Comparison of casualties in military conflicts in early Islam and the 20th Century

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The book "Battlefields of the Prophet" by the renowned scholar Muhammad Hamidullah , lists the number of people killed in battle on both sides in all the engagements led by the Prophet. The total number of combatants killed were 463, out of these 200 killed were those fighting for Islam.

The Prophet was far above the regular human emotions of  revenge, hatred, greed or domination as the driving motivation in the conflicts that he was involved in or was forced into. His main concern was to win over people to the truth. He did not see his enemies as irredeemable souls, but as potential forces for the good, for their own selves and for others. And he gave them the opportunity and the space to transform themselves.

Casualties in the main military expeditions led by the Prophet

Engagement Opposing
Badr 950 70 313 14
Uhud 3,000 22 700 70
Khandaq 12,000 8 3,000 6
Khaibar 20,000 93 1,500 15
Mu'ta 100,000 3,000 13
Hunain 70 12,000 70
Taif 12,000 12

War and Conflicts of the twentieth century Military & Civilian deaths
Belgian repression in the Congo Free State 1886-1908 6,500,000
First World War 1914-1918 8,500,000
Russian Civil War 1917-1922 2,825,000
Stalin's regime 1924-53 20,000,000
Italian campaign in Abyssinia 1935-1936 160,000
Second World War 1939-1945 71,000,000
Post-War Expulsion of Germans from East Europe 1945-47 2,384,000
Chinese Civil War 1945-1949 3,000,000
Mao Zedong's regime 1949-1975 40,000,000
Korean War 1950-1953 1,200,000
Tito's Regime 1944-80 250,000
French repression in Algeria 1954-1962 1,000,000
Vietnam War 1965-1973 1,033,000
Cambodia, Khmer Rouge 1975-1978 1,500,000
Soviet Union war against Afghanistan 1979-1989 2,000,000
Iran-Iraq War 1980-88 1,000,000
Gulf War 1990-1991 150,000
Bosnia 1992-1995 280,000

Sources: Britannica & WikiPedia and other Internet resources including  Secondary Wars and Atrocities of the Twentieth Century

  Category: Featured, Highlights, Life & Society
  Topics: War
Views: 4000

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