Lecture 3: How the Names are Derived - 99 Names of Allah Series

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99 Names of Allah (Asma’ Al-Husna) Series by Dr Gasser Hathout

Lecture 3: How the Names are Derived.
Although there is no “one” list, most lists agree on most names.  In this lecture, we explore how the scholars and narrators derived the names.  Some are stated explicitly and clearly in the Quran as Divine Names, while others are derived more indirectly, through actions or attributes of Allah SWT mentioned in the Quran, while others may be found in hadith.  A few names are not found in Quran or hadith, and an example of these is also noted, showcasing different opinions about the status of such names.

This lecture series introduces the viewer to the Divine Names, or al-Asma’ Al-Husna, of Allah SWT, as a springboard for further study.  It has two components: an “intellectual” component, and a “spiritual” component. The intellectual component tackles the foundational questions of how we know that here are Divine Names, how do we know how many they are, and where does the list of names (that perhaps hangs on our wall at home) come from?  The spiritual component then explores the possible purpose behind the Divine Names, and introduces the viewer to the classification scheme posited by some of the scholars, and then takes some examples of Divine Names from each category of the classification to explore their spirituality and beauty.  Along the way, nuances of the Arabic structure are explored, as well as the differences between similar names, and what those differences may imply.

Please take the following Quiz:

Lecture 3: How the 99 Names are Derived


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1. Which of the following is a Divine Name derived from an activity of Allaah (Azza wa Jal) described in the Qur’an?

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Question 2 of 3

2. What criterion did scholars use to decide if a Divine Name is legitimate or not?

Question 2 of 3

Question 3 of 3

3. Why did the scholars not consider Al-Makir or Al-Makkar to be a Divine Name?

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  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Videos
  Topics: Allah  Channel: 99 Names Of Allah
Views: 1060

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