The War and Religious Leadership

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Dead bodies, splintered limbs and bones, scattered blood. Welcome to peace and welcome to liberty. Regardless of the religious, cultural and ethnic background of dead people, the most beautiful creation of God, the one for whom the entire universe was created, the one who was the object of submission of all angels is being killed mercilessly. Children are becoming orphans and women are being widowed. The environment is being desecrated with smoke, fire and who knows what other poison. Plants and animals are dying for the supremacy of mines over mind. Welcome to peace and welcome to security.

Yet, we all speak of human dignity, and the sanctity of human life. We all quote from scriptures that every human being is entitled to a secure existence. We, the Muslims, the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Buddhists and the atheists; we all repeat the divine phrase "Thou shall not kill". Yet we all kill those who disagree with us. We the best of the divine creation act in a beastly manner when we confront those who are not like us in color, ethnicity and status. Yet, the churches, the mosques, the synagogues and temples beat the drum of humanity day in and day out claming that their religion inspires them to work for peace and human dignity.

During the last 100 years, we the people of religion and non-religion have killed more of God's creation in the name of God or other secular ideologies than we ever did in our entire human history. Jews, Muslims, Christians Hindus, Buddhists even Sikhs have become the victim of those who lust for human blood and who rush for wars. In the last one hundred years, we have killed more than 100 million people all over the world.

If we remove ourselves from the de-synthesizing "Militainment" of corporate media, we must ask...In the name of our collective humanity... WHY?

We have to address this question at this juncture of our existence, not because of the war in Iraq but because of the nature of the era in which we are living in. Our world has developed weapons of mass destruction. Our world has acquired the skills of mass misinformation. A single individual or a small group of people having access to these weapons and technologies is enough to wreck unspeakable havoc to the entire humanity.

The present war demonstrates that very clearly. Neither the majority in America nor the majority of people all over the world wanted this war to be fought. Yet, a small group of people who in their own hallucinating logic determined that they had been given the task to carry on the will of God for world security embarked on a campaign of death and destruction. Powerful as they are, yet they could not stop dissenting voices challenging them openly and loudly.

What is being done by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield and Wolfwitz team is not new. Throughout the last century; death and destruction has been imposed upon people by various groups who consider themselves as the voice of God or justice.

Saddam Hussein killed tens of thousands of people. He was the one who imposed a war on Iran. The Ayatollahs in Iran killed those whom they disagreed with. The Sudanese, the Nigerians, the Egyptians, the Israelis, the Indians, the Saudis, the French, the British, the Australian, you name it and you will not find a nation that has not participated in the killing or suppressing of innocent people. The response of people to these crimes depends on their interests and relationship to the victims.

For many, only the life of those who are like them is worth defending. This notion of selective defense of human life is a dangerous notion as it leads to a sense of superiority and aloofness. The present war has demonstrated that clearly. Life is sacred only if it happens to be the life of an American or an allied soldier. This is a jingoistic way of defending human life and it will lead us to nothing but violence and chaos as it has always led us in the past.

A glimmer of hope is that humanity has rarely spoken as one voice in defense of human dignity and human life as it has done with peace rallies through out the world.

The simple fact that all of humanity needs to comprehend is that every human being is created by the divine and it is the collective responsibility of every human being to defend that right regardless of the background and color of the other. Such a message is consistent with the teachings of all religions. Yet, the religious leadership has often betrayed this teaching.

This war could have been stopped if the religious leadership of the world could have put into action the stand they had taken on war. Rather than making statements on the situation, they should have stood as the first line of defense for human life in front of the invader. Only a joint action on the part of religious leadership could have forced the warmongers to think about their stand. The best defense against a military might is the weapon of courage built on moral values.

We all lacked the courage to translate the language of peace into concrete peaceful actions. We were strong in our resolves. We were determined in our values. We were right in our opposition to this war. Yet we the religious communities failed to develop a joint action in defense of human life that, we all believe is created by God.

This war like most other wars is a denial of the notion of sanctity of human life, because it believes in the superiority of some people, some races and some countries over the other. Thus the opposition to war is important not only to save the world from warmongers, but also to stand for the most essential component of our universe, the human life itself.


Dr. Aslam Abdullah, is the Editor the Minaret and the Muslim Observer

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Human Rights
Views: 3489

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Older Comments:
salamoalaikum(4muslims)this is time 4 sabar & wait this is the bigining of war mabe us get control in iraq but they dont won our hearts v always against them because this is world of give & take u want respect so u gave respect they dont know that real power of us is the belive on ALLAH subhanaowatalaa they depend on weapon & lettest tecnology but v know that our real life is after our death & v ready 2 it .v just need this time sprite of fight against evil forces of so cold super powers if u have any other solution of this pleas tell me other wise u just start u r exercise 4 fight against evil (sadaruddin)

Iraq's senior Shiite Muslim cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, has reportedly issued a fatwa not to interfere with the U.S.-led troops. In London, the Shiite Al-Khoei foundation has reportedly confirmed this.

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Ever Merciful
Dear brothers and sisters muslim aslam alaykum
I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah alone without any partner whatsoever and Muhammad is Allah messenger.I'm sorry about my english is not very good at all .
O you who believe obey Allah and obey the Messenger and your Imam.How today ours muslim coutries we confess many problems because we do not please Allah we compromise with the kuffar.we get the result Allah subhana watalla said don't take kuffar like friend the kuffar are welcome in the holy land and to day i have to ask and get visa to make my umra or my hajj shame.
my view is many scholars are corrupt
wasalam alykum

Just in response to the Editor's response to a message left by chuck;
You must forgive my merky understanding of your statement, but I feel what you were saying to Chuck towards the end is that Christianity does not frown on sending Muslims to hell. I dont mean to argue so I guess I put this point more as a question than as an arguement, but didnt Christ Jesus say that he would hold believers (according to the evangelical Christian faith) responsible for the damnation of unbelievers (including Muslims as detailed in your comments) who they did not warn? Jesus illistrated this with a comparison to a watchman at the city gates. If they did not warn the city of incoming danger, they were responsible for the deaths of the people. This would tell me that those of evangelical faith would find it in their best interest to prevent a Muslim's damnation.
I would then consider it a sin to be in any way involved in the damnation of a muslim, or any human for that matter. It is God's will that all should be saved from the gates of hell, and Christ made a point of urging His followers to spread the good news of salvation.
Forgive me if I have misunderstood your comments.
I ask not to prove you wrong, but to further my understanding.

hey you America you think that you are so powerfull but there is Allah who has unlimited power and you will see how He punish you in the hell.

Just to let you know, this is THE big war that is spoken about by the various Scriptures, including the Koran, the Christian Scriptures and the Jewish Scriptures.
This war started during February of the year 2000.
This war will continue for about three years and eight months.
Before it finishes, this war will be the largest by far in all of the history of humankind. There will be destruction throughout the world as never before been realized.
Where do I get this information?
From the messenger from Allah. What kind of a messenger? An Angel.
Through the angel, I was specifically told about this war both during the year 1999 and again on January 4th, 2000; well before any fighting started.
The actual fighting started with Lebanon and Israel during the first week of February, 2000.
That particular fighting is exactly what I was told would happen, by the angel.
What is important is that the angel had the message delivered to me 33 days before any fighting occured.
Therefore, the message from Allah has to be true.
Why? Because only Allah knows when and where the future will occur.
Part of the message that I received also included other information.
The other information is the Jesus is back.
Where is Jesus? This I have not yet been told.
But as the Messiah to end all wars, Jesus is somewhere.

If Jews in Tel-Aviv were being murdered you people wouldn't bat an eye. Quit hiding behind your spin control and say where you really stand.

As-salamu alaikum,

I'm having trouble finding words to describe how accurately and apolitically you've captured the tragic state of our world. Clearly your message was one of urgency, yet not hysterical as some often are on the same subject. Your message, I hope, will be read my many and maybe acted upon by a few. I will forward this to my friends, family and colleagues. Most will already be in agreement, but hopefully it will find its way to some who are not, or haven't even thought about it.

Thank you and Salam
Wayne Purnell

Chuck Don't judge the religion by the action of people because actions many a times is out of anger, frustruation and diprivation.Nobody hates Americans but what people hate is their foreign policy. Want to know more about the foreign policy and its middle east policy , go visit and read articles written by pat bucanan,Justin Raimando,Ray Cohen.

As far as sayin is Islam Peaceful. Well get a copy of a Quran read it.

I keep hearing Islam is a peaceful religion.

Three questions:

1 Is it peaceful to slam airplanes into buildings in the name of Allah?

2 Is it peaceful for Muslims to hold up in Holy places to Christaianity aka Betlehem Church of the nativity and shoot at Isrealy soldiers?

3 Is it peaceful for Muslims to place them selves in Masques and shoot at American Troops?

Think it through.

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

I am very pleased with Dr. Aslam Adullah's view. I am a Student, a family member, a part of community, and above all a part of the world in which we live in. When someone dies by oppression or when innocent people get killed (no matter who they are what they are or from what country they are from... I ask my self why... I thank Dr. Abdullah for writing and giving me a clear understanding of the world in which we live in.

If I said anything wrong please forgive me... and if possible correct me... THANK YOU ISLAM.ORG

It is definitely crucial that we perserve the lives of other humanbeings and care for them in time of needs, but let's not forget ourselves as muslims and as a minority in the international community.If we were as strong and courageous as in the past , we would have helped our human neighbours but unfortunately we are the ones in desperate need of help and morale support.If we revert the path of Allah not only we will prevail, but we would be able to help the needy.Let's not forget the real issue here today as we stand viewing the onslaught of our brothers in islam and the violation of our holiest sites.Rising up to challenge and standing in the face of tyrants within our islamic communities is the key step towards overcoming our fears and deficiencies.We owe it to our noble prophet and his honorable companions who through their outstanding sacrifices spread the Word of the Almighty.Let's not forget the current issue that all muslims face today,let's rise from the ashes of humiliation and oppression by exbelling all those who try to extinguish the Divine light.

It sickens me to watch the news these days, I go to bed and wake up from nightmares about the war Iraq. Everyone sees with clarity the motive behind this war. Bush and Rumsfeld...both with their 'oil' backrounds, Blair being his 'the U.S is always right' self. There are so many people against this war. Thousands, if not millions, but that means nothing to these leaders. How could it, the U.N means nothing to them. They break all rules which dont convenience them. The Geneva convention applies to the world but not to them. Guantanamo bay wont abide, but Iraq must. Bush does not abide, but Saddam must. Speaking of Saddam, if he had a shread of humanity or compassion in him, he'd have fle dthe country and saved his people from this hell. Not that the U.S wouldve seized fire. Afterall, its the oil they want..and the oil theyll get. I pity the world, its people and most of all, its wretched leaders. We ask for Gods guidance and aid in these horrible times.

I agree with you Jill Jones, USA that this particular war that's going on right now is not a religous war. According to my understanding this war is against Arab Nationalism and Europe Nationalism or what you can call them as Western Nationalism which is not based on any moral values. The reality were even this article also tries to focus is that we dont defend against a military might with the weapon of courage built on moral values. When our own military might has gone into wrong hands how can one call that this is the O-peration I-raqi L-iberation.
I wish to quote an ayath (sign) from Quran ..

O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the HATRED OF OTHERs to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do. [3:118]

Mr Jones please forgive me if I have spoken anything wrong that may hurt you that which will never be by intension.

Islam(the meaning being peace, purity, surrender and obedience) does not allow for torture and murder of innocents.

I also know that all my American friends do not hate anyone because of their religion or ethnicity.

Thus the opposition to war is important not only to save the world from warmongers, but also to stand for the most essential component of our universe, the human life itself.


Jesus loves you. he died for your sins, just like he died for me and all the other christians in this world. and he rose from the dead on the third day. so we dont have to taste death.

America Still has a lot of Muslims living peacefully with others. We like to blame Suddam for everything. I wonder if these iraqi leaders is willing to put bombs around themselves rather than suiciding thier civilians.

When non-Muslims talk with Muslims about the current war, whether the Muslims appear to side with or against America in times of peace, the non-Muslims usually seem to come away with the impression that Muslims are never supposed to fight in wars or perhaps at least not fight on the side of aggressors. Many non-Muslims generally seem to consider such statements, by Muslims, to have been attempts at deception - if those non-Muslims hear the Quran's contents revealed to them by Islam's detractors, for example. For whatever it might be worth - as I understand the Muslim rules of engagement - deception is generally prohibited, perhaps at least by Muslims who would be aggressors, so to speak. (Quran 2:217, 4:75)

My question here is this: how are we supposed to present facts about our religion (Islam) to others if Islam's most prominent followers appear to engage in duplicity, for example, for the sake of "this or that" nationalistic or economic objective? Americans have been quite often willing to accept information presented by their enemies - but almost only when their enemies appear to be honest. (Quran 4:92-93 [by USA, in war])

A related question would be this: what is more important to Muslims - withholding facts about Islam, perhaps imagining to avoiding trouble somehow, or sharing facts about Islam - perhaps by inviting their enemies to discover useful information provided by the Quran, for example. I happen to feel that the Quran provides suitable rules for everyone to follow, regardless of what religion they might think they are following at the time.

May Allah, who is unequaled and without partner, bless and protect us all. May Allah, who alone is the source of all that there is, who alone is deserving of worship and praise, guide us all - that we might all enjoy ever-lasting peace and justice (according to the will of Allah). May peace be upon you.

I just don't understand. Does Islam allow for torture and murder of innocents? This is not a religious war--it is a war to free the Iraqi people who have been terrorized by a brutal dictator. Americans do not hate anyone because of their religion or ethnicity.

AMINA said:
I strongly agrree.

very good observations and very good article. This is the kind of writing we need. Without bias and opinion and propaganda.

the idea of the war is to make the world safer by forcing the terrorists out of hiding for the larger benefit of the civilized world. perhaps your religious beliefs should consider that.

Asalaamu Alaikum,
Salaam. Peace. Bani Adam (descendents of Adam, pbuh) are not at peace with themselves, let alone each other.
The current misdirected aggression of the US against Muslims(carefully manipulated by its greedy & spiteful Zionist Jew advisors)will only serve to further create hatred and mischief in the world.
A hadith qudsi recorded by Muslim as narrated by Abu Hurayra describes a major benefit of peace beyond this mortal life :
The Prophet (saws) said - Allah (swt) would say on the Day of Judgement "Where are those who love each other in the name of My Majesty? Today I shall offer them My Shade, when there is no shade except My Shade."
Hatred, vice and injustice must be fought and defeated. However, truth and not greed must triumph. And in victory, one must not transgress beyond reasonable limits, as the well known example of the following Bukhari hadith demonstrates:
Abu Hurayra narrated that he heard the Prophet (saws) say that an ant bit one of the prophets, and he ordered the ant nest to be burnt. Allah (swt) revealed to him "An ant bit you and you have burnt a community which glorified Allah".
Lets hope Bani Adam realises its self-inflicted harm.
Jazakulahu Khairan,


How much more clearly can it be stated? I suppose that I did not do enough personally to help stop it. That is an important part of this article. I wrote e-mails and stated my opinion, a small action. Who can tell me what to do with such a large problem? Tell me how to be effective and I will act.

I completely agree with you, Dr. Abdullah.