The Bloody Cost

Here's another bit of evidence that when the United States condones the bloody ways of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Americans pay for it with their blood. 

I never saw this reported in the mainstream media, but libertarian Justin Raimondo quotes a group that claims credit for the murder and mutilation of four American mercenaries in Fallujah. 

"This is a gift from the people of Fallujah to the people of Palestine and the family of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin who was assassinated by the criminal Zionists," said the statement from the Brigades of Martyr Ahmed Yassin. "We advise the U.S. forces to withdraw from Iraq and we advise the families of the American soldiers and the contractors not to come to Iraq." 

The United States cannot stop Sharon from assassinating people. When President Bush demanded that Sharon withdraw his military forces from the West Bank, Sharon showed Bush the utmost contempt by ignoring him. However, the United States could join the rest of the world in condemning assassinations. But Bush does not have the guts to do it. He swallowed Sharon's calculated insult and, publicly humiliated, smiled like a little boy. 

A real man would have called Sharon and said: "Look, Mister, you've got 24 hours to pull those troops out of the occupied areas. If you don't, I'm cutting off all U.S. aid to Israel immediately, and I will instruct the ambassador to the United Nations to inform other members of the Security Council that the United States will no longer veto any resolutions directed against Israel. Furthermore, if you think your Israeli lobby can change my mind, call the lobbyists up and ask them how they will feel if the president of the United States goes on national television and raises the subject of dual loyalty. You seemed to be confused as to who the dog is and who the tail is. Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm the dog and you're the tail, and you're damned close to getting chopped off." 

Alas, there is no man in the White House.

Americans ought to hang their heads in shame that every candidate for national office feels obliged to pay public obeisance to and pledge undying support for a foreign country about the size of New Jersey. It's time Americans started asking these bozos: "Just what office are you running for: president of the United States or deputy prime minister of Israel? And whose interests do you put first - those of the United States or those of Israel?" 

It ought to be a source of shame that Congress hands Israel a gift of $3 billion every year when there is neither a state nor a municipality in this country that isn't hurting for revenue. Israel has a high standard of living. It has more F-16s than any country in the world except the United States. It has modern tanks and nuclear weapons. In short, it does not need the coerced charity of the American taxpayers. 

Everything I've said about Israel would apply to any other foreign country. The point is, the United States should not allow any foreign country to exert undue influence on its internal affairs and on its policies. If the Japanese, the French or the Germans tried to influence American elections the way the Israeli lobby does, Americans would be outraged. Well, the principle applies to everyone. 

Those Americans who say to politicians "My vote depends on your support for Israel" ought to stop and examine their conscience. Which country are they a citizen of? Which country commands their loyalty? 

As for President Bush, he should realize that every time he condones Sharon's crimes, some young Americans will pay for it with their lives. It is because of Bush's blind support for Sharon, a right-wing extremist with blood on his hands, that hatred for America grows in the Arab world. We don't need that. We should cut the apron strings and let Israel fend for itself. 

Source: Anti War

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Older Comments:
BNAK said:
Exactly Mr.Mike D, thats one of the reasons why Americans are in Iraq, OIL.
Having meddled in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and blindly supporting Israel for so many years, America cannot just leave and run away from it's responsibility now.
It can do much better by being true to itself and act like a just broker and provide justice to the beleaguered Palestinians, and that will go a long way in reducing the amount of Terrorism in the ME.


Where is the logic in praying for peace to rule Israel - by those who hope to prevent it? (Shalom.)

I'm an Ex- U.S. Marine and while I think the war with Iraq isn't related to the Israli and Palestinian conflict. I do think while we shouldn't support Palestine, because that would hand terrorists a victory. I do think we should cut the cord on Israel. I'm sick of giving them money, aid, and getting involved in there affairs. I can honestly say at least 80% of America agree with me. If it was up to me we would focus on getting off foreign oil and ignore the entire middle east. Because let's be honest without oil what does the middle east have to offer the world?

So then, do the two blue stripes on the flag (of Israel) symbolize the Nile and the Euphrates, with the Star of David dominating the region in between? On the "new flag" of Iraq, the crescent moon appears to be a lighter, sky blue color - and is perhaps depicted as being above such earthly matters as large volumes of flowing water. Also, the gold stripe (reportedly symbolizing the Kurds) seems to be occupying all of the area that is between the two rivers. My apologies to the flag's designer - but what ever were they thinking?


Ahmed Asgher:

About my news know something interesting? The first website I log onto for news each day is Al Jazeera. ;)

Yes, "Palestine" and Iraq are linked because the Arab world wants to link it. So I agree with you 100% that there's a connection. Regarding the PNAC, here's more info about them:

Anyways, the invasion on Iraq was not Israel's doing. America has its own interests to protect (although arguably the pursuit of them may have been misguided in regards to Iraq). That being said, I think the greatest threat to world peace was not Saddam, but people like Osama bin Ladin.

I find Charley reese's articles very close to truth. He writes for
Nick Cameron shud read this site as they report a lot from ME papers. stuff that will never find its way into Zionist controlled media in the US.
Plus he is kidding himself when he says that Palestine and Iraq are not linked. Or he is ignorant of a lot of facts.
may be google for PNAC an read what was planned by this set of neocons and zionists to see that iraq invasion was mapped out b4 911.
Iraq invasion was ordered by Sharon and you'd better believe mister or do your own reading. there is not a tea house in the ME daily that such talk goes on and every little boy knows more than the average american can spell falluja or point it on the map. still living in darkness gives this zionist lot the edge in downlaoding their ill-gotten plans.
time to switch on the light cameron adn don't be afraid. just tell sharon to buzz off otherwise daily killings will go on in iraq adn the tow fronts are very much linked if you care to rubb off the sleep from your eyes mister.

K2 FROM USA said:
Arabs are not the only Muslims to suffer. Yet almost all attention is on Arabs and Palestinians. What about Chechnya, Kashmir, etc?

The Likud party seems less committed to defending Israel than with insuring Israel needs defending. Shalom!

Well Darnell, I'm usually neutral in my opinions of these articles. Unfortunately, Iviews does not allow enough space for neutral comments, so I choose "disagree" in order to have more space. So it's probably best for you to read my whole comments rather than solely relying on my clicking.

As far as who America's enemies are, I never claimed that people who posted articles here are enemies. Perhaps you imagined that I did, but that's not the same thing.

"You, Mr. Cameron, claim that our country does not condone Sharon's policies, but you also stated that our "hardware" is used by an underserving Israel, namely our guns, tanks, ammo, taxpayer money (going into building these WMD'S FOR ISRAEL) rations, and military intellgence (training Israeli Army). "

I agree that Israel does not deserve free hardware from the U.S. They need to earn it.

" "Condone" is soft and an undeserving description; more accurately - SUPPORT. Supporting Israel, as we support the oppression of Iraq."

Dunno what you mean by "we", but don't include me in this. I opposed the government's decision to invade Iraq.

"I think I got all 50 of the stars we stole to put on our flag. Americans like you must recognize that being Christian (any sect today) and being patriotic (support for troops killing Muslims because that 6 yr old Arab kid had pre-meditated the fall of WTC) are oxymoronic and contradictory."

Wrong. Being a Christian requires that we love our neighbor. Being patriotic is little more than loving one's country. Because American nation is its people rather than its government, to love America is to love its people. And since my fellow Americans are my neighbor, Christianity requires that I love them. Besides, I never said we should kill children. Imagining words again, I take it.

Chasing my tail? Try again, my friend.

And I just forwarded my response to your email, just in case Iviews doesn't post it.

Wassalaam! ;)

LOL...Darnell...may Allah shower you with his blessings and mercy for sharing such excellent speech! It's almost like you took my exact feelings and made sentences out of them. I had distanced myself from trying to dissuade Mr. Cameron from taking such a non-receptive mentality to hearing what is real (the facts brought by others), and his persistence in presenting this abstract, nonsensical, unrealistic perception, a creation in his own world, kind of like his own little dream world of how the world MUST BE LIKE! And then, it's almost as if by reading his comments of anger to the editors of Islamicity and iviews, that he thinks he is doing a service to somehow 'englighten' hose poor Muslims and pretends to play the role of the saviour or 'I told you I was right' kind of thing. I think that's the only reason he comes here really. Then when he complains about his posts not being on, he sounds like his desperately scrounging to keep his false pretences alive. I myself do not get many of my posts posted...but I don't accuse the editors of doing this or that, it is at their discretion to allow or dissalow anyone posting a message here anyways!

Anyway just wanted to say that you have my respect Darnell America is your place of origin, Canada is mine - yet I feel as if it doesn't matter that I was born and raised here, but b/c i'm Muslim and have dark skin, I will now be watched more closely b/c i'm outpoken against Israeli crimes against Palestinians and humanity at large, and b/c I am against bureacratic mumbo jumbo dept's, stifling the concept of 'democracy' ppl have in this country called Canada, as new bills are passed in Parliament allowing the amendment of prev. acts and laws of the Canadian constitution - a breach in civil liberties, it's called Bill C7, and it's ugly older sister, the anti terrorism bill (C-36), are destroying the Canadian Charter's fundamental freedoms.

Y'All come back naa ya hear? yankee-doodlee doo!

we must remember that Israel is a mini USA! a land colonnized, first by oppressed people and then slowly replaced by their oppressive "cousins" who got numerous enough to take control of the land after a while. just like they pictured the Natives as savages, the Israeli try to do with Falestini. just like the US propagandists convinced most that there was very little Natives living on the land, the zionist did. no Israel does not control the US..hehe. The "vote" talk doesn't stand simple logic. 300million people in a country and a potential 6 million of which 2 are too young to vote and 2 don't vote...that leaves 2 million votes, out of?!! see the government wouldn't do all this for 2 million votes. for sure our government can stop this war in a day. but they don't and not because they are scared of Ariel "the butcher" Sharon but they have their economic reasons. the point is, it should become a priority for us to install a government that will change history in this regard. you can't change the past but you can the present and futur.

I have read many POV's (point of views) from Mr. Nick Cameron, and he always had clicked either the "Disagree" or "Neutral" link to post his comments... And many of his comments on the articles posted at Islamicity/Iviews, such as this one, gives me a sense that Mr. Cameron is chasing his own tail... Mr. Cameron, you state that the "enemies" of the United States made a futile attempt to link issues with Palestine and Iraq and that the issue with Palestine should not be our concern.
The "enemies" that posted this article are AMERICAN, as AMERICAN as you an me, Mr. Cannon, and I think the link between Iraq and Palestine establishes itself with interference. This is chasing-your-tail part of your comment (like every contradicting comment you post on this website's articles): You, Mr. Cameron, claim that our country does not condone Sharon's policies, but you also stated that our "hardware" is used by an underserving Israel, namely our guns, tanks, ammo, taxpayer money (going into building these WMD'S FOR ISRAEL) rations, and military intellgence (training Israeli Army). "Condone" is soft and an undeserving description; more accurately - SUPPORT. Supporting Israel, as we support the oppression of Iraq.
Mr. Cameron, are you a Florida native? Just asking. Israel does remit payment for the use of our WMD's - it is the colored man's head and his wife and children. Louisiana Purchase comes to mind when oppressing the colored Native Americans Indians; also, black slaves between 1700s-1800s; Hawaii stolen; I think I got all 50 of the stars we stole to put on our flag. Americans like you must recognize that being Christian (any sect today) and being patriotic (support for troops killing Muslims because that 6 yr old Arab kid had pre-meditated the fall of WTC) are oxymoronic and contradictory. When you find Jesus, he will be wearing a thobe and a turban (just like Arabs), and he will warn you about the antichrist-my native homeland - US of A.
1 Proverbs 10-1

Painful to hear, but true. Until we stop blindly supporting Israel, and help with a real and fair solution to the problems between them and the Palestinians, we will never see peace.

There is nothing in this article that I disagree with. Charley Reese is indeed a rare and valuable journalist. However, his voice and thoughts are not heard in major media. It is not part of the discourse when discussing the Israeli and Palestenian situation.

It is truly unfortunate that so very few journalist have the courage to speak the truth as he does. America's eyes and mind has been closed. Our foreign policy has been upsurped by a foreign power.

Those we elect to office are too afraid to speak out because they are afriad of winding up in the 'soup line', so they shut their mouths.

We must reap what we sow, but it is not too late for us as nation to change course. There are no other choices.

I agree with the article. I do sometimes wonder if I am the citizen of US of A or US of I. This strange obsession with Israel has to end. It takes a lot of energy(could be converted to money, time, character etc.,) from us American citizens to always have Mideast conflict in our psyche. In the meanwhile they will even spy against us(remember Pollack, Netanyahu had the gall to ask his extradition to Israel, get lost). It is about time we think that America is for Americans not for the Israelis or any other nationalities. Why does the American foreign policy look like the Americans are guilty of some wrongdoing to the Israelis in the past and we are now making up for it? America should have the strength to say 'No' to Israel. It almost seems like it cannot,especially under this regime. I don't know whether it was only me, but when I saw the joint press conference of President Bush and Sharon the other day when Bush accepted Sharon's policy of "unilateral withdrawal....blah, blah ", he seemed very uncomfortable. Seemed like a schoolboy with his grandfather breathing down on him. The 'evil' grandfather being Sharon standing next to him. It was the first time that I saw an American President dazed and confused and of course the half grin.
So America for the Americans, it is. We did not start the initial fire in the Mideast, about time we stop using our water to extinguish it.

Saheeh Kalam

You break your own rule. 1# Do not attack others, such as President Bush. Isreal and The United States of America are welded together. Nothing shall change that, ever. Praise be God Almighty.

The question here is: why is America or for that matter American leaders/politicians are so afraid of Israel? The bottom like is : the Jews have got the Americans by the balls, if you don't mind me saying so. Recently George W Bush remarked that the the Iranian nuclear program is a threat to Israel. Why mentioned Israel not other countries in the Middle East. Strange but true. The Americans should realize that when the Jews voted Ariel Sharon as their prime minister the voted for war and not peace with the Palestinians.
Abu Bakar.