U.S. Colonel Exposes Warmongers!

The neocon warmongers in Washington, Brussels, Berlin, and the other Collective West capitals would have you believe that unless the US has countless military bases in every single country of this planet, there can be no security and that each and every foreign government that does not heed US orders needs to be destroyed.

There is no space for diplomacy in neocon thinking, nor are there win-win solutions. Total domination by military means is their recipe for happiness. 

The men and women these crazies want to throw into meat grinders to fulfil their fantasies are not only the populations of other countries—like Ukraine—but their own soldiers, too. Unsurprisingly, some of them speak out. One is retired lieutenant colonel Daniel Davis (@DanielDavisDeepDive).

Daniel Davis' YT Channel: youtube.com/@DanielDavisDeepDive

Daniel Davis is a senior fellow and military expert at Defense Priorities, a US ThinkTank. Mr Davis retired from the U.S. Army as a Lt. Col. after 21 years of active service. He was deployed into combat zones four times in his career, beginning with Operation Desert Storm in 1991, and then to Iraq in 2009 and Afghanistan twice (2005, 2011).

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