The Masses Creed #1: Studying Faith to Live Faith

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The acquisition of religious knowledge in a systematic way is a daunting task for parents, students, converts and those interested in what Islam is. Listening to folks complain about that, I've [ Sheikh Suhaib Webb ] decided to record a series of short lessons, covering the 11 core subjects needed for rooted Islamic literacy. Our first course is theology, where I will cover the book, "The Creed of the Masses" by the 19th century scholar, Ahmed al-Marzuqi al-Azhari. This book achieved a large acceptance by Islam's scholars the world over, and continues to form introductory text in schools like al-Azhar and else where. I plan to publish the book soon so look for more information forthcoming!

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Videos
  Topics: Islam
Views: 1149

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