What is Qur'an Downloader (MP3 Compiler) 

With the Qu'ran Downloader (MP3 Compiler), as an IslamiCity Member,  you can build a custom-made MP3 audio file which contains your very own selection of verses from the voice of Sheikh Abdul Basit. Within 48 hours, your MP3 file will be available for download. You can then transfer it to your favorite MP3 player or burn an audio CD.

Click Here for (Sample 1 Arabic Only) | (Sample 2 Arabic Only with Repetition) | (Sample 3 Arabic & English)


How do I use it ?

The quick 3 step process for accomplishing this unique ability is as follows;

STEP 1: Select the verses of your choice by using the search box in the left pane. 

   You may search those verses:
      by verse reference
( e.g, 2:285 ) or
Arabic Phonetics ( e.g., "Inna Ateyna" ) or
English Search ( click on the "English Quran Search" link at the top pane ) 

STEP 2: Add verses to your compilation.

When the search results are displayed in the left pane, you will see a link "Add to MP3" next to each verse. Click on that link and that verse will be added to your compilation and the total time of your current compilation will be updated and displayed. Keep on adding as many verses as you wish up to 80 minutes of audio.

STEP 3: Confirm & Finalize

At this step, you may optionally set the number of repetitions, for memorization purposes. By clicking on the "GO TO THE NEXT STEP" button, you will be prompted to enter your IslamiCity membership ID and password.  Within 48 hours, you will receive an email containing a link to your downloadable MP3 audio file. 

In the final compilation, each verse will start with its reference announced in English Audio (e.i. Chapter Nbr and Verse Nbr). 

Attention Members:

As a IslamiCity Member, you are entitled to 4 compilations a month. Please use this tool as a research and memorization tool and not simply a way to download the entire Quran recitation. If you want a copy of the entire Quran in Digital MP3 Format, you can purchase one from our bazar. Thank You