Chechnya bears burnt of Russain ambitoin

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Russian jets continue to blast Grozny, capital of Chechnya Republic. Russian tanks bombard residential areas trying to cow down resistance against this savage attack.

Boris Yelstin emboldened by alleged Russian gains is not heeding calls for a cease-fire. The flow of blood continues day and night as a big country tries to choke a small one.

Some people expressed surprise at this massive invasion. I told them to save their surprise for another day and another country.

Russia, be it Czarist or Stalinist or present day has never tried to shield its territorial ambitions.

The Czarists were always at odds with their neighbors. In the early stages it was the Ottoman empire which when strong was able to keep the Russian Bear at bay.

Later on the Russians annexed the Muslim areas around them. They then incorporated them into the Soviet Union and tried to erase the culture of the occupied territories.

The Russians had aims on British India. It was very clear to the British which used Afghanistan as a buffer state to protect its jewel in the crown. It was then that the so-called "Great Game" was played which we all got an insight from Rudyard Kipling's books.

In Asia, where the Russians always wanted to have a dip in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Their aims were however thwarted by the British and later on the emergence of new states in the Indian sub-continent.

They then expanded into the Baltic states.

In 1956, Russian troops entered and occupied Budapest and eventually controlled all of Hungary.

The Russian adventure for occupation and the throttling of democratic aspirations made them enter Prague in the spring of 1968. The rest is history. Afghanistan followed Czechoslovakia and the Kremlin had to finally capitulate.

To those who thought the new Russia will be a far cry from the old one the present blood letting in Chechnya should be an eye opener.

For weeks now the Russian juggernaut is savagely tearing down the small Republic of Chechnya.

The world watches.

The White House, No. 10, Downing Street, the Elysee and of course our German "friends" watch. Apart from one or two whimpers not much is said.

The same Western nations who were pained at violation of "Jewish" rights in the Soviet Union have now apparently dulled their senses.

Washington (and what a Washington!!) which insisted to have Jewish emigration to Israel as a topic on any US-Soviet summit is keeping quiet.

A few death in the Baltic states caused a furor in Europe. A nation is being torn down.

Threatening gestures were made by the West in the case of the Baltic States while in the case of Chechnya there is silence. The reasons are oblivious. And yet many Westerners ask why is there frustration at the West? Why is it being accused of having a double standard? The whys could go on and on and one will not be able to play the role of the Devils Advocate any longer.

The Western silence and its inability to take Yelstin to task, at least verbally has aroused our anger. Yes, we are angry at the dilly dallying of matters when it concerns the Muslims.

However, apart from expressing "serious concern", the Organization of Islamic Conference itself has done nothing to project Muslim anger. If, however, it has (it should) let us know. We are aware that diplomacy works behind curtains and the people are anxious to know what's going on.

Why this creeping silence? The OIC should demand from Russia an explanation as Israel 'demanded' from the Soviet Union 700,000 Jewish emigrants and along with American help got them.

The trade between the OIC countries and Russia is quite significant. At least make some noises that it might be hampered if the Russian aggression continues. Ask for an immediate cease-fire, withdrawal of Russian troops, investigation into the whole affair and prosecute those who have violated human rights and perpetrated genocide. The question is who is going to bell the cat?

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Foreign Policy, Russia
Views: 1058

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