Tariq Ramadan: Judge Orders Indefinite Imprisonment

Today, a French judge denied Professor Tariq Ramadan’s appeal to release him from prison.

After more than three weeks of absolutely no contact with him, Tariq Ramadan’s family is devastated by the news.

They were hoping the French judge would respond to international calls demanding Tariq Ramadan’s release and for fair treatment under the law.

Sadly, this nightmare continues with Tariq Ramadan’s forced detention in a solitary cell, under inhumane conditions and without proper access to required medical treatment.

It is under these circumstances that Tariq Ramadan must prepare for his defense.

Today’s appeal to release Tariq Ramadan was denied by the French judge despite the following glaring facts:


Two neurologists from Geneva and London, a medical team in the French prison holding Tariq Ramadan, and a medical team in France, ALL confirmed he suffers from two chronic illnesses, including Multiple Sclerosis.

His personal doctor and prison doctor both specifically attributed Tariq Ramadan’s severe health deterioration in recent weeks to his unjust imprisonment, citing the prison’s inadequacy to treat him properly.

In response, last week the court ordered an “independent” medical expert to examine Professor Ramadan.

The doctor examined Tariq Ramadan for just 15 minutes before ruling him “medically fit for prison”.

This “independent” doctor went as far as to suggest that “it [was] not certain” Tariq Ramadan even suffers from MS!

It appears the French judge today based his decision solely on this one report, written by the examiner he himself appointed, and whose diagnosis was clearly predetermined, with no basis in reality.

Tariq Ramadan was not even in the courthouse when the judge ruled on his appeal today since he was denied the medical support he requested.

Just days ago, Tariq Ramadan was hospitalized and lost feeling in his legs due to his illness.


There have been several procedural mishaps during investigation of allegations against Tariq Ramadan, including the suspicious “loss” of exculpatory evidence.

Tariq Ramadan’s defense team repeatedly pointed out clear inconsistencies in testimonies of the two accusers including, most notably, their persistent denial of knowing one another prior to this case.

This was exposed as a lie.

The court ignored all this information presented by the defense and has not taken any steps to reassure Tariq Ramadan’s attorneys that clear procedural mishaps would even be addressed.

Evidence, which could help Tariq Ramadan’s case, remains unverified.

This evidence was submitted to investigators by the defense team almost three months ago and was not taken into consideration when the court decided to hold Tariq Ramadan in detention.

In similar cases, such evidence would have been investigated immediately and considered, not ignored.



If there was ever any doubt about the political nature of this case, then the judge’s ruling today, conditions of confinement and denial of visitation and prosecutorial misconduct should serve as abundant evidence of an organized campaign against Tariq Ramadan.

It is clear the French justice system has only one goal: To keep a renowned scholar and prominent critic of the government’s discriminatory policies in prison indefinitely, despite not being convicted of a single crime.

It is clear the French justice system has no intention of being a neutral arbiter in this case.

This is not even a case of guilty until proven innocent.

Evidence presented by the defense that could prove Tariq Ramadan’s innocence has had no bearing on the court and media’s judgment of guilt.


Tariq Ramadan's family has not seen or heard from him in over three weeks yet they are denied visitation rights with no explanation from the court.ramadan

Tariq Ramadan’s health continues to deteriorate dramatically yet his long-term diagnoses does not even exist, according to the court.

We are very concerned about Tariq Ramadan's human and civil rights.

This is clearly going to be a long battle ahead—where even getting Tariq Ramadan the most basic rights, including family visitation and access to medical treatment is a struggle.

We will continue to demand justice for Tariq Ramadan and ask for your support to free him.

To support Tariq Ramadan’s legal defense visit: https://www.cotizup.com/freetariqramadan

( Source: Change.org - Petition Update )

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