The Rise of Turkey

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The Rise of Turkey: The Twenty-First Century's First Muslim Power by Soner Cagaptay is an excellent geopolitical book about Turkey. You might ask yourself why Turkey?

Turkey is perhaps one of the most underappreciated countries in the field of geopolitics. Many people will look at Turkey and see just another NATO member with no significant foreign policy of it’s own. But the truth is Turkey has historically been at the centre of the Islamic world. The Ottoman Empire shaped the identity of Muslims, shaped their cultures, economies, and social structures for the good and bad. When the Ottoman Empire collapsed, the Turkish republic became an unprecedented example in the field of secularization and westernization of a Muslim society. Many Arab countries followed this example and shaped their governmental structures according to those of the Turks, think of Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc. So when you look at the historical context you will see that Turkey either drags the Muslim world forwards or holds it back. Whether it's the decline of secularism or the rise democratic institutions, Turkey directly and indirectly shapes the Islamic world. And as Turkey is now slowly awakening from its ninety years long sleep, the country is returning to it’s historical position. So to understand the Middle East, we need to understand Turkey. In this regard the Rise of Turkey is an excellent book to start with.

  Category: Videos, World Affairs
  Topics: History, Turkiye
Views: 2182

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