. The direct result of capitalism. Look at america's own history see how african american's are looked upon. it has only been 40 years and some that jim crow died. slavery and not having the right to vote. My people have died in wars to defend america and we are still treated like second class citizens. World War 1,2 and vietnam we came home to being called niggers.
Black communities are drug ridden with high unemployment rates. We make up to 65 percent of the imate population in prison and we are only 11% percent of the USA population. This is funny how can america tell someone about Democracy. Trust me they killed, raped and enslaved my people all in the name of god saving jesus loves me because the bible told me so..
See i grew up christan and i always felt why are they showing me a picture of a white man with blond hair and blue eyes, saying this is jesus and he loves you,but yet treat me as a second class citizens. Read autobiography of malcom x to understand. As i began to become educated i begin to question what I was taught and disbeleived in christanity. To make things short through the hard times that i created in my life i begin to research into Islam and found some peace. Today i struggle with the deen i know there is only one god and muhammad is his messger and slvae may peace be upon him. its a good and bad evil struggle. hey i grew up in a western civilization where its culture is self destructive to put it in a way. P.S. the news media reminds me of the 70's its prejuced, especially when they used the words jihadist,or terroist and associate it with islam... In the 70's, 80's,and 90's when the news media talked about crime, welfare are somebody ignorant they showed a black man. watch american tv white people are portrayed as smart, and black are treated as dancers, ball players or crimnals or drug addicts. Note

I agree with the article. When one looks at western civilation history you see exploitation. look at africa, south america. The direct result of capitalism. Look at america's own history see how african american's are looked upon. it has only been 40 years and some that jim crow died. slavery and not having the right to vote. My people have died in wars to defend america and we are still treated like second class citizens. World War 1,2 and vietnam we came home to being called niggers.
Black communities are drug ridden with high unemployment rates. We make up to 65 percent of the imate population in prison and we are only 11% percent of the USA population. This is funny how can america tell someone about Democracy. Trust me they killed, raped and enslaved my people all in the name of god saving jesus loves me because the bible told me so..
See i grew up christan and i always felt why are they showing me a picture of a white man with blond hair and blue eyes, saying this is jesus and he loves you,but yet treat me as a second class citizens. Read autobiography of malcom x to understand. As i began to become educated i begin to question what I was taught and disbeleived in christanity. To make things short through the hard times that i created in my life i begin to research into Islam and found some peace. Today i struggle with the deen i know there is only one god and muhammad is his messger and slvae may peace be upon him. its a good and bad evil struggle. hey i grew up in a western civilization where its culture is self destructive to put it in a way. P.S. the news media reminds me of the 70's its prejuced, especially when they used the words jihadist,or terroist and associate it with islam... In the 70's, 80's,and 90's when the news media talked about crime, welfare are somebody ignorant they showed a black man. watch american tv white people are portrayed as smart, and black are treated as dancers, ball players or crimnals or drug addicts. Note

Like I said before, "whoever it was who committed this heinous crime, is not a Muslim, Until we determine who this was, I will not point fingers at anyone just because I am being told that it is someone even though he is hooded" - This information of this being Musab Al-Zarqawi comes from the White House and Pentagon...they've lied to us before, how can we beleive them that this was a certain individual. Now, if it is Musab Al-Zarqawi, than he is transcended the bounds of Islam and should be severely punished.

Remind yourself as well, that Nick Berg was in U.S. Coalition Provisional Authority's Custody BEFORE he was supposedly in teh custody of Musab A-Zarqawi.

I would also suggest to you to focus on the Pentagon's and U.S. Congress's refusal to release thousands of more pictures and videos of these horrendous crimes committed by more than just 7 U.S. Soldiers - Should we not be demanding their release to see the true nature of this spreading of democracy in Iraq?


I for one have no moral authority to call a person a kaffir, only if that individual proves himself or herself to be one or more simply openly declares this to be the case, otherwise it is nto my place to go and say such things to people, whether they be Muslim or not.


ALYZZA said:
Akbar Khan,

I think it's pretty safe to say that anyone sawing heads off has an over-abundance of hatred in his heart; I'm not parroting the Bush Administration when I say "they hate us." Anyone willing to kill innocent people in the name of a religion that takes pride in edicts designed to protect the innocent must surely, by my lights, be a hatemonger - and, in my experience, most of that ilk do not limit their hatred to a specific group of people, but leave it to run wild over everyone who disagrees with their brand of "justice."

Muslims, Christians - anyone would be a legitimate target for the kind of person who'd kill a civilian just because he was within arm's reach when the killer needed to make a political statement.

I don't know who was under that hood - I can't see the US decapitating one of its own citizens and risking exposure in that way - but let us say, for the sake of argument, that Berg's killers were in fact Muslims (rather than taking the default position that they couldn't be Muslims because they're too evil). If they're perverting the common view of that faith, shouldn't Muslims condemn them? Shouldn't Muslims say, "If these men are Muslim, than they're corrupting our beliefs. We condemn them in the strongest terms, with no reservation or caveat, because they're killing the innocent"?

They're not brothers and sisters in that faith if they're polluting it with the blood of the innocent: Good Muslims don't owe some allegiance to bad ones, anymore than good Christians owe that kind of allegiance to people like Pat Robertson.

As to the 20, 000 dead civilians generated by this war, each of them was precious, unique, and irreplaceable - and no, an American life is not worth more than an Iraqi life, but nor is it worth less. This whole war is ugly and, while I agree the US started it (and for false reasons), good people the world over are called to separate themselves from evil ones by speaking out - by words and deeds.


Alyzza, although I agree with you that there are Muslims and Christians who are not following the principles of their faiths truly, I disagree with you when you start to label people as "hating us" because you know what, that sounds just like the rhetoric coming out of the Oval Office, and all staunch republicans, and conservative Democrats.

How can you go and call another Muslim a kaffir and believe media conglomerates who assisted in convincing the world that Iraq posessed WMD, and that Saddam was a threat to the USA, furthermore that he might have links to Al-Qaeda?

When it comse to Mike Berg's murder, you should ask yourself, Musab Al-Zarqawi has only one leg. Now the Pentagon identified the man standing in the middle as Zarqawi, but...he was walkign perfeclty fine....also if it was really Zarqawi, and the man is somehow walking on two legs with no limp, don't you wonder why this man who is supposedly "Zarqawi" was hooded?

Have you ever heard of Musab Al-Zarqawi, or seen videos of him walking like of Osama bin Laden...?

Maybe you should slow down and reflect, and simply state that, whoever it was who committed this heinous crime, is not a Muslim, Until we determine who this was, I will nto point fingers at anyone just because I am being told that it is someone even though he is hooded, and the only words he ever says in teh video is "Allah hu Akbar".....where's this Al-Qaeda website what is the URL, that this video came from? Too many inconsistencies in this story and I don't buy it...Now it's time to get to the bottom of crimes and stop the finger pointing and so-called disturbed feelings...think of the suffering of the Iraqi people, 20,000+ have been killed because of an illegal an American life more valuable than an Iraqi's?


ALYZZA said:
I agree with the article, but am disturbed by some of the responses to it.

Non-Muslims and Muslims might not share certain religious principals, but we're the same in all the ways that count. We are capable of doing the same good, and enriching the world by it; and we are capable of the same depraved acts of evil, too.

It's nonsense to suggest that the attackers who killed Berg were US puppets, when they were far more likely at the fringe of Islam - much in the same way as rabid idiots like Paul Hill (who was executed for killing an abortion doctor in the US) are at the fringe of Christianity.

They all - fringe Christians and fringe Muslims - hate you as much as they hate the rest of us, because none of us lives up to their warped idea of spiritual perfection, and they have more in common with each other than they do with anyone here. It's in our collective best interest, then, to condemn them in the strongest terms possible, even if they seemingly agree with the points we hold most dear.

OMAR said:
Good one!

The writer has raised excellent points about humanity which is the beauty of our connectedness. It is the chord that connects us all together.

One must strive for universal solutions. We are all like a tiny pies in the circle of humanity. How we maintain our circle is our responsiblity. If each pie uses his/her religion,principles to safeguard them so that the circle stays healthy then humanity will surely shine.

Humanity without justice is of no use. There has to be justice. If I may speak for the sector I draw my Islamic principles from God said: 7:181 And of those whome We have created, there is a community who guides(others) with the truth, and establishes justice therewith.

This means I am quite happy to know and feel that humanity have been defined in such a way there are people from the other sectors who will stand by justice. This makes me feel a better person.

We need to balance negative with positive. The mothers and children who are victims of war need justice. Justice for change, justice for balance of media coverage, justice for local and global issues.

Each sector of the circle must preserve justice. It says in Islam "And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all of mankind"(5:32)
This means saving life of all regardless of what religion you practice, what colour, creed you come from.

We need to help our children be aware of the negative impact on humanity. Children are the future generations who will inherit after us. We must ask ourselves what legacy are we leaving for them. We must protect our children from injustice.

Showing mercy is a universal act of humanity. Humanity without Mercy is like a dead land. Islam teaches us that God will not show mercy to him who does not show mercy to others. This should be the guiding principle of our humanity whether in prison or elsewhere. We must find the positive factor for every negative situation to create balance in humanity.


Western colonization and it's rooted nature has not changed much from yesteryear. Just take this as an example - compare General Shmutz or as I like to call him General Shits in South Africa during Mohandas Gandhi's peaceful uprising, and then look at Paul buttface Bremer in can we NOT see the similarities between these two pitiful representatives of "freedom" and "liberty"? Not much has changed from the years of British colonialism, to today's American imperialism. Personally I think Bremer's proven to be a bigger Shaytaan than Shmutz.

We should use our religion to preach love, war is always a defeat for humanity

I really don't understand this article or is it what the author is trying to project that was hidden or... He gave an ambigous conclusion by asking those questions. Well Mr. you may as well give us the answer but first explain the motive of your article. And the important question I think u should answer is "Who is using religion to preach hate or love?"..

The two comentators to this article I admired most are the AAs, Yes WHO KILLED NIC BERG? should be the 62000 dollars question. The way the entire proceedings was stage managed was mind bogling. And two questions asked by AA are worse examinig closely.If this is an attempt to distract the world from the attrocities of the crusaders, well as far as 'm concerned it has failed. And u know what it might even backfired when more questions are now ask especially by the families of Nick.



Further to my comments on the article one can see URL regarding exposure of
Bu(sh)tcher & co. in Berg's beheading plot. It is one of the latest example of media manipulation
& tactice of making fool to their own people, as well as,the world. Thanks to a conscious & courageous journalism throughout the world (including the crime oriented countries itself). It will definitely change the world by exposing the real culprits.


Very good article;

My comment is in response to "V" comment.

Sorry Mr/Mrs "V", but you yourself are wrong here. Making a comment that Jesus is son of god (God Forbid). If you so much love Jesus (Peach be upon him) then maybe you should find out what his true teachings were. Forget for a moment what you may have learned from your surroundings and your elders. Look into the history and find out the truth. Jesus (PBUH) never claimed that he was son of god and that you should bow your head to him, or that he is god. If you truly love the way of Jesus (PBUH) then rethink what you are doing. Having a relationship with God is all about following his commandments. May God guide you to the truth. You and many others are lost today because they don't want to spend time and think what the prophets have taught us and their true message. Understand and follow the true message before it is too late.

W. Ahmed

Nice questions, AA - masha'Allah. Don't forget to factor in Vladimir Lenin's "useful idiots" as well.

I have been hearing anti-Islam organizers on the radio asserting that the most effective means for "countering Islam" would be to recall U.S. forces from Muslim countries, stop all assistance to Muslim dictators and read passages from the Qur'an (so that the people can hear what it says). Amazing isn't it? It is as if the magnetic poles of the earth were reversing.

Possible food for thought: is Islam not primarily a religion of submission? Plus, the harshest sounding prescriptions might still seem more merciful than Deuteronomy 20:10-18 (even as applied by the Likud Party). Also, in my opinion Jews are genuine good "luck" charms. In fact, I would like for my country to have a lot more of them - if Adonai wills that it be so.


Excellent points Abu, Its now been revealed that Berg was in US custody all along, his name on an "enemys list" at right wing pro-war American websites. Makes you wonder why Mr.Berg was murdered and videotaped just when the terrorism against Iraq's people was being exposed. And really, whats the URL for this so called website where they supposedly found this footage?
Sounds like the standard false flag operation to me.

Salam Peeps
hasnt it been an eventful period for the shatan the last few days, first his actions in the iraqi prisons have been uncovered and news of nore has been released. the shatan realised that too many people are becoming simpathetic to the iraqi people and may lead to a stop to his work through his employees(the coalition forces). so to balance this out and bring things back to normal(you know the death and distruction of innocent iraqis and all) he recruits some goons to dress up as Al-Qaida and behead AN innocent american man and now everything is OK again and the killing of tousands can continue.

So what is the moral of this story. War will inevitably lead to death and distruction of innocent peolple in both sides although the numbers are unbalanced astronomicalyin this case.

the truth is in any warfare, if the cause is not just and the disciplin of Islam is not implemented, barbaric acts will happen.

I just want to add, the release of the vedeo was very timely and favourable to the Bush cronies, the whole thing can be a fake?? nevertheless these actions are not Islamic and i for one was disgausted by it(also sceptical).

To Mike D:
yes it is true that muslims should have united against saddam, but you should realise this if the coalision forces attacked during the killing in Helabja no Muslim in the world would have questioned them for thier action, yet back then they supported him. the muslim world is also ununited, this is due to many reasons such as illitaracy, culture over religion, nationalism ect.

The fact is that this wars missin has been accomplshed or shall i say their was nothing to acomplsh which means that the coalition should have returned long time ago, but now they are stuck in a battle of will and the will to dominate and collonialise a nation is taking over.

V said:
With all due respect, I think you are wrong. We should not be 'using religion' for anything. Religion is man-made and will get us nothing and no-where. We need a revival. We need to turn back to our God and creator Jehovah. We need to get down on our knees and beg for forgiveness of our sins and the way we have made a mess of this world and ask Him to sort us ALL out.
We don't need religion. We need a RELATIONSHIP with our God. And you can have that through the son, Jesus, (God in the flesh) who died so that we might have eternal life.

Thank you Jesus, for loving us that much while we yet sinned.

I am praying for all of you to receive and believe the truth. May God Bless you and keep you safe, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

I heartedly agree the writer decsribtion in the article, for sure it was my feelings towards current situation through out the world and in perticuler about Iraq.I really admire the intellectuals of Islam who have firm faith in religion and working on it.I like to emphasis that every Muslim should try hard to practice Islam in every movement of thier lives and pray for peace and destruction of evil and evil attitude of Politicians.I really appreciate Islamicity management for their efforts and pray for their success here and hereafter May Allah swt blessed us with Jannah ,Ameen.

AA FROM US said:
By the way who killed the American Citizen Berg? Its a work of CIA and FBI. As most of the people around the world doubt this video, i too suspect its done by Mossad and CIA.

If the terrorist named Abu-musab Zarqavi killed this american, why should he cover his face as he is well known to this world?

Why should people like Osame kill american covering their face when they don't care about showing their face to this world?

Nice try CIA and Mossad.



This is an excellent article on Islam views on war. I am an American Muslam and am not at all proud of what has been uncovered. However, in response to a previously posted comment, I find it extremely unfair to catagorize any group/country as evil or as "home of thieves and slaves". The actions of these soldiers and of many members of our government are not fairly representative of our nation as a whole. Any intellegent human can come to this conclusion. Just as the actions of many Muslims are not representative of the entire Muslim community. The majority of Americans feel absolutely horrid and betrayed by these actions. It is not as though we are taught to behave this way, or that we are brainwashed to hate Muslims. Granted, many Americans are spoiled and living above their means, and get caught up in just living their lives...oblivious to what is happening behind the "curtain" of the rest of the world. Many of us are just now waking up to the reality of the hatered and abuse. I make NO excuse for those who commit crimes. But you just cannot justly catagorize an entire nation as criminals, no matter who you are or what country you are from. I'll pray for everyone.

For over 200 years the Americans have managed to sell the lie that they are a decent, fair, civilised country (the 'good guys') and we should all aspire to be like them. In just over a year they have been exposed as the murderers, rapists, perverts, cowards and thieves they have always been. Now it's expected if you are taken prisoner by monsters, you will be interned in a concentration camp then tortured, raped or murdered (sometimes all three). Thanks to bushco amerikkka's real face can no longer be hidden behind empty soundbites like freedom, democracy, human rights.

God bless amerikkka, land of the thief and the home of the slave.

This article is the best answer to all the attacks on islam. True muslims should think about how we can plan for our future by using Allah's guidance first and using science to learn and improve our state of being. Hate can only bring hate..May Allah help us in these dark times

Good Article.

Now we have to get about 1 billion madrasa educated and mullah guided Muslims to believe it.

Islam is alive and well....muslims are misguided
and lost by the criminals that preach THEIR interpetation of al quran.

A once time honored trait, this definition of RESPECT; but as our humanity has disappeared, so has the dignity of calling oneself a "human being".

crystal khan

These people(Coalition troops) will do anything to harm Islam and Muslims and thats what they are doing under the guidance of their evil masters.

No one can match up these people in committing atrocities. These people are very good at making up stories and diverting the people's attention.

One good example is, Execution of American Citizen BERG. To divert people's attention from cruel prisoner abuse these people have come up with this. Like most people in the world, i too doubt this video. The execution is not done by Iraqis or any other so called "terrorist". Good job Coalition troops.

Masha'Allah, this is a very informational article.
Jazak Allah Khair

Excellent article!! From Saladin to the Moors, Islam has proven itself to be a religon truly tolerant and understanding during times of war. In today's world modern day devices to ensure proper rules of engagement are a farce. The UN states that it is a war crime to sell weapons to a country that uses those weapons on the civilian population, but how is this enforced. A small example of the injustice that is allowe to exists. It is up to the Muslim community to stand fast and uphold the teachings of Islam. When the media says we are murderers we love, when they say we are liars we teach and guide with wisdom, when they say we steal we give abundantly even at our own expense. This is the only way. Violence, hate, lies, deception, bombs creates more murderers. Excellent article!!

Many praises to the author!!! This is the only kind of thinking and writing that could bring us out of this horrible time. Peace to all.

I agree with the author on all accounts but what we wish for and what we get are two different things. For too long we muslims have slept while the enemies of Islam armed themselves to the teeth. Bush and Blair are on a mission and they say one thing and mean the opposite. The sanctions on Syria and the daily slaughter of Palestinians by the jews are indicative of a coming total war situation. I hope that the muslims will wake up to realise where the bullets are coming from. Sad are those muslims who actually believe that the west has any honourable intentions with regards to the muslims. Their belief is tantamount to putting faith in the devil rather than Allah. Muslims are being killed mercilessly whether they are combatants or civilians. It is time that muslims make a choice as to whether they want to die fighting or whether they die cowering. The reward will be according to the intention. The coming days have already been mapped out as can be seen in the numerous hadith. The new romans are not going to withdraw from Iraq but continue onwards. Those muslims who think that the current events are just an aberration and the new romans ae going to find humanity and abide by humanitarian principles should not hold their breaths. Only when these new romans are defeated and Islam reins supreme will humanitarian principles return.
If you wish to educate yourselves about what is in the hearts of the new romans then read about the Crusades. We are living in very critical period in the life of mankind yet the majority of muslims see no need to change the daily routine. Wishful thinking will not bring safety.

Good article it demonstrates that during war as horrible as it is, it's sometimes necesssary. There must be limits and those you're fighting against are still people and should treated with dignity and respect. The article actually even shows that there is bad treatment on both sides even by Muslims, which is a rarity on this site. From what I read on this site many Muslims think the American hostages in Iraq or Afghanistan are being treated well. Here stories from American prisoners of the first Gulf War, and of course Nic Berg, the Italian man murdered, and the beheading of the reporter in Afghanistan and it's clear to see they are not. Honesty on both sides will help promote peace. Muslims need to wake up from the dilusion that no Muslim can do any wrong. By siding with terorists and terrorist ideals is draws a crux upon your religion. The thugs who beheaded Nic Berg were Muslims, in there mind "Real Muslims" without loud and unified outrage against these acts by the world Muslim community, it leaves many from the outside looking in (like myself) with a bad taste in their mouths for Islam. I also thought it was intersting in the article that war is justified in the Quran if a country is oppresing its people. Isn't that what Saddam did for 25 year? Wasn't it the Muslim worlds responsibility to oust Saddam long before the U.S. felt it needed to. So if the Muslim world stood up and did what it should have done years ago we could have avoided this entire mess.

This is a weak article trying to sugar an ugly war. Let's create a system of reference. 1) What is USA supposed to be? As politics would depict it: USA is an advanced democracy with a deep humanitarian consciousness in the service of mankind bringing releif to the oppressed and a champion liberator and reformer. 2) What are the Iraqis supposed to be? As US sees them: a primitive form of culture with a faulty system of governace leading to dictatorship and the paramount proliferation of hate against the civilized world. 3) What are the terrorists supposed to be? According to US media: Savages that profess hatred against humanity and are vicious killers that would kill anybody only for the fact that he was human.
Considering the above and the comparison of the US occupation with the ruling of Sadam Hussain, I have the following to say: Sadam neither declared himself nor was he deemed to be a champion of democracy. Bush and Rumsfeld, together with the US army were the representatives of an advance democracy. What you expect from US, you don't even begin to compare with the Iraqis or worse, the terrorists. If this comparison is legit, then what was the real motive for US to invade Iraq? If it wasn't the higher in standards nation to liberate a country of a despotic regime, and we put the American values in line with the values of the terrorists, in what are the Americans better than the terrorists? Only in the fact that they are better armed and more numerous?!
The American people must show high standards of conduct and behaviour, representative to an advance civilization, talk is cheap and easy to deliver, facts are the data on which history is written. Maybe the terrorists don't give a damn of how the American future children would read about them. Is that the case with the American fathers too? They wouldn't care if history would compare this time with that of Nazi Germany? I don't know about you Americans, but for me as a Canadian, my history records are sacred.

Good article! We must condemn the brutality against humanity without any prejudice to caste, creed & religion. Some times immotion prevails over the facts, but 'Sunnatullah'(laws of nature)works without any influence. The incidence may be a CIA media manupulation to cover their heinous crime committed by them against humanity in Iraq, however, we should condemn such acts against humanity. May Allah help those who are being depressed by evil souls. Sarfaraz khan

I quite agreee, but when you savage a people, rape, murder, torture and humiliate them, the good and virtuous Islamic protocols of behavior towards prisoners of war and decent human behaviour are easily cast aside and the victim given a chance, especially if he jas been oppressed for a very long time with no recourse and the world turning a deaf ear to his pleadings, will only naturally tear his oppressors apart. I know that if I had gone through what the Iraqis and Afghans did at the hands of the Americans, or the Chechnyans who have been oppressed and massacred by the Russians for the longest time and the Palestinians by their Nazi Israeli oppressors, I would not hesitate a second to extract the most vicious retributione and drink very deeply from the sweet and satisfying drink of revenge.

A once time honored trait, this definiton of
respect;but as our humanity has disappeared, so has this dignity of calling oneself a "human being". May Allah guide us all. ameen.

Assalam o alikum,

I agree with you. The murderers of innocent people have no religion. They are run by their shayateen who want nothing but destruction and corruption on Earth. I think it is time that we get rid of nationalisms and patriotisms which are the handiworks of satan to deceive the humans into believing that whatever you do is justified if it is for some invisible thing such as national or tribal patriotism. We are all from Adam and Adam was from Dust. We are all relatives. The enemy is the evil that needs to be taken out. Rasulullah S.A.W said in a hadeeth that you should help your brother when he is the one who has been wronged or if he is the one commiting wrong. When asked 'even when he is the one who is committing wrong' He said 'yes even then. Help him by stopping him from commiting the wrong'.

We might have different languages but we have a common ancestor. So the racial feuds are nothing but stupidy and ignorance. If we distribute the wealth justifiably, it is enough for all the inhabitants of the Earth. We can only fill one stomach. No one has two stomachs. The money lying in banks is 'dead money'. It is not helping anyone. If given to poor and needy brothren around the world, it could be used to revive their economies which in turn will increase the wealth of other countries as we are all part of the global economy.

The religious zealots should consider that extremism is not helping them become better believers. Whether they are muslims christians, jews or of any other faith. You do not have to set up grounds for the coming of Mehdi A.S and Jesus P.B.U.H. They will come when they will be sent. In the meantime what we can do is to unite ourselves in universal love to remove these differences. Have mercy and love for our human brothren. A child dying in Iraq or in World trade center both are innocent and equally lovable.

Hey, I'm impressed! I went to Islamicity to see if some knucklehead was going to say that the beheading of an innocent American civilian was justified in light of the Iraqi prison scandal. I'm glad that there are some intelligent voices of reason.

I am a correctional officer in a state prison here in the US so I have a good idea of what goes on in prisons or should go on in prisons. What happened to the Iraqi prisoners was nothing short of criminal and I sincerely hope that the American soldiers behind this atrocity get punished. We Americans have our knuckleheads too.

But lets keep the facts in perspective. The Iraqi prisoners were humiliated unjustly but they were not murdered. What the murderous group associated with Al Qaida did is just barbaric and I was glad that this article essentially stated this. To me, Al Qaida should be renamed "The Sons of Satan."

The only thing that I would like to add is that I wish more Muslim writers would name Al Qaida specifically and point out that they defame true Islam. They are not holy warriors but inhuman cowards that deserve to be hunted down and killed without mercy.