Iraqi Resistance After Saddam

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Many will never be happy at the arrest of an Arab leader, even a tyrant, if it is done by foreign colonial forces. However, the disappearance of Saddam Hussein from power forever gives hope to all the oppressed who have suffered under repressive governments.

The collapse of the former dictatorial regime in Iraq and the fall of those who served it for decades could provide a golden opportunity for some political realism to appear in the Arab world. It could provide an opportunity for the Arab world to end forever the military adventures and hollow political slogans directed at people's emotions rather than their minds. The people too often live under the illusion of false hopes, not realizing the serious consequences that those policies inevitably produce.

Considering the manner in which Saddam was captured and the power that made the arrest, it was indeed surprising to see the former Iraqi leader surrender so quietly. It was surprising to see Saddam agree to put himself into the hands of his enemies. This is the same leader who urged the Arab people to resist and offer sacrifices to protect their dignity and honor.

What does his surrender mean?

It simply means that the man who valued sacrifice actually lied to everyone until the last minute before his freedom was taken from him. People should carefully consider what opportunist politicians tell them before believing the politicians' words. We have now seen how the opportunists can easily give up to the enemy while poor and simple people sacrifice their lives to expel the invaders.

It would be right to say that Saddam has in fact not been resisting the occupiers but was instead enjoying the last moments of his life. The people who contributed to his demise are the ones resisting the occupation. The resistance will not be affected by the fall of a bankrupt politician. On the contrary, it will intensify and become more ferocious now that no one can accuse it of serving the former regime.

  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Arab World, Iraq, Saddam Hussein
Views: 4019

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Older Comments:
By the way, I think that the person who was forced to reveal where Saddam was hiding should get paid the 25 million dollar reward. If we are intent on playing God then we ought to try rewarding people beyond their wildest dreams for having forced them to obey us.

(In any case) Assalamu alaikum.

If you fail to overthrow your corrupt Muslim leaders then perhaps consider some way of encouraging them to behave more like rightly guided Muslims. Insha'Allah.

this is a wake up call to all the arab and non arab heads of state whether they are kings ,presidents,or prime ministers, that allah will eventually have justice prevail, so i urge all those who are oppressing their people and squandering their national wealth given by the creator to wake up and seek forgiveness from their people then from god and follow the example of the prophet sw and the examples of the khulafa e raashidoon.

and i also urge the muslim ummah to do their part in seeking knowledge both devine injunctions and secular scientific knowledge for the benefit of humanity,then allah will make muslims more powerful even if they dont have the destructive arsenal that the west has which has destroyed humanity and ic capable of destroying the whole world several times.

and also dont look for justice to the west or un because they dont know what is justice and they cannot comprehend justice , because to be just you have to have the knowledge of quraan and iman in your heart which gives you compassion and the courage to forgive, without which there cant be justice.

greed for oil and other material resources cant go hand in hand with justice, liberty, freedom etc


Wake up my fellow Arab brothers in Islam! Stop critising others and reflect on yourselves! you of all people are a disgrace to Islam! your leaders could only watch in silence when our fellow brothers are in despair! To tell you the truth your Arab leaders have no guts to stand up for the kalimah of "Laillaha Illalah"! Your leaders have failed Allah,Islam and the Holy Prophet(S.A.W). And stop critisicing jeff because he's right. but in the other end i do not agree with jeff about the american actions. BUSH is one of the minor DAjjals. he is but one of the minors and your leaders are meek when confronting him!!! wake up Muslims wake up!!! Dun ever dream that the help of Allah will come if you wish to continue with your negligence to the ummah!!! You can put a brave front when criticising the Israels but all you can do is talk no actions??? Arabs now are not like the Arabs of last time. Islam came down in your lands and is spread to the whole world from there but you are really a disgrace oh Arab leaders! Please wake up from your illusions and the mind games of your enemies please before Allah stop helping us...

MR. PROXY FROM .... said:
I agree with Jeff... The citizens of Arab countries should overthrow the puppet gov'ts which are acting as proxies for the American gov't.

The people there need to shed blood to kick out all the corrupt gov't thugs. There can't be another Saddam (who was fully equipped and nourished by U.S., until Saddam wanted the same pot of OIL as U.S.) in any Muslim country.

To establish equilibirum, here is the disagreement... the people of Israel and the U.S. MUST also kick out thugs/zionists, morons and evildoers from their gov't, who spread lies, hate, and who kill the innocent in the NAME of WOrld peace.

How stupid people can be!!!!

Actually, Jeff, if you showed a greater interest in progressive actions taken by Arabs my guess is you would hear more about them.


Allah will help him who helps His cause - including Christians and Jews. If not for Allah's repelling one set of people by means of another set then churches, synagogues and mosques (in which Allah's name is much remembered) would certainly have been pulled down. [Qur'an 22:40] That, I would contend, is prophecy - especially considering (to a certain extent) it has already come to pass.

Also, Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar had in the past seemed willing enough to accept the help of the neoconservatives - at least when it suited their purpose to do so - which might seem reasonable enough for them to do. So was that a special case - perhaps dependent upon the rightness of their purpose (but according to whom)? Besides, I thought we Muslims were supposed to be mindful rather than forgetful - and reasonable rather than unreasoning - if you follow my meaning. I personally would encourage Muslims to remain both patient and honest (as well as well informed).


You're trying too hard jeff. You dont give a rats behind about Palestinians or their noble cause. Saddam or no Saddam, your criminal invasion of Iraq still stands as a testament to your terrorism.
Take a hike kid.

We all know now what what happened to the bucher of Baghdad; the equivalent of Alhajjaj bnu Yusuf as the latter was caught like a rat; the former had nightmares before his shameful death. It's pay back time. The killer of Mohammed Baquir Sadr, the Kurds, the Shia of the Najaf Shareef & many Sunnis just like his ancestor Alhajjaj who killed Saeed Bnu Jubair & many more during Almulk Aljabri Al'abbassi but Allah yumhil wa la yuhmil. Alhajjaj died a shameful death; watch Saddam will be next for the whole world to see.

It's good news in a way because that's what he deserves but it's also bad news because his captures are war criminals too. Chief among them is the war criminal & presidential candidate Wesley Clarke along side the mouse of the White House G W.Bush & the most prominent modern times slave in the US history Colin Powell.

I hope that some of our political prostitutes in the Arab & Muslim World will learn a history lesson from the life & times of Saddam Hussein if it is to hard for them to understand this Quranic verse: "Ya ayyuha aldheen amanu la tattakhidu lyahooda wa nasara awliya'a min duni Allahi, ba'adhuhum awlia'u ba'adhin. Qul inna huda Allahi whowa lhuda. Wamani attakhadahum awlia min duni Allahi fama lahu mina Allahi min waliyyin wa la nasir". Now compare this Quranic verse to how Saddam has been used by the US & the UK since 1979 to serve their interests in the Gulf region until his demise two days ago. You will see dear brothers how astonishing & accurate the lord of the universe Allah swt is in describing the outcome of people that put their trust in the forces of evil.

Allah spoke the Truth,




The article seems to be illusory. Now it is crystal clear before the world that 'Saddam' has never been the centre of the 'American Cobweb'. An illusionary media-net is being created around 'Saddam' to hide the the real mission. Whether the article is written by 'Suleiman' or 'petterson', it can not deter the world. thanks - sarfaraz

Sounds like you are against Saddam but for the existing resistance movement. Hell, can't you admit what America is doing is right. The Arab world should be ashamed of taking no action, no leadership. All they can do is bitch about Israel when Irag and many other Arab nations treat their Arab citizens worse than Israel treats the Palestinians! Grow up Muslims! You are a disgrace to Allah!

As salaamu alaykum.
I feel that Saddam gave it great thought,
that is, what to do if the situation arose. He
probably had intentions to use his weapons
if caught, but he decided that, maybe, living
was better than dying. This man kept himself
immaculately groomed and clean. For him to
crawl down into a hole in the ground he was
desperate to stay alive as long as he could.
He gave up like a lot of us would in the same
My question is, was he eating the canned
ham that was found in the house? If so, was it
out of necessity? I am a newcomer to Islam
but I know what is haram and what is not.
Does Saddam have all of his faculties?
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. He
absolutely did not want to die that day.
May Allah forgive us all our sins.
Peace and Blessings

It is good to see that tyrants end up like this. Guess who is next? Yes, Bush... I cannot wait to see him graze the fields.

I very much agree that each of us should ponder the motives and sincerity of our respective leaders - at least in regard to matters of a political nature. I am puzzled, however, by an apparent tendency that even respected Muslim authors (and some otherwise pious Muslim commentators) appear to exhibit. For example, some Muslim authors would almost appear to be revealing prophecy (rather than anticipating the future) when expressing their views using secular language. Is it always necessary to present a secular audience with an unimaginative portrayal of a secular fanatic - in order to be taken seriously?

If an author decides not to remind their readers that Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) has something to say for example in whether or not a situation is ultimately going to intensify, the author might perhaps consider somehow acknowledging the role played by Alahim (so to speak) - using language such as "will likely intensify" or "is widely expected to intensify." In summary, we might wish to consider sounding a little more like those who submit to Authority and a little less like those in whom Authority has been vested (may peace be upon them) - and see what comes of doing so.

Salaam (Peace)

The People of Iraq will once again be under the White Man System they fought so hard to get from under.. The Americans are nothing more than slavemaster like the founding father..Since the removal of Saddam...Iraq hasnt had a civilized a peaceful day or night...The Iraq they used to know is no longer..Thanks not Saddam but George Washington Bush....Slavemaster general...

With a Muslim name your writings are more dangerous and misleading than the propaganda machines out there to further supress the oppressed Muslims and non-Muslims.

You are a Muslim but a firm believer in the western-zionist-capitalist media. A media which relays news staged like hollywood style. If you have no knowledge atleast being a Muslim refrain from being a part to propagate misleading messages, have'nt you read Quran how a Muslim should behave.

Why did they kill his sons when they could have forced them to surender (traped in a house how long they can hold without food and amunition), how did they capture Saddam alive. Did they use gas to paralyze him, was there a gun, was the date and venue same, the dialogue/script same, unless you have firm faith in the media your conclusions are deceiving and dangerous and serve against the oppressed Muslims and other communities.

Think why dont they feed the hungry, why dont they provide water, why dont they liberate Palestine, Nagaland,...

Sleeping comforably you have no realisation of comforts you refer to in the last para. The resistance against oppression will continue till the day of judgement. Let Allah protect Muslims from deceivers who want to poison and break the faith of Muslims.

Muslims have a strong secret weapon which is prayer, a direct relationship with Allah. Muslims should pray to Allah like our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) showed us and refrain from calling fellow Muslims and other oppressed communities tyrant, ruthless, bad,... which is exactly what the enemies of Allah want a confused Muslim who sits and listen to their media.

Your article serves the same purpose to keep Muslims away from praying for the fellow oppressed Muslims and non-Muslims while the party of Satan continues the oppression and killings.

May Allah give us all guidance and patience in current difficult times, Ameen.

I'm a non-Muslim resident of California, U.S.A. I believe the Dear Writer, while perhaps over optimistic about the possiblity of meaningful change in the Arab political world, is essentially correct, as follows: Just as the warlords of Amerika never themselves sacrifice their lives nor those of their kin to persue foreign adventures, so Mr. Hussein didn't give his life as numerous members of the Iraqi Resistance have in opposing the occupation. Never do the leaders of countries and armies ever suffer as do the common people, and this is true of Amerikans as well. The Dear Writers prediction that resistance will intensify is probably correct, and is so often true throughout human history, much more BLOOD WILL HAVE TO SPILL before this situation resolves one way or the other. I only hope that the politics plays out such that the stupid American voters turn out the corrupt militaristic bush administration.
T.M. Stratelak/California/U.S.A.

I doubt this article is no more than wishful thinking. I see this article as the ability to appease the U.S. It is no didfferent that FOX, CNN or CBS line. The reality is that ISLAM will not succomb to the Special economic and strategic interest for that region which cares nothing about the IARQ people. Except that they accept the the soldiers, their puppet regime.

The reality is that the pretense for the invasion was WMD and there are none. It wasn't Saddam. So this article is just wishful thinking. The reality is this my Brother the U.S. will establish a Miltary Regime in IRAQ; not unlike SADDAM's to guarantee the OIl rights and debts the Saddam cuased. SO much for democracy and the yoru wish to appease America.


We got 'em

How convenient! Just before Christmas & New Year and more importantly just in time for Bush to make swings in the popularity contest in the 2004 US elections.

This is another of the many great lies and deceits by the West since World War II.

A short list is as follows;

The man on the moon hoax in 1969, to match the Soviet entry to the Space.

The 6 million holocaust hoax.

The propaganda about the Iraqi WMD.

The dodgy plagiarised British dossier about the Iraqi WMD, copied from the internet.

Call me a cynic, but in my opinion a soldier no matter how cruel will never let himself to be in that physical state like the 'Saddam' was in the pictures we saw. Why was there no gunfight or any resistance?

The Hollywood is capable of remarkable works of fiction. Frankenstein now has appeared in Saddam's body.

"You can fool all of the people some of the time,
You can fool some of the people all of the time,
but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time......"

Muslim media wake up!!!!!!!

The author forgets the sea of ignorance, blind hate, arrogance and haram pride that covers the arab world like a blanket.

InshaALLAH, in time a generation of middle easterners will surface that removes this blanket and realize that while "the seeking of knowledge is incumbant on every muslim" they'll understand that the sources of and the purity of those sources are more important also.

Gone will be the politically motivated Mullah's whose business were fatwah's that perverted the teachings of Muhammad (SAW).
Gone will be the learning of Islam from the pulpit and the studing of the religion using one's own mind.
Gone will be the retarded behaviors, practices and attitude towards our sisters.
Gone will be the unquestioned following of backwards traditions inherited from ignorant pagens.

In it's place will be the practice and learning and teaching of Islam that led muslims to lead mankind in some of civilizations greatest accomplishments.

InshaALLAH, it will be so.

Well well well what does this change now that he is caught(nothing). The people inline to replace him are just as bad if not worst. The resitense to get the Americans out will still be the same if not rise to a new level. Don't forget that as bad as Saddam was he did it all for the west and was encouraged/supported by them. He was a confused individual no diffrent then the current leaders of America. They all have no deen witch is what this world needs. Allah showers us with your mercy and show us the straight path to make this world a better place.

yeah. Saddam is out of the game. First the credit goes to the Kurdish resistance who finally got the support they deserved. A muslim (not a nationalist!) must be happy that this man was kicked out. First because if it happened it's because Allah made it that way. second the americans indirectly created the mess so its normal they clean it up, but unfortunatly they're brutal and innocents have been dying massively in Irak for 30 yrs because of western or "westernized" interests. Peace be with all of them. i think there should be an hour! of silence for them.

Well this is a historic moment for all of us to see in his defeat and surrender, the 'real' secularist, who in fact did not really believe in Jihad. For if had an iota of Iman he would have known for the muslims we have 'ihda'l hussnayayni', either Allah will grant us victory or Paradise. What do you think might have been going on in his mind in that hole? Poor Saddam! The lesson is for all those corrupt arabs leaders, who indulge themselves in larvish life typical of an ottoman ruler, while the whole ummah is left struggling with diseases, ignorance and poverty.
May Allah preserve and heal the Ummah of Muhammed.

He was a ruthless dictator and I have no sympathies for him, but no american or british pigget has the authority to invade a sovereign Islamic country and expell its people or try them in their kangaroo courts.

Iraqi resistance has nothing to do with Saddam. They are all Mujahideen who are fighting for Islam and for the removal of invaders from Iraq.