Recommendations to the Husbands (Loving Muslim Family Series)

Category: Life & Society, Videos Topics: Family, Marriage Values: Love Views: 1493

This lecture is part 7 of a complete series of 8 lectures entitled "Family Counseling in Islam: Building a Loving Muslim Family".  A session advising the husband through a series of 28 recommendations on the proper attitude and conduct toward his wife. Dr. Sakr then lists many criticisms or complaints he has experienced in counseling from wives towards their husbands. A useful lecture not only for husbands but for wives as well, since she can learn ways in which the husband can improve himself and, hence, the overall relationship. The second part of this talk looks at the idea of Allah testing those who worship Him with difficulties and problems so that they may be patient and move closer to Him.

  Category: Life & Society, Videos
  Topics: Family, Marriage  Values: Love
Views: 1493

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