Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD): Support for Palestine - FAQs Answered

HHRD has been continuously supporting Palestine, recently they answered several questions about their exceptional humanitarian work in Palestine, Gaza. 

Find the full document here where all FAQs are answered by HHRD. 

Since 2013, Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) has been dedicated to assisting in Gaza. The organization is actively collaborating with local partners to distribute essential provisions stored within Gaza to those displaced, particularly in private and UN-funded schools. Despite the ongoing blockade, HHRD is committed to a swift response by securing goods from nearby countries.

HHRD Palestine Relief Fund for Support 

In preparation for immediate needs in Gaza, HHRD is allocating funds through trusted partners. Additionally, a portion of these funds will be used for dignity packages from neighbouring countries, ensuring a proactive approach to future aid efforts. These generous contributions are expected to make a significant long-term impact as humanitarian needs persist in the coming weeks and years.

HHRD, with its INGO registration in Jordan, operates through its MENA team in collaboration with the HHRD USA team. This joint effort aims to coordinate with trusted partner organizations, ensuring an effective donor-driven response. 

The organization prioritizes donor rights and accountability, guaranteeing proper reporting through various channels, including newsletters, social media updates, websites, and direct engagement with stakeholders and supporters. HHRD is steadfast in its commitment to transparency and effectiveness in providing aid to those in need.

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