Gaza Unveiled: A 14-Point Roadmap to Global Solidarity

What is happening in Gaza nowadays is unprecedented. It defies all standards of morality as well as humanity. One doesn't need to be Muslim to empathize with the plight of Gaza and Palestine; being a human with consciousness is sufficient.

This in addition means that the perpetrators of the Gaza catastrophe, which is assuming the character of an ethnic cleansing and even genocide, are most inhumane in the ethical, yet civilizational, sense of the word, nor do they possess any moral intelligence.

Gaza: A Global Struggle Between Right and Wrong

The Gaza events signify a battlefield for clashes between civilization and barbarism, truth and falsehood, sanity and madness, and between humanity and otherwise. Thus, Gaza’s theatre of war is not confined merely to a tiny strip of land wedged between Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea and Israel as an illegal geopolitical entity, but rather extents far and wide to encompass all parts of the planet.

Everyone feels compelled to form an opinion and choose sides, both personally and institutionally. In a way - it stands to reason - the Gaza conflict is a global phenomenon; it is a “world war” between discordant worldviews, value systems and existential paradigms.

Without a doubt, if the institutionalised Apartheid Israel was legal, it would not have been pursued and maintained illegally. Because of that, discourses about the Palestinian issue are to be placed against the background of the occupation and its ensuing tyranny. All other things are irrelevant. If not, problems could be muddled and developments misunderstood.

Palestinian Pursuit of Freedom and Justice

In international law, the right to resist is closely related to the principle of self-determination.  It is widely recognized that a right to self-determination arises in situations of colonial domination, foreign occupation, and racist regimes that deny a segment of the population political participation.

Accordingly, the Palestinians under a brutal occupation have the right to make recourse to all means and channels with the aim of ending the occupation. Such terms as terrorism, criminality, rigidity, unwillingness to negotiate or compromise, etc., are used as distractions by the oppressors. They are freedom fighters par excellence, the dead are martyrs and inspiration to posterity.

Sacrificing decency, humanity and civilization

In Gaza today, all decency, humanity and civilization are being sacrificed on the altars of a hypocritical world order and a culture of barbarism. When one looks at the shocking images emerging from the tiny belt of land. One see's nothing but utter destruction, dead bodies and people whose lives and hopes have been shattered perhaps forever.

One should remember that those fields of debris represent graveyards wherein all civilization and righteousness have been buried. Those dead bodies represent the death of all humanity and compassion. The faces of the despairing and neglected-by-the-world Gaza citizens serve to remind us that we all share some level of accountability for the ongoing genocide.

Palestine belongs to all of us, yet to the whole (normal) world. Come the Day of Judgement, there will certainly be questions that will require answers. Not everyone will be exempt from the repercussions. Institutionally misled and brainwashed for ages, both locally and internationally, ours is a mixture of feeling miserable, dejected and powerless.

Knowing that this is not the time to love the enemies, to do good to those who hate you, to bless those who curse you, to pray for those who mistreat you, to turn the other cheek to him who slaps you on either one, and to not withhold your shirt from one who takes your coat (Luke, 6: 27-30).

Understanding the Roots of Israel's Illegality

We must know who and what we are dealing with: the Apartheid and Zionist state of Israel is sustained by an immoral alliance representing the iniquitous dimensions of the West. The illegal creation of Israel was possible only in association with the illegal colonization of Palestine at the hands of Britain.

Therefore, the foundation of Israel (i.e., its occupation of Palestine) is a twinned illegality and its identity a twofold criminality. Throughout its existence, aggression and bloodshed have consistently been attributed to Israel.

Incessant tyranny is its legacy. The innocent blood is all over its institutionalized existence and the existence of its allies. No tangible and lasting good did Israel ever generate to the “other” within and around itself.

The Global Response Against Injustice

It is no surprise that the real Jews, who embody the core beliefs of Judaism, continually distance themselves from Apartheid, Zionism and its unholy undertakings. No wonder, furthermore, that many of them consistently take a stand against the age-old Zionist mistreatment of the vulnerable Palestinians.

Even today, they regularly partake in the on-going global rallies against the human tragedy in Gaza. Sometimes they yet organize their own demonstrations, declaring to the world in general and Israel in particular that they denounce the events in Gaza. The carnage should stop immediately, that Palestine should be free, and, perhaps most importantly, that Israel’s actions – and its existence-cum-identity –are not “in our name.”

Israel’s disposition was criminal from the outset, hence whatever it did at any point of time and to anybody was consistent with its innate genetic makeup. It is unfair to hold a wild beast responsible for an attack or harm, as wild beasts will always be subject to their natural inclinations. However, it is wise to be aware of what one is up against and to take the necessary precautions.

Fourteen things everyone can do for Gaza

Owing to the chronic acts of perfidy exhibited by Muslim leaders towards Palestine, we often raise the question of what action may be taken by the general public. Here is a list of meaningful actions that all can implement.

First, learn about what is going on exactly, because knowledge is power.

Second, do so from reliable sources, because there are so many half-truths and outright lies in circulation. Indeed, the Gaza proceedings are framed within a global ideological conflict whose main fuel is (mis)information.

Third, work on improving yourself: spiritually, morally and intellectually, because Almighty Allah declares that He will improve our collective condition (what is around and beyond us) only when we improve what is inside ourselves (al-Ra’d, 11). The former is the effect, the latter the cause.

Fourth, never stop spreading and living the truth under all circumstances, because falsehood thrives only when the truth is absent. The active presence of the truth is the antidote to the bogus presence of falsehood. Evil appears strong only because righteousness is non-existent. In the case of Palestine, Israel appears great and fearsome only because Muslims are weak; there is no competition. The two cannot coexist. It is either righteousness or evil.

Fifth, keep “helping” Allah by supporting and helping His cause on earth. Keep spreading Islam and help the righteous people. Allah promises His divine help only to those who “help” Him. (al- Hajj, 40; Muhammad, 7).

Sixth, continue enhancing your status as a Muslim. Get more closer to Allah through faith and good work. Forge alliances with Him and the rest of the Muslim ummah (community). Allah vows that it is only “His party” (hizb Allah) that will be victorious eventually. And that “the party of Satan” (hizb al-shaytan) will be defeated. (al-Ma’idah, 56; al-Mujadilah, 19).

Seventh, sincerely boycott whatever Israeli and Western products the rest of the ummah agrees to boycott. Stay with the rest of good Muslims and good global citizens. Allah is with groups and their collective actions. Be an organic part of the jama’ah.

Eighth, remember that the most important items to be boycotted are Western bad ideas, misleading knowledge and inappropriate values. These could be found in the realms of Western media, Western education, Western institutions, Western life systems, Western often filthy entertainment and pop culture.

They are the factors that plunged the Muslim world into a cultural and civilizational bankruptcy. While the former aspect of the boycotting initiative (the seventh item) targets the economic sector, this particular aspect targets existence as a whole. It is more comprehensive, and so, more effective and more enduring.

Ninth, start – or intensify if you are already onboard. Your enjoining of what is right and forbidding of what is wrong. Our calamities, associated with our incompetent and misleading leaders, are nothing but a combination of tests and punishments.

One of the certain ways to be punished either by catastrophes or the imposition of inept and deceiving leaders, is to shun the commandment of enjoining good and forbidding evil (al-amr
bi al-ma’ruf wa al-nahy ‘an al-munkar).

The Prophet warned us: “You will observe the commandment of al-amr bi al-ma’ruf wa al-nahy ‘an al-munkar, or else Allah will mete out a stern punishment to you. Thereupon, you will (regret and) plead for Allah’s mercy, but to no avail” (Jami’ al-Tirmidhi).

Also: “You will observe the commandment of al-amr bi al-ma’ruf wa al-nahy ‘an al-munkar, encouraging each other to do good, or else Allah will destroy you with a torment, or will appoint the worst amongst you to rule over you. Thereupon, the best amongst you will plead for Allah’s mercy, but to no avail” (Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal).

The Qur’an is explicit that Muslims are the best nation on account of them possessing the true faith and a reformist culture: “You are the best nation produced (as an example) for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah” (Al ‘Imran, 110).

Tenth, donate whatever you can: wealth, knowledge, talent, time and energy. Do not be ungenerous, for Allah is never ungenerous with you.

Eleventh, participate in peaceful demonstrations. You need to contribute to the dissemination of the truth. It is important to jolt decision makers out of their indifference or complacency.

Twelfth, use the available democratic means and channels. Remind our Muslim leaders that their inability (unwillingness) to deal with the plague of Israel does not bode favourably for their own future. If, they fail to convincingly demonstrate that they are aware of their paralysis. That they are willing to start changing the humiliating status quo as soon as possible.

They ought to be made aware that they will also be implicated in the Gaza crime as much by history as the ummah. Their failure will bespeak a betrayal of not only Gaza – yet again - but also their own citizens. Indeed, the Muslim public has demonstrated, emotionally and to some extent intellectually as well as spiritually. To show they are ready to be reborn and led into a better future.

They have likewise shown that they have courage and strength of character. Muslim leaders, the onus is on you - this is the critical moment for a meaningful transformation to take place.

Thirteenth, never get tired of praying, because prayers are a weapon of believers. With prayers you deal directly with Him Who holds keys for all solutions. While Allah controls everything, nothing controls Him.

Thus, prayers denote an existential privilege. However, keep in mind that prayers, too, have prerequisites. Invoking divine help is significant. However, it becomes an abuse of the wonderful concept of prayer (du’a) if you don't act for it. The Qur’an instructs: “And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah. Indeed, Allah loves those who rely (upon Him)” (Al ‘Imran, 159).

The Prophet also asked a person to tie his camel first then to put his trust in Allah. For that reason prayers are mentioned as the thirteenth point of what each and every Muslim can do for Gaza.

Fourteenth, whatever you do, make sure you do not slacken. The entire Islamic community (ummah) with its dormant capabilities have been galvanized. Patience and steadfastness are the keys. There should be no turning back.

The true enemies of Islam and Muslims, on the one hand, and of humanity together with civilization, on the other, have revealed themselves. So should the forces and soldiers of the truth be known. Undeniably, it is time to make a stand and regain some honour. It is time to stand up and be counted.

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