The Tragic Legacy of the Six Day War

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On June 5, 1967, Israel launched a pre-emptive war against the combined militaries of Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, and Syria. Within six days, the Israeli Defense Forces had scored a decisive military victory. The Arabs lost East Jerusalem, containing the third holiest shrine of Islam, in addition to losing the West Bank, the Golan Heights and the Sinai. 

In November 1967, the UN Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 242. This laid out two primary conditions for the establishment of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. First, it called for the "withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict." Second, it called for the "termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force." 

Israel did not withdraw from the occupied territories. The Six Day War led to the Yom Kippur War in 1973, and Israel ultimately made peace with Egypt and returned the Sinai. It also made peace with Jordan, but did not return East Jerusalem. To this day, Israeli occupation of this holy site continues to fuel strong resentment against Israel in the entire Muslim world. It remains a key impediment to the establishment of peace in the Middle East. 

An entire generation of Palestinians has grown up in the West Bank and Gaza under Israeli occupation. Seeing no hope for their future, some of them have resorted to carrying out suicide bombings since September 2000. The bombings have killed hundreds of Israelis and brought on Israeli retaliation, killing thousands of Palestinians. This cycle of violence shows no signs of letting up, even after President Bush's landmark visit to the region. 

In accepting the Roadmap put forth by the White House, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon conceded that Israel couldn't indefinitely continue to hold millions of Palestinians under occupation. Many regarded this as a breakthrough, since "occupation" was a word that had thus far only been used by Gush Shalom, the Israeli peace block. Sharon also acknowledged that the time had come for Israelis to accept the reality of Palestinian statehood. However, peace will only be achieved if he matches his words with deeds. 

So far there has been no evidence of his sincerity. Yesterday's pre-emptive attacks in Gaza by Israel against Dr. Abdel-Aziz Rantisi, the number two man in Hamas, will weaken the hands of Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas who had promised to put an end to terrorism in the Aqaba Agreement. President Bush publicly rebuked Israel, "The attacks will make it more difficult for Palestinian leadership to fight off terrorist attacks. I also don't believe the attacks helped Israeli security." However, Israel offered no apology for its action, and seemed determined to carry out missile and other attacks against militant Palestinians, who it considers to be "ticking time bombs."

The strategic myopia of this policy should be evident by now. Israel has learned that it cannot eliminate terrorism by killing the terrorists. For every one that is killed, another two are created. After the latest attack, the spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, declared there would be a violent response. "The Israelis have sent a message," he said. "Now they have to wait for our reply. Our answer will be of the same caliber. The Israelis don't want peace. They only want to humiliate the Palestinians." 

The time calls for boldness and courage on the part of the Israeli leadership. The Arab states pose no credible military threat to Israel. The best defense against the suicide bombers is to take away their rallying cry, which is the illegitimacy of Israeli occupation. Israel should declare a unilateral cease-fire with the Palestinians, and stop carrying out attacks against the militants. Ultimately, it should withdraw from all remaining occupied territories and eliminate the illegal settlements from the West Bank, as it committed to doing during the Oslo Accords of 1993. It should also release the 9,000 Palestinians who are being held in Israeli jails and detention centers. So far, only 200 have been released. 

These actions will bring legitimacy to Israel in the Arab and Muslim worlds. Only then will it acquire the peace and security that has eluded it since its "decisive" military victory 36 years ago. 

Ahmad Faruqui, an economist, writes frequently on security issues in the Middle East and South Asia.

  Category: Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, Foreign Policy, Occupation
Views: 5880

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Older Comments:
Danny Efrat. think of Saladdin who drove the crusaders out of jeruslame and searched the diapora to bring back jewish families and gave them senior jobs in his admin. Arabs did the same when they took over south spain. they searched the diaspora for jewish families and again gave them places of eminent in the admin and government. Many jewish families in arab lands chose to leave for the newly established state of israel fearing retaliation, yet they sold their [properties. whereas israel forcefully drove 750,000 arabs out of palestine, stealing their lands and homes and giving it to newly arriving jewish families.

needless to say the treatment isreal has metted out to arabs, muslim or christians since occupying their lands illegally and againt all UN rules. I want to ask you honestly: if this was done to you and your family and your race (like it was done in Germany) would you still love the perpetrators or hate their guts? from how individual nazis and swiss banks are being hunted down systematically, i don't have to wait for your answer.

don't think that for one minute i condone such action against innocent jewish families who lost ehir lives in germany or even mock them. but if you had a heart you would at least not treat another race in a similar manner as you were treated by the germans. why punish those who harboured no hurt against you and steal their lives, just because some religious idea that you are the chosen race and god gave you the land some 3000 years ago. are those born in foreign lands to generation of foreigners, from kazars to falashas to panamanians have more right to the land than palestinians who have lived there equally as long - even Torah tells of natives being there before the 12 tribes arrived there to carry out their orgy of killing the natives enmass: read the account of joshua.

Perhaps if your race started following your true teaching in respecting thy neighbour, we would not be in this dillema. Shalom bro.

Yes DANNY EFRAT...the jews from around the world have been like you said perfectly, "INTEGRATED" into that illegal state you call Israel. It's foundation is based on lies and corruption, it's democratic principles cover it's two giant refugee camps, they are called the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank, you are nothing but a cheap advocate of the Jewish propaganda machine. Why don't take a little trip down memory lane and look at the treatment jews have received in Muslim nations for the past 1400 years Mate!! Yes while you're at it, take a look at the wonderful treatment the Jews of Algeria were receiving from the Muslims there. How can you go arrogantly come here and say Muslims treat Jews badly?? On the contrary, you have no idea how well Muslims treat Jews that live within their countries. I suggest you take a look at ANY MAJOR NEWS NETWORK IN THE WORLD, other than the likes of Al-Jazeera, and so unfairly, and undemocratically, even Australian news always, ALWAYS refer to a suicide bomber as a terrorist, and the victims as "assasinations", but why is it that when a bunch of Israeli soldiers get together to invade a Palestinian village, or the Israeli Military sends a MISSILE to hit a target, and civilians are killed, they are called "CASUALTIES"???? are you out of your mind man?? Is that not telling the world that a Jewish life is more valuable than an Arab Palestinians life?? You can come and say ohh yes we were attacking militant leaders with the missiles, ok so how about the man's wife and daughter, and bystanders who were also killed by the missile?? That's cowardice, and you are accomplishing nothing but allowing me to respond to you so the people can see we know what tricks Israel has in it's bags...the only country in the Middle East with known WMD's, Jericho Missiles with Nuclear warheads, Nuclear Missiles weghing 3000 lbs....what a joke your comment was. Try again


Alzazul, I will tell you what is up. Now that the United States has strategically got it's foot into the door, meaning, it has its installation, its military front situated in the heart of the arab peninsula...this means that now that the US military is in the region, it no longer needs its rogue sister-state, Israel, to be the watchdog/mobster of the neighbourhood. Therefore, in order to appease the Arab people, the Bush Administration is developing this strategic plan to win over hte hearts of the doubtful Muslims who have not believed that peace is possible in the region for hte last 75+ years. Let's look at it this way in a chain of events:

1. US Military captures oil reserves in Iraq, and is strategically situated in the region to monitor all Arab nations through cross-border threats.(Something that Israel previously did

2. Palestinian olive plantations and other parts of land have been confiscated further, as the giant fence Israel built around the Gaza Strip and West Bank is enclosing hte Palestinians into a sort of West Germany, East Germany circumstance

3. The pipeline from Iraq, through Syria, into Israel, is in the works to be developed, while other American companies such as Bechtel, Exxon-Mobil, and Haliburton group win oil contracts for in Iraq, and Bush Administration throws threats to neighbouring Syria, and Iran.

4. The real *prize* for the American superpower, is not to capture Jerusalem...this is the hope of the ISraeli's, as they dig under Al-Aqsa Masjid in search of the Arc of the Covenant (the casing containing the ten commandments), the AMERICANS are looking to buy the souls of the Iranian people...they want to capture the province and region surrounding "KHURAZAAN". I cannot prove it, but if you did a little bit of analysis and study into this matter, you can see the motives of the Americans as I do...the USA is MUCH MORE Interested in getting Iran than in getting Syria...

as a jewish australian who served in the israeli
army,my experience is up close and personel,not dependant upon the media and propoganda [from either side].in israel [like them or not]it is a true demacracy where even the 1 million israeli arabs are represented in government.many even serve in the israeli is a country where evreybody has the freedom of protest AGAINST the government without fear of personel safety.can that be said of any other country in the middle the jews living in any arab countries [if there are any left]have the same rights as the muslim and christian arab citizens of israel.israel looks after its own.jewish refugees were brought from all over the world and integrated into what is today a free and vibrant[altho.not perfect]society.i still cannot understand why the very wealthy arab countries did virtually nothing for their palastinian brothers over the last 50 years.there are no refugee camps in israel.the corrupt wealthy arab countries and the very corrupt palestinian authority owe the palestinian people a huge debt.the palestians if they had decent politicians
the could aleady have a nation of their own trading agricultural products and other goods instead of bullets


I have been sitting here reading article after article each one is more sad than the previous. What's more sad is that the causalities are young and innocent. You could never compare the forces of rock throwing to the mighty tanks of Israel. And all the talk about peace in the middle East seems like a waste of time or just more time for Israel to keep on killing. This supposedly peace process should happen and be in acted not just tabled and say we are going to plan a peace process. If you are planning to win a gold medal in the Olympic you have to start practicing right away and run the race end of story. You don't procrastinate for eternity you'll never accomplish anything. Get the best coaches, the best players and start the show. That is what the peace in the Middle East needs to work. And please make sure that we have neutral reefers none that are a bunch of begot or bias. And offer the medal to the right person even though the Americans always like to win.


what is going on ? why is bush so interested in two states and peace in palestine and israel? why the pressure now? some thing is happening that he needs this to come about ,perhaps you can enlighten us readers, has not this problem existed since he took office? people pleaded with him and his administration to try to stop this mainly because we are the suppliers for all those weapons and money for the economy of the israelis he sat on this for years and now all of a sudden theres is an interest? whats up? he better not tick of the israelis too, they do have weapons of mass destruction thats a fact the whole world knows , so again what is up???!!!

Muslims should NOT depend on the American government to help with the struggle that has been going on for over a century. America does not understand the Muslims or the Middle East. It's like saying (to Americans) that the solution to the growing raping and sexual assaults is by putting on the hijaab on the men and women. It is literally like that. Why? Because Palestine/Israel have a totally different way of life. America should stop giving Israel the weapons. And the Muslim governments FOR ONCE should stand up against this -- but no...They are too scared of them.
pray for the world!!

AKBAR KHAN FROM CANADA said:'re already looking at it, Palestinians are living like Natives on their reserves, or even like those without reserves. Have you seen the new fence Sharon the butcher has caged the Palestinians in? Have you seen the theft and denial of water, electricity, education, monetary assistance, medicinal items, Aid workers, the United Nations...have you seen any of these allowed for the Palestinians? Have you seen Israel's illegal inception and it's war crimes againg humanity, being an illegitimate state among the world? Have you seen how Israel has not been invited to any African, Asian, or Afro-Asian conference in history; can you begin to imagine why this is the case, and can you ask yourself why in 1947, the vote for the creation of Israel was only approved by American, British, Australian, and other European countries, and not by ANY African or Asian country other than South Africa? Have you seen how Palestinian cities are being completely brought down and have been demolished completely, even though no jewish settlements have been built on them yet, what was the use in doing so then if some places were not going to be made into settlements, extermination? hmm think about thatt one..? So have you seen anything or anywhere else in the world like this, ever? If you have seen any of those things happen, or have heard about it, then maybe you can understand....If not, I don't know what planet you are from, because you must not be from Earth. Could you please tell us which planet you are from? Let us know as soon as possible so us Earthlings can keep you updated on what goes on here. Please let me know what planet you're from k, I'm a little curious. You could be from Earth though I'm sure, maybe some uninhabited part, or possibly the Bermuda Triangle...take it easy now, and don't be too might make you forget things (please refer to the many things I have listed above to remind yourself over and over).

Does anybody want peace in Palestine/Israel? In my opinion, no. Ordinary palestinians have no leadership to talk about, and hence no voice. Militant palestinians go with Hamas and AlAqsa Martyrs Brigade; they believe in all or nothing concept; they want all of Palestine/Israel for palestinians and Jews into the ocean. Ariel Sharon will not negotiate under these circumstances.

Two state concept in the current boubdaries of Israel/Palestine is nonesensical because it is not workable; it will neither provide peace nor security to anybody.

So, I expect continous warfare until one of the parties to the conflict (Jews or Palestinians) is completed defeated and kicked out (or accepts to live under total humiliation like natives in US/Canada).

Here is something your press will not report on as they prefer to fill your heads with nonsensical info on "Evil Moslem Terrorists dying for Vestal Virgins" : Israel - Palestine: Facts Worth Noting :United Nations "Partition Plan" to the Palestinians: You are going to have 47% of the 100% which was originally yours. "Oslo Agreement" to the Palestinians: You are going to have 22% of the 100% which was originally yours. Barak's "Generous Offer" to the Palestinians: We are going to give you 80% of 22% of 100% of the land, which was originally yours. Sharon's "Peace Plan" to the Palestinians in 2000: We are going to give you 42% of 80% of 22% of 100% of the land, which was originally yours, and this 42% will remain under continuous curfew. "American Zionists" to the Palestinians: According to our version of the Bible you are entitled to 0% of 42% of 80% of 22% of 100% of the land, which was originally yours. The "Road Map" to the Palestinians that Bush envisions: If you stop your resistance to the occupation (which we call terrorism), and your refugees give up their right of return to their ancestral homes, and you agree to only elect officials acceptable to Bush and Sharon, and you agree to lock up all your resistance fighters, and you agree to drive your cars only on roads that Sharon assigns for your use, and you do not object to the 'Berlin wall' that Sharon is building, and you agree not to claim Jerusalem as your capital, and you agree that your children's school curriculum only includes courses and books approved by the Israeli government, and you agree not to give birth to more than three children per family, then Sharon might consider negotiating with you on the 42% of 80% of 22% of 100% of the land which was originally yours. (ie : Would Americans agree to be squeezed onto Rhode Island with a Berlin wall surrounding them if Mexico took over the rest???)

Bismillah Ir-Rahman Ir-Raheem,

Read the Holy Qur'an:

"Those in whose hearts is a disease - thou seest how eagerly they run about Amongst them, saying: "We do fear lest a change of fortune bring us disaster." Ah! perhaps God will give (Thee) victory, or a decision according to His Will. Then will they repent of the thoughts which they secretly harboured in their hearts."
Surah Al-Maida
(The Table Spread)(5:52)

"If only they had stood fast by the Law, the Gospel, and all the revelation that was sent to them from their Lord, they would have enjoyed Happiness from every side. There is from among them a party on the right course: But many of them follow a course that is evil."
Al-Maida (The Table Spread)(5:66)

Israel is reaping the whirlwind of terror it was brought to the MiddleEast. Peace may be possible when Jews reclaim their faith from the zionists. I'm doing my part.

Salaam, I'd like to say that this article highlights the ongoing causes,reasons for the acts of self defence demonstrated by the Palestinians who are constantly persecuted and occupied within their own land by a foreign force. The israeli intentions are quite clear from their ongoing persecutions of the Palestinians, they will not stop at humiliating the Palestinians but go as far as demolishing homes and confiscating land which is not as dramatic as a war but just as effective. As long as the Palestinians cries go unheard, their only other way of letting the world know of their plight is to release their souls from a reality that has the seeds of misery, hatred and a road to nowhere. Please know the root causes of the conflict not just the recent sensationalised events which blurr the essence of this "OCCUPATION" as the current PM of israel and war criminal Sharon has stated.

T FROM USA said:
assalam alaikum, Sapanallah... It just amases me how the allmighty creator sees everything at the same time! Do not lose hope .Justice will preveil just as the Almighty tells us it will.

I believe as long as the groups such as Hamas, al-Aqsa Brigades, and others of their ilk continue to preach "death to Israel", and want the total destruction of that country, this never ending cycle of violence will only get worse. I am amazed that Israeli's have shown the restraint that they have... I don't see any of them doing suicide bombings in Muslim civilian areas. Hamas can claim that they are "military targets" all they want, but the truth is, it's just plain old murder of civilians. The Qur'an for forbids the murder of civilians in a war, but these groups hide behind religion, and give the entire faith a bad name. The old adage "One bad apple spoils the barrel" fits here!

The Israelis did not evacuate territories seized from Jordan and Egypt in the Six-Day War. The Arabs did not offer to recognise the Jewish State of Israel, nor did they offer to stop acts of aggression and beligerence. It did not happen then and it is unlikely to happen now. If the Arabs want peace, all they have to do is recognize the State of the Jewish People that was created by the UN Partition Plan in 1947 and agree to an end to the conflict. Will this happen? Onblky when pigs can fly.

honestly no one can say that even if Israel withdraws behind the 67 borders the groups like hamas will stop violence, for the simple reason that they don't care about borders and live off violence. i think it's about time the arab world faces its own responsabilities in all this. And start thinking about the future and not the past!
we have to accept the fact that things were not handled correctly in 1948-67, and now the state of Israel is here to stay. But most of all, what ever is done, remember that in the end only god knows. of course western medias promote propaganda but what about our medias! lets try to think who pulls the strings and why...
inshallah israel-palestine will become a muslim state with a very strong jewish community, and there is no doubt that side by side they'll accomplish great things... bslama

Part 3 Continued...

39 - Israeli military checkpoints surround every Palestinian population center in violation of the Oslo Accords

40 - The right to self-determination is guaranteed to every human being under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (DECEMBER, 1948), yet Palestinians were/are expected to negotiate for that right under the Oslo Accords??

Palestinians have the highest ratio of PhD's per capita in the world.


This is all very well. A unitlateral cease-fire? withdrawal from the occupied territories. Then what. Will the Palestinians agree to give up "right" of return? because unless they are, there is nothing for Israel to negotiate

10 - More than 90% of arabs live in "security zones" under martial law, restricted freedoms to travel, children denied equal opportunities for education; denied decent opportunities for work, and the right to receive "equal pay for equal work?"

11 - Notwithstanding the foregoing facts, Israel has always been, and still is, widely portrayed in the Western press as the "bastion of democracy" and the "champion of peace" in the Middle East

12 - Western powers have persisted in declaring their determination to ensure a so-called "arms balance" in the area, as between Israel, on hte other hand, and hte one-hundred million+ inhabitants of hte thirteen arab states on the other hand? This unilateral Western doctrine of so called "arms balance" is no more reasonable than the suggestion that, in the Cuba-USA conflict, there should be "arms balance" as between Cuba and the USA; or that the whole Continent of Africa should not be allowed to acquire more arms than South Africa...or that Mainland China should not be permitted to have more arms than Taiwan...or that the military allowed to acquire more arms than South Africa...and that only thus can peace be safeguarded in the Western Hemisphere, in Africa, in Asia, or in Europe?...

13 - Israel allots 85% of the water resources in the occupied territories for Jews and the remaining 15% is divided among all Palestinians in the territories? In Hebron, 85% of the water is given to about 500 settlers, while 15% must be divided among Hebron's 120,000 Palestinians??

22 - That the USA awards Israel $3 billion US in aid each year, more than to any other country in the world: US aid to Israel exceeds the aid the US grants to the wohle sub-Sahara Africa?

23 - That GDP, per capita, and consumption per capita in the Occupied Territories have dropped about 15% in the West Bank and Gaza since 1993 - even with large foreign assistance pouring in, from Europe mostly?

As-Salaam-U-Alaiykum Once Again...I just felt

that is was important to post some facts while

this article is read.

1 - When Palestine was occupied by British forces in 1917, more than 90% of the population of Palestine were Arabs, and there were no more than 56,000 Jews in Palestine. No more than half the Jews living in Palestine at the time were recent immigrants escaping persecution in Europe; less than 5 percent of hte population of Palestine were native Palestinian Jews

2 - in 1917, Arabs owned 97.5% of the land, and the recent jewish immigrants owned 2.5%

3 - During the 30 years of British occupation, Zionists purchased only 3.5% of Palestine in spite of the encouragement from the British government; much of hte land was transferred to Zionist bodies by the British government directly, adn not sold by Arab owners!

4 - British passed the "Palestine Problem" in 1947 before the U.N., while Zionists owned no more than 6% of the total area of Palestine; notwithstanding these facts, the General Assembly of the U.N. recommended that a "Jewish state" be established in Palestine? And this proposal granted the "State of Israel" 54% of hte total area, from 6% to 54% !!

5 - Israel immediately occupied and continues to occupy 80.48% of the total land; territorial expansion took place for the most part before May 15th, 1948, before the formal end of the British forces from Palestine, before the entry of Arab armies to protect Palestinian Arabs, before the Arab-Israeli war!

6 - All attempts by Arab. Asian countries to have the assembly submit "the question of constitutionality" of its recommendation to the International Court of Justice for an "advisory opinion" by the Court were ignored by the UN Assembly?


I agree with this essay. If Israel trully want peace then it has to show peace on the ground.
True peace comes from justice not injustice.

I agree with the brother totally. No peace for them till they stop occupation. All these political moves, peace processes are worthless. And Arabs or muslims rather as this is a issue for all muslims and not just arabs have not got the means to match the Isreali power. But the day will come and we should not forget this. I dont agree with these Leaders that are seeking Americas help- when the Americans and the British put the Jews there in the first place and the billions given each year help. This makes all the nation (muslims) sad. But NO PEACE till the day.

Allah knows best.

Dear Sir,

What you have written is clear to all Muslims. However, Israelis & majority of developed (read non-Muslim) world have gone deaf, dumb & blind in their power & arrogance. This is on a moral & ethical consideration.

From a pure practical point, they can kill or destroy any group of people who are weak scientifically, technologically and not as smart as they are; if the weak has the audacity to demand equality or a fair deal.

Unless Muslims think logically how to acquire might that the adversary has, they will kill one and lose five of their own. Oppression will not stop or disappear just because the oppressed decided in favour of self immolation.

There is no leader among the whole Muslim world who has any clue where Muslims will end up in next 100 years. Muslims & their leaders are still busy cursing the mighty or singing and dancing about what we were 1000 years ago.


Sharon's people have established some tables showing that killing terrorists does limit the number and scope of terrorism.
For now, nothing permits to state that if Israel would do what the author is suggesting, peace would come. There are good reasons to think that such attitude would be interpreted as a sign of weakness by Palestinians activists and that they would hit even harder.

There is no short answer to that kind of crisis. It needs a plan that can be carried on over many years, or dozen of years.

asalaama aleykum. I don't have that much to say but I have to remund you that if we all muslim stand for one and trust allah and be good muslimwe wont have a problem we will be a stronge and be defetible and we can be peace full to the hole wall and play a role in the world Ibeleave isreal it is also a nation life inside midleeast and we can try tolife togetter peacefully and forget what happen before long time and I always pray for palastine to have a home and to be a free country thanks wasalaama aleykum waraxmatulaahi wabarakaatu........

Bring back another 3 members in the quartet now! We can find our voices in them.


As-Salaam-U-Alaiykum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu,

Mash-Allah, well educated brother Ahmad Faraqui

has identified and summarized Israel's brutal

oppression of the Palestinians, and how there is

no military threat to Israel, as it is the only

country in the region to posess Weapons of Mass

Destruction, the world knows, the UN knows they

do, and while Bush runs around saying that Iraq,

Syria, and Iran have WMD, we know Israel has

used them (chemical weapons used on

Palestinians in April, 2001 as example), and the

United Nations has passed 68 Resolutions against

Israel. I loved reading this article, because

it gives me hope that people will see that

Israel unjustly established its state with the

assistance of other occupying powers (UK,France,

USA, etc.). So how can it be a legimate

nation? The answer is it cannot. In this day

and age, I find it astounding, that the so

called advanced people and advanced society

that resides in the West, many of them return

to trying to justify the existence of Israel,

especially when it comes to the occupation of

Al-Quds Al Arabi (Jerusalem), meanwhile Israel

has dug miles and miles of underground tunnels

beneath Al-Aqsa Masjid, possibly harming its

foundation, a site that is the third holiest

in Islam. There is no way that we will give

up on the right of return of Palestinians,

they were like a landlord being evicted by

the tenant, how would things be like if that

happened in the USA or Canada? What if the

tenant rented an apartment, and told the

landlord that now that he/she has rented it,

that the property no longer belongs to the

landlord, it belongs to the tenant, so the

landlord must you not find that

disturbing at all? Well it is EXACTLY what

has happened to millions of