Hamas Has Destroyed Israel (But Not How You Think)

Israel is going down a dangerous road in Gaza. Their stated goal is to eliminate Hamas but in reality there is no way they can achieve this goal. Hamas does not pose a long term threat to Israel, it never has and it never will.

October 7th was the result of a failure in Israeli defense, not an advancement of Hamas military capability. The reality is Israel wants to take over the entire Gaza region and these horrific actions against the people in Gaza are the biggest threat to the long term security of Israel.

0:00 - Intro to Israel Gaza War

1:43 - Why Hamas is NOT a Threat to Hamas

2:35 - Why Oct 7th Was Israel's Error

3:29 - Truth Behind the Death Count

4:39 - What Israel's Leaders Really Think

6:36 - Western Media Reveals Tell Truth About Gaza

7:18 - 2,000 Pounds Bombs Used in Gaza

8:45 - Netanyahu's Real Goal for Gaza

9:55 - Israel Taking Over Natural Resources in Gaza

11:03 - Why USA is Now in Trouble 

12:25 - How to Morally Look at this War

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