Learn How to Balance your Hormones Naturally

Hormone Imbalance by Dr. Herb Akers DC CCN
Learn how to balance your hormones naturally

Hormone Health
* Are you having symptoms of imbalance?
* Would you be able to identify an imbalance?
* All people, young and old can experience imbalance due to diet, exercise, injury, depression and more!

Topics Covered
Survival Adrenal Hormones

* appropriate cortisol - “shock absorber” hormone, needed to maintain normal body function during times of stress, keep glucose available for an emergency, key to our survival, strong immune system, a “happy camper”.
* constant cortisol- chronic stress creates obesity, heart disease, diabetes, immune failure, depression, sexual dysfunction, Alzheimer’s etc...
* appropriate adrenalin- fight or flight response, es-sential for surviving a life threatening challenge.
constant adrenalin- chronic stress leads to heart disease, stroke, anxiety, depression.

Other Hormones
* estrogen- primary female sex hormone, regulation of re-production and secondary sex characteristics etc...
* bad estrogen- chronic stress leads to tumor formation etc...
* testosterone- primary male sex hormone, development of male reproductive system, muscle growth, body hair etc...
* bad testosterone- chronic stress converts testos-terone to survival hormones or estrogen... heart disease, dia-betes etc...
* progesterone- female hormone prepares uterus for a fertilized egg
* bad progesterone- chronic stress creates progesterone deficiency and hormonal

Importance of Meditation

Published on Nov 7, 2017

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