Muslims congratulate law enforcement officials in sniper case

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Statement by MPAC - Muslim Public Affairs Council

(Washington, D.C. - October 24, 2002) The Muslim Public Affairs Council shares in the sense of relief that all Americans, particularly those in the Metropolitan Washington area, feel now that the suspected snipers that have terrorized the Washington area have been apprehended.

MPAC deeply appreciates law enforcements efforts and diligence during this very tough investigation. MPAC also thanks its constituents in the Washington Metropolitan area who responded to our call to reach out to local police departments and offer assistance. We are also gratified that Muslim physicians and psychologists have stepped forward and offered their services during this crisis.

We continue to pray for the lasting safety and security of the United States.

Lastly, in any time of crisis, there are often opportunities that seek to exploit tragedies and aberrant behavior to judge or tar an entire community. We trust that our media professionals will avoid this trap and concentrate on the specific facts of this case.

Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

Statement by CAIR - Council on American and Islamic Relations

(WASHINGTON, D.C. - 10/24/02) A national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group today congratulated law enforcement officials for the arrest of two suspects in the series of sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C., area, and at the same time cautioned against speculation and stereotyping based on the name of one suspect.

"Along with all Americans, Muslims hope today's arrests will bring an end to this tragic episode. The swift apprehension of the suspects can only be attributed to effective law enforcement by a number of local, state and national agencies. Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of those killed or injured in these senseless attacks," said Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

"We are concerned that because a suspect in this case has the last name of 'Muhammad,' American Muslims will now face scapegoating and bias. Police reports indicate the suspects acted alone, based on their own motivations. There is no indication that this case is related to Islam or Muslims. We therefore ask journalists and media commentators to avoid speculation based on stereotyping or prejudice. The American Muslim community should not be held accountable for the alleged criminal actions of what appear to be troubled and deranged individuals," said Awad.

He urged American Muslims to go about their normal routines, but with added caution.

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

  Category: Americas, Life & Society
  Topics: Muslims
Views: 1116

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Older Comments:
Regarding the comment made by Furqan. I am a Muslim working for the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. I read the article written by the LAPD employee and did find any blame being put on Islam regarding the sniper case.


At this point we're all not sure who the sniper really is ...but it is indeed a muslim than that person is making the Muslim Uma (community) look bad Muslims in the United States already had to put up this Descrimenation and backlash from Sept 11th if hes the convicted sniper he would need alot of help because Islam is a religion of peace its not about killing and war and men beating their wifes its a religion of peace
Thank you


While the "sniping" may be over, all I fear more is the race and religion card that is going to be played off by many sides, most of whom are in power right now. And I can't believe this people even breathe a sigh of relief at this. We've all been had, can't you see it?

In the first couple of television news reports I saw of the arrest Washington sniper his name was announced as John Allan Williams, also known as John Allan Mohammad. Now all I hear is his surname of Mohammed.
In my understanding, if you are tried in a court of law, you are known primarily as your given names, (and not any aliases) in this case his given surname would be Williams. Surely that is what the court would have on their documents. Why then do we only hear his other surname now? Perhaps to programme us into linking his Mohammed surname and his religion with terrorism and extremism?
And another thing the media has largely ignored is that he converted to Islam through joining the Nation Of Islam, an organization whose beleifs and tenets are far removed from the true religion of Islam. A small amount of research can uncover these facts about this group.
Of course once again Muslims will be in the firing line again, but hey thats nothing new, al hamdu li'llah! May Allah give us all patience in this trying time. Ameen.

An LAPD policeman writing for the "National Review" (under the alias "Jack Dunphy") has blamed Islam for the shootings.

"So, another follower of the "religion of peace" is found to be a homicidal thug. Who would have dared imagine it? "

The shootings were wrong. The fact that the man's surname may be Muhammed is meaningless. The same author rightly condemned speculation about the sniper in an earlier article, but now that the suspect has a Muslim name, he seems to have reversed his position.

It's funny, when it's shown on Media that a Muslim was behind something, you people go the extra mile to thank the authorities for doing a great job because that person was killing people....but when the "Great" united states kills your own people, Muslims, you people do absolutely nothing.

Shame on you and I pray that Allah swt blesses the Ummah with real leadership with a backbone.


I want to congratulate all the law enforcement folks and especially Captain Moose on their hard work in arresting Mr. John Muhammad and his adopted son. My sympathies and prayers for the victims families who suffered this unfortunate trauma and lost their loved ones.
I am glad that the Muslim organizations are taking the lead in condemning the crime and complimenting the low inforcement on their accomplishments. I would like to see all Muslim organizations send their message of support to the law enforcement team.
Faiz Khan

Alhamdulillah! Please attend Jumma Prayers (especially in the U.S.) - Jazak Allah - Allah Hafiz!