A more visible role for Clinton in M.E.

Barring an act of God today, Clinton will become the first Democratic presidential candidate to win two elections since Franklin Roosevelt.

Clinton will win because Tuesday is a beauty contest. Millions of voters across the United States will have to choose between the "handsome", "charming", "smart", "schmoozer" Clinton and the "dull", "too old", "grumpy" Bob Dole. At least this is how female voters perceive the two.

Clinton has had many problems displayed vividly on the American elections board. His shenanigans have been widely spread. From Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Whitewater and his latest scandals, Bill Clinton has behaved like a modern day Billy the Kid.

He now wants to build a bridge to the future. It is not a bridge too far. He wants to have a comprehensive program that will help the poor and the underprivileged. He is talking of reforms. He is talking about the time to change regulations to end the corrosive influence of big money in American politics. 

Clinton is talking and talking. 

Dole, on the other hand, ran out of steam. He is harping on the character issue. However, Americans are right now not so concerned about the moral issue. Many dismiss these accusations as spite from the Republican camp. These are personal acts. Thus it is obvious that Dole's campaign message of being "a man of his word, the man America can trust" is failing. Whitewater, Travelgate, Missing FBI files, campaign donations from shady characters and all the flak Dole has managed to use have left the electorate unmoved. Therefore, a Clinton victory is seen as very much in the offing.

American voters are not concerned about any issue except domestic. Of all the domestic issues none seem to cause so much emotions as the economy. And Clinton is barking in the glory of a radiant economy. His predecessors may have worked hard but Clinton is taking the credit for powering the United States into the 21st century without any major mishap. Unemployment levels are at an all time low, inflation has been curtailed and the Americans are taking a closer look at statistics. The late president Nixon is reported to have told someone that, "Al Capone could get re-elected when the economy is decent."

In many ways a Clinton victory will be welcomed by the Arabs. A second term will bring an end to electioneering. Clinton will focus on primarily domestic issues - he has a huge list. The economy, civil rights, education, the environment, violence and crime across the United States. A Republican dominated Senate will be time consuming for him and might dilute his glorious expectations.

Clinton will do all he can to appease his people but he will not be able to give much. There will be stormy periods where he will have to renege on his election promises and improvise in order to spare the future Democratic incumbent an uphill election battle in the year 2000.

His glory, however, will come on the world stage. Unhampered and unrestricted by Congress, the man who completed the peace process in Bosnia and the Middle East and the president who put American relations with Moscow and Beijing will further try out some new foreign policy gamble. It is a changing world.

Conflicts are occurring in Africa and in the former Soviet Union. Clinton will try to broker peace and don the mantle of a world statesman. 

In the Middle East Clinton will play a more visible role. Not having to ponder to pressure groups and supporters of Israel, Clinton will play an active role in the peace process, helping out, advising and occasionally making the dash on Air Force One to lead by the hand. With no other term to look forward to, Clinton will probably try to squeeze the Israelis into more concessions. He may ally himself with the peace movement and open Israel's eyes to the benefits of an all out peace instead of a conflict.

Clinton may not be able to deliver the goods to the oppressed Palestinians. Even a second term President has his limitation when dealing with Israel.

Dole, on the other hand, has promised the rabid Zionist forces in America and Israel that he will transfer the U.S. embassy to occupied Jerusalem, arm Israel to the teeth (as if it is not happening now) and do whatever is needed to give Israel both a military and economic edge over its neighbors.

However, a Clinton victory will mean some respite for the Arabs. Something they can use to plan their future moves.

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