Sunni misconceptions about Shias

One of the ironies of our Islamic history is the Shia-Sunni divide. We must make every effort to eliminate misconceptions on both sides of the divide.

Following are some common misconceptions that Sunnis have about Shias.

Responses have been consulted with two Shia scholars in America; Dr. A. S. Hashim of Washington and Imam Muhammad Ali Elahi of Detroit.

Misconception 1: Shias have a different Quran. They add another 10 chapters to the original Quran.

Response: Not true. I have checked many times the Quran kept in Shia homes and mosques. I still find it the same as the original Quran. More recently, I took care of an Iranian lady patient hospitalized here. I saw a copy of the Quran by her side. I borrowed it from her and browsed through cover to cover. In Arabic it was the same as our Quran. Of course, since I did not know the Persian language, I can't say much about the translation. It is a sin to even say that the Quran can be changed or added to by Shia when it is protected by God.

Misconception 2: Some Shia consider Ali as God. 

Response: Not true. It is disbelief to even think of such a thing. During the time of Ali, some pagan groups called Gholat did consider Ali as Lord. When he found out, they were severely punished.

Misconception 3: Shias have different declarations of faith and they add to the call to prescribed prayer. 

Response: The declaration to become a Muslim, as administered to non-Muslims, is the same. Some Shia add, "Ali is a friend of God or Ali is a spiritual leader of God," after the call to prescribed prayer, but not as part of the call to prescribed prayer.

"If Ali Ibn Talib (cousin of Prophet Muhammad) was a Shia, then I am a Shia. If he was a Sunni, then I am a Sunni.

Dr. Shahid Athar

Misconception 4: Shias do not perform Sunnah prayers. Sunnah prayers are non obligatory prayers performed by Prophet Muhammad.

Response: Shias do perform non-obligatory prayers, 36 cycles per day in total, but call it Nawafil and not Sunnah.

Misconception 5: Some Shia believe the Angel Gabriel made a mistake and prophet hood was meant for Ali and not Muhammad

Response: Not true. No Shia thinks of such false claims. "Only demented minds think of such questions."

Misconception 6: Shias slander and ridicule the first three caliphs (Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman) and Prophet Muhammad's wife, Ayisha. 

Response: Shia consider the first three caliphs as great companions and good Muslim administrators, but not spiritual leaders (imams). Imam Jafar Sadiq, whose mother and grand mother came from the line of Abu Bakr, said of Abu Bakr, "He gave me birth twice." Ayisha is respected by Shias as the "Mother of Believers," as Ali respected her when he sent her back from Basra to Madinah after the Battle of the Camel. If some Shia do slander the three caliphs and Ayisha, they do it out of ignorance and should ask God's forgiveness.

Misconception 7: Shias combine all five prayers into one prayer in the evening. 

Response: Not true. In Shia mosques, whether in Iran or the USA, all five daily prayers are performed. Some working Shia do combine noon and afternoon and evening and night, but Shia scholars recommend performing them separately. Such combinations may not be ideal, but better than not praying at all. How can a Sunni who does not pray at all be better than a Shia who combines prayers?

Misconception 8: Shias do not pay Zakat (poor-due). 

Response: Not true. They not only pay 2.5% left over from savings as zakat, but also an additional 20% as khums or general charity. However, they prefer to pay directly to the needy rather than corrupt Sunni government.

Misconception 9: Shias practice temporary marriages (mutah). 

Response: Mutah (temporary marriages) was allowed during the time of Prophet Muhammad . Later on Caliph Umar prohibited it due to social reasons as the Islamic world was rapidly expanding. Shias discourage mutah but do not consider it prohibited. Some do abuse this.

Misconception 10: They consider Imams infallible and above the prophets. 

Response: Not true. All prophets are born Prophet but as mentioned in the Quran about Abraham that after passing the test, a prophet becomes a leader (Imam). Imams are carriers of the message of Islam. Shias consider Ali only as an Imam, but Muhammad is the Prophet (nabi), Messenger (rasul) and leader (imam).

Source: Islam-USA

Excerpt from Dr. Shahid Athar's article "Some common misconceptions about Shi'ism"

Shahid Athar M.D. is Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, Indiana University School of Medicine Indianapolis, Indiana, and a writer on Islam.

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Older Comments:
NAFSINVK75 said:
According to Imam Ahmad Raza, the founder of the Barelwi-movement, most Shiites of his day were apostates because they repudiated necessities of religion. This includes, according to him, the following:[3] a) to believe that Qur'an is incomplete. b) to call it 'book of `Uthman'. c) elevate sayyiduna `ali karram Allâhu wajhah and other imâms above the prophets . d) if these imâms are held to be higher than even one prophet . e) to allege that Allâh was regretful after issuing a command and hence remorsefully, changed His earlier ruling. f) to allege that Allâh didn't realize the wisdom of a certain ruling (or the lack of it) and when He realized it, He changed the rule. g) to allege that RasûlAllâh practised taqiyyah in the course of his tabligh. Those who hold the above and other such statements that amount to disbelief are kâfirs by ijmâ`a. All dealings with them are similar to those with apostates. it is in Fatâwâ Dhahîriyyah, Fatâwâ hindiyyah, Hadiqatun Nadiyyah: [aHkâmuhum aHkâm al-murtaddîn] they are to be dealt with as apostates. Even though nowadays, it is widely known and acknowledged that Twelver Shia Muslims do not hold such beliefs, there is a great propaganda drive to justify their persecution.[citation needed] However, Sunni Muslims counter this argument by claiming that the shia use taqiyya when they denounce these allegations and in actuality still hold those beliefs.

I am sunni , I like dr. athira's clearance on this misrepresention about shia. Islam he made a time when there is too much polorizations and we need these two community bring them together again. Thanks dr. athir

the people who are saying that shia's Quran is different they are
totally wrong..i am shia and Quran pak is a holy book in which we
cannot make any changes according to Allah He himself is a protector
of a Quran...sunni and shia have same Quran..and offering prayers at
their own time is also believed in shia'ism..but if any of the
prayer is missed we can offer it later as qazah prayers its better
to offer then to leave..come on guyz where is your common
sense...and if u are muslims then read the translation of DAROOD E
IBRAHIMI AND DAROOD SHAREEF(Small one) its clearly mentioned that:

"O Allah, let Your Blessings come upon Muhammad and the (family of
Muhammad), as you have blessed Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You
are Praiseworthy and Glorious. Allah, bless Muhammad and the family
of Muhammad, as you have blessed Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You
are Praiseworthy and Glorious".

Your Blessings come upon Muhammad and the (family of Muhammad),so u
guys should respect his family..and Hazrat Ali (A.S) is his first
cousin and husband of his daughter BIBI FATIMA TU ZAHRA and IMAM

Unfortunately the only who benefit from these misconceptions is enemies of Islam like Israel and USA. We must be united and resolve these misconceptions and disputes in scientific meetings like those made by Allame Muhammad Hossein Sharafoddin (Shia from Iraq) and Allameh Salim AlBeshri (Sunni from Egypt).

I luv those comment bt hope they arent pretending

i am shia and i surprised becouse of reading this misconceptions, most of them is completly mistake and others are diffrent from what have been said, i think most of sunnis don't know shia belives at all. i think this kind of articles should be weriten very much.
god bless

Alot of you that have added your comments do not clearly have enough knowledge on shia, So before you put you misconception forward please get your facts right i do not wish to explain why your facts are wrong but all i can say that Allah swth only shows light to whom he wants to.

Excellent article! In times when the enemies of Islam are misleading the muslims and again trying to divide us, we need more of these articles to open up our minds. We should go back and enlighten ourselves with Knowledge and take inspiration from our role models Prophet Muhammad and Ali."I am city of knowledge and Ali is its gate" - Prophet Muhammad


Bismellahe Rahmane Raheem
"And most surely Abraham was among the Shia(follower) of him (i.e., Noah)" (Quran 37:83)

"And he (Moses) went into the city at a time when people (of the city) were not watching, so he found therein two men fighting, one being of his Shia and the other being his enemy, and the one who was of his Shia cried out to him for help against the one who was of his enemy" (Quran 28:15)---->>> ALLAHU AKBAR


I thank the author who wrote this article. And thanks to Islamic City for not slandering or spreading lies about the muslims who follows(shia) the tradition(sunnah) of Ahlul Bayt (AS). May there be more articles about muslim unity, because we do need it. I ask the sunnah brothers; I emplore you to help create unity peace and understanding between the two schools of thought. We must let go of the bigotry and the hate that is poisoning our soles by the Shaitan.
There are four principles of Faith:

"Reliance on God, Accepting God's supremity, Acceptance of God's judgement and submission to God's command." Imam Ali (as)

sallam aleikom

i have read yr artical. it is very good artical. sir pls add the word of (ra) (Radi Allah anhu) after the name of caliphs and wife of profit.
it will make a good impression thank.
sir also print the articals of other muslim scollars like Pro. Dr. Allam Tahir-ul-Qadri and Allama Talib Johari and other sunni & shia muslim scollars.
Khuda Hafiz

I think most of the sunni world believs in myths about shias and same goes for shias as well. We as muslims should strive to eradicate all the misconceptions between us. In this era of turmoils, muslims are in great need of unity.

May Allah bless all of you who let the other Muslems know more about each otherSurely our method must follow the Best sample of Qur'an_the Prophet (sa) and_ and not to accuse each other.
The Holy Qur'an says:Don't say to those people who say Salaam(Arabic form of greeting which is a sign that Moslems know each other) to you,you are not a believer( Wa La Taghooloo Le Man Algha Elaykoms Salam Lasta Moamenaa).
It is the age of technolgy and trough Inter Net we can browse the Authentic Books of all Islamic sects.
Was Salaal Alikum WR

So was Ali Shia? ... "If Ali Ibn Talib (cousin of Prophet Muhammad) was a Shia, then I am a Shia. If he was a Sunni, then I am a Sunni." [Dr. Shahid Athar]

I dont understand shia logic! They say that love
Ahlul Bayat, but they abandoned Imam Hussain at karbala to be killed, they did the same thing with
another Ahlul bayit Zayd ibn 'Ali, and thats how they gained the the brand name "rafidhi" which means "rejecter", because they rejected Zayd ibn 'Ali while they should be fight aignaist Umayyadas, only because Zayd ibn 'Ali told them that he and his descendants never dissaossiate from Abu Bakar (ra), and Umor(ra).

Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu -- dear brothers Ahmed Asgher and Akbar Khan -- lihub billah. I do indeed feel foolish for having dragged politics into this particular discussion. Jazak Allah khair.

Briefly, I was frustrated at the time. I noticed no other recent articles (at iviews/IslamiCity) concerning Iraq and/or terrorism against Shiites. Brother Ahmed Asgher is in fact one of the more sensible people I have encountered in my life, in addition to being Muslim and of course in addition to his calling himself a Shiite. Also, I was frankly embarrassed about forgetting to express sympathy for the Shiites who were killed in the recent terrorist attacks during Ashura.

its good. i don't think shia people have totally different religion. it is really a misconception that they do.

Although I am a Sunni Muslim, sometimes I fear calling myself a "Sunni". I am a Muslim, period.
Shias and Sunnis should unite as we are united in one faith.

I would lke to add that it is dubious to refer to those "corrupt Sunni governments". It is hard to consider governments who oppress anyone, Shia or otherwise, and violate the teachings of Islam as Sunni or Islamic.

Again, it is time for Shias and Sunnis to put aside whatever differences people may think they have and work together in a manner of brotherly and sisterly love for the good of the whole Islamic umma.

Islam is a great religioun. We have a rich history and a miraculous Book, the Koran. United we can achieve great things for the Islamic Umma and the world as whole.

What concerns me more about this debate regarding Shias and Sunnis is not the real or percieved differences, but how some sunnis exploit real or percieved differences to satisfy their own negatives attitudes and narrowmindness.

This is a good effort to lessen differences and remove misconceptions from sunnis'minds about shias.

(1) All Muslims--and I repeat all Muslims must make an effort to remove this awful, awful divide in the Ummah. I appreciate this writer's effort to do so by attempting to remove misconceptions.

But most important of all: Allah SWT has given us a name in the Qur'an. It is "Muslim." The Qur'an has not called us Shias or Sunnis. So, for the sake of our own souls and for the ummah, let us drop these labels.
Muslims must unite and shed all these self-imposed, Man-made sects, false labels and differencees within the ummah. if we do not do so, we will continue to suffer defeats and degradation that Muslims have experienced in recent history. Let us unite as one Ummah. There can be no victory or salvation for us unless we do so.

KHAN said:
I usually forward articles from Islamicity to my Muslim and Non-Muslim friends alike, that's for sure will stop after reading this article.

I believe in author's right to write what he believes in but there needs to be some kind of checks on behalf of Islamicity to make sure articles are close to the standards that it holds.

Saying its better to change the times of prayers than not praying at all, well how about we start praying only on weekends to cover the whole week.

In the past I came across a book I think was called Ijaz Al-Iola, which spoke about Holy Prophet (pbuh) being accused of rape, theft and drinking (In all honesty I don't know how important is that book in Shia sect if at all, but a really knowledgeable Shia allowed me to read few pages from it to prove his point)

That being said, growing up most of my friends were shia and I found them very nice people. They practiced religion mostly like us Sunnis and called the differences "ignorance".

I feel silly and I am trying to figure out what to say. I have let a few things get to me and I apologize for that. It is my intention to now submit this particular comment, in case it would be Allah's will that you see it sometime before I have provided a more complete explanation with correct salutations and apologies and have again read your responses, dearly beloved.

Insha'Allah my only real wish would be to serve in the cause of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala). My hope is that my reward would be found in the glory of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala).

May each of you have Allah's protection, peace and blessings and of course Allah's mercy. Ameen.

Dear brother Akbar Khan. jazak Allah khairan. i do not fight. It is not in me to fight. All i have is my words. It saddens me to see time after time some ignorant remarks made by Muslims against Shiite collectively. One should never point a finger at a whole people for amongst them there could be innocents and Allah, even though HE foregives those who trespass against HIM, HE abstains from forgiving on behalf of the innocent. Only that innocent person must forgive the wrong-doer in Youm AlJezzaa.
This is not to say the Allah can't change hearts and forgive all the same but it would make a mockery of HIS justice - of HIS Adl Al-Ilahi.
Thus i plead with those to think before rushing to condemn a whole people. We must never do that, not for Shiite, not for Jews/Christians or any other race or creed.
Someone asked the Prophet pbuh: "Who does Allah love most." He said "The one who brings peace between two warring parties.". The man then asked, "Who does Allah love next." The Prophet said: "One of the two warring parties who is the first to extend his hand in peace."
Blessed are the peacemakers, as Christ said also. And you are the lover of Allah. As for me, even though i had no fight with anyone to begin with, i am happy to kiss the forehead of our dear brother Yahya Bergum and beg for foregiveness if i offended him. i hope he understands that people from the ME live with consequences of decisions made in far a way places in which they have no say whatsoever. And sometimes these decisions touch their livelihood, honour and decency.

Peace be upon all.

Assalaamu'Alaiykum Wa-Rahmatullah,

Brothers Yahya, and Ahmed Asghar. Please I beg you, do not fight with one another, please appreciate your differences, and your similarities. Fighting with each other is exactly what this Republican administration in the USA wants. I pray that Allah gives us Taufeek, it makes me cry to see us fighting with one another in today's time. I love you both, I love you br. Ahmed for loving Allah, and I love you br. Yahya for loving Allah. We are all say S.A.A.W. after saying the Prophet's name. Before we start making up our minds about each other, take some time and make Istikhaara, and then Insha'Allah we will realize that yelling at each other over who's right, who's wrong, is not the point. We should be embracing each other and preparing for the punishment that we will face before Allah (swa) for not loving one another. May Allah (swa) give us taufeek, to go on the right path, and let us gain some akhlaq before conversing with each other, for others are watching us and noting that Sunni's and Shia's are acting in such a manner with each other. I suggest we should reach back to the Prophet and the over thousand years in our history in order to learn on how to disagree with each other and be okay about it, and also to realize the truth. For this dear brothers is called Silsila. It takes much Ihsan, and very important, we all Shia's and Sunni's must have tawakkul (to trust in Allah), so therefore I suggested that we should put our trust in Allah by making Istikhaara before condemning one another.

Brother Ahmed, I know your Qur'an is the same as my Qur'an. I do think you guys are really both over reacting. Think of it the way I do in a positive light. Sunni's and Shia's have more in common with each other as compared with anyone else in the world. Isn't that a good enough reason for us to emrace each other in the spirit of Islam? Please think about it. Barak-Allah.


Ihave read your article and would like to pray ALLAH S.W.T. enligtenyou about true ISLAM.For guidence refer to Tafseer AlQuoran and Hadeeth.

My dear brother Y. Bergum. I have read many of your postings and have been impressed by your views. But your response towards my posting leaves a lot to be desired! Perhaps because you are not in touch wiht the feelings of people of the Middle East.
Let me ask: A) Who asked the Americans to come and liberate us? Ahmed Cahalbi has his own agenda!
B) Why did America back Saddam during the 9 years of war against Iran? C) Who is going to pay for the loss of life and the destruction of environment in Iraq with massive amount of UDM and ginormous increase in cancer rates??
Please leave politics out of it for it is a no brainer. You will NOT be able to argue that with a Middle Easterner. Q: How many Muslim soldiers have roamed US cities in the last 200 years? and visa versa?? Q: Why does the US support despots in the ME? Do they really care about democracy in the ME? etc. etc.
Please do not talk to me about politics. Talk to me about the affairs of the heart. About Allah swt. About his justice. About life after death adn accountability. About Akhlaq and education and our common heritage as human beings first and Muslims second. Then you will find me most honourable and profoundlly humble even lower than a dog who begs for a crust of bread. More to come....

Essalamou alaikoum
I am an arab sunny, and I feel that all muslems are brothers, and the shia imams are sinceres muslems schoolars who are also our spiritual leaders.

Shia-Sunni rift was started long after the death of Ali and even Imam Hussain. It is not true that Ali, Imam Hasan or Imam Hussain has started this division.
Looking to the histroy, Ali, Fatema, Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain were not treated properly by the so called 3-Khalifs and others. To patch-up the differneces, Sunni Scholars will have to accept this fact highlighting the sacrifice of these personalities.
Similar to Sunni, Shia also have many wrong or right concepts about Sunnism. It would be much better if all Sunni-Shia scholars should have open seminars around the globe and discuss their differences in public and after a while start accepting common ground and try to narrow their differences, and finally bury the differences accepting middle ground. It may take years or decades, but still better to start now with one committment not to harm each other mentally or physically.

I am glad there is a brother by the name Ahmed Asgher in this panel who has a big brain so please read his words very carefully and put the Shia Sunni divide behind you because Shia are not the true ennemy. We have too many real ennemies today and generally speaking Shia have good reasons to hate us Sunnis but others don't, yet they are attacking us from all over the place. I read Nahjul balagha in Arabic and cried my heart out. Most of us Sunnis have never read Imaam Ali's book never mind our good & Shia's decent scholars books on this issue. We of course read if we really do anyways what our present day Umawiyyeen & Abbasiyeen leaders in the Muslim World want us to read; the garbage that they stuff to our pathetic brains and as a result our knowledge of our history is a joke! From the bottom of my heart, I say let's be nice to all Shia brothers and sisters because we have committed so many horrible crimes against them.

May Allah forgive my shortcomings,


It is about time our mainstream major organizations and websites recognize that we need to come together as one Ummah and promote mutual respect and unity among all. Thank you Dr. Athar

Nahal Ameri

Great Article, the first ayat that came down on the messenger of Allah was (iqra), today most of us don't read, I don't understand this, both sunni and shia are at fault. Yes there are practices that are not truley shia or sunni but has been added from ignorance and the mixing of culture and previous relegions. From my understanding the Rasool 'Allah allowed Muta and then banned it. If I am wrong than I am wrong. I hope more molsims study about their deen especially those ones who claim that slander the rest of the moslim world. I also respect the tur sufi, you cannot deny Saeikh Abdul Qadir al-Jlani or Rumi , you cannot deny al-Ghazali , you are fools to denouce the tru-sufi
Forgive me Allah for anger at the ignorance of the ignorant.

Salaamu alaikum Amira,

You stated: "The Quran issue- yes Shia do believe in a different Quran- however they dont have this Quran- they believe it will come with the Dhajjal." This may apply to Albatinia? The author's mistake is that he does not specify what type of Shia he is defending making his article sound misleading. I am not attacking the author because his attempt may be innocent with the intent to unite us Sunnis & Shias. Your mistake and your husband's is that you are generalising in a negative tone. Actually, all the three of you are generalising; the author is doing it with a positive tone. Anyways, this is very unislamic by the way. Can you all please specify who you talking about Shia Albatinia, Arrafida, Anusairia, Alismaelia because trust me Shia Ithna Ashria and Shia Zaydia are innocents of your claims and misconceptions. What you are doing is called Quadf in Islaam, accusations in English and that is a horrible haraam. Believe it or not, Shia Ithna Ashria and Shia Zaydia are the majority and other Shias are relatively a minority. Shia Ithna Ashria and Shia Zaydia are MUSLIMS and are the closest in faith and practise to us Sunnis. Most respected Sunni scholars agree that they are Muslims. Read Sheik Fadl Allah and Sheik Tabatibi and Allama Mohammad Baqer Sadr books to see that there are few difference between us. In fact, Shia Zaydia are the closest to Sunnis in faith and practise. BTW: All of us Muslims and everyone with a sound brain please provide your evidence before accusing or defending people.

May Allah forgive us all,


The Family of Imran
[3.105] And be not like those who became DIVIDED and disagreed after clear arguments had come to them, and these it is that shall have a grievous chastisement.

The Cattle
[6.159] Surely they who DIVIDED their religion into parts and became sects, you have no concern with them; their affair is only with Allah, then He will inform them of what they did.

The Romans
[30.32] Of those who DIVIDED their religion and became seas every sect rejoicing in what they had with them.

The Counsel
[42.13] He has made plain to you of the religion what He enjoined upon Nuh and that which We have revealed to you and that which We enjoined upon Ibrahim and Musa and Isa that keep to obedience and be not DIVIDED therein; hard to the unbelievers is that which you call them to; Allah chooses for Himself whom He pleases, and guides to Himself him who turns (to Him), frequently.
[42.14] And they did not become DIVIDED until after knowledge had come to them out of envy among themselves; and had not a word gone forth from your Lord till an appointed term, certainly judgment would have been given between them; and those who were made to inherit the Book after them are most surely in disquieting doubt concerning it.

The Clear Evidence
[98.4] And those who were given the Book did not become DIVIDED except after clear evidence had come to them.

AA, brothers and sisters:
The above extracts from Quran show that DIVISIONS will never end until the Day of Judgement since God Himself knows the nature of HIS creation. What we must do is to just serve HIM the best way we can by following His teachings. Let us love each other as a human being no matter what our origins, beliefs, or faiths are. Let God be The Judge as He states Himself. INSHALLAH


Salams Mashallah great effort . The enemy of Islam wants us to hate each other, so that He may continue exploiting us all.

Well actually , when we refer to shia, we must refer to their scholar and books written by them. You will shocked after you noticed especially about the 12 imamah and other things

Bismillah-arahman-irahem (In the name of God the most great and merciful)I am a 17 yr old liveing in England i found this site very interseting.
In responce to Misconception 7: Shias combine all five prayers into one prayer in the evening, you stated, 'How can a Sunni who does not pray at all be better than a Shia who combines prayers?' My answer to that it the sunni muslim is infact not a muslim, therefore its unfair to compare someone who recognizes God to someone who does not. I personally think this is a moderate attack on sunni muslims. I don't think there is such a thing as sunni and shia. there is only one Religion and that is islam and there is one God and his last prophet Muhammad (pbuh). i would like to ask one question in hope for a replay from someone (perferabley shia) do you recognize Ali as more powerful that Muhammed(pbuh). It states in that artical Misconception 2: Some Shia consider Ali as God, this is unfair to compare him to the creater of mankind and perhaps the Misconception hides some truth about how Ali is portrayed in the eyes of a shia muslim. Inshallah (God-willing) i will recieve a respone on my comments from someone who is not bias and its educated. Allah be with all muslims!

I am originally from India. I belong to a particular muslim community in India. Our community is spread over more than 40 towns and villages. Approximately,70% of population in our community belongs to Sunni and the rest to Shia belief. In my home town, Muslim population is equally divided between Sunni and Shia belief. I have lots of friends from both communities.
(1)I have always heard Azan (call for prayer) from Shia Mosque which is definately different, containing additional phrases. In my town, we have 2 shia mosques.
(2)They do not follow sunnas of Mohammad such as dressing up islamic way, growing beard, not involving in business involving interest etc. to name a few.
(3)I had attended functions organised by my Shia friends where the Imam from Shia community stated that ALI's status is above Mohammad, moon etc.
(4) They do combine all five prayers into one at(Isha times).
(5)They continue to follow some of the traditions of Hindu religion. I have also been told that their quran is different. I have not seen it myself though.
(6)They consider the word from their Religious leader as final, irrespective of what has been said in the Quran. I am aware of one incidence where the religious leader remarried the divorced couple only after making them pay fine to the community funds.

There are lots of things followed by the Shia community which are different than the mainstream Islam.

Astagfrullah. Im disappointed that Islamicity- a trustworthy site-has allowed to post an article that claims that Rasulullah (saw) practiced MUTAH! How could you even slander his name with such insults!No muslim would insult Rasulullah with this deragatory insult.

intersting article, however, it has no references or proof. Just some viewpoints. Where does it say that the Prophet had practiced temporary marriage? In what hadith? Astagfrullah! This is an article of opinion no facts.

Assalamu alaikum -- Beloved Brother Ahmed Asgher. I am ashamed that you had to remind me to say:

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un.

If I said it for Saddam's sons, I should certainly say it for innocent Shiite victims of terrorism -- in Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere.

Now -- at the risk of offending you (and other Shiites) -- my countrymen and my country's allies' countrymen are dying nearly every day, on the field of battle, to shield your family members (in Iraq) from the ravages of civil war. What say you to that? (Suggestion: "Verily...")

Furthermore, after learning of the sort of "venom" spewing forth (about my countrymen) from loudspeakers at Shiite shrines over the past two days, I am growing impatient (astaghfirullah) with the ways of dissimilitude. I would hope to be forgiven for having unduly offended anyone but, honestly said, I am beginning to wonder if leaving Kurdish population centers (in any way) subjugated to Shiite authorities might not qualify as some sort of war crime on the part of the United States. At least the Kurds do not seem to be cursing my countrymen -- at least during their sermons -- for having died in the course of bringing freedom to the Kurdish people of Iraq (or perhaps of either autonomous or independent Kurdistan -- insha'Allah).

Allah hafiz wa barakatuhu -- may you be accountable for having enjoyed the protection and bountiful blessings of your Lord. (In my way of thinking, that particular prayer has dual use, as a curse, by the way.) For whatever it might be worth to you, Ahmed Asgher, you are the most rational sounding Shiite I can remember having (ever) encountered -- that is, who wasn't already (i.e., actually) a 'revert' to Sunni Islam -- masha'Allah. Also, I apologize for any use of dissimilitude on my part -- hopefully, I at least had good intentions (in so using it). "And the truth shall set you free."

Very bad article, I hope that the people in charge of this web site allow me to respond in a separate article in details.

First, the things were mentioned about those "misconceptions" are true and do exist among some groups of shia. To confirm that you can read Alkhoumaini's book and how he cursed Saiduna Abu bakr and Umar may allah bless them and all the companions.

Second, in regards to mutah marriage, how can a human being, claiming that he is a muslim, say this about our beloved prophet, peace be upon him,that he had a son from adultry.

Third, how can a web site like this publish an article like this without doing any scientific research about its contents, I am very disappointed.

Please refer to about what shias say about these issues and worse(documented).

Assalamu alaikum -- Beloved Brother Ahmed Asgher. I am ashamed that you had to remind me to say:

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un.

Now -- at the risk of offending you (and other Shiites) -- my countrymen and my country's allies countrymen are dying nearly every day, on the field of battle, to shield your family members (in Iraq) from the ravages of civil war. What say you to that? (Suggestion: "Verily...")

In addition, after hearing the sort of "venom" spewing forth (about my countrymen) from loudspeakers at Shiite shrines over the past two days, I am growing impatient (astaghfirullah) with the ways of dissimilitude. I would hope to be forgiven for having unduly offended anyone but, honestly said, I am beginning to wonder if leaving Kurdish population centers (in any way) subjugated to Shiite authorities might not qualify as some sort of war crime on the part of the United States. At least the Kurds do not seem to be cursing my countrymen, at least during their sermons, for having died in the course of bringing freedom to the Kurdish people of Iraq (or perhaps of either autonomous or independent Kurdistan -- insha'Allah).

Allah hafiz wa barakatuhu -- may you be accountable for having enjoyed the protection and bountiful blessings of your Lord. (In my way of thinking, that particular prayer has dual use, as a curse, by the way.) For whatever it might be worth to you, Ahmed Asgher, you are the most rational sounding Shiite I can remember having (ever) encountered -- that is, who wasn't already (i.e., actually) a 'revert' to Sunni Islam -- masha'Allah. Also, I apologize for any use of dissimilitude on my part -- hopefully, I at least had good intentions (in so using it). "And the truth shall set you free."

Three suicide bombers set off their explosives in and around Baghdad's Kazimiya shrine, killing 58 people and wounding 200. "This is the work of Jews and American occupation forces," a loudspeaker outside Kazimiya blared.

So -- would this be an example of 'dissimilitude' on the part of Shiite clerics? Please forgive me but I am beginning to have some serious doubts about continuing to argue for my country entrusting Shiites with the future of that particular region of the world (let alone with the future of their own country).

Assalamu alaikum (i.e., please don't kill me for having told what I had been thinking at the time was the truth).



ASSALAM U ALIKUM.... how could talk about MUTAH in that manner and compare it to the prophet (s.a.w)you said he had a son??? if you dont know what your talking about ,may ALLAH guide you an guide all of us..for that shiites are like the jews the only difference is that the call themselves muslims..MAY ALLAH GUIDE US..INSHALLAH

What the author is saying emanates from his own perception of what Shi'a believe. However, the reality is very different since all the points he considered as misconceptions are indeed true if we look at their leaders calls and writings. The authors is trying to unite the Sunnis(truth) and the Shiites(falsehood). One thing is for sure is that this Nation will only unite upon truth.

Salaamu alaikum brother Muin R.sxargburoh

I would like to let you know that one can praise a prophet by saying alaihi salaam and can praise Imaam Ali by saying alaihi salaam as well and it is not Bid'a to do so. It is commun among us Sunnis to say Karrama Allahu wajhah instead of Radia Allahu anhu when Imaam Ali's name is mentioned simply because Imaam Ali is the only Sahaabi who never bowed down to an idol. Karrama Allahu wajhahu means Allah has dignified his face but there is no harm in using Radia Allahu anhu meaning Allah is pleased with him or Alaihi Salaam meaning peace be upon him. What we Sunnis need to learn is not to use this form of praise when the name of Muawiya is mentioned because he is not a Sahabi; he is actually a Taleeq!


1. They have their own Qur'an (Which is 17000 ayats) and believe our Qur'an is incomplete
2. They have their own hadith Books (Usul-e-Kafi).
3. They do not believe in our hadith Kitaabs- Bukhari etc.
4. They have their own Fiqh,) Fiqh - Jafari.
5. They believes that Imaams get 'Wahy' Divine Revelation.
6. They Practice 'Muta' (Temporary Marriages).
7. Terms of Sehri and Iftaar are different.
8. Ghusl for the dead is different than sunni.

Alternative Comment by the same visitor
Laa Illaaha Muhamdur - Rasulullah, Ali waliyullah wazi Rasulullah was Khalifauhu bila Faslein"
Shia 'Islaam' based on 5 pillars - Salaat, Zakaat, Fasting, Hajj,Wilaayat.
Azaan is "Ash Hadu Anna - ali-an Waliullah Wasu Rasulullah was Khalifatu hu bila faslrin"
They believe in12th Imaams after Rasulullaah (PBUH), First being Ali (R.A).
Last 12th Imaam Mahdi, who is in the Cave 'Surra - Man- Raa'
He is alive and observing the world from the cave 'Surra - Man- Raa' and have the knowledge of unseen.
The sunni people's Qur'an is not completed and their Qur'an (Which is 17000 ayats) with their 12th Imaam Mahdi.
Do not produce Hafiz.
Do not perform the salatul Taraweeh in the month of Ramadhan.
They say Abu Bakr (R.A) Umar (R.A) and Uthmaan (R.A) robbed Ali (R.A) of his position of being Khalifa. They say Abu Huraira (R.A) used to fabricate Ahadith.
ABOUT MUTA (temporary marriage)
It is permissible to have Mutah marriage.
One-time 'Muta' reward is Jannat.

Assalaamualaykum wa ramatullah wa barakatuh dear Muslims, I really do like that this article was published because it plays a key role in helping unite us Muslims who are today too divided and that is what the kufrs desire to see because the way to destroy your enemy is to divide your enemy. This is a great article alhamdullah.

My husband and I have been doing a lot of research on Shia'- and I am sorry but you are wrong. Reading there own books you find contradictions to what you have here stated. For example The Quran issue- yes Shia do believe in a different Quran- however they dont have this Quran- they believe it will come with the Dhajjal. The problem is that now even shia do not know what Shia believe- take my advice and read THEIR books and then you will see the truth.

Iam a lecturer in arabic.I am doing research on islamic studies.Your site is very helpful for me.If you send articles arabic literature and islamic studies,I will be very greatful to you.

Dr.Shahid Ather Rizvi,
You are a Shia and are calling yourself a Sunni. This article which you have posted here after editing heavily, has been in circulation for quite sometime. I invite the readers to read the original article in its entirety and then make a judgment.The writer is actually a Shia but he is claiming to be a Shia, an example of 'Taqiya'. The original article by this Shia doctor from Pakistan can be found on the popular Shia site: (copy and paste the entire link).
Coming to your article:
Misconception 2: Some Shia consider Ali as God.
ANSWER: Nusairis and Alawis do consider Ali as God. Shias call Ali Alaih Salam(AS). Why? Only prophets are said Alaih Salaam(AS=Peace Be Upon him.)
Misconception 3: Shias have different declarations of faith and they add to the call to prescribed prayer.
ANSWER: Shahada is a pillar of Islam and the most basic Ibadat. Adding anything to Ibadat and the pillar of Islam is Bid'a at the very least.
You say "Shias do perform non-obligatory prayers, 36 cycles per day in total, but call it Nawafil and not Sunnah."
ANSWER: Sunnis also perform Nawafil and call it Nawafil. In addition, Sunnis also perform Sunna Prayers.

You say: "How can a Sunni who does not pray at all be better than a Shia who combines prayers?"
ANSWER: How do you know that the Sunnis donot pray at all? What if a Sunni who prays regularly criticizes this Bid'a of combining all the prayers without a valid reason?
You have written a misleading article against Sunnis ridiculing their religion and practices on the pretext of clearing the misconceptions about Shias among Sunnis. Have you ever written an article clearing misconceptions among Shias about Sunnis?
On the Shia site you call Sunnis terrorists. You say :"These non-Muslim American audiences of mine are surprised to learn that some of the known tyrants like Saddam Hussain and troublemakers like the PLO and Hamas are all Sunn

dear Hudd
You start on a positive note then you inject venom. No Shiite does Hajj to any site other than Macca.
It is ignorance of terms as you mention that give us a ba name. To correct you, Shiite do Ziarat at such shrines, not Hajj. What is the difference one might ask? The difference is that Hajj is obligatory whereas Ziarat - or visit - to a Shrine is made out of love for the deceased. Pretty much like one visits one parents graveside an rcite Alfatehah for their soul. Nowhere is Quran such an act is forbidden, in fact Quran implores us to visit graveyards so that we are reminded of this temorary abode.

Granted some Shiite revere this act but never more than hajj as you seem to note - there must be millions of Shiites who have done the Hajj but never have visited places like najaf and Karbala, myslef included. BUT I very much look forward to such a visit, to pay my respect to Ahle Bayt of Rasool Alaah, pbuh., as indeed I paid my respect to our dear Prophet in Medina. Why you guys makes such a mountain out of a mole hill??

Why can't you accept such differences and argue "be alati hia ahsan", with knowledge and wisdom for turly we are Muslims like any other, We believe in Alah, swt and bow to none other, we pray the same prayers, we believe in the finality of Mohammad's prophethood, Al-Quran as you have it, life after death and the Yum Alhesab.

other defferences can be argued based on knowledge so that issues can be clarified but never to divide for Allah does not like division.

I venture to say that some of you even are happy that Shiites being killed in Quetta, Pakistan in the mosque and by the 100 in Karbala. If you happen to be one of those and only Allah knows what is in the hearts, then perhaps you should fear Youm Al-Jazza'a, and God is All-Knower.

Peace and let there be peace.

As Sunnis, we attended Muharram majlis at the Shia Masom and the visiting maulana from Birmingham repeatedly disrespected the Caliphs, to the point of calling them "fools", "cowards", and "selfish". We were aghast at his accusations and hoped for a better approach as he was aware of the Sunni audience in attendance. I wish there were more outreach events that unite Sunnis and Shias. We are looking at the same religion from different angles, but it is the same religion nonetheless. The events, respectful People, and more importantly Prophet (pbuh) and Allah (swt) are the same. This should the be basis of our faith and not the importance of the angle.

dear sir,
u have tried to best to bridge the differences that truly exist between shia and sunni, but these"misconceptions" we are listening since childhood, if they are not true than why are they created afterall,i think there are shias who do have these beliefs which u call"misconceptions", sir please try to search more and then prepare the answer. It will be better if u post that on this site.

It IS important for Muslims to work together and it is good that Islamicity is encouraging that we do so. The article, however, I found to be written at an incredibly elementary level with no backing, no support, no citations. It sort of makes me wary when the credentials of the writer are flaunted and none of them qualify him to write on the subject. "A writer on Islam." Very good.
I think it is important when defending Shi'ism to bring that defense from Shia scholars and citations from their books and writings. Many a times, we as nonscholars are not even familiar with the actual views held by our scholars.

First of all, let's start there that division and rift among Muslims is one of the Great Harams. Notwithstanding, certain personalization of the faith tailored to a nations cultural makeup is allowed as long as the very principles of the faith are not shattered. Moreover, even different schools of thought are allowed, e.g., Hanafi, Malaki, Hanbali, Sha'afi and should be also the main Shia stream, only if they would stick and stress on that that unite us rather than make a virtue of what devides us. I am not against Shia as a school of thought, but rather as a rift or division. It is disgusting to see them mourning like crazed lunatics when mourning itself is a forbidden act in Islam. The issue of 'Ashura and their staged pilgrimages to different so called Shia sites amount or surpass the importance or magnitute of the Hajj and 'Umra. It is pathetic since the profet, pbuh, incurred that only three places should be subjected to pilgrimage, Mecca, Medina and al-Quds. It doesn't take to be a doctor to have common sense and realize that the difference between Shia and Sunni is more than differences in practice..., the rift stands in the ideology, which coul;d be called, bida' or innovation, another Great Haram.
Jazakallahu khairan.

Please see the comments of those who are against the effort of remove the misconception betweem the shias and sunnis. I am sure if you go in details, you will find these people are against study and research. Or just believers of a faith which is neither shite or Ahle-Sunnah.

As a masters student in Pakistan, I shared room for 4 months with a dear friend belonging to Ahle-Hadiths school of thought. When ignorant people would ask questions about my being a Shia, he was my biggest advocate to remove all those misconceptions that many sunnis have.

It also cleared some of the misconceptions we shias have about the so called 'fanatic' school of thought many label is "wahabi".

This friend live in Jeddah and was our host, guide and companion when I took my mother for Umra about 8 years ago.

Time has some to remove this divide. And I addres it to both ignorant Shias and Sunnis.

Can you think about it... when was the last time in US, when a Catholic church preached to go and shoot protestants in the nearby church... Guess what, we keep doing that in the so called Muslims

After 20 years

why shia always compare between mut'ah and adultry? adultry is porbident?
and for man taht's can't effort marriage there r solution in alquran. that's is FASTING. it should betwen MUT'AH AND FASTING. don't mix it.

and mut'ah is banned by rasullullah at the last year of his life(not all companion know this), and Ali banned it too(i'll give the hadith later, well of course shia will not accept suni's hadith)

in indonesia there is place taht's call puncak(province west java)some men from midle east come there to do mut'ah for 2 days till 1 weeks (depend on mahar) and these girls could do that's for 5 time a year, they make this a job(exactly as a prostitued) and u know where they end, became a whore.

i ever meet a man that's usualy do mut'ah for 1 hour. (adultery hide behind deen)

and one of my friend found pregnant, and this give shock to their parent cause they never know that's their daughter did mutah behind them(cause u can not tell to other that's u do mut'ah).

a woman taht's has husband do mut'ah with other men taht's has wife (this is fact here)

there is wisdom behind strict rule of nikah, but by mutah the rule became loose, u can't imagine the damaged.

there is polygamy, and Allah give way to control ur lose by fasting.

our PURPOSE IN ISLAM is BE BETTER PERSON. control ur lust is one of ur test. u think Allah will not give u test. if u fail in this test, ur eman not strong enough, if u pass this, u'll be better person. if u take ur weak as ur reason, all killer and homosex will do the same.
prophet is our role model, look at yusuf as, take a lesson from him.

nikah (with it's strict rule)protect woman, give dignity to her and her child,give her honour

mutah(with it's loose rule) degrade woman (adultry that's hide behind the rule of islam)

I am no expert,just a mere humble believer.I believe that Islam is truth and as truth it accepts no exception and that exception,alteration ,even minor weakens it and damages it. As muslims living in the USA we all know what it means to be ill perceived; But then again why would there be any differences at all? Why would there be shi'ism at all?
I saw mentionned here some "clarifications" about prayer practice ,about proper "appellation" or "title" but it all came across to me as poor marketing if i may.The same way religion has its foundation in faith ,those "minor alterations" must have roots in somekind of beleif that allowed them and that , i find, has been somewhat overlooked here.
This was my humble opinion,we all have but one judge.
But if shias are not different ,why are they ? They wouldnt have to explain why,how they r so "undifferent"if they we not, and in a way that goes way beyond what is implied here.
I have no reproach to shi'ism but the fact that it spiritually doesnt make much sense to me .it is not truth .truth makes perfect sense always .
I am no expert but i am always eager to learn ,and when i tried to find out about shi'ism all i came across was odd regulations that would in some way or another make lawfull some money,or power or sexe,never did i come across some shi'ia regulation that even mentionned the soul ,or anything related to the spirituality of human being .......... the heart ,what makes us human .May GOD have mercy on me if i am misguided ,

I think you are trying to build bridge between us.The points you have covered may be true.But the one fact whidch you did not mentioned is that Shias use the word (Alai his Salaam) for Hazrat Ali;which is actually said to paigambar.For e.g.
Adam(A.S),Ibrahim(A.S) Moosa(A.S),etc.We sunni use Raziallahuanha for Hazrat Ali.

Please Clearify this.

thank you for this brief..i was delighted there exists not much differences between us, and am very happy to hear you dont disrespect i had a few shiate friends who used to swear at her, which i thought was a disgrace..and others who would tell imaginative stories about her sinful past(yalateef)...allah only comment to ur brief, is the mentioning of 'corrupt sunni government'...had you been a civilized intellectual eduacated being, you would have realized by now, you cannot use politics to degrade a most people know now,,,,people in power do not reflect the real religion of a you pointing out the SUNNI GOVERNMENT mad you seem like the jews who play around words in the most polite manner to get a message through...I do hope there is not much a difference between us , but most of all i ask god to open the hearts of the muslim nation to the little things they are doing which are causing such big dilemas in our world...and hopefully then we can focus on or similarities to defend ourselves from those who may cause us and our religion harm..salam 3alaykom...and thasnks again i have been misinformed about many issues related to glad they are now clear.

Aoodhu billah. What venom. What shame.

One good man comes to unite us by writing an article and he is shot down like an infidel. Brother, if you can't find a kind word to say then better say nothing to your brother.

in my whole life of 50+ years, having travelled and lived amongst various people, I have never come across so much venom directed amongst Muslims, except from the Suadi border guard while checking our passports. I was with my father travelling for Omra/Hajj. The guard spat at our feet on account of us being shiites! Some of you remind me of that incedent, sadly.

Would I ever do that to a Sunni. NEVER in a million years, because that would make me a vengefull ignorant. Allah does not like such behaviour.

yet I wonder what new msulims make of such bickering? an indictment on our akhlaq?

Zinedine here is a hadith which is vetted by all the Sunni scholars regarding Mahdi:

The Prophet (PBUH&HF) said: "Even if the entire duration of the world's existence has already been exhausted and only one day is left (before the day of judgment), Allah will expand that day to such a length of time, as to accommodate the kingdom of a person from my Ahlul-Bayt who will be called by my name. He will fill out the earth with peace and justice as it will have been full of injustice and tyranny (by then)."

More on this and many other issues raised here about Shiite and Sunnis are clarified in this site. I strongly advise those who seek more knowledge, not rehtoric, to visit this site:

Only Allah guides those whom HE wishes, but assuredly one must first have the desire to be guided and indeed an open clean heart is the first requirement for such desire.

With respect and peace.


"Mutah (temporary marriages) was allowed during the time of Prophet Muhammad and he himself practiced it."

"As a temporary privilege during travel, it is better than adultery."

asalaamo Alaykum

First I think it is good that sunni and shia tolerate each other with articles like these. But I am against the fact the author did not seem to understood some of his sayings. I only been muslim for three years and I could already refute some of what he is saying. I dont know about most of the article of shia beliefs but I know i met some shia's who do believe Ali is God (may god fogive me for such an impure utterance). I do know the shia do hate the 3 caliphs and aisha. And that temoporary marraiges was abolish by prophet (Saw) and not umar but shia dont beleive that saying to be authentic like most of sunni haddith letature. Only the ones that go with there creed. If this was article was dont better with more better info on both sides it would be better. Please docotor stick with medacine and let the knowledge of aqeeda stick with alim. take care
wasalaamo alaykum

It seems that people have their own opinions and their conceptions of Shi'as. It brings me joy to see that some of the misconceptions are being revealed and being altered. I pray that their will come a day when Shi'as and Sunnis will stop fighting, Muslims and Muslims will stop fighting, Muslims will stop fighting the other people of the Books. Ameen. I was reading the Bible and i read one of the quotes of Prophet Jesus when he says to love each other, love your family, your friends, your neighbours, but this will not give you any reward, you must show love and truly love your enemies also, this will surely bring you great rewards from Allah s.w.t. i hope people understand what this means to us as muslims, and what Prophet Jesus gave showed the world and the believers of One God. W'salaam.

mr. shahid athar, i am sorry to here from an educated guy like you who need to know more about your ignorant support to your path which i would kindly ask you to start from the founder of shia 12. which started by yemeni jew -abdallah sheba

As a Sunni Muslim convert I found this article to be interesting and necessary. I have heard from some of my Sunni friends many misconceptions about Shia Muslims and would like to see these misconceptions cleared up. As Muslims it is our duty to educate ourselves about these matters.

Just a correction in one of the email about the disagreement:

- Al-Kafi was written by Al-Kulayni Al-razi and not Mullah Baqar whereas both enjoy almost an infallable status among the shias.

Furthermore, the following are a couple of writings by Mullah Baqar which are filled with "sahabah-Bashing" and many kuffar ideas and beliefs:
- Aynul Hayat
- Haqqul Yaqeen

If you are trying to narrow down the inevitable hegemony, between the Ahl-Sunnah and the shiites, that has stigmatized the Muslim Da'wah for the past 10 centuries or so and that has left many a scars on the Muslim Ummah, then it is a very foul attempt.

You must get awareness to the history of Islam. Beginning with the martyrdom of Uthman, the battles amongst the companions, the martyrdom of Hussain and his family, the massacre of Abbassiids by the tatars, the evolution of Fatmids accompanied by plenty of innovations, the atrocities of the safavids in Iran (and later of khomeini regime against the ahl-sunnah), all the way to the present-day iranian vows to implement the shia protocols in the land of ahl-sunnah!!!
An in-depth analysis will force you to change your opinions if only you had a caring heart.

Mullah Baqar is one of the most reknowned and notable shiite scholar. I would suggest you read his book "AL-KAFI" to get a thorough insite on many issues, including Mut'a, the bashing of sahabah, and the status of Ali & Quran in shiism. If you do not have enough time to even scarcely browse through the book and other shiite material then please visit:
and read about the reality of shiias and shiism. By the way, shias have high respect for Mullah baqar and his book.

As-salaamu'Alaiykum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatu,

I greet you with the saying that is used by Ahlus-Sunnah, and Shiites. brother Bashir, please try to refrain by saying things like, all Sunnah salaat are wajib and obligatory upon all Muslims. This is not hte case. Study all four madhabs, you will find that this is true for Hanafi Madhab. There are some sunnah prayers which are moqaddat, but some are not - If you are hanafi, please respect that those who follow Imam Ahmed (hambali), As-shafee, and Imam Malik, there are differences, but we all respect each others differences and do not say the other is wrong. If you are trying to say that Shia's are not Muslim, then are you saying that 65 percent of the people in Iraq are non-Muslims? You talk about the hadith about the 73 sects that the Ummah will be divided into, but your understanding of this hadith seems to me to be limited by what you say. I would ask you to please take a deeper look into the four schools of thought as a beginning point and learn that one day, people like you and me, if we do not work on bridge building with others who have a difference of opinion, then sooner or later we will be the losers, for not extended our hands out in peace to all people of the world. Just try and think, what would Prophet Muhammad (saaw) do? What about the Jews of Medina, did the prophet do to them what you suggest we do to Muslims today? How about Umab bin Al-Khattab when he entered Jerusalem? He didn't even enter a CHURCH for the reason being that he feared that it would disturb the ways of worship of Christians, and so he respected the Church by saying, I will not enter is because if I do, then other Muslims will enter it and might decide to convert it into a Masjid. He wanted to perserve the of our Abrahamic what Rasool-Allah (saaw) did, he wrote a letter to monks of Eastern Europe I cannot recall whereabout exactly, but the prophet pledged protection forthem, read more k?

This article is a prime example of shia 'takkiyah'. I note the author is a medical doctor with no credentials as a scholar of Islam and no credentials that support his ability to accurately discuss complicated issues of aqueedah. The topic itself requires analysis by a qualified scholar, not a medical doctor. The informatrion presented is incorrect and misleading. It contains falsehoods that are part of the shia creed- that is the 'takkiyah' or deception that the shias use to mislead sunnis about shiasm. Too bad diminished its own image by posting this article.

Check out the following picture of a Shia boy covered in blood which happened a few days ago. A true Muslim would NEVER let something like this happen. You wanna mourn....ok go ahead...but don't give Islam a bad name. Or don't call yourselves Muslims.


a good article to post, it encourages the spirit of tolerance and Islamic Unity - something our Ummah needs right now, as always.

Being a Sunni, i have heard such sayings before - know i can verify they are untrue and misconceptions.

May Allah strenthen the Ummah and help us bridge the sunni-shia divide that has held us back for so long.

I'm really glad that this arcticle was published. After all were all Muslims who believe in Allah and His Messenger Muhammad(saw). Unfortunately the media in the Western World helps Shias and Sunnis to split. The Americans give the Shias special treatment in Iraq. Saddam Hussein, who was supported by the USA gave special treatment to the Sunnis. It is not enterely our fault that Shias and Sunnis have been at war. However, today it is time to forget these old disputes. We all have to try to make peace between Shias and Muslims. Allah says in the Qur'an: {The believers are but brethren, therefore make peace between your brethren and be careful of (your duty to) Allah that mercy may be had on you.} This proves that every single one of us has to promote the dialogue between Shias and Sunnis. Today we live in a time where the Muslim World is split and damaged. We all belong together under the law of Islam. Inscha Allah the day will come when all Believers unite to make our dream of a Califate come true.

Interesting read. I strongly agree with the sentiment that sunnis are too quick to criticise other muslims- 1st shouldn't we perfect our own practise.. isn't it better to combine prayers than not to pray at all? isnt it better to pray with yr arms unfolded than not to pray at all? God-speed to anyone who remembers Allah often!

It sems you people are pro-Shia.

All these questions are from shia that are doing what it is call appeal to pity.

All these statement areo fshia faith; Even as one of their doctrine to hide their faith while in public till they catch up with their prey.

There have several Nigerians that have studied in shia land their experiences are nasty about the nature of Islam being propagated by them, from grave worship to saint worship and eeven the worship of fatimah and Ali (RA).

So there is lie in the sect as being heretic. Even though we there are different subsect among them, but inthe final analysis they are thesame. The Holy prophet (SAW) said fron Aisha ( on of the personality the shites Hate) that anything not part of our religion (Islam as practised by the prophet) will not be accepted by Allah (on the day of judgement).

So think twice and change your way to the Sunni path. That is the best for you.

May Alla guide you right.


While some of the answers are simplistic, the article highlights areas of common misconceptions that are rarely, if ever, discussed objectively in Sunni masajid. Thank you for fostering uderstanding between two groups that extremists have tried to divide throughout Islamic history...

It is a very deceptive type of propaganda like the interfaith.RASOOLULLAH PBUH "follow my sunnah and the sunnah of kholufa rashideen after me" The writer follow & presiding interfaith, which has never been accepted by RASOOLALAH PBUH [109:2-6;42:15;43:26;39:39;3:19;3:32 & so on]. The Quraan nullifies all the previous Books.There is no true religion except ISLAM. Islam is nullifier and finalizer/closer of all previous faiths /adyan.RASOOLULLAH PBUH is the last/final Prophet for all nations on the earth,even the Jesus PBUH will also follow The Last prophet Muhammad PBUH. "RASOOLULLAH PBUH annoyed to see a copy of Torah in the hands of hazarat Umar RA and told " if the Moses PBUH alive this time then there will not be other alternative(faith/deen) to follow except me." Surely the Jessus will follow the last prophet,when He descends. It is obligatory and incumbent on all muslims to follow the last prophet in all their matters without hesitation and Khulufa rasheedin with equal due respect. The true muslims(Momineen) follow these Khulufah rashideen in full not preferring one to other,they were all Rashideen.RASOOLULLAH said " if there is a prophet then it would be hazarat Umar RA.The writer chosen the single one Hazarat Ali RA,"If Ali Ibn Talib (cousin of Prophet Muhammad PBUH) was a Shia, then I am a Shia. If he was a Sunni, then I am a Sunni.Dr.Shahid Athar."
The RASOOLULLAH PBUH said " This ommah will divide in 73 firqa(sects),one will enter the Paradise and 72 will be in the Hell". There is difference in Sunnah and Nawafil prayers. Sunnah moqadah prayers are wajib and obligatory.True muslims respect all in full and follow them in full. The Khullafah Rashideen are the true trainees of RASOOLULLAH PBUH. Their Iteba [to follow] is obligatory and incumbent on muslims as said in forementioned hadith.

Salaamu alaikum br Hussain & the author

I read at least 10 books written by Shia scholars exposing Sunnis ignorance. I a Sunni myself know that I had to work hard to eradicate lots of misconceptions about Shia. I would like to defend Shia Zaydia & Shia Ithna Ashria from Jahalaat Ahl Sunna wal Jamaa. I read all books written by Ali Samawi including "Tumma Htadayt" translated "AND THEN I WAS GUIDED". Again, I repeat the problem I have with Shia scholars is that they relie too much on Aql, reason and that's their big mistake because in human terms life is not always in black and white so please stop accusing Sahaaba of hypocrisy because Allah stated in the Quran: "Rasulu Allahi wa ladheena ma'ahu ashidda'u a'la lkuffari ruhama'u baynahu; tarahum sujjadan rukka'an yabtaruna fadlan mina Allahi ridawanan..."
The problem with us Sunnis is that we relie heavily on NAQL, reported tradition & we ignore the facts & common sense, this way we fall prey to contradictions. We don't even read our resources & we pay less attention to some itchy relatioships between Sahaaba & worse we ignore their mistakes because we are brainwashed to call all of them SAINTS when they are just HUMANS. Take for instance Muawiyya Attaleek, who become Muslims under duress, the beautiful ayat below does not apply to him but Sunni scholars fiercly say Radia Allahu Anhu whenever this hypocrit's name is mentioned. He is not even a Sahabi (prophet's companion). That aggreviates Shia & anyone with a sound brain. That's why some of them think we are dumb. Some Shia are dumb too for believing that the twelveth Imaam is hybernating for hundreds of years. That contradicts their use of reason. -How can a Human being hybernate for hundreds of years to come in the form of Almahdi almuntadhar in the end times?
You see what Sunni procecution can do to some Shia brains? We Sunnis must stop calling the Umawiyyeen & Abassiyeen khulafaa because they are Mulook & not khulafaa. Pls read Ahadith Saheeha carefull

Good to hear this brought out as we all Muslims are one in Islam. The dialog between the Sunni and Shai (this terms should be hurtful to us Muslims as they convey division) should have happened a long time ago (it is never late to make this dialog). Where are the big Ullamma at the big mosques? The silence is deafening. How come never any actions or words of good leadership from any of them? Anyway, forget about the big Ullama who are on corrupt government payrolls or whatever their shortfall (remember these Ullama supported the slaughter between Iraq and Iran war of the 1980's (my heart bleeds when I think about it). Real leadership lies among each one of us as how we deal with each other, our actions in Sunni/Shai dealings. We Muslims should not harbor any ill for any Muslims. We Muslims have the ultimate control of our faith. So, please brothers treat each other well and harbor no ill towards each other (all the good teaching from Hadith, yes..)

Dr.Shahid Ather Rizvi,
As a Shia you have tried to malign all Sunnis. This article which you have posted here after editing heavily, has been in circulation for quite sometime. I invite the readers to read the original article in its entirety and then make a judgment if the writer is really a Sunni as he is claiming or a Shia in the garb of a Sunni out to malign Sunnis: an eg. of 'Taqiya'. The original article by this Shia doctor from Pakistan can be found on the popular Shia site: (copy and paste the entire link).
Coming to the edited and sanitized article:
Misconception 2: Some Shia consider Ali as God.
ANSWER: What about Nusairis and Alawis?
Misconception 3: Shias have different declarations of faith and they add to the call to prescribed prayer.
ANSWER: Shahada is a pillar of Islam and the most basic Ibadat. Adding anything to Ibadat and the pillar of Islam is Bid'a at the very least.
You say "Shias do perform non-obligatory prayers, 36 cycles per day in total, but call it Nawafil and not Sunnah."
ANSWER: Sunnis also perform Nawafil and call it Nawafil. They donot try to pass off Nawafil as Sunnah.
You say: "How can a Sunni who does not pray at all be better than a Shia who combines prayers?"
ANSWER: How do you know that the Sunnis donot pray at all? What if a Sunni who prays regularly criticizes this Bid'a of combining all the prayers without a valid reason?
You have written a scathing article against Sunnis ridiculing their religion and practices on the pretext of clearing the misconceptions about Shias among Sunnis. Have you ever written an article clearing misconceptions among Shias about Sunnis?
On the Shia site you call Sunnis terrorists. You say :"These non-Muslim American audiences of mine are surprised to learn that some of the known tyrants like Saddam Hussain and troublemakers like the PLO and Hamas are all Sunnis......"

The misconceptions quoted in the article are very few. Any shia can deny these very easily. In the other article of Islamicity, lamentation and mourning on the death is clearly discussed as prohibited in Islam thru sayings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) . Even Imam Hussain's sayings (just before his martyrdom)were quoted in which he prohibed such things even on his own death. Then why Shias are so reluctant to go against the sayings of Prophet.

Mashallah, Good effort. We must open up for discussions

Thank you for your effort its indeed helpful.

I seem to recall seeing this author's work elsewhere on the Internet. What I remember seeing was like a draft of this particular article. The author appears to have "filled in the gaps" in the earlier work through (continued) personal research.

I agree with comments suggesting that the author should cite sources, in support of the author's personal observations -- including sources of "formal directives" for those who adhere to "official" Shia doctrine (hopefully some suggestions have been offered). I think that, as believers in the Qur'an, we ought to justify our positions based on the Arabic Qur'an or based on well-respected translations of the Arabic Qur'an (especially when presenting our case at an "Islamic forum").

It is obvious that the author does something else for a living. I think that someone who (for example) considers themselves to be a Salafi might perhaps wish to consider being conscious of that sort of thing (wa jazak Allahu khair).

May the author and other readers and other commentators be rewarded for good deeds and intentions. I would hope that the author would continue strengthening and expanding this work, in an effort to serve in the way of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala).

I cannot fathom that Omar would prohibit something that was allowed by the Prophet. This line of reasoning does not fit.

I have extensively read about the life of Prophet (saw) but this is the first time I ever came across this name, Ibn Zubayr.

"Mutah (temporary marriages) was allowed during the time of Prophet Muhammad and he himself practiced it. Ibn Zubayr was born out of the temporary marriage. Later on Caliph Umar prohibited it due to social reasons as the Islamic community was rapidly expanding."


Firstly as a Shia Muslim, I thank my brother Shahid Athar for his extremely necessary effort in clearing some terrible, yet often heard misconceptions about shia Islam. I think the main reason for some misconceptions from my Sunni brethren is because the majority will almost always have misconceptions about the minority, take a look at the Muslims in the west. For my fellow brothers and sister Who like to have a good understanding of Shia Islam, I recommend reading "AND THEN I WAS GUIDED". Secondly I'd just like to point out a few of these misconceptions I feel indifferent about. In the response to mscn. #3 Shias do not consider Ali "a spiritual leader of God" But "a spiritual leader from God". Alsoin mscn. #6 shia opinion is some what different then what is written on this topic.
Asalam alaykom wa rahmat-o-Allah

It's good to see people trying to bridge the gap between Shias and Sunnis. All we have to do is understand that we both share the same foundations and I feel the division in out religion is "POLITICAL".....who should be the next leader?..."Greed for Power and Wealth can break all bonds...its human nature"
My parents have taught me to identify my self as a Muslim not a Shia or a Sunni, and this is what I will teach my children

well only verbal conversation with shias cannot decide the facts, before writing article the person must very thoroughly go throuh the books of shias and try to understand the facts about thier history and thier faith.

L.E. FROM USA said:
This was a very informative article, it cleared misconceptions i have about Shias...

I applaud you akhi Jamal. We must disest from attacking each other. Like Bibi mentioned the Quran implores us to speak to each other with kindness and refers to the Prophet "inaka le ala khuluqin adheem." = You are of a high moral/manner. OR again "wa la takkun fadhan ghaleedh al-qalb fa yanfadhu mink" = and do not be one with a hard heart otherwise you will repel people, instead of attracting them to Allah. Now if Allah orders His prophet to be of a kind heart, then anyone of us who does the opposite is indeed putting him/herself above the Prophet and thus assumes the role of Allah, which is indeed a blasphemy.
Judge not lest you be judged. Leave judgement to Allah and unite in HIS cause. Again for those who judge the Shiites by hearing the village mullah, then they should visit this site for more balanced knowledge about the perceived ways of the Shiites that are different to the Sunni brothers, yet by no means these should drive a wedge between us.

Again final judgement belongs to Allah. I say these things to unite us and not divide us. Truly in Islam there is no Shiite or Sunni. There is only Islam. If one delves into our differences they are not fundamental because we share the same Shahada, thus we are all Muslims.

It is now that Islam needs us as a united front - to be good to all and be steadfast in our duties. "Be good to all for if they are not your brother in Islam then they are your brother in creation." Thus said the Prophet pbuh. By collectively attacking others we are attacking Allah's creation.

Aoodhu bilah. ina le Allah wa ina ilayhi rajeoon. No one escapes HIS judgement.

peace be upon all.

Shias completely contradict the Sunnis, The purpose of Muharram right now is to mourn I know we are not suppose to mourn every year for anything. They abstain more during Muharram then ramadan. To comment number 7. How do u measure sin. By praying all of the prayers at night and thinking its ok is Bidaa and not praying at all is a sin. So either way its a big sin so who is anyone to determine. Adding to the Shahada why do you give Ali so much preference. There was Jesus, Abraham, etc. SUnni's beleive that the Prophet did sin and was forgiven. Jesus was tempted by the devil. How was Ali never at fault, and neither the Imams. To me we focus on unity they work to hard to disprove it.

this article does bring up some points in defense of shia's, however remember what our glorious prophet said, "there will be 73 sects of Islam and only one Islam" and only one of theme is thr true path!! also it has been said my or Prophet peace be upon him, that the largest "sect" will be the true one!! praise be to ALLAH InshAlla he will be of most forgiving

Well, I might dissagree on some of the Responses, I am not trying to condamning Shia, it just i will strongly dissagree on some of their arguments and they beliefs.
I have a friend who actually a very strong shia, he is inteligent and a bussiness man. He strongly declare that Aisha, the wifes of the Prophet and the Shahaba (Umar, Abu Bakar, Ibn Thaimiyah) were went ashtray, he even show me some hadeth and Quran verses refering those arguments. So therefore, i am not totally agree with some points of the response. Yet on some i do agree, for instance on 5 dayly prayers.
Further more, I've study a Shia website in Indonesia which also mentioned as i said above. And so, Shia has some different Tafseer(interpretations) of the Quran, as for instance the strongest one is Chapter 80.ABASA.
another instance i've study, in Indonesia, I read a Shia's book, from that book the outhoor explain about "DUA" Shia are respecting the Imam's as Budhists respecting the preasts, even the Imam's graves are very highly respected and consider as one of holy places, they pray(dua) on the graves and they believe that the Passed Imams has power to fullfill they prayers.
The further i study shia and have long discussions with my Shia friends, i found many which might strongly disagreeable by the Prophet teachings.
Please kindly study deeply on this topic, coz it can really missleading in some crytical points.
I also told that there are many different Shias, it is much wiser if beside showing the Misconceptions, please kindly show us what is the difference of the Sunni and Shia's teaching. Because I've read more than one book and study a lot on this matters which just a desire to seek the truth. I agree that we muslims should not go againts each other and built harmonic hablum minannaas, but in Hablum minallah we should really very carefull on taking choices.
As for me, I am the slave of Allah, a Muslim who follow Quran, Hadeth and As Sunnah. Islam has no atr

The path to reconciliation can be achieved by being honest; that of salvation is achieved by being truthful and God-conscious.

The Dr. seems to be misinformed about Shi'ism, its history and ideology. There is nothing gained by writing or publishing articles that are factually inaccurate. Nowadays, anyone can verify such inaccuracies by visiting a hoseinie or even "more moderate" Shia center and experience the truth first hand. There are many books written by Shia authors on their own ideology that belie the Dr.'s statements.

Indeed, there are groups among the Shia that hold the ideas mentioned in this article and carry out the practiced listed in this very article.

In case the Dr. reads this, the word "imam" simply means leader in Arabic and in the Arabic Nahjul-Balagha, which I suppose the Dr. accepts as authentic, Ali(RA) is quoted to have said that the first three Caliphs(RA) were chosen as "Imams" by Ansar and Mujaherin. Of course, in English and Persian translation, the Arabic word "Imam" in this narration is translated as "Caliph".

I'ld have expected a higher standard for Islamicity.


I am very happy that at last some one has come forward to toich this article, as i feel sad that how ignot=rant our people are, they don't know what is islam, sunni & shia are brothers,I see a lot of sunni brothers ignorant about shia, thay are doing a lot of dawa work among sunnis & non muslims but i have not seen any jamaath are the masjid touching this topic to gt rid of the differences beteen sunnis & shias.
I pray to Allah swt to unite all muslims & to get away from the small meaningless differences AMIN summa amIN

i think we all should just go with the Quran. y do such words as shia and sunni exist? it causes problems like anything. how do we know that what is not written in the Quran...meaning the history even true all the way. sometimes i feel this shouldnt be even discussed because its gunnah and wrong to go even further than what we r supposed to. we cannot wonder about things like this. Allah has set everything straight. i feel at times that some sunnis r wrong and some shias r wrong. what r we to believe? instead or unity...ppl r just running away from one another...meaning muslims. its horrible. at this time we should be sticking together. but i do have hope that one day we all will agree to one thing Inshallah!!!

The misconceptions about Shia were inherrited from a long history since our beloved prophet Saw pass away about 1400 years ago.

The gap between sunni and shia start from question who should lead the ummah after the prophet saw pass away. Did prophet do not forsee what would happen to his ummah after him, and forget to appoint leader? If so, can we say that the prophet was failed in his mission?

It's the duty of all muslim to undestand the misconception and try the bridge the diffenrences between sunni and shia. When our enemy attack Islam, they do not differenciate whether you are sunni or shia. The main objective is to the destroy islam.This is happen now. The clear example is in the middle east.

Dear brother in Islam Dr. Shahid,

First of all let me say that I appreciate your effort to clear the misconceptions and bridge the divide between these 2 biggest sects amongts the Muslim ummah. I have to disagree with many of your conclusions on the so called misconceptions about Shia'i beliefs that you have drawn. I also did not see a single citation of the sources from where you got you answers. Please follow the link below and read the articles with authentic citations that clearly explain why there is an unbridgable divide between the Sunni's and Shia's.

Jazak-Allah Khair

Anyway, for the sake of Islam, Muslims should not fight each other. Stick with Islam's article of faith, Kalma, Quran, Hadees. If asked, nobody should identify themselves as Shia or Sunni.

What about Shia's call to prayer (Azaan)? Shias added many things to Azaan. I have heared from my own ears when Shias call to prayer from a loudspeaker in my home country (India).

I still remember one word "QAMAL."

I guess most of you are aware of the controversy of Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion" which relates the story of Chirst's last day according to Old Testament. Gibson has been bullied into censoring the bit where a rabbi states "the blood of Christ shall be on us and on our children."

Imam Hussain died at the hand of Moawiyyah's son Yazid. Yazid killed Hussain and all his 72 followers,including children. He then cut off their heads, stuck the heads on spears and roamed the city of Kufa. Note that Hussain was the grand child of our Prophet Mohammad pbup., of whom the Prophet has said many glorious proven ahadiths.

For 70 years Ali was cursed on the palpits of mosques on Moawiya's order. This is the son in law of the Prophet and his adopted son. Ali's father adopted our Prophet pbuh. So, Hussain was indeed dear to Prophet's heart because he was from him beloved daughter Fatima and from his adopted son Ali.

Once people of Kufa realised their guilt by association for not coming to the aid of Hussain, they began moarning Hussain's death. As time went on they moarned "Ya laitna kuna maak" = "Wish we had died with you Hussain". Today's cries for Hussain mirrors that guilt and keeps his memory alive. He saved Islam. He never bowed to tyrrany. Take that as a lesson. Yet I do not believe in beating oneself, except that we all must learn about Hussain and follow his footsteps.

Some Sunnis have exhalted Moawiya and excused his fanatism, calling him "The Leader of the Faithful" Anyone who ascribes to such opinion is similar to those Zionists who, by attacking Gibson they associate themselves with Christ's killers (even though Muslims don't believe he was crucified but Christians/Jews do).

At least the Shiites have not washed their hands from such guilt and will always shed a tear for the beloved grand son of our great Prophet who was Allah's beloved. So, my dear Sunni brother/sister join me to shed a tear for Hussain, for the sake of Mohammad, Fatima and A

Quran 16:125
Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful exhortation; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.

Quran 3:114
They believe in God and the Last Day; they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong; and they hasten (in emulation) in (all) good works: They are in the ranks of the righteous.

I would like to make a few comments.
First of all, if you are a Muslim then you are a Muslim, period. Why are we giving our selves other names like shia or sunni etc. Our Prophet Mohammad did not say which sect he belonged to. "The Message is clear for those who wish to understand", reference The Quran.
Brothers and sisters, Anti-Muslim forces are hard at work, and are beggining to create a divide from a tiny crack. Time has come to unite and stand as one under the banner of Islam. Muslims are under a great test today, and I pray that we as Muslims pass the test.
If there is no difference then whats the difference.

Although we need to go beyond the historical divide that has weakned the Ummah. I think this piece is not as accurate as it is meant to be.
In his book "Kasf ul Asrar" the imam khomeini did criticize the 3 khulafa. The only shia group that respect the 3 right guided khulafa is the Zaidites: The followers of Zaidul Abideen. The Isna-hashari (The twelvers whoo believe in the 12 Imams)do believe in the "Imam Mahcoum" (Imam that will not make a mistake), and we know that even the Prophet was not "Mahcoum" but guided by the Koran and rectified in every step of the way. The Druzes (Lebanon) are the one who believe in the mistakes of Djibril and most Shia groups do not recognize them as Muslims.
We do have differences that can be worked out. The only question that a Sunni should ask himself, as I do, is: If I were in those time of fitna in whose side should I be? Ali vs Moawiya or Hussein vs. Yazid. Righteousness vs Corruption?
Or may be act as Ibn Oumar not to join the fitna and this is another possibility. And this debate will be go on until the day of Judgement. And Allah will Judge. But "Tilka Ummatan gad Khalat..." This is a Ummah that has passed to it what it has work for itself (Baqarah)
And believe me I am a Sunni and I love Ahl-albayti as much as I love Ahlal-Khidayat.
Sorry for intervening in this debate.

It saddens me to hear so much ignorance about Shiite from many Sunnis who have no knowledge of their own five books.

If they looked at these books they will see what Zinedin has already stated and a lot more. Whilst Ali was burying the Prophet p.b.u.h., the three other Rightful Companions were discussing who should lead next. They appointed Abu Bakr and later asked for Ali's allegiance whilst justifying this under Quran: "wa amrakum shura beynakum." Yet how could this be shura when Ali and the others with Ali during the burial were not present in this shura and were not even told about it? The Account of Ghadir Khum are detailed in the 5 books of the Sunnah. Those who sided with Ali at that time were referred to as Shiite. In Arabic this means 'aligned with." And since they did so during Prophets life also as in Ghadir Khum, then in truth Shiite is not a sect.

It is an insult to Shiite like myself to say that I have another Quran or bow down to Ali. What a load of rubbish you guys have been fed. Please change your attitude for Muslims are brothers unto each other. In my household many of my family members have married into Sunnis. In Bahrain there are many such marriages and there has never been antagonism between us.

We testify in the One and Only Allah s.w.t and that Mohammad p.b.u.h. is the last of HIS prophets and that the Quran as you have it, is the true word of God and that we will be judged Yum Al-Qiammah. Anyone who believes such is a Muslim. The rest is carried forward from tribal stuff and we owe it to ourselves to seek Islamic history's knowledge from the various sources, not only from your village mullah.

Read more about Ali, his wisdom and history first-hand from his own writings here:

Strongly suggest reading about Shiite here:

You have said that " but as mentioned in Quran about Abraham that after passing the test, a prophet becomes a leader (Imam)."

Can you please give Quranic reference to this statement of yours please.

What about Ibn-e-Zubair? (Prophet's Son out of MUTAH)???
Who is his mother ???
Did he gain the age of maturity??
How long he lived??
What about your comments on Ayat(verse:40), Surah Al-Ahzab:33, Para : 22 ??????????

About Mutah you have said that Mutah is better than Adultery (ZANA). Kindly explain the difference between MUTAH and ZANA????
Who is responseble for the child born out of MUTAH ???
Regards & Waitng for your Reply

thanks for the enlightenment. why dont shias offer prayers in sunnis mosque. if every thing is same then what is the difference

More indepth investigation is required into the differences between shiaas and sunnis. The answers do not clear up the issues, they merely satisfy the question at the bare minimum.Fist Qn does not answer whether the shiaa believe there is hidden knowledge which has not been revealed in Quraan. i.e 10 hidden chapters, not extra 10 chapters as answer suggests etc

i read and feel very please after reading this article but from a point in miscoception number 9
"Mutah (temporary marriages) was allowed during the time of Prophet Muhammad and he himself practiced it."
"As a temporary privilege during travel, it is better than adultery. "

Is there any authentic prove form hadith shareef
that MUHAMMAD (PBUH)practiced muttah.

And for (sunnis) muttah is now prohabbited and to practice it is a sin and adultery is also a sin.
and a muslim should have control on his (nafs) wishes is best than any other solution.


Salam wa alaykum.
I am a Sunni Muslim. I agree that we should at the very least try to minimise the misconceptions about the Shia, however they exist usually out of something that is said to a Sunni along the way by a Shia. I had a Shia friend whom I lost contact with and who was from a different ethnic background to me. He tried convincing me that he didn't have to fast Ramadan because he was Shia. Of course this is completely incorrect as it is one of the five pillars of Islam, however it had me wondering whether all Shia Muslims believed this. I later met another Shia Muslim from a completely different ethnic background yet again and queried him on this issue. He laughed, and stated that he shared my amusement at such a comment.
Perhaps a lot of the differences, whether they be misconceptions or not, are cultural more than anything else, as I am sure that even other Shia Muslims from the first persons country practice the religion differently to him and his family. After all, do all Sunni Muslims practice the religion in the same way all over the world?

In the name of God, The creator of free minds!
I see no difference between Shiats and Sunnis as we all are Moslems and pray to the same God and believe in the same prophet! As long as Muslims disregard each other and even kill each other over unimportant issues, Governments such as USA, Israel, and UK will be so happy and will get the most out of it for themselves!!!
Great God sent us good prophets and holy books over time to think logically (use our brains) and improve our lives (and societies) for a better world full of peace, happiness and justice for everyone, but unfortunately we are doing the opposite!!! Think about it my Muslim sisters and brothers; let us educate ourselves with deep thinking and conservative-free minds about our responsibilities towards God and other people!
God bless you all,
Ashkan Rahimi-Kian,Ph.D.
Dept. of ECE, Faculty of Engineering
University of Tehran, Tehran,Iran


10th of Muharram is coming up. The shias will be cutting themselves up with swords and the Sunnis will be getting a bad name for it. The media will be all over it.
Just do a Yahoo search by putting in something like Shias beating themselves up....and you will be horrified by the pictures. They even cut their little children's heads with swords! Disgusting!

KHIR said:
Although I consider myself a Sunni, I feel that much of 'Shiaism' is shrouded with myths by people not enlightened. The Muslim ummah is like a piece of fabric. The more we cut it into smaller pieces through what we claimed are our diffrences, rather than what we have in common, the more the fabric is unable to hold itself. No wonder many non-muslims find it easy to shred Islam and Muslims to bits. Strange many Sunnis still hail "Unity in Diversity" without truly understanding what it means.

salam, reading this is interesting. though i'm still not quite sure what's it all about & if i'm, as a muslim too, is involved. honestly, i never know about the shiah/sunni divide. only after the iraq war did read about it.

i once thought all muslims are the same. maybe i should read more. so i'm sorry if i sounded naive.

there is one comment saying 95& of all muslims are either shia/sunni (sorry again, i can't remember exactly). but considering the east asia has the largest muslim population. & i believe most of them don't know about this shia/sunni divide. i think the percentage is not really proven...

Dr.Shahid Ather Rizvi,
As a Shia you have tried to malign all Sunnis. This article which you have posted here after editing heavily, has been in circulation for quite sometime. I invite the readers to read the original article in its entirety and then make a judgment if the writer is really a Sunni as he is claiming or a Shia in the garb of a Sunni out to malign Sunnis: an eg. of 'Taqiya'. The original article by this Shia doctor from Pakistan can be found on the popular Shia site: (copy and paste the entire link).
Coming to the edited and sanitized article:
Misconception 2: Some Shia consider Ali as God.
ANSWER: What about Nusairis and Alawis?
Misconception 3: Shias have different declarations of faith and they add to the call to prescribed prayer.
ANSWER: Shahada is a pillar of Islam and the most basic Ibadat. Adding anything to Ibadat and the pillar of Islam is Bid'a at the very least.
You say "Shias do perform non-obligatory prayers, 36 cycles per day in total, but call it Nawafil and not Sunnah."
ANSWER: Sunnis also perform Nawafil and call it Nawafil. They donot try to pass off Nawafil as Sunnah.
You say: "How can a Sunni who does not pray at all be better than a Shia who combines prayers?"
ANSWER: How do you know that the Sunnis donot pray at all? What if a Sunni who prays regularly criticizes this Bid'a of combining all the prayers without a valid reason?
You have written a scathing article against Sunnis ridiculing their religion and practices on the pretext of clearing the misconceptions about Shias among Sunnis. Have you ever written an article clearing misconceptions among Shias about Sunnis?
On the Shia site you call Sunnis terrorists. You say :These non-Muslim American audiences of mine are surprised to learn that some of the known tyrants like Saddam Hussain and troublemakers like the PLO and Hamas are all Sunnis......"

Only Mindless Simpletons would believe this article.

Do your own research on Shite beliefs. If they want to separate from others then good riddance.

Ahl as Sunnah comprise about 95% of all the 1.5 Billion Muslims on this planet. Why worry about a mere 5 %???

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

About the marriage of mut'ah, I am not a learned person about it. However, to my knowledge, if the procedure of something is prohibited, hence that something is not lawful/legal.

For example, if we slaughter an animal not in the name of Allah, then it is unlawful for us to consume the meat while we know it.

The mut'ah marriage is prohibited until the day of judgement. Therefore, it cannot be said that it is better than adultery. Something prohibited cannot be said to be better than another which is prohibited as well.

What good comes from Allah and otherwise comes from my weak self.

Wassalamualaikum warrahmatullah wabarakatuh.

Thats right, build on what we have in common. The western Kuffar don't make distinctions. All muslims are bad in their eyes.

I am amazed you have this on your site, i have been researching shiaism for the past ten years and one thing i learnt is they dont tell the truth.Secondly their published literature by their famous so called scholars like khomieni shows their real identity!!!

as-Salaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu

On the issue of mu'tah:

It was narrated from 'Ali (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade mut'ah marriage and the meat of domestic donkeys at the time of Khaybar. According to another report, he forbade mut'ah marriage at the time of Khaybar and he forbade the meat of tame donkeys.

Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 3979; Muslim, 1407.

It was narrated from al-Rabee' ibn Sabrah al-Juhani that his father told him that he was with the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who said, "O people, I used to allow you to engage in mut'ah marriages, but now Allaah has forbidden that until the Day of Resurrection, so whoever has any wives in a mut'ah marriage, he should let her go and do not take anything of the (money) you have given them."

Narrated by Muslim, 1406.

Ahadeeth Sahih.

It wasn't Umar (radiyallaahu 'anhu) who forbade it. Indeed it was the Prophet (salillaahu 'alayhi wa sallam).

With regard to those who said that it is permissible, they are among those who did not hear that it had been forbidden. The Sahaabah (may Allaah be pleased with them) - including 'Ali ibn Abi Taalib and 'Abd-Allaah ibn al-Zubayr - refuted Ibn 'Abbaas's view that mut'ah was permitted.

It was narrated from 'Ali that he heard Ibn 'Abbaas permitting mut'ah marriage, and he said, "Wait a minute, O Ibn 'Abbaas, for the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade it on the day of Khaybar and (he also forbade) the meat of tame donkeys."

Narrated by Muslim, 1407.

This is sufficient by itself to show that the topic was poorly researched. Everything in Islaam is based off of proofs and evidences. Someone should be asking him for his.

I am a Shia Ithna Asheri, A lot of the comments on your posts are incorrect. If you would really like clarification then please write to me on [email protected] and I shall try to find you the true answers. Inshallah

The author has not considered groups that also call themselvs shia' such as the Ismailis (Aga Khanis, who completely degrade both the Quran and Sunnah, by eliminimating Salat to a "duas" and "tasbihs" written by the Aga Khan and actually beleive the Aga Khan has the ability to forgive them and grant their wishes.
These cult like groups are much more of a concern, along with deviant sunni groups such as Ahmedis and Rashidis, than mainstream Shias.
Mainstream shias do not at least blatantly violate the core tenets of Islam.

I am staying just next to a Shia mosque in Kuwait. They add a lot of sentences to the Adhan "call for prayer". they pray combined prayers in the mosque. They do not call Asar and Isha Adhans "call for prayer"

There are shops selling photographs of Hussain RAA and Ali RAA !!!!
If this is not distortion of Islam ..then what

May Allah guide us all to the right path ..Ameen

Sunni Muslims have to bear the part of the blame for the foundation of Shiasm. Unless, Sunni Ulema openly accepts the role of Amir Muaviya (rd) for his central role of demolishing the rightfully Khilafat of Ali (rd), we cannot heal the issue. Unless, we Sunnis come out from our intellectual ghettos and accept the role of Yazeed under the patronage of Muaviya (rd), this issue will not die down. The way two grandsons of Muhammad (saw) were openly humiliated by Amir Muavia (rd), Yazeed, Marwan and their network was just too much to digest. Brothers, Islam does not have class system. We cannot have two laws, one for us and another for the companions of Prophet (saw). The companions (rd), in general were the greatest generation of all time, however, this categorization should not be applied to each and every one. For example, when the forces of Yazeed attack Madinah with thousands of horses, they raped the women of Madinah, they wiped out all the Badri companions (rd), then they attacked Makkah and yet we Sunni Muslims look on the other side because we hate Shias. Shame on us. I am a Sunni and proudly belong to the family of Prophet (saw). I hate some of the beliefs of Shias to begin with; however, how long our Sunni scholars will resist the scrutiny of some of the companions (rd) because of our hate and disregard of Shias. This is not justice. The sacrifices of Ahle-Bait were humongous - out of nowhere Ummawi clan had taken the power over the Islamic nation by tricks, bribery and brutal force; many of them even have accepted Islam at the conquest of Makkah without giving sacrifices for Islam. The damage to the Khilafa done by Muwaviya (rd) is irreparable and yet we keep on ducking under the class system. Islam brought Mizan. The message of the glorious Qur'an was on Mizan and justice. Confederation of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran is so vital that procrastination would pave the physical annihilation of Muslims by Zionists and Hindus Shuja

First of all as-salam o'alaikum from NOORUSSABA.
I want to nudge all the muslims to be brethen and not enemies or be distributed in sects!
HolyProphet would have never thought of his generation so much violent and against each other.
Infact he said: "oh you servents of God,be brothers"
and again: "Muslims are like blocks of building, each block supports the other one"
this is how muslims can create a model in front of all other non-muslims and tell them the power of their unity.
Once again i urge all of you to spread the messege of peace and unity among muslims and act upon this all.

How about misconceptions Shia's have about Sunni's. It pains me to see Muslim's willing to marry a person of another faith before marrying a muslim who is not either a Sunni or Shia like themselves.

As Salaam u alaikum,

While I agree with the effort to bridge the divide, espescially since a great number of close friends are Shia, I also have to point out that a few of the "misconceptions" listed aren't misconceptions.

Misconception 6: Shias slander and ridicule the first three caliphs (Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman) and Prophet Muhammad's wife, Ayisha.-
I have heard my Shia friends do this.

Misconception 9: Shias practice temporary marriages (mutah).
My friends father did this. And this is still occasionally practiced, at least in India.

Assalamu Alaykum
well, well, well... I read some of the comments in the "against" section. Interesting. I am an Iranian Shi'a living in the US now, and many of the things that were attributed to Shi'as in the "against" section are news to me.

When talking about shi'a beliefs, we have to make a distinction between what's in the original books, and what's practiced by some (most of the time a very minor group). At least, I can tell you what's done and believed by the majority in Iran:

- No, we don't have a different Quran, and we don't believe that the real Quran will be presented by Imam Mahdi. To say the least, Imam Ali was involved in writing the Quran (Khalif Osman's time?). I know some extremist groups do believe in such stuff, but you don't have to look hard to find weird beliefs among some minor Sunni groups, do you?

- We DO believe in Sunni hadith books. We just don't believe EVERY SINGLY hadith in those books is correct (we don't make such a claim about Shi'a books either). Our scholar textbooks refer to a lot of hadith in Sunni books. We do believe that Abu-Horayreh fabricated a lot of ahadith: the prophet (PBUH) couldn't have said all the ahadith that he narrated even if he had talked nonstop all his prophethood.

- Shi'as in Iran do slander the three Khalifs. Personally think it's stupid, but they do. This is the only point that I found untrue in Iran with respect to this article.

- We definitely don't believe that Angel Gabriel made a mistake. Do you really think we are so stupid to think that God Sobhanahoo va Ta'aala couldn't have stopped such a mistake? Funny.

- Azan: shi'as do add "Ash-hadu anna aliyan vali-yol-laah", not as "part of" azan, but as "mustahab". I personally don't say it (some scholars say "if you intend it as part of Azan, your azan is void"). But then again, a minor point, right? I think it was Khalif Umar who added "as-salatu khayron men nowm" to the morning Azan.

OK, I am running out of space.But l

i realy appreciate this type of dialouge which creat good atmospher between muslims and thank ful to dr who did good job ajrukomenallah, keep it up this type of topic all muslims need this

The article was presented in a good way as question and answer section. Also, i came to know little bit more about shia. I would like to know that if Shias have different Kalima than sunni and also when thery pray do they have to bow(sajda) on specific kind of stone or sand. These are some misconceptions i have about Shai or that is what I heard from people.
I would be grateful to you if you can kindly tell me about these misconceptions.
Asalam 0 liakum,
Naveed Shakil

I am shocked to see such an article on your site. I don't understand how the author could write such opinions without any evidence to support his views? All that is needed a little bit of research. Since this limited space will not allow me to copy and paste the entire article in response to point # 9, here is a link to that article. I urge all readers to read the question and answer because, unlike this article, it is backed by evidence from the Quran and Sunnah:

Bismiallahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem
I was very disappointed in the author's response to many of these ideas - the answers are very broad and incomplete:exp- the Shia do use the same Quran as Sunnis - However he failed to add that their hadith tells them that there is another copy of the Quran the RasuluAllah revealed to Ali and it will be revealed to the world at a later date. Mutah - many leaders of the Shia community still support this act today -The Imams may not be considered above the prophets - but they are considered infallibe/perfect - and their ideas/words are taking as hadith delivered by them influenced from God - Which is used to modify/add to the religion - or perfect and protect it.
Regarding the first three Caliphs - the author says if "some Shias slander the three Caliphs...." this may not have been the way of Ali but it is a very general practice today amongst the majority of Shia - Maybe the author will expand on the Shia view of Aisha - The Prophet's (SAW) wife - and a very valuable source to much of the Hadith we read today.
We would all love for these differences to be abolished - and for the Ummah to be united - but trying to accomplish this by minimizing these differences and portraying them as insignificant is not the way to accomplish this. Maybe Islamicity will continue this article in a series - and instead of trying to eliminate the misconceptions - they will inform the world on what the differences truly are.

Allah Knows Best.

I read the 1st 80 comments to this article, but only 5 said something about being a MUSLIM ONLY and not shia or sunni or etc. Amongst these 5 some have apologise at the end of their comments. Why?

I owe no apology to anybody for calling a spade a spade especially when it concerns ISLAM. We are muslim(the name chosen for us by Abraham(AS)) and not shia or sunni or this or that. Any indication to the contrary amounts to denial of Allah's statement,or addition to the deen of Islam which either way you look at it amounts to a big sin that may lead altimately to doom. So I call on all MUSLIMS to desist, go back to the Quran, read and ponder, research the hadith, act the way of the prophet(SAW) and the Companions in this world so that we may prosper here and the hereafter.

There is no two way about it. There is only one truth, and that is to be a MUSLIM who submits and obey Allah(SWT) and obey the prophet(SAW). A friend of mine says, but it is good to have differences as even the Companions had at one time or the orther. Yes, that is true but the Companions never group themselves, to the extent of assigning names to these groups(It was a later innovation). They lived and died with only one label ie MUSLIM. And Allah knows we will have such differences so He offered solution to it, He said, we should hold on to the rope of Islam and never divide, any difference we have, we should go back to the Quran and Sunnah to iron it out.(This is pharaphrasing the verse).

As I indicated lets ponder the Quran and see what Allah really wants us to be in this temporay world before it is too late. We have divided to so many bits already and could be the source of our problems all over, who knows?. It is now time to reflect and return back to the true religion of God, Al-Islam and die not, as that beloved prophet of God Jacob(AS) demanded of his Children, but as muslims..(submitting to Allah's will).

Misconception 9: Shias practice temporary marriages (mutah).

Response: Mutah (temporary marriages) was allowed during the time of Prophet Muhammad and he himself practiced it. Ibn Zubayr was born out of the temporary marriage. Later on Caliph Umar prohibited it due to social reasons as the Islamic community was rapidly expanding. Shias discourage mutah but do not consider it prohibited. Some do abuse this. As a temporary privilege during travel, it is better than adultery.
****** Comment. A one night or one week stand is just adultery. We can not make it marriage by "Ankahtuka" or "Mutah". Would anyone accept that for his wife or sister? Mutah was only permitted in 'Wars' & forbidden thereafter in Islam. Pls do not make a General statement that prophet practised it, implying it was his habit and that the practice is legal. Even his 11 marriages are not permitted now.
Misconception 10: They consider Imams infallible and above the prophets.

Response: Not true. All prophets are born Prophet but as mentioned in Quran about Abraham that after passing the test, a prophet becomes a leader (Imam). Imams are carriers of the message of Islam. Shias consider Ali only as an Imam, but Muhammad is the Prophet (Nabi), Messenger (Rasul) and leader (imam).
***** Comment. You are implying that Prophethood is lower than Imaamat,that there are Prophets who failed test so could not become Imaam. Pls name a few ! Correct position as per Qur'an is that all Prophets are selected for Prophethood in His mercy, tested by Allah severely and they remained steadfast. Prophethood is degrees higher than Immamat. Let us not confuse the issue.

Shia's giving precedence to Hadrat Ali (RAA) over Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is similar to Sunni's giving more importance to Awlia Allah over Allah.
This must be clarified to the people who have the misconception.

Rest of the responses are fair, Alhamdo Lillah.

May Allah show us light.

Brother in Islam,

Today,s Shias and follower of Sufis are victim of conspiretion of Jews, and Zoorastrians done against Islam.

Muslim's believe should be based on Quran and Prophet Teaching not on Historical events.

I myself** love and respect all those who was near and dear of prophet and prophet said that mulsims will be judge on TAQWA.

We have no right to pass our decission about who was on top or below.

I have lot of proofs(Historical Fact) that show that How shiaism started because of Abdullah Bin Sabah and his group.

For Example: Most of the shia says that Hazrath Ali is eligible for Khilafat becuase Prophet lead him on his bed before Hijrath and handed over all "AMMANAH" to be handed over to their owner. And Hazrath Ali took risk for his life for that night.

If above is the case then, As per Prophet hadith allah select Hazrat Abu Bakr to be companion in Hijrath, both Prophet and Abu Bakr was at Risk till they Reach Madinah, Hazrath Ali was sleeping in bed of Rasool, and in case of Abu Bakr, Rasool was sleeping in lap of Abu Bakr, Hazrath Ali was taking care of Rasool Responsiblities, Abu Bakr was taking car of Rasool himself.

Now every body should use his common sense to judge.

True Muslim are those who believe in Oneness of Allah and Phrophit Mohammed(pbuh) as his messengar.

Accepting Allah as one means accepting Allah as supreme Power, and all sort or form of our prayer should be done for ALLAH alone.

Accepting Mohammed(pbuh) as Prophet means, surrendering all our wills and wishs to prophet orders and command.

Now come the issue of Shia,Sunni if some one is basing his believe on some one action or on history than it is big devation from true islam

**I myself said to be belongs to prophet family atleast we have our lineage for last 6 grandfather who travelled to india from IRAQ.

I disagree with this article, it is very misleading, I have been in Iran resently, I know what they do, as opposed to what they claim to be doing in this article. Iran which claims to be Islamic, for some reason supports Armenians(Christians) against Azeris(Shias), not to mention Sunnis. Their mosques there, resemble churches, with portraits of different imams etc. In general, muslims should unity, but not by compromising on their beliefs. Shias themselves are deeply divided, and a few of them in US, do not represent anyone except themselves, and those who follow them.

Very Very Misleading article. The responses tend to cover up every difference SHIA have from SUNNI. Then y call themselves SHIA??

Then y do they call themselves SHIA? Y dont they call themselves SUNNI?? They have hidden agendas and they appear to be muslims from outside. The response to the misconceptions are what the SUNNI believe, so y do they say they r SHIA instead of SUNNI??

can there be a time at present or in future, when a muslim is called muslim not shia, sunni or any other can it happen/

Well like every true muslim i'm strong orator of Muslim-Unity among various sects. But to this article it was really one of most weak articles on Islamic City. I dont want event to argue on such ignorant article. These are such a basic beliefs of Shias that you dont' have to consult anyone just stop a passing by shia person and ask him and he will tell u all that flith himself. I dont know why how do u want to bring harmony by pleasing a minority and hurting the majority. Sorry at end for such an article. God give us courage for say right and think right.

I agree with most of the things in this article, except I do know some Shi'a who curse the Sahaba, at least Umar and Abu Bakr, and I do now some Shi'a who say the Imam's are infallible. I actually read that in the Shi'a Encylopedia, that the Imam's are infallible until the Mahdi. Anyways, this article clarified many things for me, Jazakullah.

We are from HIM and we will return to HIM. Masha'Allah, may Allah reward you all for this article. May this article continue the path of unity

I can't believe this. What a childish attempt. I have been left dismayed beyond belief. Allah is my witness that I have myself debated with shia regarding these matters. They DO hold the belief that Sahaba Mazallah changed the Quraan (When I showed the shia the verse in which Allah promised to protect the Quran, after reading it, the shia said the Sahaba changed the ORDER of the verses). Astaghfirullah. They DO consider it a good deed to slander the Great Sahaba and Aisha Al-Saajida (the wife of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him). This article is very misleading.

May Allah show the Islamicity Team the path of honesty. Any May Allah help them see RIGHT from WRONG.


One point that's not explained in the article is about MUTAAH MARRIAGE (Marriage preset with time).

Can anyone enlighten on this since from Sunni scholars, this marriage is no longer allowed. Does Shia still allow it?

How about the misconception of Shia towards Sunni?

Any commments?

1. They have their own Qur'an and believe our Qur'an is incomplete
2. They have their own hadith Books (Usul-e-Kafi).
3. They do not believe in our hadith Kitaabs- Bukhari etc.
4. They have their own Fiqh,) Fiqh - Jafari.
5. They believes that Imaams get 'Wahy' Divine Revelation.
6. They Practice 'Muta' (Temporary Marriages).
7. Terms of Sehri and Iftaar are different.
8. Ghusl for the dead is different.


The article is good but, why scholars like Dr. Shahid Athar have to explain all this.

We are all muslim brothers and sisters. Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) wanted oneness in Islam and among Muslims.

We need to join our hands and stand united. Put our differences aside as far as schools of thoughts in Islam as concerned. Someone who is more intelligent than all of us are cutting these different branches of Islam. Before we all realize the branches will be cut and scattered all over without any use. The tree (Islam) without the healthy branches will be barren, cannot give any shade nor any shelter.

Please let us not fight on differences of beleifs and let us get united specially when the time is getting tough for Muslims all over.

I hope the muslim scholars take active part in bringing all Muslim sects together without minutely looking into ones belief (whether Sunni, Shia, Sufi or whatever).

May Allah help us and give us forsight to bring unity amongst us. Amen.


Asalaamu alaykum,
I wanted to commend you on your article entitled "Sunni misconceptions about Shias." As our brothers in Islam, the Shia are usually misunderstood and misrepresented. They also follow the sunnah as we do and follow the same holy book. As Muslims, it is our duty to unite against oppression. InshaAllah this article serves as an example of how similar we are and the oneness of our Ummah. I ask Allah (swt) to guide all Muslims and to take us to the straight path. Rather one is a Maliki, Hanafi, Ahmadi, Shafii, or Jaafari, he is to be considered a Muslim. Thank you for breaking down the barriers of ignorance in your article.
Omar Khan, USA


Laa ilaaha illaahu Muhammadur Rasulullaah -Alli waliyullah, Khomeni Hujjatulillaah

Laa Illaaha Muhamdur - Rasulullah, Ali waliyullah wazi Rasulullah was Khalifauhu bila Faslein"

Shia 'Islaam' based on 5 pillars - Salaat, Zakaat, Fasting, Hajj,Wilaayat.

Azaan is "Ash Hadu Anna - ali-an Waliullah Wasu Rasulullah was Khalifatu hu bila faslrin"

They believe in12th Imaams after Rasulullaah (PBUH), First being Ali (R.A).

Last 12th Imaam Mahdi, who is in the Cave 'Surra - Man- Raa'

He is alive and observing the world from the cave 'Surra - Man- Raa' and have the knowledge of unseen. WHEN HE COMES, HE WILL BE NAKED RASULULLAAH (SM) WILL SWEAR ALLEGIANCE TO HIM. THEN, HE WILL DIG THE GRAVE OF ABU BAKR (R.A) AND UMAR (R.A) AND HANG THEM ON A STAKE FOR ALL SINS OF MANKIND.

The sunni people's Qur'an is not completed and their Qur'an (Which is 17000 ayats) with their 12th Imaam Mahdi.

Do not produce Hafiz.
Do not perform the salatul Taraweeh in the month of Ramadhan.

They say Abu Bakr (R.A) Umar (R.A) and Uthmaan (R.A) robbed Ali (R.A) of his position of being Khalif.

They say Abu Huraira (R.A) used to fabricate hadith.
They say Muawiyya (R.A) poisoned Hassan (R.A).

ABOUT MUTA (temporary marriage)
It is permissible to have Mutah marriage.
One-time 'Muta' reward is Jannat.
When they touch hands, sins fall from their fingers.
Contractors of 'Muta' will cross the 'Pul Siraat' like a flash of lightning.

1. They have their own Qur'an and believe our Qur'an is incomplete
2. They have their own hadith Books (Usul-e-Kafi).
3. They do not believe in our hadith Kitaabs- Bukhari etc.
4. They have their own Fiqh,) Fiqh - Jafari.
5. They believes that Imaams get 'Wahy' Divine Revelation.
6. They Practice 'Muta' (Temporary M

Individuals who have declared the Shahada and practice all of its constitution whether he is a Sunni or Shia must be left alone for Allah (SWT) to judge their actions. We must remember that intention is the driving force to most actions and if the intention is unquestionable good whether he is a Sunni or Shia he will be rewarded. So who are we to judge? The time has come when each and every individual Muslim must recognize each other as one of faith. We must act hand-in-hand to ensure unity and brotherhood. Our tongues must be wet from uttering Zikr of Almighty Allah this will soften our hearts with love, compassion and respect for each other. Let us stop the bashing and start recognizing each other for the sake of Allah Almighty.

Thank you for th article. Unfortunately ignorant people calling themselves muslims believe in misconceptions about Sunni or Shias, instead of uniting and spreading Islam. I am a Sunni, but I don't see any difference between Sunni or Sias except for power struggle in this life. May Allah forgive us all for wasting our time on trivial matters instead of spreading Islam.

Salam folks,

I would just like to say that I think this issue of categorizing the Shias as Non-Muslims is a very delicate one. It is an issue which requires a lot of thought and rash, uncontemplative arguments should not be tolerated against the group. As Muslims, whether Shia, sunni or otherwise; I think we would all agree that in Islam it's not recommended that we try to 'judge' people's Imam, and in so doing condemn them to the hell fire. We don't have the final decision as to who goes to heaven or not, what we do have however, are guidelines which must be followed if we are to atleast expect Allah's mercy and good grace. Those guidelines are straight forward and leave little or no room for ambiguity. I would like to point out as well, that there are many blatantly deviated groups/sects which claim to belong to Islam in some way. One such example is 'The Nation of Islam', from what they belief and advocate, we (the group of Muslims who adhere to the Quran and Sunnah) can safely omit them from the religion of Islam. The consequences of having such groups posing as 'Muslims' are numerous, it doesn't take a genious to understand the problems these fabricators pose to Islam. The one thing I know for sure is, that we as Muslims; cannot afford to do is to have our religion misrepresented. The issue is a complex one, especially given the considerable number of shias in the Muslim world. My point basically is though, as the preservers of Islam (Allah knows who you are), we cannot and should not tolerate the propagation of a false Islam. We don't have to fight with these people, just educated them...and maybe convert them. I will let the scholars of Quran and Sunnah decide what the pre-requisites of being a Muslim is.
That's all. Thank u.

I am an Iranian, born and raised Muslim. I consider myself a devote Muslim. When I read about the Sunnis and Shia and how they feel about each other, make me extremely sadden and angry. There is a reason why God (SAW) all mighty says in the holy Q'ran "do not make division of your religion". There should not be any kind of division or section in our religion. We are all MUSLIMS and I blame our "religious leaders for that". No wonder all Muslim countries are in such chaos.... We, Muslim are one of the most uncivilized, uninformed, and (in some cases) ignorant nations in the world. May God help us all.

The fact that Sunnis and Shias are blowing each other's mosque and killing each other is a very good example of kind of Muslim we all arel. The only hope for us is let the "old" generation die out and the new and educated "young" generation, take their place.

As parents, it is our at most responsibility to teach our children that there are no sections nor divisions in Islam. May be in the next few hundred years we all be one Nation, all Muslim and all sisters and brothers, as God all mighty had asked us to be. May God strengthen our faith and gives us wisdom to achieve this goal.

Excellent article brother. Muslims need more communication and discussions amongst ourselves to be able to understand one another instead of condemning each other out of ignorance. Jazakullah khair.

Mashallah, Br. Athar. God bless You.
One Quran, One Prophet, One Book, One Kaaba.
We all Are One. We need to come closer.

This article is a good try in uniting the ummah but through out history, Shias have back stabbed Sunnis many times. Did you see last year on Yahoo news and other news outlets all those horrible pictures of Shias cutting up their bodies at Karbala? Do we want to associate ourselves with such people? No way is that Islamic.
Once again, we have our Doctors trying to act like scholars and throwing out misleading articles. Tell them to stick to their profession and win some noble prizes for Muslims. They are long overdue.

The scholars have every reason to caution us about Shias. And what they write is after they have read from Shia books. Just visit a Shia site and you will find out the truth yourself. There are tons of them. We have nothing against Shias. If they do not believe in what we believe, then they are not sunnis. And the name sunni is there to differentiate ourselves from distorted Shia beliefs.

It is obligatory for Muslims to be united in one religion that is Islam. Prophet Muhammad warned Muslims not to create groups (firqa). Hazrat Ali, our beloved Khalifa, followed Prophet Muhammad. He was neither shi'a nor sunni. He was Muslim and that is what we need to be. If we do not understand that we will never be united. Now, since there are sunnis and shi'as and other groups, and they will not go away due to their and their leader's ignorance and stubborness we need to respect them cooperate with them to promote understanding of Qur,an and Islam and in other social matters. May Allah guide us to His right path and increase love and respect in Muslims of all groups. I want to thank Dr. Shahid Athar for his effort in removing some of the misunderstandings.

This is a not a great attempt to expose Sunni misconception about Shia but it does not tries to defend Jaafaria & Zaydia Shia only but defends all Shia branches and that's where it becomes misleading to already ignorant mass of Sunnis.
I am and still Sunni and consider Ahl Albayt and Al'atra Tahira as well as Shia Ithna Ashria and Zaydia branches Sunnis. Shia litterally means supporter but with time it developped religious & political connotations. I agree with Tafazal Chaudhry that comparing a Sunni that does not pray with a Shia that prays Salat Aljam' is bad comparison simply because you can't compare two different things. I must correct you Afazal that combining prayers is permissible in Islam under as long as it's not a daily occurence. Get informed before you attack Shia Muslims please. The same applies to Shia: please tell your uneducated crowds to stop insulting Sahabah. Abu Bakr, Ayeesha, Umar & Uthmaan, Zubair & Talha made historic mistakes against Ali, Fatima Zahra & Alhassan & Alhussain. Muawiya, the political opportunist,poisoned and killed Alhassan and his son Yazeed, the bucher and drunkard, killed & mutilated the body of Alhussain. We also know that those two were criminals & hypocrits & are called Tolaqa because they were given the freedom & security to live but reluctanly accepted Islam after the opening of Makkah. Yes, Some of us Sunnis know that Fatima was denied her right to inheritance thank to the bad interepretation of Abu Bakr who made a horrible mistake going against the Koran and followed a week hadith. Yes we know that the messenger of Allah was burried after three days and that Abu Bakr and Ayeesha don't know where he was burried and did not pray salat aljanaza. Yes, it is a lie that the messenger of Allah pbuh was burried in the house of Ayeesha but the truth is that he is burried in the house of Fatima & Ali. Yes, we know Fatima asked Ali to bury her at night like her father so that Abu bakr...dont know where she is burried bec...

Masha-allah - a very nice article. I think it cleared up some misconceptions that some people (including myself) had about Shia.
May Allah guide us all on the Righteous Path.
Jazak-Allah kheir

Some good points, however rasullallah (saw)
only allowed muttah for the travelling armies
and he later on outlawed it, as the sunni's
believe. Why make keep doing it, if something
goes against the ethos of islam, causes
societal breakdown and fatherless children,
or is it because we men are animals and
cannot control our cardinal desires! Grow up
oh my beloved ummah, this is not about
disunity but about waking up!

I am not convinced that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) practiced Mutah (Temporary marriage) in his lifetime. Provide me proof

someone asked Hadith for the combined prayers. it is in Sahih Al Bukhari s At-Taqsir, the book of shortened prayers, chapter 8: narrated by Ibn Abbas: "Rasul Allah (saws) used to offer Zuhr and Asr prayers together on journeys, and also used to offer the Maghrib and Isha prayers together." unfortunatly i've heard that Shias don't accept the Sahih Al Bukhari...i hope i'm wrong. united we stand divided we fall.

it is important that muslims stay or should i say try to stay united. however i have a few questions. can you name me any Shia named Umar or Aiesha?? i don't think so...also i wish this article had explained the whole 12 imam theory...
also what gives a bad image of the Shias is the brutal auto-mutalition by an active minority to remember Hussein martyr in Karbala.

Comment about #9, temporary marraige/mutah. Quran prohibits marraige for Lust and Desire:

004.024: Also (prohibited are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess: Thus hath Allah ordained (Prohibitions) against you: Except for these, all others are lawful, provided ye seek (them in marriage) with gifts from your property,- desiring chastity, not lust, seeing that ye derive benefit from them, give them their dowers (at least) as prescribed; but if, after a dower is prescribed, agree Mutually (to vary it), there is no blame on you, and Allah is All-knowing, All-wise.



Thank you for highlighting/clarifying the artificial divide set by Satan among Sunni and Shia. I love the Shia, they a good Muslims and I have never found anything lacking in their worship. We should not allow ourselves to fall into the traps set by Satan. The Shia are part of the universal Ummah of Islam. I want to thank our Brother Shahid for removing the barriers that continue to plague us as a religious community.

i feel that we all muslims are equal.. and this is the lesson taught by our prophet Muhammad(pbuh). Any one who is educated and a proper muslim wont say any sort of harsh stuff for any one either from the prophet's family or his companions! we should learn from them and we should stand on one platform.. we should take the guidance from the quran pak and this is the time when we must get united and show to the people of other religons that the islam is the religon of unity and peace.. May Allah help us all.. and keep us on the right path..Ameen

If there are at least five formal daily prayers at Shia mosques then the difference would seem to be minimized. I know of devout "Sunni" Muslims who pray without prostrating at least in foreign surroundings. I myself feel better when I at least mentally say the prayers and visualize the gestures when I am travelling. I call myself a "Sunni" Muslim for the sake of disclosure but in my view Muslims are Muslims.

Sir,I am not totally concived with your views about sunni n shia.In the whole passage yourself have not mentioned a single thought of shias that they hold against sunnis.
Sir, you said that shia does not try to birng down the other 3 caliphs & Aisha or the Prophet Mohammed(pbuh, Sir in many shia channel you can cthe face of the catoons of Prophets n other companions but u will never see the face of Ali, Hussian, or other Imams.Sir in a liberal site like your one must see that they are more careful of what is mentioned in a articel.
I am not tryin to bring you effort down but tryin to remind yourself that without bein fair you cant bring the required result between the Muslims.

It's hard to absorb what the writer had said especially about the 3 great companions of Rasullullah and Siti Aishah as where ever I visit Shia websites, I'm very sure they don't find them as faithful Muslims.

Although the main belief in Islam is to believe there is only 1 GOD to worship and that is non-other than the merciful Allah SWT and to believe that Prophet Muhammad is Rasullullah and the final seal of prophethood in Islam, cursing and slandering another Muslims brothers and sisters are far away from the teaching of our beloved Rasullullah. If the 3 great companions and the others have indeed became the infidels, it is not up to us, mere mortals and weaklings in the view of Allah SWT, to judge who are Muslim and who have become infidels. Especially us.... we were not there to witness such events. Some histories were made for political flavours.

The 4 great companions and the rest of lesser known companions of Rasullullah have their own characters and specializations to help Rasullullah to shape Islam from the beginning. Thus we should respect them.

Leave the greediness for political power back in the stable. Let us as Muslims think again about this whole Sunni-Shia dialogue as it will not bring to happy ending to either side either. The breaking of Islam into sectarian regions is the work of the Devil, who will never rest until the Islam broken up into tiny pieces. Let us not see Islam goes into that path. Believe in Allah as the only God and accept Prophet Muhammad as the final prophet of Islam and as Rasullullah. Respect his companions but never to idolise them.... even if your school of thoughts encourage to slander and curse them. For only during Kiamat then, we shall know who are the true slanderers and devil in disguise.

First of all, If there is no difference then why the division.
Secondly I would like to ask the author where did these misconceptions originate from?.
Declaration of Faith, By this misconceptions answer can we assume that anyone MAY add anything to the declaration?
Misconception 9: Mutah had a lot of restrictions on it even when it was NOT prohibited. Was it not originally created for armies fighting long wars at far off lands???
I have another question was Hazrat Ali (R.A) a Shi'a, Did he (R.A) not pray Sunnah's, and did he (R.A) do all the things Shi'as do today?

These are the questions and thoughts which came in my mind after reading the article I am sorry if I offend anyone and may Allah forgive me. I look forward for answers and clearing my misconceptions. Thank You. Salam

I think the writer for this article needs to do more research about his so called misconceptions. I myself sit around with shia's and have been with the Shia community for a long time and have seen all what the writer considers a misconception. Shia's do combine prayers but not all 5 and as far as the writer says that "How can a Sunni who does not pray at all be better than a Shia who combines prayers?" Neither is the writer or any Shia to decide what is right and what is wrong and what deeds one has. I think a person who prayers 5 times just for the cause and intention to show people that he is a good muslim is probably nothing but just a waste of time.
The writer better be careful while declaring his own concepts on ISLAM. There is no proof of a concept of a such a ridiculous and absurd concept of mutah in ISLAM neither at the time of the PROPHET (PBUH). The concept of mutah does not relate to ISLAM at all. Shia's do have different declarations of faith and do add to prayers as well I have seen it in every Shia community. You ask others not to offend anybody but the writer himslef potrays an offending image by saying that sunni's have a corrupted government. If the writer wants to know more about Shia's then please go and sit with people from Shia community who just know about cursing the first three caliphs. The writer better clear his misperseptions about the reality rather than coming up with vain judgements with such a poor research.

Mashallah, finally an article that talks about misconceptions. We, as Muslims should unite and not divide. We should understand what is wrong and what is right. In an ideal world there would be no Sunni and no Shia...there would only be Muslim. Let's work towards that. JazakAllah

It seems that misconception # 10 is contradictory. It says that "Imam" comes after a prophet passes a certain test. Right? Therefore, according to this falacy, Ali is greater than a prophet, because you believe that he is "Imam." Is Ali the prophet we did not know? Is he better than AbuBakr? And are the caliphs, then, not messenger of islam's message as Muhammad asked them to do? Obviously, based on your definition to Imam "...who is a prophet after passes a test"...them all caliphs are not imams....only Ali the prophet who passed the test, therefore he the IMAM.

You people should repent to ALLAH, and I ask Allah to forgive you from this KUFR.

From the worst of evils is hizbiyyah (partisanship), it's destructiveness and creation of numerous groups. Innovation and It's People Imaam Ahmad said:

Wakee' narrated to us from Sufyaan, from Ja'afar, from his father, from Jaabir who said: The Messenger of Allaah (Sallallaahu 'Alayhi Wa Sallam) stood and gave us a sermon. So he praised Allaah, and lauded Him with what was befitting of Him, and he said: Whoever is guided by Allaah, then no wayward person can misguide him. And whoever is misguided [by Him] then there is no guide for him. Verily the best of speech is the Book of Allaah, and the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad (Sallallaahu 'Alayhi Wa Sallam), and the worst of matters are newly invented ones. And every newly invented matter is an innovation. And every innovation is in the Fire. [A combination of different versions of this hadeeth by Jaabir Ibn Abdullaah - in Muslim (3/11), Ahmad (3/381), Nisaa`ee (1/234), Bayhaqee (3/214). The above combination was put together by Imaam al-Bayhaqee in his Al Asmaa Was Sifaat.]

I think you should stick with medicine.

I think the writer did not mention the true probelms and only touched the superficial issues.
Fisrt thing that Shias read the same Quran as Sunnis but they beleive that the origional Quran is with Imam Mehdi and he will come and bring it to them.Untill then they have to read this Quran
Second thing that they beleive in "Badaa".They say that the Gabreil has to go taking Wahee to ALi(R.A.A) but he went by mistake to Prophem Muhammad(S.A.W).
Next thing is that they beleive in Mutah.(Can a Shia give his sister or Mother for Mutaa to other.And they beleive if a person does mutaa(Naooz-o-bilaa) his rank can go equal to the prophets.
I think the writer have never heard about "Tabaraa"?.It is when the Shia people openly abuses the Caliphs of islam.
About Zakat....It is for sure that they do not pay Zakat.They have to pay 25% of their income to their religious scholars(Faqeeh).(I do not know which Islam has these rules)
I think writer only tried to show a very mild picture of the difference s and ignored the major diffrences.
Anyhoe i apprecaite the ideas of riter that we should not at least fight with each other.

Although i am a great proponent of encouraging civil and polite dialogue between the two groups, i disagree with the over-simplification given to the answers to some valid questions. To those of us who have read around the subject and discussed it many times, this article is woefully deficient in accurate detail. Many of the answers given are subjective and do not stand up to scrutiny. Islamicity shouldn't be publishing such articles of poor quality just for the sake of dialogue. May Allah forgive me for any offense i cause by saying this. Wassalamu alaikum.


It is a commandable effort from the author in trying to eliminate the misconception regarding the different between the Sunni and Shia teaching but unfortunatelly the author using a counter argument by comparing the misconception with putting down non-practice Sunnis follower against the Shia's religious practice. This is not the best way to help uniting the two parties due to this comparison. We need just put the fact and not our opinion for this type of article. We need to unite and work for the comman goal in this difficult time. All Muslim/Muslimah should follow the Prophet Muhammad SAW, thus we all are Sunnis (The One Who Follows The Sunnah) and perform our prayers and other religious rite by following the Prophet way/example. Lets not reinvent new way of doing our religious duty that is harram for us and will make us just as corrupt as other Ahlil Kitab. There is only one way of practicing our belief by following the Qur'anic teaching and the Sunnah.

May Allah blessed us by uniting all of us for reaching the comman goal of living the true Islamic way and be a good/examplanary citizen where ever we life.


Mustafa A. Syammach


compare the sunnah of the prophet, and the sayings or letters of ali naglul balaga this is a real problem for some people ,i want some real feed back . the first missonary to this area of the world was mau,abdul aleem sadiqqi,1950 ,today we have approached this religion ,by going bact to basics . your br. ali

Dear Brother,

Is the difference only cultural or ritual as well?
Please explain.


Asalamu Alaykum Warahma.
Jazakalahu Khayran for a much needed discussion.
I have thought about this issue for a long time. I love both sides and I also dislike and sometimes hate certain ways of conduct on both sides. I do not label myself as shia or sunni, but a follower of our beloved prophet Mohamed (SAW). I think if one could ignore the conflict that brought about the split and focus on the prophet(SAW)and his massage we would not be in this mess. It sounds very naive and simple, but i am afraid this is as simple as it gets to save yourself from a burning fire. After all when one is brought into his/her account by Allah, you are not going to be asked which side of the conflict did you side with but how well you followed the massage brought to you thru Mohamed (SAW). This conflict does not matter. SO MY SIMPLE ADVISE IS STARTING TODAY YOU BETTER LEARN ABOUT THE REAL MASSAGE. IF WE CAN AGREE ON ONE THING IT IS THE QURAN SO I THINK THIS IS WHERE TO START. THEN YOU MAY WANT TO LEARN THE HADIT AND LEARN BOTH AND FILTER IT YOURSELF AND CHOOSE FIRST THOSE THAT ARE CONSISITENT WITH THE QURAN. SINCE THE TWO TRADITIONS MAY HAVE DIFFERENT CONTENT OF HADITH.
Again it sounds very simple but this is how I practice myfaith. My God bring all of us back to the right path.
Please forgive me if I have offended you the least.

Sunnis and Shia Muslims must unite and realize that they have far more similarities than differences. Islam is not uniform and stagnant.
Differences and change within boundaries are allowed, for example with the different madhabs in the Sunni Islam.
However, any contradiction to the Quran is not allowed. For this reason the Shia sect of Ismailis (Aga Khanis) are not Muslim as they blatantly regard the Aga Khan to have qualities of God such as the ability to grant forgiveness. In the Sunni sect Ahmedis and Rashidis are not considered Muslim as they to violate the Quran and claim another Prophet after the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).
This article should note that like who call themselves Sunnis, there are some who call themselves Shias but would answer the authors "misconception" questions quite differently.

Lovely article.Per 60's the 'hate that hate produced ' Insha'allah, as more of us men folk control our Nafs better -bigger Jihad-. The better off the whole world would be. Insha'allah.

I was relieved to read misconception no.5. But I am still confused on some matters regarding Shia.

1. Why should one hurt himself by beating some part of the body? It more like a practice in some part of Asia.When and who introduce this ritual?

2. Why Mutaah? What happen to the woman after it over? For a start, woman should not be treated like this. We should be able to control ourselves (Iman), whether we are singles or married, anywhere, anytime.

3. Why we should have a spiritual leader/s? This is more like that nasrani. All muslim should be free to decide what he desires as long as they are not against the teachings of Islam.

Lastly, I would like to see all the misconceptions between Sunni and Shia are iron out in spirit of brotherhood. We have the Holy Quran and the Prophet's traditions (Pbuh) as our reference and that it. There should be no Sunni or Shia.


Two parts complete Islam
1st. Quran
2nd. Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

So if some one doesnot practise the sunnah and do some other prayer with context is irrevalent ( allah knows better)
First is Faraz then comes Sunah and later n least come nuwafil

Asalamu Alaykum,

I am glad to see some misconceptions about Shia cleared up. I am Shia and I feel that our Ummah is in deep need of unity. We must unite and be guided by Allah and his Messenger (Saw) and his holy progeny peace be upon them. The misconceptions are based on absolute ignorance and I commend Islamicity for showing that they are not biased and are rightly guided. I have one correction I would like to make in all humility. We do not add anything to the call to prayer (azan). We say it as it was said during the time of our Prophet(saw)-which included the saying "haya Ala Khayr Al Amal"-meaning come to the best of deeds. To my knowledge this was later deleted from the Azan by Caliph Omar as he feared it would dicourage people from taking part in Jihad. We also in the azan If we choose to (it is not obligatory) may add "Ashadu Ana Aliyun Waliy Ullah"-which is what our Holy Prophet (saw) proclaimed him to be at Ghadir Khum, when he said to the faithful that Ali is their Mawla (leader). This is agreed upon by all schools of thought, no one can contradict the statement our blessd Prophet (saw) made at Ghadir Khum.

May Allah reward you for your desire to preach unity in a world which Shaitan is trying to spread his tentacles and divide us.

Assalamu alaikum
From the time of primary education I was taught that Shias are axed from the Muslum community which can be said as a general conception in our country (Bangaldesh).If all of these conceptions are against the truth, I am not able to understand why this type of division exists, Why they are known as Shias instead of Muslim.
"We the Muslim Ummah" this is our main identity.
I disagree with the ending sentence of misconception 7 in the sence that this supports the division which is against of the abstract of this article.

The need for unity amongst Muslims is now greater than ever. Any attempt to explain the misconceptions and rifts between us is welcome. May Allah grant guidance to all of us and help us become one Ummah.


We all have our own interpretations of Islam and we must be true to them. At times when Muslims are being persecuted, we must not argue over trivial matters. Unity is not going to come easily until we can tolerate each other and love for our brothers that which we love for ourselves. I think the answers are a little anti-Sunni, but I am prepared to TOLERATE this because I am sure any counter-arguments will start another pointless debate.
JazakAllahu Khair

ha ha ha ...
First of all i want to say Allahmdullilah that Allah subahn O'tala gave my berth in Sunni family. The writer did not tell why they become "Shia"? Why they diverted from the mainstream? Why they killed Uthman Razi Allah O' unoh (RAU),? Why they want that Ali RAU should be Imam? Why they still crying and weeping on great martyars (Hasan and Hussain) while Islam prohibt mourning more than three days and spcially crying? Were other martyars or battel of Uahad and Battle of Bader were not martyars like Hamza RAU, the uncle of prophet? Why they play color like Hindus of India on Navroz? Is it Islamic tradition? Why they still bury the "Tazias" thinking they are martyars? Why they put something under their forehead like paper, or piece of mud when they pray? What is this? How they can say the place of worship is impure? Why not they put whole piece of their body over a pure thing? Why onle forehead? There are a lot of Whys. In the least but not least if you look the History you will see all the branches like, Ismailites, Bohras, Aghashahi, Suhroworthy, Seveners, Eleveners, Twelvers, and so on are all the Branches from Shia Sect and non of them from Sunni Sect. A small diversion from the main caused a big loss to islam. Alas at that time they did not make a new sect so Islam would be the strongest religion. Although it is still.

I sicerely admit that this process of expression of the facts is the excellent way to let others know the truth. Indeed the majority of our sunni brothers are unaware of the true beleifs of the Shias because they don't take interest in reading authentic books, and thus they depend on mostly heresies and prejudices. I have an humble request to the Sunni brothers to read the Shia literature or even go through their own book - Bukhari or SMuslim in which they will find lot of things which the Shias do beleive.

I just wanted to say that this article makes no sense to me, I think the muslim ummah need unity, and people who practice shiaism, are going aginst our Islam, and biggest proof of this is their Kalima Shadaat, which different from what was brought to us in the Quran.? Why, not focuz on that point???

May Allah Bless you.
There are people of all faiths including Muslim sunnis that do a lot of different things that are not in accordance with Islam. You've made your point well, I see them as Muslims not as shias, after all, they have taken the shadada like all muslims, I urge everyone to move away from divisive language (sunni, shia) and use language that unites us. Iran is Muslim and not shitte muslim etc.

Salam Alaikum,

I have read books published by both Sunni and Shia authors and have found both schools of thought to have hadith to support their practices. I have chosen to follow a Sunni school of thought, but I will not condemn the shia for their practices. I am just a human, which makes me imperfect and limited in knowledge. With that said, I will leave judgement of right and wrong to Allah(swt) for He knows best.

Wa alaikum salam,


In the first place, who gave anybody any right to call himself shia or sunni as against muslim? Was it Allah(SWT)? Was it the the prophet(SAW)? The answer to the two questions is NO. Then why are we bent in identifying ourselves as such. Ignorance? No. Defiant arrogance? Yes. Inna Lillahi Wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

Allah has said we should never divide and call ourselves names but we ignore the order. We will die and we will be ask? Are you "the shia" or "the sunni" prepared to answer the question? I for one a muslim who submit to the will of the almighty Allah, love Him and adore His prophets and acknowledge the Sahabas who He said He has forgiven and follow the path these noble people followed I think 'm ready. I only hope you will also be. May Allah continue to bless the world of the muslims, ameen.

As was stated by the holy prophet Mohammad pbuh that there will be more than 70 sects in islam and the one who will be the largest will enter paradise, then why this debates about differences.

On the whole, some useful comments. However I do not agree with the comments regarding Mutah (tempoaray marriages). The writer does not submitt any proof that the Prophet (SAW) practiced this. Furthermore, I have refered to the Q&A section on Islamicity where the Imams have said the Prohet (SAW)has fobidden this.

Just a small comment... it seems to me that the so called experts are completely ingnorant on the shia mazhab..... they should study the shia books and then see what the shia infact are....and the so called misconceptions by the sunni are correct in everyway if you have studied the shia mazhab. This article is initself misguided and it seems to propergate the shia point of view.

Excellent Article. There's a dire need for further articles on the subject from other scholars to clear the misonceptions & unite the muslim ummah.

This is good article as there are many misconception about the Shia's . Here in Bahrain, there are more Shia's than Sunis.

The article did not really answered the questions posed against shia muslims.My opinion is that shia muslims think that they need not pray the sunnah as they feel that they are not obligatory.Even if it is not obligatory,they should perform sunnah prayers as done by the prophet (saw).The prophet (saw) has said on his last sermon that he leaves behind him two things .The quran and his sunnah.if one follows these two things he will be rightly guided.And another thing i would like to point out is that the shia muslims ,they think so they are one.i,m sorry to say this but their testimony that they do not take the rest of the caliphs as their imams is really bad to hear.The prophet (saw)has said that his companions are like the stars in the heavens.And if anyone follows them they would not go astray and be rightly guided.So their statement that they do not follow their shariah or take them as the leader is simply atrocious.I personally feel that their opinion on mutah is absolutely wrong .This is not in the shariah of any school of thought nor is it in anyway mentioned in the their false claim that they could have temporary marriage is blasphemy.They are contradicting themselves.They said in the article shia's discourage mutah but do not consider it prohibited.This is something to ponder about.what exactly are they trying to say.Are they saying mutah is prohibited or is it allowed.The prophet (SAW)rided on camel and horse during his time.Does that mean we have to travel by camel too.This cant be done.the prohet did get married to widow sahabi women so support them ,not to have intimacy with them.Further the prophet(SAW) did not encourage temporary how can shia muslims say they are following the sunnah of prophet (SAW).The prophet also told the ummah that one should only do hijrah to three places on earth .The first being the Holy Haram sharif ,his mosque masjidun nabawih and masjidul aqsa.then why is it that most of the shia muslims go to qarbala

Muslims are supposed to love what ever prophet(S.A) loved. Prophet(S.A) loved the 3 caliphs, and followers of Prophet(S.A) are supposed to follow it. Regarding the argument for combination of prayer I disagree. He is making own rules. I have seen shias praying in Mecca during Hajj. I was shocked to see they talk and walk freely in mosque while prayer is going on.In madeena I see in Janath baqee how they love graves. The comment on corrupt sunny Govts.about Zakath show some type of intolerance towards sunnis, Iam not arguing they are good. However I pray almight Alla show us his true path to all of us Ameen

It is a laudable effort on your part to bridge the gap between Sunnis and Shias. However we need accurate information to dispel misunderstandings and fears between us.

I think an opportunity should be given to 2 Sunni scholars who have lived among Shias to respond to this important debate by telling what is the great
divide between the two.

Unless we receive accurate information and democratically determined debates we would not be able to change our prejudices and fears.

Mohsin Hingun

as salam o alaikum,
misconseption 8. shia's only pay zakat on their wealth once in a lifetime and not every year. please get your facts in order before misleading the ummah

Masha'Allah, this is the right approach to resolve difference between Sunni and Shia.
Specially, this sensitive time when west media doing propaganda against Muslim world. May Allah reward you for this noble work.


Excellent article. Thank you very much for clrifying some of my misconceptions.

Hope to see more of such articles. These articles can ease the tense situation between Shia and Sunni brothers.

AAWW,KINDLY LIKE TO ADVISE MY FELLOW MUSLIMS AS FOR ISLAM WE WERE ALL BROUGHT TO THIS WORLD AS ONE (MUSLIMS),AND NOT GROUPSShi'ites; Ahmadiyah; Kadianis; Sufis; Nation of Islam; Wahabi; Moorish Science; Rastafarians AND MANY MORE. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said:
"Muslims will divide into 73 groups. All will be in Hell, except one. The one me and my companions are on today."Additionally, the prophet, peace be upon him, said that as the Jews and the Christians divided into 71 or 72 sects, that you (meaning the Muslims) would divide into 73 groups and all of them would be in HELL, except for ONE.
And the "saved sect" would be those who remained on what he and his companions were on: "Quran and Sunnah."

We see clearly from the above that Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has named us as "Muslims" alone.
Additionally, when we consider that the deviant groups always have to have a name of some kind in order to distinguish themselves from the others, we begin to see the pattern. If someone feels that it is necessary to describe himself as a certain kind of "Muslim" then this is his or her problem.

Now of course one could say that: "I am a tall Muslim." or "He is a fat Muslim." and then this type of description is for the purpose of identifying physical characteristics.
Additionally, a person might use someone's country or nationality to describe a Muslim for the purpose of determining their heritage such as a "Pakistani Muslim" or an "Arab Muslim."
These types of descriptions do not put a person out of the fold of Islam.

We must understand that Allah Subhannah wa Ta'ala has made it perfectly clear both in the Quran and in the sayings of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, that the religion of Islam was perfected and completed during the lifetime of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and that no new religion would come until the Last Day and that those who followed Islam were called by Allah, MUSLIMS. THIS IS ADVISE I APOLOGISE IF I

I don't have any problem in resolving these misconceptions but the way it is done by writer is not good. Author has ridiculed Sunnis in one or the other way. Instead if he would have tried to bond them in common practices and believes then I think, Sunni's or Shia's would have benefited with such article. If intent was just to criticize Sunnis then I do not agree with this article at all. You may have several explanation for misconceptions but biddah and shirk done in greeting (Ya Ali Madad) done by shia's needs lot of explanation.
Any way, we believe in Allah and his prophet (PBUH) and our goal is same. I have not seen any Sunni talking against Hazrat Ali or any Sahaba. They respect every one and that is all required to come near to each other.
For both Shia's and Sunni's, it is mentioned in Surah [47:33] O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the apostle, and make not vain your deeds! At-Taghabun [64:12] So obey Allah, and obey His Messenger. but if ye turn back, the duty of Our Messenger is but to proclaim (the Message) clearly and openly.
You may find more such surahs in Quran, it is clear that it is not Hazrat Abu-Bakar, Omar, Usman or Ali but just Quran and prophet (PBUH) to follow. So respect them but do not divide yourself and earn hell fire.
May Allah Guide us, Ameen

Comment on Miscon 3: We all believe that not only Hadrath Ali (R) but all companions of prophet (PBUH) & true muslims are friend (Valiye) of Allah.How can Shia add some additional to Adan (Call to prayer) which we can hear from Shia Masjids.Adding anything to Islam is bidah and prophet said the worst of all affairs are newly invented things and every newly invented thing is an innovation and every innovation is astray and every astray is in the Hellfire.". So it is not allowed to add anything to Islam whether he is sunni or shia or any other sect.I also disagree with Answer no.7 and no.9. Prophet (PBUH) said 'He who innovates something in this affair of ours (i.e. Islam) that is not part of it, will have it rejected'.Produce your proof from Holy Quran or Saheeh hadith if you are saying truth rather than comparing your faith with Sunni and others. You have to take deen from Holy Quran & Saheeh Hadiths. You have to understand Islam same way as Sahabahs taken when they heard from Prophet (PBUH)

Today is the right day to start this and bring all the Ummah of Islam and believers together. I am glad we are not waiting until tomorrow. My family are 'Aybadhi's which is slightly different from Sunni's and this article will shed light on them too. As Muslims we were encouraged to go as far as China to get knowledge, subhanallah internet brings it right to us. I am not against knowledge, so I would like to hear all sides of the stories.

I have a question concerning temporary marriages. It is my understanding that although Muhammad(saws) initially allowed these marriages, after further revelation he disallowed such unions? This article claims that it was Umar who later disallowed such unions because of social factors. This article claims that now this practice is more favorable, during travel, than commiting aldultery. What are the evidences of this? Please explain.

I disagree with the answer to the question "Misconception 7: Shias combine all five prayers into one prayer in the evening". In particuler the statement "How can a Sunni who does not pray at all be better than a Shia who combines prayers?".

First of all additions to Islam are sinful. Secondly comparing a person who is wilfully praying in a manner contrary to the teachings of Islam to a person who does not pray at all is an odd way of making wrong right. An on top of that examplifing the later person to be a Sunni and first one as shia, is not a good thing to say.

I believe that Dr. A. S. Hashim of Washington and Imam Muhammad Ali Elahi of Detroit should give valid hadeeth to support this combining of Prayers. They should not demonise Sunni's as well if they are truely sincere about better relations between the two factions.

Assalamualikum, Some of the misconceptions answered seem to conflict. Please visit, go to the special biyanat/program section and click on Shia sunni munazra. You may find the real shias there. Also in 1997 Sheikh Huzaifi , Imam of Madina Munawwara spoke against the shias in his famous friday sermon after which he was house arrested for two years. I can send the audio on request. Wasalam.

Innal alhamdulillah wasalatu wasalam ale rasulillah wa bad,

I found your article about the misconceptions about Shea'ism completely ludicrous and false, for example you only need to look in the books written by their spiritual leader Khomeni to find the major shortcomings in their beleifs. For example what Khomeni has himself written regarding the sahabah (RAA).

A disappointment to find you propagating such an article.

Es'salamu aleyikum.
First, I'm sunnit. Second my English is very bad. I just want to say that I heard fron a long time before this kind misconceptions but I never belived in it because it is against logic. I always think that if Shias love and respect Ali and his sons, they cannot be against prophete Muhammed who is the grand-father of Ali's Children and who is, also, the father of the Hassen and Hussein's mother. If the contain of this article is true, so I thing that Shias are the true and real Sunnit. About Salat I thing that it is concern of the Baha-i and Ismailit whose belive on Batinia (the insight) and that the practice is not important. To conclude, I think that all this questionnable ideas are from those persons whose want to maintain the muslim splited in many category in the goal to kill Islam. But Allah protect his religion and all muslims people. I was very happy to read this article and I hope that all muslism can read it.

Wa'Salamu aleyikum

What a wonderful world we live it, Truth can never be shut-up
Warmest Greetings
Phil Ramsey

Assalamu alikum


This article is a complete lie. Dear brothers and sisters, I refer you to the shia book al-kafi. This is their main source of islamic knowledge and similar to the sunni sahih al-bukhari. Within it you can find so called shia 'hadiths' which prove many of the things you have claimed to "clarify".

To summarise the shia beliefs as follows (taken from al-kafi and the writings of the shia imams such as Al-Khomeni):

(1) The Quran is not complete, incorrect and false
(2) There is a true Qur'an which is three times the size of our Qur'an and contains nothing which the sunni Qur'an contains
(3) That Jibreel is an enemy who "betrayed the trust of Allah"
(4) That our mother, Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, committed Zina.
(5) That the shia's must do everything they can to decieve and lie to the sunnis, and that this was the practise of Ali may Allah be pleased with him (and he is above the things that they say about him)
(6) That no one will enter jannah until they have performed temporary marriage
(7) That the shia imams have knowledge of the unseen to the level which is "greater than any of the prophets, angels or [others]"
(8) That all of the atoms in the universe prostrate to and worship the shia imams
(9) that all of the sahahbas apostated except 3, or 5 or 7

Ya ikhwaan, the majority of these beliefs make you a non muslim and this is the reality about the shia who understand this and believe with certainty in their books. They are outside of Islam and closer to the Jews than the Muslims.

90% of the above information, including all of the beliefs which amount to kufr, can be found in their book al-kafi in any shia mosque.

And it is not permissable to unite with them, nor to support them, and indeed those of them who are not outside of islam are from the most devient of the muslims.

And all success lies with Allah, and may the peace and mercy of Allah be upon His messenger, and all thos

Masha'Allah, may Allah reward you all for this article. May this article continue the path of unity amongst the Muslim ummah, and bring us all together. As a Shi'a living in LA, I can personally attest that there is a great level of disinformation being distributed to the Muslims attacking the Shi'a and trying to marginalize us from the rest of the community.

The best way to combat these misconceptions is through education, and articles like these are an important step in doing so. May efforts like these continue, and may Allah reward you for your efforts.

Although I agree with most of his article as well as the thrust of his argument, I should sadly object to some points Shahid Athar referred to. True, there are not any significant differences between Sunnis and Shias as many people assume in the domain of creed (aqeedah). However, especially the Ja'fari-Iranian form of Shiism has so saddening an attitude towards the first three righteous caliphs, especially sayyiduna Uthman (May Allah be pleased with him). For a good dialogue and brotherhood within the Ummah, Shiites, as well as Sunnis, must radically revise their attitudes. In the case of Shiism, this is the standard Shiite attitude towards the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It is an openly-declared Shiite belief that only a very small group of his Companions did not deviate from his path as most of them didn't follow Ali. This is so unacceptable an approach from the Sunni viewpoint.

I am sorry to say that the six point is not very true. Even the most moderate Iranian Shiite author that I have ever read decribed sayyiduna Abu Bakr as "an otherwise good person, but a usurper (of Ali's and some of his descendants' exclusive, God-given right to govern the Ummah)". According to even the most moderate shiites, Umar was "not only a usurper but also an obstinate and strident man, being the ant-thesis to the mericul Ali" (May Allah be pleased with them both).

If I were a slightly more emotional person, I would certainly cry after reading the most moderate Ja'fari-Shiite's words about Uthman bin Affan, the third Caliph. Uthman was "a usurper, a nepotist, an oppressor and lover of his worldly belongings" according to him.

Mr. Athar's comment on the prohibiton of Mut'ah marriage is also ahistorical. The second caliph Umar prohibited it because the last order of the Prophet was the prohibition of that type of marriage. But not all Muslims had heard of it at that time, hence the mistaken assumption that prohibiting mutah marriage was Umar's own