Muharram Series Ep 6: Nakba - The Palestine Tragedy

The world's oppressed people always paid the price for their weakness, regardless of their faith and geography. So how does Islam motivate its followers to stand for the oppressed people? How did Prophet Muhammad prepare a community of believers always to be a witness to justice?

Hedab Tarifi was born in Gaza, Palestine. She lived in Kuwait until after the first Gulf War, when she moved to the US In April 1992.

Hedab Tarifi holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Software Engineering from the University of Florida and an E-Business MBA from the University of Phoenix. Hedab worked as an IM Program Manager at General Electric Energy for 20 years. She is now an IT Consultant & Financial Coach and, on her way, to becoming a certified Financial Planner.

Hedab has been active in the Muslim and Interfaith communities in Southern California since1994, working on building bridges and bringing people together. She served on the board of several Muslim non-profit organizations, including the New Horizon School Los Angeles, Shura Council of Southern California. She was elected to be the first Chairwoman of both the Muslim Public Affairs Council in 2007 and the Islamic Center of Southern California in 2016.

Hedab works with humanitarian organizations focusing on elevating the suffering of Children in Palestine and the Middle East. She is currently serving as the Chair of the Muslim Public Affairs Foundation.

In June 2018, Hedab was honored by the City of Los Angeles, Mayor Garcetti, and the Human Relations Commission for her leadership and community contributions in elevating interfaith relations.

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