Islam in U.S. Cross Hairs

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Although President Bush has characterized "Islam, as practiced by the vast majority of people, a peaceful religion, a religion that respects others", increasingly a large number of foreign policy hawks have joined the religious conservatives in taking issue with this characterization.

Increasingly, they are engaged in advocating a civilization clash that targets Muslims in conflict with the West, led by the United States.

Thus, with the current war cries against Iraq growing louder, the stage is being set for campaigns against Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Libya followed by other Muslim countries in their turn.

Kenneth Adelman, who serves on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, said this about Islam: "The more you examine the religion, the more militaristic it seems. After all, its founder, Mohammed, was a warrior, not a peace advocate like Jesus."

Another member of this board, Eliot Cohen writing in a Wall Street Journal editorial argued that the enemy of the U.S. is not terrorism "but militant Islam." Paul Weyrich, who has influence in the White House, recently wrote that he is concerned about President Bush's "constant promotion of Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance just like Judaism or Christianity. It is neither."

These comments follow those of conservative Christian leaders such as Jerry Vines, a former Southern Baptist president and evangelist Franklin Graham, who early on stigmatized Islam.

Then, although he later apologized, Jerry Falwell appearing on CBS "60 Minutes" reviled the Prophet of Islam as a "Terrorist."

And the unapologetic televangelist Pat Robertson continues to cast aspersions on Islam, Muslims and the Prophet of Islam.

Thus Ibrahim Hooper, a representative of the Council on American and Islamic Relations, an American Muslim advocacy group, commented, "These right wingers are trying to set up a civilization conflict with all their might in the same way as Osama bin Laden. We're trying our darnedest to prevent it, but every day it's looking more and more like it's heading in that direction."

First, it is important not to confuse a religion with the actions of certain persons. Otherwise, one could equate genocide committed by Hitler and the Nazis, or Slobodan Milosevic and the Serbs, with Christianity.

Islam espouses the same principles of peace, love and tolerance as Christianity. To garner respect for the Prophet, I would refer them to the recent PBS documentary, "Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet", co-produced by Michel Wolfe and Alexander Kronemer.

Second, any talk of violence without due attention to its underlying causes, is counterproductive.

Among others, Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada linked the September 11 terrorist attacks to the attitude of the West - particularly, the way the U.S. "flexes its muscle" and imposes its "values" around the globe.

And the former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter is troubled by this new belligerent "face of America."

The current growth of anti-Americanism is not restricted to the Muslim countries, but is also widespread in Europe because it considers the U.S. as arrogant and unilateralist as a superpower.

Most European governments are opposed to war on Iraq, and large street protests are common occurrence in their countries.

A British field marshal commented that an attack on Iraq is likely to "add petrol to the fire."

The FBI and CIA reports also indicate that this attack will further inflame the Middle East and the Muslim world.

The neo-conservatives are pursuing a unidirectional monologue, basing the U.S. foreign policy on their imperialist designs. This is dangerous, because it is coercive and thus bound to create more conflicts.

They must acknowledge that this world is composed of diverse entities, each with its own distinct tradition, values, needs and interests.

Therefore, the prevalent neocolonialist attitude towards the world's Muslims must be replaced with equity and fairness.

And, through cross-cultural dialog and open, free exchange of ideas, it must create an environment conducive to the peaceful coexistence and betterment of humankind as a whole.

Siraj Mufti, Ph.D. is a researcher and free-lance journalist.

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality
  Topics: Christianity, George W. Bush, Iraq
Views: 4954

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Older Comments:
I think that this article and others like it should be daily reading for all Muslims. It is clear that since the end of the Soviet Union america has turned its sights on Islam. America is a capitalist society where money is king, people and their well being are only important in so far as they perpetuate the system.The education system is designed not for self improvement or the well being of mankind but purely to produce "workers" at every level whose only reason for living is the continuation of the system. Islam teaches the importance of the person,trade is allowed but exploitation is not. America is at war with Islam and therefore by definition all muslims. All true Muslims are obliged to help ALL muslims that have been attacked in any way they can.
This life is temporary,my life will end,my wifes life will end and my childrens lives will end. So whilst I love them and care for them I cannot use them as an excuse to justify doing nothing.
Allah has promised that this religeon will be protected but if we do nothing to help our muslim brothers and sisters or if we do worse and help those who oppress them, Allah has not promised to protect us.
So,the question is,do you and I really believe that we will be judged and do we really believe there is a heaven and a hell. If the answer is no,then stop kidding around and pursue this life for everything it has to offer. If the answer is yes we believe,then pursue the next life for what it has to offer. And we cannot side with the non believers against fellow muslims. We should not join the armed forces or the police of the non believers and we should shun brothers and sisters that do. The time is here to choose which side we are on,the side of Allah and our muslim brothers and sisters or the non believers. You can can lie to yourself, you can be concerned with how others see you, but you can'tlie to Allah and He see's how we truely are.

If a person is truely a Muslim it is not a noun but an adjective describing their subserviance to Allah. "Muslims" the people are not the best in the world unless they act the best. Allah alone knows who the true Muslims are. Don't say the current Muslim soceities are best, because I see in them and their systems corruption and greed. There are those among us who are truely pious but just because a person say his Shahida doesn't mean enough anymore because so many just say it because they were taught to say it and don't really feel it, they reach in the dark for a "Muslim" identity yet true Islam doesn't need to be reached for it is inside you. Once you are peaceful, merciful, patient, tolerant, kind, and loving like The prophets Jesus and Mohamed then you are a Muslim not before not after. Anyone who doesn't try to gain these emotions, one whose goals don't include attaining this but say they are Muslims are simply Munafaqin.

esselam alejkum
the muslim people are the best in this world and in nexet world. so if peole say bad word for as they are losted (correct)
esselam alejkum

Do we have to interpret every US action, military or political of any kind as negative? I agree the US does do bad things but everything? I can complain a lt more about what Arab dictators have done to there own people, but that is ALWAYs the US's fault too right?

in repy to hina kalid, i speak to answer your question the best i can as to what to do when christians say that islam doesnt mean peace,: the article from Dr.Muzammil siddiqi IS There Anti Semitism in The Quran? i found to address this > he gives tells that there are also places in the bible that tells it like is with some jews,some ,being the key word and that things from the Quran shouldnt be taken out of context and especially when so many, i will even say most ,americans of christian background havent educated themselves yet ,as to wether the bible is the entire unchanged inspired word of God it claims to be or is as the Quran says it has been changed,and this is one factor, after i began to search into Islam that convinced me ,as i had also followed the way of my family and didnt even know about islam or what it meant.I say mainly ,many of them are uneducated and need to educate themselves on the islamic beliefs and also realise that an entire religion cannot be blamed on the actions of extremists. thanks


i find this article to be accurate to what ive witnessed on tv, and from what i continue to hear from others, muslims need to wake up here in america and arm themselves, with scriptual proof and be willing to speak out when attacked like this, otherwize many that hear anit muslim retoric will only believe it, due to no real knowledge of their own(many times)because they follow only the way of their parents as i used to do,before i became muslim.Education here is a big part,although i cant promise it is the only answer for better understanding muslims, thank you,new convert

Islamic televangelism ? Harry you must be smoking some real heavy to even come up with such a oxymoron. You apparently have no idea what you're babbling about.
You're an offence to critical thinking, so stick to your playstation console where you'll be safe n sound.

Islamic televangelism has just commenced in my country. I find it every bit as offensive as it's so called Christian equivilents. Fortunately the vast majority of people in this country are well educated and are therefore unlikely to see much attraction in any of it.

Doug, Muslims did condemn the 9/11, the problem is scum like you just looked the other way and claimed our community did nothing. You right wing criminals fanned the flames of hate crimes against American Muslims and Islam through such vicious and false claims. YOur hated of Islam is definetly pre-9/11.
Lets be real Doug, you sure as hell didnt go into the Balkans to save Muslims.....thats pure fantasy on your part, if that were the case you not have waited for Milosovic to ethnically cleanse Bosnians while placing them on an arms embargo on the Muslims . The real reason the US was there was to expand and justify the need to keep NATO alive, while establishing a closer base of operations to Russia, should they become disobidient in the future.
Further more Doug, you are no American patriot, you took this country for granted, you never questioned authority, instead you were immersed in your own world of irrelevence. 9/11 happened, and you became a pseudo patriot compensating for your lack of interest in the affairs of the nation. I'd bet you never even voted.
THe Muslim community doesnt owe you anything, we care for this nation, you dont. So kindly get lost or get acquanted with facts before mouthing off like some sophomoric peon.

Moderate Muslims failure to firmly condemn and repudiate the barbaric tactics employed by terrorists against soft-targets and civilians of all religions (Christian, Jewish, Hindu) is the cause for this widening perception gap with the West. If I were Muslim, I would be alarmed to be associated with a religion whose believers cowardly murder people into houses of worship, restaurants, movie theaters, and other soft targets in the name of the "Prophet". I would be alarmed by the destruction of Buddist antiquities in Afganistan by the Taliban in the name of the "Prophet". I would be alarmed by the widespread acceptance throughtout the Islamic world of Bin Laden by undeducated masses indoctrinated in hatred and intolerance of other religions. Unfortunately, the clash of civilizations is happening and it is cause of a great regret and saddness for all. We didn't start this fight on 9/11, but we refuse to sit back if moderate Islamic voices continue to remain silent and loose control over the way their religion is being interpreted by its militant followers.

PS. Also, please continue to overlook how the US recently saved the Muslim minorities in the Balkans from certain genocide by Milosovic.

aslamoalikum i wanted to say that if islam as english says that is not the religion of peace than i want to ask that mostly english(usa)their religion is christanity so what their religion is preaching to fight with muslims to capture muslim countries to boming the areas from top to killing thousands of muslim if they say us fighters what should we say them answer my question please

Thank you for a well writen article. please continue to be a voice for Islam.

The way America thinks it can control everything in this world, it's wrong. America has no right to go in every country and force them to follow it's Laws, being like a world Police. I think America should stop judging other countries on the they behave, it should look at it's own history on how it continues to treat it's own people now and in the past. It is time for America to mind it's own business, it has done enough damage to everyone. Regarding Islam, America is no different to the way Hitler threated the Jews, even though America looks like it cares about Islam it's intension is to destroy this peacefull religion and it followers. You ask why would America want to do this, well look at the countries that America is planing to attack either by War or Finacialy.

I have an answer on your 2nd point. Beacuse the US doesn't attack North-Korea for its nuclear program. The Koreans are not taking any effort to hide their nuclear program.
I thought that the US was really interested in getting rid of Atomic weapons all over the world. So why not korea? Or am I being stupi here??

John Armenia,

Where on earth have you been? Under ground? Please do yourself a big favor and take time for some arguments or facts. Or go get yourself an education because your level is too low for this forum.

Thank you

"Judy Abdelghani's" post is a perfect example of candy cane propoganda, US style. For people who repeatedly parrot and brag about how "free" they are, they sure dont want to hear an opposing (and truthful) view. This mindset is prevalent among many Americans whose true motto is " love it or leave it" or the usual " go back to your country." And just how is endless war and suffering in America's interest Judy ?
Most Americans dont vote, most have zero idea where their tax dollars go, most are taught by state media who's good, bad etc. Most are fully in favor of throwing people in prison without charge or due process based on either race and/or religion without evidence. Those brave Americans who do question and critisize are labelled "communists" "traitors" etc.... so much for dissent.
It seems to me that the majority of the American public is better suited to be ruled by dictators since they dont practice the democracy they claim to love and cherish.
And how can the "beacon of democracy" prop up so many brutal dictatorships around the world ? Oh but I guess those peoples lives are not above your "interests" is it ? American foreign policy is a disaster to say the least, one doesnt have to be a political scientist to notice the numerous examples of lies, deciet and hypocrisy. So Judy your entire spiel was nothing but a bad commercial laced with inaccurate and misleading assumptions, you're an assimilated conformist and your type are destroying this nation.
The American people MUST wake up before our nation crosses the point of no return.

i really respect ur comments about islam the people who are afraid of our religion why they dont understand that we can also think America as a worrior towards islam becauze they they are destroying muslim countries like slottering a cow if they cant understand our religion how come we understand them.

Maybe America will "acknowledge that this world is composed of diverse entities, each with its own distinct tradition, values, needs and interests.....", when the islamic governments do and provide equal rights and protections for ALL of their citizens, not just those practicing Islam. There are many diverse citizens with their own distinct traditions, values, needs and interests living within Islamic nations who are ignored, harassed, tortured, killed and driven out by the Islamic nations dangerous, coercive, imperialist designs which create conflict for their own citizens as well as their own foreign policy.

America's attitude toward Muslims is fair and equitable and that is one reason that Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in America. Also that is why so many of the Islamic nations own citizens escape to America from their oppresive and opportunistic regimes.

America isn't perfect and we make mistakes, but at least we provide equal rights and opportunities for ALL of our citizens, including Muslims who immigrate to our country. Islamic (Muslim) regimes can't say the same. So if you can't even get it right for your own peoples, why should the rest of the world take you seriously?

Make the Muslim world throughout the middle east multidirectional, diverse and accepting of others traditions, values, interests and religious belief's before you tell one of the world's most multidirectional, diverse, accpeting and free nations that they aren't doing a good enough job for YOUR beliefs.

By the way, what are YOUR "designs" on US foreign policy? I think you should think about that. Of course, the USA will be working in their best interest just as your governments work for their best interests. There again, at least America tries to do the best for their peoples. It may not always succeed but at least it tries. Where as your governments do the best to better themselves without much thought to their populations and often at the peoples

A point of word to the non muslim commentors concerning the lack of muslim action: where have you been???? in the UK every single major muslim org whole heartedly condemned 9/11, held seminars and talks to educate the non-muslim community as to the stand point of Islam concerning terrorism and war! In fact we muslims have globally been active in educating ppl about islams stance on this topic.
further note, on several occasions it was the international media who REJECTED air time to these ppl and chose extremist MORONS to represent Islam on air!!! I personally know the BBC planned to give Omar Bakri (Al-Muhajiroun) air time to 'represent Islam' on air! They had a number of leading muslim dignitaries as alternatives but instead chose a man NOTORIOUS for his extremist beliefs. I personally emailed the BBC advising them as to the foolishness of this act along with I believe 2000+ concerned muslims!!
I am extremely infuriated at the lack of character shown by the so called 'CHRISTIANS' and 'JEWS' who continually attack the Holy Prophet(PBUH)! I say so called because I do not find Jesus (PBUH) or Moses (PBUH) to be slanderers, defamators of character or back biters! so WHO are YOU the ppl OF??????
Continually you spk of Mohammed (PBUH) as war mongerer when your own historians indicate to his inspirational diplomacy and merciful attitude towards his most deadly foes! in 10 years of 'wars' during the Prophet (PBUH) life time only slightly more than 250 non-muslims perished!!! check this out for yourselves....
No conquering army has ever freed the entire denizens of a captured city, EVER!! EXCEPT Mohammed (PBUH)!
I equate YOU to the BARBARIANS that perform similar and worse actions in the name of islam!your collective ignorance is an indication of the myopia of your intellects but more dangerously your hearts...
I pray to THE ONE TRUE GOD that in His All Encompassing Mercy, He guides us all (muslims AND non muslims) to a better understanding. Amin!

As-salamu 3alekum. The question is posed why don't people go to the street to condemn "militant Islamics" and "terrorism" in the world, and why has there been no public condemnation by Muslim leaders of terrorists?
The second question is simple. Many Muslim political and religious leaders have condemned the terrorist attacks on the US attempted attacks in Europe, the Bali Indonesia bombings and the recent Algerian masacres. The real question is why don't americans know about it? It is because the pro Israeli American media will not say anything positive about Islam in politics any air time.
This is apparant when militant clerics' words are placed in the news but more peacful words are ignored in american media.
Why do they go to the street against the US and Israel's actions but not against other groups? First, people protest against things governments do, not covert organizations. Second about 90% of media is government controled, so people from "terrorist supporting states" don't know why their governments are listed. Another reason is that in many countries there are clerics who take advantage of the lack of education in many Muslim countries, as well as the half truth of the government media. They either do this by direct sactioning from the government or by their own false view of Islam.
In addition there is currently dislike for the US it has two sources. In the Muslim world they quote anti Islamics like Pat Robertson as being the view of all Americans.
In addition Muslims in many countries protest against Israel's actions by force. The really want to protest agst their own governments' lack of action in regards to Israe
true Islam has no "sect" or "school" Islam is peaceful, but there are many revolutionist philosophies in Islam that are not real Islam that are currently very popular. The bad attitude of uneducated Muslims is like many Christians at the time of the crusades, an age of ignorance promoted by Christian leadership in th

DR. C FROM USA said:
Hey Jack, Muslims have done their part denouncing terrorism. This vile lie about Muslims remaining silent is used to justify unintelligent and increasingly hostile rhetoric from right wing fanatics like you. Maybe if Muslims were not attacked all over the country, maybe if Muslim woman were not physically attacked ( Taiban anyone ? ) and maybe, just if thousands were not detained you might have seen "more" support. So stop parroting idiotic propoganda like a brainwashed lemming. American Muslims have nothing to apologize to the likes of you.
Every honest American knows full well who the media is run by and how they shape the thoughts of the ignorant. If some of you half baked GI Joes types are so concerned about your country, brush up on history and take responcibility for your governments actions around the globe. You people are about as sick and twisted as they come.


President Bush quoted the Bible to start his Terrorism Campaign, thus making it the continuation of the Crusades. The President's advisers must sureley know what the Quran says, and would not be fooled by the falsification of the identities in the Signs of Allah for Jesus, Christians and Jews, and the pretense that Islam is a walk-over-me religion.
"Think not that I am come to send Peace on Earth. I came not to send Peace but a Sword." These are the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 10:34)so, exactly who is fooling who about which religion is Peaceful?
The Religions that are linked together in Terrorism (Islam and Christianity, bearing in mind that those who are falsely described as Jews and who love the Jewish mistaken identity are really supposed to be Muslim AND Penitents) must settle their differences in worship and in the Messianic syndrome.
Israel and Islam and Christianity of Palestine and the Middle East, the Terrorists of Jerusalem, are about to face the Truth or be annihilated by their own ignorance.
The Holy Land remains defiled by the attempted crucifixion of the Messiah. The Christian Hoax of the crucifixion of the Messiah has already been revealed as the Greatest Hoax of the past 2000 years as the Quran confirms the truth of the matter even as is it said in the Bible, and the self-imposed Muslim leadership refuse to acknowledge and speak the Truth. Man will face the consequences of infidelity as before.
Rejection of the Islam of the Messiah by Israel and Christianity, and the support given to the blasphemy of Christainity by self-imposed Muslim leadership, in defiance of Allah and the Quran, need to be addressed, or the wrath of Allah will come down as is the Promise of Allah.
United Nations or United Religions have turned their backs on Allah, and Allah is Exalted in Might, The Wise.

JACK said:
What you say has a certain truth to it but ignores the essential fqact that militant terrorism not just in the Gulf area but world-wide is in fact committed by Muslims and that nowhere that I have yet to see is there a huge outcry, an outpouring, full page ads in major papers to denounce this terrorism. Where are the decent and peacful Muslims? Why have they remianed so silent?

I love my country but am ashamed of many of the things we do. Our money should be spent helping the Afghans as we promised. A child in Iraq doesn't deserve to die from lack of medical treatment or food, much less from a "smart bomb".A country based on freedom of religion loses face when categorizing others as evil, by RELIGION!I want us to set an example by feeding starving children! We all serve the same God! He must surely look with displeasure on all who instigate war, Jew, Christian, Muslim, God's instructions are clear!Governments around the world would instill fear in their people as a tool to acheive goals that are not consistent with either God's teachings or the will of their peoples. I know many people of different lands, with different religions. Others in their countries are surely as human as they are. I could not imagine going to their country to KILL brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers! Madness, EVIL, and Misunderstanding is what leads us to think of other people as less than human, which is what governments and hatemongers do to make us believe that killing them is OK. We must stop thinking of ourselves as being so different from each other or risk the suffering we endure now and the wrath of God Almighty for disobeying his wishes! Is anyone out there listening?????


I Mr Olaide sherif i really have a good comment of the issue My God almighty Allah be with you and bless abundantly.
Stay Cooooool

O.S. said:
Muslims keep on saying that "quran forbids and condemns violence". So, why have I seen NO MUSLIM protesting on the road and crying "NOT IN MY NAME"? You get angry if occident compares your religion to terrorism. So why don't you refuse it LOUDER? Why are you that tepid judging terrorism? That's not helpful for the image that West (except me) has of you. Want to be respected? Demonstrate us you're respectful people!

Hey Peter, with all due respect, are you on crack ?
Anybody remotely familiar with the history of colonialism knows full well whats going on here. You're the ones creating and getting rich off wars.
The snide comments posted by your ilk demonstrate not only your blatant disregard for facts and figures but also a denial of your bloody past. This willful ignorance and denial is your tragedy really, given that most of the world knows what you warmongers are really about. Trust me, you're not fooling anyone.

i laugh every time i see the nonsense about islam being a peacefull religion. Moslems hang around until they take over. Then you either convert or
are minced is all based on power and america will be converted.

Most of the critics making these statements are zionists or jews or both. They should state their religious and political affiliations along with their comments to qualify their statements and opinions. Most U.S. citizens have no idea of the backgrounds of these experts / advisors / commentators. U.S. citizens are trained to accept whoever is presented to them from or in any "official" forum.

You are correct William. Hitler did not commit violence in the name of Christianity. The Nazis did not believe in Chrisianity. Milosovic did not kill in the name of Christianity.

The reason that the U.S. and U.K. are starting this war is to control the people, which will not happen in the muslim world because Allah makes the rules and calls the shots. In war you must go after your strongest ememy first,and for them it is a losing battle because they are up against Allah. They want to take out Iraq, Iran and Sudan so their is no powerful muslim nation to stop them from destroying the furthest mosque and re-building their Zionist temple. The main point of this war is to make the second coming happen,a battle between the true believers "Muslims" and the nation of the blind "U.S." they want to force the hand that feeds them.


I find your writings helpful in my understanding of the prevalent thinking in the Islamic community. This quoted sentence appears to be the single major point of confrontation between the cultures.
"Therefore, the prevalent neocolonialist attitude towards the world's Muslims must be replaced with equity and fairness."
Is it beyond the governments scope in a free society to accomplish this? Since it is the business community who maintains the global business aspirations. Can a culture be stopped at the door of a country in today's electronic media environment?
That being said, with questions because I really do not know what are the solutions. If they exists?
"And, through cross-cultural dialog and open, free exchange of ideas, it must create an environment conducive to the peaceful coexistence and betterment of humankind as a whole."
This seems to be a statement belonging on the other foot. "Free exchange of ideas" This hardly seems applicable to modern Islam. "Peaceful Coexistence", that would be nice, perhaps Muslims should stop their world wide campaign of murder and destruction to initiate this conducive environment.
As a citizen of the U.S., it is apparent that our country is not perfect. Yet, for the common man, we have achieved much. It is our desire, as people, to help the common people of the world. This can be witnessed in most countries.
Peoples of all religions, countries and cultures represent our country. We live together in peace. Unfortunately, the cost is a homogenization of our society. The bigger question for the benefit of the antagonist seems how to stop this homogenization of the globe. (perhaps this is really the same quoted sentence at top of this response.) That answer is not easy, nor do I have it. Although the current Islamic answer, war, is not the right one.


Your analogy doesn't work. Hitler did not commit violence in the name of Christianity. Neither did Milosovic. You would find a better analogy in the Crusades.

HAMZA said:
Did you think the Saraejo was an isloated incident. Chenya as well... Algeria.. and Palestine. It's amazing that so many people are in denial about the GW. Bush and Powell are are very adapt at placating the muslim masses as they secretly plan for war against all of Islam.

Western Foreign Policy in general and US Policy in specific has been anything but inconsistent in this message. The challenge for Islam is to intellectual challenge the minds and hearts of the people that elected the organized crime family that is the Oil cartel/the US government. The average westerner or american does not understand all of the repercussions of the capitalism that America represents. For the sake of a dollar, America tolerates thousands of murders each year as a result of handguns, drugs, and sexual preditors for the sake of the entertainment, guns, Enrons, Worldcoms of the US.

We should say to the US government:
Are you for us or against us.

America is an anti-Islamic state as long as it still collborates or plans itself to kill the innocent muslims throughout the world. (Iran, Chenya, Palenstine, Ivory Coast, Soamlia, Sudan and the list gets longer all the time).

An important point to remember comes from recent discoveries in psychology, known to sages for milennia, that the more vehemently one opposes or supports a cause or belief system, the more susceptible one is to indoctrination, psychological manipulation, brainwashing. An excellent antidote to this is to have a sense of humor, while being active and vocal in the defense of reason. Being American born, I must say that anyone who takes Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson seriously is half asleep. It is much easier to be woken up by the sound of kindhearted laughter than stiff and emotional protests. In fact, the latter is likely to push them deeper into a trance. One thing that Osama Bin Laden lost long ago was his sense of humor. We should learn from this. For example, in the Korean War, of all the nationalities represented, Turks were least impacted by Chinese brainwashing techniques. They told Sufi stories and were noted to do a lot of laughing, even when in solitary confinement. Americans were most likely to defect during the Korean War. Funny stuff? Americans can be too serious. Maybe we Moslems need to help them/us lighten up. And you? How about Mulla Nasrudin? or Elmer Fudd? What if the three of you met on the 700 club?!

I for one, am against the USA going to war against Iraq unless it is agreed to by the United Nations. When Iraq invaded a foriegn country, naturally the majority of Canadians supported a unified force against this hostility. War is sometimes an necessary Evil, but it is always Evil. It is difficult to forgive, but I believe that is the only way out for the middle east. Honour your word (pact) and everyone live up to their comitments. Join together in peace. Love your enemies. Difficult but necessary? Gerry.

If they say that Islam teaches terrorism and Jesus teaches peace, then do they not know that Jesus was a Muslim !!! So what was He really preaching?!

I recently read a book by Mustafa EL-Amin, entitled: Christianity And Islam:Highlighting Their Similarities The Road To Peace. I think that the information contained in that book will really help the American public see and understand that Islam is a religion of peace and is akin to Judiasim and Christianity.

Mr Siraj Islam Mufti.

I would like to know if you could clarify a few points made in this report.

1. Who are the "increansingly large number of foreing policy hawks" that have join the religious conservative. What actions have they taken to promote Islam in a negative manner beside maybe stating their point of view?

2. How is going to war with Iraq setting the stage to go to war with other Muslim contries?

3. Militant Islam is the enemy of the US, I dont know why you have a problem with this statement since it is true. Many militant Muslims have declare war on the US hence they should be dealt with in a prompt and effective manner just as if they were a Christian militant group with the same agenda. I would not have a problem dealing with both groups in the same manner.

5. Are Muslims or Islam beyond critism?

6. If the US is so anti-Islam why is Islam the fastest growing religion here is the US?


Thomas Carlyle in 'Heroes and Hero Worship and the Heroic in History,' 1840
"The lies (Western slander) which well-meaning zeal has heaped round this man (Muhammad) are disgraceful to ourselves only."
"A silent great soul, one of that who cannot but be earnest. He was to kindle the world, the world's Maker had ordered so."



assa-lamo 3alaikom
God bless you brother Siraj
great article
Please allow me to add a couple of pionts in line of your thaughts:
*Organised religion is a fraud!!
They are selling somthing the don't have.
God , the all mighty, does not require a middleman ,particularly ,the drunken ,the fellon ,
and the con artists
*We have the book with unquestionab othenticity .
I am reading a book by ellit freedman titeled
"Who wrote the bible" a must reading for every moslem.
"The Islam" is a direct threat to the capitalist system as we know it ,
the system that is built on the explitation of labour and materials,
"The Islam" is built on social justice ,and economic justis( vey unamerican) (smile)
*Enemies of "The Islam" are part of the 10% of the population that owns 90% of the wealth of this country(michael moore "stupid white men"
The list can go on and on ,
May I recommend, that we the muslems put our faith in God and read as much Kuran as possible
it strengthen our faith and prtect our mindes and hearts from the hereticsand theire mental erasment.
and most of all we have to be cool about it .
once we loose our temper, we loose the argument,
Wealso have learn thier tactics and sytle of attack
* the question of tolarance????
"The Islam "have succeded in bginging integration into this society whily christianity have falled
thank you for listing
God helps us all
Love to all
LOVE 3adel
salamo- 3alaicom