High Tech Bully!

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At moments of national peril or national exaltation, patriotic emotions rise and people enthusiastically subscribe to any cause put forth to them. But these moments pass, the process of disengagement begins, and it usually does not take long for disengagement to eventuate in alienation. Another lunar cycle of thirty days has completed it's course (US bombing on Afghanistan started on Oct 8) and the might is yet to prove itself. The process of frustration and demands of disengagement has begun.

British ministers privately expressed frustration yesterday with the US prosecution of the war against terrorism, the first sign of serious differences between London and Washington since the attacks on September 11. (Guardian, Nov 9)

The German government came to the brink of collapse yesterday when Joschka Fischer, the Foreign Minister, threatened to resign over his Green party's reluctance to support the country's first combat mission since the Second World War. (Independent, Nov 9)

The United Nations is warning of a "disaster of tremendous proportions" after US planes bombed a hydro-electric power station close to a vast dam in southern Afghanistan. (Independent, Nov 8)

It seems to be our privilege today to prove ourselves right in the thesis that the world is our enemy; for if we reiterate this frequently enough and makes it the background of our conduct we are bound eventually to be right. Each one of us may have a different answer to the questions "who is whose enemy" and "who is waging a war against whom and why"?

We wage a war to save civilization itself. (President Bush - Nov 8 Address to the nation)

'Brutality smeared in peanut butter' America must stop the war now. (Arundhati Roy, Oct 20, MSNBC)

Hidden Agenda Behind War on Terror (John Pilger, Former Mirror chief foreign correspondent)

What creates a community of people who believe in 'reason', as against a mere aggregate of individuals, is the fact that they think objectively. This faculty permits them to interpret the past, make sense of the present and outline a shape for the future. Many believe that the political personality of US, as is known today, is the product of "imperial mentality", because what it does not do is just as significant, and just as consequential, as what it does. New set of rules are being laid out for the world to subscribe to. "Murder of values and universally accepted fundamental human principles is taking place on such a wide scale that if the world leaders still choose not to remove the blindfold of American influence from their eyes the whole world will turn into a perpetual inferno of violence and chaos." (Mufti Taqi Usmani, Nov 4)

Senator Joseph Biden (D-Delaware) of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee warned that the US should avoid giving the perception to the Muslim world that it is a "high tech bully". Senator Biden's assessment needs to be given due consideration, because through just and moral actions can the US create a positive image in the World.

Behind the general fog that the ideology of dissent generates, the outlines of a very material sociological and political problem are emerging. This is not a popular war, indeed. It is among the people of reason that extreme dissatisfaction is rife. It is among them that the isolationist ideal is experiencing its final convulsive agony.

Conscientious people must offer alternate policies relevant to the reality that can sustain a system based on justice and address the harsh and nasty imperatives of imperial powers. Until that happens, mothers will continue their silent cries and children will not stop to sob and the world will remain restless and explode!

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: Afghanistan, Legislative Branch
Views: 1279

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Older Comments:
thanks for these fearless words.atleast some body
has said TRUTH.

assalaamu alaikum,
who is the enemy, i think we all know who the enemy is it is plain to see and everyone can see it anyone that calls their self a nation with traditions, and they go out and change an entire country to live like them casting them out into the darkness of evil is the devil and it id plain to see if the people of the worlds can't see it then i can't see it but i can see it so that means that everybody can see it.

I am very disappointed with US bombing Afganistan. The attack on Afganistan is not justified because US acted on its own without concrete justifications and the blessing of United Nation. Bush must be made responsible for the mass murder of civilians in Afganistan. Bush (Sr) bombed Iraq and Bush (Jr) bombed Afganistan. Like father like son. I am fed up of Bush family now. I feel like his family doesnot deserve to live in this world because they inherit their hatred towards the muslims. No matter what Bush has said or keep on saying that US is not at war with Islam, but his actions showed that his family hates Islam. From now on, I will never-never trust US leaders. They are all the same. Reagen bombed Libya and Clinton bombed Iranian, Somalis and Sudanese. US leaders are Satans and big terrorists. They are liars. US is now looking for other muslim nations target. The 1.5 billion world muslims comprising of about 30% of the world population, must rethink about this big bully. For a start I have ceased buying US consumer products and now slowly turning into other alternative products. I felt guilty buying US products when US caused sufferings to my Islam brothers and sisters in other muslim countries. Remember, Afgans blood is our blood too.

The heart is weeping, eyes are wailing, nothing can describe the tragedy we are passing through. Have Talibans lost?? Has USA been able to achieve what it wanted? Who will care for so many deaths?? Northern alliance is a bunch of HYPOCRITES. They will route out every inch of Islam from Afghanistan together with USA.....WE HAVE REDUCED OURSLEVE TO THE STATUS OF JUST A SIDE LINED SPECTATOR WATCHING THE GREAT HELL UNLEASHED UPON POOR MUSLIMS FOR ONE MONTH........ALAS!

In my opinion Bush is frutrated,and a frustrated
individual is insane.

A thought.... and a question: We all know there are racist-zionists in the USA. What if enough of them are piloting the planes which make such greivous errors such as bombing women and children in shelters in Iraq or repeating the same in Afghanistan? Alfred Lilienthal wrote of constant and unrelenting propaganda being fed to young Jewish children which might justify such actions. If our government is fighting a war against Islam, and it is to be sure and has been since 1997, is it not to their advantage to have as many young pilots who are Jewish and potentially racist-zionists with inculcated retaliation as their motives?

Dear Sir
It was a pleasure to have read your thought provoking article and I strongly agree with you.The US forces and its Western allies are acting as a global bully.I have to question in my mind:Why are the muslims suferring around the globe?Is there some problem with internal unity and why cann't they overcome these imperialistic(free masonary) powers?.Please raise this issue in your future articles.
My appreciation and Best wishes.

It is refreshing to know that in the USA dissenting opinions about the war can be heard. I wonder if such conversations can be had in muslim countries. I am a bit surprised about the polarized responses. As an American-Muslim, I have enjoyed IslamiCity for its presentation of Islam. The postings and feedback seem to heavily reflect the viewpoint of those who are Anti-American. I am not one of those.

This is all just a larger scale of "lets point the finger at the idol with the ax". The US has always come to the aid of the world only to be criticized for its minor mistakes. Especially by muslims. I as a muslim feel that WE as muslims should be the spearhead of such operations. But we fail. We have all the answers but we still fail to take charge of this planet. And when my country steps up to the position as a world power, immediately the criticism starts. When the first muslim terrorist act was committed the muslims should have put an end to it right then and there. But they didn't. They chose to look the other way. Now we have to do their job that they were derilict in doing. If you are not going to help solve the problem then move out of our way and shut up! You had your chances, now its our turn. I have to question how muslim are some of these countries anyway, when they can stand by and watch muslims suffer from famine and oppression. They're not muslim at all. They don't fight for justice, equality, education, and freedom. They fight for money in their banks, and power. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would be ashamed of the muslims today. He would have stopped muslim terrorist when they first started. He wouldn't allow the Taliban to even exist. Palestine would still be in the control of the palestinians. And there wouldn't be anyone starving in a muslim country while their leaders live in palaces. So criticize my country all you want. It will still outdo any muslim country you can put up against it, anyday. The best of the muslims are here. Not over there. Islam will rise here in America and we will be the best muslims to have ever walked the face of the earth. But first all the bad ones must be eliminated to make way for the new ones. As Salaamu Alaykum..

America must stop its bullying nature of every kind, particularly its double standards in the foreign policies towards muslims.It will take a long list to mention those but Turkey & Egypt will be good examples were the respective Govt's are suppresing their people and are getting bulky aids from USA. I think there is no question about the double standards towards palestine-israel conflict. It will be best for the future of USA to work hand in hand with all muslims in USA and take their advice in foreign policy matters towards muslim countries, to avoid all terrorist attacks in future. I pray that GOD shall give the leaders of this country sense of understanding so that the bullying nature is avoided once for all.
I pray for the safety and prosperity of USA.

War is never an answer, but did anyone think that the U.S. would sit still and allow almost 7,000 of their citizens to be killed without any kind of retaliation??? We as muslims can not correct the cruelities of outsiders, if we have not address the cruelities of those who claim to be muslims against eachother and against the mothers and daughters in Afganistan and Pakistan. The cruel and harsh treatment of these women has not been vigoriously addressed. We all should be shame of this. And now as the people of the world see this it puts a very negitive spin of our faith. The people were poor and perscuted before the U.S. got there. If Bin Laden was truly interested in the well being of his people why has he allowed such crimes against women and children to exist. Before you can critize others frist we must clean our own homes.
Terrorism like war never solves anything. It only causes death and hatred. Bin Laden was wrong and if he is really so brave then let him come out of the caves and face his accuser like the man he claims he is.
And also remember he killed other muslims on 9-11-01., and for that alone the Taliban should give him and all others involved up to meet their fate, and end this.

The liberation of Mazar-e Sharif may not be the beginning of the end, but it is at least the end of the beginning. God willing, it will aid in the distribution of aid to the Afghan people this winter, in addition to facilitating the destruction of the Taliban fascists and Al Qa'eda terrorists. The sooner that occurs, the sooner the suffering of the innocent Afghan people will end. Bin Laden, al-Zayahiri, Atef and the rest of them are not going to show up at some police station in Peshawar or anywhere else and surrender themselves. U.N. resolutions and stern condemnations do not trouble them. The only way to apprehend them, and to disable their networks, is the present course. If only that were not so. But there is no credible alternative.

thank you for your 'presence' in the debate
regarding "the war" - i, and many others i know,
grow more and more uncomfortable by the day about
the means that have been adopted to "fight
terrorism", including australia's 'un-debated'
entry into the conflict.

furthermore, today is november 11th, and i wake up
not to a 'new australia', but one which has been
'hijacked' by a contemptible prime minister and
his government, only too willing to stir up racial
prejudice for political gain. i am ashamed of this
country and its handling of the so-called refugee
"crisis" - which only became a "crisis" as the
election campaign loomed. worse - australian's
have proved their stupidity and small-mindedness
by rewarding this kind of abject political

another bad day for what we still call

Your notes are pertinent. We have to effect measures so the West can change its policies towards Islam and Muslims. While the West may appear divided, so are the leaders of the Muslims with more devastating results. It is no langer a matter what USA thinks; it is critical for the Muslim leaders to formulate policies that demonstrate unity in all forms. Not until this happens will the Muslims be able to use their resources to combat the enemies of Islam.
When our leaders said, after the cold war ended,
Islam is the gretaest threat to the West, they did not realize the implications. Now we are seeing the reaction to that threat. Let us have no delusion: WAR IS WAR, RAMADAN OR NO RAMADAN,AND IN WAR RULES ARE BROKEN. Someone once said the conquered has no history.
Your comments do show concern and offer hope that there will be changes.

There is an article by Michael Rowbotham that ought to be widely read. It is at http://www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/HL0110/S00021.htm
I hope you find it interesting enough to reprint it in the bulletin.