Criminalizing Adultery: A Proposition Long Overdue

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Of possible interest to Muslims Monday, is an (the Internet edition of the Los Angeles Times) story concerning one Ms. Laura Onate Palacios and her campaign to criminalize adultery. According to the Times, Ms. Palacios has launched an effort to acquire the 400,000 signatures needed in the next five months in order for her proposed legislation to appear on California's ballot in the year 2000.

The article focuses mainly on Palacios, detailing some of her marital history, suggesting causal elements therein that might have contributed to the genesis of her proposed legislation. But the Times fails to address the underlying sentiment behind Palacios' efforts: that there are many Americans of all creeds, genders and colors, that find fault with the general laxity in American society with reference to sexual morality.

Adultery is a truly pervasive element in society. Marital infidelity wrecks homes, destroys lives and creates chaos in a type of relationship that needs the utmost order and stability. And because of this, Ms. Palacios is well-justified in feeling that California needs legislation to handle such impropriety.

In a state where local governments and businesses can be rather fast and loose with regard to sexuality, accountability and responsibility seem to have been divorced from the concept of marital relations.

Dissenters will no doubt cry foul and accuse Palacios of attempting to legislate morality. But how else then is America to begin to reclaim a moral identity that has been trod upon by no less than the Chief Executive himself?

The fact of the matter is, that while some Americans are happily declining into extreme moral liberalism, others are standing up to voice their opposition on such issues as adultery, homosexuality, fornication and other endeavors of the flesh that so rapaciously devour society. It's in the literature. From Robert Bork's Slouching Towards Gomorrah to Wendy Shalit's A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue, there is a definite collective voice that will be heard. Palacios just happens to be a meeker element of that collective, but no less important.

The article never notes Ms. Palacios' religion. However, hailing from El Salvador, there is a reasonable likelihood that she is Christian. But for Muslims, religion should not be an issue with regard to the principles behind Palacios' proposed legislation. Issues such as these transcend religious, racial and ethnic divides. And this issue in particular speaks to the strong connection Muslims in America can have with like-minded people of strong religious and moral fiber.

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  Category: Faith & Spirituality
  Topics: California, Christianity, Southern California
Views: 1285

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Older Comments:
Sorry to hear this Ms. Karen.
However we as muslims in a distant land can only pray for your and your kids well being. How difficult it is for a woman when her husband gives her up? It is unimaginable!
Any how as a muslim (moslem) who believes in Almighty Allah, I pray, this being the Blessed moment of friday evening when the prayers have more chances of being heard by Almighty Allah, I pray to Him to facilitate your divorce easily and Bless you with a good Muslim husband and both of you will live happily in this and the eternal world -The kingdom of God in the Heaven.
Keep praying to God Almighty direct (from your heart to God and nothing in between, no agents etc). Think like this while praying, what is there which my Lord, God Almighty Allah is not capable of doing? I implore you with all the lowliness and humility and faith to take me out of this problem and do what is best for me and my children, in this world and the next... use any other good words along with this, if you need.

May be sooner than you imagined, Insha Allah=Allah willing, Allah will lead you to the best solution and out of your trouble. I hope you will come back to this message board and inform that good news to all muslim brothers and sisters.
Best Wishes to all children of Adam and Hawwa -our ancient parents(peace be upon them).
Thank you.

I have been separated from my husband for almost two years. He had began an adulterous relationship with a woman with which he had been secretly corresponding for almost as long as we had been married,10 years. Three months after she moved to the Pennsylvania from the Midwestern United States, my husband left me and the children, ages 8 and 14. He stil continues to pay our expenses here. When I contacted an attorney about divorce, I was informed that the court is not concerned with moral issues, such as adultery. It should be recognized by our country the damage and ramifications of loose morality. The subsequent and prevailing attitude that something is wrong with anyone who speaks out against this most shameful and destructive behavior is abhorrant. Bills of this type should be passed in cities, states and countries all over the world. It is unfair to malign the author of the bill and characterize her as some bitter, vengeful soul.