The lady in tears!

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O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them twain has spread abroad a multitude of men and women. Be careful of your duty toward Lord in Whom you claim (your rights) of one another, and toward the wombs (that bore you). Lo! Lord has been a Watcher over you. (The Quran 4:1)

On 8 March 1857, women garment and textile workers in New York City staged a protest against inhumane working conditions, the 12-hour workday and low wages. The marchers were attacked and dispersed by the New York police. Two years later, again in March, these women form their first union. 

It took many generations of battered women since 1857 to continue their struggle in making the world recognize their suffering.  More than one hundred years later, the nations of the world (under United Nations) recognized in 1975, March 8 as International Women's Day. The United Nations General Assembly, documents two reasons for such recognition: (1) the fact that peace and social progress require the active participation and equality of women, and (2) to acknowledge the contribution of women to international peace and security.

The same agency also records in a recent report that "women continue to be among the poorest overall: the majority of the world's 1.3 billion absolute poor are women. On average, women receive between 30 and 40 per cent less pay than men earn for the same work. And everywhere women continue to be victims of violence, with rape and domestic violence listed as significant causes of disability and death among women.

All powers combined could not reinstate all that is robbed of women. The primary reason seems to be that the post-modern society has yet to understand and recognize the 'right' place of women in the society. And, the notion of learning from the past or history is not hip!

Our post-modern times have almost altered the history!  We have made the "Mother" a Single person, the "Wife" a Husband and the "Daughter" an early-unwed "Mother". It is the greatest tragedy and shame of our times. All of us share equal responsibility: institutions for perpetuating this crime and individuals for not asserting their right to stop the crime.

The materialistic society today has driven the woman to give away the self that they have known, and pretend to become the person they have never been. The unpaid or under-paid woman worker and over-abused lady is at the mercy of everyone at work and home, both. "Nearly one in two marriages (in USA) ends in divorce and 50% of all divorcing parties have been married under seven years" (Still Unequal: the Shameful Truth about Women & Justice in America, 1996, Lorraine Dusky).

The Islamic lens offers a radically clearer picture. It offers rich examples in Hagar (Hajra), Khadijah, Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with all of them), the noble women who epitomized the roles of a Mother, a Wife, and a Daughter. The contributions they had made to their families and society at large are unmatched. In them, one can find models of optimism, realism and sacrifice that continue to remain unparallel. Mankind may never experience such exemplars. They must be the role models.

Muslim world (rightfully) does not sanction the permissive and promiscuous culture of the modern woman of the West, but yet they are not too far away from their peers in the non-Muslim world on other issues. Women are not only barred from entering into the Mosques but are also discouraged to pursue higher education, let alone engage in an intellectual discourse on important matters of society. 

No civilized society can establish harmony, equity and fairness unless exploitation, persecution and oppression based on race, ethnicity and gender is completely eradicated. 

May we be blessed to understand and recognize the unique gifts bestowed by our Creator on each one of His creations ... men, women and children --- black, white, brown and everything in between, speaking from Albanian to Zulu!

  Category: Life & Society
  Topics: Women
Views: 1161

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Older Comments:
Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim
As-Salaamu Alaikum
Dear Brother/Sister,
Inshallah, Allah reward you for the contribution and Dawah that you make. Please note. I read your bullentins when ever I receive them and By Allah it is appreciated, and May he, Allah subanah wa tala reward you ten times over Ameen. I am a Muslimah born here in United States. I am a parent/student. Everyday I am faced with sharing my Islamic Hertiage to non-muslims, because I wear my Islamic Identiy everywhere I go. I thank Allah I am muslim. I wanted you to know these Articles are so much needed and please continue writing. May Allah give you Tafiq and reward all of your efforts Ameen. Masalaam.

If you want to know the truth visit some sites.,

I strongly agree with you line of argurment however I am suprise you did not come up with solutions.

The Prophet's wife Khadijah (the First Lady of Islam, as I like to think) was a feminist. Muslims should remember that she was a highly successful businesswoman. Until the Muslim world realizes that all our mothers, sisters and daughters have to be given the opportunity to realize their full potential - in other words, to be like the First Lady of Islam, in whatever profession - we will continue to be deprived of the full Grace of Allah.

May Allah reward your organisation abundantly.
Wishing to read more from you.

I enoyed so much reading The Lady In Tears,and all the news in the Islamic Bulletin.I have been in Australia for ten years, before that I came from NewZealand .The last four years I have been corresponding with a Muslim freind who explained many great and wonderful things about Islam & its Faith and its people,now when I see Muslim people they have my greatest respect and regret that I was not fortunate enough to have known & met Muslim people in the early days of my youth. I feel cheated at not having heard or learnt or being told anything good about Islam.Worst of all is that I have only learnt now about the great culture of Islam and its people and their code of high ethics and good morals and to me almost unbelievable,when I heard that people prayed several times a day.Strange me being bought up as a Christian .Having seen a TV programme of Islam its history and culture and all about its scientists and the discoveries of things long before Western Religion and Culture all those things mighty and good which came from Islam and its people,many of the things that we now enjoy so much in the West we owe to Islamic Faith Allah Be Blessed The world is a richer place ,I am wondering why ? and how I remained so ignorant for so long perhaps there would not be the wars and dilikes as there is now .One thing I am proud that on reading for the very first time an Islam Bulletin, I shall never forget the words.It encouraged the reader and nothing else to read with an open mind and I feel blessed that I did because I feel there is so much ignorance in the world and so much bias towards Islam and its people.Not being able to express myself correctly or write with great understanding I think of one thing perhaps that would some up my thoughts and feelings of Islam and its people.When I see a Muslim woman her head covered and dressed the way she does this is the woman I would like to say that is my mother that is my daughter.Hold tightly on to your religion.We need you

Ruth how is freedom for American women a illusion? The reason I do not convert to Islam is because I want to keep my culture. I am of European descend, and have decided I want to keep my Europe name and language. Also, European women never wore the kind of clothes Muslim women wear. Of course there are many cultures in Europe. The Greek and Roman woman went around half naked, while German women, ect were fully clothed.

SAMY said:
Women are not only barred from entering into the Mosques but are also discouraged to pursue higher education, let alone engage in an intellectual discourse on important matters of society.
this is a fake statement. we have more people trying to kill and destry our Isalm they do not need your help thanks they doing a good job without you .

Salam Alaykum,
Please clarify the excerpts below for me in your last article. Did you meam to say the contrary?

"Women are not only barred from entering into the Mosques but are also discouraged to pursue higher education, let alone engage in an intellectual discourse on important matters of society."
Ma Salam

asalamu alaikum,
I am an American convert who knows that the "freedom" of American culture for women is an illusion and can be harmful even. However, I have not found a way to convey to people born into the Islamic culture that the only way they are going to convince the world that Islam is right is by accepting American converts into their life. And I mean specifically through marriage. I have yet to find a Muslim man who does not evaluate me on what languages I speak or foods I eat or clothes I wear. I am Muslim and believer and that should be enough. I pray for a time when we can all be equal, and our unity is in Allah.

It seems the male-dominated society is either all out to suppress the woman, or are too concerned about their safety and morality. She is either discouraged from competing with men in having a piece of the cake by means of physical abuse and other means at the disposal of the stronger sex, or she is forced to stay indoors on pretext of protecting her from the prevalent violence and injustice.
She is either denied her right to education because the society is not sure she is a real human being, or she is politely asked to stop pursuing higher education for fear of having her morals corrupted in the immoral open world.
Why is it that she is considered more susceptible to culture-induced moral corruption than man? We have seen throughout history that an enlightened woman is better equipped to wade through the murky waters of a decaying society than the "protected" nave one. It is time the muslim world unshackled the woman, allowed her to attend prayers and religious functions in mosques, and facilitated her pursuit for education. That is the protection she needs.

Salaam brothers and sisters

Thank you for such a wonderful and beautiful truth. I am blind since birth and asian which has created me many problems throughout life. Masha Allah, Allah has given me patience to deal with these otherwise depressing and upsetting issues.

Was Salaam

Anela Naz

assalam-o-alaikum to all brother's & sisters
make dua for indian muslims.they are in allah's
shadow and shaitan is giving power to no muslims
u all are doing great work allah bless u all & all
muslims in this world. ok allah hafiz.plz send me
some tilawat for me next time . ur good name also

Its correct that women is equal to men in all respect as shown in QURAN.But in these days it is MALE see them like a model.I have this idea that female should cover all parts of body and make her self respectful and knowledgeable according to islam.Im happy that im muslim lady and in islam women have freedom .I feel more secure ,knowlegeable,respectful if i follow my islamic knowledge according to QURAN.

I think the article is excellent. Please advice me on the 8th paragraph which says "women are not only barred from entering mosques but also......" that whole sentence negates the article if i have understood it correctly.
Ayesha wife of prophet Muhammed(Pbuh), mentions that she used to go to mosque regularly.

great reading!

Assalam Alikum
This is all small talk!
What have we Muslims done for our women? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing at all. Nor for our women nor anything else to adopt Islam the way it has been prescribed in the Holy Koran.
Lets get over this talking and get into actions, and get our women, in fact all Muslims in general from the lowest corner of our society to its apex, for which this Ummah was brought into existence.

First, I would like to commend Islamic City for writing this article. Women in Islam are often forgotten when it relates to today's modern society. Women are expected to play the role of a man and a woman by providing income, being security minded, raising children, and taking care of the home. As we study Islam through the Qur'an and Sunnah, there are clear inconsistancies with how we live and how we are supposed to be living to create an Islamic lifestyle. Unfortunately, divorce is prevalent due to the extreme pressure put on marraiges. Women can attempt to do it all, but we are human beings too. In-sha-Allah, Allah will continue to provide for women in need, The Mujadalah is heard by Allah.

Since when Women are barred from entering mosques? I 've never seen this happened in any mosque I went to. I lived in 5 countrys during my 33 years of life and this sounds very strange to me!

est ce que recevoir ce bulletin en franais .

All the name of the allah
assalamu alaykum,
My name is Asimgul,I am musulman, and I am uyhgur,
I come from Xinjiang,I need yours help, thank you,
allahu akberu,

Assalm Alekum

Its really a treagedy that 1400 yrs old blessing are being rediscover by others and we start following their steps saying we are being liberal; ah... This duty falls on every muslim to spread the blessings of ALLAH, if failed we are to be accounted for not the ones in the dark.
We are the messengers, So every one who is anywhere should be delivering the message by all means SUITABLE. The best and most effective are deeds or acts. Our manners and aticates should be such that we don't have to speak for it, As tempting as the smell of honey to a bee.

(PLS. forgive me for my spellings)

I found this commentary to be exemplary of our efforts today as educated women in the West. Although there is much to be said about progress in gender issues, one can not deny the fact that a great deal more progress needs to be done in order to eradicate gender discrimination from all societies. As a believer of the idea that Islam is truly the best religion on earth, it would be the greatest shame if we were not the leaders but rather the followers of the eradication of gender discrimination. Although culture dictates a considerable proportion of a Muslim's life, one must also adhere (more so) to the religious teaching sanctioned by our Holy Prophet. I commend all of you who are actively trying to create a true and just world for all of humankind.


From the depths of a mass grave, a voice is heard proclaiming the injustices of the dead spirited, as if the dead can somehow come alive on their own to heal their sores and wounds. And they lament as if lamenting can be heard by the dead.

The dead died thinking their wisdom could save themselves and others. They forgot what kind of God, God actually is. They painted a picture of the God they wanted, who was as weak as they wanted to be, and they worshipped the idol. But it was not God. And so they lament to the idol and one another, because they rejected the God of Abraham...and as if lamenting is satisfactory communications with God.

A man is created in the image of God. Is it the nature of God, to lament?

Why then does a man? It is because the man rejects the image of God, to pursue his own devices. Behold, a heap of corpses!


your latest issue's first page is not grammatically correct, rendering it difficult to understand.

Well written reminder for the rest of the world. The position of women in Islam is unique and thier status is well above the status given in any society or faith. Unfortunately at present much of the Islamic world does not reflect the true picture due to many reasons including lack of knowledge and proper guidance.
I think it is our duty to tell rest of the world and especially oppressed women around the globe that the sloution to thier problems is not hidden under well charmed propaganda of "freedom", but instead all of us i.e. men and women needs to play thier active and "proper" role to bring peace and tranquality in personal and international levels. That is the way forward in modern era where politics is suppose to be a tool to search solutions for social problems.
We must realise that a system requires legalisation and it brings some restrictions in order to have a good social order. Just like Trafic rules and regulations, you need to stop on red light, green is to go , speed limit is to adhere for your safety and the safety of other road users. Similar way we cannot see a good social order and justice among genders without a set of rules and regulations. Therefore "freedom" should not to be taken as freedom from any moral and social duties. Islamic way of life gives that balance approach which harmonise freedom for women and give higher status to mothers, daughters, and sisters which is unmatched in any present social system.

Assallam aleikum, I have to agree with what you have to say. I cannot agree with women praying with men, since that is not allowed under shariah bought to us by the Prophet Mohammed SAW from ALLAH Ta'ala. There should be no objection in allowing them a seperate hall above or on one side or behind the main congregation. In this hall as proscribed, they should not been seen.
What I have seen in Charlton, Virginia, is a mosque with one big hall where the women enter through one door, are seen by all, then simply sit behind in the furtherest rows, visible and heard talking by all, Imam facing them directly.
This is not acceptable in any form. ALLAHs laws are his laws not meant to be tampered with.Debate on the validity of them removes one from Islam.

It is quite pitiful to see what women have gone through to gain some of their basic and rightful privileges in the west. I slightly disagree that women are barred from entering the mosques as indicated in the article. It is my understanding that prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has recommended that women should pray at home. I have seen women pray at mosques especially during Ramadan. In fact almost every mosque in Saudi Arabia has a women section.

Western society does seem to make women as sex objects. However, this has to do with Roman influence, and the strong Asian influence that started in the 60s. White people need to go back to their culture not become even more Asian. The movie The Lord of the Rings would give you an idea about European culture.

I agree, your best comments so far!

First we women have to stand firm for the equality
in education. If we have the knowledge about who we are and what we believe in, InshaAllah, our Lord will guide us to the right path and also make the world see that women are the backbone of any family or society.I pray to Allah(swt) to give us the strength and constancy to bring peace
and harmony in our own family and in the world today. Happy Women's Day.
Jazak Allah.