Role model for a world in moral crisis

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A survey conducted by a French daily paper and the cultural weekly Telerama reveal that French journalists are seen as the puppets of politicians and big business. However, the media as a whole is viewed as reliable.

Thirty nine percent of respondents described journalists as persistent and 31% as competent. A quarter of those surveyed thought reporters were overbearing, arrogant and even conniving in their relations with politicians. More than 55% of the French public believe that journalists are influenced by political pressure.

However, the majority continue to think journalists are influenced by money.

The French have had a love/hate relationship with their press for many years but the proportion of hate appears to have grown over the past four years.

The credibility of both television and printed news jumped up by 11% to 60% and 56% respectively.

After reading these reports and the analysis, I believe developing countries in the Arab world could benefit greatly from a survey of this sort. It could also help build public awareness. The survey, if conducted, will determine the credibility of the Arab media and reveal its shortcomings.

The media in the Arab world has progressed technologically. On the human front, there is no lack of competent young people who can use their pens for the betterment of our society; all we have to do is find them.

While still on the subject of the media, I saw a television program where it was said that those in the public eye should be careful in their dealings as they are serving as role models.

I could not agree more. People in public life, whether they are ministers, government officials, heads of state, actors, sports people, authors or writers, have to assume an important role.

As they are looked at with interest by their fans, and even those who do not like them, their actions should be above board. Their moral character should be beyond suspicion. Many aspire to be like them therefore they should be an example of virtue, righteousness and discipline.

Mistakes are made which no one will deny. We all make mistakes but Almighty God is really forgiving. After all, these personalities are frail human beings just as we are with the same weaknesses and temptations. It should come as no surprise to us if some aberrations occur.

Duplicity in people's behavior occurs at all levels. However, this type of behavior is no longer accepted by the general public.

It is therefore important that people in positions of power - and especially media personalities - live up to their position and be role models for society. In our Islamic society we have many role models; foremost among them is the last messenger of God, the Holy Prophet of Islam - Mohammed (peace be upon him). His life shines as a model for us to follow. No other person in history has had so much written about him. The virtues of the Holy Prophet, his life, his dealings with young and old, friends and foe are but a looking glass for all of us. We should therefore, all of us, look to this life as an example to follow.

The present world is faced with many problems. There is a sense of defeat. In the West, people are talking about depression and decay in society. In the East the industrial and technological progress has created a vacuum in society. Many people are groping in the dark. They don't know what to do. They cling to values that have nothing to do with life. They join cults. They look for role models to people who are devoid of morals. 

It is here that we should follow our Holy Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and set an example to these people so that they will truly appreciate the philosophy of our ideology and abide by the example of the greatest of all men - the Prophet of Islam.

  Category: World Affairs
Views: 1929
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