Powell Makes a Case for War - What is Your Opinion?

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United States Secretary of State Colin Powell today presented the United Nations Security Council with what he called "solid" evidence that showed Iraq still has not complied with resolutions calling for it to disarm.

While his speech may help sway American public opinion, whether it will close divisions in the Council is not clear.

Following are some statements from the other security council members.

Tang Jiaxuan, Minister for Foreign Affairs of China, said that the Council had basically maintained unity and cooperation on the issue before it today, which was critically important.  He said  as long as there was still the slightest hope for political settlement, the utmost effort should be exerted to achieve it.  China was ready to join others in working in that direction.

Jack Straw, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom, said that the Council had just heard a most powerful and authoritative account of Iraq's practices by Mr. Powell, which demonstrated the great danger that Iraq's regime represented. 

Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin of France said "Why go to war if there still exists an unused space in resolution 1441?".

Khurshid Kasuri, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, said: While the international community was justified in bringing about the earliest possible compliance by Iraq with its resolutions, he said it could not ignore other elements that arose in the context of security, namely:  amending the suffering and ensuring the welfare of the Iraqi people; preserving the unity and territorial integrity of Iraq; and preserving the political and economic stability of the region.

Mikhail Wehbe of Syria said that the Council should lift the sanctions imposed on the Iraqi people and activate the provisions of its resolution calling for the declaration of the Middle East as a zone free of all weapons of mass destruction, without any exceptions.  Those provisions should include Israel, which was the only country in the region possessing such weapons.  It was important to arrive at a peaceful solution of the Iraqi crisis.  Iraq's neighbors had expressed a readiness to cooperate with the Council towards that end.  A peaceful settlement would save the thousands of lives that would be lost through military action outside of the legitimacy of the Council.

Joschka Fischer, Vice-Chancellor and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany, said it was now decisive that the inspectors were also provided with that extensive material, in order to be able to clarify the unresolved questions, quickly and fully.  He had no illusions about the inhumane and brutal nature of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship.  Under his rule, Iraq had attacked its neighbors, Kuwait and Iran, fired missiles at Israel, and deployed poison gas against Iran and its own Kurdish population. 

He said that several States suspected that Saddam Hussein's regime was withholding relevant information and concealing military capabilities.  That strong suspicion must be dispelled beyond any doubt.  At the same time, the dangers of military action were plain to see.  A peaceful solution must continue to be sought.

Iraqi Ambassador Mohammed Aldouri  said his country would provide detailed and technical explanatory answers to the allegations made in Mr. Powell's statement.  What had been mentioned in the presentation was utterly unrelated to the truth.  No new information had been provided, except for sound recordings that could not be ascertained as genuine.  What had been presented contained incorrect allegations, unnamed and unknown sources, as well as assumptions in line with the American policy towards one known objective.

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proceedings held on Feb. 5, 2003:

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  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Foreign Policy, Iraq, United Nations
Views: 2977

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Older Comments:
Tue Feb 18,White House -Report By BARRY SCHWEID, AP Diplomatic Writer - WASHINGTON - "War is my last choice," Bush said at the White House as echoes of anti-war protests circled the globe. "But the risk of doing nothing is even a worse option as far as I am concerned."

Standing firmly against skeptical allies as well as the demonstrators, Bush said: I owe it to the American people to secure this country. I will do so."

I THINK BUSH OWES IT TO THE WORLD TO STOP THIS NONSENSE ! It is about time the UN Security Council told Bush to STOP IT. Amazes me to see how the World Community can allow One Man to carry on against majority World Opinion !

Sydney Morning Herald (16 February 2003) Reports:
The Australian Prime Minister insists he will not be swayed by the human tide of protest against a war with Iraq - not by the more than 250,000 people who marched in Sydney yesterday, nor the 10 million who rallied worldwide ....
"And I believe the way we are handling this is in the best interests of Australia."
Will somebody please tell us WHAT interest will be served by killing innocent people ? Yet Another person has joined the Mad Bush Bandwagon against Islam !

Does Powell make a case to attack Iraq ? What Powell does is make America the laughing stock ! What with the massive demonstration against WAR worldwide ... even in America ... Either Bush, Blair, Powell and their lot are just plain deaf and blind Or they have been bitten by mad dogs.... stark raving mad

ismailmahroof wrote:
The US want the women in Afaganistan to remove their head scarves as they say that this is a violation of womens rights

That is a gross simplification of things. If you believe that 'The US' really cares what anyone wears, then you've really misunderstood the issue.

To use mode of dress as an example, the women's rights issue is more accurately described as allowing women to choose what they would like to wear. If they then choose to cover themselves from head to toe, then fine. If they are harrassed, beaten or worse because they try to have the same freedoms as men, then that is wrong.

Your poing regarding atomic bombs is silly as well. The US dropped the a-bombs close to 60 years ago, and has never used one in anger since. Would you want someone such as Saddam Hussein to have that capability? Why, as a deterent? Why not just give one to every individual, then? The answer is because some individuals, like some countries, would actually USE them without thought of consequence.

Your point regarding the UN, the US and Israel? That comment is spot on. I agree with you 100% - Shame on the UN double standards.

Peace. Dino

The US had a case against Afghanistan and cleverly adapted to fit Iraq as the war on terror in Afghanistan flopped. War on terror is a slogan, like war on poverty, one does not know how to execute it and it never ends. Powell has no case on Iraq other than that the US wants the oil. Saddam (one of the worst dictators) is a excuse. Meantime the USA has lost credibility as other dictators are free (Dear Leader Kim) and as other injustices are unabated (Israeli crimes on Paletinians).
The US claims if the UN does not endorse its plans it will lose credibilty. The UN has lost credibilty over Israel-Paletine years ago, and mainly thanks to the USA.
Considering, US foreign policy is as durable as the tenure of its presidents, there is hope.

If the US is claiming that Osama Bin Ladin and Iraq have a connection then the US must be punished first for aiding and abetting Osama with all the training and all the rocket launchers etc etc given to him and the mujahideen to fight the Soviets. There is something called retribution and it comes slowly but surely. The US broke up the Soviet Union and they the US will face the same "RETRIBUTION" and will become the DIS UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

When my country Sri Lanka fought the LTTE terrorists they were accused for killing civilians and shouted at for detaining people without trial. The US at Guantanoma bay are allowed to violate human rights unprecedentaly and the whole world and the United Nations are blind to this.

The United Nations is a play tool for the US as the UN resolutions for Iraq must be implemented and the UN resloutions against Israel must be ignored. " Shame on the UN Doble Standards".

The US want the women in Afaganistan to remove their head scarves as they say that this is a violation of womens rights. They however do not dispute their christian nuns to cover their heads and wear long and decent attire covering all their hands and also cover their legs well below the knees. Shame again for following what the muslims are supposed to cover and trying to uncover the muslim women.

If the US can have and drop atomic bombs like in Japan why not allow the other countries. Shame again on the United Nations which allows some countries to have wepons of mass destruction and prevent others from having it.

Finally, dear people let peace and justice prevail for the world to be a better place.

i think the us would be better if it was the
normal class of people in power not the rich
cause they don't particularly care about most
of the things going on they care about looking
good. and this may be wrong but i think it's
right that only 3 or 4 of the congressmen and
women acually have kids in the armed forces.
they probally aren't going to care as much as if
it were one of their kids fighting.

A famous man (I believe it was Abraham Lincoln)once said "You can fool some of the people some of the time,you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." The people of America & the world need to examine what our political leaders are telling us all of the time. If everyone will do this & follow the commandments of Allah, we will never have to wonder about truth. The one thing that makes me skeptical about Secretary Powell's information is the fact that if his claims concerning Iraq are correct, why did he wait so long before he shared this data? Another question that has not been answered is why the concern concerning Iraq non-compliance of U.N. resolutions & no concern or action taken against Israel's continued defiance of resolutions regarding Palestine & the Palestinian people(both Muslims & Christians)? The evidence (or lack thereof)of Mr. Powell's "case" speaks for itself.

i think that the us should step back and quit
presuring the council and i think we shouldn't
have a trigger happy president and secretay of
state. cause that's what they are

Looks like the chinese didn't buy it either by joining the club. It's time for the cowbows to realize that there is no such thing as planete America.


Well Mike Hale for starters there were the troops that were stationed in the nuclear fallout during the above ground nuclear bomb tests, the Chicago experiment where students at a school for the mentally reduced were injected with nuclear waste to see how much they could take, the Boston harbor experiment where the government sprayed bacteria spores into the wind which caused deaths from gangrene documented by the Discovery Channel, the Tuskegee experiment where people were reinfected against their will with syphilis and the National Geographic documentation of the secret nonconsensual sterilization of Amerindian women in the 1970's.
Stop using the news sources that get their stories from press releases and start watching the stations that do fact checking and research.
As for the US not being in the business of torture, the US ran a school of torture near Atlanta Georgia for quite a while. They called it "The School of the Americas" if you want to look it up. The name was changed and supposedly the curricula a couple of years back but who knows. One of the finds in the Shaw of Iran's effects was a video tape from the US explaining how to ram broken coke bottles up women's butts documented by a British professor in the book "The Islamic Threat, True or False".
The US had a good record on the treatment of its prisoners of war before Vietnam but that has changed, assuming they will even call them prisoners of war.
Just because the other countries torture folks that is not an excuse for the US to do so. One wrong does not excuse another. I hold my compatriots to a higher standard, that standard being based in truth, justice and equality. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself implies don't do to others what you would not wish done to yourself. This has become the failing of the US, a willingness to support, for political reasons, those that good judgment would suggest should never be given support.

There is never a case for war.

I believe that the case was presented in "TRUTH" as God watches over His children. When a child needs discipline, then one needs to follow the Holy words and correct the problem.
Do not spare the rod so the child will not be spoiled but restored into truth of the living God.

Mike, shouldnt you be eating your roadkill possum instead of bringing your uninformed banter here ?
A denizen from a trailer park like you should just shut up, listen and learn becuase you simply dont know anything. Yes I know you're a idiotic imbecille, but try anyways.

Give peace a chance. We have reason to doubt Powell and his evidence, no matter how authentic it may appear, by examining the Iraqi record. Saddam has only killed more Muslims than any other man in history. He only deprives his people of such luxuries as food and medicine while remodeling his presidential palaces. He only rules with a heavy iron clad fist and a penchant for allowing his sons to rape and pillage Iraqis as they please. Preaching pacifism is no policy of appeasement. It is a chance to stick it to the warmongering, morally repugnant American administration. People sympathetic to the plight of the Arab and Muslim worlds should stand up to the overzealous superpower. We should all unite hands, go on hunger strike, give up our dignity, sing a few songs, and stand with Saddam against this intolerable American aggression.

Mike Hale we are at a stalemate. You site your news sources and in a self-deprecatory hint you even claim that CNN is the mouthpiece of this administration. You want reliable news from independent, fearless, unbiased, "non-gov. owned"?

Have you failed to see where the headlines on this site's home page are taken from? Have you read any of them? The Guardian, the Independent, Yellow Times, the Christian Science Mon., We Hold These Truths, the Times of London, Common Dreams, Anti War, Al-Ahram, Der Spiegel, even Ha'aretz has an ani-establishment column.

The US does not engage in torture, but here's the caveat: they contract and commission countries who traffic in this despicable trade, like Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Please check these sites:

Mike, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation under God indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Show me anywhere the words administration or government. Oxford dictionary defines republic as a government by the people or their representatives. And if I see my reps swerving, then it's my duty as a citizen to correct them.

Killing POWs is deplorable anywhere, anytime. And how on earth does someone like you know what we do with POWs in Bagram or Guantanamo Bay? Do you honestly think ANY government would tell its people something they don't like to hear? You're smarter then that. All I'm saying is don't get swept with the herd, stick your head up and look, the herd could be heading to a precipice.

To Mike Hale:

You say that the US doesnt use torture, this is more US crap, your government has been using torture for years, it is just that it is more sophisticated then most countries. In fact during the 1960's and 1970's the US had a special budget for the development of torture techniques, go the CIA archives in your country and chech it out.

As for the soldiers that were taken prisoner in Somalia did u know that your soldiers killed 13000 innocent Somali's. Your General who led the operation admitted this, but said that as they were acting on behalf of the UN (which has not signed up to the Geneva convention) Which means they cannot be tried for War crimes. As for the other countries, this has nothing to do with me and is not relevent to the argument.

As for the "quality evidence" you are asking for, US soldiers admit killing innocent people on TV, are you going to argue with that? No! We all know Saddam is a murderer, but who thought him how to do it? The USA. You say the US governemnt is not in the business of torture, wrong again the USA has a monoply on the technique

America has made a case only to the uninformed. Anyone that can analyse fact from fiction, will see the that Powell's speech was nothing but propaganda for war. He talked a lot without offering any real and clear proof, and in most cases, contradicting the reports and authentic findings of the UN Inspectors. Everything Powell claimed, has been factually refuted by the UN Inspectors and just yesterday, by international journalists stationed in Baghdad.

America's agenda is oil and world domination, not disarmament or human rights, after all, Amnesty International named them number one for human rights violations. These are the facts.

Fayaz Karim
Toronto Canada

Ansar and Jacks bring alot to the table. Except for the fact that what they bring is garbage.
For anyone to have the audacity to look at the US and say that we want to hide from the Geneva Convention is not worthy of press space. The US soldiers that have been taken prisoners by: japan, Germany, Somalia, Iraq, Viet Nam, North Korea and Italy were all treated to extremely brutal condtions. Many died at the hands of their torturers. You have the forum and right to speak, but at least try and get something right.
The American government is not in the business of torture.
And please don't start in about where I get my information, the US government owned CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC. Where is all the quality information that you think you posess come from? Please show me your reliable news sources so I can watch them too. You don't have any. You make up things as you go along or read some email some idiot sent you. Iraq tortures EVERY disident that it find. Oh, excuse me, alot of them are just executed, my mistake.

There is a great symmetry between Jewish people residing in the west and the policy of Israel. It is a great combination between the honesty of the Israeli government in relation to further the cause of Zionism with that to their compatriotic Jewish people. In contrast, the western Muslims must understand that no matter how many protests they do in front of non-Muslim institutes, no matter how many times we criticise Bush' foreign policy, no matter how many times we cry, the Muslim governments have a totally different agenda. They are making the Muslim population of the west foolish. We Muslims should immediately shun our criticism of Bush and company. Instead, all the efforts should be rendered to expose the Muslim leaders like Fahd, Jaber, Mabarak, Mushrraf and Abdullah. Massive protests should be arranged in front of the front line Muslim countries all over the globe. This is the real stuff to do. If we are serious of stopping this unjust war, stop Muslim countries cooperating with Americans. Otherwise, we are wasting our time. Musharraf or Fahd, they don't give damm to our cries, our emotions, our protests, until we expose them directly. Go to their emabssies and protest. Shuja

Let's just reason it logically:

Iraq has not caused trouble for the last 12 years, the containment policy works so well. They country is decimated militarily, and economically is torn. The people have not seen peace since 1980 when the Iraq-Iran war started.

If Saddam has WMD (let's assume) and he knows the US will attack come rain or sunshine, don't you think he'll not disclose those weapons because they're his ace-in-the-hole for survival.

If we attack, our forces undoubtedly will be exposed to these WMD and we would have brought it on ourselves. We will then react with our nuclear deterrent. And who will suffer? I need not say. It could be like Vietnam, we can win all the battles and still lose the war

If we leave him alone (how much longer is he gonna live anyway?) and beef up the inspection regime, he will be contained as was the far-greater and more-dangerous USSR. It's a simple cost that can avert massive destruction, and it's a plan I believe the Iraqis can stomach and live with given the unmentionable alternative.

Ansar are you a bush? Your numbers have all the ring of the American president's economic policy

It was a delight to read your comments. True, living in America, I can say that not all Americans hate muslims. However, I fail to understand how, fighting Iraq is fighting for what we (Americans) believe in. If you go to the Florida coast, you will see all the world's erstwhile dictators, retiring in our country. Is that what you believe in ?

It is againts to the international law that the statement of mr.Colin Powell without justification or prove, the motivation on going inspection has fail to justify until now.. in fact U.S.A in the history remain.. what will happen to heroshima japan ? the vietnam and iraq it is the intervention of state zionist... and this israil state keeping mass dectruction weapon in the middle east so why U.S.A they don't want to intervene? and to disarmed israil..? the rest of the country will become dangerous in the middle east...what will happen in the palestine right now ? the zionist occupation demolished the home of palestinian civillian.. so U.S.A must prove that they are the people of truth and the people of peace or else...it is the propangand of zionist and terorist acitivity..

With or wothout the UN there is going to be war. the question is who is next?


Told u saudi does what it is told to do by the USA: From ummahnews.com

8 February 2003

The Saudi authorities have decided to cut short the rituals of this year's Hajj (pilgrimage) in response to a US request to clear the peninsula of pilgrims so it can pursue a war with Iraq as soon as possible after the annual gathering.

The policy has been adopted as a "necessary" measure taken in accordance with a fatwa (religious edict) to that effect, a leading Egyptian paper reported on Saturday, February 8.

The semi-official widely-circulating daily Al-Ahram quoted the head of Egyptian delegation of pilgrims as saying that "the Saudi officials grounded their shortcut in a fatwa to the effect that pilgrims might not stay overnight in the Mina area and move directly for Arafat plain."

In the first day of the Hajj, pilgrims travel a few miles to the plain of Mina and encamp there. From Mina, pilgrims then move the following morning to the plain of Arafat where they spend the entire day in earnest supplication and devotion. That evening, the pilgrims move and encamp at Muzdalifa, which is a site between Mina and Arafat. Muslims stay overnight there offering more prayers.

According to the latest modification, the pilgrims would leave directly for Arafat, without earlier encamping in Mina.

The reported announcement raised questions whether there is an American request for an evacuation of the pilgrims amid great prospects for launching a military offensive against Iraq after Eid Al-Adha (Day of Sacrifice), an Islamic celebration marking the end of Hajj.

Meanwhile, a correspondent for German news agency Deutsche Press-Agentur (DPA) quoted a western source as saying on Wednesday, February 5, that a number of Islamic countries received American calls for precipitating the return of their nationals travelling for pilgrimage in a five day frame after the end of Hajj.

The press report, carried by the Saudi website El

Run out of

After Iraq: Source: The Times of London

November 05, 2002

Attack Iran the day Iraq war ends, demands Israel
From Stephen Farrell, Robert Thomson and Danielle Haas

ISRAEL'S Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has called on the international community to target Iran as soon as the imminent conflict with Iraq is complete.
In an interview with The Times , Mr Sharon insisted that Tehran -- one of the "axis of evil" powers identified by President Bush -- should be put under pressure "the day after" action against Baghdad ends because of its role as a "centre of world terror". He also issued his clearest warning yet that Israel would strike back if attacked by Iraqi chemical or biological weapons, no matter how much Washington sought to keep its controversial Middle Eastern ally out of any war in Iraq.

He made clear that western Iraq would be one of the first areas targeted by the US in any invasion, saying that lessons had been learnt from strategic mistakes of the 1991 Gulf War when Iraq successfully fired 39 Scud missiles into Israel.

Mr Sharon, 74, was speaking as he conducted high-level negotiations to keep his Government afloat after the desertion of his centrist coalition partners. Last night he survived three no-confidence votes, giving him more time to forge a coalition with small right-wing parties. He rejected calls for early elections.

The Knesset also approved the appointment of Shaul Mofaz, the hawkish former Israeli Army chief, as Defence Minister.

But even as the Knesset voted, a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up inside a shopping centre in central Israel, killing at least one other person and injuring 20.

In other significant changes of tone and policy, Mr Sharon told The Times that:

Yassir Arafat, the Palestinian leader, could have an ongoing role as a "symbol", but could not have a role overseeing financial or security functions. This was a departure from previous statements that Mr Arafat was e

People who support the USA on Iraq because it will remove oppression are in a dream world. If the USA really cared about the Iraqi people they not have supported Saddam's tyranny in the 80's. Secondly the USA still suports all those despots in other Arab countries such as the Saudi's, are they going to attck them and liberate the people in Arabia? why not? the reason is becuase the Saudi's do what they are told to do.

Another reason people say that attacking is a good idea is that Saddam has killed more Muslims than the USA. This is crap. During the Gulf war the USA killed 250, 000 people mainly civilians and un-armed Iraqi fighters, in fact 12,000 unarmed Iraqi soildiers were buried alive, how do I now this you may ask? USA soildiers boasted on CNN that that's how I know, they killed these "desert nigger" as they say in the US army.

Since the Gulf war Iraq has had to deal with the most brutal sanction regime in history. the UN figures say that 2, 000, 000 people have died including 5, 000, 000 children.

A leason from history. when the West were directly colonising countries they said that they were bringing freedom and civilaisation to the savage tribes of the non-western world. my country India was a target. Before the British came two thirds of India was controlled by Muslims, we were the richest country in the world with the most educated society, when the British left we were one of the poorest nations and the most uneducated.

another leason

U may say that if Hitler was dealt with earlier, they may not have been a second world war. this is another load of crap. many people dont know that Germany was rearmed after the WW2 mainly by the USA, while he was invading his neighbours in the name of fighting "terrorists",freedom and historical Germany (sound familiar, isnt Israel and USA saying the same thing) Hitler nominated for the Noble peace prize and was Time Magazine man of the year. The west was responsible for Hitler.

out of

Iraq does not have WMD, America has and had used them in Japan,Vietnam and Iraq (DU munitions)in the past and will not hesitate to use them now. America should not look for reasons to attack Iraq on behalf of their zionists friends.

I wonder whenever and wherever it's was very easy for President Bush,Powell and Rasputin-Rumsfeld to mention that,"that the World no longger can wait...." concerning Iraq.What YARD-STICK (Besides UN majority votes/UN's votes does not represents every single human beings in the World) been used by the 'Three Monkeyteers' of The United States to counts number of peoples in the World whom agreed and disagreed in a case to disarmanent and to attack Iraq!?

(Bush+Powell+Rumsfeld=CONGENITAL LIAR!)

america play a drama about iraq.one day america will defeat.

Only an absolute moron would believe that lame cut-and-paste evidence Powell provided is a "smoking gun". And if you watch CNN and FOX for the skinny on this farce, you are a complete USDA approved moron.

I am not convinced by Powell's presentations. The real reason for this war is to control Oil, middle east and please Israel. The USA has assumed anti-muslim and anti-east attitude. The world should unite to control USA and Israel influence. We fully support our muslim brothers. That M. Singh ..could be an agent of Indian Govt. to incite divisons between our muslim (brothers & sisters) and us. May Allah keep us united to fight against injustice.We are with you.

By attacking Iraq without any justification, US will create more hatred for herself. Will they still ask the innocent question; why do they hate us?

From what we have been hearing and seeing in the Media - it seems that no American and for that matter No Person in the World in his right mind wants the USA to go to war. Why then are we led to believe that USA is the Greatest democracy !! I think someone was right in saying that Bush is worst than Hitler.... We also thought that America was a Country of Immigrants - what are we to believe - with all the Racist steps being taken by the present Government of USA ?

Candace Stuart, thank you for sharing your toughts with us, please regain your seat.


I think it is terrible how the united states is trying to act like iraq is a dangerous threat to the world. Which country in the Middle East has nuclear weapons? Which country in the middle east does not prosecute their army personnel that openly admits killing prisoners of war? Which country in the middle east invades its neighbors and uses tanks, helicopters, and planes to kill unarmed civilians? The answer to all the questions are Israel. Maybe we need to think again which country is the biggest threat in the middle east and stop supporting a country that commits terrorism and stop the hyprocracy. If one country commits an act of terrorism they must be held accountable even if they are our ally.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that people understand that not all Americans want to go to war and not all Americans hate Muslims. I personally would prefer that war be averted, however sometimes this is not possible. Let's take a look at history for just a minute. In the late 1930's and early 1940's there was a man that thought his way was the only way and those that were undesirable were first shunned, then made to go to concentration camps and eventually starved to death or shot. The U.S. and Britain were hesitant to step in and stop the atrocities that were happening in Europe. Had they stepped in earlier thousands, if not millions, could have been saved. This issue with Iraq is mainly about weapons. But only because of what could be done with them. Unfortunately, there are some Muslims that have murdered citizens of many nations in the name of their God. It is not my place to tell others how to worship or whom to worship, but I would never try to kill them because their choice is different from mine. There have been times in history where Christianity was forced upon people at the threat of death. But those days are gone. It is not all of Iraq (or any other Muslim nation) that I am opposed to. I am opposed to individuals thinking that we are evil because we are Christians or because we live in the U.S. I am especially opposed to those individuals murdering innocent people. Saddam Hussein has proven himself to be an individual who wants to conquer and take over other lands. The U.S. doesn't want to take over Iraq. But we will fight for what we beleive in. Is it possible that we could all learn to live and let live? That means no more terrorist bombings, no more suicide bombings and there would be no need for war. Ever. Why would Iraq have chemical and/or biological weapons if they didn't plan to use them? Mr. Hussein has said that he would defeat the U.S. in a war. How does he plan to do so unless he has these weapons and plans to use them?

As a Muslim, I must publicly go on record as not subscribing to the present hysterical frenzy of the rank and file Muslim by mindlessly jumping onto the anti-war band wagon. I base my "opposition-to-the -opposition" on the following.

There are probably few members of the world community, including Muslims, who do not regard Saddam Hussein as one of the foremost "bad guys" currently playing on the world stage today, whose acts of cruelty and savagery are infamous. His oppression even of his own people is reknown. In general, he is not considered by the practicing Muslim world as being a Muslim, let alone as representing Islam; indeed, he has been the primary instigator of secularism within Iraq for the past three decades.

According to Allah (swt) Himself, as stated in His book, The Holy Qur'an, (Sura II:191 and 193) ....."For tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter".....and....."Let their be no hostility except to those who practice oppression."
These two statements alone are reason enough to ask why those who purport to follow this Holy Book have not already removed this menace.

The opposition bases its vociferous sentiments upon the "apparent" and past foibles and indiscretions of the US, as if fingerpointing the US would somehow diminish Saddam's culpability; he has only become a hero, the current posterboy, for the ongoing world war against US hegemony.

I am not here to argue the purity or lack thereof of US intentions with regard to waging war on Saddam Hussein. To the world at large, the intentions of the US do not matter, but the removal of oppression, from no-matter how small a country does, and similarly, it should to every practicing Muslim. Allah (swt) also says: (Sura II: 251)
".......And did not God check one set of people by means of another, the earth would indeed be full of mischief."

I say , "Go Bush!"



Brother Jacks,
when you say whoever releases CBN in Iraq do you mean who will release biological chemical and nuclear (CBN) weapons during the war, or whose fault it is that the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) will be allowed there to try to convert at the whim of Pat Robertson after? Just a light hearted not so good joke.
If you want to know what I think, I think Iraq is hiding something and that is exactly why the files are incomplete (by Blix's accounts, not simply Bushes) and that the US knows they have something but simply has very circumstantial evidence to proove it, and is also embelishing the truth. Mustard gas after all isn't as scary as a mobile Nuclear labratory.

mr powell phone intercept is garbage.first of all if i knew somebody is listing to my conversation,i will never mention anything increminating over the phone.according to powell one general was warning the other not to say anything about the gas and the same time he was saying exact the same thing on the phone.to me it makes no sense.if i knew somebody listing i will never use the phone.

Instead of blaming Colin Powell, the Muslim world should open the files of their own leaders. Most of the Muslim countries shamefully have taken the bribe of new and mordern weapons, in exchange of delivering Iraq to Americans. They don't give damm that Americans will throw 3000 bombs on the very first day, 800 missiles will be launched upon Iraqi Muslims on the first two days. Baghdad is expected to be levelled. If Muslim countries are cooperating with Americans, why on earth, we are whinning and fingerpointing to Bush or Powell. They are looking for their own interest. If we Muslims, shameflly, cannot look to our interest, then it is our fault. Are we ready to stop the flow of oil? Can Musharraf pull the plugs in Afghanistan? Can Abdullah of Saudi Arabia kick out American bases? Why on earth Prince Sultan base is being allowed to Americans to bomb and kill our Iraqi brothers for the past 12 years? Why Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria and Turkey have refused to lift the sanctions and normalize the relationship with Iraq? Why even a single Muslim country so far has failed to condemn continuious American threats against Iraq? Sir, instead of blaming Powell, Muslims should start condeming their own leaders, and should mobilize to arrange massive protests in front of the Muslim embassies all over the globe. If you cannot do it, then do not blame others. It is better shut up our mouths and prevent ourselves to be called whinners. By the way, it was us, the Muslims, who have let murdered 1.5 million Iraqis peacefully. Look at the geography, Iraq is completely surrounded by Muslim countries. Shuja

There is a "smoking gun" in Iraq!


Alright Manjit Sing Sing, you had your few minutes of fame on this site by displaying your total ignorance. The wise Tabari once said that when we don't know what we are talking about we should hold our tongue, and no, you are wrong! "Tabari" is not a fashion designer nor an Italian soccer player. Since when people like you know anything about Shari'a, and by the way WHERE did you see it fully implemented anyway? Oh yes ZNN (Zionist Network News) taught you all about the Shari'a, maybe just a portion of it, and the rest by consulting too often with uncle Johnny Walker, terribly sad your education.

Brother Amin: The psychopath I refer to is who ever pulls the trigger on using chemical, biological, nuclear (CBN) weapons on American troops. Knowing the US willingness to do uninformed CBN tests on US citizens (four documented cases I know of) I wouldn't put it past Bush to use them on the troops if Baghdad doesn't. Having been unable to come up with verifiable proof and being embarrassed at every step, use of CBN's will not only allow Bush to say "I told you so" but then be able to use CBN's on the citizens of Iraq in mass. He will just push a PR blitz about how evil they all are and how he had to do it to protect the troops.
The Love/Hate (pact with the "kufar") relationship Baghdad has with the US over the last decade or two has resulted in the deaths of millions of Muslims with "plausible deniability". I am not really sure who's side Baghdad is on. If they are stupid enough to use CBN's on American troops then they are too stupid to be allowed to rule. (Much less morally qualified.)
Consider recent reports of Baghdad handing out guns to citizens to create an urban war. Besides the "shooting gallery" effect of untrained citizens shooting at anything that moves this gives the green light for American troops to shoot at any man, woman or child unlucky enough to come within their sights. No one will blame them. On top of this the US will call anyone they capture an "illegal combatant" whether they had a gun or not and the Geneva convention will be conveniently ignored.
Its just another setup for massive civilian casualties And it will further inflame both sides. The only one I can think of that could be happy with this situation is the hater of humanity and it's cohort. Its like some science fiction horror film where some alien being feeds off the death and hatred of human against human and the humans are too caught up in their fighting to realize they are just being used.
I only hope the rest of the world doesn't get sucked into this nightmare.

Powell got his 'Intelligence' details from Blair's
M16 report copied straight from a research
associates work! Where did Powell get the
rest of his presentation from -- the Arabic
version of 'Saturday Night Live?"

Harry Belafonte was SO right about Powell, calling him a slave. Thank God almighty we still have some Americans who recognize this farce for what it is.

Assalamu Aleikum Akhi Ahmed du Maroc.

"are you from Rabat or Sale ?"

Un peu entre les deux :>) a cheval sur le beau BouRegreg.
Je prefere le prive.
[email protected]

Allah Hafiz


Colon Powell has not proved anything to me that would justify sending American troops or any troops in to invade Iraq.He held what they said represented a small vat of amthrex in his hand,but the cases of amthrex found in our country has not been resolved.One thing he did prove to me is that he is a clone of his circle of hawks.

The US government answers to the needs of an international, amoral, politio-economic elite that has a personal stake in the oil wealth of Iraq. Our interest has nothing to do with the safety of the international community, because we and other Euroean nations are primarily responsible for making the Middle East unstable. We support tyranny (Iraq, for 30 years, various Muslim monarchies) and deliberately destroy democracy whenever it tries to flourish (Iraq in 1959, Algeria, and I suspect in the near future,Iran). We refuse to give up control of the war crimes tribunal, because we know that our leaders will be tried and convicted of heinous war crimes: of collective punishment against the civilians of Iraq for the crimes of their leader (est. 1 million people dead) and of the use of illegal, radioactive, depleted uranium warheads in all UN "peacekeeping missions" that slowly kill the victims over a period of several years and cause cancer in their offspring(est 7,200 US Gulf War veterans dead, countless 10s of thousands in Iraq and Bosnia). Where is there room for polite talk about international peace? Saddam could come out with doves in his hand and execute himself on public TV, and we would still go in, because it is not about Saddam and it is not about international safety and it is not about peace. It is about money, the root of all evil. We have one standard for our own rights (for which we are grateful) and another standard for the rights of other peoples. I will be not safe in my own home until the Iraqis are safe in theirs. This will not be a democracy until President Bush answers to us and not to the people who bought him and put him in power.

Hey Mr. Manjit, I'm assuming you are from India? That must be true since you don't have your own covuntry nor you are majority anywhere in the world. I know you've tried it in the 80's but were unsucessful. we the Pakistani and also the muslims helped you to get your own Independence country from India but I guess you were not capable enough to have one.

Whatever the west and anti-Islam people can do, Islam will shine at the end of the day. It's not me saying but Allah has promised us but he has asked us to run and live our lives the way he wants us to live not the way we want to live. Today we live the way we want and expect Allah to have mercy on us, not possible!. Live the way Allah has asked for and Islam will prospous. Inshallah.
What can be worse than Non-belivers are attacking Islam? WE NEED TO CHANGE OURSELVES.

these other countries have been through more than 911 for years at the hands of Israel, who buys / is given the weapons it kills with from the USA
you won't get much sympathy from them

the presentation of colin powell only reminded me of the fabricated Incubator stories of 1991 ... and with the latest evidence of plagarized parts and the british government accepting it makes the presentations all the more dodgy ... and one last thin i believe powell deserved an Oscar nomination with the part he held up the Fake "Anthrax" cheers and claps for powell good performance ...

Usa and others Gangs of New York,
Don't get fooled and get into their shoes.Your's Supremo and His Team are all "flicker" minded,denial,damn liar,hypocrite's and disastrous Management which cause the instability of the World.


GMAX said:
Hey "Usa"...whats wrong with those "other" countries is like most sensible people they're not buying the farce which Powell tried to sell at the UN. Its clear who is deceiving whom and how....using grainy audiotapes, powerpoint presentations and computer simulations. Only thing missing was a pie to complete this slapstick freakshow. Do yourself a favor and think before regurjitating the nonsense spoon fed to you by Fox, Cnn and co. If not, go enlist and demand to be shipped off to Iraq pronto.
It turns out Powell was quoting a British intelligence report...which in turn has been exposed as an outdated and plagerized group of writings from different sources....including a California grad students thesis. The lengths these warmongers will go to is truly insane.


are you from Rabat or Sale ?


God bless the world !!!!

powell did not make a clear case, everything he said just kind of a jokes.

What is up with these other countries? HELLO!!! Iraq has continued to TRY to decieve the world for years! They have supported terrorists, tried to build their own nuclear reactor in the eighties, they even used weapons of mass destruction against their own people. They must be stopped, and they will! I hope these other countries never have to go through what Americans did on 9-11. If they did Im sure they would feel differently about supporting such a cause. Get a backbone, and dont let these few extremist scare you. Please remember to be on the lookout for supicious behavior in the next week, just think, right now one of these punks may be living next door to you! Lets catch them trying something and send a message to the world that we are UNITED AND STRONG. GOD BLESS AMERICA!! Not only are the police watching,but millions of Americans are taking a closer look at their neighbor today and watching!

I think the UN is doing a great job to resolve the issue peacefully, however america and a few of its allies are, for some reason, constantly trying to go to war. Even when the UN inspectors haven't found any evidence on possing weapons of mass destruction.

To Syed, Abdur and Kasmani

2/3 of refugees in the world are muslims is according to the same UN that you so admire. You can vist the UN human rights web site.

Afgahns who have returned home are not the ones that ran from bombing but are the ones those who could not bear the barbaric system imposed by taliban (the number syed is now close to 2 million returned home)

And syed let us not talk of human rights while youhave stoning, woman unbale to drive, honour killings etc we all have faults but you cannot deny the problems that muslims are running from sharia based countries ruled by muslims.

I did not mean that Iraq and clerics (who are by and large people of zero intelligence) being same but the insidous designs of Wahabbi clerics from Saudi Arabia not having an opportunity once Iraq is free.

And do not concern yourself with Indian muslims they are better off than most muslims in muslims countries
Anyhow for what it is worth I think that USA along side civilised world should leave Iraq alone they are useless incompetent and cannot fight anyhow.

Mohammed Yakoob
we say Muslim this and Muslim that because we have made a mess of Islam somehow and that is how we have been conquered divided had one of our holy places taken from us. Paying attention to Mad man Bush as you say will not fix the problems in Muslim countries. The first step of recovery is to stop blaiming things outside and admit you have a problem. Bush can't creat or fix any problems for Muslims, anything he does is simply taking advantage of our ridiculous unmuslim situation.

Shame on every Muslim and Muslim country that supports this massaqure.

To get rid of Saddams regime is the right thing done at the wrong time.Politics and Justice are two different things but the US(and the World) is nevertheless guilty of helping and strengthening Saddam over a long period of time!

Shuja Syed
It is refreshing to hear from someone within the circle that can think straight. Congradulations for having the conviction to express what you feel is the truth. It is obvios to me...

War is Terrorism.
United Nations should have the final word about any decision towards Iraq.

The American people supports a wae in Iraq because, they are being lied to by their goverment.

I cannat say for sure that Mr. Hussein has weapons of mass destruction nor can the USA say they know,but if Mr. hussein does have these weapons and is under international pressure to give them up, then Isreal should do the same.
Is Isreal the only country in the region who should have these deadly weapons. If Isreal deceided to attack any of the arabs country, how can they defend themself? Will they turn to America? or will America tell them the same thing they said to the Palestanian goverment.
In my honest opinion, no Arab country should let an outsider come between them. I am so very suer that if the shoes was on Saudi Arabia feet Iraq would stand by their side. So my advice to all arab nations, tell America that if you do not want Iraq to have these weapons let Isreal give them up too. Look ahead of you for the next five years....what do you see? America will do to all of the Arabs, the same thing they wants to do to Iraq. They will accuse them innocently and they will not be able to defend themself.
eg. Afganistan, now Iraq, then Iran, then Saudi Arabia and so on. Look what is happening in Kuwait.Would you like the same thing to happen to all of the Middle East? Tell you Goverment not to be another Tony Blair (Bush"s puppet)America is like cancer, it touches you and eventually kill you.

If the world would have challenged Hitler in 1938, the United States would not have lost thousands of young, brave men. Because of that sacrifice, we gave the people of France, England, Germany, Italy, Japan and many other countries the freedom they have today. Today all free people of the world and all Arabs need to come together and rid the world of another Hitler, Saddam Hussein.

Manjit Singh: It is clear that your Islamaphobia has influeneced your opinion. The fact is there is no "pure islamic" country on the face of the earth. Whether quasi-democratic or monarchy. So if Muslims are leaving their indiginous lands, it is not running from the Shariah-it is often for some financial gain. There are bits and pieces of the Shariah in every country's code of conduct, including the US Constitution, which some say was heavily influenced by Islam. Regardless, many Muslims have and probably will continue to run away from the Shariah in their hearts, which is why Dar Al-Islam is in shambles. Not because of the implementation of the Shariah. Secondly, Afghanistan is in worse condition NOW than it was under the Taliban. Not to say either gov't was great, but the lawlessness that exist now did not under the Taliban. Furthermore, most of these oppressive regimes exists because of the support from "civilized" countries. Don't try to shoot from the hip when your barrel is empty.

This is to the ignorant pagan of India (Manjit).

What you know about Shariah ? Afghanistan is more a dangerous place to live now than it was in Taliban time, crime is every where, rapes, killings, flourishing poppy fileds, tribal fighting's.......... The people who are returning to Afghanistan are the once who run away American bombing and live in camps in Pakistan other wise those living in Pakistan before even before Taliban rule are still in Pakistan they are there because of economical condition of Afghanistan nothing to do with Taliban rule. The Afghans still love Taliban as rulers than the present lawless government.

2/3 of Muslims are refugee from where you get this figures (or you counted Muslims of India as refugees).

Yes, Muslims may be running from their governments not because of Shariah, but because their governments are anti shariah and pro western (protected by west).

Well, for your information Muslims in west are more appreciable of shariah because of what they see around them.

Where in the world we now have a Islamic system of government ?

Common civil law burning young brides with her husband and killing females fetus, killing humans for animals.....

Iraqi government and Muslims clerics ? Do you know anything beyond India.

I refer to comments posted by Manjeet Singh. It is not that "Sharia" is irrelevant or has failed the muslims. On the contrary it is muslims and the muslim rulers in particular that have failed the "sharia". I say this because as we have all experienced in Afghanistan, the arbitrary interpretation of "Sharia", that has caused so much misery. "Shariah" in Saudi Arabia, also suffers from the the same defects. ie it is applied arbitrarily, and therefore becomes an instrument of injustice and opression.
A knife weilded by a skilled surgeon is a tool, but the same instrument can cause immense damage in an unskilled hand. The same is the case with "shariah Law"

NO WAR !!!
but i hate muslim (the neighbor) because they hate my dog.

I agree that Iraq is hiding "stuff". I also believe that any sovereign country in an effort to defend itself (whether it is a 'good or bad' nation) would do the same. I believe that the U.S., placed in the same situation, would also try to "hide a few stones" with which to defend itself in pitch-battle. That these are apalling 'stones' of mass destruction...which kill horribly...are a terrifyingly quibbling matter...when bombs dropped from 40,000ft. do the same.. However, I also believe that we must, as spriitual beings, learn to make war only in self defense and resort to diplomacy to sort all other affairs. The art of diplomacy requires education and some sophistication...but more than all else belief in the value of life. We who believe the same must do all we can to help...pray, write letters, contribute to causes...all we can. Oh, God, help us.

I think that the only thing that Mr. Powell proved was that Saddam is not being truthful with the UN. The question that he has not been able to answer is, is that really a reason to go to war and kill possibly millions of people? I think that Americans should focus on the things that go on in America. Police brutality, injustice in our legal system, oppression, qustionable elections, and things of that nature. Saddam has been President for about 26 years and the only two American Presidents that found him to be a threat were the two with the last name of Bush. The American people must continue to stand up against an unjust war and make the White House understand how we feel.

Dear Muslim friends, let us concentrate on what the Mad Man Bush is trying to do instead of giving sermons about "Muslims" this and "Muslims" that... I can assure you that we Muslims are far better then the Israelis and the Indians .. who are killing innocent people... Will some wise guy tell me what SADDAM has done to the Bush guy .. I mean with so much world opinion against a WAR ...

Mr. Manjit Singh, you were supposed to give your opinion about what Mr.Powells said wednesday unfortunately you have failed doing so and start to ignite your feeling about ISLAM, I, as a muslim, I feel so sorry for your attitude ...

Obviosly Mr. Powells seems to be confused, from what he did wednesday, anyway we have already get used to AMERICAN policy's, now they are trying to fool their own people and british people but not the world they want to rule the world,they have already forgotten what happen to HITLER. TO Mr. you have no right to decide for muslims and if you hate to hear about sheria that mean's you are sick and you need to hang your self to cure your desease.

Mr. Jacks, Which Psychopath are you refering to? In my mind there is one definate Psychopath and one potential (face it we really don't know if Bush is bluffing or not until he starts the full scale attack)
There are no correct facts in this situation. The US made a mess now they want to clean up. The US doesn't need the oil its already being given for food, and the economic sanctions on Iraq are not just the responsibility of the US but every vetoing member of the security council. In addition anything the American press or Saddam say or gross exagerations, in concerns to civilian casualties, you are argueing one side of a quarter of the arguement. The real problem is the propaganda machine that is the world mass media, that is purposely trying to pit cultures against each other and agree with whatever facts their government agrees with whether steeped in truth or false. Neither the arab press or the US press have a monopoly on the truth, and there are many good as well as bad reasons in the potential war.

Since the "pure islamic"regime of Taliban got kicked out more than 1 million Afghans have returned home - clearly they prefer current situation more than the pure islamic situation.

2/3 of the worlds refugees are muslims and nearly all of them are running away from their own governments ie muslims rulers imposing sharia.
Muslims have voted with their feet and have run away from sharia governments to live in civilised world in Eurpoe, America and Australia. Sharia has failed muslims that is why muslims are leaving islamic countries

Islamic system of government has failed, sharia was designed for the savages of arabia not civilised people thus it has no relevance today and where ever there is sharia there is misery.

It would be better for muslims to have common civil law rather than sharia so that they can progress - eg Malaysia

Iraqis like Afghans will be happy after liberation and muslim clerics will be the ones sad because they can no longer dream of imposing misery on Iraqis

I am so ashamed to see the so called Muslims of the world(except few of Labanon, Palestine, Iraq,Iran,and few) cowering before the aggressors. A tiny country of Iraq which was invaded and occupied by Mongals, Turks, British, French and now the US has no right to defend itself. On the otherhand, all the colonial and Arrogant agressors of the past and present like US,Britain, France, Israel has the right to develop all kinds of Weapons of mass killing and also to use them. What a farce. And the Arab cowards are lining themselves behind these agressors to kill their own brothers. Prophet Muhammad went to defend Medina with 300 ragtag army of beleivers against thousands of pagans sho came to kill them. But 300 million Arabs are afraid of 4.5 millions jews of Israel when they are killing their Palestinian brothers everyday. This Arabs has no longer any faith in Allah but they have taken US and Britain as their Auliay or protector against the order of God. So they will suffer but I hope a new generation will rise from the ashes of these hypocrite and coward Arabs who will have faith in Allah and they will bring justice and honour for them and the Muslim Ummah.

There is no proof shown in Mr Powell's presentation. Everything looks like a drama and Mr Powell is one of the actors.

In response to post 10075, you are RIGHT Mike. The Muslims should take care of they own problems and America should take her boys and girls back to their families, THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS being there AT ALL. As far as Saddam and the likes are concerned, obviously you have skipped a page of History where the of US and two Europeans powers carefully crafted "political masterpieces" in that region, Saddam is just another of your nasty excrement left behind, and I am being polite. So again you are right the neighbours have to do their best to clean up the mess left behind by others.

And do not worry about a Muslim conquering "another" Muslim countries, Arab borders and nationalism is only in the mind of the non-Muslims and of course in the mind of cupid and sinful rulers, not in the mind Muslim mass, so spare you "concern" for your soldiers and your tax dollars.

Well lets try for an empirical evaluation. After receiving chemical weapons from the US, Baghdad used them on its citizens. After receiving conventional weapons from the US, Baghdad used them on Iranian citizens for the US government. After receiving a go ahead from a US ambassador, Baghdad invaded Kuwait. The US kills thousands but stops short of Baghdad. And then Baghdad wouldn't step down during a US lead embargo on the country for over a decade resulting in the deaths of thousands if not millions. And lets add in the US lead attempt to over through Baghdad which the US pulled out of after getting people together, delivering them to Baghdad to be killed. I get the sneaking feeling that somebody somewhere (and there are a lot of folks dancing in this strange game) will use unconventional weapons on US troops. This would let the US say "I told you so" and you know what would happen next. I hope for the sake of everybody that I am wrong and good people won't die because some headless, heartless psychopath cares more for power than human life but the historical record indicates something is decidedly wrong somewhere. Good people just keep dieing and it isn't the leaders if you know what I am saying. The rest of the world needs to step in and investigate just what is going on before its too late to stop it.

I dont give damm what Powell or Sharon says. I am sick and ashamed at the behaviour of the Muslims rulers and Muslims themselves. Their muted reaction is the core of the problem. Is it not enough for us that the Quran is instructing us not take others as our protectors? What else do we need?

Enough is enough ! We have seen the United Nations debate on much more important issues without any satisfactory results. So why should the World be exposed to this Gangster episode. Somebody should now tell the United States to just STOP it. And as for the UN - there many more resolutions which have been violated - the Kashmir issue for one !

The Washington administration persists on making the whole world laugh by making fools of themselves, I cannot believe that these pathetic cowboys are so clueless about their transparency. Would somebody please inform them.

Come to think of it, why would Irak disarm? WHY would any country disarm? so that only terrorist Israel and her slave America can retain their devastating technology. The other foolish Arab dictators Kings and other Reyes de la Tayfa are just playing hypocrites, opposing the pathetic cowboys and at the same time allowing them to station their troupes and hardware on the land of Islam.

Muslims, no doubt that America and Israel are your secondary problems, the Muslim countries need to do away with their current rulers, THEY ARE the real problem, THEY ARE the ones humiliating the Muslims by having deviated 180 degrees from the Quran and the Sunnah. The Europeans experienced the dark age because of ignorant clergy, the Muslim are experiencing it because of cupid and sinful rulers.

I believe war is not at all necessary. Iraq does not pose a danger to its neighbours nor to USA. Political solution is far better than going to war which will result in loss of numerous lives. The latter is not acceptable. US has selfish motives behind this war. UN Inspectors were sent to Iraq to remove weapons of mass destruction whereas it is US and Israel who possess tons and tons of such weapons. I believe the sanctions on Iraq ought to be removed immediately and Pr. Saddam left alone. The danger from Pr. Saddam has been greatly magnified. Pr. Saddam should be advised to repent to Allah SWT for his past wrongdoings and he should try to be a just ruler and a good Muslim. In this lies his welfare of the Hereafter. Also he should do a lot of good deeds to cancel his evil deeds in the past. In short, Pr. Saddam should be told " Ittaqillah !!" If Mr. Bush has personal enemity against Pr. Saddam, that is not good enough reason for going to war and putting about a million or so innocent lives at stake.
To go to war with the objective of stealing Iraqi oil , utilizing weapons of mass destruction is
immoral. Before Inspectors are sent to Iraq, US
should have its own house inspected.

Instead of blaming Powell, Muslims should look into their backyard. Let us say, Powell is wrong. Then, how come all the Muslim countries practically helping United States. Now, don't tell conspiracy theory! I am sick of that. The time has come to attack Muslim leaders, instead of attacking George Bush, Powell or somebody. Why should I waste my time to attack others, while my own leaders have sold their souls? We are the most shameful, insulted, humiliated, backward and superficial people on the face of the earth. In peacetime, we have allowed 1.5 million Iraqis to be murdered by hunger and malnutrition. No protests were arranged during these last 12 years. What a shame. What a pity. Slumber boy, slumber. Instead of waging massive protests in front of Muslim embassies all over the world, these disoriented Muslims protest in front of non-Muslim institutions. And yet, they claim to believe in Allah, they claim to believe in Tauheed, they claim to believe in unseen. They claim to trust only and only Allah (sbt). These Hajis are behaving like Buddhists monks. Nothin else.

Shuja Syed

This whole war thing is just an attempt by Mr. Bush to seek revenge for his father's failed attempt at destroying Saddam. Now, no matter how many innocent people die, as long as daddy dearest is pleased. This war is so obviously a war for oil and a war on innocent Muslims. May Allah the Most Gracious protect the people in Iraq and give them peace of mind and heart. And may Allah Guide this nation and all nations to the true religion and way of life, Islam. And if they refuse, then surely Allah has prepared for the unbelievers a grievous torment. May Allah give the Mujahideen of Iraq the victory over it's enemies. And may Bush and his cronies be Guided to Islam and stop this foolish "war on terror". Because honestly, this war is only going to increase hatred for America and increase terror, not lower it. All Praises are to Allah for His Mercy. Ameen

The PHAROAH and his poodle in England and his fiddle in Israel...if you can mourn your seven dead on rentry to earth...try to mourn thousands of other dealths in palestine and iraq and afghanistan....ZERO FOR POWELL..NO CASE AGAINST IRAQ AT UN...we americans are not stupid

A grainy audiotape, along with a powerpoint presentation is not evidence. Powell has gone from being a supposed world class diplomat to being a full fledged clown who cant make anyone laugh. Why wasnt this "evidence" given to the inspectors back when resolution 1441 passed ? Speaking of UN resolutions....why is Israel allowed to violate and ignore over 50 years worth of such resolutions for starting wars and occupying Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian territory ? How about those 300 nuclear warheads the Israelis have ? North Korea anyone ? The hypocrisy is sickening....because Iraq has nothing but O I L.
As for all the losers who want the war...head for the nearest recruitment center and insist on being shipped of to Iraq. Chickenhawks the lot of them.

It's true,that Powell or The US always advance in many ways.Unfortunately,come to Military Intelligence advancement in sense of receiving spies satellite images,Powell(US) failed to show the clear or precise images(MRI images not valid) of Saddam Hussien! US number 1 so called mobile target.
Mind you,THX,Dolby Digital and e.t.c will generously provide assistants to Powell and The Pentagon if require! to enhance that images technology.

Powell's presentation was a sham!
He failed completely. No case for war at all.
People have more brains than that!!

Mr. Powell, if we accept that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction even without any proof, and Iraq should be disarmed.
Then, what about USA, Israel, Great Britain? there are tons of mass destruction weapons in these countries and we have tons of proof. USA was the first country who used the nuclear power against Japan and distroyed the humanity and peace. what about the Israel, the bigest enemy of human kind who is the only one in the middle east posses atomic weapons of mass destruction and seriously busy in destroying human beings.
Mr.Powell and George War Bush do you have any plan to disarm yourself and Israel.

I still heard no reason why the US has to go to war. Yes, the regime in Iraq is horrible, but I don't see anything that could not be resolved diplomatically. The US and it's allies must try harder to find peaceful resolutions. The lives of far too many innocent people are at stake.

I don't think he made a case at all for war against Iraq. I think the inspection process should go on. I don't think Iraq is a threat against its neighbors or against the USA.

I think that that Colin Powell has no solid proof why America should go into war. If America steps into this war, they are basically stepping into a third world war. Hardly anyone else is supporting this war, many of Americas allies aren't even supporting this, so why do we need to step blindly into something else? If Amercia does go into war with Iraq, they won't be going into a war with just Iraq, all the other middle eastern countries will probably be supporting Iraq. Sure, we all hate Saddam Hussien, but that doesn't mean, to find one damn guy, we need to go and kill everyone else in that country and take away thier homes, like America has in Afghanistan. They can't find Osama Bin Laden so they go and blow up the homes of every living citizen of Afghanistan. My opinion is that America doesn't need a war right now.

Powell may have made the most powerfull case against
Iraq. It still doesn't prove to have a moral justification!
Powell, Rumsfeld have all said that it will only take
weeks of bombing to bring Iraq to its knees. Iraq may
have weapons of mass destruction but united states is
not afraid to use them either. In the first gulf war United
States didn't hesistate to use Depleted Uranium which
has increased the level of cancers such leukimia by
200%. Depleted Uranium is a toxic radioactive waste
produce from nuclear reactors and atomic bombs. It is
very expensive to store for 4.5 million years so, the
most convenient way to get rid of it is through war.
Sadaam is responsible for his people but not entirely,
United States played a big part by putting him power.
Before the first Gulf War, united states and iraq were
allies agains IRAN. Although, sadaam didn't hesitate to
use biological weapons, united states downplayed it
and that Iraq was trying to defend himself or that iran
provoked them. Ariel Sharon is commiting warcrimes
but president bush downplays it. Sharon is seen
demolishing homes mostly everyday yet it is never
played in american media. Although, I am not too
worried because Sharon, Bush, Sadaam, Pyongyang
will all DIE one day or another. And Inshallah GOD
shall unveil his JUSTICE in the next life. May God help
us become better muslims, better people, forgive our
sins, shows us his mercy, remove the injustice in this
world, protect peace loving people, protect the weak.
Bush, Sadaam and Sharon will all there time and they
are nto getting any younger.

Mr. Powell presented no new evidence because there is no new evidence to present. Iraq has never attacked the United States and never threatened the security of Americans. Mr. Powell and others continue to point to Iraq's previous attack on Iran but fail to mention that this particular war was financed by the American government. And while politicians mention Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, they fail to mention that the area that became Kuwait had been a part of Iraq that was taken away by the British. They also fail to mention that prior to Iraq's invasion, Kuwait had been drilling oil from an Iraqi field. Mr. Powell did not make a case for war against Iraq because there is no case to make. While Saddam Hussein's actions may be abhorrent, there is very little difference between Saddam's treatment of his people and the similar actions taken by the Shah of Iran or Ferdinand Marcos. Both of the latter dictators tortured their populations with the full support of the American government. If nothing else, please let the world know that most of the American population does not support the American regime. A 'regime change' of our own might be nice.

It is disgusting that a country (U.S.)like ours wants to resolve everything with violence. We tell our kids that violence is bad, at the same time our leaders are setting the stand. From what I hear from Mr. Powell, I think we are still in doubt situation and unless we sure of it we should not act in a such way and mass murder a whole nation, who is children all ready dying in thousands.

Please think peace!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care for war but I don't see much alternative for disarming Saddam. Powell made a good point that the UN resolution puts the burden on Iraq to prove that admitted WMD are destroyed, not on inspectors to find where they are hidden.

I also don't understand some supposed motives for the US to go to war:

The US wants to control Iraq oil: We will import the same amount of oil before and after the war. Is it worth even the dollar cost of a war to get a bargain price for oil from Iraq?

Bush wants to stimulate the economy with a war: The US stock market has been in turmoil for months over impending war. Even a short war will cost Millions of dollars a day (one Tomahawk costs around $1 Million). US defense spending is shifted from new development to supplies etc. for the troops. This puts a stress on more companies than it helps. Current anti-US sentiment is helping Russia make more business contacts in the Arab world at US expense.

Bush is looking for support in the 2004 elections: Bush was pushing for war when most(?) of US citizens were opposed to the war because alot of evidence was not public yet. I don't think a shaky stock market and big deficit in 2003 are going to help Bush's party in the next election. How about sending our 17-24 year old sons into a desert against a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons? (Unless there really is imminent danger if we don't ...)

Things will get better if we just give them time: Like Saddam may finally complete his nuclear weapons program. Everyone raise your hand if you seriously aren't worried about what Saddam has intended for his (alleged??) stockpile of anthrax and nerve agents.

That Texas Cowboy is attacking Iraq because he is a puppet of the Zionists: I have no answer for that one.

Or you could just look at the simple explanation: A man of Colin Powell's character is not a liar and Saddam needs to be disarmed by force. I will still pray for Saddam to make a cho

Everyone loves to make issues out of things that aren't issue.
There should be no question that Powell was telling the truth, rather a question of America telling half troups. The American government doesn't make things up it simply ignores facts that are inconvenient. It is inconvient to lose troups in Somalia because there is no oil. Sadam may have killed more Muslims than anyONE else in 50 years (Israel/America combined)but in Somalia more Muslims have died chaoticly than anywhere else.
Iraq and Israel are sideshows compared to what is really happening
Powell lieing? Why does he need to we all know about Saddam, America doesn't need to lie to make him look bad. The question is while this whole Iraq thing is happening what international trade deals are being made? What is congress doing to limit Americas freedom. If you ask me this whole thing looks like Rome right before Marcus Aurelius, and the the imperial dictatorial ae of America is coming. No my fellow Muslims it is not here yet. You want to see how much a nation with 300 million people can be imperialist than hold on you are in for a ride. Ay least now politics dictate that the president must stick slightly to the truth.

To use the venue of the UN to lend ligitimacy to the US designs against that region is deplorable. People must begin to think about the motives of a country who can only bring speculative assumptions about WMD's and a vague connection to Al-Qauda to the world governing body. Tangible evidence of WMD's or a link to Al-Qaeda has not been produced. The US wants the UN to rubber stamp on its (US) continued military presence in the region. The purpose of th US going to war is not "democracy" and "freedom". There is an old saying from the street's of Detroit where I grew up, "When in doubt, find the money." The US does not engage in military action unless it is in the interests of US corporations. Dubya is an oil man. Indeed, the administration of Dubya is inundated with many former officers and directors of US oil coporations or their subsidiaries. When the US when into Somalia it was with the intent to stabilize the region so that Somalia's oil resourses could be exploited by the US, not becuse of the deaths of the Somalis at the hands of the numerous warlords. The US will continue its march to secure the world's oil supply so that it can continue to have hegemony over the entire world. The US must stop. We must stop the US. Wake up, think!

The sad part about the presentation was, even with the advanced technology that the U.S. has, they used Computerized images of mobile transport vehilces. I mean--come on-- are we that stupid. Mind you, no real pictures or video of vehicles, but computer clip art images. If i was a member of the council,I might have burst in laughs. A very sad attempt to prove something that does not exist. The United States seems so desperate. It is so sad to see these American politicians making a fool of themselves and their respected American people.

This is addressed to all of the Arab Muslims who are neighbors with Iraq. Do you think the citizens of iraq will quickly accept your apologies, for showing solidarity with Saddam, the ruler who brutally oppressed them for 25 years? Or do you think they will hold a grudge? I think Saddam has to go, if you look at whats going on right now it's 1939 all over again. I don't think the U.S. should do it. I think the Muslims in the region should show a little solidarity, and stand up for the oppressed people of Iraq, and oust Saddam yourselves. It's your region and if Saddam does gain enough momentum and W.O.M.D he will try to conquer that area, it's his dream. You all know this and secretly want the U.S. to do the dirty work, so you don't have to worry about looking like you're supporting the U.S. and at the same time you're rid of Saddam and the danger he poses to your country. I would like anyone who praises Saddam to go live there under his regime, trade places with an Iraqi citizen, then see how much you love Saddam. You don't need to praise a meglomaniac, homicidal lunatic like Saddam simply because you hate the U.S. you can easily hate both. I think it can easily be stated that Saddam doesn't posess any tenets that make a good Muslim, so how can someone who praises him be considered a good Muslim?

Look the situation is simple. It dont matter what one thinks about Powell's speech, 'cause in the end we know nothing about what's really happening. What the US and Iraq is saying is propaganda n both of them r imperialist biggots. The only difference between them is that Iraq failed in its objective of imperialism. Now what will happen is simple The U.S. will attack n Iraq will lose. Because no matter what is said everybody knows that all the speech about American blood filling the Tigris is simply bull. Just like Iraq being a threaght to the U.S.A. is bull. We have seen American hypocricy n we have also seen the big speeches of victory, by the Arabs when they were supposed to drive the Israelis into the sea n when they were supposed to kill the Americans in Afghanistan.
In the end its simple both America and the Arabs will lose. America will become even more unpopular (yes it is really possible for them to become even more unpopular), due to its own doings and the Arabs who side with Iraq will sink into humiliation and lose the little bit left of their national pride.
So the question is, "Who will win in the end?" Well the answer is the European continent (exemplifying that one island to the west), we will remain hated only by the Israelis because of our nuetral attitude. And we will also have much investment possibilities in Iraq. China and Russia however will not gain from the incident, they will lose a bit.
Now this is how Powell's speech with the predictible content will sadly lay the seeds for these coming events. This might sound cynical, rude and naive, but that is how it is. To conclude my "ignorant" opinion I would like to say that I wish no war, but that it will happen. It is time for Saddam to reep what he saws and after that (in many years to come) it will be Americas time to reep what it saws. In the end Europe will clean the mess and collect the winnings. Or something :/?

I think the information was not strong. I also think that I heard the Arab talking say, "laa" not "iawa" in the tape. The English kept saying "yes." In any case this was not proof. I love my country but my government is out of control and hungry for war. Many of us are against this. Sorry citizens of the world, I am very sorry.


I don't want war,
and I don't know what Saddam has if anything,
but I think people commenting here would blame the US if the inspectors found an entire labratory of bio/chem weapons, or even a nuclear warhead

riazur rahaman,
learn the difference between crusade and The Crusades or Crusade in English. Big difference
There is a distinct difference in meaning between them,
I don't like Bush but at least take what he says for its real meaning in English and not translate its meaning into some other language.

Sadam should be removed.

I just heard on Fox news last night about an Iraqi citizen who escaped from Iraq. He was telling the story about his sister and brothers who were brutally murdered by Sadam's soldiers. Sadam Hussain is responsible for killing more Muslims than any one alive today. I don't understand why other Muslims don't fight with the United Nations to rid the world of such evil. You will see after this is all over how all the good people of Iraq will finally have the opportunity for FREEDOM.

Well, I did not blame USA what they are doing. Tell me where they will test their war equipment? Iraq is the best place to do that and that is possible because of Sadam. All the problem and trouble in that part of the world is due to the dictators and tyrant rulers. Tell me which country in the Middle East has democracy or the rule of law? Muslims can not fix their own countries where they are majority how they can expect to change the others?

Well, it seems every one ignoring the fact that it's the west which aid Saddam with all sorts of weapons (biological and chemical) as long as he was working in their interest. The mad dog of white house (Rumsfield) was the one who meet Saddam at time when Iraq was oppressing its own people to extend his support for the regime. So its bullshit and ignorance to think that US will replace Saddam with something good for Iraqi people. Want US want is dictators and puppet regims like (GCC, Jordon, Egypt, Algeria.....) in Middle East not a democratic state.

And if the people of those countries stand against their government the west label them as terrorists. Because if public take power in this states they will not sell their resources for peanuts, they will stand against western hypocrisy (towards Israel), so US and west cannot digest a democratic or Islamic Muslim state.

Regarding removing Saddam, its easy, remove sanctions from Iraq, let it go normal let saddam come out from hidden and then well assassin him (alone) not, and this can be done with the help of Iraqi's, with no or minimum damage to people of Iraq or their resources. But no, west want to teach a lesson to the people, they want to make Iraq weak in the interest of Israel, they will first bomb and destroy the public utilities and the public resources so that they can again take control of Oil in the name of rebuilding Iraq.

Its not the Iraq's WMD, it's the western dirty politics present most danger to the world peace.

On August 2,1964 the US government told its citizens that one of its destroyers had been attacked by north vietnamese boats. Later that night another report was televised about more attacks on american boats thru a much applauded presidential speech. The media added fuel to the fire urging Americans to consider the attacks as an act of war. The result: on aug 7, all but 2 senators voted to enter the vietnam war. Eventually 50000 americans and millions of vietnamese people died. It wasn't until all those people died was it revealed that the Gulf of Tonkin story was a complete lie fabricated by the US government to change popular opinion and enter the war. Naval eye witnesses later attested that all they were doing were firing into the dark to make it sound like fighting was going on! I dont know about the rest of you, but Powell's "evidence" sounds far too much like something the US government has pulled before. Come think of it the whole thing was pulled like a theatrical drama. A lot of rhetoric, some evidence, some truths hyped up with a lot of lies. And then you have to ask yourself why tell now? Why not tell the inspection organizations like resolution 1441 requires. Why put on a big show now? In short for the American people. What terrifies me is that the people in this country have been given exactly what they were looking for. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

It high time that america shoul change his policy ,it is very easy to make such kind of evidence ,i believe that ,if saddam is the dictator in is carector ,that america is also a dictetor in is behaiviour and action ,any body who believe in god ,justice will prevail,god is far far mighty then tecnology ,he make it realise,it is rule of god that he defeat big powers by very weak people to show his presence ,which mostly forgot either by tecnology or wealth,i notice that at this time no body care what allah want ,unless they realised this there will be no solution to any problem ,every aspect of the universe lead to allah,rather then power wealth tecnology and civilisation,the solution lies in obeying the laes of god,what he comended,i wish to allah that peace prevailand may allah guid in right path ,the path of our beloved massenger prophet mohammad(p b h) amin


I saw no "concrete" evidence, no solid proof, no justifiable means for us to go to war. The pictures could have been from anywhere at anytime. I believe Mr. Powell is being used as a pawn to carry out Pres. Bush's vendetta against Hussein and Iraq. Let us not forget about the poppy plant that produces what?!---the drugs that are used to control the masses by enslaving them to a hazardous substance. We all know about the oil and the money that it brings, but look at the financial income from the drugs!!! His objective is money and control, and Colin Powell is following through with this materialistic gain regardless of the loss of life. The value that they place on life is almost absent!!!

powell and bush alongwith a very small group of people like blair want to attack iraq bcoz they want to control the rich oil fields of iraq. they are enemies of humanity as thay don't give a damn to the value of any life other than theirs whether it is iraqi civilians or their own soldiers. their ego and power thirst should win. that's all that matters to them.


i must say that no matter what the white house and the people in and behind try t o spin the truth is this is a war against truth,a war for oil and israel and it is new wave of crusade as bush rightly blurted out, look at the whole world ,who is being driven out of their homes ,lands, its muslims stupid,even in america the land of freedom ,freedom is not for muslims,they dont deserve it because they are MUSLIMS.

Damn, how'd they know? I'm going the have to get a deeper bunker now.

Nothing new in these allegations. Meanwhile Israel continues to defy the World and the UN, is killing Palestinians every day including an old woman murdered in her own home, and we are "solemnly" debating Iraq and its WMDs.


Colin's evidence was rubish, this proves the USA has no real proof, it want to attack Iraq for:

-CONTROL OVER THE MIDDLE EAST, including religious, cultural, economic, political and militarily
-Dividing the Arab people
-More military non-muslim bases in the heart of the Muslim world

PS: did you know Israel said "regime change" (their words not mine) in Iraq would make Israel the most powerful nation in the Middle east with nothing to fear. U may say Israel is already the most power and had has nothing to fear, but this is not true it fears Iraq more than any other country.

The problem is that the U.S. Government has lied too often in the past and that any evidence can be faked. With out accusing Mr. Powell I would have to say that there is a lot of room for doubt at this point. And as someone who follows the teachings of peace and caring about others could there every be enought evidence to justify the deaths of thousands of innocents because of the actions of a hand full of individuals?

Peace and blessings

What wants America? Regime change OR Disarment of Iraq? Oil for American Comapanies (including Bush's Oil Companies as well)? Want to re-play Afghanistan's drama once again? Why Iraq to be disarmed (if he posesses any arms) NOT Israel? Is Israel is not danger to its neighbours, its own population (Palestaniens)and specially the Middle East?

Fabricated evidence just produced before this address to Security Council with the date(s)after passing resolutions 1441 (to justify its geniuness). Recorded voice can play any actor of the world with the dialogs what America wants to tell to the Security Council. Photographs of sites could be taken/drawn by computer graphics etc.

This evidence has bo genuiness or reality which fails to convice any human having some senses still alive.

And when it is said to them: Make not mischief on the earth," they say: "We are only peacemakers." Verily! They are the ones who make mischief, but they perceive not."

This is one australian the US can't fool!

People that live too comfortabily never want another human being to survive. Powell has no case against Iraq. UN should stop this agression by the US. After 10 years of saction on Iraq and no food why should the most powerful nation like the US think that Saddam is a treat to the World? Please don't snoof the life out of the Iraqi's people.

Sadam should be removed.
He is single handedly responsible for the deaths of more Muslims than any other human being alive. While other arab nations have been brutal to their own people he is the only one who can lay claim to murder and brutality to other Muslim nations. There is no other Muslim nation that has attacked anoter Muslim nation except him. There have been bloody civil wars but that is it. Sadam Hussain is and has been a threat to his own people as well as his border. He gains nuclear capability with his current missle technology he extends the substantial threat to the borders of nations bordering his neighbors.
There is no question that Saddam Must be stopped
The issue of civilian deaths is an issue, but a small issue. He has done more damage to his own people than the US has. (do you really believe Saddam's one million poor Iraqis dead from US sanctions? Most of the diseases treated by "banned" medicines are rare at worst, and no Vegtable, meat, dairy or grains are banned for trade with oil in the program so any claimed starvation is Saddam's Stuburness not the sanctions themselves as for fertilizer, ammonium nitrate could easily be used with oil to make explosives so you bet it is banned)Thats not corporate media thats the truth.
The real question about US envolvment is the form of US/UK "Imperialism" that will take place. Don't lie to yourself, Germany, France and Japan want this war too, when they say no they are lieing. They will also benefit from the opening of oil reserves, they lie so America, the global scape goat can take the blame. All western corporations benefit for "American" corporate Imperialism, as well as Gulf Arabs.
The Question isn't should Saddam be removed, but rather when, who should do it and who do we trust to do it. The answer is his people and his neighbors should be the ones to do it, but that isn't happening. So what now? Can't trust the west, those who should won't do anything. Let him do what he wan

It would be ludicrous to keep on expecting America to care about the true condition of Iraq and the demands of its people. Given its policies until now, America has proved to be an oppressive, bullying power that does not care about the fundamental rights of human beings at all.

Everybody knows that Israel is the fifth biggest nuclear power on the Earth and therefore it is the greatest nuclear danger for the Middle-East (i.e. the Central House of Islam). But nobody can object to the "Big Brother" when he says that not Israel, this big threat, but the already-crushed Iraq must be bombed and the Iraqi people must continue being murdered and suffering.

Anyway, Allah hears and knows what is actually taking place on the Earth and for what intentions people are attacking and killing others. Allah is enough for a witness and for a judge.


You have been brain washed by the corporate media. The issue is not just Saddam Hussein's brutality.. It is American Imperialism! If Saddam is to be removed then several other Arab rules should also be removed.

If the Arab countries are impotent and unwilling to stand up against the brutality of Saddam.. Then let the US remove him from power. Yes innocent people will die but at least after the dust settles the Iraqis will have a better chance to establish a viable future.

Whether Iraq has or does not have weapons of mass destruction misses the more important international point of law that Iraq does not have any military capability that directly threatens the US and would require pre-emptive US military action.

Among all the UN Security Council members... Let him who hasn't committed a sin cast the first stone.