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One of the rituals of Hajj is the throwing of pebbles at the three pillars of temptation that symbolizes Satan, when he tried to dissuade Prophet Ibrahim from carrying out the command of God.

The pile of broken umbrellas, huge rocks, and of course, rubber slip-ons of all hue piled around the pillars of temptation tell more than a story. The minor story of course is that some people come to Hajj unprepared and thus unaware what to hurl at Satan. The major story is that why only small pebbles are needed. The questions, what to hurl and why only small pebbles are closely connected.

The completion of the rites of Hajj, as we know them, was executed by Prophet Muhammad after he removed all idols from the Kabah. The objects that needed major demolition equipment had been done away and what now remain are fresh idols that keep cropping up at all times. The need for heavy demolition equipment does exist, but the heavy-duty stuff that needs to be removed are not big rocks of idols, but the rocks of corruption, greed, power, vanity and self-indulgence. The equipment needed to remove these rocks, are sincere doses of God Consciousness (Taqwa).

Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), perhaps, the foremost idol-breaker, launched a mission against idolatry when it was the absolute norm - he stood firm against the tide of idol worship and challenged this deep-rooted social norm. Today, we live amidst a tide of idols, however, these idols, although man-made like their predecessors, enjoy a form that is far more deceptive than the word idol usually conjures up for us. The modern day idols of the love for power or recognition is taking many forms, and most often these idols in the guise of current-day social norm are not only hurtful to the individual but indeed the community.

Prophet Ibrahim was confronted by the same psychological and emotional challenges that confront us: making and worshipping idols was the norm, and in his case the family's livelihood too. This is where his greatness lies that he was able to break from these barriers and demolish the idols. Yes, there was opposition, but none from within him. He felt no fear, no hesitancy in undoing his family's source of income. He was driven by a desire to break the shekels of idolatry and establish the worship of One true God. 

The jihad (struggle) of Prophet Ibrahim is as relevant for us today, as it was thousands of years ago. Today, although it seems that no physical idols need be broken, but many idols confront us: there are still billions who are worshipping man-made idols, there are many who, drunk with power, are devastating human rights at will, and above all human beings live with false notions of wealth.

The popular ditty goes: "What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." Humanity is held in deception and awaiting Muslims to break psychological and emotional idols and free themselves and the rest from this temporal world.

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  1. Eugene S. Jones from United States

    The article is relevant for today's Muslim. In our society we do not realize idolatry can deguise itself in many different forms. Therefore, many of us are fooled into believing we are free from this form of haram practice.

  2. thomas wiley from usa

    Excellent article. I myself at times only thinking of $ and need someone to bring me back to what is really important, Thanks.

  3. mukire Idrissa from Burundi

    Assalam aleykum!Now that we've begun criticising those idol man,let us take our time to denonciate them and even when necessary affront them coz with time going on,they'll contminate the whole community of the World.

    I wish u success for the Jihad u're doing by trying to reach muslims' conscience by clarifying the situation of the actuall world.



    I am a regular visitor of this site and Its a quite pleasure to me writing this piece of note just to appreciate your efforts towards enlighting muslim ummah,and may ALLAH in his infinite mercy rewards you with all you desire.

    Thanks alot may Allah contineu to guide you.

    MUNTAKA ...

  5. Bashir Abdullahi from Nigeria

    It was an interesting thing to read especialy as a Muslim.

  6. Um RoRo from khaleej

    as salam alaikum. This is soo true. Yes there are still idols around thw world that are man made and being worshipped & also hundreds who are hooked on materialism of dunya thinking that it doesnt matter and it wouldnt affect their life but sadly soo it has affected us even our kids are suffering now, wanting the best cars, the best perfumes, the best make ups, the best brand names, as if anything with less than a brand name is not worthy of wearing or using. We wont be taking this with us to the grave, hajj is a wonderfull time of year inthat we all go for hajj in simple dress code and we all look the same. no gucci no versace, no prada, just the white cloth that covers the awra and hijab for women.SubhanAllah. Allah knows best and knows all. we know not. AsghfirAllah alatheem.

  7. Muslimah from Canada

    I enjoyed the concise and to the point manner the author has presented the meaning of Hajj. Muslims today need to understand that they are getting distracted by these hidden idols which they do not even perceive as idols.

    Jazakum Allah khair.

  8. Azad Islam from USA

    Most importantly, Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) wanted to please Allah and he would do everything to please Him. It is the same lesson for al Muslims as to how we can please Allah. Practice the five pillars of Islam!

  9. Jaleel from USA

    I feel that the words Of the commenter Yanto are right.

    We Muslims all over the world have submitted to man and his weapons and economic strength instead of submitting to Allah. I bear witness there is NO God but Allah. What does that mean? Does that mean in times of trouble I'll leave my Country and move to the U.S so that I don't have to fight and I can get a good job or start a business, drive a nice car and talk about real Islam? Does that mean that I watch the news as if I am watching a reality show and say oh.,.look at those people, to bad and turn to the football game? What happen to I live and die for Allah.

    Muslims are in a sad condition, we appear as beggars and pan handlers asking others (Christians and Jews) for help ( or at least that how I am begging to see it). Who did those Muslim countries call when the hurricane hit, Muslim countries or beg for U.S. aid ? So we can read nice things and have nice thoughts of peace but the idea of peace is only ones dream if you have no way to protect your peace nor have a way to establish it.

    So I'll leave it at that before I'm labeled as something I am not. But I ask you all listen to yourselves as you pray. Regardless if you have Mastered your style or technique, if you are able to say it all in Arabic or not. Listen to yourselves and listen to your words and see if you are truthful or not.

    Peace be unto you and the mercy of Allah.

  10. Tasneem Ali from USA

    I agree with all my brothers for their outlook and we must follow Islam the way it is suppose to be..sacrificing our good life to the life where we can help another human being and I am not leaving this world till I leave it little better than I was born with..may Allah give me strength..Ameen

  11. ALI from USA


    Casting pebbles towards symbolic devil is also suppose to signify Muslims casting away their bad habits and renew their leash on life.


  12. Mufti Usmani from U.S.A.

    I enjoyed reading a very thoughtful yet brief article "Follow the Idol Breaker." It brings out the real meaning of Hajj and serves as a reminder to us.

  13. Ashim from New Zealand

    It is very much true.

    What we need at present is the environment in which we can learn more about islam and the dawah.

    I think the dawah and tabligh jamat that is going around is the best option to be in that kind for environment atleast for 24 hours when you are in the path of allah.

    So I encourage all the muslim brothers and sisters to look for these groups and spent as much time you can as possible.


  14. Yanto from canada

    There is one important point the article is missing.. look, if we, Muslims, do amar ma'ruf nahi munkar, (encourage doing good and say no to unjustice act) with little pebbles (means small action) just small action against the corrupt and mischief of our society) we would be better off...

    but we, Muslims are falling in love with this worldly things... ignoring the most important command from Allah .. to warn...

    I think, we are all coward.. we are afraid to super power more than to Allah, .. we saw people are oppressed, killed, tortured, but we are quitly and enjoying the show... Do you think you are entitled go to to Heaven... after all those ignorances you are committed,and doing nothing... ignoring your brothers, sisters, kids, old people to suffer under the corrupt and cruel super power????... Nay.... Heaven is expensive and hard to get...talking and praising is not enough...

    If each of you do small thing to fight against the unjustice and corrupt super power, the voice and the power of Islam will be heard and respected.. just like huge pile of pebbels in Mina..or pile of umbrellas or sandals.. whatever you like it.

  15. Sahl Syed from Canada


    There are many fabulous examples the prophets of Allah (peace be upon them) have set for us to follow and we have just come around to remember one. Ibrahim peace be upon showed us pure bravery and faith in Allah. He was going to sacrifice his very own child for the sake of Allah. Now such examples of our prophets, we must ponder upon, reflect, and try to improve our lives in this way. We must try and copy the daring bravery by these prophets so we can change our condition as muslims. We are really in need of that, and it is time to reflect and apply. This is the only advice that I have for muslims. Assalamualaikum

  16. keji salamat from nigeria

    you are doing a very good job.may ALLAH reward you.keep it up.

  17. Jamaluddin from God's Country

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the taste of articles published on this web site. God is great!

  18. William from USA

    pebbles to break idols

    that's a funny image to a new Moslem like me

    maybe making jokes and poking fun at the idols described in this article is the best way to see them for what they are - symbolic little pebbles.

    the moralistic rhetoric is tiresome and impractical against idolotry, as would be throwing boulders at the pillars at Mecca

    not to mention silly





  19. Yusuf Mayanming from P.R.C

    How did the quota of Hajj of each countires was allocated?

  20. Alex from USA

    The example of Abraham is an excellent model for Jews, Christians and Muslims