IslamiCity: Quran Search - Search the Qur'an any which way you wish: by topic, word, phrase, reference, in English, Arabic or phonetics, even by the Arabic word roots!


IslamiCity's New Quran Search App is beyond just being a search tool. Think of it as a research and development tool with plenty of features.

For example, you may use it as a reciter or memorizer.

With it, you can explore the verses in multiple English translations, one after another for comparing them easily.

You may read and reflect on multiple Tafseers, get into self-studies by bookmarking and tagging your favorite verses, taking personal notes, and saving them.

You may also dive deep and study the word roots, even search the Quran through the word roots.

Additionally, you can list the related verses one after another effortlessly thanks to the available 500 plus topics, offering a fantastic dimension into the Quran.

But to use all of these colorful features, you definitely need a guide! And that's what this guide is for…


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