Ya Allaah, unite us with Papa in Jannah

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Ya Allaah, unite us with Papa in Jannah

Oh Allaah, The Almighty - The Most Merciful, The Most Forgiving!
You bestowed upon Your obedient slave the Ultimate Healing
He had weakened to the core and was really helpless
But of Your Grace and Mercy, Ya Rahman, he was never hopeless!

I recall with intense pain his last Golden Conversation
I had asked him if he was in a painful situation
He replied, "Don't you worry my dearest daughter
Only between me and My Maula is this matter"

"Nothing afflicts without His permission and His will
"Today, after Fajr, Noor has filled my mind and my heart
He alone commands an ailment to heal or to kill
This suffering is a blessing for us to become dearer to Him

It is an opportunity He has given us to draw closer to Him"
He is soon going to cure me and give me a new start
I accept this blessing as a means to be cleansed by My Allaah
One of my feet is here and the other is now placed in Jannah"

We prayed that You let him live and cure him of the sickness
But You chose to end his life, we bow before Your Greatness
Ya Rabb, It is not that You could not reverse his condition
You took him away forever in Your Most Pleased situation

The final moments of his life were so blessed by You
In Your remembrance he was immersed by You
In Your own way you answered our Duas of Healing
Swiftly took away his soul without any suffering

When I look back at his life I can only see
To obey your commands he was always ready
The only thing that scared him was Your anger
He lived seeking Your forgiveness and Your Pleasure

He lived a life of gratitude and simplicity
He wore a crown of truthfulness and honesty
He was so careful to keep halal all his earnings
That he avoided even a cup of tea in client meetings

From the little he had he always gave to the needy
His other hand never knew when one gave in charity
He shared his knowledge and skills with those who couldn't afford
He tirelessly trained them gradually to build their own world

He took care of all his relations in a proper way
He proved a responsible caretaker every odd day
A protecting father and husband, managed his priorities 
He proved his selfless love and performed all his duties

 dutiful son that he was while his parents were alive
Embraced their memories sorrowfully when they didn’t survive
Even years after they left, he remembered them each day
On his final day too he remembered them and he did pray

A man in his sixties, was so deeply loved by his friends
They loved to see him, they valued his simple trends
They trusted him with their wealth and lives, for they knew him well
They sought his advice in matters which to no other they would tell

A man who stood for justice even if it went against himself
Or his dearest relatives, even if there was a threat to engulf
For he feared Your warning that by injustice You are agitated
With whatever one does You are always acquainted (4:135)

When those he trusted with his daughter alleged her with blame
For things she had never done, they put his upbringing to shame
He said, "If my dearest one has been wronged, I am helpless today
But I ask Allaah to give us patience here and be just on The Day"

He faced trial upon trial, his tests never seemed to end
But to Your Qadr and Majesty, his head would always bend
He praised You in happiness and praised You more in sorrow
For he believed that seeing his tears Your love for him would grow

This servant of Yours while you were watching, Ya Baseer
Was afflicted with a disaster by your permission, Ya Qadeer!
He faced it with such Tawakkul and Taqwa saying
"My Maula has let it happen, this cancer is a blessing!"

He underwent the suffering and that painful treatment
All the chemotherapy sessions ended in his contentment
Even on the most painful days, only Your praises he would say
While almost unconscious he only questioned when its time to pray

This servant of Yours, never missed a single prayer dear Allaah
When his limbs couldn't move, through his eyes he finished Salah!
He prayed all through those months to cure him of the cancer
And keep his generations to come safe from this or any other

Ya Allaah, did You not say that the Dua of sick people
Is assuredly heard and accepted like that of an angel?
You heard his duas when he prayed to cure others when he was sick
And to bless hopeless people with fertility, to say "Be" You were so quick!

You heard his Duas and showed everyone a miracle
That to beat a deadly blood cancer You are capable
Of Your Mercy and Pleasure his recovery was an example
The world saw that the journey was not at all simple

When he was so weak after treatment he could hardly walk
He fought with everyone to visit Your house to talk
To You in Salah, for it made him feel alive and he would say
"My life is meaningless if I do not go to Masjid everyday"

He knew medication is a Sunnah, so he did complete the treatment
He finally paused the medicines that were slowing his movement
He dragged himself to Masjid all five times to only pray
He was weak and wanted more strength without delay

He stopped the maintenance medication putting his trust in You
You would never let the disease touch ever again, he knew
He wanted to fulfill the responsibilities You had put on his shoulder
He wanted to protect and train your Amaanah, till he is little older

He exerted in Your Ibaadah with new zeal and strength
He trained a ‘little worshipper’ and taught him what is true wealth
He loved my child who never knew a father, as a gift from You
Although his responsibilities were completed, he accepted him anew 

Oh, how he loved spending on the daughter who was returned!
He loved the company of his grandson and never frowned!
He would tell, “This little blessing is to me the dearest of you all”
He called him his SON, as demonstrated by the Teacher, Greatest of all (PBUH)

On a regular doctor’s checkup after he started feeling weak again
The test reports brought to us, with Your will, the greatest pain
For a moment we felt lifeless, it made our world collapse
They said it was imminent someday, they called it a RELAPSE!

I know this time he was hurt beyond words, beyond imagination
He locked himself in his room for Your private consultation
He came out as strong as he could in that weakest moment
And said, “My Rabb loves to test, He has a cure for each ailment”

He clinged more strongly to Your Rope, Ya Allaah!
He knew that there was a Healing, if You willed, in Ruqyah
He was all hopeful that a dawn is closer to cure him
But You planned a lung infection, for You wanted a purer him

In a febrile state of breathlessness when I rushed him in an ambulance
I fell down in the running vehicle after losing my balance
It was my Papa, Ya Allaah, who couldn’t breathe, was in pain
Gave his hand to lift me up, A TRUE PROTECTOR - he proved again!

Those four days in hospital, I recall they changed my life
I begged the doctors to understand and treat our grief
They showed all respect for his values, but said they were helpless
Treating a lung infection in this relapse, as per them, was pointless!

They said, “Be courageous, his immunity is reaching zero
Either to a painful cancer or terrible breathlessness we will lose our hero
We learnt from him a lot, this patient proved our teacher
His end will be painful, although he is a brave fighter!”

We believed in the power of Duas, Ya Qareeb
We knew that You could change the Qadar, Ya Mujeeb!
Through Your wisdom, Ya Salaam, You chose to put him to rest
You ended his life gracefully with a simple cardiac arrest! 

He had only begged from You an extension of few years
But perhaps You wanted to take him back, he was always yours
He did hold my hand and reminded me that You are Ar-Razzaq
He told me that You would guide me always when it is dark

I am so lonely today Ya Rabb, but I know that You are there
My upbringing would fail if for tomorrow I do not prepare
But the pain in my heart is too much to let me live
Ya Allaah, I need patience in abundance, please give

While he is with You, Ya Rahman, I know he is safe
You are taking care of him for here he lived for Your sake
Brighten his grave so much that he sees nothing but Your Noor
Open a window for him that shows him through the Jannah Door

He was a sincere and humble slave of Yours Ya Allaah
His constant heartbeat was “La ilaaha illallaah”
He lived for Your nearness, He was so fond of Salah
You blessed him with such Taqwa, do gift him Your Jannah

For every bit of suffering he underwent in Your name
For his unshakable faith which he never put to shame
For in pain and sorrow when he gave You thanks, Ya Allaah
Be pleased with him always and raise his ranks in Jannah!

Forgive my Papa, Ya Allaah, for any wrong he might have done
When you wake him up from the earth again, make him pure and forgiven
Unite me and my family with my Papa in the best of places, Ya Allaah!
In the most beautiful of houses for Him, near You in Your Jannah!


~BintSamsamuddin (UmmHashiR)

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights
  Topics: Fathers, Paradise (Jannah), Poetry
Views: 1394

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