Yaqeen Institute Recognizes Faith in Gaza and their Resilience

The people of Gaza have become a symbol of resilience and hope in the face of adversity. Despite being subjected to relentless oppression and violence, they continue to fight for their survival and resist their oppressors.

Their determination has inspired not only Muslims but people from all around the world. The Muslim ummah, in particular, has been awakened by their strength and has found faith in humanity.

The world has witnessed the unwavering faith and courage of the people of Gaza through various social media posts and videos. Despite the immense suffering they endure, they remain steadfast in their belief in Allah and their love for their land and people. Their trust in the ummah and humanity has led many to turn to the Qur'an and Islam for solace and guidance.

The people of Gaza have not only endured unimaginable pain but have also created new weapons to defend themselves against their oppressors. Their resilience and faith serve as a reminder of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions. The world owes a debt of gratitude to the people of Gaza and must support them in any way possible.

Yaqeen Institute Recognizes Faith in Gaza and their Resilience

Yaqeen Institute put together and described Palestinian resilience and faith best in their paper, as it states:

“In the good old 1950s, when all kinds of fascinating but cruel animal experiments were carried out, Curt Richter of Johns Hopkins placed a bunch of mice in a large trough of water to test their resilience. Even though mice are strong swimmers, they on average lasted for about 15 minutes before drowning. In the next round, our scientist took out some mice just when they were about to drown, and after some rest and food, placed them back in the trough. How long do you think they could go on this time?

Not 30 minutes, or 60 minutes, or 120 minutes, but a full 60 hours. They kept on swimming for two and a half days. That is a full 240 times longer than the first batch!

The difference was that the second group had tasted hope. Their little brains stored the memory of being saved if only they kept trying long enough.

The people of Gaza know, as only true believers can, that they have a Lord who will save them and, no matter the horrors and afflictions this life hands them, they can almost taste the bliss of the hospitality in the afterlife of a Just and Merciful Lord.”

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