Ramadan 2018 Daily Reflections with Dr. Aslam Abdullah

For the month of Ramadan 2018 / 1439 AH, follow our daily videos with inspirational words from our in house Imam Dr. Aslam Abdullah.
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i. Intro

ii.  Day 0: The Purpose of Fasting (Quran 2:183)

The 10 days of Mercy

1. Day 1: Integrity in Character (Quran 2:42)

2. Day 2: Outracing others in doing good (Quran 2:148)

3. Day 3: Politeness (Quran 2:263)

4. Day 4: Unity of the believers (Quran 3:103)

5. Day 5: Trustworthiness (Quran 4:29; 4:58)

6. Day 6: Justice (Quran 5:8)

7. Day 7: Mercy (Quran 5:105; 6:4)

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