Start of Ramadan 1424 AH - 2003 CE

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Islamic Crescents' Observation Project reports that according to the actual sighting of the crescent, the start of Ramadan should be on Monday 27 October 2003 in all the countries.

The geocentric new Moon will occur Inshallah on Saturday (25 October 2003), at 12:50 UT. On this day the program Moon Calculator by Dr. Monzur Ahmed - according to Yallop criterion - showed that it is not possible to see the crescent except from the western parts of the Pacific ocean by optical aid only (fig. 1). While on the next day (Sunday 26 October 2003) the crescent should be seen by naked eyes mostly from all the countries. (fig. 2)

Thus, according to the actual sighting of the crescent, the start of Ramadan should be on Monday (27 October 2003) in most parts of the world.

Fig 1 - Visibility Curve on October 25, 2003 (Saturday)

Fig 2 - Visibility Curve on October 26, 2003 (Sunday)

IslamiCity is providing this for your information only and does not support or oppose various moon-sighting reports. Please confirm with your local moon-sighting authorities to determine when to start Ramadan.

We wish all people who submit to the Almighty God a very blessed Ramadan and we pray that may this Ramadan help us be more God-Conscious.

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  1. Abdul-Azeez Bello from Nigeria

    Salaam. It is obvious that moon can not be sighted at the same time the world over. It is therefore neccessary for us as Muslims to trust each other and obey Allah (SWT) injunction. Once Muslim Bros & Sis claimed to have sighted it in a place within your geographical area and a public announcement made to the effect by the Muslim Leader of that area, all Muslims in the area must start or end their fasting as the case may be. In Nigeria, many started 1425 Ramadan on Thursday while some on Friday, 14 and 15, Oct, 2004. Also, some of us observed our Eid on Friday while some on Saturday, 12 and 13 Nov, 2004. May Allah accept our fasting as an act of Ibadah.

    More importantly is the fact that the moon sighting should not be left to month of Ramadan only but extended to other months. The level of our Iman is again determine by the level of interest we have or develop in the only religion acceptable in the sight of Allah. May Allah continue to incease us in knowledge and make us better Muslims than we are now. (Amen)

  2. Yusuf&Ayanni Abdul Ali from USA


  3. Rizwan Ahamed from USA

    Assalamu Alaikum.

    In Denver metro area, we started Ramadhan on Sat,Oct 26,2003.

  4. arifin muftie from indonesia

    Brothers and Sisters, Happy Ramadhan.

    We are in Indonesia started on Monday October 27,2003.

    Salaam, peace.

  5. Dr. Mohib. N. Durrani from USA

    30 Shaban 1424 AH

    25 Oct 2003 CE.

    As Salaamu Alykum,

    I am one of the two National Coordinators for Hilal Sighting in USA/Canada.

    Please add a link to my webpages on Hilal Sighting:


    Ramadan Kareem,


    PS: Please send me an email when the link has been placed.