World has failed Gaza in 'livestreamed genocide', South Africa's delegation says at ICJ

South Africa's delegation expresses frustration with the perceived failure of the international community to address the plight of the Palestinian people.

The speaker mentions past instances where the international community failed in preventing atrocities in Rwanda, Bosnia, and against the Rohingya. They claim that, once again, the international community is failing to respond to early warnings of genocide against the Palestinian people. The speaker accuses Israeli governmental and military officials of engaging in dehumanizing and genocidal actions against the Palestinians.

Despite the alleged genocide being broadcasted in real-time from Gaza to various media platforms, the speaker asserts that the world has not taken effective action. South Africa is presented as taking a proactive step by initiating legal proceedings and seeking interim measures against itself and Israel.

The speaker calls on the court to indicate provisional measures urgently to prevent further irreparable harm to the Palestinian people in Gaza. The plea emphasizes that the hopes of the Palestinian people, including their survival, are now vested in the court's actions.

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