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Oct 15, 2014 Detroit News World Religion News While the initiative has been well received among some, others doubt its effectiveness, saying that it just furthers generalizations such as “all Muslims are terrorists” and could target political discourse. “If someone has a radical thought, are we are going to label them as violent?” Abdul Aleem, owner of IslamiCity, questioned in reaction. He continued, “Anyone could become angry and say something they don’t mean.”
Oct 13, 2013 Detroit News The Detroit News California-based is hoping to share the teachings of the Quran by offering an iPod loaded with readings from the Muslim holy text. The idea is to help adherents follow prayers and recite portions while traveling during holy periods, CEO Mohammed Aleem said. “People are able to actually use these technologies to make sure they perform their religious obligations in a much easier way.”
June 9, 2011 latimes.gif (1857 bytes) VOA News Today, IslamiCity is a sprawling enterprise, aggregating news stories, profiling Islamic artists and thinkers from all over the world, and hosting a lively exchange of views and opinions. 
Feb 3, 2011 latimes.gif (1857 bytes) Internet Evolution Similarly comprehensive is IslamiCity, which sports a banner indicating who “took shahada" -- that is, converted to Islam -- when and where. 
Jan 17, 2011 latimes.gif (1857 bytes) LA Times Haleem is founder of the website and co-wrote the book "The Sun Is Rising in the West: New Muslims Tell About Their Journey to Islam."
Nov 17, 2010  Arab News "..."Instead of running after one mufti to another for Haj counseling, I preferred to log on to, which provided answers to all my queries," said Adnan Jaber, a Jordanian.. ..."
Jan 13, 2010  Beliefnet "...Some online responses to the fatwa illustrate the skepticism and other difficulties that greet such efforts. At, a popular Muslim American Web site and discussion forum, views were split on the fatwa. ..."
Jan 23, 2009 Detroit News Chron In an article published on the Web site, Dawud Walid reminds readers that: Muslims should not only pray for the people of Gaza, but remember that “Muslims must always stand for the truth and justice and resist falsehood and oppression even when committed by Muslims ... ”
Sep 11, 2008  Houston Belief "...on the Web site, Dawud Walid reminds readers that: Muslims should not only pray for the people of Gaza, but remember that “Muslims must always stand for the truth and justice and resist falsehood and oppression even when committed by Muslims ..."
Sep 11, 2008  Poynter Online " is a good resource for learning more about Ramadan. If there are Muslims in your newsroom, lean on them. Or, if you really want to write an intimate Ramadan story, fast yourself and write a first-person account about the experience..."
Jun 5, 2008  The Argonaut "...Islami City, and the Westchester Clergy Association have all donated flowers or offered to sponsor beds in the Holy Nativity Garden...."
May 8, 2008  Intute Arts and Humanities "...IslamiCity - website is an Islamic portal that provides information on Islam and the Muslim world appropriate for a wide range of audiences..."
Apr 22, 2008  The Washington Times "...Muslims asking Republican candidate Sen. John McCain to stop using the word "Islamic" when describing terrorists is also worth reading. It's been picked up by the site"
Dec 20, 2007  The Daily Journal "...According to, an Islamic reference Web site, Hagar's story goes something like this: Abraham and his wife Sarah were childless..."
Dec 19, 2007  Arab News "...Instead of running after one mufti to other for Haj counseling, I preferred to log on to, which provided answers to all my queries..."
Nov 19, 2007  The Star Ledger New Jersey " partnered with the Egyptian-based Arab Academy to offer one-on-one lessons in Arabic for kindergartners through 12th-graders..."
Oct 17, 2007  Center Media for Democracy "....For comparison's sake, there were 2200 links to, a site that discusses world affairs from a Muslim point of view....."
Oct 12, 2007  Diversity Inc "...According to, more and more employers allow Muslim employees to slip out at sunset in order to break their fast. A growing number of company ..."
Oct 11, 2007  Business Line "....He recommends URLs such as, and The Academy of Islamic Research had earlier compiled a list of Islamic Web ..."
Sept 14, 2007  Times of Oman "....We come next to . Designed in an attractive combination of blue and white, the main page of this website currently focuses on Ramadan...."
Sept 13, 2007  Garowe Online "....According to, the occasion is "a true thanksgiving for a Muslim believer for having the opportunity to obey God by observing fasting...."
June 8, 2007 ", which features an imam advice forum. "There are so many issues coming up, as Muslims living in the West, that they may not want to ask their parents or local imam. They feel more comfortable asking online....."
Oct 17, 2006  The Raw Story "....about Ramadan is featured prominently on websites like that offer links to sermons, readings from the Quran ...."
Sep 23, 2006  The Ledger-Enquirer "....There's no doubt that there's commercialization," said Mohammed Aleem, CEO of, a mainly educational Web site...."
Aug 12, 2006  MetroWest Daily News "....According to, there are more than 1 billion people from all kinds of races around the world who are Muslims...."
Apr 16, 2006  The Ledger-Enquirer "... the CEO of, told NPR in 2004 that the Internet is an effective way to educate non-Muslims ..."
Mar 19, 2006  The Good Web Guide "... IslamiCity is a superbly organized resource, which represents a great starting point to exploring the Muslim faith..."
Mar 4, 2006  U.N. Observer "... Islam is against violence. Islam promotes peace. The silent majority is peaceful..."
Dec 12, 2005  The Seattle Times "... If there is a theological tension between Islam and modernity, it is not evident in the embrace of technology..."
Nov 15, 2005 " is probably one of the best examples of how the Web enables extensive programming at a cost far below satellite or air broadcast....."
Oct 14, 2005  Al-Ahram Weekly
"... an effective way to portray Islam as a religion in which diversity and debate are encouraged..."
Oct 13, 2005  Los Angeles Daily Breeze "... A far away disaster stirs South Bay to compassion..."
Oct 3, 2005  The South End
Wayne State University
"... offers a plethora of information about the Muslim religion and lifestyle."
Feb 10, 2005  International Islamic Finance Forum Media Partner for Dubai 2005 Conference
Oct 17, 2004  Los Angeles Daily Breeze "Episcopalian gains new perspective"
Oct 17, 2004  Los Angeles Daily Breeze "Keeping the faith despite the rigors of sports"
Oct 15, 2004  ABC News "Muslims Log On to a Cyber Congregation"
May 26, 2004  Aljazeera "U.S. Muslims struggle to be heard"
May 15, 2004  Naples Daily "Four stars. This sophisticated site ..."
Mar 25, 2004  New Zealand Herald "... check out Islamicity."
Jan 31, 2004 

The Advocate Facets of Faith
Jan 29, 2004 

Contra Costa Times Hajj attracts faithful to Mecca
Jan 28, 2004 

BBC World Service Hajj - The Fifth Pillar of Islam
Jan 23, 2004 

Dallas News Journey of faith
Nov 26, 2003  Knox News Eid cards a popular item
Jul 12, 2003 

Kansas City Star Technology connects the faithful
May 20, 2003 

MSNBC "... a leading American Muslim Web site."
May 1, 2003 

Foreign Policy Net Effect: Click All Ye Faithful
Mar 26, 2003 

The Library of Congress Selected for historic collection by Minerva Web Preservation.
Nov 30, 2002 

Nida 'ul Islam "A community site worth visiting every day"
Sep 11, 2002 

Gulf News "... most popular site of its kind in the world."
May 13, 2002 Time "... offers a variety of activities for Muslim youth ..."
Apr 12, 2002 

National Public Radio Nationwide essay broadcast to voice opinions of American Muslims.
Mar 30, 2002  National Public Radio "... witnessed the conversion of a Tennessee woman ..."
Mar 16, 2002  National Public Radio " is one of the biggest of a whole range of Muslim-oriented Web sites."
Feb 22, 2002 Press-Enterprise Resources link
Feb 22, 2002 Orange County Register Resources link for background on Islam
Feb 21, 2002 USA Today "... Today's new and notable Hot Site ..."
Feb 20, 2002 BBC Internet link for Hajj Information Centre
Jan 30, 2002 c|net News Spiritual Sites Attract Larger Flock
Jan 1, 2002 National Geographic "... IslamiCity has everything from current events and information ..."
Dec 6, 2001  Guardian Unlimited "IslamiCity ... stresses the usefulness of internet for genuine debate and dissent."
Dec 1, 2001  Yahoo! Life  "... IslamiCity, which caters to 'the Global Muslim eCommunity'..."
Nov 24, 2001 msn.gif (803 bytes) New York Times "site offers various news ..."
Oct 29, 2001 msn.gif (803 bytes) New York Times "posted on the Web site"
Oct 20, 2001 latimes.gif (1857 bytes) LA Times Bombing Carves a Rift Among Muslims in U.S.
Oct 10, 2001 sjm.gif (2050 bytes) Seattle Post "... largest Islamic e-community ..."
Oct 4, 2001 msn.gif (803 bytes) NBC
Channel 4 News
Watch News about IslamiCity
Oct 4, 2001 latimes.gif (1857 bytes) LA Times "The extensive site also includes ..."
Sep 29, 2001  cnn.gif (1410 bytes) Fox News News Coverage mentions IslamiCity
Sep 27, 2001  Boston Globe "Portal sites such as ..."
Sep 26, 2001 latimes.gif (1857 bytes) LA Times "..., a popular Islamic Web site"
Sep 11, 2001 The Library of Congress Selected for September 11 Web Archive Record  by Minerva, A Library of Congress Web Preservation Project.
Jun 10, 2001  abc.gif (6626 bytes) ABCNews "..., where Muslim pilgrims take virtual trips to Mecca."
Mar 1, 2001 cnn.gif (1410 bytes) CNN Related Islam Site on Hajj Special
Feb 23, 2001 pbs.gif (1719 bytes) PBS Site of the Month - March 2001
"... an online information service for the global Muslim community ..."
Feb 7, 2001  BBC "One of the most comprehensive Islamic sites."
Dec 31, 2000  Yahoo! Life
"100 Best Sites for 2000.
"Selected among 100 best sites for Year 2000 ..."
Dec 29, 2000 latimes.gif (1857 bytes) LA Times "... world's most popular Web sites on Islam,"
Nov 4, 2000 wpost.gif (5807 bytes) Washington Post Top 10 Religion Sites
Jun 5, 2000 Snap (NBC) "... diverse and robust Islamic site ..."
May 3, 2000  cnn.gif (1410 bytes) Times of India "... one of the most frequented Islam-related sites on the Internet ..."
Mar 15, 2000  cnn.gif (1410 bytes) CNN Related Site During Hajj Coverage
Feb 24, 2000 

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Internet Cool guide "IslamiCity is vast collection of Internet resources for the worldwide Islamic community ..."
Feb 21, 2000 abc.gif (6626 bytes) Britanica "Our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."
Jan 13, 2000 USA Today Selected site in article, A Community of Believers of All Faith
Aug 12, 1999 Go.gif (2090 bytes) GO Network go_star.gif (95 bytes)go_star.gif (95 bytes)go_star.gif (95 bytes)
Jul 22, 1999 real.gif (1307 bytes) Real Guide pick.gif (116 bytes)
"Take advantage of this diverse and robust Islamic site..."
Jul 19, 1999 msn.gif (803 bytes) MSN rate4.gif (156 bytes)
Religion and Spirituality
Jun 30, 1999 pbs.gif (1719 bytes) PBS Site of the Month - July 1999
"... objective, rich, and stimulating information about Islam ..."
Mar 26, 1999  ibd.gif (2119 bytes) Business Daily "... dazzling array of well-organized links ..."
Mar 26, 1999 wsj.gif (1203 bytes) Wall Street Journal Religion:
God Goes Online
Mar 17, 1999  latimes.gif (1857 bytes) LA Times When the creators of IslamiCity decided to upgrade their Islamic information Web site
Dec 14, 1998  latimes.gif (1857 bytes) LA Times God Is Everywhere on the Net
Dec 1, 1998  yahoo.gif (5626 bytes) Yahoo! Life
"Best of the Best" 98 Sites
"Selected among 98 noteworthy sites in several categories ..."
Nov 29, 1998  cair.jpg (14221 bytes) CAIR 1998 Islamic Community Award for Communication
Oct 13, 1998  bbc.gif (4124 bytes) BBC "... particularly
impressed by the quality and educational content of your site ..."
Jul 20, 1998 usnews.gif (6687 bytes) US News Islam is growing fast in America
May 21, 1998 abc.gif (6626 bytes) ABCNews "... IslamiCity goes further, with a chat room connecting Muslims worldwide ..."
Jan 11, 1997 sjm.gif (2050 bytes) San Jose Mercury Islam's Web Muslims Link Up To Discuss Faith And Issues
Sep 28, 1996 wpost.gif (5807 bytes) Washington Post Religious Groups Great and Small Reach Out to the Believer

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