Pray for Paris, but also for occupied countries !

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At 22.00 pm, blood has splashed all over the place inside the Bataclan concert hall. Men with black clothes came in and immidiately opened fire. People feared, screamed, cried, and died after being gunned down by Kalashnikov (AK- 47). Brutal attack had occured at several occations at the heart of Paris. It resulted in 129 people died while 200 people were injured. Victims were running away to find a shelter and protect their lives from bullets that run after innocent people. The eiffel tower still stands to be a silent witness when bloods of people touch the ground mixed with hatred and revenge.

Stop the act of terrorism

Everyone must condemn this act of terrorism. All men regardless of their religion, race, and origin must not support it. Killing innocent people are absolutely unacceptable. A violence will produce more violence. Those who have nothing to do with our affairs should not be touched.   Everyone in this world should stand beside French. Almost all the victims have nothing to do with Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Terrorists do not belong to any religion. They just belong to their own ego and ignorance. In islamic ethical conducts of war, muslims are prohibited to attack a holly place of other believers, children, and women. Those who claimed to be muslims must be adherent to those ethical guidelines of war when they are in a war situation. They should keep their attention focus on people who are related to a war while protect weak counterparts of their enemies. In a peaceful condition, muslims are prohibited to touch other beings just because they have different beliefs.

ISIS claimed to be responsible for the paris attack, but it must not be claimed to be part of Islam. A true muslim should reflect the compassionate and merciful of God. Ideology of ISIS does not represent the world of Islam. In fact, it represents a political ideology of certain people and it is far away from what has been laid down by the prophet Mohammad. All muslims should give their full heart of condolesence to the victims, family of victims, and parisians. Muslims' thought are with europe and real muslims stand against the act of terrorism.

Stop the occupation

From the perspective of ISIS, the paris attack is part of taking a revenge. ISIS carried out this act because of the foreign policy of French republic in joining US-led coallition in attacking syiria, Irak and other middle east countries. According to a witness, one of the shooters said that "this is what you get for what you have done in Syria". A concept of causality appears to be right in this case. This article is not to support the horrific act of ISIS. Howerver, the act of occupaying and creating war in other people's land produces a feeling of hatred toward the actor of occupation. By nature, nobody wants to be occupied while his or her natural resources are being robbed. Human inner voice, including french people, will not deny that occupying other people's land is a huge crime; because it robes the right of humanity to live with freedom and peace.

French and its allies are still putting their feet in the middle east. Even a small animal like ant, if it is stepped mistakenly by human, it will react as much as it can such as bitting. Can we imagine how will normal humans, in middle east for instance, react if their land is occupied by western soldiers, their kids are being killed, their natural resources are being taken by force ?. All what they have has been diminished and must be given by force to people who never stop promoting human rights.

Now the whole world speaks and prays for paris. Yet, where are all these people when the explosion of bombs and guns that are loaded still become a common scene in Irak, Palestine, and other war-torn areas that are inhabited by Muslims ?. People just turn deliberately their eyes to be blind.No one speaks. Pretending nothing happens seriously. This act of massacre has occured for ages and claimed huge number of lives that are even more than those who died in Paris. Facebook mark to indicate a safe situation is only available after the Paris attack. It never appears in other middle-east countries like in Palestine when Israelian soldiers slaughtered children and old men or after French air force attacked civilians in Syria. Let us be fair to the world and humanity. Do not be hypocryte !.

We need a peace

We need to cut this cycle of violence immidiately. The air raid to target ISIS that has been taken by French two days after the Paris attack will create even more violence. It definitely took lives of innocent children in Syiria. Let us stop the war and occupation in the middle east. Protect our family and prevent all terrorist acts that are against humanity. Both ISIS and French with its allies have a common mistake- killing innocent people and no one wants to suppress the ego. Greedy has taken control of the mind. Both parties must admit their barbaric acts to the world and be accountable for what they have done for the sake of a better future.

We need to create a peaceful world for our future generation. Our grandchidren who are not born yet do not deserve to live in warn-torn climates. They deserve to live in a peaceful atmosphere. People come and go, but enemy accumulates.

Let us pray for Paris so that its government and its allies will stop the act of occupation in the middle-east. We should not also forget to pray for ISIS so that it will stop its barbaric act of killing innocent people who deserve to live in peace. Eventually, let us pray for all of us so that we can see a better world, the world that runs in harmony.

Stop occupation, stop terrorism. Just pray for the peace of humanity !


  Category: Featured, World Affairs
  Topics: Occupy Movement, Paris Terror Attacks, Terrorism
Views: 1404

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