\ IslamiCity: Quran Search - Search the Qur'an any which way you wish: by topic, word, phrase, reference, in English, Arabic or phonetics, even by the Arabic word roots!
You are using one of the most versatile search engines for the Holy Quran. Here, there is only one search box, and you can type & search almost anything with it.

Though, Quran SmartSearch engine has a built-in guess-mode and tries to guess what type of search you wish to perform ( such as a verse reference search as in "2:1-4", or a surah name search as in "chapter anbiya", or a quranic topic search such as "Mary", or a phonetic phrase search such as "inna ateyna", or even an english phrase search such as "Allah has created everything from water" ), here are some tips for you to get the best of this engine:

Search By Verse Ref or Surah Names or Juz (sections)


Search By a Topic or Word:
  • Zekeriya ( spelling variations (as you see here ) is no issue. Zachariah will still be located. )
  • Mary ( Whenever applies, we not only return topic results but also suggest surah names as in surah Maryam in this example. )
  • Son of Mary ( here, engine is smart enough to map this relationship as Jesus automatically. )
  • word:Son of Mary ( here, you can force the engine to a classic word search. ( thanks to word: prefix. )
  • Astronomy, Biology, Water ( you can mix and match many topics in one go)
  • uff ( if no topics match, we automatically default to word search. Word Search is beyond a simple word search as it can account for synonyms, word roots & 20 translators! )
  • list of topics ( more than 500+ topics with cross referencing. )
To skip topic results, and perform a word search, just add "word:" as the 2nd example below.
  1. "mosques"
  2. "word:mosques"


Search within a specific language or translation: Just add the related prefix in front. See examples below.
  • yusufali: be and it is ( To locate a word within a specific translation, just apply the translator's prefix.
    Prefixes: yusufali:  pickthall:  asad:  sahih:  itani:  bakhtiar:  khan:  maududi:  literal:  
  • turkish:içinden ırmaklar akan ( search in a particular language supported. see preferences )
    Prefixes: turkish:   german:   french:   italian:   spanish:   malay:   bosnian:   indo:

    Searched translation will be brought into display automatically regardless of your preferences settings. You may set your preferences, by clicking on the red gear icon at the top right.


Search By Arabic Phrases in Phonetics:
  • Ya eyyetu hennefsul mutmeinneh
  • hennefsul ( if what you enter is not recognized as phonetics as in this example, add "phonetics:" or simply "p" in front of it like this: p hennefsul. This will force phonetics engine to be engaged.
    Phonetic Search Tips: Do not worry about spelling much but this does not mean pay no attention neither. Try to send in 2 or 3 words as in "sittati eyyam" or "ya eyyuhellezine amenu". Or send in at least 10-15 characters. If your phrase is too short (as in p isa), you will not get useful results. So go p isebnu meryem at least!


Search By English Phrases or Sentences


Search By your Arabic Voice:
  • بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمـَنِ الرَّحِيمِ ( In order to perform this search, you need a smart phone with the arabic dictation mode turned on. To submit your Arabic phrase, hit the microphone icon on the keyboard of your smart phone and speak. Again, just like in phonetic search, 2 or 3 words will just do the job.

    Please note that this is a new feature and it has not been perfected yet, but we are almost there. :) )